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TORTURE INC TORTURE UNIVERSITY PRELUDE this morning i passed out portland wikileaks defense network invites at #occupyportland writing from holocaust studies class broadcast at maryeng1 bambuser.com "nazi war crimes" we are speaking of torture and declassified nazi documents i went to student legal after the university president's office chased me out with threat of detention. i was there to protest the use of waterboarding in guantanamo and the fundraiser with torture advocate condoleeza rice. the president is conveniently out of town upon reading more about condoleeza rice's torture perjury and authorization, i feel even more sad about PSU. i walked out of international law class when waterboarding advocate CARR walked in to substitute. he had ridiculed my anti-torture protest at the PSu president's office. he said "only waterboarding---that's not enough---we should bring back the rack" his name is carr. imagine when he has spoken in favor of torture how ludicrous it would be for him to teach my international law class. he has no respect from me, because he endorses racist torture methods and the complete mockery of the concept of human rights. i made a public announcement against his torture advocacy. he is in the political science department at portland state university. he began the class with a time wasting anecdote. not only a supporter of torture, but a teacher unworthy the time waste.

after making this film at the president's office and fleeing detention by whomever was called i spent the rest of the time at the student legal support where i was lucky enough to speak to a lewis and clark law student about ethics in academia and american torture and human rights violations and the potential infringement of my free speech posed by Wim Wievel's assistant Amy Ross who might seek to have me incarcerated. i asked if i would be tasered like the student at UCLA. she said no. i asked if she was calling securtity, she said no. who are you calling???? BRIBES FOR BOMBS: SWEDISH WEAPONS INDUSTRY AGAINST ASSANGE occupy stockholm open information for assange defense this morning on the bus into school i planned to write an article about my research in sweden regarding assange. i was disturbed at seeing my name cycled into a swedish propaganda blog here: http://ligator.wordpress.com/category/wikileaks-2/ last February the group vaken forwarded me the document in swedish of the assange reports. as i understood that these documents are considered open records in sweden, and as i understood their complete translation and assessment would help assange's defense, i published them on scribd under maryeng1. assange legal docs swedish Forsvarsadvokaterna what i find interesting is that the anti-racist magazine provided a link in their assessment of assange's work with israel shamir. i disagree with shamir and wahlstrom on their anti-historical semantic problems with holocaust. i told david house i felt assange working with shamir was a huge mistake. i am the only person i know who hold s the belief that shamir was set up specifically to smear assange. that shamir set assange up with son wahlstrom who conveniently led assange to stay with anna ardin. this is infomation i have gathered reading numerous blogs and writing and speaking with expo writers, shamir, swedish and british scholars of the affair. i am more concerned that ASSANGE'S lawyers have prevented him from giving voice to this suspicion. why was walhstrom the person responsible for Assange's coushsurfing with anna ardin. why did this provide such an easy media assassination point with the guardian and expo and the propaganda rags of sweden????? what kind of bribe did israel shamir get from expo or karl rove's prime pr or united minds to set assange up for another hit???? there must be attention to the SEC gift to the WALLENBERG WAR INDUSTRY of the NASDAQ OMX, second largest stock exchange in NYC to reward the SWEDISH WEAPONS INDUSTRY

for their tireles dedication to deportation, torture, and mafiastate extradition on behalf of the USA CIA. thanks to eric holder protector of the BUSH6 torture lawyers the EXPO mag ran a very unresearched and cursory article about assange's work with israel shamir. upon deep research i found shamir's work to be both scholarly, well written, and suspicious. i did not want to get involved with someone who might be remotely considered a holocaust denier. israel's problems with the holocaust are semantic, and philosophical, and arising from his upbringing in the jewish community. i do not agree with his common themes. julian assange is no NAZI. this radical preposterous jump the EXPO mag made in saying bc assange used shamir to deliver cables to russia, Assange is therefore a NAZI is utterly ridiculous. the most important thing about counterpropaganda and disinformation campaigns is that the more ludicrous the claim the more likely it will work. as assange comes close to finding his fate with sweden's weapons industry Extradition Alliance with the CIA Torture camps, he can only fear. as sweden's state propaganda is so controlled and sorrowfully inadequate to the modern HUMAN IQ, it is unfortunate that the Expo writer tried to use the swedish criminal law document i scanned to support unreasonable claims about Nazi-ism. as the high rate of neonazis, masons, and weapons profiteers in sweden pollute the marketplace of ideas, it is too easy for them to choose but another method to attack assange. what sweden doesn't know yet, though, is that not only is assange a nice guy and not a racist, he has protection from a very large swath of the intelligence community in the USGVT, members of the state department and the CIA who support his radical methods. the discussion of assange's broken condem for sixteen hours by british judges is only as ridiculous as the ridiculousness of the swedish judiciary's failure to skype or communicate with england. incommunicado detention in sweden as pre-emptive pre-habeas corpus anti-magna carta torture, may not be necessary. the failure of sweden to break up the faceboook nepotism and cronyism infecting the CIA elite of the Social Democrats Bribe recipients via the ROVE bodtrom torture program, as it might effect the concealment of evidence in the text messages kept from british counsel, well poor rove his plot is so riddled with holes its the opposite of a watertight case so calling assange a nazi is just a precautionary measure to protect weapons giants of sweden who love arming israel and palestine and

keeping volvo trucks, saab grenades, and ericsson radar rolling in money for the swedish war state which has received such an assault from wikileaks methods and collateral murder stylings that we can be sure, the only answer is for the USGVT to hire Assange as an analyst, as with 20 years experience inside the pentagon, he no doubt knows much more about the USGVT than many inside the USGVT. and if they don't kill him, or lobotomize him through force feeding him heavy psychotropics, or injecting him during a mafia state deportation legal arguments last february Outline of Arguments for Assange here is a kopimi http://ligator.wordpress.com/category/wikileaks-2/

Israel Shamir + Julian Assange = sant?
mars 4, 2011 — Jerlerup Har läst två artiklar nu på morgonen som jag måste dela med mig. Jag känner mig mer och mer osäker på Julian Assange. Att han nu börjar babbla om judiska konspirationer känns inte bra alls… Läs dagens Expressen om Julian Assanges prat om judiska konspirationer och hans samarbete med Israel Shamir. Som sagt. Hade folk vetat mer om Shamir hade stödet för Assange varit näst intill noll. Hade Assange samarbetat med Ahmed Rami hade nog få lyssnat på honom. Samarbetet med Shamir är av samma kaliber. Läs dessutom Cornucopias artikel om videon ”Collateral murder”. Artikeln är ett år gammal, men jag missade den då den kom. Den visar hur Wikileaks, genom att inte publicera HELA videon med helikopterskyttarna som sköt mot bland annat barn i Irak, faktiskt vinklar berättelsen. Att Wikileaks genom urval av material de publicerar faktiskt vinklar berättelser är MYCKET besvärande och inte bra alls… Jonathan Rieder Lundkvist skriver också om denna Cornucopiavideo idag. Att han DESSUTOM inte kan hålla snoppen i styr känns inte bra heller. Det finns beteenden som man faktiskt kan peka ut som tölpaktiga även om de kanske inte ska straffas genom lagen. Efter att ha läst förundersökningen åtestråd et att se om han är skyldig eller inte… men det är hur som helst ingen positiv bild man får av Assange. En man som har huvudet mellan benen, typ… Här är lite dokument som rör Assangefallet: Förhörsprotokollen: http://info.publicintelligence.net/AssangeSexAllegations.pdf Dokument från rättegången i måndags: http://www.scribd.com/maryeng1 Postat i Antisemitism, internet, Wikileaks. 6 Kommentarer »

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