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FedEx Express Transportation and Supply Chain Services (India) Private Limited (FedEx TSCS) with effect from February 22, 2011 has acquired the warehousing, transportation services and express delivery undertakings of AFL Private Limited and transportation services undertaking of its affiliate, Unifreight India Private Ltd (UFL). As a result of this acquisition AFL's 3 business divisions - AFL WiZ Express, AFL Logistics and its affiliate UFL are now with FedEx TSCS. AFL - the pioneer in Domestic Express and Integrated Logistics Solutions in Indian commerce and industry has served India and Indian businesses since 1947. FedEx TSCS is part of the worldwide FedEx Express Global Network. FedEx Express is the world's largest express transportation company, providing fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide FedEx TSCS' nationwide network covers most major cities in India. Our products and services portfolio have been designed to provide your business with unique service dimensions. We make continuous efforts to enhance and build our network in the country to ensure safe and timely delivery of all your shipments. We offer additional and tailor made customized express and logistics solutions to meet all your business requirements.

We understand the importance of logistics in your business and strive to help you achieve success through our integrated services and solutions by maintaining high quality standards.

Auto Components:
We have helped improve the Supply Chain efficiency of some of the leading suppliers to major automobile manufactures. Our successful supply chain solutions enable holding lower levels of inventory at the factory and facilitate Just-In-Time delivery of supplies through extensive vendor coordination. As a result, there is high inventory control and overall reduction in logistics cost.

Banking & Insurance:

We provide safe and time-sensitive delivery of important financial documents and instruments such as insurance policies, dividend warrants, cheque books, credit and debit cards, PIN and TIN numbers and even PAN Cards subject to written confirmation prior to pick up of such shipments. We can provide tamper-proof packaging to ensure higher security for in-transit documents.

Information Technology:
From notebooks to desktop computers and from servers to printers, we ensure that the IT products are safely delivered to different locations in India, meeting the delivery commitment made to the end consumer by the IT companies. We offer seamless warehousing and distribution solutions to leading technology giants offering their world-class products in India.

Textiles & Apparel:

From jeans to shirts and from shoes to wallets, we manage exports from multiple locations in India to various international markets, on a pre-agreed delivery schedule. We provide services ranging from systematic freight forwarding to regulatory documentation. We offer a single point of coordination for simplified, seamless movement of goods, which are supported by continuous Information flow. Our track record reveals an excellent record of delivery on schedule. Comment- Pls use different word for excellent.

From vendor coordination to distribution management, from enabling barcode labeling on a shipment to replenishment of stocks on shelves, we have been managing the entire in-take logistics of leading retail chains in India. We ensure on time delivery of products during festive season and reduced rejection rate for retail chains through a better vendor relationships management.

Pharmaceutical & Health Care:

From setting up dealer distribution networks to maintaining optimum inventories and providing control on supplies through high visibility of stocks at warehouses and in transit, we provide companies an edge in the highly competitive and offtake dependent pharmaceutical market.

SERVICE OFFERINGS DOMESTIC PRDUCTS :L-Dox: This is an intra-India door-to-door express pick up - and delivery service for all DOCUMENTS within the serviceable network, with a defined transit time, for shipments weighing up to 250 gms. D-Dox: This is an Intra India door to door express pick up and delivery service for all DOCUMENTS within the serviceable network, with a defined transit time, for shipments weighing up to 500 gms. WiZ Parcel (IXP): This is an intra-India door to door express pick up - and delivery service for NON COMMERCIAL & COMMERCIAL parcel shipments within the serviceable network with a defined transit time. WiZ Surface (SPX): This is an Intra- India door to door express pick up - and delivery service for NON COMMERCIAL & COMMERCIAL parcel shipments

through surface movement within the serviceable network with a defined transit time. Our wide network reach and penetration helps us deliver your shipments to 5000+ locations spread across more than 140 Indian cities. The delivery time will be as per the transit time schedule available.

VALUE ADDED SERVICE ;AFL WiZ Express offers specific solutions with focus on specific industry segments such as Home Commerce, Reverse logistics, Fashion and Lifestyle, Banking & Financial Services etc which involves Cash on Delivery (COD), delivery of Letters of Credit against cash collection from consignee, securitized deliveries of financial shipments, time definite deliveries of temperature controlled shipments, Reverse Logistics across segments etc. We seek to constantly innovate and develop new trends to provide our patrons with the most convenient and wide ranging value added services. Home Commerce:

The Home and Ecommerce solutions form an important element of our value added services. Our Cash on Delivery (COD) service offering ensures efficient management of timely delivery of shipments and quick remittance of cash to the shipper. Our advanced and integrated software and professional manpower work towards ensuring seamless progression of transactions.

Service features:

Quick and trouble free cash collection and remittance to enhance your business means and investments End-to-End visibility of shipment/cash flow Return shipment management: Low Returns which are designed to improve sales and reduce shipping costs and estimates. Dedicated Operations & Commercial servicing teams, to ensure that your business requirements are met and orders fulfilled. Customized MIS (Management Information System) reports Cutting edge IT enabled Cash Management Remittance Process Customer Automation Software Integrated Order Processing and Air Waybill printing at customer site Innovative Pricing Model Reverse Logistics:

We specialize in reshipping and delivering consignments back to their owners on purchase problems. We assist in moving shipments back from customer to owners or distribution/repair centers for repair, servicing or credit matters. Our logistical experience and added technological support of MIS/Computer Automation ensure that you can track the movement of the shipments at all times. Securitized Deliveries of Financial shipments:

Our professional standards and credibility have been leading contributors to the BFSI segment. We have an exclusive operations team dealing with shipping of credit cards, debit cards, ATM Pins, passwords, Dividend Warrants (subject to written confirmation prior to pick up of such shipments) and Annual reports for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Sector. Each shipment is monitored with cameras, scanning equipment and protected with lockers and safety cages. We also have automated proactive Track n Trace facility and exclusive key accounts manager for securitized products. You can keep tabs of the delivery status via auto generated emails and web login.

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DHL is Part of the World's Leading Logistics Group, Deutsche Post DHL DHL offers integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information.

DHL: Four Divisions One Brand One Provider All Your Solutions DHL comprises four divisions. These segments operate under the control of their own divisional headquarters. The Group management functions are performed by the Corporate Center. We have centralized the internal services which support the entire Group, including Finance Operations, IT and Procurement. This consolidation enables us to increase the flexibility of our business, improve service quality and leverage economies of scale and cost benefits.

Every industry has its own particular characteristics and supply chain needs, which is why our sector management approach is to work with customers to optimize the value proposition for their industrys distinctive requirements. Built around expert teams of dedicated professionals who fully understand your business in-depth, our industry sector approach is designed to deploy the broad know-how and geographic reach of all Deutsche Post DHL divisions to provide simplified and sustainable solutions that are right for your particular industry. This includes dedicated infrastructure and competence centers to provide the specialized expertise your sector requires. While we harness the broad expertise and geographic reach of all DHL divisions to provide customers of all industries with a simplified approach and sustainable solutions, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Energy, and Technology have been singled out as core strategic industries under our sector management approach. Overview Technology Life Sciences & Healthcare Energy Our Core Industry Sectors With the current focus on the Life Sciences & Healthcare, Energy, and Technology sectors, we work with customers to optimize the value

proposition for their specific industry, and stay ahead of their evolving requirements.

Technology An even more fine-tuned sub-sector approach is necessary to address the supply chain requirements of the Technology industrys distinct product categories, which is why DHL breaks the industry down into eight sub-sectors with targeted strategies for each.

Life Sciences & Healthcare As the leading logistics provider to the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector, DHL recognizes that there is no margin for error when it comes to serving an industry on which peoples lives depend. Our experts understand the industry and act as advisors to our customers.

Energy The Energy industry needs capable logistics partners with global reach, sector expertise, and the ability to deliver to expectations. This is why DHLs cross-divisional energy sector proposition, combined

with its extensive network, capabilities and experience, is a perfect fit for the industrys needs.

Domestic Services Global Mail offers proven services through a global network built on local strengths. In addition we now offer local mail services in the US and some key European markets. United Kingdom

DHL Global Mail UK offers cost effective fulfillment and domestic distribution services for sorted and unsorted mail, publications and packages. DHL Global Mail UKwebsite Spain

With Unipost, our Spanish cooperation, on your side, you are sure to receive fast, reliable and flexible service-and it is more affordable than the national postal service. With more than 30 years of experience, top quality and a flexible and dependable service, Unipost has become Spains largest private postal company. Benefit from the

companys coverage, which includes the whole Spanish territory. ContactGlobal Mail in Spain USA

In the USA we provide wide variety delivery services for flat mail, catalogs and parcel packages. Furthermore we offer domestic innovative mail processing and fulfillment programs as well as catalog fulfillment. Global Mail USA

DHL Express's global headquarters are part of the Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn. Headquarters for the Americas are located in Plantation, Florida, USA, while its Asia-Pacific and Emerging Markets headquarters are located in Singapore. The European hub is in Leipzig. Most of DHL Express' business is incorporated as DHL International GmbH. Major competitors include FedEx, UPS, TNT and national post carriers such as United States Postal Service and Royal Mail. However, DHL has a minor partnership with the USPS, which allows DHL to deliver small packages to the recipient through the USPS network. It is also the sole provider for transferring USPS mail in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan. DHL offers worldwide services, including deliveries to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Burma. As it is German-owned, DHL is not affected by U.S. embargoes or sanctions and will ship to Cuba. Iran and North Korea.However there are strict codes for delivering to North Korea, as the country has shaky relations with the West. As DHL is not a US company, it is not allowed to make domestic flights between U.S. airports. DHL contracts these services to other providers.

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We are South Asia's premier courier, and integrated express package Distribution Company. We have the most extensive domestic network covering over 27,050 locations, and service more than 220 countries and territories worldwide through our group company DHL, the premier global brand name in express distribution services. Our vision is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilities focused on the individual customer. In pursuit of sustainable leadership in quality services, we have evolved an infrastructure unique in the country today: State-of-the-art Technology, indigenously developed, for Track and Trace, MIS, ERP, Customer Service, Space Control and Reservations. Blue Dart Aviation, dedicated capacity to support our time-definite morning deliveries through night freighter flight operations. A countrywide Surface network to complement our air

services. Warehouses at 63 locations across the country as well as bonded warehouses at the 7 major metros of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. ISO 9001 - 2008 countrywide certification by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for our entire operations, products and services. Ecommerce B2B and B2C initiatives including partnering with some of the prime portals in the country. Our Competitive Advantage lies in: Our vast and unparalleled Domestic Network Linked by some of the most advanced communications systems and positioned to offer a consistent, premium, standardized quality of service. A spectrum of services to provide customized solutions. We are the only express carrier in the country today which offers an entire range of services that extend from a document to a charter-load of shipments. Our services are relentlessly monitored to deliver a net service level of 99.96%. Our Customs and Regulatory expertise We have a dedicated team of specialists who provide the expertise for customs as well as regulatory clearances at all States within the country, to support seamless service to the customer. Our Technology Designed to enhance the reliability of our operations and process efficiency, and add value to the customer through time and cost savings.

Our Air Network The only one of its kind in the country today, that is focused on carriage of packages as its prime business, rather than as a by-product of a passenger airline. A dedicated aviation system to support Blue Dart's services is self-sustaining, with its own bonded warehouses, ground handling and maintenance capability. Our financial credibility Fitch Ratings India Pvt. Ltd. has assigned the highest "F1+(ind)" [F one plus (ind)] rating for our short term debt programme of Rs. 30 crores. Further, ICRA Ltd. has also assigned the highest "A1+" (pronounced A one plus) Rating for our Commerical Paper Programme of Rs. 25 crores. Our People force Committed, diverse and over 7,556 strong are our most valued asset. All our achievements have been possible because we have a team who believes in themselves and their company, a team with a winning attitude. We are a learning organization, we value self-development, and most of our managers are homegrown. Our Sustainability Initiatives Social Responsibility is a core element in our corporate strategy. We as a socially responsible corporate have undertaken numerous steps to give back to communities, in whatever way we can. Our commitment towards community causes has been unwavering since our inception in 1983. We as a socially responsible corporate has an in-house Sustainability Team responsible for identifying and addressing various sustainability issues and supporting initiatives that make the world a better place for future generations. As part of

the DHL Group & in line with its CSR platform, our major focus areas have been: - Go Teach (Education) - Go Green (Environment) - Go Help (Disaster Management Response)

E-commerce Initiatives E-vision To enable global connectivity to Blue Dart's present and future interactive technology strengths, for value added solutions. To facilitate seamless integrated transportation, distribution and supply chain management, from, to and within the region, thereby increasing value to our customers and shareholders. As a technology leader in the business of supply-chain management in the country, Blue Dart Express Limited recognised the far-reaching scope of the internet in 1996, and has been exploring web-based solutions to extend the range of services available to its customers and integrate them into its core products. It has evolved an e-strategy. This e-strategy encompasses E-Solutions to deliver additional process efficiencies to business by allowing them access to Blue Dart's e-shipping tools and integration with its e-business tools. An individual solution is available for each business, big or small, transacting off the internet or on the internet, and ranging from a stand-alone to a fully integrated one

The basic tracking solution will enable Blue Dart's customers to track their shipments, through single or multiple waybills, on-line. Customers can check the status of their shipments using a waybill number or a reference number. A mail-based solution will allow the customers to query status of their shipments using e-mail. Registered customers of Blue Dart can make advanced queries on the status of their shipments, and can keep track of them for up to 45 days on-line. They can filter their queries by date range, origin, destination and service, and sort the results on-line. Registered customers can download the entire waybill tracking data - schedule the download, and select the frequency and the data to be downloaded. These customers can also generate and download various reports customised to meet their individual needs. Ecommerce Initiatives: Case Study #11.

E-Shipping Tools These tools are convenient aids to support your shipping management processes: Web Based Tools TrackDartTM MailDartTM Location Finder Transit Time Finder Price Finder Billing Schedule a pickup Waybill Generation ImageDart

Stand-alone Tools COSMAT IITM SMARTTM CARESSTM SHIELDTM SHIPDARTTM E-Business Tools These tools may be efficiently integrated with your systems to provide you with a convenient and cost-effective solution to your shipping requirements. Blue Dart has been the only Indian Air Express Company that has invested extensively in Technology infrastructure to creat differentiated delivery capabilities, quality services and customised solutions for the customer. Some of the technology-based business offerings are as follows : InternetDartTM ShopTrackTM PackTrackTM MobileDartTM

Domestic Priority 1030 A guaranteed door-to-door time-definite delivery of shipments by air the next possible business day by 10:30 hours, targeted at time-critical business-to-business

needs. This service comes with a money back guarantee. Click here for more information. Domestic Priority 1200 A guaranteed door-to-door time definite delivery of shipments by air the next possible business day by 12:00 hours, targeted at time-critical business-to-business needs. This service comes with a money back guarantee.Click here for more information. Domestic Priority The fastest, most reliable, door-todoor day-definite delivery service across India for documents and small shipments under 32 kgs per package. The special benefits of this service are:

Delivery to over 15,398 locations in India Click on Location Finder to search for the delivery locations you require, or Contact Blue Dart. Free pick-up from your location Contact Blue Dart to organize a pick-up. Real-time Tracking through the net, providing you with information on your shipments from pick-up to delivery. You may also Contact Blue Dart for information on the status of your consignments. Regulatory Clearances for all States in India taken care of by our team of specialists, to resolve your regulatory requirements. Check Regulatory to confirm details of the paperwork required to clear your shipments, or Contact Blue Dart. Free Computerized Proof of Delivery

On demand, confirming the date and time of delivery as well as the name of the person receiving the consignment. You may use Tracking for viewing your Proof of Delivery, orContact Blue Dart. Domestic Priority provides a 'Next Day' delivery service to most locations in India. Click on Transit Time Finder for more information. Price Finder will provide you with the applicable tariff. International Services Blue Dart offers DHL Express Worldwide ( DOC ), DHL Express Worldwide ( NON DOC ), Express Easy Box 8 and Express Easy Box 6, a one-stop shipping process for reliable, time-definite, door to door delivery of international documents and packages. The service offers access to 220 countries and territories worldwide and the extensive, quality network of Blue Dart and DHL.