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1531-CAL 151 0009 Uen Rev C, 95-11-10, instbook.

txt Copyright (C) Ericsson Telecom 1995 Installing an EDW Book for UNIX ===============================

1 General Information ------------------------This document describes the EDW Book installation from a CD-ROM. The EDW Book installation program can install from any given location, but to simplify this document the text and the examples refer to an installation from a CD-ROM. 1.1 System Administration Authority ------------------------------------To be able to mount a CD-ROM, system administration authority ("root" permission) will be required. 1.2 HP-UX ----------When mounting a CD-ROM in HP-UX, the filenames are different from other file systems in that the filenames are written in uppercase and have a semicolon (;) with a revision number at the end of the filename. Therefore, double quotes (") around the command are needed to execute it. Example: "/cdrom/HP9/INSTALL/INSTBOOK.SH;1" 1.3 SunOS 5.X (Solaris 2.X) ----------------------------The CD-ROM partition where the EDW Books are stored has a name which SunOS 5.X detects. SunOS 5.X adds the name to the mounting point of the CD-ROM. Example: The CD-ROM is mounted on '/cdrom'. The CD-ROM partition has the name 'cdrom0'. SunOS 5.X uses the mounting point '/cdrom/cdrom0'. 2 Before Starting the Installation --------------------------------------2.1 Checking Free Disk Space ------------------------------The installation program does not check if there is enough free disk space to install the EDW Books, but it will inform you of the size of each book. Check the free disk space with the command "df" so you can later evaluate if each book can be installed. 2.2 Inserting the CD-ROM".X (Solaris 2.1 Starting the Installation Program --------------------------------------Start the installation program on the CD-ROM.X) adds a subdirectory. refer to section 1. "/cdrom/HP9/INSTALL/INSTBOOK.2 "SunOS 5. 3.2 The `Welcome` screen -------------------------This screen displays general information.4 Enter Distribution Directory ---------------------------------The distribution directory is the path to where the CD-ROM is mounted. press `Enter' to continue.1 "HP-UX". /cdrom/cdrom0/sun5/install/instbook.SH.1" Note: SunOS 5. enter the same target directory as that for the existing collection. sun5 or Note: HP-UX has filenames with a semicolon and a revision number at the end of the filename. the program is in the subdirectory 'xxxx/install'.-------------------------Insert the CD-ROM in your CD drive and mount it (the file system on the CD-ROM is in ISO9660 format). The installation program is called "instbook. If your CD-ROM is mounted on '/cdrom' the installation command will be: /cdrom/sun4/install/instbook. Example: /opt/edwbooks To add documentation to an already existing collection of documentation. either use double quotes or start the program from the File Manager. Therefore.3 Enter Target Directory ---------------------------The target directory is the path to the directory where the documentation will be installed. where xxxx is the platform and can either be sun4. The directory must exist and you must also have write permission in the directory.X (Solaris 2. Refer to section 1. 3 Running the Installation Program -------------------------------------3.X)". Example: .sh 3.

/cdrom Note: SunOS 5.ebtrc' file where the Collection Path '/opt/edwbooks' has been added. The program starts to install the selected books and exits when the installation is complete.ebtrc" file.1 Collection Path --------------------The Collection Path is the target directory where the books were installed. Refer to section 1.ebtrc configuration file # 950914 R2B ########################### # EDW Book Collection List COLLECTION /opt/edwbooks=AXE 10 O&M Manuals COLLECTION /opt/edw/browser/sys_books=System Manual BOOK_DBASE /opt/edw/browser/usr_books=User Manual # EDW Browser DATA_DIR X_DIR DTEXT_AUTH Setup /opt/edw/browser/data /opt/edw/browser/data/x11r4 /opt/edw/browser/data/security/dtext. The installation program will then ask you if each book should be installed.X) adds a subdirectory. Example: /cdrom/cdrom0 3.X (Solaris 2.ebtrc" File ----------------------This example shows an edited '.ebtrc" File ------------------------------If a new target directory was created. you must add the new path to the ".3 The ".2 "SunOS 5. 4 Configuration ------------------4.5 Installing the Books -------------------------The program lists all books in the distribution directory with the corresponding information about path and size. 4. The file syntax is: COLLECTION YOUR_COLLECTION_PATH=YOUR_COLLECTION_ALIAS_NAME Example: COLLECTION /opt/edwbooks=AXE 10 O&M Manuals 4.2 Editing the ". Example: # .X (Solaris 2.lic .X)".

.# EDW Browser Annotation Directories PUBLIC_DIR ~/tmp/ebtpub PRIVATE_DIR ~/tmp/ebtpriv If more than one Collection Path is to be added. do not hesitate to contact the local Ericsson supplier. If any problems occur. add a new COLLECTION line with the corresponding information. Example: # EDW Book Collection List COLLECTION /opt/document=Additonal Documents COLLECTION /opt/edwbooks=AXE 10 O&M Manuals COLLECTION /opt/edw/browser/sys_books=System Manual BOOK_DBASE /opt/edw/browser/usr_books=User Manual 5 Completing the Installation --------------------------------This completes the EDW Book installation.