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Mission and vision statement of the company

Mission Statement –

Our mission at floshowers is to offer quality floral, plant, so our customers receive the best value for their money, and to be a customer service leader in the floral industry by establishing a loyal customer base through knowledgeable customer- fast efficient service.

Vision Statement To support the individual goals and personal growth of our employees by creating a comfortable, enjoyable, team-oriented work environment that offers career advancement and financial rewards above the industry standard.

to congratulate someone on a promotion. Every occasion is celebrated with flowers. congratulatory messages to a newly promoted Flowers are often sent to both weddings and funerals.all call for the services of a florist. anniversaries. condolences to a grieving family. holidays. births. and to wish someone good luck before a big event. to people on their birthdays. Flowers are a big part of people's lives. and even funerals . Weddings. one need not take any formal training to start and the business does not require a structured education to strengthen the floral business as the employees appointed only requires their own sense of creativity and invention as well as flower preservation knowledge and know. birthdays. Their beauty and color allows us to convey our messages perfectly get-well soon for our sick friends and family. People often buy flowers to help them communicate their feelings. giving you the opportunity to . and to express our love to another person.Reasons for Choosing Floral Business A floral business is always in big demand. Flowers are also often used to help spruce up a home or a garden.

Number of Employees . Number of Employees Needed To Run This Business: Minimum Number of Employees -During the Start up Phase: You can start this business yourself on a full-time basis. In the case of late night deliveries on the occasions such as marriages the delivery men will have to work for late nights around 12 AM proving additional incentives.sell a great number of flowers if one decide to learn how to open a floral business it can be very profitable simply because as one have holidays and events all year long that involve flowers Tasks and Skills Needed Industry Specific Tasks Some of the tasks necessary to operate a floral business:     Fill flower orders Storing of flower arrangements Delivery of flower arrangements Inventory Approximate Daily Hours Needed: General Hours of Operation:– our company will stay open during normal business hours for dealings. from about 8AM through 5PM or a little later.Once Your Business is up and Running Successfully:      Record/Bookkeeping General office Services Flower preservation .

.    Inventory management Flower ordering Sales Delivery people Skill Requirements for This Business:    Eye for design Knowledge of various flower types Flower preservation knowledge and know-how Licenses: One need local permits to run a business as well as a lease to run the building space that you will run the floral business from.

Necessary Equipment to Run this Business: Necessary Start-Up Equipment & Supplies:         Computer Printer Cell phone Flowers of varying types Water source Flower nutrients Containers Wrapping paper Monthly Expenses to Consider:        Wages Phone/cell phone Internet access Permits Advertising/Marketing Electricity Water .

17.000(Against Rent) Van: RS.000 .000 +39. 50. 5.000(approx) Monthly Expenses to Consider: Rs. 06. 39. 1. 1000 per delivery (subjected to distance) Refrigerator (cold storage): Rs.000+ 1. 80. 17. 3.000 Total: Rs.Approximate Minimum Start up Cost: Bare essential: Location rent: Rs 31. 5.000 Other equipments: Rs. 50. 2.000 Necessary Start-Up Equipment & Supplies: Rs.000 per month Security: Rs.000(approx) Bare essential + Necessary Start-Up Equipment & Supplies+ Monthly Expenses to Consider 3.000= Rs. 00.

8. Old Toybox & Wooden Crates Deep Roasting Pans. 6. Wicker Baskets (these can be painted) 4. Stock Pots Mailbox Old Chair Dresser Drawer 10. Metal Buckets & Pails (these can be painted in either a solid color or with a decorative design–but plain metal works too) 3. which saves our cost. Deep Enamelware Pots 11. 1. 7. Wooden Kegs/Whisky Barrels/Rain Barrels 5. 9. Work Boots (leave the toe intact or cut out for flowers to bloom out both ends) 2. Watering Cans .Eco-friendly usage Here is a list of different items that we use to make some very creative plant and flower displays.

Old Wash Tubs Competitive Advantage . Wooden Tool Box 13. Old Fashioned Bird Cage 14.12.

tent houses.  One can also be quite creative in putting together arrangements. perfume companies. florist shops. People know this. allowing you to express an artistic side.Pros and Cons of Opening a Floral Business: The Pros of Running a Floral Business:  Flowers are beautiful and fragrant. . banquets. allowing you to spend your day working with beauty. at certain times. The Cons of Running a Floral Business:  When money is tight.  It can also be quite a profitable business. flowers are often one of the first things to not be bought anymore.  Also. event management companies who need arrangements for different occasions.  One may also find you dealing with trouble when transportation are held up as this will decrease the quality of the flowers. and are often willing to pay for the best flowers they can buy. one may have too many orders to process and could lose some business because of this. Type of Customers We Need to Attract: The types of customers we want to attract will be owners of the farm houses. though. as transporting fresh flowers can cost some money and this will reflect in the prices of the floras that one sell.

. and only 67 percent buy it as a gift. plants. Revenue: The Society of Indian Florists estimates that the floriculture industry will sell Rs 19 million in flowers.Floral Business Statistics: The Indian Floral Endowment Consumer Tracking Study conducted in 2010 showed that about 33 percent buy flowers for themselves. and floral supplies for 2012.

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