Yours is a land of sky islands held aloft by untamed sorcery, swirling above a thunderous cloudmass called Turmoil.

The biggest island is called Tabletop. In the middle of Tabletop is a towering steampunk metropolis called Torspex: your home city. A few things you should know: 1) There is one god. The Builder is the only god, though he represents all the varied “Fervours” of men’s hearts: so different domains still exist. Worshipping certain “Forbidden Fervours” is outlawed by the Church of the Builder, which views baser emotions as temptations to challenge the faithful. 2) Mankind stole magic from god. Long ago, a scholar called Ort stole the Builder’s Runewheel, and used it usher forth the wonders of the “Thaumatic Age”. When Builder sent his Inevitables to reclaim the wheel, Ort shattered it into pieces. Even now, Builder searches for a way to recover the missing shards. 3) Ruined continents float in the sky. Breaking the Runewheel shattered the world. Whole continents were swallowed by Turmoil, and centuries of lore lost forever. For a millenium the sun was blotted out by dust, and millions descended into savagery. Today, only a few scattered beacons of civilisation flicker like candles in the dark. 4) Magic works a bit like weather. The magic of the Aetherium ebbs and flows like a weather system: when the fields are strong, magic is empowered, and when they weaken, it can fade entirely. Esoteric scholarly disciplines can predict the Aetherium’s flow, but in truth, nobody really knows exactly how it works. 5) “Thaumatic power” defines civilisation. Much was lost to the Shattering, but the mages of the ancient order of the Triangle still channel the Aetherium. To live in civilisation is to live amongst grinding chainrails and flickering aether lamps. Dripsheets play out the day’s news, and automata hiss and clank through the shadows. 6) Nature is thriving – and rising up against both mankind, and god. When he made the earth, the builder imbued each plant, river and mountain with its own nature spirit. Now these spirits blame both mankind and its maker for the Shattering, and have risen up against them. In the many, wild places of the Earth, “the Creeping” rises: an alliance of primal spirits plotting against us. 7) Mages and Clerics share an uneasy peace. The Shattering made man work together to survive. Bound together under a single state - “The Union” - mages and clerics must work together to wrest their planet back from their enemies, both within and without. 8) Most sentient races were made by man. Ort’s first creations on the Runewheel were the Nim: a race of elven sorcerers, with magic bubbling through their veins (the fathers of Eladrin and Elves). During the great Thaumatic Age, Ort and his Nim made many other species: Dragons, Gnomes, Dwarves and more. However, since the Shattering, many of these races retreated into the magical realm known as “the Rebus”. 9) The Cosmology is different. Many of the Runewheel’s shards are hidden in the Rebus, a strange mazeworld created by the Nim to hide magic from the Maker. The Aetherium is a skein of magic that envelopes the world, and can only be seen by those with “the Seeing”: mages, mostly. “Rapture” is the mysterious home of the Maker.

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