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Product Catalogue for Mobile Network Solutions

Huawei Technologies

Looking for a mobile solutions provider with world class experience and expertise?

Look for Huawei.
From the arctic to the equator, from capital cities to remote country areas, Huawei is successfully delivering total mobile solutions to more and more satisfied customers. Currently, over 40 countries including China, Thailand, Russia and Tunisia are enjoying the high performance of Huawei's 2G/2.5G systems. And there are a lot more to come. And no wonder. Huawei combines an intimate understanding of customer requirements with thorough research to create innovative total mobile solutions that operate superbly in virtually any environment. So if you're looking for a total mobile solutions provider with the right experience, expertise and attitude to help your network succeed, you don't need to look further than Huawei. And Huawei's service extends far beyond design and installation, to first class operational support as well. Huawei's network of 32 branches worldwide, offers a complete range of expert services from network planning, implementation and optimisation to customer training.

Huawei Technologies

partner for a networked world

Part I: Overview
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Mobile Total Solutions
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GSM/GPRS Products GSM/GPRS Solutions

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UMTS Products UMTS Solutions



Part IV: CDMA2000 CDMA2000 Products CDMA2000 Solutions 17 20

Part V: WLAN WLAN Products WLAN Solutions 24 26

Huawei Technologies

Huawei has developed high-performance and cost-effective 2G/3G solutions. Huawei has the right expertise to provide for its customers the state-of-the-art mobile solutions with tremendous network value. Huawei's mobile solutions include GSM. GPRS.=MOBILE TOTAL SOLUTIONS Mobile Total Solutions Billing Center Date Service SMC/VMS Platform OMC HLR Mobile IN MMS WAP SCP SCE MSC Server GGSN MSC MGW AAA/AN-AAA CG HA SGSN PDSN/FA AS RADIUS Outdoor BSC Macro BTS PCU Outdoor Macro NodeB BSC RNC Outdoor Macro BTS PCF AC Remote Radio Unit Mini BTS Container BTS Indoor Macro BTS Mini NodeB Indoor Macro NodeB ODU AP Indoor Mini BTS Macro BTS AP AP GSM/GPRS UMTS CDMA2000 WLAN In the wireless communication field. 1 Huawei Technologies . UMTS. CDMA WLL and Mobile Operator WLAN. With years of experiences in deploying total mobile solutions in over 40 countries. CDMA2000.

Russia and Malaysia. Huawei takes 80% of the market share of GPRS. = Huawei GPRS solution has been deployed in China. Russia. =Huawei is the major supplier of WLAN equipment for China Mobile. Uzbekistan.=APPLICATIONS Paving the Way to the World China Russia Thailand = Huawei Tunisia GSM system has been widely deployed in 30 countries. Azerbaijan. More than 20. It has been deployed in about 20 countries. = Based on the most advanced technology. In Shandong Province of China. This is the first and biggest commercial Mobile Operator WLAN system in the world. including China. = More than 20 WCDMA pilot networks have been built in China.000. 2 Huawei Technologies . Thailand. Georgia. Huawei CDMA2000 solution supports both mobile and WLL networks. Russia. Belarus and Nigeria.000 subscribers around the world are now witnessing the reliability and stability of our equipment. etc.

access of multiple BSC coding scheme CS-3 and CS-4 PDCH and TCH dynamic conversion =Real-time PCU Base Station Controller (BSC) =Excellent =Large compatibility on A interface capacity and high processing capability maintenance and optimization functions =Convenient =Support HR/FR/EFR. optical. star. 6-cell technology.=GSM/GPRS PRODUCTS GSM/GPRS Products GSM/GPRS BSS Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Family =Various =High output power for different coverage receiving sensibility (-110 dBm/900MHz. -109 dBm/18001800MHz) =Enhanced Technologies: BTS 312 BTS30 Co-BCCH. BSC 3 Huawei Technologies . HDSL. SDCCH dynamic allocation. loop. tree. dynamic HR/FR/EFR =Enhanced Abis interface Support 15:1 multiplexing E1/T1. etc. Cell Broadcast. microwave & satellite transmission Support chain. and mixed topologies iSite BTS 3012A Packet Control Unit (PCU) =Standalone =Dynamic =Support PCU. Co-BCCH.

modular design reliability. internal/external redundancy data statistic and analysis functions compatibility =Powerful =Excellent HLR/AuC 4 Huawei Technologies .=GSM/GPRS PRODUCTS GSM/GPRS NSS Mobile Switching Center/Visitor Location Register (MSC/VLR) =High =High capability & high integration reliability design trunk and signaling interfaces =Abundant =Powerful =Excellent =Future platform for services compatibility on A/MAP interfaces MSC/VLR oriented design Home Location Register/Authentication Center (HLR/AuC) =High =High capability.

=GSM/GPRS SOLUTIONS GSM/GPRS Solutions Broader Coverage Solution =Power Booster Unit (PBU) with 80W transmission power Duplexer Unit (EDU) with low insertion loss =Enhanced =High =High receiving sensitivity of -110dBm performance tower mounted amplifier circles technology =Concentric =Extended cell technology Satellite Land Sea IsIand BSC BTS Common Coverage 35km Limitation of ETSI Specification Super Distance Coverage up to 120km 5 Huawei Technologies .

adaptive to any environment =All-weather =All-in-one =No (transmission. Economical and Fast Deployment =Broader coverage with larger output power and better receiving sensitivity outdoor design. shelter. etc. temperature adjustor.) need of equipment room and other auxiliary facilities optical fiber transmission module transportation and fast implementation =Embedded =Convenient =Support of satellite transmission Transmission Regulator Batteries BTS3012A iSite Mini BTS 6 Huawei Technologies . power supply.=GSM/GPRS SOLUTIONS Flexible.

smooth expansion to 2 million dynamic subscribers or 20 =Modular million static subscribers = Simple implementation. low cost. excellent compatibility. high reliability structure. no negative influence on current network or future expansion =Fast takeover of services when failure in HLR occurs SPU Internal Redundancy Server BOSS HDB HLR/AuC #1 OMC Server Redundant HLR/AuC External Redundancy HLR/AuC #N-1 HLR/AuC #N HLR Redundancy Solution 7 Huawei Technologies .=GSM/GPRS SOLUTIONS HLR Redundancy Solution =Support =1+1 of 2G/3G. smooth CAMEL evolution or N+1 redundancy.

huawei. but a reality. No matter how complex. all our customers will come out on top. So if you’re looking for a commercial WCDMA solution provider with the experience and vision to turn your 3G dreams into a profitable reality. After years of deploying 2G and 2. so that in the future. in fact. no matter how difficult. So successfully. With Huawei’s mature WCDMA end-to-end solution. it's time to talk to Huawei. that more and more operators are now placing their 3G confidence in Huawei. But every triumph that Huawei enjoys in the 3G world is based on hard earned experience. www. 3G is no longer a dream.5G solutions in over 40 countries worldwide.Who can turn your 3G dream into reality? Huawei partner for a networked world Huawei Technologies . Huawei has already successfully deployed its WCDMA end-to-end solution in over 20 cities around the world. And newer services based on higher-speed data and win-win business modes are now being developed at Huawei’s Volue China Open Lab. no matter how impossible things may seem. Now Huawei has extended its achievements to provide diversified applications and profitable services on the peer ends of the mobile terminal and service platform. Huawei understands exactly what it takes to provide 3G networks to the highest standards.

support IMA. flexible networking baseband and clock modules with host NodeB to outdoor environment RRU =Adaptable Radio Network Controller (RNC) =Based on commercial ATM/IP platform design. =No all-in-one design equipment room needed. E1. design with height of 1.=UMTS PRODUCTS UMTS Products UMTS UTRAN Indoor Macro NodeB =Compact =Flexible =T1. easy installation =Small BTS3802C =T1. configuration from 1 x 1 to 3 x 2 (sector x carrier) E1. 1.000 equivalent voice subscribers service bearing capability. STM-1 transmission. less auxiliary facilities size and light weight. CES and Fractional ATM 1. CES and Fractional ATM cooling design for outdoor environment 768 voice channels =Special BTS3806A =Support Indoor/Outdoor Mini NodeB =All-whether. STM-1 transmission. STM-1 transmission.4 meters configuration from 1x 1 to 3 x 4 or 6 x 2 (sector x carrier) E1. support IMA. support CES and Fractional ATM 64 voice channels =Support Remote Radio Unit (RRU) =Optical =Share fiber transmission. support 8 kinds of AMR voice transport sharing between 2G and 3G =Modular =51. smooth expansion and upgrade equivalent voice channels.536 voice channels =Support BTS3812 Outdoor Macro NodeB =Flexible =T1.000.200 =Powerful =Support BSC6800 9 Huawei Technologies .

NE-based N+1 redundancy and complete functions for interface-tracing HLR/AuC =Abundant =Powerful data statistic and analysis functions 10 Huawei Technologies . capable of transferring authentication between triplets and quintets =Modular design. LCS. large capacity of 2 million subs with only 2 racks configuration with 1 rack =Compact =High reliability. FE/GE H. SDH/ATM/POS 155M. network-level reliability ensured E1/T1.324M. H. smooth expansion with new cards or sub-racks SG functions =Embedded =Support =Support =Support dual homing features. lawful interception. USSD callback. 1.324M. embedded SG functions both layered and non-layered network architecture simultaneous access of GSM BSS and UTRAN MSC Server =Smooth =Support =Support =Support Media Gateway (MGW) =Unified media gateway for both mobile and fixed system evolution to R5/R6. reusing existing hardware capability up to 45. etc evolution to R5/R6 capacity and high integration.8 million subs with only 3 racks expansion with new cards or sub-racks dual homing networking.000 Erl =Smooth =Process =High integration. etc tone and announcement playback resources MGW =Embedded Home Location Register/Authentication Center (HLR/AuC) =Support GSM/GPRS/UMTS subscribers. multiparty session.=UMTS PRODUCTS UMTS Core Network (Circuit Switched Domain) MSC Server =Abundant =Smooth =Large services: CAMEL 3.

LCS. Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) =Support both UMTS and GPRS interfaces. POS STM-1/STM-4. strictly comply with 3GPP and GPRS specifications =Standard =Base =1 on commercial IP platform million subs with 1 rack QoS: Diffserv QoS. etc.000 CDR per second storage capacity for CDR reliability design of 1+1 redundancy CG 11 Huawei Technologies . VPN functions: L2TP. =Compact =Guaranteed =Support =Special E1/T1. MPLS. ATM STM-1/STM-4. BGP.=UMTS PRODUCTS UMTS Core Network (Packet Switched Domain) Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) =Support both UMTS and GPRS interfaces. Lawful Interception. GRE. NAT. OSPF. Charging Gateway (CG) =Processing =High =High capability: 3. etc. ATM STM-1/STM-4. IP in IP. FE/GE security: embedded firewall. GGSN =Comprehensive =Routing functions: static routing. POS STM-1/STM-4. etc. etc. IPSec. GTP Hardware Forwarding. etc. strictly comply with 3GPP and GPRS specifications up to 1 million subscribers =Standard =Capacity =Modular design. smooth expansion with new cards or sub-racks configuration with 1 rack QoS: Diffserv QoS. IPSec. 2M Signaling. FE/GE SGSN functions: CAMEL 3. etc. =Guaranteed =Support =High E1/T1. RIP. IPSec. MPLS.

networking and environment indoor macro NodeB.=UMTS SOLUTIONS UMTS Solutions UMTS coverage solution BTS3802C BTS3806A BTS3802C scenic spot RRU BTS3802C highway RRU BTS3802C BTS3806A suburban BTS3812 BTS3802C BTS3812 BTS3806A BTS3802C CBD urban BTS3802C blind spot/hot spot rural area E1 optical fiber NodeB Family for Seamless Coverage Mini NodeB Power Splitter Power Splitter Antenna Antenna Antenna Power Splitter Antenna Power dispatch RRU Antenna Antenna Underground Parking Place Indoor Coverage Solution =Series NodeB meeting various requirements of coverage. for densely populated areas or BTS3802C. power splitter and distributed antenna transmission interfaces: E1/T1. STM-1 =Multiple 12 Huawei Technologies . special design for outdoor environment =BTS3812. =BTS3806A =Unique =Indoor product of RRU (Remote Radio Unit ) for fast and economical installation coverage solution with mini NodeB. RRU.

13 Huawei Technologies . smooth evolution to R5/R6 applications in commercial mobile networks authentication and accounting for both mobile and WLAN services =Unified = HLR NE-based N+1 redundancy. GE. ensuring the security of important subscription data and the continuity of service provision = Abundant transmission interfaces: ATM/POS/SDH STM-1 / STM-4.=UMTS SOLUTIONS UMTS Core Network GMLC/ SMLC Mobile lntelligent Network ATM TDM SMS/ VMS HLR/AuC Mobile Data Service Platform SIGTRAN SS7 GGSN SGSN WAP GW IP Network GSM/GPRS BSS MSC Server GMSC Server PLMN IP/ATM Backbone PSTN/ISDN UTRAN MGW MGW UMTS Core Network =Future-oriented =Global design. E1/T1. etc. FE.

based on the open service platform 14 Huawei Technologies . =Support = Provide 3G. PR&IM. GPRS. and Rich Voice. including PTT.=UMTS SOLUTIONS UMTS IMS solution for R5 Application Server IMS Open Service Platform PR&IM Server HSS MGCF MGM PTT Server CSCF IP RichV Server Router PSTN/PLMN Internet GGSN SIP Softphone SIP phone IMS Solution for R5 =Provide IP multimedia communication services. WLAN and fixed broadband network enriched IP multimedia services from the ISV.

=UMTS SOLUTIONS UMTS TopEng 3G OSS TopEng CMS TopEng SOMS TopEng BILL TopEng DISCOVERY BSS TopEng RMS TopEng NMS TopEng Provision TopEng Medlation NSS Collectors Collectors FEP AIP SMAP WEBSMAP Collectors Collectors LCS/Payment/Push/Download EMS AAA SMP VC SCP SMSGW WAP GK OTA Proxy GMSC HLR CG ICP/ASP Intemet MSC/VIR GMLC SGSN GGSN TopEng 3G OSS =Based on the architecture of standard NGOSS business process solution. managing the whole lifecycle of customer's = Customer-centralized experience in the value chain =Facilitate =Take multilayer interactive relationship between customer and network into account of key factors in the process of system optimization and integration 15 Huawei Technologies .

think first about Huawei. Smooth evolution to 1xEV-DV is also guaranteed.Thinking CDMA? Think Huawei. So if you are thinking about how to make your CDMA Future-oriented Based on the most advanced platform.huawei. Huawei's CDMA network a success. including partner for a networked world Huawei Technologies . including broad coverage technology. When it comes to a total CDMA solution. Cost-effective To reduce the investment of operators. and solutions for fast and economical deployment. www.and with good reason. Massive applications Huawei has successfully deployed CDMA total solutions in about 20 countries. Huawei provides a variety of solutions. more and more operators are turning to Huawei . a BTS family that meets all application needs. solution supports mixed configuration of 1X and 1xEV-DO in one single cabinet. Russia and Belarus.

xDSL BTS3606A =Abundant 1 Sector-carrier iSite Mini BTS =All-weather. xDSL iSite =Tolerate =Abundant 1 Sector-carrier Optical Distributed Unit (ODU) =No GPS antenna needed substitution of RF repeater =Ideal =Site extension up to 70km from host BTS cascade to get extension of 90km ODU =3-stage 17 Huawei Technologies .=CDMA2000 PRODUCTS CDMA2000 Products CDMA2000 BSS 6/12 Sector-carrier Indoor Marco BTS =20/50W =Support =Digital output power enables wider coverage mixed plug of 1X & 1xEV-DO card transceiver of high receiving sensitivity (-128 dBm) transmission interfaces: E1/T1/STM-1. satellite. =Small =50W all-in-one design. =Abundant BTS3606 BTS3612 satellite. no equipment room needed and light. microwave. less auxiliary facilities output power enables wider coverage mixed plug of 1X & 1xEV-DO card =50W =Support =Digital transceiver of high receiving sensitivity (-128 dBm) transmission interfaces: E1/T1/STM-1. microwave. xDSL 6 Sector-carriers Outdoor Macro BTS =No need of equipment room. microwave. satellite. easy installation output power enables wider coverage wide range of AC power fluctuation transmission interfaces: E1/T1/STM-1.

smooth expansion satellite transmission BSC6600 =Modular =Supporting Radio Access Controller (RAC) for WLL =Based =Large on mature ATM broadband switching platform capacity and high processing capability design. smooth expansion V5. circuit / packet data service T601-450/800 FWT T601-450/800 FWP =Multiple =Support =Support Handsets for CDMA450 =A variety of handsets.=CDMA2000 PRODUCTS Base Station Controller (BSC) =Based =Large on mature ATM/IP broadband switching platform capacity and high processing capability design. FAX.6kbps 18 Huawei Technologies . from high-end to low-end ring tone ETS388 ETS668/678/688 ETS868 =16-chord =High speed data capabilities up to 153.2 interface =Modular =Support RAC6610 Fixed Wireless Terminals =Two types: terminal & phone frequency bands: 450M/800MHz public phone function POTS.

modular design reliability. FE. ATM155.=CDMA2000 PRODUCTS CDMA2000 NSS Mobile Switching Center/Visitor Location Register (MSC/VLR) =Large =High capability & high Integration reliability design compatibility on A/MAP interfaces platform for services multiple Signaling Point (SP) technology =Excellent =Powerful =Support MSC/VLR =Built-in SDH interface reducing cabling Home Location Register/Authentication Center (HLR/AC) =Large =High capability. internal/external redundancy data statistic and analysis functions compatibility =Powerful =Excellent HLR/AC Packet Data Service Node (PDSN) =High reliability with redundant parts and hot-swapping on-line patching functions to guarantee QoS =Support =Powerful =Fully support TCP/IP protocols transmission interfaces: GE. STM-1/4 PDSN =Abundant 19 Huawei Technologies . E1.

lower requirement on transmission. the O1 site can be changed to S1/1/1 site by adding two ODUs. Smooth Expansion = BSS system has modular design. no equipment room needed.=CDMA2000 SOLUTIONS CDMA2000 Solutions Economical and Quick Roll-out Co-Site Construction with Other BTS =BTS adopts high power amplifier and built-in high performance filter. =iSite has the processing capability of 3 sector-carriers. and the expansion will not halt the services. 20 Huawei Technologies . and can be expanded by adding corresp- onding cards. It helps to enhance the efficiency of transmission and decrease integrated investment. Outdoor All-in-one Mini BTS =Mini BTS is small. such as GSM/NMT/ TDMA BTS. System has dynamical configuration function. =Fractional ATM transmission: BTS can Share E1 with other kind of BTS. If an O1 site need to be expanded due to the increasing traffic. light and easy to be installed on mast. such as GSM/NMT/TDMA BTS. cement pole or against wall. AC power supported. It can share the same tower and equipment room with other kind of BTS.

including terminals and handsets 450M/800M/1900MHz frequency bands RAC-based and MSC-based solution on advanced CDMA2000 platform and architecture ready. smooth evolution to EV-DV large capacity voice service and broadband data services =Based =EV-DO =Support 21 Huawei Technologies .=CDMA2000 SOLUTIONS CDMA Wireless Local Loop (WLL) PDSN/FA OMC Router Internet AirbridgeTM PSTN V5.2/SS7/R2/PRI RAC/PCF/IWF Center-office BTS3606 BTS3612 iSite CDMA WLL Solution =End-to-end =Support =Both solution.

flexible number and dialing scheme Support both mobile and fixed phone subscribers 22 Huawei Technologies . avoiding fake or clone Support both Prepaid and Postpaid based public phone Real time charging fee enquiry Payment via Mobile IN Prepaid phone CDMA Terminal CDMA network =Unified Number Absence One DN for multiple terminals Multiple terminals ring at same time Mobile not at hand =Integrated Wide Area Centrex Ring at same time Incoming call Connect For enterprise users.=CDMA2000 SOLUTIONS CDMA2000 Wireless Value-added Network Billing Center Offline IC Phone =Offline Public Phone Support IC card or instant charging Support charging rate download and Charging meter CDMA network remote monitor Instant Charge Phone CDMA Terminal =Flexible WIN Services Billing Center Support both target WIN and overlay WIN Simple PPS without mobile IN equipment =Intelligent Phone Public phone Charging meter Instant Charge HSN Centralized Charging Management Centralized authentication.

Huawei CDMA WLL system can be deployed in the 450M/800M/1900MHz bands. As a wireless access system. Huawei's CDMA WLL endto-end solution is the best choice for your ambition of the Universal Service. www. Smooth evolution to 1xEV-DV is also guaranteed. are provided to meet different needs of Huawei Technologies partner for a networked world .2 and SS7 interfaces Based on the most advanced CDMA2000 technology and structure. Whatever your requirement. Huawei always has a solution that suits you most.huawei. A variety of handsets and fixed terminals caters to different tastes of your subscribers. Both V5. Huawei CDMA WLL system provides largecapacity voice service and broadband data services.The best way to cover Huawei CDMA WLL The wisest way to cover a place is to cover it by "air". The BTS family and the Broader Coverage technology enable costeffective wireless access.

DC / 48V/0. 100m~400m (outdoor) 64-bit / 128-bit WEP =Coverage: =Encryption: =Antenna: =Power: =O&M: dual polarization antenna /2dBi AP (WA1003) DC / 5V / 2A. Omni antenna /2dBi AP (WA1005) DC / 10V / 1. WEB.5 MHz ISM =Frequency: =Data Rates: 1M / 2M / 5.5M / 11M bps 35m-100m (indoor). PoE / -48V WEB. Telnet. Dynamic Encryption =Coverage: =Encryption: =Antenna: =Power: =O&M: Directional antenna /13dBi.5 MHz ISM =Frequency: =Data Rates: 1M / 2M / 5. Telnet.11b. TFTP. Telnet. SNMP. 802.11.5M / 11M / 22M bps 35m-100m (indoor). TFTP. Unified O&M with AC WA1005 (for operator) =Standard: IEEE 802. 100m~300m (outdoor) 64-bit / 128-bit / 256-bit WEP =Coverage: =Encryption: =Antenna: =Power: =O&M: dual polarization antenna / 2dBi AP (WA1006+) PoE (Power over Ethernet) / -48V. 120m~400m (outdoor) 64-bit / 128-bit / 256-bit WEP.5M / 11M bps 35m-100m (indoor).2A. SNMP. IEEE 802. Unified O&M with AC WA1003 (for end-user) =Standard: IEEE 802. SNMP.3af 2400~2483.3u.11b.3.4A WEB. Unified O&M with AC 24 Huawei Technologies . Set IP Session.=WLAN PRODUCTS WLAN Products WLAN Access Point (AP) WA1006+ (for operator) =Standard: IEEE802.11b+ 2400~2483. IEEE 802.5 MHz ISM =Frequency: =Data Rates: 1M / 2M / 5. Set IP Session. TFTP.11b 2400~2483. 802. 802.

000 online users OTP (One Time Password) and EAP-SIM authentication design. AS =System 25 Huawei Technologies . WEB and PPPoE authentication User bandwidth control QoS strategies for different priorities Built-in DHCP/AAA/Portal Server Forced Portal Service AC nPnP Controllable Multicast =High security IP-MAC-VLAN binding Layer 2 separation Protection of critical network resources =Convenient network management Control a number of peripheral equipment Support CONSOLE. high reliability processing capability of 200.=WLAN PRODUCTS =WLAN Products WLAN Access Controller (AC) =Enhanced functions SIM.TELNET and SNMP Online patching WLAN Authentication Server (AS) =Based =High on carrier-class CPCI platform. smooth expansion interfaces. good interoperability and smooth integration =Support =Modular =Standard =Unified =Inherit authentication & accounting with mobile network equipment mobile network services comfiguretion based on license mode.

RASIUS AAA BTS BSC/PCF BC PDSN/FA CDMA2000 IP Backbone CCS7 AP AC AS HLR Convergence with CDMA2000 26 Huawei Technologies . enables the subscriber to be identified via OTP (One Time Password).=WLAN SOLUTIONS WLAN Solutions WLAN Convergence with GPRS/WCDMA HLR/BR SMSC SCP RADIUS Server DNS =Unified =Reuse billing & customer care of existing HLR for authen- CAP tication and authorization GPRS/WCDMA IP Backbone = Minimal CCS7 impact upon existing infrastructure =Support international roaming mobile IN services AS CG LAN Switch AC =Provide LAN Switch AP BC AP 802.11a/b 10M Non-SIM TE SIM TE Non-SIM TE Convergence with GPRS/WCDMA WLAN Convergence with CDMA2000 =Authentication =AS and accounting for WLAN service are performed by AS.

WEB or short message password via short message ensured by using password only once 802.=WLAN SOLUTIONS WLAN One-Time Password (OTP) =Request =Obtain password via client software.1x client mode / EAP-SIM authentication =Security =Support SMSC PLMN Portal AC TE AP AS One-Time Password WLAN Integrated Prepaid Service (PPS) SCP =WLAN service with prepaid SIM AAA AS SGSN/SSP or voucher card =AS directly connected with SCP signaling interfaces = Standard between AS and SCP =No influence to the existing SCP by time or traffic AC BSC/ PCU =Charge BTS AP Integrated PPS 27 Huawei Technologies .

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Singapore. Add: Huawei Industrial Base. Among Huawei's 22. Bangalore (India). reaching US$552 million in 2002 compared with US$328 million in 2001. In order to support its global operations Huawei has set up 32 branch offices worldwide.huawei. Hay Group. Thailand.HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Established in 1988. Brazil. and a joint venture in Russia is operating successfully. Huawei Technologies is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in research and development (R&D). Bantian Longgang. Hutchison Telecom.0 . To ensure a steady and sustainable growth and to sharpen the core competitive Version No. 28780808 information@huawei. Each year. Several research institutes including Dallas (USA). Ltd. etc. Sun Microsystems and others. videoconferencing to other key telecom technology fields. production and marketing of communications equipment. Its ASIC designing capability is among the most advanced in this field worldwide. SingTel. GPRS. PCCW HKT. access network. Towers Perrin. Huawei's customers include China Telecom. Stockholm (Sweden). W-CDMA. Telemar (Brazil). This experience is invaluable as Huawei expands its penetration into international markets. This allows Huawei to consider the needs of its customers from start to finish. full series of routers and LAN switches. PwC and FhG have been acting as Huawei's consultants on employee stock option plan. China Mobile. Huawei emphasizes the importance to partner with leading global players in the industry on both product development and marketing. intelligent network. Russia.. Most important of all. GSM. China Netcom. South Korea Telecom. Since 1997. with its international revenues saw strong growth of 68%. Microsoft. financial management and quality control. Motorola. mobile network. fixed. Huawei has been cooperating with Texas Instruments. providing customized network solutions for telecom carriers in optical.: M3-030030-20030822-C-1. data communications and optical network --. Huawei's products can be divided into the following categories: fixed network. Eight regional headquarters and a host of customer support and training centres have been established. China Unicom as well as Thai AIS. Huawei invests no less than 10% of its sales revenue into R&D.China Huawei Technologies Co.ranging from switching.R. Spain. optical transport. Intel. Huawei's products are in application in over 40 countries. Huawei Technologies Tel : +86-755-28789247. Shenzhen 518129 P. Beijing and Shanghai have been set up. Egypt and South Korea.000 employees. Huawei products are based on its independently designed ASIC chips. human resource management. from the chip to the network. cdma2000 1x. including Germany. Rostelecom (Russia).com Fax: +86-755-28789251 E-mail: wireless@huawei. 46% are engaged in R&D. mobile and data communications networks. support network. Moscow (Russia).