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Korea: SME e-readiness questionnaire Basic Company Data 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Industry segment (SIC 4 digit) Sales  last three years Net Profit (% sales)  last three years Value of Fixed Asset Value of IT investment (a) Hardware (b) Software Total Number of Employees. Of which (a) Engineers; (b) Technicians; and (c) IT specialists. 7. What percent of your sales are directly to: (a) retail customers; (b) other manufacturing firms; (c) large manufacturing firms; (d) wholesalers and distributors; and (e) government agencies. Inventory of IT System 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. How many PCs do you have (please classify by type of microprocessor) Do you purchase or lease your computers or both? Do you have a LAN? Do you have Internet access? If yes, then which of the following access methods do you use: a. Dial-up modem b. Cable modem c. DSL d. Leased line e. Others

IT Applications 13. For which of the following applications do you use a computer. (Please mark all relevant applications. Also, please indicate approximate utilization of computer time, per month, for each applic ation). a. Word Processing b. Network related activities c. Accounting and Budgeting d. Financial Planning, Management and Control e. Production Planning, Management and Control f. Billing and invoicing g. CAD/CAM h. Marketing and Customer Relations Management i. Logistics and supply chain management 14. Please list the main operating systems and software packages used by you and for what purpose (please also include customized software packages)


Track status of orders. E-mail. (b) Intranet.order booking. Business information and business research.Networked Enabled Business Processes 15. Not integrated. What is the URL b. Receive approval from government agencies 18. Who maintains your web site? d. Internet. b. If you do not have a home page or network access. Obtain financial and operating information about your company c. If no. 23. How much of the expenditure is allocated to 2 . Do you have a Home Page? If yes. 19. please tick all the reasons for not having a home page or network access: a. Submit requests and applications to government agencies. c. c. Do you have network access? If yes please answer Questions 16-22. h. Integrated in some areas (specify) c. please answer questions 19 and 20. g. (c) EDI. Place orders. shipping. Obtain information about your products b. 16. Make payments. Technology is complex. please go to Question Number 23. d. Who designed and commissioned your web-site c. For which of the following purposes do you use the network access facilities? a. Not useful for doing business with major suppliers and buyers. Fully Integrated. What types of network access facilities do you have? a. To what extents are your networks access arrangements integrated with your internal IT systems and other computer applications? a. b. processing. i. What security arrangements are in place to prevent unauthorized access or modification of your web site? 20. What is your annual IT systems maintenance expenditure (as % of total expenditures)? 25. IT Deployment 24. payment is done via Internet or EDI). Receive payments. production and shipment e. Place and modify orders on your company d. What activities are possible by visiting your Home Page? a. e. (d) Extranet access to other companies 17. d. Receive orders. Who hosts your web site? e. Internal business procedures are not ready for effective use of network enabled business processes. b. Exchange business process data with suppliers and buyers. 22. f. What percent of your sales can be classified as e-commerce sales? (An E-commerce sale in this context means that all the steps of order fulfillment --. Please provide the following information about your home page: a. Cannot afford development and maintenance costs. Others 21. Exchange delivery and payment data f.

Data Processing g. Shortages of trained and skilled IT personnel l. Concern about security and privacy h. Technical difficulty in adapting and integrating existing business processes to IT and networked enabled processes. Services provided by Application Service Providers (ASPs) Barriers to deployment of IT and Network-enabled services 27. Please rank the following barriers in decreasing order of importance: a. Lack of secure payments settlement mechanisms j. Software design (including pre-packaged software) d. What types of IT services do you outsource? a. Web development and web-hosting h. Hardware acquisition c. Hardware Maintenance e. In-house activities b. Cost of adapting and integrating existing business processes to IT and networked enabled processes. Uncertainty about authentication mechanisms k. Lack of in-house technological and business expertise to identify and develop IT and network applications. Cost of running a dual system: paper-based system and an e-commerce system e. High cost of third party technology and consulting services i. d. Lack of finance to deploy new technologies g. Limited use of e-commerce among your major customers f. b. c. Lack of standards 3 .a. External purchases 26. Systems and software maintenance f. Systems design b.