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MGMT 309

▶ Chapter 1: Managing and the Manager's Job ▶ Chapter 2: Traditional and Contemporary Issues and Challenges
this won't be heavily tested with dates/names, more just concepts

▶ Chapter 3: The Environment and Culture of Organizations ▶ Chapter 4: The Ethical and Social Environment ▶ Chapter 5: The Global Environment ▶ Chapter 6 - The Multicultural Environment ▶ Test Info ▼ Chapter 7: Basic Elements of Planning and Decision Making ▼ Decision Making • cornerstone of planning • catalyst that drives the planning process • underlies every aspect of setting goes and formulation plans ▼ Planning • setting goals in motion ▼ Environmental Context ▼ Mission • Purpose • Premises • Values • Directions ▼ Goals/Plans have a few different categories • Strategic • Tactical • Operation ▼ Organization Goals ▼ Purposes • we all have goals - GPA, graduate, etc. ▼ provide guidance & unified directions • could drive from Bryan to CS and call it a vacation • strong affect on the quality of other aspects of planning • source of motivation ▼ Kinds of ▼ By Level • Mission statments ▼ Strategic • generally long term - usually by top management ▼ Tactical • generally 1-5 years - usually by middle managers in support of
strategic goals

▼ Operational

old stander was 25 percent • getting whatever test grade you need for an A. ▼ Criteria for Effective Goals will be on test. • difference between expectation and goals ▼ Cover key result areas • Financial performance. after which you go back to your old job ▼ Board of Directors • parallel. customer satisfaction ▼ Challenging but realistic • 3M: 30 percent of sales must come from products introduced in the past four years. outside organization . etc.• generally short term . not in text ▼ Specific and Measurable • Increase profits by 2%.provide support for plans ▼ CEO • major role in implementing strategy ▼ Executive Committee • composed of top execs . but a 105 is not ▼ Defined time period • Strategic sales goal over three year horizon ▼ Linked to rewards • Pay increase. A 100 is attainable.lower level in support of tactical ▼ By Area • per division • Example provided of McDonald's goals ▼ Who Sets Goals • All managers can set goals ▼ Managing Multiple Goals ▼ Optimizing allows manager to balance and reconcile inconsistent or conflicting goals • Nike has to balance cost/marketing/etc. promotion ▼ Organizational Plans ▼ Kinds of Organizational Plans all of these are in support of the corresponding goals • Strategic • Tactical • Operational • Time Frames for Plans ▼ Responsibilities for Planning ▼ Planning Staff • making plans is your job ▼ Planning Task Force • come together for specific reason.

but sometimes formal groups. but there were actually 3 • crisis management on how to deal with contingency plans that were inaccurate • CO2 levels becoming toxic. contingencies.▼ Line Management • everybody who is a manager • responsible for executing • Ultimately everyone is responsible. and crisis management ▼ Crisis Management • procedures the organization uses in the event of a disaster or other unexpected calamity ▼ Developing & Executing Tactical Plans ▼ Developing • Recognize & understand plans/goals • specify relevant resource • recognize and identify human resource commitment ▼ Executing • evaluate each course of action ▼ Plan Types ▼ Single-use ▼ program • bigger picture (Black & Decker buying GE stuff) • each conversion of a specific product was a project ▼ project • single-use plan of less scope and complexity than a program ▼ Standing • things you anticipate doing again and again ▼ Policy • specifying the organization's general response to a designated problem or solution • only interview with a GPA of x or higher ▼ Standing operating procedure • beer brewing. probably on the test • helps manages cope with uncertainty and change ▼ Watched clip from Apollo 13 • made plans based on 2 astronauts. how to put square filter into round receptacle • saw planning. ▼ Contingency Planning & Crisis Management ▼ Contingency • idea behind is a plan in anticipation for something that might happen • Y2K is a good example she talked about Y2K for 5 minutes. follow guidelines exactly ▼ Rules and regulations • I don't need to tell you what's going to happen b/c there's a rule for it .

revision. and updating • Effective reward system .• this is the most specific of the types of standing plans ▼ Barriers to Goal Setting/Planning why would you not set goals/plans? ▼ Major • Inappropriate • Improper reward system ▼ Dynamic & complex environment • how can I establish a goal if the environment will change tomorrow? • Reluctance to establish goals • Resistance to change • Constraints ▼ Overcoming Barriers these tie back directly to the barriers • Understanding the purposes of goals/planning • Communication/participation • Consistency.