How to Remove Autoplay Option from the right click on Hard disk

How to Remove Hacked by Godzilla virus or Autoplay option? I thought to post this when i recently saw a Autoplay option on my drives and folders. Generally we open a drive or disk by double clicking on it but when the drive is infected with virus we cant open a drive by double clicking on it. when we right click on hard disk drive we'll find autoplay option in the options list. To open a drive we should click on "explore" option which makes us irritating, So i thought to find a solution for this. As usally every heal has a its cure so this virus also has its solution. This virus is so called as "Hacked by Godzilla". So dont be shocked after seing this Hacked by Godzilla virus,it's going to do nothing with your system. it just disables the double click or "open" option. This virus is not detected with the help of antiviruses. Well before finding a solution for this we must know the reason, How does this virus entered into your system? its just because of your pen drives, so it is necessary to scan a pen drive before opening it or any content of it. I recommend Kaspersky for this. Method to remove Autoplay option or Hacked by Godzilla virus 1. Go to My Computer>Any drive> Any folder. 2. Now go to Tools Menu>Folder Options, A window will pop up and then select View tab > Show hidden files and folders. 3. Now uncheck the box "Hide protected Operating system files" and then click OK. 4. Open any drive by Right clicking on the drive and by selecting "Explore" (Do not double click on the drives) Now delete the files in quotes "autorun.inf" and "MS32DLL.dll.vbs" or "MS32DLL.dll". 5. Use( SHIFT+DELETE)to permenantly delete these files and follow step 4 on all drives including your flash drive and floppy drive. 6. Now open C: drive> Windows> Delete the files in quotes "MS32DLL.dll.vbs" or "MS32DLL.dll" and use (SHIFT+DELETE)to permenantly delete these files. 7. Now go to START>RUN> type "REGEDIT" without quotes, A Registry Editor window will be opened. 8. In left panel select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Run, and delete the file "MS32DLL" using DEL from Keyboard. 9. Now select HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main and delete Title “Hacked by Godzilla” which is present in Right panel. 10.Again go to START>RUN>type "gpedit.msc" without quotes. 11.Select User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System . Select "Turn Off Autoplay" and double click on it.then few options will be displayed

like this 1. Select Enabled 2. Select All drives 3. Click OK 12. START> Run and type "msconfig" without quotes and press enter, Configuration utility box will be opened. 13. Startup tab > uncheck "MS32DLL" click OK and exit without restarting the system. 14. Go to Recycle bin and empty it. 14. Now go to any folder and then go to Tools Menu>Folder Options>select "View tab" and select "Do not show hidden files and folders" 15. Now Restart your PC So that the changes you made should effect your system.

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