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Love the world

The Lande Group The Lande Group is a Dutch furniture manufacturing company that develops, produces and markets the labels Artifort, Lande and Zwaardvis. The Lande Group is a family-owned company based in North Brabant, the Netherlands. It attaches great importance to quality, flexibility and sustainability.

Made in Europe Naturally, the Lande Groups stateof-the-art factories conform to strict European legislation on labour conditions, waste processing and CO2 emissions. Everything possible is done to ensure that environmental pollution is prevented. Short lines of communication

Three branches The Lande Group has three branches: in Schijndel (The Netherlands), Lanaken (Belgium) and Bursa (Turkey). All furniture is developed and produced there. Under our own control We control the entire process from development to delivery to the end-user: purchasing, sales, production (metal, foam, wood), upholstering, marketing, transport and assembly. Only a couple of very specialised and labour-intensive services are outsourced.

At the Lande Group, the lines of communication between development, purchasing, production and sales are very short. This means that any change, modification or addition can be quickly implemented. New insights are applied immediately and their results are instantly visible. This allows production to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. Love the world The Lande Group wholeheartedly embraces sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We want to show just how much we respect the world.

Love the world - Be special

Designed for a long life The Lande Group believes in high-quality, durable design. This is reflected in the long life-cycle of almost all of our models. Many examples of Artifort furniture are part of a family history. Generations of children and grandchildren have been read to in the same Artifort fauteuil. Occasionally it may have to be re-upholstered but essentially its the same fauteuil in which grandpa and grandma used to read to you. Re-upholstering our models is a development that we both applaud and stimulate. We have even entered into a joint venture with for this. The re-upholstering is done at our workshop in Lanaken.

Enjoying work The Lande Group attaches a lot of importance to being a good employer. We like to see all of our employees enjoy their work. To achieve that, we do our best to provide a pleasant, safe working environment. A company safety plan, a well-trained emergency response team, a staff association and respect for the local culture all contribute to this.

Love the world - Be green

Energy consumption The Lande Group is very aware of the importance of saving energy. For that reason, our policy focuses on limiting consumption as much as possible. Energy-saving lighting in the showroom that shuts down automatically when the showroom is not in use is only one example of this. Energy consumption is also limited in the factories. Here too the lighting switches off automatically during breaks, and the same applies to the machines. Waste processing At the Lande Group, we regard recycling and limiting waste as a matter of course. Waste is sorted and disposed of in accordance with legal regulations. Where possible, waste is re-used or sent for recycling. For example, leather waste is processed into key-rings and waste foam into insulation material. Any furniture that is surplus, for whatever reason, is sold through other channels and is not disposed of as waste. Our own transport fleet Having our own transport fleet benefits the delivery time of products and also the environment. We constantly plan the most efficient routes. Our trucks run on EURO5 with AdBlue or EURO4 with soot filter and therefore more than conform to current environmental requirements. Having our own fleet also means that the drivers know all the ins and outs of transporting furniture. Excessive protection is not needed and used packaging materials are returned and reused. This not only means less packaging material but also that the available space in the truck is used more efficiently.

Love the world - Be good

At the centre of society It goes without saying that a family company like the Lande Group cherishes the society in which it is rooted. In every respect. For example, Artifort sits on the Advisory Board of the Sint Lucas Vocational Training College in Boxtel. Trainees from this and other schools are regularly given the opportunity to develop their talents at the Lande Group. Villa Pardoes is a unique holiday home in Kaatsheuvel intended especially for children aged four to eight who have serious and possibly life-threatening illnesses. They can spend a weeks holiday there with their families free of charge. Artifort contributes in kind by making a major contribution to furnishing the Villa. Lande Group also supports various local initiatives, with word and deed.