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Kunal Patel AP Government and Politics Mr.

Wexler September 7, 2011 Political Typology Paper The Pew Research Centers poll on political typology creates a useful way of assessing the political ideas of many every day Americans. They do this by dividing the once two major parties of Democrats and Republicans and turning them into 9 new groups. These nine parties are further divided biased on four key categories that reflect 4 major principles. The four categories reflect each persons party line. The Staunch Conservatives and the comparatively moderate Main Street Republicans are two sub-sections that have moderate views on key issues such as Afghanistan (troop removal) as well as the energy policy of the country but still lean towards the far right. While towards of the middle of the political system is made of Mostly Independentswhich can be broken down to the Libertarians (republican orientated) who are more lenient on key social issues than the Disaffecteds, and Conservatives who are characterized by their tendency to lean towards the republican viewpoints other than how the government aids the poor. Another important characteristic of the parties as these two have general finically unstable members. The Mostly Democrat consists of the Post-Moderns who are known by their comparatively views on most issues as well as the youth of the group. While the left side of the political spectrum is made up of three parties which are the New Coalition Democrats, HardPressed Democrats, and the Solid Liberals. The New Coalition Democrats are known for their diversity in the group because they equally represent Hispanics, Whites, and Blacks. The Hard Pressed Democrats are biased upon the conservative group in the Mostly Democrats sub-

section. The radicals of the group are the Solid Liberals, which consists of people that take the extremely liberal views on all issues. The final group is the Bystanders this group consists of people who do no vote or take an active role in paying attention of Americas Political Field. These are the four main parts categories which determine which of the 9 sub-groups the American people belong in. The Pew Report effectively organizes the American people biased on personal views of important issues than by partys opinion. The Pew Report uses the sub groups to show the changes of how out political process works. By using this new typology the Pew Report has brought up several new and interesting points about Americans and their ideas. They have found the ever since the latter half of the Bush (George W. Bush) Presidency to even the Obama Presidency the polarization of the American political spectrum has significantly increased. While the center of the spectrum has become more and more diversified. The Pew Report also talks more about how independents tend to lean either Democrat or Republican because of their divided beliefs and ideologies. The independents are not bound to the same ideals of the main polarized opposite of Main Street Republicans to Hard Pressed Democrats. Having examined and read the Pew Report, I am a Post-Modern because of my fundamental beliefs in energy independence, separation of Church and State, and Liberty for all. Figuring that I was a Post-Modern on the Pew Center Political Typologys quiz did not come as a shock to me. I feel that the Post-Modern subsections take my political idea to an almost perfect match. I believe the Post-Moderns ideas on the safety-net, environment protection, the action of the government on the economy, social issues, and favor the use of diplomacy rather than force are mine as well. I am a strong believer that almost all racial discrimination has been taken care of and that there is no more racial inequality. I also believe

that there isnt going to any racial injustice in the future as well. In terms of the environment protection I believe the if we want to continue to prosper as a nation and as a human race that we must protect our home and continue to find new and efficient resources to use other than those of fossil fuels. I am a strong believer that the role of the government has helped us out of a depression and if they did follow a Laissez-faire approach that we would have been in a second depression and would still be in it. On personal issues such as gay marriage I agree to be very liberal, I believer everyone has to right to be happy who are we to stop to men, and to women who want to be together to say no. The only thing I dont agree with the Post-Modern subgroup is religion. I was a brought up in a strong religious family and I have found that it has been a major factor in my decision making. I believe religion is important but should never mix with state, thus Im a firm believer of separation of Church and State. Another major difference is that I am not in the exact demographic though I do fall into most of the categories. I am under 30, but I am not white, I do live I in the northeast, and use social networking, as for The Daily Show I do not watch that. All in all I have found the description of the Post-Modern to be my own. Like Post-Moderns I have varied stances on important issues right now in America. Like I have said previously Im a strong believer in gay marriage, government being involved in the economy, and being very strong believer of separation of church and state. In terms of the great recession I have the view that anyone can survive if they learn how to save and be wise with their money. I strongly believe that if you work hard and stay focused you can achieve anything. I think I get this from my parents, who were both immigrants from India without any English, were able to overcome adversity and were able to prosper. I have the same for the American Dream as well that if anyone was willing to put in the work that they will be rewarded. I also believe with the Post-Moderns who are in an agreement that the growing number of newcomers

from other countries strengthens the American Society. In terms of reading I often read articles from The New York Times, and the Star Ledger. In terms of T.V. I watch CNN and Fox News. I have found that I am again in agreement with the Post-Moderns who also watch T.V. via CNN and Fox News. In terms of newspapers I also have found that I read the same newspapers as my Post-Modern comparisons. I also follow the Social Networking; I have active accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. One of the most opposite typology groups I find the Staunch Conservatives hold views to be polarized from mine, their beliefs on gay rights, and environmental protection, as well as diplomacy as complete disagreement from mine. In Pew Report one of the quiz questions contained Was Religion Important part of my life or Religion is not that important to me. I have found this issue to hit very close to home. I am a strong believer of Religion has a very important aspect of life. Growing up to a very religious family following strict vegetarian diets, with numerous holidays one must follow. I grew up attending temple on a weekly basis for about a good 12 years. Which taught from right and wrong and belief I still keep strong with me on a daily basis. I thank religion in a way for pointing me into the right direction sort of speak. Religion gave me structure and foundation. Even if you're not religious, you wouldn't be here without it. You wouldn't have any of the laws, morals, constructs or principles that we all, to an extent, live by each and every day. Therefore I know religion will always be with me help me with lifes tough choices every day. Surprisingly Post-Moderns and I share the same values those that are strong in my book are strong in their books as well. For example I am in favor for the laws and regulation in order to keep the environment safe. I believe that todays population is increasing and everyday people are destroying the environment. Scientist predict that within the next 50 years or so, global warming will cause the earth to increase in temperature which will in turn cause the earth to have

to experience more hurricanes, droughts and floods and many more climate changes. All of this though, could be avoided if we simply reduce the amount of air pollution, reuse and recycle everyday products in order to keep our environment clean. In order to save the country and the people we must save the earth. Another defining value is favoring the use of diplomacy rather than military force to ensure peace. I believe it is extremely important. Cultural exchanges and understanding at the level of the citizenry are the only things that will build toward longstanding peace between nations. Furthermore, much of the conflict between nations is built upon lies and/or misrepresentations of the other nation's culture and values. Breaking down these barriers allows for more effective intervention when conflicts inevitably do arise. Finally I also agree with the Post-Modern position on immigration and how they benefit America rather than being harm are very similar to mine. Being born from immigrants I feel they have lots to bring to America not only labor but new ideas that make America so great. By having immigrants we increase our awareness around the world as well as bringing cultures together. America was built on the idea that it was a place to freely practice religion; this was way before America was even formed. Still through the test of time America is still known as the country that is free, where you still can freely follow whatever and whoever you want. I believe with this in mind America should welcome new cultures and religions in America. Besides from adding to the cultural perspective I find that immigrants have played key roles in America. Some of the worlds top doctors, scholars, novelists, and businessmen were all immigrated. These immigrants have greatly impacted the lives of millions and that was all due to the ability for them to start fresh in America. Defining values of the Post-Modern are very similar to mine.

I strongly believe that the people you love with and the people you call your friends strongly influence your decision in everyday task as well as those big decisions. The way you

handle those decisions are how you are defined. Therefore one can say by the people around you, you shape yourself. Having many family member fight in the Indian army as well as losing a few to war has shown not only my family but me how affecting a war can be. It showed me and my family that was should only be used as a last cause, anything and everything should be done to repair the situation before one declares war. This has caused me to turn to the power of my words rather than actions. As one of my favorite quotes is the pen is mightier than the sword. Edward Lytton was correct in saying this thus making me a firm believer of diplomatic outreaches rather than war. Growing up and visiting in India showed me why keeping the country so clean is very important to the nation. India has been ranked 123rd in pollution control reflecting the strain rapid economic growth on the environment, according to the 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI).The EPI has ranked countries on different parameters varying from Environment Health, Air Pollution, Water Pollution etc. (India)1. People die every day due to the pollution which has caused me to believe that in order for people to leave clean healthy lives one must take care of the environment. Being the son of immigrant parents have shown me the realization that if were able to come to America and prosper who we to say to others are not allowed in this country. This connection sort of speak has caused me to realize that anyone should be able to come to America if they are willing to work.

As I have mentioned before personal experiences have shaped me into the man I am. This includes the beliefs I keep. My urge for diplomacy was founded by the many men and women who have lost their lives saving this great country. As well as those from my family that have helped liberate India when the country was still a commonwealth of England. Due to this I have

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Pacifistic approach on all argumentative situations. The trips and memories of India along with seeing what happens if you live in polluted places caused me to have a altruism approach and that if we dont fix it, this pollution will stay forever. Therefore I seem to think via altruism that if we protect it now that it will be there for future generations. My affection for people and the linking of how I was son of immigrant allows me to have a liberalistic towards immigration.

My pacifistic reproach to any situation is because of family experiences. National Hero of India Mahatma Gandhi, a philosopher of peace through non-violence, stated I object to violence because when it appears to do well, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent. (Gandhi Quotes)2. As wells as Dr. Martin Luther King Junior At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love. (King Junior Quotes).3 People like these have shown the violence is not the answer. My views of liberalism come from growing up with immigrant parents. I believe that anyone should have the opportunity to succeed like my parents and many of my relatives. Franklin D. Roosevelt President of the United States (from March 4, 1933 April 12, 1945) said this about immigration, Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists. (Quotes)4" This quote shows my very liberal approach on how immigration is we all were descended from immigrants and we should continue to let them into this country just like they let our ancestors many generations before. One of the strongest feelings for the post-modern subgroup is that of the same sec marriage. In the pew report in the post-modern subgroup 91% supported the consummation of a
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man and a man or a woman and a woman. Therefor one of the major things that I would change in the constitution was to add an amendment that legally allowed gay marriage and give them the same benefits as a regular man and wife marriage. I feel this would cause the nation to our ideology because we, as post-moderns feel that is a very important aspect. This would cause more of the radical side to come down into the middle of the political spectrum which would help all of America. I still consider myself young and growing up. I still feel that I still need to learn and experience a lot more. Therefore I cannot honestly say that these will be my final political values and beliefs. Though one thing that I am sure is that I have a very solid base for which my future beliefs will grow upon. I believe that once I am older and more experienced and wise I will have a better understanding of the nation and how it works. For right now though I am very happy with my postmodern view of my nations key issues.

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