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The Jacque Fresco Designed






Here on Stage 8 you are looking at a modern miracle. The Cancer Prevention Society is happy at having been given the opportunity to bring it to you. OUf enthusiasm stems from rhe fact that rhe Trend Home is the result of that same relentless march of science which is also performing new miracles in the fight against the dread killer, cancer. Your presence here today represents keen interest in a scientific approach to the problem of minimum dwellings, and is lending weight to the public opinion and pressure now being rallied to hasten the era of industrialized housing. We of the Cancer Prevention Society take chis means to thank you for your interest and financial aid which will advance our fight against cancer and materially assist in the development of a Memorial Cancer Center for Los Angeles and rheWesr. We wish to thank most warmly Me. Earl W. Muntz for his generous suppOrt and sponsorship of the project; Warner Brothers for permitting the use of their Sunset Lor facilities for the construction and display of the full scale model of [he Trend Home; and most of all, OUf heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Jacque Fresco and his associates, Harry Giaretto and Eli Catran, for their untiring efforts in conceiving, designing,_engineering and building this monument to their genius. To YOLl all, again, our thanks for joining in the fight to stamp out cancer.
Cancer Prevenrion Society Qlteen Uvatkar Boardman, President

17,000,000 Amer icans now Jiving are destined to die of cancer-thousands in (his communiry-unless we do something about it. Los Angeles is the third largest city in America-yet we do nor have a cancer hospital. There is only one west of the Mississippi and seven in all America. The Easr built irs firsr cancer hospital over 50 years ago. And, since the dread disease has been brought out into the open and is being fought with every bit of knowledge available ro science today, the erection of such a hospital is humanity's most urgent need. The Cancer Prevention Society is well on its way toward providing such a hospital for Los Angeles and the West. There is no doubt [hat America's most important peace-time job is to make available the necessary facilities for the conquest of cancer and the care of cancer patients. To chis end a rommunity-wide fund raising campaign to erect, equip and endow a Memorial Cancer Center, embodying clinics, sanimriums, research laboratories and adjacent corteges is under way, The goal is S2,000,OOO. This money, which is being raised by every means possible, is now being put to work in the first stages of providing this much-needed Insrirunon, When established, all ace red ired schools of medicine of the universities throughout the nation wiI! be identified with the Memorial Cancer Center and its clinics. Undergraduate and post-graduate education, as well as a comprehensive research department, will share in the undertaking. A primary objective of this center will be the correlarion of its rreatmenr and research programs of all specialized cancer hospitals in [his country. Scientific research and education have virtually wiped out the plague of smallpox and yellow fevel'; brought under rigid control typhoid and diphtheria; and made significant strides against tuberculosis. Cancer is not spectacular, it is not contagious, nor does it come upon us in epidemic form. Thereforevpeople are not sufficiently educated [0 be aware of its presence. Ir hits with awesome frequency-our women when they ate most needed by their families, and our men as they attain the years of greatest usefulness. Fear is not the answer. We must Jight cancer wirh knowledge. For this reason, the most modern facilicies available, as represented in the Memorial Cancer Center which will provide the services of highly competent cancer-minded doctors, will do the rob. The campaign to build the center is being conducted bl' volunteers and a minimum of office personnel. Your money is making the job possible. You have taken your place in the vast army that cannot srand by and allow this national traged YIO conri nue,

The present acute housing shortage has been presaged for more (han a generation. The vast population shifts to industr ial centers during World War II only served co bring it to a head. Conventional architects and builders have not kept apace with the technological developments of our rime. Present-day conventional building appears indeed archaic when we realize that, essentially, housing roday is being conceived and constructed with very little change from that of even a hundred years ago. This seems even more ludicrous in a day of jet propulsion, radar, highly developed electronics and atomic energy. The Trend Home is as advanced an approach co a completely functional dwelling as is possible to construct today among a people who cake slowly to change. In conceiving and building rhe Trend Home, Industrial Engineer, Jacque Fresco, and his associates ' were guided by tWO salient factors. First, the home must be constructible of materials available today; second, it must be completely efficient and functional-yet not so radical in design and concept as to create resistance On the part of the home-hungry marker. Two years of diligent re earch are recorded by these men, and countless rough sketches were executed before the final design was perfected. They made a cornplere study of housing, housing "trends, and the basic necessities inherent in the family that required a dwelling. They studied all forms of prefabrication and traveled all over America to inspect developments in prefabricated and semiprefabricated houses. The Trend House is nor prefabricated; rather it is industrialized. It embodies materials that are new and techniques that are newer. The materials used, which are essentially aluminum and glass, lend themselves to mass production and handling. In this category alone their superiority is so marked as co make the use of conventional materials as outmoded today as the old-fashioned wooden icebox. Aluminum was chosen, lirst, because of irs innate qualities of strength and durability, and i.r is in relatively abundant supply. While, section for section, it is more expensive than wood-scill, the fact that it lends itself to mass handling, precision cutting, and reduces man-hours of labor, makes the over-all Cost lower. A custom-built house incorporating the materials and advantages of the Trend Home would cost the consumer in excess of $18,000. This house is aimed at the mass market and only through mass production can it become a success. Ir is directed ar filling the dire need for minimum housing-houses in the 900 sq . fr, category. All excellent parallelro the production of the Trend house can be found in the automobile industry, where a profundity of units assures low cost and excellence of product. The structure of ehe house is composed of parented aluminum extrusions. Each of these extrusions integrate several functions, as, for example, the hallway member which acts not only as a stud and door jamb but also provides openings for the wallboard on each side of the wall. Th is telescoping of various separate functions iuro a single member is typical of the economical and skillful design which is the backbone of the Trend Home. Due to ingenious design and construction, the house is completely flexible in rhar windows can be placed anywhere throughout the structure, and additional rooms can be added with a minimum of cost and confusion. Structural specifications established by local and national building codes. by Trend Homes far exceed those exacted and honest in

Here indeed is a modern miracle in housing. It is clean design, with every possible inch devoted co living space. The house you are viewing roday is but one of a vat iery of floor plans thar will be provided at a later date.

P resent plans call for the erection of a plant in Southern California co supply

unirs for the vasr market this area represents. Additional plants in other population centers will be erected at a larer time. This, chen, is the house we feel will inaugurate a new and glorious era of happy, healthy families in a more prosperous and contented America,


Paved with colored concrete "round into Side Polio.



House is. anchored to .4·inch concrete approved by fHA, 80 men-heurs (10 men 8 hours) foundotion is prepared, Less thon 5,000 lbs, 914 sq. fI_ over-all.


2'12' x 10' in each bedroom. doors.

Equipped wah .liding

3' x 8' ct end of side 'Patio_ Equipped with ,sliding concrete
doors. Conto ins electric meiers, Sowi"che$, "e]e-


phone connecrions, hat waler heater and heuse heeter. Ample space for sto.age garden furniture, IU99"ge, etc.

Doors 10 bedroom. and bathroom, .. Iuminurn. 'Front door and kitchen door, extruded aluminum with gl"ss.

Two (10"x 11Y.' and 10' x 13W) complete w-it.h closets, drawers, linen cobinets, .Ioroge space,

Contained in wall between bathroom Minimum ef piping necessary. Complete, wilh wall plug. throughcu].

and kitchen"

13Y:!'.x 161.11' - entire S fI_ in height.



to window.

7Yo' x 10'h' - ccntoins sink, closet for cleaning supplies, spice cabinet, ample window spnce ·at .ink level,fluorescent lighting. 5W x 7'12' - complete with fceilitles, SMding flutex glas. door s endosing bathtub to provide shower protection. Medicine ecblne+ installed in wall with .Iiding mirrored door, flanked by fluorescent lighting fbdures behind flutax gloss panels. Centrally locntad, u'sing minimum of spoce (32" 32 s.erving Four rnoin rooms.
1 ')

In outside $Ior.,ge comportment. or ele,ctric tank heater.



In outside .t".oge compartment under hot water healer_ Forced air heater supplied-gas or electric, 35,000 I3_T"U. output .. Dueting throuqh dalion to center of house. Foun-



Various type. flooring can be used, such masonite, a.phalt tile, wood, eorpeting.



8' x lB' - paved with colored concrete blocks, Immediotely adjacenlto kitchen ond dinette for use in outdoor dining and relaxing. Can also be used for Car Port.

Can be plo"ed throughout house, a. desired, and con be removed and g'lan replcccd with minimum of time and trouble. Textured aluminum, metallic appearance. so trealed os to eliminate

20 gauge (.031) ribbed horizontally. Sloped, providing Extruded aluminum natural


Ribbing run.

drainage. member s,


From the standpoint .of lowest possible COStper-unit and assembly expediency, a Cyclic Plane has been designed and developed in which construction of Trend Homes will better achieve these ends. An indications point to full-scale production the near


2'12" thick. Have intQke vents at bottom allowing constant possage of air 10 eliminate condensation. Ribbed aluminum pattern. surfaces with 'I. ,inch Qnd sound.deadening


If you desire additional information, fill om
the enclosed card and leave with the attendant, Or drop in the mail. You will then be placed on our mailing list and kepr informed of our progress.

Walls insulated on in.ide thickness of fore resistant

mc taricl. Same coating used on inside surface. of ceiling and roof akin.

* *


rust or rot.


Will not corrode,

* *

Reflects sun's roys. Inside cooler In summer tho n conventional structure. Low upkeep cost.

* * *

Painting not necessary, but paint longer lasting on aluminum. Protection damage. Completely light again,sf lightning


in weight.

* * * * * * *

Water running off aluminum is non-toxic. High strength against quakes and wind nomena. earthphe-

Complete COStsheets have been kept since inception. Periodic readjustments up to the present time indicate that house will rerail for $5,250 (nor including lor), complete and erected On concrete foundation, with basic facilities including plumbing and wiring. Mass production of the house will result in lower per-un it-cost.

High thermal conductivity. Lessens cost of heating house in winter. Easily fabricated. Durable. ligible. Chemical Depreciation resistant. to termites or neg-

~ All glass ,in the Trend Home furnished by SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GLASS CO. 2445 S. Santa Fe Los Angeles

Specia I interior drapery effects and exterior building display by FOlEY ADVERTISING & DISPLAY CO. 1005 E. Garvey Ave.,San Gabriel

Not subject other pests.

Official Hostess Committee Chairman, Miss Pat Barham Assisted by Sorority Members of Local Universities




The revolutionary nature of the Trend objective - in concept, aim and product - required particular care in the selection of a Home Furnishings organization to plan and fulfill the outfitting of the model. For, unlike the many other model home displays, Trend incorporates high level quality at unprecedented low COSt. Of the scores of firms investigated, Wilder's, Inc., best exemplified this idea in the matter of home furnishings. We sensed in the Wilder's organization chat same pioneering spirit and thinking with which, we believe, the Trend Home is heavily endowed. In their huge and beautiful showrooms at 1500 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, we found interesting ideas in Period, Maple and Modern - but more, we found refleered in their thirty years of advanced furniture merchandising a refreshing understanding of the. low-budget problem, reconciled with inordinate quality, The Trend Home was designed for the low-income family. We thank and congratulate Wilder's for the good caste and good sense employed in furnishing the model to conform with and express that very aim.

••• •





I wanna give 'em away But Mrs. Muntz won't let me~"""-SHE'S CRAZY!




The actual Trend Home Model * being exhibited wlll be awarded the winner (F.O.B. Stage 8-as is _. Iess movable furnishings in a special drawing, Labor Day, September 6, 1948. Donations: 1.00 Tickets on sale at Stage 8, or at member stores of Southern California Retail Druggists Association. Winner to be notified by mail. It is not necessary to be present at the drawing to win.


'* or

$5,000 in cash.