The company tries to improve its sales by evaluating various suggestions made by McTiernan. a division of Krafts foods. The case discusses about evaluating the various suggestions made by the consulting firm to Marcus and finding out the best possible way of improving the company’s falling sales.Overview The case discusses about the falling revenues of Oscar Mayer foods. High nutrition value and lower price gives white meat products an edge over red meat products which are helping the former to grow. All of the managers have stated the problem appropriately and given a decent thought to the possible solutions as per their perception. Rob Goodman Advantages:  Since there has been an increase in the white meat products over the past two years. investing in the segment seems a lucrative prospect. The president of the organization Marcus McGraw received a market report of falling revenues of the company from McTiernan corp. Problem Statement The company is facing now a most critical threat of being losing its sales volume due to high fat content in its traditional red meat products like bologna. Analysis of each suggestion With reference to the above problem statement. leaving Marcus to evaluate all the options and to come out with the best possible way to improve the company’s sales according to its brand name and to achieve company’s sales target. hot dogs and bacon are under attack of being too high in fat content. In addition to this report he also receives four alternative solutions from his functional managers with all the relevant data about the same. there is a chance that this trend will continue.. hot dogs and bacon. The sales of these products are falling due to high health consciousness among its customers. is a division of Kraft Foods.  2|Page . a consulting firm which the division had relied for. Thus. a detailed analysis of each of the suggestions given by the Business Managers is done. The company’s traditional red meat products like bologna. which sends its report to company’s president Marcus. The company evaluates its sale figure by the help of a consulting firm McTiernan. Executive Summary Oscar Mayer which is into the business of processed meat.

or is a convenient solution of the same.Disadvantages:    As per the customer satisfaction survey. acquiring Turkey Time Ltd will strengthen the existing LR brand by providing expansion opportunities. Jim Longstreet Advantages:  Instead of banking on the new acquisitions. There have been a series of new competitors with similar products which are affecting the market share of the Louis Rich. This indicates that investing in such companies will not be a major risk and the money can be recovered eventually. he developed with his team members two new products. Each of the companies offers either a healthier alternative to the current product line. can provide OM/LR with the solution to their problem. Considering the current market trends. This doesn’t make them popular with the “Working Mothers” which constitute a large part in the target audience. that will put OM/LR on back foot and will incur huge losses for them. the white meat products did not taste as good as the red meat products. This move was directed towards the strengthening of the existing brand.  Disadvantages:  Although a low risk. Jim was of the opinion that more research should be done for the development of new products.  3|Page . This echoes with the current market trends and hence. Oscar Mayer has brilliantly utilized its strength to make LR a leader in its segment but the same feat might not be repeated with the new acquisition. If the product fails. Further. The “Price tag” of each company is around $ 15-25 MM and the average sales of the three together is around $10-20 MM. Jane Morely Advantages:   The company is still making profit and achieving the target so taking a risk of acquisition is not so large and it could be given a thought. On the scale of convenience. the white meat products are nowhere better than the red meat products. but there is a risk in acquiring new companies.

He also pointed that in order to compete with the competitors. He acknowledged the failure of their last campaign and analyzed the mistakes that were committed. being the head of the company. another major investment does not look lucrative. So if few products can be developed keeping this fact in mind than Oscar Mayer will be back in the business making huge profits. it is his responsibility to choose what is best for the business and the interests of their stakeholders. As we see in the McTiernan’s market survey for customer satisfaction. he cannot ignore any of them completely.  4|Page . they need to slash their prices like the others and focus more on optimum utilization of their resources. But. in order to maintain the harmony among his various managers. we recommend the following approach for the solution of our problem:  Banking on the USP of the company seems to be the best bet. So. the budget should be reconsidered. Therefore. Above all. Eric pointed out that they have been neglecting their USP and now it’s time to rethink about it. The same should be extended for Louis Rich as well. red meat products lag behind white meat products in terms of nutritional value and their pricing but are way ahead in terms of overall taste. Further. so Marcus must carefully make his decision. So. Marcus should go ahead with Eric’s suggestion.  Disadvantages:  Budget allocation as demanded by Eric is quite high and if the A&P campaign didn’t give the desirable results then it would be a big problem for the company. Disadvantages:  Marcus admitted that success rate of a new product was one in ten. Recommendation As we have analyzed every suggestion has its own advantages and disadvantages. Eric Stanger Advantages:  Oscar Mayer was a very popular brand with an aggressive Advertising & Promotion team.

4. that the products under the “Frozen Foods Channel” have failed to attract customers. This is because the combination of OM/LR brand has not merged well enough and going ahead with another acquisition will put unwanted pressure on the company. diversifying a business also helps strengthen the brand value of a company. Ans. there may develop some internal conflicts among the various departments. McGraw saw initially that the no two recommendations from his trusted managers were remotely alike. 2. Had McGraw favored only one department. Stuff ‘n Burger was also a failure. More research should be done on the same ground and a further decision should be taken. For once. This led him to confusion. This will be a bad influence for the working environment and the company. Also. we feel that Zappatites have less chances to succeed. Last but not the least. Also he should put his faith on Eric and increase the budget allocation to A&P campaign. 6. Ans. Thus he gained his confidence and prepared a suitable strategy. Jim should be given one more chance as the products he has developed looks promising. he clearly understood the problem and got a clear picture of the problem. Second best strategy seems to be putting Louis Rich on the driving seat and putting the resources to develop the brand as a part of Oscar Meyer.  With respect to the above recommendation. McGraw used a marketing mix strategy to make his decision. Now. 5|Page . Jim Longstreet came up with two new products namely. Conclusion Ans. Absent any resource constraints. 1. considering the fact that company has fared badly with its new products and the recent campaign i. we recommend McGraw should go ahead with Jim’s plan to launch new products and put more resources into R&D. Ans. there would have been many issues with the other departments. This will not only benefit the company but will also prove his leadership skills. we suggest McGraw to take a decision based on all the positive points from each of the suggestions. He took all the factors in consideration and designed his own strategy.e. To mitigate the damage. Zappatites and Lunchables. There may be ego problems too. But after reading all the memos. Further all the acquisition prospects given by Jane look promising. The least viable plan is acquiring another company.

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