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1. A chart of accounts ( Multi Choice) A. can be allocated to multiple company code B.

can be defined as the group chart of accounts C. only contains definitions for G/L accounts D. can only allocated to one company code. 2. A client. ( Single Choice) A. may only contain a single chart of accounts B. may contain multiple charts of accounts C. may only use one currency type D. may only have one controlling area

3. Identify the correct statement(s) relating to how the main business processes are integrated in the SAP R/3 System. ( Multi Choice) A. A purchase requisition is a documented request to purchase goods or services. In SAP it can be created manually or automatically. B. A goods receipt is the recording of the movement of materials into the warehouse. In SAP, a financial document which updates the inventory account and an accrued liability account is created C. The Invoice receipt and verification process compares the vendor invoice with the purchase order and goods receipt. However, the corresponding financial transaction must be entered through the financial module of R/3. D. In SAP, payment processing reduces the liability to a vendor and a company¡¯s cash balance, records discounts taken and disburses payment.

E. A customer delivery is the transfer of the ownership of goods. A customer delivery includes, creation of a delivery document, picking the goods for shipment; physically transferring the goods to the customer and financially recording the goods issue. 4. Identify the correct statement(s) regarding organizational elements within the R/3 System. ( Multi Choice) A. The Sales area combines the sales organization, distribution channel, and division. B. The Purchasing Organization is responsible for the purchasing for the only one plant. C. A plant is a location in which inventory quantities and values are stored or manufactured. D. A Controlling area can comprise several company codes using different chart of accounts but must operate in the same currency. E. A profit center is used to generate income statements and operating profit statements. 5. Identify the correct statements. ( Multi Choice) A. All areas of an organization that are to be integrated into the R/3 Production system should be included under one client. B. The term ¡°client dependent¡± refers to tables or data that relate only to the client which was accessed during the log on process. C. Due to the integrated nature of SAP, there are certain core organization element that cut across the modules. Client and company code are two of these core elements. D. To determine the number of clients required, the focus is placed on data access and sharing strategies.

6. Which of the following statements is true ? ( Single Choice) A. A Company code can belong to more than one controlling area. B. A plant must be allocated to a company code C. A controlling area and a company code must have the same local currency. D. A business area and a company code are assigned to each other in the corporate structure IMG 7. Identify the correct statements relating to the Implementation Guide( Multi Choice) A. When creating a project in the IMG, the application areas and countries are selected from the Enterprise IMG B. The number of implementation activities can be reduced by creating Project IMG views, such as a view for ¡°mandatory activities¡± C. The Project IMG must include all customizing activities for all R/3 applications. D. The SAP Reference IMG is generated for the application modules to be implemented in a company and for the different countries E. Customizing transactions can be accessed from the SAP Reference IMG, Project IMG and the Project views. 8. What characteristics do roles have in the Workplace? ( Multi Choice) A. Roles describe business processes in a company B. Roles contain a collection of activities that a user who is assigned to this role can execute C. Roles represent a range of executable functions in a company that users can assign themselves to D. The authorizations required to execute the assigned functions

MiniApps are small applications that are started automatically when the Workplace is called. MiniApps are role-specific applications that can contain more activity options. MiniApps are Java Applets that are loaded from the Workplace to the user client. GuiXT . Miniapps are small applications that can be called from the Workplace. C. MiniApps are small applications that communicate continuously with the implemented SAP products D. 11. D. add pushbuttons and change input fields into radio buttons?(Single) A. The Workplace contains role-specific information and rolebased access to the Workplace are provided? (Multiple) A. Roles contain MiniApps 9. What content elements of the mySAP. C. The Workplace is used exclusively as a LaunchPad for Employee Self Service with information for employees. E. 10. B. reports. The Workplace contains role-based navigation options for R/3 transactions.are automatically linked to roles E. The Workplace is a completely personalizable working environment. What system tool allows you to add graphics. The Workplace contains personal Favorites. re-arrange fields. What are MiniApps?(Multiple) A. and other links to various systems. E. B.

User menus 13. Reports E. Accounts Explorer C. Transactions C. the system automatically changes certain entries in Customizing (closed fiscal year) D. SAPShow E. What does SAP call the new asset value display transaction? (Single) A. Item Explorer B. the program checks if the year-end closing can be carried out. Which of the following can you add to a Favorites list?(Multiple) A. Accounts Viewer D. Once the year-end closing was successfully completed. You cannot create and post to new fixed assets until The yearend closing is successfully completed .B. During year-end closing. You carry out year-end closing before the fiscal year change. C. GuiCapture C. Which of the following statements about year-end closing are correct?(Multiple) A. Asset Explorer 14. Web address D. SAPGui D. Profile Generator 12. B. Files B. Asset Viewer E.

What steps have to be completed before you can generate asset classes form G/L accounts? (Multiple) A. use index classes E. For each depreciation area you need to specify whether you want to (Multiple) A. automatically post values online D. Asset classes 16. D. all company codes can post in all business areas. post asset values at periodic intervals C. post to business areas 17. Number range intervals D. The time of the first acquisition posting to the asset sets the .E. 15. You can only conduct year-end closing on June 30 or December 31 of each year. C. Account determinations C. B.(Multiple) A. Screen layout variants E. post depreciation at periodic intervals to the general ledger B. i.e. The business area can run across many company codes. 18. Please click on the button next to the correct answer. A company code may belong to more than One Controlling Area. Business areas are used to create internal balance sheets and income statements. Account selection B. Each company codes uses exactly one chart of accounts and one chart of depreciation.

21. Cost Center determination. Account allocation E. at Company Code level B. D. What are the functions asset class?(Multiple) A. the date of capitalization D. When you transfer asset data ¡®during the fiscal year¡¯. C. C. B. at Client level. Usually one Chart of Depreciation is defined for each country. 20. B. at Chart of accounts level. the depreciation start date per depreciation area B. Transferring asset data ¡®during the fiscal year¡¯ is only possible on july 1 of the given year.following fields in the master of asset(Multiple) A. At which level is the chart of Depreciation created?(Single) A. Which of the following statements about asset data transfer from a previous system are correct?(Multiple) A. at System level. Screen layout D. the cost enter to be hit through depreciation C. Asset number assignment. the depreciation key 19. E. Definition of default value. the system automatically determines replacement values and insurable values using batch input. at Business area level. .

Intergration with MM: An asset purchase order is created in must enter the last depreciation posting period from your previous system in the SAP R/3 System. Enter allowed entries for user fields E. Enter default values entries for depreciation area D. You cannot post manual depreciation in FI-AA. During the asset transfer. you can enter either the APC or the net book value.C. C. Asset purchasing clearing account. Vendor asset acquisition clearing account 23. Define allowed company codes 24. What is the name of the auxiliary account used for all of these transactions?(Single) A. Asset acquisition clearing account. Specify required entry fields for asset master data B. E. Invoice verification then posts the invoice. MM/FI clearing account. you can specify the order in which the depreciation are apper. Manual depreciation is posted immediately after entry(real . B. Enter default values for asset master data C. What additional functions do asset classes offer?(Multiple) A. During the asset transfer. The goods receipt is posted on a value basis. 22. E. D. D. GR/IR clearing account. When you transfer asset data ¡®during the fiscal year¡¯. Which of the following statements about manual depreciation (for example unplanned depreciation in FI-AA) area true?(Multiple) A. B.

Manual depreciation usually only applies to depreciation areas which you choose when you enter the document. Open items posted to G/L accounts can be cleared using the payment program D. Which of the Following statements about automatic payment are correct ? (Multiple) A. Direct debiting or bank collection can be used in automatic payment procedures to clear customer invoices C. Special G/L transactions(down payment)can be posted using the payment program E. Payment notice C. D. Manual depreciation is initially shown as a planned value after entry and only posted when the depreciation posting report is run. In automatic payment procedures. C. all incoming invoices as of the second dunning level are paid automatically B. 25 . Dunning notice 26. you also need to enter it manually in FI/CO. E.time). Payment advice B.Which correspondence extracts all items in the chosen period from a customer¡¯s account displays the balance carried forward balance and a closing balance of the account ?(Single) A. After entering manual depreciation in FI-AA.. Imagine the following scenario:A company wants to execute a . The payment program can pay vendor invoices using wire transfers and checks 27. Account statement D.

Which of the following statements are true with regard to the customizing setting for banks in the automatic payment run ? (Multiple) A. posting date and baseline date B. the vendors are to be paid by bank transfer. If the amount exceeds US$ 1000. You can only determine one payment method per house bank . posting date and cash discount periods E. You can precisely schedule the print program from within the application 28. document date and posting date the master record D. The payment proposal of the automatic payment program can only be displayed E. amounts less than US$ 1000 are to be paid by check. You specify. The sequence of the banks for processing outgoing payments is selected randomly B. Here you can specify that the information is to be output to a data carrier B. posting date and payment terms 29. You specify the payment method from within the application. whether payments are to be made by check only or also by transfer C. According th which criteria does the payment program determine and select open items (Single) A. The customer has two house banks and wants all checks to be processed by bank A and all¡¦ (Multiple) A You store variants for print programs within customizing.payment run on a daily basis and process several company codes at the same time. per house bank. baseline date and payment terms D.

House bank master data must be created in advance. Which of the following statements are correct ?(Multiple) A. You can specify by bank and method the anticipated number of days before the bank account is debited E. Specifications in the vendor master records D. When creating a House bank. When entering a document using a foreign currency. you do not need to specify the country. before assigning the House bank to a payment method in the payment program configuration E. Fiscal year variant B. A house bank can be assigned to a business area within the payment program configuration 32. which date is used to determine the exchange rate if the translation date is not entered ?(Single) A. Payment method specifications in the IMG C.C. The payments program can use a different House bank for each different payment method C. Information in the documents(incoming invoices) E. You can select several payment methods per country D. A House bank account can be defined in more than one currency D. Specifications made when maintaining the payment run parameters 31. You can determine the banks to be used for payments according to postal code 30. Which of the following factors does the systems take into account in a payment run ?(Multiple) A. Posting date . B.

Documents originating in other modules should be corrected there to allow the changes to flow naturally through to financial accounting. which of the following statements supports the reversal of a document?(Multiple) A. After running the recurring document posting. C. Posting period variant.B. D. A new document number is created for the reversal document. C. B. Entry date D. When creating a recurring document. the next run date cannot be displayed. D. Field values can be changed in recurring document. Field status variant. Fiscal year variant. If a reversal date is not specified. Document date C. The posting date is determined by either the run date or the run schedule. C. D. Closing period variant. The original recurring document can be deleted from the batch . B. The original document contains no cleared line items. B. Baseline date 33. 35. the system reverses the document using the posting date of the document to be reversed. E. Choose the correct statements regarding recurring documents. 34. the valid time period must be defined. (Multiple) A. where are posting periods defined?(Multiple) A.

Archived payment advices are included in planning till the value date. E.input menu. In manual bank statement customizing. D. or reactivated. The main bank account and the bank clearing account use the same sort key. The value date in the field status string for both the main . Open items are managed for both the main bank account and the bank clearing account. you must (Multiple) A. The expiration date shows how long the payment advice is included in planning. archived. C. Define a posting rule C. The planning type determines which bank accounts the plan amount to be inputted to. D. C. B. 38. Bank accounts should be controlled as follows when Cash Management is in use:(Multiple) A. Define a currency E. Define a posting type D. Both the main bank account and the bank clearing account permit line item displays. Define an account symbol 37. Which of the following statements about manual planning are correct?(Multiple) A. 36. The retention periods are determined by the bank account name. The payment advices for editing can be changed. B. Define an internal activity B.

. B. B. Which of the following statements about creating customer master records are correct? (Multiple) A. The most efficient way to create master records is to work with the external number range not internal number range. In case of one-time customer you have to enter the customer¡¯s address in the document itself. the system can include outstanding Accounts Receivable invoice items in payment account and the bank clearing account must accept entry. If a customer is also a vendor. E. The cash-relevance flag in the master records for both the main bank account and the bank clearing account must be set. If a customer is also a vendor. D. E. depending upon the company code. The company code is always a required entry. A customer master is divided by client level and company code level. Which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple) A. and reconciliation account are included in the client level of the customer. Information on each screen may be defined in configuration as mandatory. The account number may be assigned by the user externally. Address. C. Information on each screen may be defined in configuration as mandatory. 40. control data. 39. depending upon the account group. Which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple) A. 41. suppressed or optional. An account group always gets assigned to a customer. C. D. the system can include outstanding Accounts Payable invoice items when you clear incoming payment receipts for the customer. B. suppressed or optional.

The house bank and payment method 43. The company code C. only closing entries can be made. The payment terms and payment block D. The reconciliation account B. Transactions can be allowed or disallowed depending in the order status. 42. instead of having to change individual items in the documents.this function allows you to change a whole group of line items simultaneously. CO production orders. All customer belonging to the same account group must be assigned to the same reconciliation account. Which of the following order types are internal orders?(Multiple) A. Result analysis orders for posting accrual costs in CO. Sales orders for make-to-order function E. Maintenance orders. B. D. E. C.Which of the following statements are correct regarding Internal Orders?(Single) A. C. Capital investment orders for creating assets.C. D. 44. Bulk change of line item . B. Once an order has been released. Planning transactions are allowed under any status. The alternative payer is used to transfer outstanding receivable item to the alternative payer¡¯s account. . The reconciliation account defined on the customer master record is an account used to reconcile CO transactions back to FI. What data can you change using this function?(Multiple) A.

D. It is an internal order used to control production from a cost accounting point of view. Additional order status categories can be created in the order master. If both the amount of the activity used by the receiver and the total output activity quantity of the sender can be measured. It is not possible to post goods movements to and from the order. The primary cost element is one type of master data in Controlling. 45. . C. C. 46. If the amount of activity consumed by the receiver is not measured. If direct activity allocation is used. Bills of materials and routings are required.Which of the following statements is true about CO production orders?(Multiple) A. B.D.Which statements are true regarding direct and indirect activity allocations? (Multiple) A. the total output activity quantity is determined by summing all of the activity quantities allocated. E. 47. You can post primary costs from Financial Accounting to the order. B. Manual activity input planning cannot be performed if actual activities are allocated indirectly. Before you can create a new primary cost element. You can post secondary costs from overhead calculation to the order. then indirect activity allocation is used. then indirect activity allocation is used. D.

The cost center must be defined. C. it also displays comprehensive help on the current application e) F1 provides a list of field values or an option to search for the information in the case of an extensive list 2. assessments cannot. The controlling area must be defined. assessments cannot. D. The business areas have been defined. assessments are used when this information is not necessary on the receiver. The plant must be in the system. 48. B. C. E. Distributions are made using the original primary cost elements. Select the correct statement(s) a) When logging on to the R/3 system for the first time. you are required to change your password b) Your customized personal settings are only available on a particular PC c) The system menu is standard on all SAP screens d) The SAP library is one of the help options. What is the difference between distribution and assessments? (Multiple) A. Distribution can be made for both planned and actual figures. assessments are made using secondary cost elements 1. Which of the following statements are True or False a) You can only have one R/3 session open at a time b) A client number is not required to log on to the SAP system c) The help menu is only available when performing a particular task d) The command field provides general information on the SAP system and transaction or task you’re working on . Distributions are used when the original cost information is necessary on the receiver. Distributions can be made using statistical key figures. D. B. The G/L account must be defined.certain prerequisites need to be fulfilled. Which of the following conditions must be fulfilled BEFORE you can create primary cost elements?(Multiple) A.

Which of the following statements are True or False . Select the correct statement(s) a) A Fiscal year must be defined the same as a calendar year b) A non calendar fiscal year can have any amount of posting periods c) If the fiscal year is the same as the calendar year. Select the correct statement(s) a) The chart of account segment (client segment) and company code segment form the complete G/L master record b) The company code segment does not need to be activated for all the accounts in the chart of accounts c) The currency of the account must be specified at the chart of accounts level d) A field status group determines which fields are suppressed. Which of the following statements are True or False a) A controlling area must be assigned to a company code for the purpose of transferring data to cost accounting for further processing b) Cross company code controlling can be performed when one company code is assigned to multiple controlling areas c) Business areas must be defined in the SAP organization structure d) Data for profitability analysis is extracted from the operating concern e) Company codes assigned to the same controlling area must have the same operational chart of accounts and the same fiscal year variant General Settings 5. British Pounds etc. Which of the following statements are True or False a) Tax codes are defined per company code b) Exchange rate types can be identified as US dollars.e) The status bar provides general information on the SAP system and transaction or task you’re working on f) You can only create a favorites list containing transactions Organizational Structures 3. displayed. year shifts must be specified for each posting period d) The periods for a year dependant fiscal year are the same every year e) The periods for a year independent fiscal year are the same every year f) A shortened fiscal year must be defined as year dependant 6. required or optional e) The field status group is assigned at the company code level 8. c) An exchange rate spread is the difference between the bank buying rate and the bank average rate or the bank average rate and the bank selling rate d) The minimum entry to open and close posting periods is the “+” indicator e) You can only define 4 special periods for any fiscal year Financial Accounting – G/L Master Data 7. Select the correct statement(s) a) The Client is the highest legal entity in the SAP system architecture b) One or many business areas can be assigned to a company code c) Clients share master records and transaction tables d) Multiple company codes can be assigned to a single controlling area e) Company codes using different operational chart of accounts can be assigned to the same controlling area 4.

Create. company code segment and purchasing organization segment form the complete customer master record b) A vendor/ customer master record can be created for multiple company codes c) The vendor account number is the link between AP and the G/L d) More than one recon account can be specified per customer in the customer master record e) An authorization group must be customized and assigned to every master record 10. but can be changed at the company code segment b) All customers within the same account group must have the same payment terms c) The vendor’s banking details can be specified at the client segment for the purpose of EFT payments d) Number ranges for customer and vendor accounts are determined per account group e) 2 controls of the field status exist namely the account group and the transaction (ie. Select the correct statement(s) a) The client segment.a) The ratio between operational chart of accounts and group chart of accounts is 1 to 1 b) The ratio between operational chart of accounts and country specific chart of accounts is 1 to 1 c) If the account currency is different to the company code currency. you can post amounts to the account in any currency d) If the account currency is the same as the company code currency you can post amounts to the account in any currency e) The group account determines the number range of the G/L account f) The same number range can be assigned to all account groups Financial Accounting – AP and AR Master Data 9. Select the correct statement(s) a) All open item accounts are cleared automatically by running the automatic account clearing program b) The open item indicator in the customer/ vendor master record must be activated in order to clear customer/ vendor open items c) The open item indicator along with the line item display indicator is usually activated in the balance sheet clearing and profit and loss accounts d) Accounts that are not automatically cleared can be cleared manually using the account clear function e) A clearing document contains the line items to be cleared . Which of the following statements are True or False a) The payment term must be assigned at the client segment. and whether the value is going to be a debit or a credit d) Document numbers are always automatically assigned once the document is posted e) Document types determine which account types can be posted to 12. change or display) Document Control 11. Select the correct statement(s) a) The document type controls the field status of the document b) The posting date determines the posting period in the document c) The posting key only determines the account of the posting. Which of the following statements are True or False a) Posting periods are opened and closed automatically b) No more than 2 posting periods can be open at the same time c) Posting keys are defined at the client level d) The posting key used to debit a vendor account is 11 e) The posting key used to credit a customer account is 21 Clearing 1.

either manually or automatically c) Standard open items. must be maintained in the currency of the bank account c) Specific programs linked with specific variants are used to create various types of payment media d) Cheques (checks) that are not used are automatically voided by the system e) All vendors must be assigned to a payment procedure in the master record in order to generate payments from the automatic payment program . Select the correct statements a) Financial statements are defined according to financial statement versions b) Financial statements can have a maximum of 10 hierarchy levels and are company code specific c) Accounts can be assigned to different nodes in the hierarchy of the financial statements d) Amounts are reflected in various groups within the financial statements according to the debit/ credit indicator and the specification of the general ledger accounts e) Companies are restricted to 3 financial statement versions according to the 3 different charts of accounts Payments 6. can be reallocated to a different payment method and house bank 7. have reference to the original document that is being short paid e) A document which is selected in the payment run. vendors and employees b) The tolerance groups contain settings for permitted payment differences c) Alternative accounts can be specified for the posting of payment differences d) The values specified for the tolerances can be entered in a currency of your choice e) All users that were not assigned to a tolerance group are by default assigned to the blank tolerance group 4. not both c) A reason code must be specified in the tolerance group for charging off payment differences Financial Statements 5.2. Which of the following statements are true or false a) All payment documents are clearing documents b) Standard system maintenance includes clearing open items on a regular basis. Select the correct statement(s) a) All vendor line items can be paid. special G/L transactions and noted items can be selected for clearing d) If documents were cleared in error. Which of the following statements are true or false a) Tolerance groups can be assigned to general ledger accounts b) Permitted payment differences are either defined as an amount or a percentage. as long as there is a reference to the house bank in the vendor master record b) Every general ledger account that is linked to a house bank. the clearing must first be reset and the document must be reversed before attempting to clear again e) Documents that are cleared have reference to the clearing document number in the document line items Tolerances and payment differences 3. Select the correct statement(s) a) Tolerance groups can be defined for customers. Which of the following statements are true or false a) Payments from customers are usually processed using the automatic payment program b) Customizing the automatic payment program includes defining payment methods by country as well as by company code c) Partial payments clear the open items and cause residual items to be posted back to the account d) Line items that are created when charging off the difference back to a vendor’s account.

Which of the following statements are true or false a) All reports must be executed using set variants. Which of the following statements are true or false a) A dunning procedure must be assigned to the customer master record in order to dun the customer for late payments b) Customers are only dunned according to the settings in the dunning procedure. Select the correct statement(s) a) An unrealized foreign currency valuation is created every time a foreign currency payment is made or received b) Balance sheet accounts should be valuated according to the line items in the account c) Assets are depreciated according to the depreciation key and useful life specified in the asset master record d) The asset register is updated independently of the general ledger accounts for accumulated and expense depreciation e) Balance confirmations are customized in the IMG.Dunning 8. Select the correct statements a) The controlling area is the highest reporting level for profitability analysis b) Data for overhead cost controlling is extracted from the operating concern c) Product cost controlling extracts data from the controlling area d) The business area is an organizational unit within financial accounting e) Profit center accounting is a component of overhead cost controlling 2. which include the frequency. or user defined variants b) The GR/IR account is a clearing account that must be maintained regularly by clearing open items c) The balance carried forward program carries the balances of the accounts forward into the new posting period d) The reconciliation ledger allows you to automatically reconcile the financial accounting and controlling modules e) Assets under construction are settled periodically to fixed assets f) Accrual documents are automatically reversed on the first day of the following period Organizational Units 1. and cannot be linked to SAPScript forms 10. and are reflected as a separate line item on the dunning letter d) Interest can also be levied on the customer’s account according to the interest indicator in the customer master record e) The master record of the customer is updated with the dunning level according to the highest dunned document in the customer account f) Customers can be blocked from dunning by entering a dunning block key in the customer master record Financial Closing 9. whether or not line items are printed with every letter that is issued. and how many grace days the system will accept before issuing a dunning letter c) Dunning charges are levied on the customer’s account. Which of the following statements are true or false a) The controlling area currency must be defined as the group currency b) Company codes assigned to the same controlling area must have the same operational chart of accounts c) Profit center accounting extracts data from the controlling area d) The product cost controlling component enables you to calculate the minimum price at which a product can be profitably marketed .

the posting to the cost center becomes statistical c) Profit center postings can be true postings if the indicator is selected in the master record d) Postings to cost centers primarily arise out of transaction based postings in FI e) When posting a transaction within FI.e) Profitability analysis is used to evaluate external market segments Master Data 3. Select the correct statement(s) a) Costing sheets are defined for the percentage method of the accrual calculation b) Periodic reposting is performed when costs are manually reposted from one cost center to another according to a specific statistical key figure c) The assessment cycle allows for the collection of both primary and secondary costs. only one true object and one statistical object can be selected 6. Which of the following statements are true or false a) The reconciliation ledger allows for the reconciliation of CO components b) The period lock must be set for both plan and actual data . Which of the following statements are true or false a) All activity types can be used with all cost centers b) An activity type allows you to allocate costs from FI according to tasks that were performed by other departments c) Statistical key figures can be defined as either a fixed value or a totals value d) Master data that can be grouped together include controlling areas and operating concerns e) Activity types cannot be grouped like cost centers. when posting an expense in FI can be changed in the document d) Default values from customizing take preference over default values from the master records e) Line items that are reposted in CO update the cost center in the original document in FI Period-end Closing 7. Which of the following statements are true or false a) Default cost centers can be specified in the cost element master record b) Default cost elements can be specified in the cost center master record c) Profit centers defaulted from the cost center master record. cost elements and statistical key figures Transaction Based Postings 5. Select the correct statements a) Document numbering is defined according to the grouping of controlling transactions b) When posting to a cost center and true order. Select the correct statement(s) a) Cost centers are assigned to the standard hierarchy through the master record b) Cost centers can be assigned to any level in the standard hierarchy c) Cost center categories enable you to assign the same characteristics to similar cost centers d) All primary cost elements have a one to one relationship with the general ledger expense accounts e) Secondary cost elements can only be created and used within controlling 4. and reposts the values using the original cost elements d) Distribution is the method by which primary costs are reposted using the original cost elements e) Allocation structures assigned to the distribution cycle allow for the grouping of cost elements and repost using secondary cost elements 8.

a valid employee master record must exist along with a valid cost center. and the two records must be linked b) Plan distribution allows for the distribution of secondary costs c) It is not possible to perform planning using statistical key figures d) It is possible to copy actual data to planning data as long as the planning version has been created first e) All controlling objects are automatically transferred when one plan version is copied over to another Internal Orders 11.c) The period lock is automatically set when the FI period is closed d) An overhead structure is assigned to a costing sheet e) The results of an assessment can be reviewed in the cost center – actual/ plan/ variance report Planning 9. financial and revenue orders c) Statistical orders are used for reporting purposes only d) Accrual orders allow for the raising of accruals on the order itself e) Internal orders are company code specific and must reference a profit center in the internal order master record 12. d) [ ] In the first the companies were looking at Cost reduction and efficiency through integration of business comunities. we can affirmate that (Please choose the correct sentence): a) [ ] The internet revolution could turn available to companies the use of ERP functionality. or if the original cost element can be used for the settlement of true order values Please verify the answers FI questions for Certification 1. About evolution in the world of business. investment. c) [ ] The internet has driven to a collaborative environment where value is created through collaboration within business comunities. b) [ ] The next generation of "new dimension" products appeared taking functionality out of the company. to bring value through extending the Internet Revolution. Select the correct statement(s) a) All internal orders must be created according to a specific order type b) Four categories of internal orders exist namely overhead. Which of the following statements are true or false a) In order to transfer planned data from HR. Select the correct statement(s) a) Planning profiles are defined with header rows and lead columns b) Multiple planning layouts can be assigned to a single planning profile c) Distribution keys can only be used when planning for a single period at a time d) Planning using activity types can only be performed if the statistical key figures are planned as well e) Activity dependant planning means planning with the use of an activity type 10. . Which of the following statements are true or false a) Orders cannot be grouped like cost centers and cost elements b) Substitution rules are used for mass maintenance to internal orders c) A commitment can be raised on an order when a purchase order or purchase requisition is created d) A settlement procedure must be specified for all order types e) An allocation structure allows you to determine whether cost elements must be grouped together and settled using a specific cost element.

e) [ ] The ALE concept supports the implementation and operation of distributed SAP applications. b) [ ] BAPIs offer a stable. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] Business processes cannot be distributed using ALE. invoice and so on. d) [ ] The applications are integrated via the message exchange. d) [ ] It is the representation of a central business object in the real world. c) [ ] an organizational unit that provides an additional evaluation level for the purpose of segment reporting. 3. A company code is: a) [ ] an independent accounting entity (the smallest organization element for which a complete self-contained set of accounts can be drawn up). payroll. c) [ ] ERP is SAP R/3. order entry) to integrate core. d) [ ] About Business Model. including the related appplication programs and it is maintained in the Class Repository. what is true (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. such as an employee. 4. e) [ ] the highest level in the R/3 system for example. ERP can be considered as enterprise centric and e-business. 6. What can we say about ALE (Application Link Enabling. What is a SAP Business Object (Please choose the correct sentence)? a) [ ] It is all the transaction data generated via transactions. About the definition of ERP and e-business functionalities.2. according to Fiscal Year. while e-business is mySAP. ERP can be considered as an integrated system and e-business. b) [ ] The ALE concept is related to an enterprise structure with areas that have central tasks and areas with tasks that are decentralized. e) [ ] It is a sequence of dialog steps that are consistent in a business context and that belong together logically. e) [ ] A business object in the Business Object Repository (BOR) can have many methods from which one or several are implemented as BAPIs. Please select the sentences you think they are correct): a) [ ] ERP offers enterprise centric functionality (general ledger. we can say that (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. c) [ ] It is composed of tables that are related in a business context. c) [ ] The applications are integrated via a central database. as an integrated system and an open integration platform.7) we can use BAPI to create an internal order inside a customized ABAP program. internal processes. Consider the following sentences: . e) [ ] About Architecture. b) [ ] It is the instancied class of the Class Builder. About BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface). d) [ ] a dependent accounting entity. b) [ ] ERP is mySAP Financials and mySAP HR. sales order. 5. 7. d) [ ] In the R/3 Enterprise version (4. beyond company boundaries. standardized interface for integrating third-party applications and components in the Business Framework. Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. c) [ ] A BAPI is assigned to one and only one business object. ERP can have them integrated. purchase requisition. as extended and collaborative. f) [ ] About Processes. core within enterprises and collaborative. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] It is a well-defined interface providing access to processes and data of business application systems. b) [ ] an organizational unit in an enterprise that represents a closed system used for cost accounting purposes.

10. e) [ ] all of them. and the postings periods always start and end at the same day of the year.3 and 8. Which of them are true? a) [ ] 8.2. Special periods are used for postings. 8.2 and 8.4. 8.3. Exchange rate types distinguishes the exchange rates to be considered for various purposes. c) [ ] 7.2. Consider the following sentences: . 10. which is assigned to the chart of accounts. e) [ ] 8.3. e) [ ] 7. Consider the following statements about currencies concepts: 10.3. You have to define all the world's currency into R/3 system.4. In total. 7.4.1. such as valuation.3.7. b) [ ] 10. 11. d) [ ] 7.1 and 8. d) [ ] 8.3.1. Which of them is false? a) [ ] 7. according to the year. etc. Posting Periods and so on. Which of them is true (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. populate it with values and assign it to the R/3 objects.2. b) [ ] It is a variant which you can define different number of periods.3. 9.1. 16 special periods can be used. translation.2. which are related to the process of the year-end closing. This principle is used for Fiscal Years. Consider the following sentences: 8. c) [ ] It is a variant which each own fiscal year uses the same number of periods.1. c) [ ] 10. b) [ ] 7.1. What is an independent fiscal year variant (Please choose the correct sentence)? a) [ ] It is a variant which the postings periods are only equal to the months of the year. you must define the variant.2 and 8. d) [ ] none of them. c) [ ] 8. The Fiscal Year variant only defines the amount of periods and their start and finish dates.1 and 7. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] 10. For using the variant principle. 8. e) [ ] It is a variant not normally used because of its particularity. 10. A fiscal year has to be defined by means of separating business transactions into different periods.2.3. planning.4.2. The variant principle is a three-step method used in R/3 to assign special properties to one or more R/3 objects.2. The currency code identifies each currrency that will be used into R/3 system. 8. conversion. b) [ ] 8.1 and 7. d) [ ] It is a variant which allows the use of different number of posting periods. One of the disadvantages to use variants is that it can't deal with the maintenance of properties. 7. The Fiscal Year is defined as a variant. which are common among several business objects.3.1 and 8. 7.

2.1. there is no prefix to difference between direct quotation.2 and 11.2. Note: we can have more than one correct sentence.1.4.2 and 11.1. d) [ ] 12. Which of these combinations is true? a) [ ] 11. Consider the following sentences about the direct quotation: 12.1.3. What of these alternatives are considered master data (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence.2.11. Consider the following sentences about the indirect quotation: 13.3.1. What is the correct option? a) [ ] 12.3. 11. d) [ ] Customer.2. 12.2.3. e) [ ] 11. 14. 13.4. To deal with exchange rate spreads. 11. 11.3 and 11. e) [ ] 12. 12. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? . two very efficient combinations of the exchange rate tools are using a base currency for the average rate (M) and using the exchange rate spreads to calculate the buying and selling rates (B and G). d) [ ] 11. the prefix to indicate the rate is "/".4.1. b) [ ] none of them.4. 11. 11. The currency value is expressed in the local currency per unit of foreign currency.2. 13. b) [ ] 11.4.3. 11. The relations between currencies have to be maintained per exchange rate type and currency pair in the translation factors. A base currency can be used for an average. 12. c) [ ] Vendor. e) [ ] all of them. c) [ ] 12. For indirect quotation. d) [ ] none of them. c) [ ] 12. b) [ ] G/L Accounts. The currency value is expressed in units of the foreign currency per unit of local currency. 15.1. 11. 11. b) [ ] 12. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] Chart of Accounts.3 and 11.2. What is the correct option? a) [ ] all of them.1. e) [ ] Asset.3.3 and 11. It is also known as price notation. 13. A base currency can be assigned to an exchange rate type. a buying or a selling rate. For direct quotation. c) [ ] 11. It is also known as volume notation. 11. What can we define into the chart of accounts customizing transaction (OB13 transaction.1.

16.2. Consider the following sentences about field status: 18. Whenever you need to enter information for a company code for an account number. Which of the options below matches the blank spaces of those sentences? a) [ ] used/supressed for 18.4. d) [ ] not used/supressed for 18. it is necessary to indicate whether the account will be a balance sheet or a profit+loss statement account. c) [ ] Length of the company code. a) [ ] True b) [ ] False Account number and the field status group.2. Fields which are _____________ can be ____________. a) [ ] True b) [ ] False 18. d) [ ] Length of the G/L account number. the balance is carried forward to the same account.5. you have to type again the information related to chart of accounts segment. Texts can be displayed using the program "Account assignment manual"(RFSKTH00). e) [ ] used/optional for 18. Fields which have an entry that ________________ can be set to _________ only (even in change mode). a) [ ] True b) [ ] False 18. Every company code that needs to use an account from the assigned chart of accounts has to create its own company code segment.1.1. b) [ ] 16. Which of these combinations are false (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence.a) [ ] Description. must be changed/display for 18. b) [ ] Maintenance language. a) [ ] True b) [ ] False 17. 17. It contains the Company Code.4. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] 16. c) [ ] 16. 16. It is not possible to influence the appearance of an account's master data. Consider the following sentences about the chart of accounts segment: 16. e) [ ] Blocking / unblocking chart of accounts. must be changed/display for 18. b) [ ] not used/supressed for 18. In the chart of accounts segment. should not be changed /display for 18. must be changed/display for 18. True or false? 17.2. c) [ ] not used/optional for 18. d) [ ] 16. 16. Number intervals for G/L account master records can overlap.2. should not be changed/supressed for 18.2. a) [ ] True b) [ ] False 17.2. 16. 19. Consider the following sentences about field status: .2. For P+L statement accounts.3.4. Key words facilitate the search for account numbers.1.3. e) [ ] none of them.

1. you should not activate the line item display for the following accounts (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. Which of these are true (Please choose the correct sentence)? a) [ ] 20. Fields that can be entered.4. 23. Reconciliation accounts are general ledger accounts assigned to the business partner master records to record all transactions in the sub-ledger. e) [ ] 22. For accounts without line item display.1.19. Since the line item display takes up additional system resources. True or false? . c) [ ] 22. even if the account hasn't a zero balance.1 and 20. Which of the above statements are true (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. You can select both local and foreign currencies as account currency. Consider the following sentences: 20. Accounts with open item management must have line item display activated.2.3.1. d) [ ] 22.4. 22. 20. The account currency must be in the local currency.2 and 20. Consider the follwing statements: 22. 20. 22.2. optional for 19. you should only use it if there is no other way of looking at the line items.2. 22. Items in accounts with open item management means the G/L accounts should have a offsetting posting for a given business transaction. Fields which _____________ can be made ____________. optional for 19. e) [ ] must not have an entry/required for 19.1. 20. can be set to _________ entry. Please select the sentences you think they are correct): a) [ ] P+L Statement. optional for 19.2. e) [ ] 20. d) [ ] Material Stock.1. c) [ ] Revenue. You can activate or deactivate open item management everytime.3. d) [ ] 20. transaction figures are only managed for amounts translated into local currency. the most important data from the posted line items is stored in a special index table. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] 22.1 and 20. suppresed for 19. but are not required.1 and 20.4. So. c) [ ] 20. 22.2.2. c) [ ] must have an entry/optional for 19. e) [ ] Tax. d) [ ] must have an entry/required for 19. suppresed for 19.2 and 20. b) [ ] must have an entry/supressed for 19.2.1. 19. b) [ ] Reconciliation.5.3. 20. b) [ ] 22.3. Which of the options below matches the blank spaces of those sentences? a) [ ] must not have an entry/optional for 19. If the account is the local currency. When using the "Only Balances in Local Currency" indicator in the master data record.2. the account can only be posted to this currency.1. b) [ ] 20.4.

b) [ ] False. Consider the following statements: 25. 23.5. d) [ ] Sales Area.1. a) [ ] True. 23. a) [ ] True. b) [ ] False. b) [ ] False. b) [ ] Because accounts with the account currency as local currency can only be posted to this local currency. You cannot use the country chart of accounts if you desire to use the cross-company code controlling.4. b) [ ] False. a) [ ] True. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] Client. . What is the disadvantage of using the group chart of accounts (Please choose the correct sentence)? a) [ ] Because changes to existing G/L Accounts are effective as soon as they have been saved and could have extensive consequences. The usage of a financial statement version for the group chart of accounts is optional. d) [ ] all of them. The disadvantage of using country chart of accounts is the accounting clerks who may be familiar with the country chart of accounts first have to get used to using the operational chart of accounts. 24. b) [ ] 25.1 and 25. Which are the segments of the MM view of the customer account master data (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. c) [ ] Controlling Area. 25. d) [ ] Because the group chart of accounts must be assigned to each operational chart of accounts. c) [ ] 25. 25.3. b) [ ] Company Code. 27. The "Only Balances in Local Currency" indicator must not be set in reconciliation accounts for customers or vendors.1. a) [ ] True. The "Only Balances in Local Currency" indicator is usually set in balance sheet accounts that are not managed in foreign currencies and not managed on an open item basis.3.2 and 25.2. You can use a group chart of accounts for internal purposes.1 and 25. 26. 23.2. b) [ ] Company Code. e) [ ] Purchasing Organization.3. 23.23. e) [ ] Because you must enter the group account number in the chart of acounts segment of the operational account. c) [ ] Because the company codes use different operational chart of accounts. Which are the segments of the SD view of the customer account master data (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence.2. Accounts with a foreign currency as an account currency can be posted to any currency. Which of them are false (Please choose the correct sentence)? a) [ ] 25. 25. you cannot carry out crosscompany code controlling. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] Client. e) [ ] none of them. b) [ ] False.3. a) [ ] True. Reconciliation accounts are updated on a daily basis.

d) [ ] Sales Area. 29. e) [ ] Purchasing Organization.c) [ ] Controlling Area. Please verify the answers at the last page . 28. e) [ ] Purchasing Organization. d) [ ] Sales Area. d) [ ] Open Item Management. What is the segment that makes complete both customer and vendor accounts (Please choose the correct sentence)? a) [ ] Client. b) [ ] Company Code. e) [ ] Purchasing Organization. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? a) [ ] Line Item Display. c) [ ] Currency. b) [ ] Company Code. What characteristics are configured as standard for every customer/vendor account (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. c) [ ] Controlling Area.

079.4890020398 :950   %0..70.3570706:8908300/94-01:10/  ..90572.41901443.7.2:89-0/0130/   %0.439743.039072:89-0/0130/   %0.489.70.43/94382:89-01:10/ #4:.3 .

70...3-02.0-09003/897-:943.8808820398..43/.7.3349   897-:9438.990.392:89-039088902   %0-:83088.9:..9438 30./0:8389.07.3-02.70:80/0390473.943 834930..8808820398 :950   897-:943.702.01:708 ./0:8380.4:392:89-0/0130/   %05.8808820398.989..702..330/.3/.902039 8   .. 0343439490#.4770./0147-495.989.1:708 .7439070.572.8.07   897-:9438.7.3349   897-:9438.0.9890/110703.8808820398.489 0020398.0-003/0130/   ..088./0:8390473.3/.70:80/039831472.088.7439070.0.4890020398   $00..48931472..8808820398.

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