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1. Introduction, Business Philosophy & Value

Contributing Function Lines

2. Introduction to Function Line - Client

Services - Training Consulting and
02 - 04
Training & OD - our UBP, and the
Standard Training Process

3. Our Growth Partners 05

4. Introduction to the Value Contributing Team 06 - 09

5. Endorsement of our UBP - some


6. Our Configuration - contact details 11

We live in a time of great change, a time of new beginnings. We also live in a time when many
things are coming to an end. Changing market paradigms have altered business practices!
Yesterday’s success does not guarantee today’s…and today’s success does not guarantee
Today’s global paradox is “the study of the smallest economic player merging with the study
of how the big bang global economy works” [to quote John Naisbitt, world renowned author of
“Mega Trends” and “The Global Paradox”].
In other words, as the global economy becomes larger, the smallest economic players
become even smaller!!
It is this global trend that we at LILACS - ABADI have been a proud part of…for the last 14 years.
LILACS - ABADI is an entrepreneurial, boutique consulting firm in existence since 1991 with a
cumulative experience of more than 100 man-years.

Business Philosophy:
Our business philosophy is of initiating and nurturing a WIN - WIN relationship with our clients,
our service partners, our community and the environment around us. We believe in helping them
nurture a WIN - WIN relationship with theirs. In this direction we have donned the role of a Value
Adder through identifying value-contributing opportunities and delivering value - constantly and

In line with the belief that the only thing constant in life is CHANGE, we have also donned the
role of a Change Agent…a Change Catalyst, with a specific focus on the way business is
conducted. We initiate our clients discover how business can be conducted better and help them
in implementing their discovery.

Value Contributing Function Lines:

As a Value Adder and a Change Agent we contribute value through:

 Acting as Links and Liaisons

 Generating Ideas

 Providing Client Services & [Creative Solutions]

We are known for what we do…named after what we do - “ABADI” [Growth & Development …
Prosperity & Progress] - through the Function Lines “L…I…L…A…C…S”.


Have You Changed The World Today?
Function Line - Client Services:
The Client Services Function Line delivers value through:

Training Consulting and Training & OD

HR Consulting, Career Counseling and Planning
Marketing and Business Consulting

Technology is changing at a dizzyingly fast pace. Competition - both numbers and the intensity
-is increasing. Customers have become more informed and aware. They ask…nay…demand
better service…more value for their money every day!

Focus on the 3 M’s - money, machinery and materials, is passé. In today’s ever changing
scenario, an organization’s 4th M - the Manpower…the Employees assume greater significance
than ever before. How well an organization copes with the change and succeeds depends on:
a. how aligned its Manpower is to the organization’s vision, mission and goals & objectives and
b. how well its Customers are served and managed

We believe it is this 4th M - the Manpower that needs to be focused on…their skills and attitudes
to be developed and / or reinforced. We believe that the Manpower is the primary business
driver… in any business…not the money…not the machinery…not the materials.

The Manpower is not liabilities as some would like us all to believe by calling them “Human
Capital”. They are Assets, and LILACS - ABADI is proud to term them as the “Living Assets”.
Paid advertising may create a brand [and make a 'brand promise'] is your “Living Assets”,
your manpower who build / reinforce the "brand equity" through:
1. Acquiring the right kind of business [at the right price] and
2. Delivering the product/service to exceed the 'brand promise' or consumer expectations
For this, they need to be up-skilled [+ empowered]

Tangible and intangible assets - money, machinery, raw materials and finished goods inventory,
software, copyrights and patents, technical know how - all depreciate over time. Living Assets,
like other assets, are no exception, and need to be upgraded…constantly and consistently.

We deliver value to our clients through helping them upgrade their “Living Assets” through:

Training Consulting and Training & OD

HR Consulting, Career Counseling and Planning

Have You Changed The World Today?
Training Consulting and Training & OD:
In Training Consulting we address the following:
 Help develop training function’s vision, mission, goals & objectives
 Install Training - Structure, Systems and Processes and “Living Assets”
 Design & Develop appropriate Workshop / Program / OD initiatives, and Conceptualize &
Customise Workshop / Program / OD Content
 Conduct HIT Workshops / Programs / OD initiatives
 Evaluate and recommend appropriate E-Learning Initiatives and
 Evaluate and recommend installation of suitable Physical Infrastructure for enhanced
Training Delivery

In Training & OD, our Core Competences are:

HIT Workshop / Program that addresses business-related training needs:

a. Business Development Skills c. Business management skills
i. Basic BD and Advanced BD skills d. Salesforce management skills
ii. Consultative BD or “ECB” skills e. Negotiation skills - Sales and general
f. Successful Large Account Management
b. Selling Skills skills
i. Strategic selling g. Presentation skills - Basic and
ii. Showroom selling
h. Visual Merchandizing skills
iii. Institutional selling
i. Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial
iv. Telephonic selling
j. Strategic Business Planning
k. Customer Orientation and Effective m. Team - forming and building
Interaction skills n. Initiating & Managing Change
l. Orientation to Customer Service and o. Visioning
Achieving Service Excellence
HIT Workshop / Program that addresses individual development needs:
p. Personality Development, Grooming & t. Interpersonal skills
Corporate Etiquette u. Communication skills
q. Personal Effectiveness
r. Managing Time effectively
s. Stress management
Our UBP - Unique Buying Proposition - are:
Our Approach to developing an appropriate and unique Training & OD initiative and
Our ability to facilitate the participants’ generation of Ideas and Creative Solutions
Our UBP is based on our core competences, exposure to learning, and the calibre of the trainer
consultants forming part of the team at LILACS - ABADI.
Have You Changed The World Today?
Introduction to the Standard Training Process:

Our training and OD / training consulting projects adhere to the following process:

5. MIS to Client

4. Post Workshop
Monitoring &

3. Execution

2. Design & Development

and Customisation

Training Needs Training Needs

1. Origination & Validation &
Identification Confirmation


1. The information contained in this document:

a. is to introduce you, our prospective growth partner, to our core competences and domain
expertise as an HR & Training Consultant
b. is indicative in nature - it is designed to help address the unique circumstances that your
organization may be in

2. The Workshops / Programs and / or OD initiatives are NOT packaged solutions to address
training needs of all client organizations uniformly

3. The Workshop / Program / OD contents are the result of

a. research, design and development and / or customisation and
b. the condensation and crystallization of ideas, concepts, principles, skills and techniques
due to a learning experience of more than 20 years

Have You Changed The World Today?
Our Growth Partners:
We proudly list some of our Growth Partners - the Companies / Organizations who have believed
in our ability to add value to them through upgrading their “Living Assets” and have offered us an
opportunity. We thank them sincerely for expressing confidence in us…in our ability to add value.
Some of them have offered to be our Referees. Please call us or email us for their names and
contact details. We will be glad to provide them to you.

DAKS Simpson Century Textiles K Raheja Corp Pidilite - “Fevicol”

HLL Globus NITCO Group Asian Paints

Raychem RPG Cognizant Tata Gp - Voltas, Tata Chemicals “M&M” Group

Citibank N A DCB Ltd Dena Bank NIFT

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Kotak Gp - Life Insurance and Bank NMIMS

“Indian Express” Newspapers Gp Mid-Day Group ORG - MARG

Have You Changed The World Today?
Vijay Gupta - Trainer, Motivator, Facilitator, Guide
 Trained over 1,200 “Living Assets” and testimonials received
endorse his effectiveness as a Trainer Motivator par excellence
-named “Real Life People Moulder” by an upgraded participant
 Core competences are reinforcing the “Living Assets” on:
a. Business Development Skills and Business Mgt Skills
b. Team management & Motivation skills
c. Customer Orientation and Effective Interaction skills
d. “Customer Service” Orientation
e. Presentation Skills - Basic and Advanced
f. Team Building Exercises
g. Personal Effectiveness
h. Entrepreneurial Skills
 Conducted HIT Workshops / Programs in companies across diverse industry segments -
FMCG, Retail, Consumer Durables, I T, Automobile, Telecom, Property Development and
Construction, Banking & Finance, Life Insurance, Media and related companies, and some of
India’s top Management Institutes
 Modified & / or reinforced attitudes of, and upgraded skills of participants at various levels -
from President, VP, MD and Directors of Companies…to Distributors’ service mechanics
 Conceptualizes, designs and conducts customised HIT Workshops / Programs based on key
training needs identified, validated and agreed by client. Some examples:
 Customer Service orientation in the managerial manpower of Tata Chemicals Ltd
 Team management and Motivation skills in the Team Leaders of “GLOBUS” Stores
 Business Development skills for the sales and support workforce of DAKS Simpson
 Business Development and CRM skills for the salesforce of K Raheja Corp
 Consultative Selling skills for the Unit Managers of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
 Consulting experience of more than 5 years
 HR consulting - client: Mid-Day Group of publications - focusing on Organizational
“Cheerfulness” index and Recommending suitable HR, training & OD initiatives
 Training consulting - client: Kotak Life Insurance - focusing on:
 Conducting Training Programs and Workshops
 Conceptualizing, Designing & Developing, and Customising Program Content
 Installing Training Administration - Structure, Systems and Processes, and Staff
 Evaluating and recommending appropriate E-Learning Initiatives and
 Evaluating and installing suitable Physical Infrastructure for enhanced Training
 Sales consulting - client: Le Meridien - Forte Hotels worldwide
 On the panel of trainers - Princeton Academy Mumbai II and Forbes Gokak Ltd
 Visiting Faculty in
 National Insurance Academy - Pune
 Institute of Hotel Mgt and Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College - Bangalore
 Value contributing career partnership of more than 8 years with - Taj Group of Hotels and Cox
& Kings, career focus on:
 Corporate Sales and Marketing including Market Research
 Cross-functional responsibilities - leading Operations and Credit Recoveries

Have You Changed The World Today?
 Internal training and training coordination

The Value Contributing Team:

Mrs. Kanak Panday - Psychologist & HR Consultant

 More than 18 years experience as behavioural psychological consultant with various reputed
industrial and business concerns across industry segments - FMCG / Retail / Consumer
durables, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Educational and Management institutes and PSU /
Government organizations
 Areas of Expertise:
 Psychometric Assessment using various tools - GPPI, 16 PF, TAT, FIRO - B, MBTI
 Behaviour Modification and Psychological consultation on individual basis
 Corporate Training

S Ramesh - HR, IT and Management Consultant

 Has a total career experience of more than 23 years

 More than 7 years as an independent consultant offering services in Marketing,
Management and Technology consulting
 16 years in various companies in the I T industry - Far East Computers in Singapore and
Malaysia, and Digital Equipment India Ltd., ICIM Ltd., and HCL Ltd. in India

 Services offered:
 Corporate Training
 Human Resources Consulting Services
 Software Business Services

Varsha Chitnis - Communication & Soft Skills Consultant

 Has a total career experience of more than 10 years

 More than 6 years as an independent consultant offering services in communications and
soft skills training
 More than 4 years in a company in financial services as an in-house trainer

 Services offered:
 Corporate Training

Have You Changed The World Today?
Biswajit Chowdhury - Sales & Trainer Consultant

 Has a total career experience of more than 16 years

 In organizations across diverse industry segments - FMCG to telecom, Hotels to
Engineering, focusing on business development

 Services offered:
 Business Development
 Sales Consultancy
 Corporate Training

Sumathi Ramanan - HR & Business Consultant

 Has a total career experience of more than 14 years in companies in the IT industry

 Services offered:
 HR consulting - areas of recruitment & selection, compensation benefits
 Business Consulting

Arun P Mehta - MR & Management Consultant

 Has a career experience of more than 30 years with Tata Group in both the line and staff
function of sales & marketing and training

 Visiting Faculty and Project Guide for MMS & BMS programmes of University of Mumbai

 Services offered:
 Corporate Training
 HR related Market Research

Usha Raghunath - Management and Trainer Consultant

 Has a consulting experience of more than 15 years to international funding organisations,

Government Agencies, Public & Private Sector companies and Joint Ventures focusing on
the areas of Performance Management in Organizations & Individuals and Organizational

 Services offered:
 Corporate Training
 Management Consulting

Have You Changed The World Today?
Priyanka Sen - Trainer Consultant

 Has a total professional experience of more than 12 years

 More than 2 years as an independent trainer consultant offering services in soft skills
 Over 10 years experience with HSBC handling training, service, sales and retail banking
operations at the two largest branches of the bank in India

 Services offered:
 Corporate Training
 Training Consulting

Poornima Parameswaran-Batish - HR & Training Consultant

 Has a total professional experience of more than 6 years

 More than 2 years as an independent consultant offering services in HR consulting and
soft skills training and as a visiting faculty
 More than 4 years in Godrej Soaps Ltd and Bharti Cellular Ltd

 Services offered:
 HR Consulting - Balanced Scorecard, 360 degree feedback, Internal Customer
Satisfaction measurement, Competency based Assessment Centres
 Corporate Training
 Training Consulting

Please call us or email us for more information on our Associate

Consultants. We will be glad to provide them to you. [We also have other
independent consultants who will be glad to offer their services to you based on your need and
their core competences and domain expertise]

[PS: Some of our ex Associate Consultants are now on a career assignment. Mr. Sunil Lata is
with Rex Rotary India Ltd as National Sales Manager in Chennai, and Cdr. Vijayakumar is with
Cognizant Technology Solutions as Head - Cognizant Academy in Pune. We wish them a value-
contributing association with their career partners.]

Have You Changed The World Today?
Our UBP - some Testimonials:
Our UBP is reflected through the testimonials that the participants, co-trainers, coordinators and
Clients have given to us endorsing the effectiveness of our HIT Workshops / Programs. We
mention with sincere gratitude and pride that the testimonials are authentic, unedited, and
Just 5 testimonials are reproduced below:

“Mr. Gupta, Your training has brought “beauty, benefit & goal” in my life. So this warm
greeting comes to bring my love and thanks for everything!” - Kirti Sakpal - DAKS Simpson -

“Great Trainer! I really enjoyed doing this programme. I learnt a great deal here. Would
like to do this again in a couple of years…What I learnt I will remember and refer to…” -
Leah Tata - DAKS Simpson - Mumbai

“I am grateful to the organization LILACS - ABADI to help me understand my

product and its value. The Workshop also helped to concentrate on my personality
development. I enjoyed his way of teaching, understanding & replying to the queries.
Complimenting Mr. Gupta for the work done to understand our industry before training
us.” - Parag Udeshi, K Raheja Corp

“I have participated in previous programs. There, though I felt it was a nice program, I felt I knew of the
learnings previously. I did not have any new learning takeaways. In your Workshop, the
theoretical part made a lot of sense, the inputs on presentation skills were
excellent, and I had a number of new learning takeaways. Thank you!” - Prajakta
Dabhade, K Raheja Corp

“Dear Vijay,
It has indeed been a pleasure to work with you although I could not conduct many more
programmes as I had initially planned to. In a Company which did not have a training culture, I should
consider myself fortunate enough to have managed to do some programs in the last one year.

The success and impact the programs had on the participants had a lot to do with the
efforts that you took to customise the programmes to our requirements which enabled
the participants to relate better to the programmes and, thereby, gain much more out of
On behalf of ORG-MARG, I wish you the very best.
Thanks & Regards,

Have You Changed The World Today?
Our Configuration:
Regd Office, India HQ & Rgnl Ops - Bangalore:
Address: # 199, 38th Cross, 5th Block, Jaynagar, Bangalore 560 041

Rgnl Ops - Mumbai:

Address: #06, Panchavati Scty, Kajuwadi,
Chakala, Andheri [E], Mumbai 400 099
Telephone: 0 92232 37622 / 022 2822 5660
Email: /

Liaison Office - Kolkata, Pune…and increasing constantly

Dedicated team: 4 partners, 12 Associate Consultants…and increasing constantly

Overseas Affiliate Offices: 2 - in Doha, Qatar and Durban, South Africa…and

increasing constantly

As a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, we actively support and encourage the

efforts of:

Have You Changed The World Today?