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Selling of Organs Thesis Statement: The human body is a sacred temple of the soul; therefore, such body or any

part of this body should not be exploited, ruined nor sold at any cost. I. Introduction A. The description of the selling of organs B. The history behind the selling of organs II. Pro Argument 1 + Counter Argument 1 A. Our body is our own property B. Our body is a gift given to us for us to protect and preserve III. Pro Argument 2 + Counter Argument 2 A. Donated or sold organs are aids for others to survive B. The body is exploited when organs are sold IV. Pro Argument 3 + Counter Argument 2 A. People‟s reason for selling organs is ethically moral B. The Catholic Church is against the motive of selling organs for money‟s sake V. Conclusion A. Summary B. Restatement of Thesis Statement

the Catholic Church is against the said activity since the Catholics believe that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.” 1918). we can already sell parts of it so that we can earn money easily? Of course. It is our main tool to cope with our everyday lives. According to the code of ethics. .Flesh for Sale “If you save one life. This is why this body. According to Keith H. we must respect. Does it mean that just because we „own‟ our body. Though the problem nowadays is that people don‟t intend to save others by giving their own organs. It is true that every person‟s life is as equally important as others. the answer to this question is a „no‟. On the contrary. Therefore. For years. In most cases. This is why every human being has the responsibility not only to protect his or her own body but also others as well. Hylton (2000). A way of protecting the gift of life is by helping others to survive through the act of donating one‟s organs so as to save another‟s life. the American Medical Association and other medical groups would like the laws to change and allow the selling of organs. must be treated with great care. our body is our own property. it‟s up to us to decide whether or not we‟ll take care of it. The human body is a sacred temple of the soul. instead. or any part of it. preserve and nurture our body at all cost. therefore. it‟s as though you save the world” (“The Talmud. This is why we need protect and nourish it. such body or any part of this body should not be exploited. their real motive is to gain cash and that made the selling of one‟s organs against the code of ethics. ruined nor sold at any cost. We have every right to do whatever we want with it. the liver and the kidney are the organs being donated. This body is a gift given to us. medical sectors all over the globe have been searching for as many organ donors as possible. Due to the shortage of accessible organs for transplant.

These organs help us to survive. On the contrary. Instead. he must donate them. As mentioned in the previous paragraph. “A man has the obligation to sustain his body otherwise he would be a killer of himself. 2008). 1 Corinthians 6:19. Hence. he must not sell his organ/s. the selling of one‟s organs is also considered as an act of slowly killing one‟s self." Indeed. it‟s as if he treats them as mere objects that can be transferred from one owner to another. These organs are given to us because they play a vital role in our lives. Though. "The Catholic Church would promote the fact that there is a need for organ donors and that Christians should accept this as a 'challenge to their generosity and fraternal love' so long as ethical principles are followed. the Catholic Church is in favor of the donation of organs because they believe that it is an act of love and concern towards others. Even though one will be able to help another person to survive through the selling of his or her organ/s. If he truly wants to help another person to live. As St. one will still be able to help another person to survive through the selling of his organ/s. It is the sacred temple of the Holy Spirit that‟s why our body or any part of it must be treated with great respect and it must not be damaged or abused at any extent. If one sells his or her organs. this reason is usually used as a „cover up explanation‟ for the real motive of the seller of the organ is to gain cash. As Pope John Paul II has stated. our body is a gift from God. Though. Aquinas (1274) said. he did it in a way that violates the code of ethics. This particular reason for selling one‟s organs is indeed ethically moral for the motive is to help another person. the Church is against the selling of one‟s internal organs since our life. his sold organ/s will aid another person to prolong his or her life.On the other hand. As it was stated in the Holy Bible (International Standard Version.” Thus. he will still be able to help another person survive. one can‟t deny the fact that even though one will sell his or her organ/s in exchange for cash. one must also consider the fact that the act of selling one‟s organs is an act of exploitation against one‟s body. .

” Despite the fact that one can help another to prolong his or her life if he or she will sell his or her organs. don't you? You do not belong to yourselves. Therefore. . On the other hand. it is a gift from God. Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. we must always remember that in the process of helping others to survive and to sustain their own body.“You know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you. it‟s as if he treats them as ordinary objects that can be sold at any moment when he is in short of cash. whom you have received from God. we must do everything in our extent to nurture and nourish not only our own body but also other‟s. we must not violate the code of ethics or any of the commandments of God. it is still unethical to do so. Although. If a person is really sincere in aiding another person to prolong his or her life. when a person sells his organs. For the donation of one‟s organs is an act of generosity and love. it is best to just donate his organs instead of selling them.

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