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July 15, 2011 By Invitation Only!

Conway Stewart is making available our awarding winning Model 100 in a choice of 33 hand made resins finishes. This unique offer is available until September 30, 2011 and while stocks last. Many finishes are restricted in quantity so we urge you to confirm your reservation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Fountain Pen: Special LIST RETAIL 305 $490 EURO 345* Roller Ball: Special LIST RETAIL 280 $450 EURO 318* *Save as much as 50% off retail price for bespoke colours Closed: 137.8 mm - Posted 170 mm Barrel including nib 129 mm - Cap 63 mm Barrel diameter 13.2 mm - Cap diam 15.5 mm - Weight 20 gms The following conditions apply: Available to order now until the September 30, 2011 Colours: See resin options Trim: 18 ct Gold trim Writing Modes: Fountain Pen and Roller Ball Nib grades: F, M, B, 2B, IF, IM, IB Packaging: Conway Stewart leather presentation packaging delivery: 14 days from receipt of order for delivery Colour options are subject to availability

MOdel 100

Sleek and subtly curvaceous, our 100 Series looks fondly back to Conway Stewarts Golden Age of fountain pen production for inspiration. It is an extremely versatile pen, ideal for every occasion. large enough to possess a commanding presence, yet not so outsized as to be unwieldy in either the hand or the pocket. The Model 100 truly is the best of both worlds.

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Resin Finishes



blAck whirl

blue stArDust

brAcket brown


brown whirl

burgunDy blush

cherry reD

Resin Finishes

clAssic blAck

clAssic clAret

clAssic green

criMson blush

DArtMoor* ColleCtors Club only

fleckeD AMethyst

fleckeD AutuMn


green whirl

Resin Finishes

heAther * ColleCtors Club only

honey noire

lApis blue


MArble blue





Resin Finishes

sepiA blue


silver storM


white whirl

yellow whirl

Selection of ReSin finiSheS

Amethyst 621 Azure 625 Black W hirl 626

Green W hirl 370 Heather 604* Honey noire 606 Lapis Blue 382 Lava 543

Bracket BroWn 368 Bronze 609 BroWn W hirl 374 C herry red 617

Blue stardust 390

MarBle Blue 471 Meteor 381 NeBula 378

Burgundy Blush 623 c lassic Black 058

c lassic c laret 384 C lassic green 472 Dartmoor 615* Crimson Blush 392 F lecked amethyst 377 F lecked autumn 376 Fresian 624

red W hirl 375 S epia Blue 548 S hingle 379 Walnut 632

Razor shell 380

S ilver storm 612 W hite W hirl 372


yelloW W hirl 371

Club only

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