B & S DIRECTORATE RDSO LIST OF A & C SLIPS TO IRS/CODES/MANUALS (Upto 12-03-2010) S No. Name of Code/ manual A&C Slip No.

Date 1. IRS Bridge Rules Adopted -1941 Revised-1964 Reprinted-1989 Second Reprinting - 2008 (Incorporating A&C Slip upto 39) A&C Slip No.17 A&C Slip No.18 A&C Slip No19 A&C Slip No.20 A&C Slip No.21 A&C Slip No.22 A&C Slip No.23 A&C Slip No.24 A&C Slip No.25 02-11-1988 13-01-1989 01-03-1989 23-04-1991 19-11-1993 17-01-1994 26-10-1999 20-01-2000 25-09-2000


A&C Slip No.26 A&C Slip No.27 A&C Slip No.28

17-11-2000 22-01-2002 24-07-2002

A&C Slip No29 A&C Slip No.30

29-07-2002 26-09-2002

A&C Slip No.31 A&C Slip No.32

07-10-2003 29-06-2005

A&C Slip No.33 A&C Slip No.34

29-06-2005 24-05-2006

MMG Loading 1988 Derailment load for BG Ballast Coushion for concrete Deck Bridges Depth of Coushion 600mm & above Longitudinal Forces Seismic Forces Amendment regarding L.F. (Clause 2.8 & 3.4) Load due to PQRS Revision/addition/delitions of the provision of this code. H.M.Loading Derailment load for H.M.Load Modification to Cl. of scismic forces Coefficient of friction for expansion bearing Dispersion of Longitudinal Force for design of new bridges Forces due to continuation of LWR/CWR Dispersion and distribution of Longitudinal Forces Cl.No.2.8.1 (d) & is kept in abeyance For checking adequacy of existing bridges for permitting rolling stock involving higher loads Detail of old standards loading for bridges Dispersion & distribution of Longitudinal Forces in the bridges

A&C Slip No.35 A&C Slip No.36

11-09-2006 26-12-2007


2009 2.10 04-09-2006 Clearance in case of PSC superstructure A&C Slip No.08.6 30-07-2002 i) HDPE sheating ii) Tensile stress in concrete iii) Elastomeric bearing A&C Slip No. Regarding Rebuilding/ Strengthening/ Rehabilitation of Bridges on Indian Railways to “25t Loading-2009” and “DFC loading”. A&C Slip No.41 27.3 01-08-2000 Use of ready mixed concrete (Printed in 1999) A&C Slip No4 26-09-2000 Revision/addition/deletions of the provision of this code A&C Slip No.11 27-12-2007 Regarding authority for permission of the use ballast furnace slag with OPC A&C Slip No.1 26-04-2000 Durability requirements First revision-1962 A&C Slip No.12 02.2009 17.06.5 19-11-2001 Deck width & segmental construction A&C Slip No.2009 A&C Slip No.37 26-12-2007 A&C Slip No.9 27-03-2006 Regarding concrete strength A&C Slip No.40 A&C Slip No.8 15-02-2006 Regarding concrete strength A&C Slip No.10.2009 Recommendations of BTDG and 16th Ex.7 19-02-2003 Cost effectiveness of HSPE sheathing A&C Slip No.A&C Slip No. IRS Concrete Bridge Code (Code of Practice for Plain. Reinforced and Pre-Stressed Concrete for General Bridge Construction) Adopted-1936 A&C Slip No.2008 Dispersion & distribution of Longitudinal Forces in the bridges Regarding 25t Loading (BG) Regarding DFC Loading (32. 2 .01.10. BSC.39 31-07-2008 22. Ord.2 17-05-2000 Use of TMT re-bars Second revision-1997 A&C Slip No. Regarding determining the Seismic Forces.38 A&C Slip No.5 t axle load) Regarding Rebuilding Strengthing of Bridges.42 20.

9 29-11-1999 A&C Slip No.3.17 15-01-2003 Distribution of wheel loads on steel troughing or beam spanning traversely to the track. (Incorporating A&C Slip No.1 to 10) minimum and maximum of design load A&C Slip No.1 to 5) A&C Slip No.13 22-09-2000 27-11-2001 3 . IRS Bridge Sub-Structures and Foundation Code (Code of Practice for the Design of Sub-Structure and Foundations of Bridges) 22-09-1993 14-09-1998 Retention of existing free board Dynamic augment effect on RCC/Steel substructure Buoyancy effect (Cl. Provision of web stiffeners to solid web girders.12 A&C Slip No.11 07-04-1980 Design of bridges in Revised-1962 seismic zones I to III Reprinted-1997 A&C Slip No.13 16-05-1989 Derailment loads A&C Slip No14 18-10-1993 A&C Slip No.12 14-04-1986 10 million cycles of (Incorporating A&C stresses produced under Slip No.15 A&C Slip No. Revision/addition/deletion of the provisions of this code Regarding load combination in seismic zones 4.05.2) Use of Flood Estimation Reports Revision/addition/deletion of the provisions of this code Provision of approach slabs Velocity of water Adopted-1936 A&C Slip No. IRS Steel Bridge Code (Code of Practice for the Design of Steel or Wrought Iron Bridges Carrying Rail. Road or Pedestrian Traffic) Adopted-1941 A&C Slip No.0) Checking of bearing pressure at the base of foundation (Cl.6 Revised-1985 Reprinted-1991 A&C Slip No.10) and foundation (Cl.10 A&C Slip No.11 17-04-2000 22-09-2000 A&C Slip No.8 14-10-1999 A&C Slip No.16 12-02-1998 22-09-2000 A&C Slip No.

15 A&C Slip No.10 Review of Cl.8.25 A&C Slip No. Regarding review of Cl. Depth of open foundation Frictional resistance Consideration of seismic forces Depth of scour for clayey beds Load combination A&C Slip No.2.20 27-11-2001 24-07-2002 24-07-2002 24-07-2002 24-07-2002 07-01-2003 12-11-2003 Water way of existing bridge Free board in Siphon bridges Open foundation. No. IRS Welded Bridge Code (Code of Practice for Metal are Welding in Mild Steel Bridges carrying Rail.No.21 12-11-2003 A&C Slip No.11.No. Surface reinforcement in plain cement concrete in pier and abutment Review of Cl. Regarding criteria for assessment of existing bridges.8.1 Regarding Hydrodynamic Force for Seismic & Depth of Scour.3 (ii) and Cl.A&C Slip No.4.27 26-12-2007 26-11-2007 24-03-2008 A&C Slip No.17 A&C Slip No.2008 28.24 08-12-2000 A&C Slip No.4. No.2009 5.22 A&C Slip No.26 A&C Slip No. 4.14 A&C Slip No. 29 26.2.16 A&C Slip No.23 12-11-2003 21-03-2005 Certification of substructures increased loading Reduction of waterway due to Jacketing.07.No.4.28 A&C Slip No. A&C Slip No.15 Regarding review of Cl. No.18 A&C Slip No. Cl.9.2.19 A&C Slip No. Railcum-Road or Pedestrian Traffic) Adopted-1972 Revised-2001) No Correction slip 4 . the resultant of all forces.5.

Adopted-1998 A&C Slip No. training works.5 A&C Slip No.6. Regarding painting (Priming coat). Regarding approval of bridge drawings for doubling. Indian Railway Bridge Manual A&C Slip No. gauge conversions. new lines and other bridge works. Revision to para No.2 A&C Slip No. reduction in clearance and free board from economical consideration. doublings and gauge conversion. Regarding general arrangement drawings for all bridges.7 A&C Slip No.4 A&C Slip No.1 A&C Slip No. 616 and 210 Approval of drawings for new lines.6 A&C Slip No.10 A&C Slip No.521.3 A&C Slip No. Regarding provision of safety to foundations protection works.16 13-08-2008 5 . Regarding minimum factor of safety with static or dynamic formula. 504 (4).8 A&C Slip No.11 A&C Slip No12 A&C Slip No13 31-08-2000 14-01-2003 18-12-2007 22-01-2008 A&C Slip No14 20-03-2008 A&C Slip No15 05-08-2008 A&C Slip No.9 01-09-1999 21-07-2000 21-07-2000 21-07-2000 21-07-2000 21-07-2000 21-07-2000 21-07-2000 27-07-2000 Ventilation of tunnels Health monitoring of very important bridges Jacketing of sub-structure Jacketing of arch bridges Minimum grade of concrete Oil bath bearings Painting of new girder. Provision of approach slabs on non-ballast bridges. Regarding defining the scope of IRBM.

IRS Code of Practice for the Structural Design of Microwave Towers of Self Supporting Type. Adopted-1974 Revised-1982 10.17 A&C Slip No.2008 Regarding insert Para No.318 Regarding dismantling of Arch Bridges 7.2008 (Incorporating A&C Slip upto 4) A&C Slip No.1 25-09-2000 Revision/addition/deletion of the provision of this code Adopted-1979 6 .12. IRS Code of Practice for Fabrication and Erection of Steel Work of Microwave Towers for Self Supporting Type A&C Slip No.1 28-11-2007 An allowable limit for web buckling or undulation shall be flatness at right angles to plate surface measured parallel to longer side in either direction calculated from the formula.7 25-09-2000 Revision/addition/deletion of the provision of this code.A&C Slip No.2 A&C Slip No. Fabrication and erection of steel girder Fabrication and erection of steel girder Grade designation of steel Adopted-1934 Last version 2001 Reprinted . Fabrication and Erection of Steel Grder Bridges and Locomotive Turntables (Fabrication specifications) (Serial No.09.1 25-09-2000 Revision/addition/deletion of the provision of this code.4 26-12-2007 25-03-2008 31-07-2008 8.18 15.3 A&C Slip No. Adopted-1941 Revised-1962 Printed-1984 9.2008 17. Arch Bridge Code A&C Slip No. (Self Supporting Microwave Tower Code) A&C Slip No.B-1/2001) A&C Slip No.

1990 7 . 2.03. (b).5.1 26.3 and 2. 1.09. 1.11. 2. Adopted-1985 A&C Slip No.2008 Regarding Para No.1.5. Manual of Inspection and Maintenance of Concrete Bridge No Correction Slip Adopted . Manual on t he Design and Construction of Well and Pile Foundation A&C slip No.10.7.4 Permissible value of settlement with 25mm for well foundations. 2 09.5.2010 12. 2.

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