We are surrounded by an invisible world. Those with “the Seeing” can make out glowing gases churning about us, conjured by the magic of the Runewheel. When we think – or more accurately, when we feel – our emotions enrich these gases. In this world, a man might be surrounded by the churning redness of rage, his sorrow at a love lost leaching from him as grey waves. To see him reflected in this world is to gaze into “the Aetherium”: the Plane of Thought. But it is also a haunted place. When people die, they sometimes leave an echo in the Aetherium – a lost soul that roams the mists, fueled by its own negativity. Those who seek the Aetherium’s secrets must also steel themselves against its horrors. For hidden within the Aetherium is the very secret of magic itself. Here, weaved amongst the strands of thought, swirl veins of true power – the very magic that the Builder spun from the Runewheel to forge the world. By

tapping these, a wizard can bring forth fire, give life to steel, and tear down the fortresses of his enemies. But to find them, he must first know where to look…

d20 Result

Magic Strength
None: Item enhancement bonuses remain, but properties and powers cease to function. Rituals or powers with the “Arcane” keyword cannot be used. Low: Item enhancement bonuses and properties function, but you must pass a save to use item powers, rituals or powers with the “Arcane” keyword. If you fail the save, you waste the action, but do not expend the charge/power. Normal: No effect. High: Magical weapons deliver critical hits on a 19-20, and extra damage dice rolled for critical hits are all maximized. Empowered: As above, but make a save after using an item power or a power with the “Arcane” keyword. On a pass, the charge/power is not expended after use.

The magic of the Aetherium flows like weather: unpredictable and vastly complex. When the fields are strong, our wizard can easily grasp the magic: even find it empowered. But when the fields are weak, he may find himself robbed of all power. Because of this, entire scholarly disciplines exist to predict the flow of the Aetherium, typically with very little success. In game terms, the flow of the Aetherium affects those who wield magic items and those who use powers with the “Arcane” keyword. To determine how strong magic is flowing in your area today, roll a D20 after each extended rest and consult the following chart. If you’re in one of the big cities, add a +2 bonus to the roll such metropolises are crammed with Sorcery Spikes and Aetherworks that channel the magic of the Aetherium.

6-14 15-19


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