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you can find video enhancer here. this is a program which can open different types
of video (avi, mpg, wmv, mov, rm, etc..) and it works a lot faster than virtualdub
on hyperthreading, dual core and multiprocessor machines.

below is the list of filters in this pack. go to filter's page to get its source
code (if available).

2d cleaner jim casaburi
averages pixels in a configurable radius around a source pixel that are within a
configurable threshold of the central pixel. this has the effect of blending low-
level video noise while retaining sharp details.

dynamic noise reduction steven don

reduces changes across frames by eliminating dynamic noise without blurring. this
helps mpeg compression without damaging image quality.

fxvhs flaxen
the original vhs filter. noise reduction & sharpening functions.

smart smoother donald graft

performs structure-preserving smoothing (blurring). it is ideal for removing video
noise as well as mpg/jpg blocking artifacts.

asvzzz deinterlace serge andyk
deinterlaces moving areas.

deinterlace "muksun" stolyarevskiy sergey

high performance deinterlacing filter.

deinterlace - area based gunnar thalin

deinterlaces the frames only where it's needed by simply looking for interlace
lines in each frame individually. when it detects interlace lines, it removes them
using either blending or interpolation depending on your settings.

smart deinterlacer donald graft

provides a smart, motion-based deinterlacing capability. in static picture areas,
interlacing artifacts do not appear, so data from both fields is used to provide
full detail. in moving areas, deinterlacing is performed.

color correction:
automatic correction of white balance stolyarevskiy sergey
automatic correction of white balance, also some temporal denoising.

image processing plugin yudong yang

supported effects: adjust saturation, blur, blur more, expand constast, find edge,
gental sharpen, histo brighten, histo linearize, majority filter, median filter,
mosiac effect, negtive image, posterize, sharpen, sketch effect.

rgb equalizer eugene khoroshavin

adaptable equalizer. a small add-on for playing around color (r,g,b), brightness,
saturation, hue, sharpness or smoothness.

visual effects:
msu cartoonizer msu video group
designed for painting, drawing and animated cartoon rendering. converts movies
into cartoons!

msu oldcinema filter msu video group

intended to achieve an "old cinema " effect, film aging: color scale adjustment
and also a set of artifacts to achieve a better realism and to give it a
"chronicle" view.

msu smart sharpen msu video group
allows to enhance image sharpness with minimum noise amplification.

xsharpen donald graft

performs a subtle but useful sharpening effect.

border control simon walters
designed to allow you to manipulate the regions at the top, bottom and sides of a

logoaway krzysztof wojdon

created to remove logos from video sequence. logo is a small sign usually put in
one of the corners. logos usualy destroy quality of encoded video stream.

msu smart deblocking msu video group

intended for recovering quality of video ripped from dvd (for example, when it
contains 4 hours of video data), videocd, shot on cameraphone or after
decompressing by h.261, h.263, divx 3, divx 4, xvid.

unviewfields simon walters

all this does is refold the fields back to normal after a viewfields operation.

viewfields simon walters

this filter is nearly identical to the unfold fields option within virtualdub's
built-in deinterlace filter except that it re-arranges the top field on the top
and the bottom field on the bottom of a frame.