. meani (OT Ute reader who.'0 logy" I t Is expecte d.cuUa:rity and merits too. . .'ble attempt to discus·s these horoscopes on the practical applic.i.st . So Ias as.0f C asti g I b e H (II ['"06'. he therefore f ollows the pre dicti ve system of his ell oice. [E ach syst.is co:n._ic nuw~edge of A~ t r Q logy).·css t. He sboul. Robson arc worth reading for the ba. of this sub dispesition Uleo. of Astrology. the 2nd bouse and so on...em.ry of predicticn.ke· 'know ledge . OWJI pe. But every student of Astrology bas his own likes and dislikes. 3 (a) The original Hindu method is what is known as [he equal houre dl vlsl 0 (1. en 2-. General Principles of Judgment. The sign next t o th e ascending 51 gn will co n 5 tit i1te the secon d ho use and any p] an et t h erei 0 will be sa id to be. s e 'S h au I d po:!o:. This is l h c ]:rri 11 eiple followc d by l he 01 d Hindu Astro lcger s.d know about the Characterlstics of Signs.a.. .atiou.J udgment of the 12·H ouses. Calculation of Vinshort ad D asha (p er iod) ruler's Sub period f'l. im.em of predicti on baa itt.~d blrth horoscopes and Ie ample horary maps 011 different important topics of !if e a s expe [len e and observe d by. Planets in Houses.Preface Thc·['c is ample liter atu 'e p IIblis be d On Hindu As f rology de picting various sys ems of prediction by learned Astrologers . Th e siga . is. I am concerned I liked the sub d"is JlJsil!o:R theory of pr'ed]c'tlon in (hie N'ak~htnt dispositor sysl. s aid to be in the fir st house. Houses.avQ!selected some typ:ic. Planets.cendi:l1gis the fiTst house a 11d any lP1an et t h er em. (b) ~n Western Astrolo~y the cusp of. at house IS tile commencing: point and the first house is constituted by space covering about 30° heyo d the cusp. Aecorrwngly I h.v·cr~ant walt the basic pri i1 ciples of H:I ndu .i!. and A StudfN~U· Texl Book of A$trol{)g}~ bj V·~vi.~u. ha' 'he re ader should Kn-ow how to make use of Raphe] ~ Tables.This book is. Thus the Sig.COJU~.Il and the bouse were deemed synonymous.dcrs~ Inter period rulers and Sookshma period ruler's and the ir j udgment (Hindl~ Predictive ASll'olngy by Pandi: GopeshK'um (11 () j ha ~93t D aI)rHgaJIQ. Planets ]r~Signs. of H ou S es and E ph emerid es. me and I have in '[hi s b~0 k mad e an h'lllm. . for the knowledge ofrhe reader who desires to know about it.n .j De Uti 6. hut in Hindu Astrology the cusp is the m" d poin'~ or t h e ce nt reo ~ the b CHl'S e and extends to 15° on ei the t side.

writ en eithe [' below or ebove ib e 'Cl~s. For the parpeses tbls beok the cusp of a house is. of lhe. bu l fa r the s ubje et Dl~ne:r.t ~ \l(r~:tedown signs and degr ees Oil the cusps of the houses in a circular blank map and "to pl ace the 'pla:-nets ht the map in their' correct positions. and owned by its star lord during the significator planet's period. Then you h~ve ro deduct ayanamsa Fro m $. U.S[:. I t begins from 0° Arie ~ It is s ubdivided into 9 part s tctalling 243 and leach sub div]siotl is tn.nd five hen" izo l:JJt al lines inre rsecting the versicle line.[ each A.tbat the ens pal s ub lord of a house indicates whether t he matter signified by 'the house is promised 0[" deuled.ontai ns 1.a.CQ'51'5.:.r.. The Zo d iac . to be considered as the cow mcncing point.nsa is a ' eontroversi al subject..ose of Astro]ogy.c net.D.of 3600 is d ivi de d inro 21 N aksh at ras Of 'C~ust~U!miti~Jn's Stars for t he . 4. Sub S t.S&. oth c[rwhj.. with ~he a~d !O f R.c and the end 51 of t be borizont al lines will serve as the cusps of. You sb 0.sa F1Ju'thf'. ease . year is . 'ruinut e >0 f the pQ(UaJc i~ j01 til Ly rule d by ~hree pia nte S II ut of wh'i c h 0 De becomes the SIgn ~ord:>the f)~bef is the star lord and the tJid:rd is the sub lonl 0 The sum and s ubstance of the sub de sposition lbe ory of prf:. D. vertiele ]io.392tr. then.r or Sub.. s:u'b pe:d~ d a ltd int er period.ti~1 1 is .5 I:' eq CICJC'~ a horo s cope according system. Th"e ends. (d) In t he Western ~Y.esults of that rtl atter are experle p ced.$ u a I.Olf(1it is.hs (~fthe house o~curpied.OWD as Sub Nakshatra or Sub Conste llation or..g~vell on pillge·168.pUt p. r Tb e sign if1·cat or pl aue l a] w'.1a nets.Q:ic. ul d WT"i t e lh e cusps and planet s in the manner of . We~(erfi Hore ~l(:OPC.ne mbered that file q uesrion of ayau. Bach 'N~ksh atr a Of {'. '(.a.a:r. '~f th e sub lord of the s ignlflcaror ..[X (e) I n this.a positions of the .e ..'d siS:n as th.a.a.may be. If tbe cuspal sub··~ old premises. or it Hiay be. and p. So each degr ee and.. book first of all you have to to the Wes~e!'n (Sayana) HOU. and and Ephemeris .ant¢r tb:Co. houses and the sign~ 11.I.pb ael's Tables· of of lhe C1!lSps.ays grnves the 'f'e:sH. a ve bee n written tll creon and the adopted fo~ planets have been.aya na positions ui ted y~ar rd aae rs~and you for the win ge~ N·i:r~ya.p. of t hi s boe k a yanalU}. only during 't be j oint p eriod of the signj'fi ca tors {lJ~' bat m:. For the purposes of thbli book and for the sake of convenience I h ave made a device to wr ite the horoscope iIi the form of a ladde r by drawing one vert icle nne ~n 'the m]ddle .

board of 'fruste es of S h ri Vive k ~ d ucatien Trust to bring out this publication and to give me pan[~)na. expresaion and interpretation may vary with personal equation. c si. according tom y view point and observation ill several cases It 1s in the manner I wish the reader to understand the subject matter.~ .i s only ]1~_ a tive ustr and not exhaustive. sim pl e and luci d.al language for the b enefit . He constantly ins pi re d me tc w-rii le thJ s book In Englis h. 28-3-1975 64. J ayanagar Society In the lane of S.. So the language used is. deep debt of grati tude to.He n] oy this text boo k. best Learnt by elta . 5.ll'"Bbatt Ramhaug. Tills book .ge. The more ~!OU o bse rve th e. ngUsh Ianguage. 7. I hop e a] [ my r ead er a Wi. The main '0 'OJ eel of this book is 10 make this i5YS t ~Hl o f pre di ct io n e asily ac c e ssib le to every s tuden t of Astrology who only possesses workable knowledge of the.J8U 028.ardar Patel HOS]1ltaL (Near Maninagar Police Station) tL In 'my humble opinion. CVCD'[ correct to the dete. them all. Patel made 'me sWitch oyer to this Nakshatra s ys t em. of the country may publish this book in their 0: n reg'IO'D.drakant Ratn eshw3. The details are illu Sit rative ly explained in . Ahmedabad .x p'l ane tis. I tbc r efore owe a. There is DO sh am sh oW of pre die ring an. the science of Astrology is. of A!S tr ology. h armonious to the m atter s ~n~li at ed by the star lord ~ t be.t he '0'00 k.gnif-icator planet gives favourable results. . Whatever is essential to know prlor h1 the practical application of (he principles bas been explained by way of illustrations. Each topic has been IT) ethodica Uy pre sen t ed 111 :nut s hel l.m equally applies both [0 the birth horoscopes and herary maps. M. and they wo uld be re nd ering services in lhe ca ill se 10f t h e W~(' e is pte ad nf (ll~. This sysltf!. Lovers of Astrelogy in different regions. Conclusions drawn are logical and natural. expe rience a no observa d 0. They are nei l her a 'Orupt 111 or twiste d. He moved the.0 f l he stud e nt we r Id CI f A SlrolO~lY if t hey so de s be. My friend Shr! S. So l1r needs little mention that the presentation. akshatra system of Astrology.0. more is the scope :fot mod inc atloa.

. Service. Plu:oets in rEr. planet Of bouse 'connected with:>. 11. 12" . Grouping of houses . Ruling planets.9. 6.fini·ty ~ 4. 1J OLot period rulers ~ 1.rfa] s'tr~~tb ofa planet. 16..e~rorder. A planet or house harmonious o.K~t u and '[heir s]gn~fic. BuHding. Ma.fri~£f. 14. A.t detrimeatal. sub Nakshatra O! s liIi. Ed ueatio 1:1. '3.EI.j.. Sch 0] ar S]1]p. 2) Significators and R'Il. Sub suh in each sub. A planet or house and its two sided effect. Cusp and Aspects.$yslem. uspal sub lord and its su bj ect C matter.uHn_g planets at the time of j udgment. 10.g planets of another 5) 'RuUng planet san. Longevity.RuU~g planets I II 5 and Fulfilment of q uestion. 4) Joint period rulers of one and (he RuliQ.~lo~of siguificetcrs. Earning.iiiilg plaol'Sts.Contents 1. Rahu &. My8te~y o. Eye sight Attempt to commit suicide.cators in tb. 'Transit in N akshat fa or star.1.. at the t ime of eveut. Si~ifi. 2.Af. 12. '1. 1.ltdDivorce. Ruling p]anet~ & RectificatiQtl of birth time J. S·ignifi~atot:~. 2.. H oroscope exp Lamed. ra. IV Exam ph~ N aHv:i tie s Goed or bad suh period.in~i[ia.]' . Foreiga 1"1' avel. . FrOM Bar to Judiciary.an si n .il. Effects OE t( ansitlin.8lmce.. Gen~. Cnspal mat ter . 1. Soh i11 N akshatr a .4. Signinca~or and its sub 'lord. 11.{6~8. 1~"i. ·S. Child birth. Transit in.g planet s in the example bit th horoscope 1]0. 18. &.. 'Ir ansfer in.BJlld J oint period rulers .. Ruling pianets and Slgflhlcators 1) Significators and R. Partnership buslness. T[ ansi ts atld joint perlod rulers. 3) R'elilll planet 8 at the time of judgment and event.

Table . D~$. Constructing.~t eh.[ ern.publication Judgm~tI. H orcseope ~ Cal cu lating the Period) Sub of books.e5. Lea 5 e licence f 0'(' tdin~s .e. Le. Examlnarion.ent.cy. .c"a"8e.t .t M. J udgwng. Seffiiob:n~li.Stars~ subs and sub subs. the build lng.lUog the house. Ayanamsa (1901-204W) VI ANew Idea To 'flte Reader S ub The (:lory 11-70-131 and W. Publdcatien of a 'book.&tYiog the Job.News about. Retur n of Ab sconding §on. Longevity.]p. the tniss"ing wife. Success in. Pr'eg. period & Inter Period.. 'Marriage. : Subject &. Foreign Travel.nan. g.Sub Periods of 'Period rulers. Em:p~oyrn. Iudependent business. Overseas for Studies. Cuspel sub lord. L6~t Documents _Crickc. the Horary map. Example Horoscope .XII E:r ecting the H onlry mit p.'Iable.

te:rmiIi cd as under : Planet tu 'ttle .:h:h.ator5. Mercury: and J~piter are..16 ~ ' l.t be OCC'dP~nl of that ~f"'t:rn. Hence the tEdrd preference U:tbe l~ou$~ ts vaccant.the resnlts of that hCHB$e. irs strength is det ermined according as it cccu pies.C!'t~se. 1:$ 00 ![bc cusp of: each house. t In the example biitlh hQn)$cop>c no.gIl] • ""J. er .e der' O'fI.e.e. A planet always occupies the sign and. [he results of t he he U5C occupied by ([~Stat lord. in the star of Saturn tile oceupaut.tlgtn of the sigf:l:ificauots QEeach. own sign.cy axe the :draogoi5t to give the resul [s of: the .au'lrn.~ l dlG 2nd house.Se. Hence the planet in the star is stronger than its Star lord (whleh may be either the occupant Oil" the owner (If the slgn).t or of frHd house. a §.ign is 1St rouger than the owner of the sign.r~1~ao planet in the occupant's Star."fi'-lea tors U1 'I helIlr .s s.r. Ke eping the se pr lnel pl e s in min d t be ord er of .rC(ng ~~itDlfle.. the p~ anet in the 'star of '~:lii owner of a ho use ]3 e . ~tr~8gel' than the owner .t ~n the' awner~ I.st f'. exalted sign or debilit ated sign.::]{ iIlr~ fl~~ jFt. Saturn ls t he occupant of the 4di h. h Pla!O.. give the resuhs of that to 'holi.e the Constellation ' or Star is the 1.anctit j~ strpng 10 give.[kator of that b ouse . . So the second preference should be given to. The sigu is the 1/12fb part of the Zod iac. So lh.. a weak significator of that house..aC'CUrH:llnt. house should be de. I. S'h. of 'ttbt. 8iU lt should he given first preference as a si!gnifk.house. So the Constellation or Slat lSi. I n the horoscope the sign. O~Crup:aDt 8iroag significator of that house and i~is :. wl1:iJ.panl£of the lud bouse. 'S" .. star Iiou se.ial'" A planet in the star of file OC(~~l pant of a house Is stronger than the occupant../27t:h part of HIe Zodiae.a. its.)' atC s tl''Ong 'to giv~ 't he i?'e~lHt.ould~e given Ito the planet in the owuer'a star and the: owuer remains a weak sign]flca:tor of that house.the star better gives the results of t he house eeenpied by its star Lord. There ~s :00 planet In t heir stars.? because lh. a weak 5ige:ifiratQr. 'the occupant becomes the In Fhe exampl e bj n h horo scope no. So It becomes a strong sign i.a Jli the sign. So the occupant ]l]. stsonger tb. beeause it is strongest to give.2!1ld hOUiSC and fEu..e.U"i51l1G. So they are stronger than their star lord S. The 'IJCCUpa11 rem ains as. _. The occupaat (planet) in it sign 'ntosUy gives the results of the house occupied hy it _Sot he planet in. 1~ Moo:n and R shu a t. Hence Mercury and JF Upjt~T aye the strong significators of the 4th and Sau~ru is.c lb e i!2Jooll.

f. ' (b) A planet aspectiog the house may be considered as the significator IlJf I that house. or Asp~ct (a) A planet in con] . 1. S o t he Iast preference 3hould be giv4. Owac.'". S'~J both Moo11 and Rahu will give tile resal 8 of the 4t h house as den oted by the sigcificaror Jupiter. Ven. ] SUD.u:s. H.. SQ . ~ill the exatnp]c b irtb IDa oscope no. gives the res ults of the house or houses denoted by that signilicator. So they are stronger than tbeir Star lord Jupiter to give the results of the 3rd and the 12th..ne hous.DuiZl. So it becomes the 5igutfl. So the 4th prefernce . 1 'and 11 and so on with oth~[" planets.n. Moon a nd R a h ~aare as peered by J upiter the signifieator of the 4th house (as already d'·sc. the 3!1.r If i[. whIt. Similarly JUpitCT aspects the 3rd. 1.cator of these houses. 1.17 In the example birth horoscope no. . are in the star of Jupiter the o-wner.. J up iter i. Saturn aspects the 7th.1i lor i5 a weak signifiCtdor. Sun 311U Ve.or association with.~ is vacant and :if there is.". in conj.to the pla net in conj.e J lllJ. gnificaror " .s the owner of these houses.dnd the 12th. In t he e~tlmp]e 'birth horoscope DO. no planet ln the owner's S'U~r the ~ owner itself becomes the st ong signif eator of that house and it is strong to givu.sed). is.ence iC may be sa id thal p]aueh e. Tuere is 0 pb net in tbe rStar of 'Vc:aus be owner.dU.rCS the significatcr of t hese houses and so on wi th other planets. with V~]1 the U~ sigllificator of the 5fh ]). 11th and 2nd cus ps.. the 5th house is vacant. PhtJurt im Conj. tile results of tba'[ house.~are the strong significa tors of the 110U$¢5 3 an d 12. In th e exam pIe birth ho:rosc()pe no.iUs is dlle owner of the 5th. 5th and 7th CUSpg~ So it hCCOID. houses are a vacant.~ Mercu~y and J upi~e -in tho Star of Saturn will Indicste thft matters of 2. (H' aspeel with that .OU8C (as discussed above). So Sun wd~ give the results of tho 5th house as denoted by \~GnI]JS the sigtuficaHH~.V~n[ls becomes the strang signilicator of the Sth house and it is strong: to' give the results of tIl e 5th house. Hence Sun and V~tm. or aspected by a :iignificator .Hlld be given to 'the owner of that house.

K. R) None s Me~J V111Oior. of: . 011!J1et' Plane! in 'conj.~ 2 :3 . R) (K) (Ma) N(l·me (S]' 'V) Nome No 'e (V) Me Ma M..~ -. ~ J M".(Sf V) at e the stron ~ sfu(gnific. 6.g. None (S. Sa. . .a~pected by Mars Which OWI~S 4! 11 Rod occupies 'l.~ is.vl..T is Occupant ·ofthe the house :2 Planet self Ol'vner'S . so Oil .a Sa J M'a '18 -. M" R ' .~." :10 and .M" R S 1 8 9 ]lO' 1 12 eM'.~. .nificators.illS. :RahlJ & Ketu a.bong to give the r None J 'None K M S Me .. -" .2. agen. or ()f the aspea wilh t'he house strong jib'rJ:lipcator None r 1 N'one None (Me. . J) N'o'e NOlle (MjR) None 4 :5 6 (Sa) N()j~e Sa None S 345 (rv[e~J) Me.(i. 1 1'abl.nd their significance 1. a 'Ill g • K~ta .'!..agfD't Rahu or' em is not anolted the ownership 0 f any sign" It only occupies the. So t bey are s.R....~hu Oif Ketu works as an ~g'f. None Sa (M. it wiU ]nd'i(~ale ~Ue:r$ ~)f houses 4~7 and 11 . .18 E~am:ple 8 ~:rth .e~ House wise Si. of Mocu~and it will . e the Oi[ocr planets l remain as weak sigui ficaters (ff [hat house. . So.ianet w. die ~ 'the .J Expla1i aiion " The planets in (~lalics) are the strong significators of th e hOll se shown against them in (be column (a) ~ wh .sign ~ma house.1 their. Rab.R. ..:_mrnple birth IlOTQSC ope' no.fiat ill (a). V (K) Ma resnlts of these houses and.nl or :rlepre·ijeoh~. J (S~VJ K . .hL~ '[able lIS prepared according to the rules discussed abovc.. '!o Non~ (V).R. Sa.~S an agent of M:afs.(Otoscope N 00 .a~ors of the hou sea 3. So it will work as a~. order R ex:J)]anato-ry as under :' House :Pla/1et 'in the occupam': star A. e .signify the matters of' the houses 2 and 1.the owner 0 ( the sign ill which it is placed . j : (a) Hahn OCCl pies the house 2~It is til ClIo1ftj" wi:tb M~otl which owns 7 and occupies 2. '(a) the p.ith whom it is in COil] or aspect.. . V) . SQ. (b).

M ercury w b'i owns 6~ 9 .al te r s of the ho UlSC owned an d occ~ pi ed by the St ar ]e rd of Rahu or Ketu.~owns 4 aud 11. Planer K ee ping in vi lEW the above rule and the :ruIe Ihat a pl anet gives the results indicated by its Star lord..r' and it is also as.. (b) Ket U occupl[es the hous e.·" (b) Ketu is not in con]. and 1 r Suppose Rahu is not III conj.the resul ts of M 0 on i. it b. Rah u..2+ Ra JI-I!1 Ketu as.. So the ]1J aaet Mar s will give the res ults of t he houses.1t S 0 f t h e house 8.8.e t b e .ne[~'J [tU~·DRahu wi 11 indica let ltI e result s of it s s. bu~ it is aspected by Moon. 0 cClJpied by it.:r L o"I'd Mercur y i. w][b any planet. Keen oceupie ~ Vj rgo t be sign owned b.. 1 an d 9. Su it w.ed by the hou $CS 6. So it wi I~signify t bema lie r s of 6. '[be mat t eft. aspected by MQ on.tlB·nte.[ s signified by _he houses 2 . S Q ~. Example biro h her os C 0 pe no. 1.!- re~ j. occupi ed by Ra hu or.1l st ar ]ord and f ourthly. wbi eh OVH1S 1 III D d occupie So 2. or aspect wi '11. sign ifi.~r. .. 4~ 1 and 1. we may say lhaJ Rahu (tit Ketu gives fi rst ~ t b e results of the p]. I Ketu.peeled by up iter whi eh owns 3~~2 a 0 d b couples 10. of t h e p..allY p]a..19 Rahu occupies Pi5~e5 the ~]gn owned by J11[plre. (0) The Star lord of' Ketu ]~ Mars which occupies 1. occupied by Rahu or Ketu.e. I and 9 as an ~gcnt ~f 1\01 ercury . 1 :' (a) The pI a net Ma [:5 is In t be star o r Ke t u w hich ·0 ccu pies 8.iU give the JC8u]ls of Muon. that planet wiU in dica t e '1b e ]ti.. 1birdly ~ l he res ults o'f il S -OW. IbM 001:1" j It w'E11 fj r stly denot e .. en + ' Exu mple birtll: horoscope no.I : (a) As RtJJhu is in C anj " . ]. So it will stgni fy the rna t tiers of :2 at nd 7 as an agent of ·Moon [and also of 8.iI:.a. ( c) Ke i U O(. S CD as an agent 1 of J u pite r ~t win denote the matte rs of 3~ ]0 and 12.K~to as S tar ~ erd If any planet 111. n t be star of Rah u or Ketu that planet will signify i the matters of the hOUtH. . I hie resul ts of the own e r of t he sign. second ly ~ the r es ults y. 8.a n et in con] ~ wi t b it..d 9. and o CC~lpies 1.1ane t aspect ing it.CU pies Virgo the sign owned by M ereu ry whi ch oecu pies 7) OW]15 6 and 9.. e planet M ars will give the h ults of tb e h eu s C5 6 7 t{..0 Ma:rs give the re S 0. that planet ~il] denote the matters OF (he house ' o cell pi cd and owned by' th e owner of th e s~n.

52 Sun S' Lat.31 1.4J - 9 . M'a. Iup. :Mer.l 3 2. 6 Aquarius .41 26. Ven-. PhL Gemin! Taurus -10 Keru 5 3. 22 NO.54 6. 3. Wrgo 2 Me 2.26. Rahu Star Me. Uran.39.37 Libra 1.l~~TS R .i'rtb -3-R-19H3 Tuesday.57 1.S.2 Mars Afo()n 4..40 14.!I. . R Sa..41 26. J Ketu Hints f the cuspal sub lord of the 4th be the aignificator of 4" 11 or 12 and ir N.·f. S~55 A. I. Sui: RJ J Me. the native will til OWl} building dur ing l h e john: peri od of e signifi cator of 4. C{l.(U. Ma.1\ " e --+--Aries 2.41 Leo 3 .:_t23 2. Moon ].41 .41 0.UJll SU~I' S~lb J Phl'/1et _Mer. H..lar~. Building l\fa]e. 12. Me.41 11 4 241 .54 1.4.J' 2:5.. Star V Sub Pt(JIU:t Sal..39 1. Arana msa 220 31~ .31. 3. . 'Vena R !\-1'a. M~.22.T. 0]'" have his 11 and Saturn is connected with the house 4. .87 11.".43 3 Scorpio Ra}u~ 1.39 1:3.~ theE.S Jup. Nep.41 ·S Pisces 7 Planet S. 12E 52.M.

in Can ce. Moon and Jupiter are in the star of.~fi'catorj of 4~11~12 ~. . Tt(. 4t h ~ I. ]963 the native occupied the building constructed . Hou:5e Planet 'In occupant. so lbe'Y.$. 1\(000 tile ].uu:iu .1 lo rd Ju piter e WQS.i~ OWl) of 4.o10l. J vilit Period ': Th e nat ive was burn d ur ip g the per iod of Rah balance Jupiter Dudng of 17Y-g~~'. tur al sjJ~~o the 4th of bouse.88 4th CUJ'p (Sagitt~rius 2° 41~) : 10 this horoscope ViTgQ tJ 39'" is on . and Jupiter.' Sat urn. Sun and Rahu arc the strong ~i8llin(!. in October by him.~On 3~10~~962 SUB Virgo ~6'o 34' and Jupiter Aquarius L 10'° 41" were was passing :'11 the sub Saturn the period ruler Moon in Scorpio through [be star Jupiter and Saturn. S ign.b e owner 0 f 1. lS [he sigmficator nat ive h. During the joint period u wlt h of.art{)1t5'.23n. star Occupant Planet in owner's star 4'li 12 None None None S R~Sa.. Venus.. T~. the significator eon sid ered.[ the n a. The $. Ills in the star Jupiter and in the sub M ars. (iTS. 4.e sub l(ud of the 4lb cusp is. The sub lord Mar s is in conj uctioa with the owner of 11 ('Moor).1(Mooll) ar and '[\~. Thus the cuspal sub lord of 4. also M. None V J M s Rabu. Hence it promises the b uild ing. may be Venus Saturn.~ 12. None Sa. S ~Me. Sun and the native purchased land Oil 3~10-l9(i2. period of Saturn. the Asc.fU'S and Saturn.and as p eel ~ the. 11 and connected with 4~ 11. it is in association with the owner of 12 (Sun) and Saturn. Venus is.

m2( ~~WQIU bouse denotes defect .e r at loss. Joint period ~ The native of lllP~ ter.S :r~:er . 'em11!Jt5 Cancer 3 Q was in.r. b 0 lb are i::I associat icn wir til. The combine ~[J] an these lasers causes s ign ~(y o. 28.ani as. sp ·5 iill '~ e h i've]y. w·']1. the '!i1IJ : '\ '." 7-19~79S U 11 Caace r 1 . se d ing the join pe'ir~l~~'~f MercurYl! MOOD (" hi this e. .. star Venus.urn and fi.~ cusp is Moon ( 'is. bal ance o I 1 i'f· SM.i ereury r. 21D. ~:Dde . it~ sub lord) the T.llS_P (LeO' 3Q 41~): The. uspal o the sub lord of 12) and Venus (the star lord of the period cuspal su ~o d of 8 connected wit W3.g 28.. S'c e Ieci of 5·iGiil) owning 12: defect).aUJt[1 ob [J'liction) owning 6 [diseas . '\\"i dUi]ng the period of 'R~hUlwi~h It b~ P elfi ods CO! :MI..(JJlJld of the. . Beta u se i( i' is in the sub 115 aJ.0 'was in ' he 'rloun Leo 2610 was lbl3J star the VelHJS e sub ule. (v is iO]iJ s . atio ns.'r 0' period. lord .Oll' S. the inter period 00' . a dl ~h'e cuspal sub 12 connected lVith ars.owming 2 (V]S.' ercury L eted th de' ect ive vislon.he :go cs op.. nat ~ 'lie." Th e re af~..Iii e will have to> run . he sign owned by '.jo .eye of t h e mat ive op e·ra ted fer c l~ rae _ .pe.rZ~h C. s loar V cataract d 'the sub S aturn he 'eye. . r u le r..It is :in conjuction ars 8 (0]) er at loa ).s 0 d uri og t ]0 rd 0 j int period . ~·.li>e·· 0 per a ti on fOT gett in~ WiJS bO.ig· .).!FD \'1>'ion.of the 12.. T e sub .). 1" "at. dgrrlifi:~~I'~nr of d ise as . 7-1979 ~ 5U b GlJ}([JJ Transits . SQ· t dlell~o. ..

Leo Maf:'i.~1.49 19. so» Sa . I.2 R (.. lJJeR J[:t Pi{~'{uJt Plane! Sat.1 29.d u ·Male.31 -~ Cancer Jup.90 :12.ut he j s penniless a:llld not .~ll!I 2 Sag. Stat Sa.bm 1.31 ---+-- Libra Moon 29.iijr~i 23.. B. We wi Lldiscuss :SOm t: p] a n et s d ealing with the .fvtonday.:i. 2131 1:3.1~): 1lliurus Ptanes Sun :MOOll 22. R K l'\oIars. 27. Asc 2-10 A. K -VelL Rahu Ketu R V '~.I MeR .H. Beca use the plane t s are pecu liar ly connected houses 2 and 1 O~ with the bourses 6.37' 1. 2.10 2JA llJr.M. 8 and "11 in gene r al.31 25.57 Kehi 19.~ 3 Capricorn SU:1l 23. . l\1ys fer y ~f 6" 8 ~u.. Sub Sa.4--2-190:8 72:0:8 3:5 ~~ Ayanamsa 22° 29}.riIJ.S. ]IiilT'Jt JR JR ""'" Sa.steady .2 1--- Li. 230N 2' SroTp~d L2.T.21!R 1.31 Ncp Rahu 8 19.3 M'~r 21. in life.Uta..31 8.31 n Aq~Miu'fr 1]. a ve·ry and a wide 1)" read m an. " .31 Sia t 4.30 .57 '1 Star Sub Star R In. M R 'Mer.. Bjnh 2. 10 Vcn H~.. The native intelligent of this horoscope ls a double graduate.ent.

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