TEMS 10.


Ø How to install TEMS 10.X Ø Once the kit is set up, verify visually that: Ø To lock W995 UE into specific Band / UARFCN

X step 1: install .aspx?FamilyID=ab99342f-5d1a-413d8319-81da479ab0d7&displaylang=en Step 2: Install TEMS 10. .com/downloads/en/details. Step 3: Install UE’s driver . Samsung A737( QUALCOMM driver) .5 http://www.• How to install TEMS 10.Sony W995 .microsoft.x software.net framework 3.PCTEL EX(Scanner) -GPS (BU303 BU353 GPS Driver) After installing UE’s driver.

1. Open TEMS Investigation 10.Step 4: Now . software And open workspace & command sequence in particular kit 1/2 -(for TEMS workspace & Command sequence .After importing workspace & command sequence in kit 1 & kit2 look like: Kit1: .2 Data collection.please find attached zip file) .

Kit2: .

i.Step 5: Create dial up connection for HSUPA (kit1) & HSDPA(kit2) and Step6: Now connect HSUPA UE with kit 1 & HSDPA UE with kit2 and check both HSUPA &HSDPA connection working . HSUPA . Step7: click on Ctrl &Config tab on TEMS software and connect UE’s Make sure all UE’s in proper sequence. PCTEL (scanner) 2.e for kit 1: 1.MT 3.

HSDPA 4. Long MO 3. Short MO 2. click on connect all(F8) Icon Step 9: click Overview tab and give logfile Directory(where you want save your log file) Path: Command sequence(window)àANY-start RecordingàLogfile Directory Step10: how to start scanner: Scanner properties for PCTel scanner . GPS Step 8: After all UE’s detected and in Proper sequence.For kit 2: 1.

3. 4. To lock W995 UE into specific Band / UARFCN • Please see screeshort: 1 . watch it dial. verify visually that: MO is calling MT. make sure GPS is tracking and that you getting the heading while the car is in motion. then disconnecting. And that you are seeing the throughput chart. HSDPA UE is connecting to internet by seeing the world icon displayed on the screen. Put Long MO on speaker and verify that you are hearing the radio it dials. Once the kit is set up.Then click on start scanning icon. And that the sessions are proper. then all is bad. Make sure the proper UARFCN is inputted. Every is working except for the GPS. and watch it answer. and that you are seeing the green bars in the scanner device 6. No assumptions! 2. Also verify that the HSDPA dial interface is getting connected. Also last and one of the most important items. performing two sessions. Step 11: Now Start to record log file: first start kit1 and then kit2 • 1. 5. Check that HSUPA is connecting.

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