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Today marks one hundred years since the historic revolt that ended dynastic rule in China.

The then last dynasty that governed China was governing only in name. China had been cut up by the western powers working in close concert with Japan. The US was there too despite its 1776 so-called war of freedom against British colonialists. For those who had had the chance to read Han Suyins writings about the period just shortly before the 1911 revolution, they would never forget the era when western soldiers, including the US military went around violating Chinese women and talking or boasting about it. Today US soldiers are doing in places like South Korea although on a very much milder and far less shocking scale. Readers should know that it was not just the western soldier who did such things, recruits belonging to Empire units brought to China by the western powers supposedly to guard the western missions in the country also took part in such incidents. China and its people must never forget the words spoken by the last Empress when faced with one demand after another: The western powers are no longer satisfied with taking Chinas milk. They want her flesh as well. The British were there, so were the French, the Belgians, the Germans, Russia and many others, all wanting a piece or pieces of China. The British were the first drug traffickers, forcing opium on the Chinese people and turning much of the populace into drug addicts. Today, the US is forcing Afghanistan into becoming the top drug producer and other nations into top consumers. Mexico is being turned into a top slaughterhouse for drug cartels. In Aug 1927 another lesser known revolt actually laid the path which the Oct 1911 revolt failed to fully open for the Chinese nation.(At the time Japan was beginning to replace the influence of European powers and the people faced even greater dangers.) Today one hundred years after the 1911 revolt that ended dynastic rule, China still faces immense danger from the very ones that tried to, in the words of one man, take China to the brink of extinction. China today faces a big peril from the US and its close allies such as Australia, South Korea, India and a re-emerging Japan. Other western powers are waiting in the wings, not altogether unwilling to partake in any future killing or slaughtering of China. US politicians are trying to whip up winds of war or conflict in East Asia, as if WW3 or WW4 is way overdue. Truly, the white man or western man is always yearning for war or combat. He is such a bloodthirsty creature, still totally unable to part with his old ways. China must be aware of this !