Editorial Notice Augustine Coast This is the secret of a mythical, situated community next to Tibet, in a region permanently covered of snow. The lendária existence of Shambhala is on the ancestral forms of living and knowing • its revelation can have deep impacte in the mode as each one of us lives its life. The physical trip and spiritual until Shambhala start with the words of a child and the vision of an old one. Kathmandu, in the Nepal, and later Lhasa, in Tibet, is places of pass for the interior hashing necessary to enter in Shambhala. In the end of the trip revelation of an energy capable waits us it to free life of each one e, at the same time, to contribute actively to transform the world. James Redfield continues, with the Secret of Shambhala, a fetching spiritual initiated with the International bestseller the Celestine Prophecy and later continued with the Tenth Revelation and the Celestine Vision (all these books are published with the Editorial seal Notice) The author lives with its woman, Salle, and the good-looking Meredith, in the Flowery one and Arizona. Original heading: The Secret of Shambhala Translation of Peter Days

JAMES REDFIELD The SHAMBHALA SECRET The TENTH FIRST REVELATION Editorial Notice Third edition November of 2001 For Megan and Kelly whose generation has to evolve of more conscientious form GRATEFULNESS Many heroes in the evolution of the conscience exist spiritual. I must a special gratefulness the Larry Dossey, for its pioneering work in the spreading of the scientific research on the conjunct and the intention; also the Marilyn Schlitz, that continues to make force for the development of new studies on the scienter human being in the Institute of Noéticas Sciences. In the nutrition, it deserves recognition the work of Theodore the Baroody and Robert Young on acid and the alkaline one. Personally, I have to thank the Albert Gaulden, John Winthrop Austin, John Diamond and Claire Zion, that continue to give contributos special for this work. E, above of everything, a special gratefulness the Salle Merrill Redfield, whose intuition and faith serve as constant certifications of the mystery. Index NOTE Of the AUTHOR......................... 11 1, FIELDS OF INTENTION................. 19 2, the CALLING OF SHAMBHALA.......... 43 3, TO CULTIVATE The CONSCIENTIOUS ALERT ENERGY................. The 67 4.................. 85 5, CONTÁGIO Of CONSCIENCE......... 109 6, PASS........................ 127 7, INPUT IN 8, SHAMBHALA.............. 142 VITAL PROCESS.................. 163 9, the ENERGY Of EVIL.................. 181 10. TO RECOGNIZE LIGHT................. 201 11. The SECRET OF SHAMBHALA........... 217

NOTE OF THE AUTHOR When I wrote the Celestina Prophecy and the Tenth Revelation, firmly was convinced of that the culture human being was to evolve through a series of revelations on the life and the espiritualidade, revelations that could described and be registered. Everything what happened since then only deepened this belief. We are to gain full conscience of a process upper spiritual that acts discrete in the life and, when making it, are to leave stops backwards a materialistic vision of the world, a vision that reduces the life to the survival, that gives little importance to the religion and that it uses toys and distracções to move away from us the true wonder of being livings creature. What we want, instead of this, is a full life of mysterious coincidences and sudden intuitions, that allude to a special path in this existence, to a particular fetching of information and specialization - as if one any foreseen destination was to try to emerge. This type of life is as a history of detectives in the inward of we ourselves and the indications in briefing in will take them of a revelation for another one. We discover that a true experience of the the holy ghost in the wait and that, if to obtain to find this connection, our lives will full of clarity and intuition still more. We start to pick-up visões of our destination, of a mission that we can to lead good term, since that let us prevent the habits that in distract them, let us treat the others with certain ethics and in let us keep them true stops with our heart. 11 In the truth, with the Tenth Revelation, this perspective is become enlarged still more and includes all history and culture. In a certain level, all we know that we came of a celestial place for this terrena dimension to participate in a common objectivo: to create slowly, generation after generation, a culture full spiritual in this planet. Still thus, while we absorb this inspired revelation, he is to arrive one another one, the Tenth First one. Our thoughts and attitudes count, when we try to become our dreams in reality. Of fact,

I believe that we are you give to understand, finally, the influence that has our mental intentions, our conjuncts, even though our preconceived opinions and ideias private, not only on our proper success in the life but also on the success of the others. Basing me in my proper experience, and that it is to happen to our redor, I offer this book as illustration of this next pacing in direcção to the conscience. It is my belief that this revelation is already to emerge algures, turning among thousand of quarrels delayed spirituals, soon hidden below of the hatred and fear that still mark our age. Such as before, our only responsibility is to live in accordance with what we know and later extending the hand... and passing word. Summer 1999 the SHAMBHALA SECRET Suddenly, Nabucodonosor arose estupefacto, and asked to the officers: They were not the three men who we moored and we shot for inside of the furnace? Then as it is that I see four to walk in the fire? E these are not on nor seem to be reached by the flames! The room seems same a god... Praised either the God of Chadrac, Mechac and Abed-Nego! It sent its angel to help these men who serve it and it they trust. Book of Daniel 1. INTENTION FIELDS The telephone touched and I limited myself to look at it for it. The last thing that now I needed was of another distracção. I tried to move away it from my mind, looking at for the window for the trees and wild flowers, waiting to lose me in the variety of outonais colors of the forests in redor of my house. He touched again and I received vacant but disturbing a picture, in the eye of my mind, of a person whom he needed speaking with me. Quickly I extended the hand and I took care of. - It is? - It is the Bill - a familiar voice said. Bill was a specialist in agronomy that helped me with my garden. Hillside lived below, only to some hundreds of meters. - It hears,

Bill, I can telephone you later? - I said. - I have a stated period to fulfill. - Still you do not know my son, Natalie, therefore not? Excuse? It did not have reply. - Bill? - She hears - she answered finally -, my son wants to speak with you. I find that she can be important. I do not have the certainty well of as it knows it, but she seems to be made familiar to your work well. It says that she has information concerning a place where you would be interested. A place any in the north of Tibet? It says that the people have important information there. 19 That age has it? - I asked. Bill laughed, in the other extremity of the string. - It only has catorze years, but lately it has said very interesting things. It had hopes of saying with you this

afternoon, before the game of soccer of it. Some hypothesis? I started to postpone, but the previous picture was become enlarged and started to be clearer in my mind. Rapariga seemed one to say with me algures close to the great source, over the house of it. - Yes, it is well said -, That such to the two hours? - Perfect - Bill said. When it went for there apercebi me of a new house in the other side of the valley, in the hillside north. With plus this they are almost forty, I thought. Everything in the two last years. I wise person that if I had spread the notice of the beauty of this valley in earthen bowl form, but was not afraid that the place was too much full or that its amazing natural landscapes were destroyed. Nestled together to a national forest, we were the quilómetros dezasseis of the population next - too much far for the majority to the people. E the family to who belonged the land, and that it was now to vender lands for construction in exterior hills, she seemed definitive to keep the serenity of the place. Each house had of low and being hidden in the way them pines and eucaliptos that defined the horizon. What more it bothered me was the isolation that my neighboring ones in such a way seemed to appreciate. For the one that I obtained to see, most were

individuals special, run away diverse careers professional, that had opened only vocational niches that allowed them to function in flexible schedules or to travel with very proper schedules, as consulting - a freedom that were necessary to live themselves here, in the way it weeds. The common loops between us seemed to be a persistent idealismo and the necessity to widen our professions infundindo to them vision spiritual, everything in the best tradition of the Tenth Revelation. Still thus, almost all the people of this valley were remained private, satisfied for if being able to concentrate in its diverse fields without giving much attention to the community or to the necessity to develop our common vision. This age especially truth between the different religious confessions. By some ratio, the valley had attracted people who followed a great variety of beliefs, including the Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity catholic and protestant and Islamismo. E even so did not have any hostility of a religious group in relation to the others, also did not have any feeling of affinity. The communion lack worried me because it had signs of some of our children to exhibit the same visible problems in the suburbs: too much time alone, too much video, exaggerated concern with high and the low ones of the school. It started to feel worried me by not having enough family and communion in its lives, that allowed to move away these group problems and they kept them in perspective its correcta. More to the front the path narrowed and had to pass between two great rochedos that if extended almost until an abrupt descending of sixty meters. Passing for them, I heard the first rumorejos of the Source of Phillips, thus called for the hunters of skins that, for the first time, had been established here, in the end of century XVII. The water went down for some layers of rock, until a sluggish lake with three meters of width, originally excavated by hand. Successive generations had added other touchs, as the apple trees close to the mouth of a river and the cemented rock to

strengthen and to deepen the lake. I even followed next to the water and I lowered myself to collect some in my hands, moving away a wood when I lowered myself. The wood was remained in movement, sliding for the rocks until a hole. - a snake d’água! - it said in high voice, withdrawing and feeling the sweat to humedecer my forehead. Perhaps the life in the forest still involves some perigos here, even so is not the same ones that the old Phillips faced has centuries, when if it could make a curve in the path and to give of faces with a cougar to keep its you create or, more worse still, a pole of wild boars, with canine tooth of eight centimeters that easily in them could tear the leg if we did not obtain to go up enough fast to a tree. If the running days especially badly, could until finding a Cherokee or a dislocated Seminole furious, tired to find new colonists in its favourite land of hunted... and convicto of that a good one teethed in our heart would forever keep the European tide to the plaza. 20 - 21 Not, all the ones that had lived in this generation - native Americans or Europeans - had faced direct perigos that put its state of hardeness to the test to each moment. Our generation seems to deal with other related problems, problems more with our attitude in relation to the life, with the constant battle between the optimismo and the desperation. For all the side catastrofistas voices appear, showing factual tests to us of that the life style occidental person cannot be supported, that air is to heat, the terrorist armories to grow, the forests to die and the technology to run furious for a species of virtual world that leaves our malucos children threatening to more dive us each time in madness and the surrealismo without direcção. For contrast with this point of view they exist, obviously, the optimistas, that affirm that history was always full of prophet of the apocalypse, that all our problems can be decided by the same technology that produced these perigos and that the human world only started to reach its potential. I stopped and I looked at again for the valley. Wise person who the Celestina Vision was algures

between these two polar regions. Englobava a belief in the supported growth and the technology human being, but if only used for a intuitivo movement in the direcção of the sacred one, and a optimismo based on a vision spiritual of until where the world can go. A thing was certain. If those that believe the power of the vision want to make the difference, would have to start immediately, when we are dived in the mystery of the new milénio. This fact still inspired a respectful fear to me. How we had had the luck to be livings creature in the change not only of a century, but also of a period of a thousand years? Reason we? Reason this generation? It had the sensation of that bigger responses were still to our front. I looked at in redor of the source for a moment, more or less to the wait that the Natalie was algures for there. It had the certainty that fôra this my intuition. It was here in the source, only that I seemed to be to see it through a species of window. She was everything very confused. When I arrived at the house of it did not seem to be nobody there. I followed until the o alpendre of the dark chestnut triangular façade and beat to the gate with force. It did not have reply. Later, while it looked at for the left side of the house, any thing arrested my attention. It was to look at for a empedrado path that passed for enormous horta of the Bill and went up until the small Prado relvado in the top of a mountain of the hillside. The light had moved? I looked at for the sky, trying to perceive what it had happened. It had seen a fluctuation in the light of the Prado, as if the sun it had subitamente left behind a cloud, illuminating that specific area. But it did not have clouds in the sky. I went up the Prado and I found rapariga seated in the limit of relva. She was high and of dark hair, a blue equipment of soccer had dress and, when I came close myself, it turned itself brusquely, surprised. - he did not want to scare you - I said. It moved away the eyes for a moment, in the shy way that an adolescent would make, therefore agachei me to be to the level of the

look of it and presented itself. It looked at again for me, with much more adult eyes of that I waited. - we are not to live the Revelations here - it said. I was apanhado of surprise. - what!? - the Revelations. We are not to live them. - What you want to say? It looked at for me with severe air. - I want to say that still we do not understand them full. It has more than still we need to know. - Well, it is not thus so simple... I stopped. It did not believe that was to be interrogated in this way by one rapariga of catorze years. During one instant, I was crossed by a anger flash. But later the Natalie a small smile smiled -, only one expression in the cantos of the mouth, that gave a tender air to it. I relaxed and I sat down in the soil. I believe that the Revelations are real - I answered. - But they are not easy. They delay time. It was not made use to give up. - But she has people that they are to live them at this moment. I looked at for it during one instant. 22 - 23 • Where? - In Central Asia. The Kunlun mountains. I saw them in the map. - She seemed excited. - It has to go there Is important. It has any thing to move. You have to go already for there. He has to see. While it said this, the expression of its face seemed more mature, authoritarian, as of a person of forty years. I blinked the eyes with force, without believing the one that was to see. - It has to go there. - it repeated. - Natalie - I said -, I do not have the certainty to know well what you want to say. That type of place is this? It moved away the look. - You said that you had seen it in the map. Pods to show it to me? It ignored my question, seeming distracted. - What... that hours are? - it asked of surprise, stuttering. - Two and one room. - I have to go. - Wait, Natalie, this place of that you were to speak. I... - I have to go to have with equips - it declared. - Senão I go to arrive late. He walked fast now, and I strengtove myself for following it. - and this place in Asia, you remember yourself exactamente where is? When it looked at

stops backwards over the shoulder, for me, only vi the expression of small of catorze years to think about soccer. Of return total the house felt me disoriented. What it had been transferred? I was to look at for the secretary, incapable to concentrate me. Later I made a long one walked and I swam in the lake, finally determined to telephone to the Bill per the morning and to arrive at the deep one of the mystery. I lay down myself early. About the three of the morning some thing it woke up me. The room was dark. The only light was the one that penetrated under the blinds of the window. I was to listening, without hearing nothing not to be the habitual sounds of the night: an intermittent choir of crickets, the 0ccasional rumor of the sapos in the lake and, there far, low barking of a dog. I thought about raising me and locking the gates of the house, thing that rare made. But I moved away the ideia, leaving to dive again me in sleep. It would have full asleep but, in my last sleepy look for the room, I noticed something different in the window. It had more light it are there of that before. I sat down and I looked at again. Definitively it had more light to enter for the blinds. I dressed pants, I was until the a window and I moved away tabuinhas wooden. It seemed all normal one. Of where it came the light? Subitamente I heard a fast stroke behind me. He was somebody inside of house. - Who is there? - I asked without thinking. It did not have reply. I left the room for the corridor that took until the a room to be, thinking about going to the closet to search my rifle to kill snakes. But apercebi me that the key of the closet was in the drawer of cómoda, together to the bed. Instead of this, I continued cautiously. Without acknowledgment, a hand touched me in the shoulder. - Chüuu, is the Wil. I recognized the voice and I waved. When I took the hand to the interruptor in the wall, it withheld me, later it crossed the room and it observed for the window. While it put into motion itself, apercebi me of any different thing since the last time where he turns it. It was a little less gracious

and its strokes seemed vulgar full, without the luminosity that had previously. - Of that you walk to the seek? - I asked. - What it is transferred? You almost killed me of scare. It withdrew stops next to me. - He had to see you. Everything moved. I am again where it was before. - What you want to say? It smiled me. - I find that this is presumption to be to happen, but already I do not obtain to enter mentally in the other dimensions, as it costumava to make. Still I obtain to magnify a little my energy, but now I am firmly imprisoned to this world. - the look Moved away for a few seconds. - It is almost as if what we made when we obtain to understand the Tenth Revelation had been only one sample, an experience, one espreitadela in the future, 24 - 25 as an experience of imminent death, and that now it finished. Either what it will be that let us have to make now, we have to make it in this Land here. - In any way, I never obtained to make it - I said. Wil looked at me in the eyes. - You know, we receive much information concerning the evolution human being, giving attention, being guided by the intuition and the coincidences. We were mandatados to withhold a new vision, all. Only that we are not to become it reality the level that we can. Still he lacks any thing in our knowledge. He made a break and later he said: - I do not have certainty of the ratio, still, but we have to go to Asia... algures close to Tibet. It is any thing to happen there. Any thing that we have to know. I was surprised. The Natalie young had said the same thing. Wil came back toward the window, looking at there for is. Because you are to look at for the window with this insistence? - I asked. - and because you secretely entered me in house? Because you did not beat to the gate? What it is transferred? - Probably nothing it answered. - But today of morning it seemed me to be to be followed. I cannot have the certainty. It came back stops next to me. - I cannot explain everything now. Nor proper I have the certainty of that he is

to happen. But he has a small farm in Asia that we have to find. Pods to find you with me in the Himalaia Hotel, Katmandu, the day dezasseis? - Wait one minute! Wil, I have things to make here. I am pledged in... Wil looked at for me with an expression that never had seen noutro face, a pure mixture of adventure and absolute decision. All good - it said. - you will not be the dezasseis there, you are not. But you will be yourself, always keeps you perfectly alert. It goes to happen any thing. It was to say the serious one giving to me to choose it, but at the same time he smiles. I moved away the eyes, annoying. It did not want to make this. *** In the following morning I decided not to count to nobody what one was to pass, excepto to the Charlene. The only problem was that it was in news article in the foreigner and was impossible to contactar it directamente. I could only leave an email to it. I was until the o my computer and sent it, asking me exactly, as it always made, until point the InterNet would be insurance. The pirates obtain to enter in the computers safest of companies and governments. Difficult Quão would be to intercept email messages especially... if in we will remember them that the InterNet originally was created by the Department of Defense, as connector link with its investigating insiders in the main universities? Will be all the monitorizada InterNet? I drove away the concern, concluding that it was to be fool. My message was one between sets of ten of millions. Who would be imported? While it was in the computer, I dealt with the trip to arrive the Katmandu, Nepal, in the day dezasseis and to be in the Himalaia. It would have to leave inside of two days, I thought, almost without time to prepare some things. Abanei the head. A part of me was fascinated with the ideia to go to Tibet. Wise person who its the most beautiful geography was one of e mysterious of the world. But it was

also a country under the repressive control of the Chinese government and I wise person who I could be a dangerous place. My flat age to only advance while this adventure me seemed insurance. It arrives to launch me of head and to leave to drag me for that I did not obtain to control. Wil had left my house so fast as it arrives, without saying more to me nothing, leaving me with the full head of questions. What wise person it about of this place close to Tibet? E because he is that an adolescent ordered me to go for there? The Wil was to be very cautious. Reason? It did not go to give a pacing it are of Katmandu without discovering the reply. When the day arrived, tried to keep me alert during the long voos for Frankfurt, New Undid and later Katmandu, but nothing worthy of mention did not happen. In the Himalaia, registei me with my proper name, I put the things in the room and later I started to observe the place, finishing in the restaurant it hotel. 26 - 27 There seated, it waited that the Wil entered at any time, but nothing it happened. One hour later I thought about going until the a swimming pool, therefore I called a packet boat and knew that it was there it are. He would be slightly cold, but the sun shone and I wise person who cool air would help me to customize me it the altitude. I left and I found the swimming pool them in the way two sections in form of L it building. It was more people there of that I waited, even so few were to talk. When occupying a chair in one of the tables, I noticed that the people to my rollback, in the majority Asian, with some dispersed Europeans - they seemed to be tense or with many homesicknesses of house. Franziam the forehead some for the others and spoke with abruptness to the employees of the hotel all, demanding drunk and napkins, preventing the visual contact the cost. Gradually also my state of spirit started to get worse. Here he was I, I thought, put in plus a hotel in the other side of the world, without a

friendly face for close. I breathed deep and I again remembered the acknowledgment of the Wil to keep alert, remembering me me exactly that it speaks in looking the subtis rollbacks of the sincronicidade, those mysterious coincidences that could appear in as and pushing our life in a new direcção. The understanding of this mysterious stream, as I wise person, continued to be the central experience of the last espiritualidade, test directa of that any deeper thing acted discrete for detrás of the human drama. The problem is always sporadical to carácter of this perception; it appears during some time stops in seducing them and later, so fast as it came, disappears. When I looked at in redor of the area, my look fell on a high man with black hair that went to leave the gate of the hotel, directing itself for me. It dressed wide pants and a white nightgown to the fashion and underneath brought a folded periodical of the arm. It followed the path among the guests of the hotel and sat down directamente in a table to my right. When it opened the periodical, it looked at in redor and it waved with the head, showing a radioso smile to me. Later it called an employee and it asked for water. It had Asian appearance, but it said to an English fluente without vestiges of sotaque. When its water arrived, signed the receipt and started to read. This man had any immediately attractive thing, but I did not obtain to perceive what he was. He radiated a pleasant attitude and energy; periodically he stopped to read and he looked at to its rollback, with a torn smile. The certain height directamente established visual contact with one of the enervados gentlemen to my front. I was more or less to the wait that the carrancudo man moved away the look quickly, but instead of this it he repaid the smile of the brown man and had started a amena colloquy, pparently in nepalês. The data moment had exactly arrived to free an outburst of laughter. Attracted by the colloquy, several other people of the next tables had been with an amused air and somebody said any thing that generated another laugh. I observed the scene with

interest. It was to happen any thing here, I thought. The state of spirit to my rollback was to move. - My God - the brown man stuttered, looking at in my direcção. - Already he saw this? I looked at in redor. All people seemed to have come back to its readings and it it was to point with respect to something in the periodical and to dislocate its chair to come close itself to me. - They had published another study on conjuncts - it added. - It is fascinating. - What it is that they had discovered? - I asked. - They were to study the effect of the conjunct in people with medical problems and had discovered that the patients who were regularly objecto of the conjuncts of other people had little complications and improved more fast, exactly when they did not have conscience of the conjuncts. It is an irrefutable test of that the power of the conjunct is real. But they had also discovered another thing. They had discovered that the conjunct most efficient is structuralized not as an order, but as an affirmation. - I do not have the certainty to be to perceive - I said. It was to look at me fixed, with eyes of a blue crystalline lens. They had prepared the study to test two types of conjunct. The first one was limited to ask for the God to it, or to the the holy ghost, to intervine, to help a sick person. The other affirmed simply, with faith, that God would go to help this person. It is to see the difference? 28 - 29

• Still I do not have well the certainty. - a conjunct that asks for the intervention of God assumes that God can intervine, but to only decide itself to satisfy our order. It assumes that our only paper is to ask for. To another form of conjunct it assumes that God is ready and available, but created the laws of the existence human being of such form that the accomplishment of our order depends, in good part, in the certainty of our belief of that this will be made. Thus, our conjunct must be an affirmation that gives expression to

this faith. In the study, this type of conjunct showed to be more efficient. I waved. It was to start to perceive. The man deviated the look, as he was to think exactly for itself, and later he continued. None of the great conjuncts of the Bible is an order, is all affirmations. It thinks about Pai-Nosso. It says, Either done your will, thus in the Land as in the Sky. The bread ours of each day in you give them today and you pardon us our offences. It does not say please, it can give food to us, and it does not say please, can pardon us. It only affirms that these things are already give to happen e, when assuming with faith that they go to happen, we become them real. It made another break, as a question expected, still to smile. I had to also smile. Its good disposal was contagiante. - Some scientists suggest - it continued - that these discoveries imply something more, any thing that has one meaning deep for all the beings livings creature. They affirm that if our expectations, the yearnings of our faith, are what it makes the conjunct to function, in this in case that each one of us constantly radiates a force of energy-conjunct for the world, want in apercebamos them of this or not. She is to see where measured that is truth? She continued without waiting that I answered. - the conjunct is an affirmation based on our expectations, in our faith, then all our expectations have the effect of a conjunct. In the reality, we are always to pray for one determined future one for we ourselves and for the others, in we do not only apercebemos them full of this. It looked at for me as if it had finished to release a garnet. - Already it imagined? - he continued it -, science is now to confirm the affirmations of the mística most esoteric of all the religions. All they say that we have a mental influence and spiritual on what he happens in our lives. One remembers the Holy Writs, that in say them that the faith can move mountains. E if this capacity will be the secret of the true success in the life, of the creation of a true community? - the eyes of it had shone, as if it

knew more of the one than he was to say. - All we have to understand as it is that this functions. It is in the hour. It was to return the smile to this man, intrigued for what it was to say, still admired for the hashing in the environment to the rollback of the swimming pool, when instinctively I looked at for the left, as we make when we feel somebody to look at for us. Apercebi me of one of the employees of the together swimming pool to the input gate, to observe me fixed. When our looks if had found, it deviated the look quickly and started to withdraw for the stroll that led to an elevator. - It forgives me, gentleman - a voice behind me said. When I turned myself, vi that he was another employee. - I can serve a drink to it? - it asked. Not... obliged - I answered. - I go to wait more a little. When I became to look at for the man in the stroll, this already had disappeared. During a moment inspeccionei the zone, looking it. When finally I looked at for my right, for where the brown man had been seated, also it had disappeared. I arose myself and I asked to the man of the table to my front if it capsizes that path the man of the periodical had followed. It abanou the head and deviated the face abruptly. I passed the remaining portion of the afternoon in my room. The events in the swimming pool were baffling. Who age that man, to speak to me of conjuncts? This information would involve a sincronicidade? E because he is that the employee was to observe me? E where would be the Wil? For rollback of putting of the Sun, after a long nap, I came back to leave, determined to go down the street some blocks, until a restaurant to the outdoors that one of the guests had mentioned. 30 - 31 • Much close. Perfectly safe - the doorman of eyeglasses said when I asked to it as to go until there. - he does not have problem. I left the vestibule for the light each scarcer time, keeping me intent the signs of the Wil. The street was full of people and I was opening I walk. When I arrived at the restaurant, had given a small table to

me of I sing, close to a prohibition of iron forged with more than a meter and twenty, that it separated the zone of meals of the street. I had supper with becoming vacant and I read an English periodical, occupying the table for more than one hour. The certain height I started to feel me desconfortável. It felt me as if it was again to be observed, alone that he did not obtain to see nobody to look at for me. I looked at for the other tables, but nobody seemed to be to give to me minimum attention to it. Raising me, I looked at over the prohibition for the people in the street. It swims. Fighting to move away this sensation, I paid the account and I came back toward the hotel. When it approached me to the input, I sighted a together man to a row of shrubs, about six meters to my left. Our looks had been crossed and it gave a pacing in my direcção. I deviated the look; apercebi went to pass for it when me that he was the employee who was to look at for me in the swimming pool, only that now it paved tennis and it brought pants of ganga with one t-shirt blue smooth. It seemed to have close to thirty years, with very serious eyes. I hurried my pacing. - It forgives me, Sir - it exclamou. I continued to walk. Please - it said. - I have of speaking I obtain. I advanced plus some meters to be to the sight of the doorman and of the packet boats and later I asked: - What it is? It came close itself, making a fast vénia. - I believe that you he is who I I came to look for. Knows Mr. Wilson James? - Wil? Yes. Where it is? - It cannot come. He asked for to me that he came to wait it. He extended to me hand to it, that I accepted with reluctance, saying to it my name. - I am Yin Doloe - he answered. - he is used here in the hotel? - I asked. - Not, moan. A friend works here. It loaned a coat to me, I to be able to observe. He wanted to see if you he was here. I looked at for it of more close. My instinct said me that it was to say the truth. But reason the secretismo? Because it is that it was not to have with me to the swimming pool and asked me who I age? - What it is that held back the

Wil? - I asked. - I do not have the certainty. It asked for for I to find obtains me and to take it it Lhasa. Its plan, I believe, is to meet connosco there. I turned the face. The things started to seem threatening. I looked at again for it and later it said: - I do not know if I want to make this. Because it is that the Wil did not telephone me, he himself? - I have the certainty that it has an important ratio - Yin answered, giving a pacing in my direcção. Wil insisted very so that I took it. It needs itself. The eyes of Yin begged. - We can leave tomorrow? - We go to make the following one - I said. - Because he is that you do not enter to take a coffee and to argue the situation? It looked at in redor, as some thing was suspicious. - Please, I will come back to the eight, tomorrow of morning. Wil dealt with to voo and the visa for itself. It smiled and later it left quickly, before I had time to protest. 7:55 I left to the gate of the main vestibule only with a bag. The hotel agrees to keep everything more. My flat age to return inside of one week - to less, it is clearly, that any thing of stranger happened after leaving with Yin. In this in case that, it would return immediately. Exactamente to the marked hour, Yin arrived in an old Toyota and follows for the airport. During the path it was cordial, but he continued to declare itself ignorant of that if he passed with the Wil. Pensei to count to it what the Natalie had said me on that mysterious place in Central Asia and what the Wil had me counted in my room, to only see its reaction. 32 - 33 But I decided not to make it. It is better to observe the Yin intently, I thought, and to see the aspect of the things in the airport. In the balcony of tickets, it knew that a place had of fact been bought in my name in one voo for Lhasa. I looked at to my rollback and I tried to evaluate the situation. It seemed all normal one. Yin was to smile, obviously made use well. Unhappyly the employee of tickets was not. She knew some words in English and she was only very demanding. When she asked for my passport to me, I was still more

irritated and I answered to it with abruptness. The given height it stopped and looked at me cold, as it was simply to refuse to emit tickets. Yin was a refugee quickly and spoke with it in a calm voice, in its native nepalês. After some minutes its composure started to move. It did not come back to look at toward me, but it spoke of pleasant form with Yin, arriving to laugh at some thing that it said. Some minutes later we had our tickets and boarding passes and were seated to a small table in a coffee close to our gate. For all the side it was felt I smell cigarette fort. - much anger Has - Yin said. and it does not use well its energy very. I was apanhado of surprise: Of that you are to speak? It looked at for me with affection. - I want to say, did not make nothing to help the woman of

the balcony with its mood. It knew immediately what it was to suggest. In Peru, the Eighth Revelation described a method to liven up the others, concentrating us in the face of them of a particular form. You know the Revelations? - I asked. Yin waved, continuing to look at for me. - Yes - it said. - But it has more. - it is not easy to remember to transmit the energy - I added, in the defensive. With a well measured tone, Yin said: - But it has to understand that, in any way, already it is to influence the others with its energy, wants if aperceba of this or not. What it is important is the form as it places its... field of... of... Yin was strengthenn for finding the word English. - Field of intention - it said finally. - its field of conjunct. I looked at for it with force. Yin seemed to be to describe the conjunct in the same way that the brown man makes it. - Of that it is that you are to speak, exactamente? - I asked. - Some time was in a full room of people where the energy and the mood is in low e later appears somebody that magnifies the energy of all immediately, simply for entering in the room? The field of energy of this person goes to its front and afecta all people. - Yes - I answered. - I know what you want to say. Its look penetrated in me. - it is wanted to find Shambhala, has to learn to make this conscientiously. - Shambhala? Of

that it is that you are to speak? The face of Yin was pale, exhibiting a embarrassment expression. Abanou the head, pparently feeling that it had said more of the one than had. - It forgets - baixinho said. - it is not of my ability. Wil will go to explain this to it. It was to form a string to enter in the airplane; Yin was moved away and advanced for the hostess who received tickets. It made an enormous mental effort, trying to locate the Shambhala word. Finally it occurred me. Shambhala was the mythical community of the tibetana Buddhist tradition, that one that gives origin to histories on Shangri-La. I looked at for Yin. - This place is a certain myth...? Yin was limited to deliver the ticket to it to the hostess and followed for the pass. In voo for Lhasa, Yin and I sat down in different sections of the airplane, what he gave time to think to me. Everything what I wise person on Shambhala was that this place had great meaning for the Tibetan Buddhists, whose old written they described it as a sacred diamond city and gold, full of fidiciary offices and lamas - and hidden algures in the vast uninhabitable regions of the north of Tibet or China. More recently, however, most of the Buddhists seemed to speak of Shambhala in mere symbolic terms, representing a mental state spiritual, not a real location. 34 - 35 I extended the hand and I took off a tourist brochure on the Tibet of the stock market in the coasts of the seat, waiting to refresh my knowledge on its geography. Entalado between China, the north, and India and the Nepal, the south, Tibet is basically great plateaus with few areas below of the a thousand and eight hundred meters. In its imponent south border they are the Himalaias, including the Evereste mount, and in the border north, in the inward of China, they are the great Kunlun mountains. Between them it has deep throats, wild rivers and hundreds of squared quilómetros of rocky tundra. To judge for the map, eastern Tibet densely seemed to be more fertile and town, while that the north and the west seemed barren and mountainous,

with few beaten land roads, all they. Pparently only two great passages for Tibet exist occidental person - the road of the north, used mainly for camionistas, and the road of the south, that encircles the Himalaias and is used for pilgrims of all the region to arrive at the sacred places of the Evereste, Manasarovar lake and Kailash mount and, onwarder, for mysterious the Kunlun. I interrupted my reading. Flying the thirty and five a thousand feet, I started to feel a clear variation in the exterior temperature and energy. Below of me, the pináculos frozen and rocky of the Himalaias were risen, fit for a blue sky without clouds. We practically flied over the top of the Evereste mount when we entered in the airspace of Tibet - the land of snows, the tecto one of the world. It was a nation of people in demand, interior travellers, and when I looked at for the verdejantes valleys and encircled rocky mountain plains, I could not leave to feel intimidated me by its mystery. Unhappyly she was brutally managed for a totalitarian government. What it is that I, asked me exactly, I was to make here? I looked at stops backwards, for Yin, seated four strings behind me. It bothered me that it was so discrete. I again decided to be very cautious. It would not move away to me from Lhasa without an full explanation. When we arrived at the airport, Yin resisted all my questions on Shambhala, repeating its affirmation of that in briefing in we would find them with Wil and that, in this height, I I would know everything. Apanhámos a taxi and we follow for a small hotel close downtown, where the Wil would be to our wait. Apercebi me of Yin to look at fixed for me. - What it was? - I asked. • It was only to verify if if it adaptava well to the altitude - it answered Yin. - Lhasa is three a thousand meters above of the level of the sea. During times it has to go with calm. I agreed to one I wave of head, appreciating the concern, but, in the past, always me adaptara easily the great altitudes. He was you give to relate this when I sighted an enormous similar structure to a ortaleza, to far. This is the palace of Potala - Yin said. - It wanted that it saw it.

It was the residence of Winter of the Dalai Mud before being exiled. Now it symbolizes the fight of the Tibetan people against the Chinese occupation. It moved away the look and he was quiet until the carriage to stop, not in front of the hotel, but yes one one hundred meters more to the front. - Wil already had to be here - Yin said when it opened the gate. - It waits in the taxi. I go to verify. But, instead of leaving, it stopped and fixed the input. Vi the look of it and I also looked at in this direcção. The street was full of Tibetan laborers and some tourists, but everything seemed normal. Later my eyes they had fallen on a low man, Chinese, close to the esquina it building. Any had in the hand a paper, but its eyes inspeccionavam the area carefully. Yin looked at for the carriages parked together to the stroll in front of the man, of the other side of the street. Its look lingered in an old carriage chestnut with some men of fact. Yin said any thing to the conductor of the taxi, that it nervously looked at for we in the retrovisor mirror and pulled out for the next crossing. While we followed, Yin was leaned over not to be seen by the men in the carriage. - What it is transferred? - I asked. Yin ignored me, saying the conductor to capsize the left and to follow for the center of the city. I grasped to it in the arm. - Yin, says me what it is transferred. Who was those men? 36 - 37 • I do not know - it said. - But Wil already would not be there. It has one another small farm for where I think that it I could go. It sees if we are to be followed. I looked at stops backwards, while Yin gave more instructions to the taxista. Some carriages had appeared behind us but later direcções had turned noutras. It did not have signs of the carriage chestnut. - Sees there somebody behind? • Yin asked, turning over to look at he himself. - me it does not seem • I answered. It was you give to again interrogate Yin concerning that if it was to pass when I noticed that the hands of it were to tremble. I looked at well for its face. Pale and it was covered of sweat. I

perceived that it had to be frightened. This vision launched a chill of fear for my body. Before I could speak, Yin indicated to the taxista a place to park and pushed me for is of the carriage with my bag, leading me for a lateral street and later for a narrow alley. After walking one thirty meters, we leaned it the wall of a building and waited some minutes, of looking at nailed in the input of the street that we finish to leave. None of us said a word. When it it seemed that we were not to be followed, Yin followed for the alley until the next o building and beat some times. It did not have reply, but the crossbar of the gate confided mysteriously in the inward - It waits here - commanded Yin, opening the gate. - I already come back. He entered quiet in the building and he closed the gate. When I heard it to lock itself, I was taken by a panic wave. “and now”, I thought. Yin was scared. It would go to abandon it are me here? I looked at stops backwards, for the alley, and in the direcção of the pressed together street. It was exactamente this what I more was afraid. Somebody seemed to walk to the seek of the Yin and perhaps also of the Wil. it did not make ideia of that where it could be to involve me. Perhaps it was better if Yin disappeared exactly, thought. Thus street could come back to run it and to hide me in the way of the multitude until discovering the path of return to the airport. That more could I make, not to be to come back toward house? He would be acquitted of any responsibility to look the Wil or to make any another thing in this desventura. The gate confided subitamente, Yin slid for is and the gate was locked quickly. - Wil left a message - Yin declared. - It comes. We walked a little for the alley more and hide ourselves enters two great containers of the trash, while Yin opened an envelope and removed there of a ticket. I observed it while it read. Its face seemed to be still more white. When it finished, extended the ticket to me. - What it says? - I asked, grasping the paper. I recognized the calligraphy of the Wil while it read:

Yin, I am convinced that in they had authorizeed them to enter in Shambhala. But I have to continue. It is of the maximum importance that you bring our American friend so far how much you will be able. You know that dakini will guide you. Wil I looked at for Yin, that observed me during a moment and later it turned the face. - What it wants to say with authorized entering in Shambhala? It is to speak, figurative certain? It does not think that it is a real place, therefore not? Yin was to look at fixed for the soil. - It is clearly that Wil thinks that is a real place - it whispered. - and you? - I asked. It moved away the eyes again, seeming that the weight of the world falls on its shoulders. - Yes... yes... it said. - Only that for the majority of the people it is impossible at least to conceive this place, the more to arrive there. Certainly you and I cannot... - the voice of it was disappeared in silence. Yin - I talked back. - You have to say me what it is transferred. What it is that the Wil walks to make? Who is the men who check in the hotel? Yin observed me during a moment and later it said: - I find that they are agents of the Chinese espionage. - what!? - I do not know what they are here to make. Pparently they had been alerted by all this activity and talks concerning Shambhala. 38 - 39 Many of lamas daqui were aperceberam that some thing is to move in this sacred place. It has had much quarrel. - to move how? It says me. Yin breathed deep. - It wanted to leave the Wil to explain this... but I assume that I have to try. It has to understand what it is Shambhala. Its people livings creature, born in that sacred place are human beings, but they are in a more advanced evolutivo degree. They help to support the energy and the vision of the entire world. I deviated my look, thinking about the Tenth Revelation. - They are a

species of guides spirituals? - Not in the way that you think - Yin retorquiu. - they are not as familiar or the souls of the other world, that in can help them to leave of this dimension. They are human beings that live here in the Land. The inhabitants of Shambhala have an extraordinary community and live in a higher stadium of development. They are a model of that the remaining portion of the world will finish for reaching. - Where it is this place? - I do not know. - You know somebody that has seen it? - Not. When was child, studied with great mud, that declared one day to me that went for Shambhala and, after days of celebration, left. - It arrived there? Nobody knows. It disappeared and never more it was seen in Tibet. - In this case nobody really knows if it exists or not. Yin was quiet for a moment and later it said: - We have legends... - We who? It looked at for me. He obtained to see that it was limited by some type of silence code. - I cannot say this to it. But the leader of our seita, the Rigden Mud, could decide to speak I obtain. - That legends are these? • I only can say this to it: the legends are the left narratives for that they had tried to arrive the Shambhala in the past. They have centuries. Yin was gives to say plus any thing when a sound come of the street attracted our attention. We looked at intently but we did not see nobody. - It waits here - Yin said. One more time Yin beat to the gate and disappeared there inside. Equally fast it left and it followed until together of an old rusty jeep with one tejadilho of fabric torn. It opened the gate and it made me sign to enter. - He comes - it called. - We have of in hurrying them. 40 - 41 2. The SHAMBHALA CALLING Yin lead for is of Lhasa. I remained myself exactly in

silence, looking at for mountains and asking me what the Wil wanted to say with its note. Because he had determined it to follow alone? E who was dakini? The Yin went to make this question when a Chinese military camião crossed the crossing to our front. The vision provoked in me a frightening and felt a nervousness wave to full my body. What he was I to make? We had finished to see agents of the espionage to watch the hotel where it was presumption to meet with the Wil. Could be to our seek. - Wait one minute, Yin - I said. - I want to go for an airport. Everything this seems me too much dangerous. Yin looked at for me, alarmed. - and the Wil? - it asked. - You it read the ticket. It needs itself. - Yes, well, it is accustomed to this type of thing. I do not have the certainty that it wanted that I set in this way in danger. Already it is in danger. We have to leave Lhasa. - For where we go? I asked. - For the monastery of the Rigden Mud, close to Shigatse. It will be night when to arrive there. - Has there a telephone? - I asked. - Yes - Yin retorquiu. - I believe that yes, one will be to function. Acenei and Yin came back to concentrate themselves in the road. All good, I thought. It will not have problem in moving away daqui to me, before dealing with my return the house. 43 During hours we follow to the hard jolts for the road badly paved, exceeding old camiões and carriages for the path. The scene was a mixture of ugly industrial zones and pretty landscapes. Well after dusk, Yin stopped in the patio of a small house of hardened. A great lanzudo dog was imprisoned together to a workshop, to the right, barking furious. - It is the house of the Rigden Mud? - I asked. Not, clearly that not - Yin answered. - But I know the people here. We can arrange food and gasoline, we will be able to need them later. I come back already. I observed Yin to go up the steps wooden and to beat to the gate. An aged tibetana woman left and immediately she arrested Yin in a great one I hug. Yin pointed with respect to me,

smiled and said any thing that I did not obtain to understand. He made me sign, I left and walked until the a I marry. A moment later we hear the soft tow-car of brakes of a carriage it are there. Yin ran for the window and opened the curtains to see. I was soon behind of it. In the blackout, he saw a black carriage without signs, stopped in the berm of the road of the other side of the esburacada input, the thirty meters of pitch. - Who is? - I asked. - I do not know - Yin answered. Skirt and goes to search our luggages, fast. I looked at interrogatively for it. - It is all good - it said. - He goes to search them, but he walks fast. I left house and I walked until the o

jeep, trying not to look at for the carriage to far. I extended the arm for the opened window, grasped my bag and the knapsack of Yin and later I came back quickly toward inside. Yin was still to observe for the window. - Oh, balls - it said subitamente. - They come there. An explosion of light of the lighthouses illuminated the window when the carriage sped up in direcção to the house. Taking off me it knapsack with a hand, Yin advanced for the gate of the backs and the blackout. • We have to follow for here - Yin cried out me while it followed for a path that lead to a group of low rocky mounts. I looked at stops backwards for the house and vi, horrified, agent the civilian to leave the carriage and to encircle the residence. Another carriage that we had not seen appeared for one of the sides of the house; more men had jumped of it and had started to run hillside above for our right. I wise person that, if we continued in the direcção that we were to follow, they in would apanhariam them in few minutes. - Yin, waits one minute - I said, in a well audible whisper. - They are to take the shortcut to us. It very stopped and put the face next to mine in the blackout. - For the left - it said. - We go to skirt them. While it said this, apercebi me of the other agents to run in this direcção. If we followed the passage that the Yin indicated, surely we would be seen. I looked at directamente for the part steepest of the hillside. Any thing called me it attention. A part ténue of the path was

visible, clearer. - Not, we have to go up the right - I said instinctively, advancing in this direcção. Yin got behind one instant and, later, it followed me hastily. We open path in direcção to the rocks, with the agents to be come close for our right. In the top of a mountain of the rise, an agent seemed to be same in top of us e, therefore, we agachámos ourselves enters two great rochedos. The area to our rollback was still perceptivelmente more luminous. The man was not the more than ten meters, advancing for where in he would see them better. Later, when coming close itself to the limit of the soft brightness, the seconds of in seeing them, stopped abruptly and again started to advance, later stopped one another time, as if, subitamente, it had had another ideia. Without giving plus a pacing, he turned themselves and he ran hillside below. Some moments later I asked the Yin, in a grumble, if it thought that the agent in had seen them. - Not - Yin answered. - it does not seem me. It comes. Trepámos the hill during more ten minutes, before stopping in a pedregoso precipice to look at for the house. We obtained to see more carriages of official aspect to stop together of it. One of them was an old carriage of the policy, with a red rotating light. The scene fulled me of terror. Already it did not have doubt of that this people walked behind us. 44 - 45 Yin was also to look at anxiously for the house, with the hands to be trembled again. - What it is that they go to make with your friend? - I asked, horrified with what it it could say. Yin looked at for me with the full eyes of tears and fury, later continued mount above. We walked during some hours, opening path under the light of a weak and periodically overcast moon for clouds. He wanted to interrogate Yin concerning the legends that he relates, but it continued angry and taciturno. In the top of a mountain of the hill, Yin stopped and announced that we had to rest. When seating me on a

next rock, it one moved away one four meters for the way of the blackout and was of coasts for me. - How it is that it had as much certainty - asked without if coming back - what we had to go up the right in that hill there behind? I breathed deep. - Vi any thing - I stuttered. - the zone was, of some form, more luminous. It seemed me to be the certain path. It turned over, even came next to me and sat down in the soil to my front. - Some time had seen a thing thus, before? I tried to move away my anxiety. My heart beat with force and I badly obtained to speak. - Yes, already - I answered. - Some times, recently. It moved away the eyes and was quiet. - Yin, you know what it is to happen? - the legends would say that we are to be helped. Helped for who? One more time it turned the face. - Yin, says me what you know on this. It did not answer. - They are dakini that the Wil related in its ticket? It continued not to have reply. I started to feel me furious. - Yin! It counts to me what you know. It arose itself quickly and looked at shadily for me. - He has things of that we cannot speak. He does not understand? The fact to only mention the names of these beings of form trifler can leave a dumb man during years, or blind person. They are the guardiões of Shambhala. She marched with intensity until an flat rock, extended the coat and she lay down themselves. She felt me exausto equally, incapable to think. • We have to sleep - Yin said. - Please, it will know more tomorrow. I looked at for it during plus a moment, later I lay down myself on the rock where it was seated and dived in a deep sleep. *** I was despertado by a light cone to rise itself enters two mountainous peaks to far. Looking at in redor, apercebi me that Yin had disappeared. I arose myself of a skip and I looked for in the surrounding zone, with pains for all the body. Some did not see Yin in side. Curse, I thought. It did not have form to know where it was. I

was crossed by a deep wave of anxiety. I waited more thirty minutes, looking at for chestnut rocky hills with small valleys of relva green, and it it continued without returning. Later I rose myself and I noticed, for the first time, that to the deep one of the hillside, about one hundred and twenty meters, were a beaten land road. I grasped my bag, I went down among the rocks until arriving at the road and later I followed for north. As much how much it obtained me to remember, the direcção of Lhasa was this. Quilómetro had walked little more than one when me apercebi that four or five people followed in the same direcção, to less than five hundred pacings behind me. I left the road immediately and I went up for the top of a mountain of the rocks, in order to be hidden but to obtain still to see to pass them. When they had arrived next to me, vi that she was a family consisting of an old one, a man and a woman of one thirty years and two adolescent youngsters. They brought great bags and the man new pulled a loaded carriage with its ownerships. 46 - 47 They seemed refugee. I thought about approaching me of them and at least to inform me of the path to follow, but I decided not to make it. It was afraid that they could denounce me later and therefore I left to pass them. I waited more twenty minutes and later I advanced cautiously in the same direcção. During about three quilómetros the road it serpenteou among small hills and rocky plateaus until, to far, in the top of a mountain of one of hills, I sighted a monastery. I left the road and trepei among the rocks until being the two hundred meters of it. He was done of bricks sand color, with the flat roof painted of chestnut, and had two sections, one of each side of a main building. It did not see any movement and, the principle, I thought that the place was empty. But later the gate frontal vi confided and one monge, dress with an alive red mantle, to leave and to start to work in the garden, close to a solitary tree to the right it building.

It seemed harmless razoavelmente, but I decided not to risk. I came back to the beaten land road, crossed it and I skirted the monastery for the left, until well left having stops backwards. Later I followed again for the road, com.cuidado, stopping only to take off the coat. The sun was the puncture and was surprising hot. After quilómetro and half, it was you give to exceed a small rise in the road when I heard any thing. I ran for the way them rocks and was to listening. The principle I thought that it was a bird, but slowly perceived that he was somebody to speak, well to far. Who? With great cautelas, the rocks went up until arriving at a higher position, later observed more below for the small valley. My heart froze. Underneath of me it was a beaten land crossing where three military jeeps were parked. A dozen of soldiers, more or less, was for there, smoking and talking. I withdrew, keeping me agachado, and I came back for where had come until finding a small farm where to hide me, between two rocky wooded hills. From there I heard any long-distance thing, for there of the road locking. It was a low moan, the principle, and later a rotating beating that I recognized. A helicopter. In panic, I ran so fast among the rocks how much I obtained, for far of the road. I crossed a small one I sell at retail and escorreguei, ensopando the pants until the knees. I arose myself in a skip and I preset to run, but my foot slid in one of the rocks and I fell mount below, tearing the pants and the leg. I set of foot with difficulty and continued to run, looking a better hiding place. When the helicopter if approached, I ran on another small rise and was to look at stops backwards when somebody it grasped me and it pulled me for inside of a small crack. It was Yin. immovable Ficámos perfectly while the great helicopter flied directamente over us. - It is a Z-9 - Yin said. The face of it seemed taken of panic, but it saw that he was also furious. - Because it left the small farm where we were camped? - it asked, almost to the shouts. • You left me! - I answered. - It stows except less of one hour. It must have waited. The fear and the anger had blown up in me. - Waited?

Because you did not say me for where you went? Still it had not finished, but it heard the helicopter to capsize far. - What we go to make? - I asked the Yin. - we cannot be here. - We come back to the monastery - it said. - He was there that I stow. I waved with the head, later I arose myself and I looked the helicopter. Happily it was to capsize for north. At the same time, another thing called my attention. He was monge that I had seen before, I descend the ditch in our direcção. It advanced until us and it said any thing the Yin in Tibetan and later it looked at for me. - He comes, please - it in English said, grasping me and pulling me in the direcção of the monastery. When we arrived, we crossed first the gate of a lateral patio there, passing for many loaded Tibetans with bags and some belongings. Some of them seemed poor very. Later we arrived at the main building of the monastery; monge opened the great gates wooden and lead us until an input room, where more were congregated Tibetan. 48 - 49 When passing for them I recognized a group; she was the family who had passed for me in the road. They had looked at for me with warm eyes. Yin saw me to look at it for they and interrogated me it this respect; I explained to it that he had seen them in the road. - They were there for leading until here - Yin said. - But you too much it was scared to follow the sincronicidade. It looked at for me with severe air and later it continued to follow monge until a small office with shelves, secretaries and some reels with conjuncts. We sat down in redor of a wooden table with ornamental writings, where monge and Yin had changed a long colloquy in Tibetan. - It leaves to see me its leg - monge in English asked for to another one, behind us. Cestinho brought one full of white ties and some bottles with dropper. The face of Yin was illuminated. - Vocês is known? - I asked. - Please - monge said, offering to me hand to it with a fast vénia. - I am Jampa. Yin inclined for me. - Jampa is with the Rigden Mud has ten years more

than. - Who is the Rigden Mud? Jampa and Yin had looked at one for the other, as if they did not know well what they could count me. Finally Yin said: - Already I spoke to it of legends. The Rigden Mud understands legends best of the one than any another person. He is one of the expert greaters in Shambhala. - It counts exactamente to me what it happened - Jampa said me, rubbing a species of unguento in my arranhada leg. I looked at for Yin, that made me sign to obey. - I have to inform the Mud of that it happened to It - Jampa explained. Contei-Lhe everything what the Lhasa had happened since my inbound. When I finished, Jampa looked at for me. - and before coming to Tibet? What it happened? I spoke to it of the son of my neighbor and the Wil. It and Yin had looked at one for the other. - and what he has been to think? - Jampa asked. - I have been to think that I am dislocated here • I answered. - I am to think about following for the airport. - Not, it is not this that I wanted to say - I said Jampa hastily. - This morning, when discovered that Yin had left, which was its attitude, its state of spirit? - I was scared. Wise person only that the Chinese would apanhariam me in minutes. I tried to imagine a form to return the Lhasa. Jampa was turned and looked at for Yin, franzindo the forehead. - It does not know the conjunct fields. Yin abanou the head and deviated the look. - Already we spoke on this - I said. - But I do not have the certainty of its importance. What it knows about of these helicopters? They walk to our seek? Jampa was limited to smile and said it me for not worrying me, that here it would be in security. We were interrupted by several others monges to deliver soup, bread and tea. While we ate, my head seemed to be more discerning and started to evaluate the situation. It wanted to know everything about of that if it was to pass. Immediately. I looked at for Jampa with determination and it it answered to my look with deep afecto. - I know that it has many questions - it declared. - It leaves to say me to it what I can. We are a special seita in Tibet here. Atypical. It has many centuries that we believe that Shambhala is a real place. Also we know legends,

so old verbal wisdom as the Kalachakra, that if dedicates to integrate all the religious truth. Many of ours lamas are in contact with Shambhala through its dreams. It has some months, its Wil friend started to appear in the dreams of the Rigden Mud on Shambhala. Little time later, Wil was lead to this exactly monastery. The Rigden Mud accepted to receive it and discovered that Wil also had dreamed of Shambhala. - What it is that the Wil counted to It? - I asked. - For where it was? It abanou the head. - Distrust that has to wait to see if the Rigden Mud will give it, proper it, this information. I looked at for Yin and it it sketched a smile. 50 - 51 • and the Chinese? - I asked the Jampa. - Which is the envolvement of them? Jampa shrank the shoulders. - we do not know. Perhaps they know any thing concerning that if she passes. I waved with the head. - It has plus a thing - Jampa said. - Pparently, in all the dreams appear plus a person. An American. Jampa made a break and inclined slightly. - its Wil friend did not have the certainty, but he thought that she was you. After taking bath and moving of clothes in the room that Jampa had destined me, I left for the patio of the backs. Several monges worked in one horta, as if the Chinese did not worry them. I looked at for mountains and inspeccionei the sky. Any helicopters were not seen. It would like if seating there in that bank in top? - a voice behind me said. I turned over and vi Yin to leave for the gate. I agreed and we go up some full platforms of ornamental and vegetal plants, until arriving at a rest zone, in front of one complicated Buddhist sanctuary. A great saw fit the horizon behind us, but for south we had a panoramic sight of the landscape during some quilómetros. Many people walked for the roads or pulled stands. - Where it is the Mud? I asked. - I do not know - Yin answered. - It still did not accept to

see it. - Because not? Yin abanou the head. - I do not know. - You find that it knows where is the Wil? Yin abanou the head again. - You find that the Chinese still walk to our seek? - I asked. Yin limited to shrink it the shoulders, looking at for the emptiness. 52 • Moan to be with a so minus energy - it said. - Please he does not leave that it influences it. It is only my anger to dominate me. Since 1954, the Chinese have pledged themselves in destroying the culture sistematicamente tibetana. He sees the people who walk beyond. Many of them are camponeses that had been dislocated because of económicas initiatives commanded by the Chinese. Others are nómadas that they are to die of hunger because these politics had intervened with its style of life. - It compressed the two fists. - the Chinese are to make the same thing that Estaline made in the Manchúria, mattering thousands of outsiders for Tibet, in this in case that Chinese ethnic, to modify the cultural balance and to institute the Chinese habits. They demand that our schools only teach in the Chinese language. - the people together to the gates of the monastery - I asked. - Because they had come to here? - the Rigden Mud and monges are to work to help the poor persons, who are who more suffer with the cultural transistion. It was therefore that the Chinese had left it in peace. It helps to decide the problems without agitating the population against them. Yin said this of a form that reflectia a fast resentment against the Mud, asking for immediately excuse. - Not - it said. - I do not want to suggest that the Mud is to be too much cooperante. Only that what the Chinese are to make she is worthless. He closed the fists again and he beat with them in the knees. - Many had thought, of beginning, that the Chinese government would respect the Tibetan habits, that we could exist in the inward of the Chinese nation without losing everything. But the government is determined to destroy us. This is clearly now and has to start to become it to them more difficult life. - You want to try to fight against them? - I

asked. - Yin, you know that pods not to win them. - I know, I I know it declared. - But I am so furious, when I think about the one that they are to make. One day the warriors of Shambhala will ride to defeat these monsters of the evil. - what!? 53 • It is a prophecy of my people. It looked at for me and abanou the head. - I know that I have to dominate my anger. It damages my field of conjunct. Abruptly she arose themselves and she added: - I go to ask to the Jampa if it spoke with the Mud. Please he forgives me. He made a fast vénia and he left. During some instants I was to look at for the tibetana landscape, trying to total understand the estragos that the Chinese occupation had provoked. The given height I exactly thought to have heard another helicopter, but it was too much far for having the certainty. Wise person who the anger of the Yin was justified e, during some minutes, I thought about the realities of the situation politics of Tibet. It occurred ideia to ask for me to it a telephone and I asked difficult quão exactly to me would be to obtain an international plugging. It was you give to raise me and to follow for inside when me apercebi that it felt me tired, therefore I breathed deep two times and I tried to concentrate me in the beauty to my rollback. The mountains covered of snow and the colors green and chestnut of the beautiful landscape were strong and e the sky had blue a deep one with only some clouds in the horizon for west. While it looked at, apercebi me of two monges, some floors below of me, to look at fixed in my direcção. I looked at stops backwards, to see if it had something there, but vi nothing not to invulgar. It smiles in the direcção of them. After some minutes one of them it went up the steps of rock in my direcção, loading a full hamper of manual tools. When chegoujunto of me, waved delicately and started to take off the grass harmful of a seedbed of flowers, five meters to my right. Some minutes later another one was joined it monge, that also it started to

dig. 0ccasionally they looked at for me with respectful inquisitivos and acenos eyes. I breathed deep plus some times and I concentrated myself again in the pitch, thinking about that that Yin had said in relation to its field of conjunct. It was afraid that its hatred against the Chinese damaged its energy. What he wanted this to say? Subitamente I started more conscientiously to feel the heat of the sun and its brightness, feeling a certain peace that did not know since that here it arrives. I breathed one more time deep, with the closed eyes and feeling something more, a fragrance invulgarmente candy, fellow creature to a branch of flowers. The first ideia that occurred me was that monges had cut some rebentos of the plants where they were to work and they had placed them close to me. April the eyes and I looked at, but it did not have any flower for close. I looked a breeze that could have brought the fragrance in my direcção, but did not have any movement in air. I noticed that monges had released the tools and was to look at intensely for me, of very open eyes and with the half-open mouths, as they had seen some thing strange. I looked at again stops backwards of me, trying to perceive what one was to pass. When they were aperceberam that they had disturbed me, had congregated its tools quickly and hampers and had almost run for the path in direcção to the monastery. I followed them with the look during a moment, observing its red vestments to be agitated and to balance while they looked at stop backwards, to see if I I was to observe them. *** Thus that I went down and I entered in the monastery, knew that any thing was transferred. Monges ran in all direcções, whispering ones for the others. I followed for a corridor and I entered in my room, planeando to ask for the Jampa to use a telephone. My mood was

better, but it was another time to put in cause my instinct of autopreservação. It was to leave to drag me for what it was transferred here, instead of trying to leave the country. Who wise person what the Chinese could make if I was apanhado? They knew my name? It could late until already being excessively to leave for air. It was you give to raise it me and to go to look Jampa when it entered, of rompante, in the room. 54 - 55 • the Mud accepted to see it - it announced. - It is a great honor. If it does not worry, says a perfect English. I waved, feeling me a little nervous. Jampa was of together foot to the gate, expectant. - I must follow it immediately - he declared. I rose myself and I followed Jampa through a very great room, with tecto a high one, until a smaller room of the other side. Five or six monges, with reels of conjuncts and white handkerchiefs, had anxiously observed them to advance until the a front and to sit down. Yin waved of sings it more distant. - This is the reception room - Jampa said. The inward of the room was wooden, spotted of blue-clearly. You wall by hand worked and mandalas decorated the walls. We waited some minutes and later the Mud it entered. Monges was higher of the one than the majority of the others, but it was dress with a red mantle, exactamente as those that they used. After very looking at intently for all the people in the room, the Jampa made sign to advance. Its foreheads had been touched and it murmured any thing to the ear of Jampa. Jampa was turned immediately and made sign to all the others monges to follow it for is of the room. Also the Yin started to leave but, when making it, it looked at for me and it waved slightly with the head, a gesture that I understood I eat being of bracket for the eminent colloquy. Many of monges had delivered its handkerchiefs and had waved to me

animadamente. When the room was empty, the Mud made sign I to advance and to seat me in a very small chair to its right. I made a fast vénia when advancing me and sat down. - Obliged for receiving me - it said. It waved with the head and smiled, observing me during much time. - I can ask for my friend Wilson to it James? - I inquired finally. - Knows where it is? - What he knows concerning Shambhala? the Mud asked in turn. - I assume that always I thought about as an imaginary place, a fancy. It knows, as Shangri-La. It strained the head and answered descontraidamente: - It is a real place in the Land, that exists as part of the community human being. - Because he is that never nobody discovered where is? E because as many prominent Buddhists speak of Shambhala as a life mode, a mentality? - Because Shambhala really represents a form of being and living. It can be described of necessary form in these terms. But it is also a place concrete, where true people had reached this form of living in community ones with the others. - Already it was there? - Not, not, I was still not called. - Then as it can have as much certainty? Because I dreamed of Shambhala many times, such as other fidiciary offices in the Land. We compare our dreams and them they are so similar that we know that this has of being a real place. E we withhold the sacred knowledge, the legends, that explain our relation with this sacred community. - How it is this relation? - We must preserve the knowledge while we wait the moment of Shambhala if to disclose and to give to know it to all the peoples. - Yin said me that some believe that the warriors of Shambhala will arrive one day to defeat the Chinese. - the anger of the Yin is very dangerous for it. It is deceived, in this case? - It is to speak of the human point of view, that sees the defeat in terms of war and physical combat. Exactamente how this prophecy will become reality is still unknown. We have first to understand Shambhala. But we know that this battle will be of a different type. I found this last affirmation críptica, but

its modes were so comprehensive that I more felt me impressed of the one than confused. - We believe - it continued the Rigden Mud -, that he is next the time where Shambhala will be given to know to the world. - Mud, as can know this? 56 - 57 • One more time because of our dreams. Its Wil friend was here, as indubitavelmente already he knows. We receive this as a great sign, because previously we had dreamed of it. It smelled the fragrance and heard the phrase. I was apanhado of surprise. - That type of fragrance? It smiled. - That one that you also smelled today. Now everything made sensible. The reaction of monges and the decision of the Mud in receiving me. - It is also to be called - it added. - To receive the fragrance is something rare. The vi to only happen two times; - a time when it was with my master and another time when its Wil friend here was. Now it happened again, I obtain. Wise person if did not have to receive it or not. He is very dangerous to speak of these things with ligeireza. Also she heard the shout? - Not - I said. I do not understand what it is this. - It is also a calling of Shambhala. It continues to the listening of a special sound. When hearing, will know what it is. - Mud, I do not have the certainty of

wanting to go either where it will be. This seems here to be very dangerous for me. The Chinese seem to know who I are. I find that I want to come back toward the United States that soon possible. He can simply say me where I can find the Wil? It is algures here close? The Mud abanou the head very, seeming sad. - Not, distrust that it if has compromised to continue. I was silenced e, during a long moment, the Mud was limited to look at it for me. - He has plus a thing that must know - it said. - the dreams had left well clearly that, without its aid, the Wil will not survive to this attempt. So that it has success, you also he will have to be there. A fear wave covered me, making to deviate me the look. It was not this what I wanted to hear. - the

legend Says - the Mud continued -, that in Shambhala each generation has a certain destination that public is known and argued. The same it is truth for the cultures human beings it are of Shambhala. For times we can gain great force and clarity, looking at for the courage and intentions of the previous generation to ours. I asked me exactly what it would want to say with this. - its father is alive? - he asked. Abanei the head. - It died has some years. - It served during the great war of years 40? - Yes - I answered. - It served. - It was in combat? - Yes, during most of the war. - It Falou-Lhe of the situation more frightful than lived? The question made me to withdraw the colloquies with my father during my youth. I thought during a moment. • Probably the landing of Normandy, in 1944, in the Omaha beach. Ah, yes - the Mud said -, vi your American films about of this landing. Also it saw them? - Yes, vi - I talked back. - They comoviam me very. They speak of the fear and the courage of these soldiers - it continued. - Therefore he is. - He finds that he would have been capable to make similar things? - I do not know. I do not perceive as

they had obtained to make them. - Perhaps it had been more easy for they because a generation was a calling for all. To a certain level, all had felt it: those that had fought, the ones that had made the weapons, the ones that had supplied the food. They had saved the world, at the moment where it faced the biggest danger. He waited, as one was to the wait that I made a question, but I only continued to look at for it. - the calling for its generation is different - it declared. - Also vocês they must save the world. But they have to make it of different form. They have to understand that inside of you an upper power exists, that can be cultivated and be extended, a mental energy that always was known as conjunct. - Already I heard to say this - I declared. - But I assume that still I do not know as to use it. 58 - 59

When hearing this it smiled and was risen, looking at for me with a brightness in the eyes. - Yes - it said. - I know. But have-of knowing, have- knowing. *** I lay down myself in the small bed of my room and thought about that that the Mud had said me. It had finished the colloquy of abrupt form, moving away the questions that remained me with one wave. Now it goes to rest - it had said, calling several monges with the touch a strident bell. - Tomorrow we will speak again. Later, Jampa and Yin had me obliged to repeat everything what the Mud says. But the truth was that the Mud me leaves more questions of that responses. Still not wise person for where the Wil had IDO and what she really meant the calling of Shambhala. Everything this sounded fancy and dangerous. Yin and Jampa had refused to argue any one of these questions. We passed the remaining portion of the night to eat and to look at for the landscape, before in collecting them early. Now it was to look at for tecto, the incapable one to adormecer, with innumerable thoughts to turn around in my head. I repeated all mentally my tibetana experience some times and later I slid for an irregular sleep. I dreamed that it ran among the multitudes of Lhasa, looking for shelter in one of the monasteries. Monges to the input looked at for me and closed the gate. Soldiers pursued me. It ran for the streets and dark alleys without hope, until, in the end of a street, I looked at for right and vi an illuminated area, similar to that had seen before. When I came close myself, the light disappeared gradually, but to my front it was a gate. The soldiers were to turn the esquina behind me; I ran for the gate and I met in a frozen landscape... I woke up sobressaltado. Where he was? Slowly, I recognized the room, I set of foot and I walked until the a window. The dawn was to blunt the east and I tried to move

away the dream and to return to the bed, a ideia that if disclosed unfruitful total. He was perfectly awaken. I dressed pants and a coat, I went down the stairs until the o patio next to hortas and sat down in a decorated metal bank. While it looked at sunrise it, I heard any thing behind me. Coming back me, vi the figure of a man to advance toward me come of the monastery. It was the Rigden Mud. I rose myself and I made a deep vénia. - He woke up early - it said. - I wait that it has slept well. - Yes - I answered, observing it while it advanced for the side and it lay down a hand-full one of grain for the fish. The water circled while they consumed the food. - Which had been its dreams? - it asked, without looking at for me. I spoke to it of the persecution and to have seen the area illuminated. It looked at for me, frightened. - Also already he had this experience in its awaken life? - he asked. - Some times in this trip - I answered. - Mud, what it is transferred? It smiled and sat down in the bank, my side. - He is to be helped by dakini. - I do not understand. Who is dakini? The Wil left a ticket to the Yin, where if it relates to dakini, but I never had heard to speak of them before this. - They belong to the world spiritual. Generally they appear as women, but they can assume the form that to want. In ocidente they are known as angels, but they are still more mysterious of whom the majority thinks. Distrust that the inhabitants of Shambhala only know them truily. The legends say that they move themselves with the light of Shambhala. It made a break and it looked at deeply for me. - Already it decided if it goes to answer to this calling? - it would not know what to make to follow it said I. - the legends have-of guiding it. They say that we will recognize the moment of Shambhala to be known because many people will start to understand as if she lives there, the truth for detrás of the energy of the conjunct. The conjunct is not a power that if only materialize when in we seat them and we decide to pray in a particular situation.

60 - 61 The conjunct functions in these heights, is clearly, but also noutras. - It is to speak of a field of constant conjunct? - Yes. Good or bad, conscientious everything what we wait, or unconsciously, we help to become reality. Our conjunct is an energy or power that emanates of us in all the direcções. In the majority of the people, who think of vulgar form, this power is very weak and contradictory. But noutras, that they seem to reach many things in its lives, that are creative and successful, this field of energy is strong, even so generally continues to be unconscious. Most of the people in this group has a strong field because they had grown in an environment that taught to wait the success to them and more or less to count implicitly on it. They had had strong models of behavior, to who had imitated. But the legends say that, in briefing, all the people will know this power and will understand that our ability to use this energy can be strengthened and be widened. I counted this to it for explaining to it as to answer to the calling of Shambhala. To find this place sacred, it must widen its energy sistematicamente, until it emanates sufficient creative force to go for there. The procedure to make is established it in legends and involves three important pacings. It still has one room pacing, but that only the inhabitants of Shambhala know full. It is therefore that to find Shambhala it is so difficult. Exactly that somebody obtains to widen its energy during the three first pacings, needs aid to obtain of fact to find the path of Shambhala. Dakini has to open the gate. - It called to dakini creatures spirituals. It wants to say, souls that are in the other life and that they act as our guides? - Not, dakini is other beings that act to awake and to protect the human beings. They are not, and they had never been, human beings. - and they are the same that angels? The Mud smiled. - They are what they are. A reality. Each religion has a different name for they, as well as each religion it has a different form to describe God and the life mode that the human beings had to follow. But in all the religions the experience of God,

the energy of the love, is exactamente the same one. 62 Each religion has the its history of this relation and its way to speak of it, but only one divine source exists. It is transferred the same with the angels. - Therefore vocês they are not strict Buddhist? - our seita and the legends where we believe have its raízes in the buddhism, but we are a synthesis of all the religions. We believe that each one of them has its truth, that must be incorporated with all the others. He is possible to make this without losing the sovereignty or basic truth of our traditional beliefs. He could also call exactly Christian me, for example, and Jew or Muslim. We believe that the inhabitants of Shambhala also work for the integration of all the religious truths. They work the same for this with that the Dalai Mud makes the sets of Kalachakra, known for all those that have a sincere heart. I limited myself to look at it for it, trying to absorb everything. - it does not try to understand everything now - the Mud said. - It only knows that the integration of all the religious truths is important, if we want that the force of the conjunct energy if becomes enough great to decide the perigos created for that they fear. One also remembers that dakini is real. What it takes them to act in our favor? - I asked. The Mud breathed deep, thinking deeply. The question seemed to be frustrating for it. All my life I worked to understand this question. - it said finally But I must admit that I do not know. I think that this is the great secret of Shambhala and that it will not be understood while Shambhala will not be understood. - But it thinks - I interrupted - what dakini me are to help? - Yes - it with firmness said. - and to its Wil friend. - and the Yin? How it is that it incases in everything this? Yin knew its Wil friend in this monastery. Yin also dreamed obtains, but in a different context of me exactly or the others lamas. Yin was educated in England and well is made familiar to the occidental

habits. It will have to be its guide, even so is very reluctant, as without a doubt he noticed. This only happens because it does not want to disillusion nobody. It will be its guide and will take it so far how much he will be able to go. 63 It made a new break and it looked at for me, expectant. - and the Chinese government? - I asked. - What it is that they are to make? Because so they are interested in that if it is to pass? The Mud lowered the eyes. - I do not know. They seem to feel that it is to happen any thing related with Shambhala. They had always tried to restrain the tibetana espiritualidade, but now they seem to have discovered our seita. It has very of being cautious. They are suspicious them sufficiently. I looked at noutra direcção during a moment, continuing to think about the Chinese. - Already she decided? • it asked. - He wants to say, for where to go? It smiled compassionate. - Yes. - I do not know. I am not certain to have the courage to risk to lose everything. The Mud only continued to look at for me and waved. - You he said any thing concerning a challenge to my generation - I said. - Still I did not understand this. - the Second World War I, as well as the Cold War - the Mud started - they had been the challenges that the previous generation faced. The great advances of the technology had placed weapons of massive destruction in the hands of the nations. With its nationalistic fervor, the forces of the totalitarianism had tried to conquer the democratic countries. This threat would have looser, if the common citizens had not fought and died in defense of the freedom, guaranteeing the success of the democracy in the world. But your task is different of the one of your parents. The mission of its generation is different, in its proper nature, of the mission of the generation of the Second World War I. They had had to fight a particular tyranny with violence and weapons. Vocês must fight against the proper concepts of war and enemy. But an equal dose of heroísmo is necessary. It understands? Your parents did

not have hypothesis to make what they had made, but had persisted. Such as vocês must make. The forces of the totalitarianism had not disappeared; they already do not only express through nations in fetching of an empire. The forces of the tyranny are now international and much more subtis, using to advantage itself of our dependence of the technologies, the confidence and the desire of convenience. Through the fear, few look for to all center the technological growth in the hands of ones, so that its económicas positions can be safeguarded and the future evolution of the burst world. It is impossible to oppose it they for the force. The democracy must be defended now, with the next pacing in the evolution to the freedom. We have to use the power of our vision, and the expectations that flow from us, as a constant conjunct. This power is stronger of the one than any person currently knows; we have to dominate it and to start to use it before it is late excessively. It has signs of that some thing is to move in Shambhala. It is to confide, to dislocate itself. The Mud was to look at for me with a railway determination. - It has to answer to the calling of Shambhala. It is the only way to honor what its ancestor had made before itself. This commentary fulled me of anxiety. - What I make first? - I asked. - It completes the extensions of its energy - the Mud talked back. - This it will not be easy, because of its fear and of its anger. But if to persist, the input will be before itself. - the input? - Yes. Our legends say that some inputs for Shambhala exist: one in the Himalaias eastern, in India, one the northwest, in the border with China, and one in the extremity north of Russia. The signs will guide it until the entered a correcta. When everything to seem lost, looks dakini. While the Mud spoke, Yin left with our luggages. - Very well - I said, feeling me each time more scared. - I go to try. - Exactly while it spoke, it did not believe that the words were to leave my mouth. - if it does not worry • the Rigden Mud said. - the Yin goes to help it. One only remembers that, before obtaining to find Shambhala, it has first to extend the

energy level that emanates of itself for the world. It will not be able to have success while not to make it. It has to dominate the force of its expectations. I looked at for Yin and it it sketched a smile. - He is in the hour - it said. 64 - 65 3. TO CULTIVATE the ENERGY We leave and apercebi me a jeep chestnut, hard cowling, with one ten years, stopped in the berm of the road. When in we approached them, vi that he was full of refrigerating coffers, boxes of tinned food, bag-bed and coats more weighed. Some external fuel tanks were imprisoned in the rear. - Of where came this tralha all? - I asked. It blinked me an eye. - We are to prepare this trip has much time. Leaving the monastery of the Rigden Mud, Yin followed for north during some quilómetros and later it took the jeep of the ample land road beaten for a narrow path, little wider of the one than a pedonal track. We continue during some quilómetros, without saying nothing. In the truth I not wise person what to say. It had agreed to make this trip only because of the words of the Mud and for everything what the Wil had made for me in the past, but now the anguish of the decision started to install itself. I tried to move away the fear and to repeat, in my mind, everything what the Rigden Mud had said me. What it wanted it to say with dominating the force of my expectations? I looked at for Yin, that was to fix the road intently. - For where we go? - I asked. Without looking at for me, it said: - That is a shortcut for the auto-road of the Friendship. We have to follow for southwest until Tingri, close to the Evereste mount. 67

The trip goes to delay most of the day. We will be also to go up for bigger altitudes. - the area is insurance? Yin looked at for me. - We will have very well-taken care of. We go to find us with Mr. Hanh. - Who is it? - It knows most of that you have to learn concerning the First Extension of the energy of the conjunct. He is of Thailand and very educated. Abanei the head and I deviated the look. I am not very safe to understand these extensions. What they are? - It knows that it has an energy field, certain? A conjunct field that flows constantly from itself. - Yes. - and it knows that this field has a effect on the world, on what it happens? It knows that it can be small weak or extensive and strong e. - I assume that yes. - Well, necessary forms exist to widen and to expand its field, in order to be more creative and powerful. The legends say that one day all the human beings will know to make this. But you have to make it now, if she wants to arrive the Shambhala and to find Wil. - You already obtain to make these extensions? - I asked. Yin franziu the forehead. - I did not say this. I limited myself to look at it for it. This excellent age. How it is that it was presumption I to learn to make this, if until the Yin had difficulty? During hours we advanced without speaking, eating nuts and vegetables while we lead, stopping only one time, in a stopping for camionistas, to put gasoline. Well after the dusk, we crossed Tingri. - We have very of being careful, here - Yin said. - We are close to the monastery of Rongphu and it encampment-base it Evereste. Surely they will be welded Chinese to observe the tourists and the alpinistas. But also we will be able to see the incredible landscape of the face north of the Evereste. 68 Yin made some curves until an area of old buildings wooden. For of them it had a simple house of clay bricks there. The land in redor of the house of Hanh was immaculate, with carefully planted seedbeds and rocky gardens. While we went up, a great man with a

mantle colorful embroidering by hand left for the terrace. He seemed to have close to sixty years, but he moved himself as a much more new person. He had the head full rapada. Yin waved when the man tried to see who age. When Yin recognized, drew a great smile and walked in our direcção while we went down of the jeep. The two men had spoken during a moment in Tibetan, later Yin he pointed with respect to me and he said: - This is my American friend. The Hanh said my name, it it made a fast vénia and it grasped my hand. - Welcome - it said. Please, he enters. While Hanh came back toward inside of house, Yin inside threaded the arm of the jeep and grasped in its knapsack. - its bag Brings - it said. The inward of the house was modest but full of colorful paintings and Tibetan carpets. We entered in a small room to be and from the small farm where I was I obtained to see most of the remaining divisions. To the left it was a small kitchen and one room and to the right was another room, with the aspect of a zone of handlings of some species. In the center of the room it was a table of massages or examinations and, throughout one of the walls, closets and a small sink. Yin said any thing the Hanh in Tibetan and heard to repeat it my name. Hanh inclined onward, more intent. It looked at for me and it breathed well deep. - He is very distrustful - Hanh said carefully, observing me. - it does not say me - I talked back. Hanh was laughed at my sarcasm. - We have to make any thing about of this, if it wants to complete its trip. It walked in redor of me, inspeccionando my body. - the inhabitants of Shambhala - it started -, they live of different form of the other human beings. They had always lived. In the reality, 69 to the long one of the milénios, it had a great irrigation ditch in the energy levels enters the majority of the people and the inhabitants of Shambhala. More recently, to the measure that the human beings had evolved and perfected its consciences, this pitch

diminished, but it is still very great. While Hanh spoke, I looked at Yin. Parecia to be so nervous how much. Hanh also perceived it. - Yin is so distrustful how much you - it declared. - But it knows that this fear can be dominated. Me you if aperceba of this still do not seem that. He has to start to act and to think as they make it the inhabitants of Shambhala. He has first to cultivate and after stabilizing its energy. Hanh stopped, was concentrated again in the inspecção of my body and later it smiled. - He had many experiences • he said. - He had to be stronger. - Perhaps I do not understand the energy enough well. - I answered. - Oh, not, you understand - Hanh made a great smile. - Only that it does not want to change its mode of life. It wants to entusiasmar itself with the ideias and later living of unconscious form, more or less in the same way than always it made. This colloquy was not to run as I wanted and my fear was to be substituted by a fast irritation. While I was motionless there, Hanh walked in my redor plus some times, continuing to intently look at my high body of the low one. - For where it is to look at? - I asked. When I evaluate the level of energy of somebody, I see its position first - Hanh said, descontraidamente. - its is not very bad at this moment, but it had to strengthen itself to improve it, was not? The question of it was very perspicacious. When he was new, I grew very fast in one year and, in consequência, I was terrivelmente incurvated. It had the always tired coasts and doridas and alone I improved when I started to practise some basic positions of ioga, all the mornings. - the energy still does not flow very well for its body. • Hanh added. 70 It obtains to see this to the look for me? - I talked back. - and to the sentiz it. The amount and the force of its energy are similar to the degree of its presence in this room. Surely already it

knew somebody that, when entering in a room, had charisma presence or.

• Clearly that yes. I thought again about that man, the swimming pool of the hotel in Katmandu. - The more energy a person has, in such a way more the others feels the presence of this person. Many times this energy finishes for being shown by the ego, therefore initially it seems strong but later it is wasted very fast. But with others, this is a genuine and constant energy, that if keeps steady. I waved in agreement. - a thing its favor is its aperture - it continued Hanh. Lived a mística aperture, a sudden influx of divine energy, algures in the past, was not thus? - Yes - I answered, remembering my experience in the tops of Peru. Still now it remains alive in my memory. She was in the limit, with the certainty of being died for Peruvian soldiers, when suddenly I was imbuído of a calm to invulgar, euphoria and the slightness. She was the first time where I tried to that the one that the místicos of some religions had called a state hashing. - How she is that the energy fulled it? - Hanh asked. - How it is that everything happened, exactamente? - It was a peace wave, and all my fear disappeared. - How it is that it moved itself? This age a question that never occurs me, but quickly I started to remember me. - It seemed to go up for my spine and to leave for the top the head, being pulled my body for top. It felt me to float it. It was as if a wire pulled me for the high one, from the top of a mountain of my head. Hanh waved with approving air and later it fixed my eyes. - and how much time lasted? - Little - I answered. - But I learned to breathe in the way of the beauty that encircles me, as form to recoup this sensation. - What it lacks in practical its - declared Hanh -, it is the capacity to inspire the energy and later keeping it it a high level. This is the first extension that must make. 71 It has to keep its energy to flow of more consistent form. This must be made of necessary form, having well-taken care of so that its other shares do not consume its field of energy, then that it has constituted it. It made one briefing pauses. - It understands? The

remaining portion of its life must support this upper energy. It has of being congruente. It looked at for me of malicious form. - It has of living with wisdom. We go to eat. It disappeared in the kitchen and it returned with a great vegetable plate, folloied with a species of gravy. It made us sign, the Yin and me, for a table and served vegetables in three small goblets. In briefing it was clearly that the food also was part of the information that Hanh was to partilhar with me. While we ate it continued. - To keep a high energy inside of us exactly is impossible to consume substance deceased as food. I moved away the eyes, disconnect me. If this went to be a lecture on diets, preferred to ignore it. My attitude seemed to infuriate Hanh. - It is wild? - it said, almost crying out. - its proper survival depends on this information and you it is not made use to strengthen a little to apprehend it. What he thinks? What can live of the form that to want and still to make important things? One kept silent and it looked at for me of side. I understood that the fury was genuine, but one has also left of its paper. I was with the printing of that it was to transmit me information in more of the one than a level. To the look again for it, I did not obtain to leave to smile. It was very easy to like Hanh. It beat in the shoulder and returned to me the smile to me. • Most of the people - it continued -, they are full of energy and enthusiasm in its youth, but during the half age they fall in a slow fall that dissimulate not to notice. After all of accounts, the friends also are to soften and the children are active, therefore they pass each time more time to preguiçar and to eat foods that they know well. - Inside of little time, they start to have irritating complaints and crónicos problems as digestive difficulties or urticárias, that menosprezam as being signs of the age, and later one day a serious illness appears that if refuses to disappear. Generally they go to a doctor who does not emphasize the prevention and start to take drugs. Times the problem alliviates and others not. E later, while the years pass, apanham illnesses that gradually are worse and

understand that they are to die. Its only consolation is to think that this happens to all the people that are inevitable. - most terrible it is that this collapse of the energy happens, until certain point, exactly to the people whom they intend to be spirituals. One inclined for me and it dissimulated to look at in redor as if it tried not to be heard. - This includes some of ours more lamas respected. Apeteceu me to laugh, but I did not dare myself. - we look an energy higher e, at the same time, we consume food that in deprives them of this energy • Hanh continued, - we will not arrive the place some. We have to evaluate all the energies that routinely we receive in our fields of energy, especially the food, and to prevent everything what it is not best, if want that our fields if keep forts. One inclined more for me. • That is very difficult for the majority of the people, because we are all vitiated in the foods that currently we consume. E these are, in its majority, horrible poisons. I deviated the look. - I know that it has there for much contradictory information in relation to the food - he continued it. - But the truth also walks for there. All we have to make this research, to compel to have it a ampler vision. We are creatures spirituals that had come to this world to magnify its energy. But good part of that we find here was simply created for the sensual pleasure and the distracção; one has left of these things mines our energy and drags us for the physical disintegration. If we really believe that we are energy creatures, we have to follow a narrow path among these temptations. - to look at itself for the principle of the evolution, it will see that since the beginning we had to try the foods solely for attempt and error, to only discover which the foods that were good for us and which in would kill them. 72 - 73 It eats this plant and it survives; it eats that one beyond and it dies. In this point of history already we know what in the bush, but we are only to discover which the foods that magnify our longevity and keep our high levels of energy and which the ones that finish for

in consuming them. It made one briefing pauses, as it was wanted to determine if I was to understand it. - In Shambhala they have this ampler vision - she continued. - They know who we are, while human beings. We seem a material thing, of meat and bone, but we are atoms! Pure energy! Your science already proved this fact. When we look at well for atoms, we see particles first and later, the levels deepest, the proper particles disappear in standards and pure energy, vibrating to a certain level. E if to look at for what we eat for this perspective, we see that what we give to our body as food afecta our vibracional state. Certain foods magnify our energy and vibration, others diminish them. The truth is so simple how much this. All the illnesses result of a fall in vibracional energy e, when this energy goes down below of a certain point, it has natural forces in the world whose function is to desincorporate our bodies. It looked at for me as if it had said any thing of very deep. - It wants to say, to desincorporate physically? - I asked. - Yes. It looks at again for the vision amplest. When some thing dies, a dog run over for a carriage, or a person after a long illness, the cells of its body lose its vibration immediately and gain very acid a composition chemical. This acid state is the sign for the microbes of the world, the viruses, bacteria and fungos, indicating to them that it is in the hour to decompose the fabric dead. Its function in the physical universe is this. To return a body to the Land. - I said previously - he added -, that, when our bodies lose energy because of the type of food that we consume, this in them become susceptíveis the illness. Here it is as this functions. When we eat foods, these are metabolizados and leave a trash or ash in our bodies. 74 This ash has an acid or alkaline nature, depending on the food. If she will be alkaline, then it can be extracted quickly of our bodies, spending little energy. However, if these vestigial products

are acid, very hardly are eliminated by the blood and the lymphatic system and are only stored in our agencies and fabrics, as solid crystalline forms of low vibration that create lockings or disturbances in the vibracionais levels of our cells. When more acid trashes of these will be stored, plus these fabrics they are acid, and knows what it happens? It looked at again for me with a dramatical expression. - It appears a microbe of some type, feels this acid one all and it says “oh, this body is ready to be decomposed.” It is to perceive? When any organism dies, its body is changedded into a highly acid environment and quickly is consumed by the microbes. If we start to look like itself this acid one, or been mortal, then we start to suffer the attack from the microbes. All the illnesses human beings result of this attack. What Hanh said it made the direction all. It has much time behind, I I had found in the InterNet some information on pH of the bodies. For moreover, I seemed to know it intuitivamente. He is to say me that what we eat he prepares us for the illness directamente? - I asked. - Yes, the wrong foods can lower our vibracional level, until a point where the forces of the nature start

to return our bodies to the Land. - and the illnesses that are not caused by microbes? - All the illnesses appear through the share of the microbes. Your proper research in the Ocidente is to show this. Some microbes had been associates to the arterial injuries of the cardiac illnesses, as well as the a production of cancerígenos tumors. But one remembers, the microbes are only to play its role. The diets that create an acid environment are the true cause. It made a break and later it said: - this good Understands. We, human beings, or are in an alkaline state of great energy or in an acid state, that says inside to the microbes of us, or that they pass for close, that we are ready to be decomposed. 75 The illness is, literally, a apodrecimento of a part of our

bodies, because the microbes to our rollback had received the sign from that already we are died. It looked at again for me of malicious form. - He forgives to be so direct - it said. - But we do not have much time. The food that we consume almost determines for full which of those two conditions is ours. Generally, the foods that leave acid trashes in our body more are weighed, much cooked, much treated and candies, such as meats, flours, alcohol, coffee and fruits more candies. The alkaline foods are greener, cooler and more livings creature, such as cool vegetables and its juices, saladas, rebentos and fruits as the avocado, the tomatoe, toranja and the limões. It could not be simpler. We are creatures spirituals in an energetic world and spiritual. Vocês, the occidental people, can have grown to think that the cooked meat and the treat foods are good for us. But we know now that they create an environment of slow disincorporation that, with the time, in the snake its invoice. - All the debilitating illnesses that torment the humanity: arterosclorose, infarct, artrite, been e, especially, the cancer inside exist because we poluímos our bodies, giving sign to the microbes of us of that we are ready to decay, to lose energy and to die. We always wanted to know because some people, displayed to the same microbes, did not apanhavam one given illness. The difference is in the environment inside of the body. The good notice is that, same that let us exaggerate acidity in our body and let us start to putrefy itself, the situation can be inverted if to improve our nutrition and to move for an alkaline state, of bigger energy. It was now to agitate the two arms, of eyes very opened, still to shine. - In that it says respect to the principles of a vibrant and full body of energy, we live in the age of the darknesses. It is presumption the human beings to live more than one hundred and cinquenta years. But we eat of a form that immediately starts to destroy us. For all the side, we see people to be desincorporated before our eyes. But it did not have thus of being. It made a break and it breathed deep. - it is not thus in Shambhala. After plus a moment, Hanh started to walk one more time in redor,

inspeccionando me. - Therefore, it has there - it concluded. - the legends say that the human beings will learn first the true nature of foods and that types to consume. Later, according to legends, we can confide full to the interior sources of energy that magnify our vibration still more. It moved away the chair from the table and looked at for me. - He is to react very well to the altitude of Tibet, but I would like that I was to rest. - This would be good - I said. I am fatigued. - Yes - Yin agreed -, we had a long day. - It is certifyd of that it waits a dream - added Hanh, leading me it one room. - I wait a dream? Hanh was turned. - Yes, you he is more powerful of the one than it thinks. I laugh. I woke up subitamente and I looked at for the window. The sun went already high in the sky. No dream. I paved myself and I passed to the other room. Hanh and Yin were seated to a table, to talk. - How it slept? - Hanh asked. - Well - I said, falling on one of the chairs. But I do not remember myself to have dreamed. - This is because it does not have enough energy - it said, half distracted. He was to look at intensely for my body, one more time. Apercebi me that it was concentrated in the way as I sat down. - What it is to see? - I asked. • It is thus that it wakes up per the morning? - Hanh inquired. I straightened myself. - Which is the problem? - After sleeping, we have of awaking our body and starting to accept the energy before making any another thing. 76 - 77 It was of foot, with the legs very moved away and the hands in ancas. While I observed it, he slid the feet until joining them and raised the arms. The body was risen in an only movement, until it to be in the tips of the feet, with the palms of the hands leaned over the head. I blinked the eyes. He had any thing to invulgar in the movements of its body, but I did not obtain to disclose it with

severity. It seemed to float for top, more of the one than to use the muscles. When I obtained me to concentrate again, it radiated a torn smile. Equally fast, its body drew one to walk gracious in my direcção. I blinked the eyes one more time. - Most of the people wakes up to devagar - Hanh said -, they are crawled for there and they set in movement with a chávena of coffee or tea. They go for a job where they continue to crawl itself or where they use only one joint data of muscles. Standards are formed and, as I already said, barriers in the stream of energy through the body are developed. - We have to guarantee that our body is opened in all the places, to receive all the available energy. We make this moving all the muscles, each morning, from the center. It pointed immediately with respect to a zone below of umbigo. - in concentrating them in moving itself to break it of this area, then the muscles will be available to function to the highest level of coordination. This is the central principle of all the martial arts and disciplines of the dance. We can invent our proper movements. With this commentary, it was launched in a variety of movements that I never it turns before. They seemed to be a species of displacement in the weight, together with piruetas that they see in tai chi. But it was clearly to execute an expansion of these classic movements. - its body - it added - it will know as to move itself of form to knock down its individual barriers. It was of foot on a leg, inclined onward and it balanced the arms as if it was to launch a ball low in basebol, only that the hand almost touched in the soil when executing the movement. Later it turned on the other leg. Vi its weight not to dislocate e, one more time, it seemed to float. Abanei the head and I tried to see better, but it had been quiet, as if a photographer had congealed its movements in a picture, something that seemed impossible. Subitamente, preset to advance for me. - How it is that it makes this? - I asked. It said: - Start to devagar and I remember the basic principle exactly to me. If in moving them from the

center and leaving the energy to flow for inside of us, we will obtain to move us of form each faster time. It is clearly that, to perfect this, we have of being capable of in them inside opening to all the available divine energy of us. It stopped and it looked at for me. One remembers its mística aperture well? I thought again about Peru and my experience in the high one of the mountain. - Sufficiently well, I think. - This is good - it said. - We go there for it are. Yin smiled when in we raise them and we follow Hanh, through a small garden, going up some steps that lead to an area of relva thin chestnut and great irregular rochedos. To the long one of the rocks it had pretty lodes of red and chestnut. During ten Hanh minutes it taught some to me of the movements that I it turns before and later it offered a place to me in the soil, sitting down it my right. Yin sat down behind us. The sun of the morning bathed long-distance mountains with a hot yellow light. I was surprised with its beauty. - the legends Say - Hanh started -, that the aperture to an upper state of energy is a capacity that all the human beings have-of conquering. Everything will start with the generic knowledge of that this conscience is possible. Later we will pass to the understanding of all the involved factors in the development and maintenance of upper levels of energy. It made a break and it looked at for me. - You already know the procedures basic, but she must expand its directions. The legends say that first in we calm them and we look at for what in it encircles them. They are only things that are stop backwards when our mind it is worried in making something. 78 - 79 But we must remember that everything in the universe is alive, full of energy spiritual, and is part of God. We must ask for intentionally stops in binding them to that it exists inside of the holy ghost of us. As it knows, we can evaluate if we are to league this energy to it through our notion of beauty. This question always places itself exactly: everything me seems beautiful? It does not

matter as It it seems of beginning, we can see more beauty if always try. The beauty degree that we obtain to see measures the amount of divine energy that we receive in us. Hanh made to pass me some time to look at, to look at the serious one, for everything what it encircled me. - Thus that we start to establish the plugging - said it - and inside feels the divine energy of us, everything starts to have more presence in our perception. The things are distinguished and we apercebemos of its forms and only colors. When this perception appears, obtains to inalar energy still more. - It is to see that, in the reality, the energy does not advém in such a way of the things in redor, even so let us can directamente absorb energy of some plants and sacred places. The sacred energy advém inside of our plugging with the the holy ghost of us. Everything to our rollback, natural or made by the man - flowers, rocks, relva, mountains, art - has already a majestical beauty and presence, for there of any thing that the human beings can feel. Everything what we make, when in opens them to the the holy ghost, is to also magnify the vibration of our energy and our percipient capacity, so that let us can see the world as it already is. It understands? The human beings already live in a world of immense beauty, color and form. The Paradise is here. Only that still in them we do not open the sufficient to the interior energy to obtain to see it. I listened to fascinated it. This was more clearly now of the one than some time is. - It is concentrated in the beauty Hanh explained - and starts to inalar the beauty of itself inside. I breathed deep. - Now it looks to beauty each bigger time, while it breathes - Hanh indicated me. 80 I again looked at for the rocks and mountains and vi, with some surprise, that the mount highest at a distance was the Evereste mount. For some ratio, it did not have recognized its form before. - Yes, yes, it looks at for the Evereste. - Hanh said. While it looked at for

the mountain, I noticed that its come in sight snow hillsides seemed to form small steps in direcção to the peak in crown form. The sight expanded my perception brusquely and the mountain highest of the world seemed next instantaneamente, of some form, part of me, as if I could extend the hand and touch it. - It continues to breathe - Hanh said. its vibration and capacity of perception will magnify still more. Everything will be shining, as it had been illuminated from its inward. I breathed one more time deep, I started to feel more it has taken me and it straightened the coasts without any effort. Incrivelmente, exactamente felt me as during my experience in the mountain of Peru. Hanh was to wave with the head. - its capacity to feel the beauty is the essential sign of that the divine energy is to enter in itself. But other signs still exist. It will be felt more has led - it continued Hanh. - the energy will go up inside of itself and will raise it, such as it said, as if a wire pulled it for the high one from the top of a mountain of its head. E will feel a bigger wisdom concerning who is and of that it makes. It will receive intuitions and dreams concerning that to make to follow in the path of its life. It stopped and it looked at for my body. Now it was seated right, without effort. - Now we arrive at the part most important - it said. - He has to learn to keep this energy, to make it to flow through itself. Here he has to use the power of its expectations, the power of its energy of conjunct. Here it was again that word: expectation. It had never heard it to use in this context, before. How I make this? - I asked, feeling me, my body confused to lose energy, the colors and forms in redor to be vanished. The eyes of Hanh had confided more and it started to laugh. He tried to stop some times, but finally he rolled in the soil, in a uncontrollable outburst of laughter. Recompôs some times, but again started to always laugh that it looked at for me. 81

I exactly arrived to hear a laugh of the Yin, behind me. Finally Hanh obtained to breathe deep some times and to calm itself. immense Moan - it said. - But its expression was so funny. The truth it does not believe that it has any power, therefore not? - it is not this? - I protested. - Only that I do not perceive what wants to say with expectation. Hanh continued to smile. - But it thinks that it carries I obtain some expectations concerning the life, right? It waits that the sun is born. It waits that its blood circulates. - It is clearly. -, everything what I ask for is Well that it tries to gain conscience of these expectations. It is the only way to keep and to widen the level of upper energy that finishes to try. It has to learn to wait this level of energy in its life and has to make it of deliberate and very conscientious form. It is the only way to complete the first extension of the conjunct. It would like to try again? I returned the smile to it and we passed some minutes to breathe and to magnify the energy. When already it was to see the beauty level upper that had felt before, I made one I wave to it. - Now - it said -, has to wait that this energy that now it is to full continues to full it and to flow from itself, in all the direcções. He visualizes this to happen. I tried to suster my level of energy when I asked: - This stream for the exterior... as I know that he is same to happen? - It will be capable of sentiz it. For it has now been limited to visualize it it. I breathed one more time deep and I visualized the energy, to enter in me and to flow in all the direcções, for the world. - I continue without knowing if this is same to happen - I said. Hanh looked at directamente for me, seeming slightly impatient. - It knows that the energy is to flow from itself because the energy if keeps steady, the beautiful colors and forms continue e you feel it to full it it and to overflow for it are. - Which is the sensation? - I asked. It looked at for me with incredulity. - You know the reply for this. I again looked at for mountains, visualizing the energy to flow for it are of me, in the direcção of them. They continued beautiful e had also started to be immensely attractive. Later a wave of deep emotion

it fulled me and it remembered me what I feel in Peru. Hanh was to wave with the head. - It is clearly! - exclamei -, the measure of the energy that flows for the exterior is the love sensation. The smile of Hanh was widened. - Yes, it is a love that if becomes an emotion of deep, that it is I obtain while its energy of conjunct to continue to flow for the world. It has to remain itself in a love state. - This terrivelmente seems idealistic it human being vulgar - I said. Hanh laughed. - I am not to say to it as to be a vulgar human being. I am to say to it as to be in the vanguard of the evolution. I am to say to it as to be a hero. It is enough to remember that it has to have the expectation of the divine energy to enter in itself to a higher level and to flow from itself as a chávena to overflow. When he will be off, record this sensation of love. It tries to recoup this state conscientiously. The eyes of it had scintillated again. - its expectation is the key for the maintenance of this experience. It has to visualize this to happen, to believe that it will be I obtain in all the situations. This expectation must every day be cultivated and conscientiously affirmed. I agreed to one I wave. - Now - said it understand all the procedures of that I spoke to it? Before I could answer, it declared: - the key is the form as it wakes up per the morning. It was therefore that I asked for to It to sleep, to be able to see as it wakes up. It has to make it with disciplines. Desperte its body for the energy influx, of the form that I showed to it. 82 - 83 It is moved from the center, feels the energy immediately. It waits it immediately. - It still eats only foods livings creature and, after some time, will be more easy to absorb the divine interior energy it its being. One every day fulls of energy and chord with movement. One remembers the signs. It visualizes this energy to enter in itself and feels it to flow it for the world. It makes this and it will have completed the First Extension. It will be capable to feel the energy, not only 0ccasionally, but also of acarinhar it and

keeping in a high level. It made a deep vénia and, without saying more, it came back toward house. Yin and I follow it. When we arrived, Hanh started to seleccionar food and to place it in a great hamper. and the gate? - I asked the Hanh. It stopped and looked at for me. many gates Exist. - I want to say, knows where we can find the gate for Shambhala? It looked at for me with severe air. - he only completed an extension of its energy of conjunct. Now he has to learn what to make with this energy that flows from itself. E is very stubborn, continues to feel fear and anger. It has to exceed these trends before at least being able to arrive close to Shambhala. With this declaration, Hanh waved for Yin and delivered the hamper to it, entering of followed in the other room. 84 4. ALERT CONSCIENTIOUS I advanced until the o jeep incrivelmente, feeling me well. Air was cool and the mountains in all the direcções still me seemed luminous. We entered in the vehicle and Yin pulled out. - You know for where to go now? - I asked. - I know that we have to follow for the northwest of Tibet. according to legends, this is the gate next to us. But, such as the Rigden Mud said, will have to wait that in either shown. Yin made a break and looked at for me. - It is in the height of speaking to it of my dream. - the dream that the Rigden Mud mentioned? • I asked. - That one that you had with me? - Yes, in this dream we are together, to travel through Tibet, being looked for the gate. E we did not obtain it to find. We travelled until very far and in circles, lost. But at our moment of bigger desperation, we found somebody that wise person for where to go. - What it happened after this? - the dream finished. - Who age this person? It was the Wil? Not, it does not seem me. - What you find that the dream means? - It

means that we have to be well alert. We follow in silence during some moments and later I asked: - He has many soldiers parked in the northwest of Tibet? 85 • Generally not - it answered. - Excepto in the border or the military bases. The problem is to pass next the five hundred or six hundred quilómetros, for there of the Kailash mount and the Manasarovar lake. Some military barriers exist. During four hours we rolled without incidents, travelling during some time in beaten land roads, later capsizing temporarily for some poeirentos paths. We arrived the Saga without difficulties and we apanhámos what Yin said to be the south path of access Tibet occidental person. We found mainly great camiões of carrier or local Tibetans in old carriages or wagons. Some foreigners to the boleia saw themselves in redor of the stoppings of the camionistas. One hour later Yin moved away the jeep from the main road, for a simple path of goats. The jeep saltitou over deep holes. - a rank of Chinese control more to the front Has generally, in the main road - Yin said. - We have to skirt it. We go up a steep hillside e, when we arrived at the top of a mountain, Yin stopped the jeep and lead me it the side of a cliff. Below of us, to some hundreds of meters, we saw two great military camiões with the Chinese insignias. Approximately a dozen of soldiers was of foot in the berm of the road. - This is not good - Yin said. - Generally it has only some soldiers in this crossing. They can still walk to our seek. I tried to drive away the anxiety and to keep my high energy. She seemed to have me seen some soldiers to look at for the top of a mountain of the hill, in our direcção, and therefore agachei me. any thing Is transferred. - Yin whispered. When I came back to look at toward the crossing, the soldiers were to revistar one carrinha that it had stopped in the control rank. A blond man of middle-age was to be interrogated in the way of the road. One another person was still

in carrinha. We obtain to hear a European, very similar language vacant the dutch. - Because it is that they are to be withheld? - I asked the Yin. - I do not know - it said. - the certain authorizations Can not have, or perhaps they have made the wrong questions. I hesitated, desiring to be able to help. - Please - Yin said. - We have to go. We entered in the jeep, Yin skirted to devagar the remaining portion of the hill and goes down the hillside in the other side. To the deep one we apanhámos another narrow road that it turned for the right, for far of the crossing, still to advance for the northwest. We follow more for this road during eight quilómetros, until it fundiu itself with the main road for Zhongba, a small village with some hotels and some store. Some people followed the foot, leading yaks and other heads of cattle, and had passed for us several other jeeps. Now we are only more two pilgrims the path of the Kailash mount - Yin said. - We will be discreter. I was not convinced. E, in the truth, way quilómetro more to the front, a Chinese military camião entered directamente in the road behind us and plus a fear wave it covered me. Yin capsized for one ruela perpendicular and the camião followed in front, disappearing of sight. - It has to remain itself strong - Yin declared. - It is in the height to learn the Second Extension. It guided me for the First Extension until I to obtain to visualize and to feel my energy to flow to our front and for far. - Now that it has its energy in movement, it has that to prepare this field of energy to make a certain effect. The commentary of it fascinated me. - To prepare my field? - Yes. We can direct our field of conjunct for the world of some forms. We make it, using our expectations. Already made this a time, remembers? Hanh taught to it to wait it that this energy continued to flow through itself. Now it has to prepare its field with other expectations and to make it with true disciplines. In another mode, its energy can quickly be lost in the fear and the anger. It looked at for me with a sad expression that I never it capsizes before. - What it is transferred? - I asked. - When I new age, vi a

Chinese soldier to kill my father. I hate them and I am suspicious them intensely. 86 - 87 E I have to confess a thing: proper I am in Chinese part. This is the worse part. It is this memory and guilt that my energy consumes, for that I having to wait worse. It goes to learn that, in these upper levels of energy, our fields of conjunct act very fast, bringing us exactamente what we wait. If we have fear, them bring them what we are afraid. If we hate, they bring them what we hate. Happily, when we enter in these minus expectations our fields of conjunct decay sufficiently fast, because we lose the plugging with the the holy ghost and already we do not radiate love. But a fear expectation still can be powerful. It is therefore that it must watch its expectations carefully and prepare its field of conscientious form. It smiled and added: - You have an advantage, because she does not hate the Chinese army, as I. But still he has much fear and it seems to be capable of great anger... such as I. Perhaps either therefore that we are together. He was to look at in front for the road while we advanced, thinking about that that Yin was to say, without believing that our thoughts could have one such power. My divagação was interrupted when Yin softened and parked the jeep in front of a string of squared buildings poeirentos. - Because we are to stop? - I asked - we will not go to thus attract more attention on us? - Yes - it answered. But we have to risk. The soldiers have spies everywhere, but we do not have another alternative. He is not safe to enter in the occidental zones of Tibet with only one vehicle. It does not have no small farm to make repairings. We have to find somebody to go connosco. - and if they in denouncing them? Yin looked at for horrified me. - This will not happen to arrange the certain people. It watches its thoughts. I said to it that we have to prepare the certain field to our rollback. It is important. He started to leave the carriage, but he hesitated. It has of behaving itself better of the one than I in this question,

or we will not have hypothesis. Brel is concentrated in preparing its field for rten. I was quiet for a moment. - Rten brel? What it is this? - It is the tibetana word for sincronicidade. It has to prepare its field to remain itself in the sincronicidade process, to provoke the intuitions, the coincidences, stops in helping them. Yin looked at for the building and left the jeep, indicating with the hand that wanted that I was. I almost waited during one hour, observing the Tibetans to pass. 0ccasionally it saw somebody that seemed Indian or European. A time seemed me same to have sighted the dutch that we had seen in the control rank to pass for a distant street. I tried to see better, but I did not obtain to have the certainty. Where it was Yin? I asked me exactly. The last thing that it needed was to separate to me of it again. I imagined myself to lead it alone through this village, lost, without knowing for where to go. What it could I make? Finally vi Yin to leave the building. It hesitated during a moment, looking at cautiously for the two sides before advancing until the o jeep. - I found two people who I know - it declared, when sitting down behind the projection. - I think that they will serve. It was to try to be convincing, but the tone of its traía voice its doubts. It bound the carriage and it pulled out. Five minutes later we passed for a small wrinkled metal plate restaurant full made. Yin parked the jeep the three hundred meters of the restaurant, hiding it behind some tanks of fuel storage. Now we were in the limits of the village and it did not have almost nobody in the street. Inside of the building, we found a room with six vacillating tables. A narrow bar painted of white separated to us of the kitchen, where some women worked. One of them saw us to seat it and came to our meeting. Yin spoke briefly with it in Tibetan and I recognized the word soup. The woman waved and looked at for me. - The same - Yin said I it, taking off the coat and folding it on the coasts of the chair. - and water. 88 - 89

Yin translated, the woman smiled and moved away itself. Yin was serious. - It understands what I said has little? Now it has to prepare a field that brings it more sincronicidade. I waved in agreement. - How housekeeping this field? - the first thing that has to make is to certify itself that it magnifies the First Extension. It is certifyd that the energy flows for inside of itself and of itself for the world. It feels the signs. It prepares its expectations so that this energy is constant. Now it has to wait that its field of conjunct acts and the thoughts and events necessary bring it to uncurl it of its destination better. To prepare this field to its rollback, it has to remain itself in an alert state of conscientious. - Alert in relation to what!? - To the sincronicidade. It has to remain itself in a state where it is constantly to the seek of the next mysterious information that helps it to advance for its destination. Some sincronicidade will go to have obtains in any way, but it can magnify its frequency if prepare a constant field, remaining itself in this expectation. I took the hand to the behind pocket of the pants to take off my tablet of notes. Although still it did not have it used, I had the intuition to write down what Yin was to say. Later I remembered that the tablet in the jeep had left. - he is locked - it said, delivering the keys with one waves to me of the head. - if he does not go even so. I followed directamente for the jeep, I found the tablet of notes and was you give to return when I was surprised by the sound of vehicles to stop together to the restaurant. I withdrew stops backwards of the tanks and I observed the scene. In front of the restaurant they were two cinereous camiões of Chinese production. Five or six men to the civilian had left the camiões and had entered in the restaurant. Of where I was, I obtained to see the inward for the windows. The men had lined up all people against the walls and had started to revistar them. I tried to locate Yin, but he did not see in side none to it. He would have escaped? A new jeep stopped here is and a high and esguio Chinese officer, with one farda to militate, left

and advanced for the gate. She was clearly the commander of the operation. Next to the gate he looked at for inside, later he stopped and he turned themselves, looking at toward the two sides of the street, as any thing had been pressentido. One again turned over in my direcção and I agachei me behind the bidões, with the heart to the pulls. After a moment I risked to observe in the direcção of the restaurant. The Chinese were to make to leave all people and to load it in the camiões. Yin was not between them. One of the carriages was moved away and the officer in the command spoke with the remaining men. He seemed to be to order them to revistar the street. I hid myself behind the tanks and I breathed well deep. Wise person who, if was here, would be only one question of time until finding me. Looking options, apercebi me of a narrow and dirty alley that if extended of the tanks until the a following street. I jumped for the jeep, pu it in dead spot and used the small inclination of the street to roll for the alley, capsizing the right in the following esquina. I bound the engine but it did not make ideia for where it went. Everything what I wanted to make age to gain some pitch of the soldiers. After some blocks, I capsized the narrow left for one ruela that me it seemed a zone with few buildings. More one hundred meters and I was full it are of the village. One quilómetro and half later I left the road and I stopped behind a group of great rocky wooded hills, each one of them of the size of a house. E now, I thought. He was full lost, absolutely without any ideia of the path to follow. A flash of anger and frustration covered me. Yin must have prepared me for this possibility. Probably some known of it in the village could help me, but I did not have any possibility of finding now. A flock of crows filled with earth in the wooded hill to my right, later flied in circles over the jeep, grasnando noisily. I looked at for the windows in both the direcções, certain of that somebody would be to disturb the birds, but not vi nobody. After some minutes most of the crows

flied for west, still to grasnar. But one of them was in the top of a mountain of the wooded hill, looking at quiet in my direcção. This is good, thought. It can be a sentry. I could be quiet until deciding what to make. 90 - 91

In the behind part of the jeep I together found some dry fruits and nuts with some wafers. I ate them distraidamente, of time in when drinking nervously of the canteen with water. Wise person who had to arrange a plan. It occurred to follow me road it are for west, but I decided not to make it. A great fear was now to swallow me and I only wanted the same of always: to forget this trip, to return the Lhasa and later the o airport. Wise person who would obtain to remember some of the viragens, but others would have to guess. It did not obtain to believe that it did not have attemped to speak with somebody in the monastery of the Rigden Mud or in house of Hanh, to prepare an escape plan. While it thought about the one that to make, I felt the heart to stop. It heard the first grumbles of a vehicle to go down the road in my direcção. I thought about binding the jeep and moving away to me, but vi that the vehicle was to come close itself too much fast. Instead of this, I grasped in the canteen and in a bag with food, I ran stops backwards of the moved away wooded hill more and I hid myself in a place it are of sight, but of where still it obtained to see what one was to pass. The vehicle softened. While it passed together me, apercebi me that he was carrinha that had seen before, in the road locking. The conducting one was the blond man who the Chinese soldiers were to interrogate and in the place of the passenger she was a woman. While she observed them, carrinha stopped full and they had started to speak. I thought about going to speak with them, but I felt a fear vacant immediately. E if the soldiers had alerted our respect to them, insisting so that they notified them if we were seen? They

would be they capable to denounce me? The woman opened the gate slightly, as she was herself to leave, still to speak with the man. They would have seen the jeep? My mind ran wild. I decided that, if it left and came in this direcção, I would start to run. Thus, they would only find the jeep and I would obtain to gain some pitch of this place, before the military came. With this ideia in mind, I came back to look at toward carrinha. The two were to look at fixed for wooded hills, with an expression of concern in the face. They had looked at one for the other one more time, later the woman it beat with the gate and had been moved away for west. I observed carrinha to exceed the small rise to my left and to disappear. 92 Algures inside of me I felt disillusioned me. Perhaps they had been able to help, thought me. I considered the hypothesis to run it jeep and to try to apanhar them, but I moved away this ideia. It would be better not to try the destination, I concluded. She was more cautious to come back to my original plan and to try to return the Lhasa and the house. About half hour later I returned to the jeep and I bound the engine. The crow to my left grasnou and flied road is, in the direcção that carrinha dutch had followed. I capsized in the contrary direcção and I lead of return the Zhongba, following a series of secondary roads, waiting to prevent the main streets and the restaurant. I covered plus some quilómetros until arriving at the top of a mountain of a hill. I softened when exceeding the top of a mountain of the rise to be able to inspeccionar the long long-distance road. When it was in position to see, I was shocked. Quilómetro not only had a new locking of road to less of one, to the deep one of the mountain, with dozens of soldiers, as still it obtained to count to four great camiões and two full jeeps of troops to follow in my direcção, coming close itself quickly. I turned the jeep quickly and I sped up in the direcção of where it had come, waiting not to be

seen. Wise person who would have much luck if obtained to escape to them. I calculated that she would have to travel more for west, more fast possible, later capsizing for south and east. Perhaps she had sufficients secondary roads I to obtain to return the Lhasa for there. I sped up for the main street and I capsized for a series of lateral streets, following one more time for south. When making a curve apercebi me that it followed in the wrong direcção. It had inadvertently returned to the main street. Before obtaining to stop, it was to less than one hundred meters of another rank of Chinese control. It had welded for all the side. I stopped in the berm of the road, stopped the jeep and later I shrank myself in the seat. E now? I thought. Arrest? What they would make me? They would go to consider me a spy? After some moments apercebi me that the Chinese seemed to ignore my presence, much even so I was parked in front of all. 93 Old carriages and wagons, and even though laborers and bicycles passed for me, the soldiers stopped all and asked for them to it to the identification, verifying documents and, for times, revistando them. But they had not given no attention to me. I looked at for right and vi that it was parked together to estradinha that lead until a small house of rock, some hundreds of meters more to the front. To the left of the house relvado for aparar e had a small one, for there of relva, saw another road. In this exacto moment a great camião passed for me and directamente stopped to my front, blinding the sight for the control rank. Moments later a Toyota Land blue Cruiser, lead for another blond man, appeared and exceeded the camião. To follow I heard voices to say high and shouts in Chinese. The vehicle seemed to be to withdraw, as it wanted itself to invert the march, but the soldiers had encircled it. Although my string of vision was blinded, it obtained to hear furious shouts in Chinese, mixed with order scared

in dutch English with sotaque. - Not, please - the voice said. - They forgive. I am a tourist. They see, I have a special license to lead in the road. Another carriage stopped. My heart inside gave a skip of the chest. He was the same official Chinese who I had seen before, in the restaurant. I still more shrank myself in my bank, trying to hide me while it passed for me. - It gives its papers to me! - it to the dutch commanded, in a perfect English. While it listened, I noticed any thing to move it my right and looked at for the window of the passenger to see what it was. The path in direcção to the house seemed coated of a hot luminous brightness, exactamente the same brightness that I had seen when Yin and I we run away from Lhasa. Dakini. The engine of the jeep was to function, therefore it was enough to me to pull out to devagar right it and to go down the path. It almost did not breathe while it passed for the house and it crossed relva, in direcção to the other street and the left. One quilómetro more to the front I capsized again the left, following for north for it are of the village, for the same lateral street that had followed before. Ten minutes later it was of new in wooded hills, thinking about the one that to make. In the road for west I heard another crow to grasnar. Instantaneamente I decided to follow in this direcção, the direcção that could have followed has as much time. The road led to a steep inclination and after the top recta in a rocky plain was extended for one. I lead during some hours, while the light of the afternoon started to disappear. Any carriages or people were not seen almost and nenhumas houses. Half hour later was full dark and I was to think about arranging a small farm to spend the night, when I noticed a narrow path of gravilha that he extended himself to my right. I softened the jeep and I looked at more intently. It had any thing in the berm of the input for the path. It seemed a clothes part. I stopped the jeep and I pointed a lantern for the window. It was a coat. My coat. That one that I had left in the restaurant, before the Chinese arriving. Smiling, I deleted the light. Yin must have there

placed the coat. I left the jeep, I collected it and I followed for the narrow road with the extinguished lighthouses. The path less went up a little of one quilómetro, a gradual inclination until a house with granary. I guided cautiously. Some goats observed me of the other side of a prohibition. In alpendre of the house, vi a man seated in a bank. I stopped the jeep and it he rose himself. I recognized the silhouette. It was Yin. I left the jeep and I ran until together of it. It received me with one hugs rigid, smiling. - I am satisfied for seeing it - he declared. - As he sees, I said that we were to be helped. - Almost I was apanhado - I talked back. - How it is that you escaped? The nervousness came back to its face. - the women of the restaurant are very sly. They turn the Chinese soldiers and they had hidden me in the oven. Never nobody seek there. - What you find that goes to happen to the women? - I asked. It fixed my eyes but he did not say nothing during a long moment. - I do not know - it answered. Many people are to pay one high price for in helping them. She moved away the look and she pointed with respect to the jeep. 94 - 95

• Helps me to bring it some food and goes to prepare any thing to eat. While Yin made a fogueira explained me that, after the policy having left, the house of its friends had come back, who had suggested this old house to it as hiding place while they looked another vehicle. - I wise person who you I could be dominated by the fear and to try to return the Lhasa - Yin added. - But also wise person who, if decided to continue this trip, would have to finish for following again for the northwest. This would be the only road, therefore I placed its coat there, waiting that she was you to see it and not welded them. - It was a great risk - I said. It waved while he put vegetables to cook in one heavy full water pan and he hung it in a metal hook over the fire. Flames had jumped of the excrementos of yak and had licked the deep one of the pan. To see Yin alliviated good part of my fear again and, while in we seated them in old poeirentas

chairs in front of the fogueira, I said: - I have to admit that I thought about running away. I thought that it was my only hypothesis to survive. I continued and I counted everything what it had happened to it, by the way, everything excepto the experience with the light in redor of the house. When we arrived at the part where I was in wooded hills and carrinha arrived, it gave a skip in the chair. - Has the certainty that he was same carrinha that we saw in the road locking? it asked, with severe air. - Yes, they were they - I answered. It seemed exasperado full. - He saw the people who we had seen before and did not speak with them? The face of it was transtornado by the anger. • one does not remember I to count my dream to it, of us to know somebody that in would help them to find the gate? - it did not want to give hypothesis to them to denounce me - I protested. - what!? - It looked at fixed for me, later he inclined onward and he leaned the face to the hands during a moment. - I was petrified - I said. - I do not believe that I put myself in this situation. It wanted to leave. It wanted to survive. - It hears me with attention - Yin said. - its hypotheses to leave Tibet running away now very are reduced. Its only possibility to survive is to advance e, to make this, has to use the sincronicidade. I deviated the look, knowing that probably it had ratio. - It counts what carrinha happened to me when if approached it said Yin. - Each thought. Each detail. I counted that carrinha had stopped and that, when this to it happened, I was immediately scared. I described the form as the woman seemed to want to leave, but later she moved of ideias and had been even so. It abanou the head one more time. - the sincronicidade with a wrong use of its field of conjunct Killed. It prepared its field with distrustful expectations and this stopped everything. I deviated the look. - It thinks about that that was to happen - Yin continued - when it heard carrinha to come close itself. It had two options: it could think about this event as a threat or as a potential aid. Obviously that it has to think about the two possibilities. But, thus that it recognized carrinha, this must

have said any thing to it. The fact of being same carrinha that we had seen before in the crossing is significant, especially because these same people had created the diversion that in allowed them to pass without being seen. Of this point of view, them already they had helped it and was possible that now they were there for helping again. I waved with the head. It had ratio. He was obvious that I had ruined everything. Yin looked at noutra direcção, distracted for its proper thoughts, and later it said: - He full lost its the positive energy and expectations. One remembers of that I said to it in the restaurant? To prepare a field for the sincronicidade is a question of in placing them in a state of particular spirit. It is easy to think intellectually about the sincronicidade but, unless let us enter in the spirit state where our field of conjunct in can them 96 - 97 to help, everything what we make is to sight some coincidences of time in when. In some situations this is sufficiently and you it will be able to advance during some time, but it will finish for losing the route. The only form to establish a constant stream of sincronicidade is to be in a state where our field of conjunct keeps this stream in movement for us, an alert state of conscientious. - I continue without having the certainty of as to enter in this state of spirit. - We have to stop and to remember to assume an attitude of alert to each moment. We have to visualize our the certain energy to radiate and to bring for us, palpites, the certain events. We have to wait that they occur at any time. We prepare our fields stops in them bringing the sincronicidade being vigilant, always to the wait of the next meeting. Always that in we forget them in keeping them in this state of expectation, we have of in compelling them to remember. The more in keeping them in this state of spirit, in such a way more the sincronicidade will magnify. E finally, if to keep the raised energy, this alert position of conscientious will become it our dominant attitude before the life. The legends say that the extensions of the conjunct will finish for being one second nature for us. We will go to

prepare them per the morning of so routine form as in we dress them. The place is this that we must reach, the spirit state where we have this expectation constantly. It made a break and it looked at for me during a moment. - When it heard the vehicle to follow in its direcção, it felt fear immediately. For that me it seems, they had had the intuition that they had to stop in wooded hills, even so probably did not make ideia of the ratio. But later you he was with fear, thinking that they could be the bad ones of the tape, its field disappeared and had a effect on them. It entered in the fields of them, probably to fer to feel them that it had any thing badly, that they were to make any missed thing, and therefore had left. What it was to say incredible age to me, but he sounded me true. - It counts to me concerning the mode more as our fields afectam the people - I asked for. It abanou the head. - He is to go too far itself. The effect of our fields on the other people is the Third Extension. For now, it is concentrated in preparing its field for the sincronicidade and in not having distrustful thoughts. It has trend to wait worse. One remembers when we went the path of the monastery of the Rigden Mud and I left it alone? He saw a group of refugee that would have guided it directamente to the monastery, if to little it had spoken with them. But he imagined that they could denounce it and lost the sincronicidade. These minus thoughts are a standard in itself. I limited myself to look at it for it, feeling me tired. It smiled and he did not come back to speak in my errors. We descontraidamente said concerning Tibet during most of the night, leaving the given height to see the stars. The sky was clean and the almost frozen temperature. Over us they were the stars more shining than I already had seen and commented this with Yin. - It is clearly that they seem great - said it. - We are in the tecto one of the world. In the following morning I slept until afternoon and I made a series of exercises of tai chi with Yin. Esperámos as much time how much possible for the friends of Yin, but they had not appeared. We

understand that after all we had to risk to leave with only one vehicle and loaded the jeep, pulling out when entardecer. - It must have happened any thing - Yin said, looking at for me. It was to try to be strong, but he saw that he was worried. We follow again for the main road, through a thick fog and full of sand that had covered most of the landscape and in did not leave to see them mountains. - In this way it will be difficult Chinese to see them - Yin observed. - This is good - I said. 98 - 99 He had been to ask me exactly as the Chinese knew that we were in the restaurant in Zhongba, therefore asked the Yin what it thought. I have the certainty that it was guilt mine - it said. - I Falei-Lhe of the anger and fear that I feel in relation they. I have the certainty that my field of conjunct brought me what I was to ask for.

I launched a hard look to it. This age excessively. - You are to say me - I asked - what, for you to have fear, your energy brought the Chinese until us? - Not, not only for having fear. All we have a general fear. It is not this that I want to say. I am to speak in allowing that my mind has terrifying visões of that it could happen, of that the Chinese could make. I see them to act it in Tibet has as much time that already I know its methods. I know as they oppress the people through the intimidation. I allowed to see them me turn it behind us in my mind, as a small vision, and I did not make nothing to oppose this picture. It must have me burst, have visualized them in my mind not to be so adverse in relation we and later having grasped me to this expectation. It was not my general fear that brought them. Unconsciously I formed a specific picture, according to which they in would find them. The problem was this. If in grasping them to a minus picture for too much time, it it can finish for if becoming reality. This ideia continued to surprise me. He would be correcta? It has much time that I observed that the people who were suspicious a particular

event - an assault to its house, for example, a particular illness, or to lose a loving one - many times exactamente suffered this in its lives. Would be this the effect that Yin was to describe? I remembered the terrible picture that it turns in Zhongba, when Yin left to go to look somebody that was connosco. It had imagined to be alone in the jeep and to walk to the rollbacks lost, exactamente what it came to happen. A chill covered me. It had been to the same make error that Yin. - You are to say that everything what in it happens them of negative is resulted of our proper thoughts? - I asked. It franziu the forehead. - He is clearly that not. Many things happen only in the natural course of the convivência with other human beings. The expectations and shares of them also play a role. But we have some creative influence, let us believe or not. We have of awaking and to understand that, in terms of our energy of conjunct, an expectation is an expectation, is based it in the fear or the faith. In this in case that, I did not watch myself with enough attention. I said to it that my hatred to the Chinese ones was a problem. It turned over and our look met. - One also remembers of that I said to it - he added. - That in these upper levels of energy the effect of the conjunct field is very fast. In the vulgar world, the individuals still have a mixture of pictures of fear and success, that tend to annul ones to it to the others and to keep the limited effect. But to this level we can afectar very quickly what it happens, much even so a fear picture finishes for destroying the force of our field. The key is to guarantee that our mind is intent in the positive way for our life, not in a distrustful expectation. It is therefore that the Second Extension is so important. If in certifing them that we are in an alert state of conscientious for the next sincronicidade, our minds are remained positive and move away to the fear and the doubt. It is to see what I want to say? I waved with the head but it did not say nothing. Yin was concentrated again in the road. - We have to use this power immediately. It is remained most alert possible. We could pass

very easily for carrinha in this fog, and we do not want to lose it. It has the certainty that they had followed in this direcção? - Yes - I answered. - In this in case that they will have stopped themselves to pass the night, such as we made, we do not have to be very far. We travelled all the morning, still in direcção the northwest. No matter how much he tried, he did not obtain to keep me in the alert state of conscientious that Yin had described. Any thing was not well. Yin noticed and continued to look at for me. Finally it was turned and it asked. 100 - 101 Has the certainty that it is to the wait of the full process of sincronicidade? - Yes - I answered. - I think that yes. It franziu the forehead slightly and continued to look at for me of side. I wise

person what it I was to think. In Peru and, later, the Appalachians mounts, with the Tenth Revelation, I had lived a sincronicidade process. All we, at some moment, have an essential question in our lives, something that in worries them due to our particular situation in the life. In ours in case that, the question were as to find carrinha dutch and later Wil and the gate. Ideally, thus that we recognized the central question in our lives we would receive a prompt through a thought or intuition concerning the reply. We receive a picture mental that in suggests a passage to them, a share, a word to say a stranger. Ideally, one more time, if to follow this intuition will appear coincidences that in will give information to them concerning our question. This sincronicidade makes to advance us for the path of life... e, in turn, in direcção to a new question. What they say legends about of this? - I inquired. Yin answered: They say that the human beings will learn that the power of the conjunct can very influence the stream of its lives. Using the force of our expectations, we can make the sincronicidade process to occur more times. But we have of in all keeping them alert during the

process, starting for the next intuition. She is conscientiously to the wait of an intuition? - Still I did not receive nothing - I said. • But he is to the one wait? - it insisted. - I do not know. It was not well to think about intuitions. It waved. - He has to remember that this is part of the red tape of its field of conjunct for the sincronicidade. He has to remain themselves alert and to wait that all the process if uncurls: the question, to receive the intuition, seguiz it, to look coincidences. It exactly remembers itself that it has to wait everything this, to be alert in relation to everything this e, if making, its energy will go to its front and will help to provoke this stream. It smiled me in a way that intended to liven up to me. I breathed deep some times, feeling my energy to start to return. The mood of Yin was contagious. I was more alert. I returned the smile to it. I perceived who age really the Yin for the first time. For times it so was scared how much I and many times were too much direct, but was of all the heart in this trip and wanted, more of the one than any another thing, successful being. While he thought about this, imagineiz us to walk it for thick sand dunes to the night, algures close to a river. He had a long-distance brightness, a fogueira, that we wanted to reach. Yin went to the front and I was satisfied for being able seguiz it. I looked at again for it. It was to look at fixed for me. I counted to it what it had happened. - I find that I have any thing - said I. - I thought about us two to walk in the direcção of a fogueira. You find that this wants to say some thing. • you Only can know - it said. - But I do not know. How it is presumption I to know? - its thought was an intuition stops in guiding them, must have any thing to see with our fetching of carrinha. Who was together to the fogueira? Which age the sensation? - I do not know who was there. But we very wanted to arrive at the fogueira. He has some arenaceous zone here close? Yin moved away the jeep from the road and stopped. The fog was to start to raise it. - This one hundred and cinquenta more quilómetros landscape is all rocky sand during - Yin

declared. I shrank the shoulders. - and a river? It has some river for close here? The eyes of Yin had been illuminated. - Yes, to follow to the next village, Paryang, about two hundred and twenty and five quilómetros more to the front. It made one briefing pauses, smiling wide. - We have of in keeping them alert - it said. - It is our only slot. 102 - 103 We made a good time and we arrived the Paryang when putting of the Sun. We passed directamente for the village and later more twenty quilómetros, until Yin capsized the right for a beaten land road. He was almost full dark, but we saw the river to less of one quilómetro to our front. - a rank of control to the front Has more - it explained. - We have to skirt it. When in them we approached to the river the road was narrower and extremely irregular. - What it is to that? - the jeep asked to Yin, stopping and withdrawing. In a rocky bare place to our right, almost invisible, it was a vehicle. I went down my window to be able to see better. - carrinha is not one - Yin said. - It is a Land blue Cruiser. I tried to see better. - Wait one minute - I said. - It is the vehicle that I saw in the road locking, when in we separated them. Yin deleted the lighthouses and the blackout seemed to swallow us. - We go to advance a little more - it said, taking the jeep on the deep ditches plus some hundreds of meters. - He looks at! - exclamei, pointing. To our left he was carrinha, stopped between two great rocks. He did not have nobody for close. He was you give to leave when Yin made subitamente to advance the jeep and it far parked it of the sight, some hundreds of meters the east. - He is better to hide our vehicle - he commented, locking it after sairmos. We returned to carrinha and we looked at in redor. the footprints follow in this direcção - Yin said, pointing with respect to south. - It comes. I walked behind of it while we advanced among great rochedos and sand. A moon the three rooms illuminated the

passage. Ten minutes later it it looked at for me and it fungou. I also felt I smell it: the tobacco of a fogueira. We more walked twenty and five meters in the blackout, until seeing an encampment. A man and a woman were nestled next to the fire. It was the dutch couple that I had seen in carrinha. The river was soon behind of them. - What we make? - I whispered. - We will have to announce our presence - it said. - She would be better you to make this, they to have little fear. - we do not know who they are - I said, resisting. - He advances, says to them that we are here. I looked at more intently for them. They dressed pants of field and thick nightgowns of cotton. They seemed simple tourist to take a walk for Tibet. - Olá - it said with strong voice. - We are satisfied for seeing them. Yin looked at for me of soslaio. The two people had given a skip and had looked at fixed while we emerged of the blackout. With a great smile, she said: - We need your aid. Yin followed behind me, made a small vénia and said: They forgive the bother, but we are to the seek of our friend Wilson James. We waited that in they could help them. They were both in shock, without believing that we had entered in the encampment of them in that way. But slowly the woman seemed to understand that we were harmless and offered a place to us next to the fogueira. - we do not know Wilson James - it said. - But the man that we came to look this night knows it. I heard to mention it to it this name. The friend of it waved, seeming very nervous. - I wait that the Jacob obtains to find us. It is delayed some hours. It was you give Dizer-Lhe that we had seen the Land motionless Cruiser not very far when the expression in the face of the man moved. He seemed petrified. The eyes of it had been glue in any thing behind me. I turned over brusquely. In the direcção of the carriages the land was covered of vehicles and lighthouses and dozens of voices to speak in Chinese, all they advancing in our direcção. The man set of foot with a skip and deleted the fogueira. He grasped in some luggages and he ran for far of the encampment with the woman.

104 - 105 It comes - Yin said, trying to follow them. Some minutes later them had disappeared in the blackout. Finally Yin gave up. Behind us, the lights were to come close themselves and we advanced

atabalhoadamente for the river. - I find that I obtain to come back to the jeep - said Yin. - we will have luck they had still not found it. It follows for north, upstream during one quilómetro, and tries to gain some pitch. It goes to find another road that goes down until the a is situated near the border of of the river. He is to listening and I will go to collect it. - Because I cannot go with you? - I asked. Because he is too much dangerous. A man can obtain to pass, but two would be seen. I agreed to reluctance and I started to advance among the rocks and the wooded hills of small rock to the light of the Moon, using the lantern only when it was absolutely necessary. Wise person who the plan of Yin was wild, but seemed to be our only hypothesis. I asked me exactly what we would have discovered if we had said more a little with the couple dutch or known the other man. After one ten minutes I stopped to rest. It had cold and he was tired. I heard a movement to my front. I tried to hear better. Somebody was same to walk. It had to be the dutch couple, I thought. I advanced slowly, until approaching me to the sound. The twenty meters of me saw the silhouette of an only person, a man. Wise person who had to say any thing or running the risk to lose it. - You he is dutch? - I mumbled, thinking that this had to be the man who the couple waited. It was immovable and he did not say nothing, therefore I repeated the question. It seemed a nonsense, but I thought that perhaps it obtained some reaction. - Who is there? - it was the reply. - I am American - I said. - Vi its friends. It turned over and looked at for me, while I opened I walk among the rocks to arrive until it. He was young, perhaps twenty and five years, and seemed frightened. - Where he saw my friends? - he asked, with the voice trémula. While it was

concentrated in me, I felt scared quão it was. A fear wave also covered my body and had to fight to keep my energy. 106 • River below - I answered. - They had said them who were to its wait. - the Chinese were there? - it asked. - Yes, but I find that its friends had escaped. It seemed scared still more. - They had said them - she said quickly - that you the man knew who I look for, Wilson James. It was to withdraw. - I have that to leave daqui - he said, turning itself to go even so. - Already the vi before - I said. - He was restrained in a rank of control in Zhongba. - Yes - it talked back. - He was there? - He was behind itself in the transit. You he was to be interrogated by a Chinese officer. - It is truth - he answered, nervously looking at in all the direcções. - and the Wil? • I asked, fighting to keep me calm. - Wilson James. He knows it? It Disse-Lhe some thing concerning a gate? The young did not say more nothing. The eyes were frozen of fear. It was turned and it run among the rocks, continuing to go up the river. I pursued it during some time, but, in briefing, it it disappeared in the blackout. Finally I stopped and I looked at stops backwards, in the direcção of carrinha and our jeep. Still it obtained to see the lights and to hear sultry voices. I turned over and I again followed for north, understanding too much well that my hypothesis had waster. It had not obtained any information of it. I tried to ignore falhanço. The most important age to find Yin and to try to run away, proper I. Finally I found the old road and minutes later I heard the weak sound of a jeep. 107 5. The CONTÁGIO Of the CONSCIENCE Espreguicei me the best one that I could in the pressed

vehicle. He was full exausto and I asked me exactly as Yin would have forces to lead. I wise person that we had had luck. Such as Yin assumed, the Chinese military seemed disorganized and easied in its fetching. They had placed an only guard in carrinha of the dutch couple, while the others looked for distraidamente in the other direcção, having ignored full our jeep. Yin had obtained pô it in functioning without making much racket and skirted them without being detected, to collect me together to the river. At this Yin moment still it went to lead with the extinguished lighthouses, looking at fixed through the windshield to see the road darkened. A moment later it looked at for me. - the young dutch who you saw not said it nothing? - It is truth - I answered. - It too much was scared and ran away. Yin abanou the head. - That is all guilt mine. If to little I had spoken to it of the next extension to the conjunct, Third, you I would have been most occurred to obtain this information. I started to ask to it what it wanted to say, but it silenced me with a gesture. One remembers the small farm where he is - it explained. - Already he tried the First Extension: to league the energy to it and to leave it to flow through itself, to visualize it to form it an energy field that precedes it everywhere. 109 The Second Extension, as I explained to it, treats to prepare its field of form energy to magnify its vital stream. It can make this remaining itself alert and in the expectation. The Third Extension treats to prepare its field of conjunct to leave and to magnify the levels of energy and vibration in the others. When its field of conjunct arrives at the others of this form, them feels an energy impact spiritual, clarity and intuition and is most likely that they give to the information correcta to it. One more time it knew exactamente what it was to suggest. Under the prompt of Wil and Sanchez in Peru, I had explored the form to send energy to other people, as a new ethical attitude in relation they. Now Yin seemed to be to clarify the form more efficiently to make this. - I know what

you want to say - I declared. - They had taught to me that it has an expression of upper I that can be found in the face of all the people. If to say with this I, this expression, our energy helps to raise this person to a conscience of upper I. - Yes - Yin answered -, but this effect magnifies if one of you to know as to widen its field of conjunct in the mode that the legends explain. We must wait exactly that our field of conjunct if extends to our front and magnifies the vibration of the other long-distance people, that let us not be enough close seeing its faces. I looked at for it with interrogative air. it Faces in this way: if it will be to practise the First Extension truily, the energy enters in itself and to far to see it the world more than agreement with what it really is: coloring, vibrant, beautiful, as a magical forest or a desert colorful. Now, to practise the Third Extension, it has to visualize conscientiously its energy to overflow for the field of all the people to its rollback and to magnify its vibration, so that also they start to see the world as it of fact is. Soon that this to happen, they can soften and feel the sincronicidade. After preparing our fields in this way, it is more easy to observe the expression of upper I in the face of the others. It made a break and it looked at for me, as thing had been finished to think noutra. 110 One also remembers - it continued - that traps exist to prevent when we raise another person. Each face is a standard of strokes, as one... hum... ink blot, where we can see many things. We

see the anger of a violent father, in the distance of an indifferent mother, or the face of that in it threatened them. It is a projecção of our past, a perception created for a traumatic situation that determines the reactions that we wait in the others. When we see somebody that, exactly that of form ténue, if is similar to that in treated them badly, the trend is to wait that this person acts in the same way. It is very important to understand this problem and to watch it intently. We have to exceed the expectations dictated for our last

experiences. It understands? I waved with the head, anxious for the remaining portion. - Now it thinks one more time about that that happened to it in the hotel, in Katmandu. We have to observe it more intently. It did not say that that man in the swimming pool changed the state of spirit of all people when sat down? I waved again, thinking. This was absolutely correcto. It seemed that the man brings a state of renewed spirit to the zone of the swimming pool, before exactly to say an only word. - This happened because the energy of it already was prepared to enter in the fields of energy of the others and to give a positive impulse to them. It now thinks about the sensation exacta that this caused to it. I deviated the look for a moment, trying to recriar what it had happened. Finally it said: - All people in that zone seemed to pass of a state of irritation and insatisfação for a state of more open and conversador spirit. It is difficult to explain. - the energy of it opened you it the new scanning of something - Yin - instead of being imprisoned in the terror or the desperation continued or in that vocês they were to feel, was what it was. Yin stopped of speaking for a moment, observing me intently. - It is clearly - it continued - that it could have happened the the opposite. If the man did not have a enough strong energy, when entering in the zone of the swimming pool he could have been dominated for the state of low energy of the remaining portion of the people and gone down to your level. It was what it happened to it when found the young dutch. It was frightened and this fear afectou it. 111 You it was left to dominate for the state of spirit of it. - It knows, the fields of energy of all we join and alone strongest they resist. The unconscious dynamics is this that characterizes the human world. The state of our energy, our main expectations, which are they will be, go to influence the state of spirit and the attitude of all people. The level of conscience between human beings and all the

expectations that follow it are contagious. This fact explains the great mysteries of the behavior of the multitudes, because ratio decent people, influenced for some how many very scared or angry, can be become involved in worthless lynchings, riots or other shares. Also it explains because the hypnosis functions or because the films and the television have one such influence on the weak ones of spirit. The field of conjunct of each person in the Land is established with the others, creating all the norms, filiations of group, nationalisms and ethnic hostilities that if they see for there. Yin smiled. - the culture is contagious. It is enough to travel a strange country and to see as the people not only think of different form, as also they feel of different form, in that she says respect to the state of spirit and the attitude. This is a reality that we must understand and dominate. We have to remember to use the Third Extension conscientiously. When we are to become related with other people and we feel that we are to absorb its mood, to be dominated by its expectations, have to withdraw, to full themselves and to overflow again, until the spirit state improves. If to little it had made this with the young dutch, could have known more concerning the Wil. I was impressed. Yin seemed to dominate this information full. - Yin - I said. - You are a specialist. The smile of it was vanished. - a difference between knowing Has as everything this functions - it talked back - and to be capable to make it. I must have slept during hours, because when I woke up the Sun already had been born and the jeep was stopped in an flat zone above of the road. Espreguicei me and later I came back to fall on the seat. I was some minutes to look at for some wooded hills of rocks in the land road beaten back in low. It passed nómada with a horse and a small wagon but, for beyond it, the road was empty. The sky was limpid and algures behind us sounded sings it of a bird. I breathed deep. Some of the tension of the previous day had been alliviated. Yin slowly

started to move itself and later it sat down, looking at for me with a smile. It left the jeep and it was espreguiçou, later it took off a stove of campismo of the backs and started to heat a fervedor with water to make cereals and tea. I joined it it and one more time I tried seguiz it in a series of difficult exercises of tai chi. Behind us we hear a vehicle to speed up road it are. We waited behind a rock and we saw the Land Cruiser to pass, recognizing it both at the same time. - He is the young dutch - Yin exclamou, running for the jeep. I grasped in the campismo stove, shot it for the backs and I jumped for inside of the vehicle, while Yin turned it. - We will have luck if obtaining to apanhar to this speed • Yin commented while we started the persecution. We passed for a small hill and we go down for a narrow valley, sighting finally the vehicle I descend the road some hundreds of meters to our front. - We have to reach it with our energy of conjunct - Yin said. I breathed deep, visualizing my energy to extend on the road and the Land Cruiser and to afectar the young. I imagined it to soften it and to stop. When I sent this picture the vehicle sped up still more, moving away itself. I was confused. - What it was to make? - Yin cried out, looking at for me. - I am to use my field to make to stop it. - it does not use its energy in this way - Yin said quickly. - It has the contrary effect. 112 - 113 I looked at for it without understanding. - What it makes asked Yin -, when somebody tries to manipulate it to take it to make some thing? - I resist - I answered. - Exactamente - Yin continued. Unconsciously the dutch obtains sentiz it to try to say it to it what to make. It feels itself manipulated and this gives to it printing to it that who comes behind of it does not want well to it, what it generates more fear and it magnifies its determination in running away • Everything what we can make is to visualize our energy to extend it

and to magnify its general level of vibration. This allows it to exceed the fear and to enter in contact with the intuition of its upper I, that, with luck, it will make it to have little fear of us and to perhaps risk a colloquy. To make any another thing is to presume that we know the best route for its life, but it only knows this. Perhaps its upper intuition says to it - soon that let us send enough energy - to get rid itself of us and to leave the country. We have to accept this. Everything what we can make is to help it to take it the decision with the biggest level of possible energy. We made a curve and, suddenly, we left to see the Land blue Cruiser. Yin softened. To our right it had a road smaller than it seemed to be distinguished. - For there! - I said, pointing. One hundred meters more to the front, in sopé of a small hill, had a wide but flat affluent river. In the way of it it was the vehicle of the dutch, speeding up the deep one, turning the wheels and making mud to jump, but without advancing. It was atascado. The young looked at for we and opened the gate, preparing itself to run away. But when it recognized me it disconnect the engine and it left for the water that covered it until the knees. When we stopped our jeep to the side of it, Yin looked at intently for me and I perceived that it me was to remember to use my energy. I waved with the head. - We can help you - I to the young said. It faced us distrustful during a moment, but gradually he gained confidence, later that Yin and I leave and pushed the bumper of the Land Cruiser while it tried to bind the engine. The wheels had turned during a moment, having shot mud of meeting to my legs, later it jumped for it are of the hole and crossed the river. We follow in our jeep. The young looked at for we during a moment, as it was to decide if it had to go even so, but left and walked in our direcção. When it came close itself, presented itself. It said that Jacob called itself. While we spoke, I started to look in the face of it the expression more intelligent than it obtained to find. Jacob was to abanar the head, still frightened, and passed some minutes to ask who was and to interrogate us concerning its disappeared friends. - I do not know because I came Tibet - he said finally. - I always thought

that he would be too much dangerous. But my friends wanted that I came with them. I do not make ideia because I accepted. My God, had welded Chinese for all the side. How he is that they knew that we would be there? - They had asked the path to that they did not know? - Yin asked. It looked at fixed for us. - Yes. They find that they had said the soldiers? Yin waved and Jacob seemed to dive again in the panic, looking at nervously in redor, in all the direcções. - Jacob - I asked. - I have to know if you met with Wilson James? Jacob continued incapable of if concentrating. - How we know if the Chinese are not same behind us? I tried to pick-up the look of it, obtaining finally to make with that it looked at for me. - That is important, Jacob. You remember to see the Wil? It seems Peruvian, but he speaks with sotaque American. Jacob continued to seem confused. - Because he is that this is important? We have to arrange way to sairmos daqui. We hear Jacob to make some suggestions concerning possible places of encampment until the Chinese to leave the area, or better still, concerning a race insane person for the Himalaias, in direcção to India. 114 - 115 I continued to visualize my energy to enter in it and to concentrate me in the face of it, looking to an expression of calm and wisdom in its strokes, especially in the eyes. Finally it started to look at for me. - Because they want to find this man? - it asked. - We believe that it needs our aid. He is the man who asked for to me to come Tibet. It looked at for me during a moment, pparently trying to concentrate itself. - Yes - he answered finally. - I knew your friend. It was in the forecourt of a hotel in Lhasa. We were seated in front one of the other and started to speak concerning the Chinese occupation. It has much time that the Chinese disturb me and assume that she was therefore that I came here, to make some thing, any thing. The Wil said that it had seen three times to me in this day, in some points of the hotel, and that this meant any thing. I did not

perceive what it was to say. - It mentioned a called place Shambhala? • I asked. It seemed interested. - Not exactamente. He mentioned any thing of pass, any thing concerning Tibet not to be free until Shambhàla to be understood. Any thing thus. - Mentioned a gate? - it does not seem me. I do not remember well the colloquy very. It was exactly very brief. - and concerning the destination of it? - Yin asked. - It mentioned for where went? Jacob deviated the look, thinking, and later he said: - I think that it related a place called... Dormar, I think that it was... and any thing concerning the ruins of one old monastery there. I looked at for Yin. - I know the place - it said. - He is in the extreme northwest, the four or five days of trip. He will be difficult... and cold. The ideia to have to travel so far for a desolate region of Tibet made my energy to fall the puncture. - You want to come connosco? - the Jacob asked to Yin. Oh, not - it said. - I have to leave daqui. - You have the certainty? • Yin insisted. - the Chinese seem to be very active at this moment. I cannot - Jacob said, looking at noutra direcção. - I am the only one that it remains to contactar my government and to look my friends, if to obtain to arrange a form to ask for aid. Yin escrevinhou any thing in a paper piece and delivered it Jacob to it. - Seek a telephone and league for this number - it said. - my name Mentions and gives a number to bind to you. Soon that they verify who you you are, they bind to you and say what to make. Yin still said the Jacob the best way to return the Saga and later we folloied it of return to its Land Cruiser. After entering, it said: - Good luck... I wait that they find your friend. I waved. - to be obtained - added it - perhaps let us perceive that he was therefore that I came Tibet, hum? To be able to help. It turned itself and bound the Cruiser, looked at one more time for we and moved away itself. Yin and I run for our vehicle and, when entering in the main road, I noticed that it was to smile. - It finds that now already it understands the Third Extension? - it asked. He thinks about everything what it implies. I looked at for it during a moment, thinking about the question. The key of this extension, to that it seems, was the ideia of our fields to be able to

strengthen the others, raising the people until an upper conscience where its proper orienting intuitions can be leagued to it. What it expanded this ideia for me, for beyond any thing that I had heard in Peru, it was the concept of our fields of conjunct for fluirem to our front and of us to be able to prepare them to influence all exactly people to our rollback - that let us not be to speak with them directamente or at least to see them. We can make visualizing it full that this is to happen - waiting it. It is clearly that we cannot exert any control on this energy; in case that contrary it makes rebound, as I had seen when I tried to make Jacob to stop the vehicle. I related to everything this the Yin. 116 - 117 • What it is to understand is the contagious aspect of the mind human being - Yin explained. - In certain mode, all we partilhamos a mind. He is obvious that we have control on we ourselves and we can withdraw, to distanciarmos itself, to think independently. But, such as I already said before, the dominant vision who the human beings have of the world is always a gigantic field of belief and expectation. The key for the human progress is to have enough people who obtain to mix in this human field an upper expectation of love. This effort allows us to develop a level of still bigger energy and to be felt inspired ones to the others, in direcção to our potential greater. Yin seemed to relax for a moment and smiled for me. - the culture of Shambhala - it said -, he is based on the construction of one such field. I could not prevent Devolver-Lhe the smile. This trip started to make direction, of a form that I still did not obtain to state. The two following days had passed without problems, without signs of the Chinese army. Continuing in the road of the south in direcção the northwest, we crossed plus a river close to the top of Mayun-La, a

pass in the high one of the mountain. The sight was spectacular, with peaks frozen of both the sides of the road. We passed the first night in Hor That, in a motel without identification that Yin knew, and we continued in the following morning for the Manasarovar lake. When in we approached them to the lake, Yin said: - Here we will have of being again very careful. The lake and the Kailash mount, more to the front, are important destinations for people of all the region: India, Nepal, China and Tibet. It is a sacred place without equal. They will be many pilgrims there, as well as Chinese ranks of control. Some quilómetros more to the Yin front left the road, for an old slot, skirted a control rank and later we sighted the lake. I looked at for Yin, that was to smile. The sight was inacreditavelmente beautiful: an enormous pearl turquoise to the front of the rocky land chestnut, everything delimited by mountains covered of snow there behind. One of mountains, explained Yin, was Kailash. When passing for the lake, we saw numerous groups of pilgrims in redor of great poles with flags. - What it is to that? - I asked. - Flags of conjunct - Yin answered. - To place flags that represent our conjuncts is a tradition in Tibet has centuries. The conjunct flags are to drapejar to the wind and this continuously sends the conjuncts that they contain for God. The conjunct flags can also be given the people. - That type of conjuncts contains the flags? • Conjuncts so that the love takes advantage in all the humanity. I was quiet. - Irónico, right? - Yin added. - the culture of Tibet is total dedicated to the life spiritual. We are possibly the people most religious of the world. E we were attacked by the government most atheistic of the Land: of China. It is a perfect, visible contrast for the whole world. A vision or another one have-of being successful. Without speaking more, we crossed plus a small village and later we entered in Darchen, the city next to the Kailash mount, where Yin contracted two mechanics its known to look to potentials mechanical problems in our jeep. We camped with the other inhabitants, so next to the how much possible mountain without raising suspicion. I did not

obtain to take off the eyes of the frozen tops. - Visa daqui, the Kailash mount seems a pyramid - it said. Yin agreed to one waves. What it is that this says to it? That it has to be able. When the sun went down for there of the horizon, observed an incredible sight. One to put of the magnificent Sun fulled the sky ocidente with successive cloud layers peach color and, at the same time, the sun below of the horizon continued to shine in the face of the Kailash mount, making of its snowy hillsides one espectáculo flaring of yellow and orange. To the long one of history - Yin said -, great emperors had travelled thousand of quilómetros the horse or liteira, to testify these sights in Tibet. One thought that the first light of the morning and the last one of the afternoon had great to be able of visionaries and rejuvenescimento. 118 - 119 I waved with the head while it spoke, incapable to deviate the look of the majestical light to my rollback. It felt me really rejuvenescido and almost calm. To our front, in the flat direcção of Kailash, low valleys and faldas shade layers of and consequence were bathed by alternated clear chestnuts, giving a etéreo contrast to the peaks highest illuminated by the sun, that seemed to shine on the inside. It was a surreal vision e, for the first time, I understood because ratio the Tibetans were so spirituals. The light of this country would be enough inexoravelmente to lead them to an upper conscience. In the following morning, well early, we were of new the path and five hours later we arrived at the limits of There. The sky was hidden and the temperature fell quickly. Yin turned some times for almost impassable roads, trying to prevent the center of the city. Already we are in an essentially Chinese zone - Yin said -, with bars and halls of strip-tease for the soldiers. We have to pass without that nobody gives for us. When we arrived again at a decent road, we were already the north of the city. The given height I sighted a

recent building of offices, with some new camiões still more parked there it are. Any movement in redor of the building was not seen. Yin saw it at the same time, left the main road for a older road and stopped. - To that it is a new Chinese installation - it said. - Not wise person who was here. It looks at and it sees if somebody in observes them while we pass. At this moment wind was arisen and started to snow strong, helping to occult our identity. While we passed, I looked at with much attention for the building. Most of its windows was covered. - What it is that place? - I asked. - I think that it is a station of oil scanning. But who knows? - What it is transferred with the time? - It seems that it comes a storm there. This can help us. - You are to think about the hypothesis of them to walk here to our seek in top, you are not? - I asked. It looked at for me with a deep sadness, that if he transformed into a furious anger. He was in this city that my father was died - it said. I abanei the head. - It was terrible you to have to see this. - the thousand of Tibetans Happened - it added, looking at fixed in front. The hatred of it was well visible. Abanou the head. - It is important not to think about this. We have to prevent fellow creatures pictures. Especially you. Such as I already said, I can not be capable to control my anger. You have of being better of the one than I in this problem, to be able to continue alone it will be itself necessary. - what!? - He listens well - it said. - He has to understand exactamente where he is. He learned the three first extensions. He was capable to magnify of consistent form its energy and to create a strong field but, such as I, still he falls in the fear and the anger. He has other things that I can teach to it concerning anchoring its stream of energy. - What you want to say with anchoring? - I asked. - It has to better stabilize its stream of energy, so that it if keeps to flow well in direcção to the world, independently of its situation. When to make this, the three extensions that learned becomes a constant structure and a mode of life. - This is the Fourth Extension? - I inquired. - It

is the start of Fourth. What I am you give to say to it is the last information that we have concerning the extensions. The remaining portion of the Fourth Extension alone is of the knowledge of the inhabitants of Shambhala. - Ideally, the extensions would have to function in set of the following way: its energy of conjunct had to flow inside from the divine plugging of itself, provoking the sincronicidade of the expectation and carrying all the people that it more touches to its raised I. Of this form it maximizes the mysterious evolution of our lives, the conscience and the accomplishment of our individual missions in this planet. Unhappyly we have profits to the long one of the path, challenges that provoke fear states that, as already we saw, they provoke doubts and make to yield our fields. 120 - 121 Worse still, this fear can provoke minus pictures, bad expectations, that can help to create in our lives what we are afraid. What it has to learn now is a form to anchor its upper energy, to remain itself more frequent in the positive stream. - the problem of the fear - Yin continued -, it is that it can very be subtil and to apanhar us very unprepared fast. It is to see, a distrustful picture is always concerning a result that we do not want. We are afraid to say, to embarrass to we ourselves or our families to lose our freedom or somebody that we love, or our lives. The difficult part is that, when we start to feel this fear, it many times are changedded into anger, that we use to become our more aggressive forces and to fight against who we feel as a threat. Feeling fear or anger, we have to understand that these emotions come of an only source: the aspects of our life that we want to keep. The legends say that, a time that the fear and the anger happen of the distrust to lose some thing, the form to prevent these emotions are to distanciar of all the results. We were the north of the city well and the snow fell each time with more force. Yin was strengthenn for seeing the road and only looked at

briefly for me while it spoke. - ours Sees in case that, for example it said. - We are to the seek of the Wil and the gate for Shambhala. The legends would say that, at the same time that we prepare our fields to wait the certain intuitions and events stops in guiding them, would have to be distanciarmos total of any particular result. It was this that I was to suggest when he said to it to have caution in its concern with the fact of the Jacob to stop or not. The importance to keep in the distance is the great message of the Buddha and dom of all the eastern religions to the humanity. I knew the concept, but at this moment he was to have difficulty in seeing its value. - Yin - I protested. - How we will be able to distanciarmos itself full? This ideia many times seems me a theory of the ivory tower. To help the Wil can be a question of life or death. How we could not be worried about this? Yin left the road and stopped. The visibility was now almost null. - I did not say for not being worried • he continued it. - I said for not arresting myself to no particular result. What we receive in the life he is always slightly different of that we want, in any way. To remain itself distanciado is to understand that a bigger objectivo that can be discovered in any event, in any result always exists. We can always find positive a side, one good meaning, as start base. I waved with the head. This age a ideia that I knew of Peru. - I understand - said I -, the value of looking at in general of this form for the things, but one such perspective does not have its limits? E if we will be you give to be died or tortured? It is difficult to keep in the distance in relation to this, or to see a side positive. Yin looked at fixed for me. - But, and if the torture will be always the result not to be enough off during the events that lead to one such critical situation? Our legends say that when to learn to distanciarmos itself, our energy can be remained enough high to prevent all these extremely minus occurrences. If to obtain to remain itself strong, always to the wait of the positive, then will start to happen miracles, either the result

exactamente what we thought or not. It did not obtain to believe this. • You are to say that everything what it happens of badly only happens because we lose a sincronicidade chance to prevent it? It looked at for me with a smile. - Yes, he is exactamente this that I am to say. But this is terrible. This does not attribute the guilt, says, to that it has a terminal illness, thinking that it is guilt of it to be sick, because it lost the chance to find one cure? - Not, it does not have guilt. All we make the best one that we can. But what I said to it it is a truth that we have to accept to want itself to arrive at the levels highest of the conjunct energy. We have to keep our so strong fields how much possible; to make we have it to always believe, with a powerful faith, that we will be safe of these problems. - For times we will lose some things - it continued. - the human knowledge is incomplete and us we can die or be tortured due to information. But the truth is this: 122 - 123 if we had all the knowledge that the human beings will have one day, always we would be guided for it are of the dangerous situations. We reach our greater to be able when we assume that already the case is this. The way of in is this keeping them flexible and long-distance, forming a powerful field of expectation. Everything started to make sensible. Yin was to say me that all we must assume that the process of the sincronicidade in will always move away them from the perigos, that we will know which anticipatedly the movement to make, because this capacity is our destination. If to believe, more early or later this will be truth for all the human beings. - All the great místicos - Yin continued -, they say that to act with a total faith it is important. Apóstolo João, in your Bible occidental person, describes the result of this type of faith. They had placed it in a full oil large barrel fervente and it nothing suffered. Others had been placed next to esfomeados lions and had remained in security. This will be only myths? - But great quão will have of being our

faith, to obtain this degree of invulnerabilidade? - I asked. - We have to reach a degree next to the one of the inhabitants of Shambhala • Yin answered. - it does not see as everything is incased? If our expectation of current conjunct will be enough strong, both waits the sincronicidade and sends energy to the others, so that also they wait the sincronicidade. The energy level goes going up. E however has always dakini... It deviated the look quickly, pparently horrified for having again mentioned these beings. - What they have dakini? - I asked. It was quiet. - Yin - I insisted. - You have to explain me what you wanted to say. How it is that dakini if incases in everything this? Finally it breathed deep and said: - I am to only say to it what proper I understand. The legends say that dakini is only understood by the inhabitants of Shambhala and that we must have very well-taken care of. I cannot say more to it. I looked at for it, irritated. Well, we will have to discover this later, is not, when to arrive the Shambhala? It looked at for me with great sadness. - I already said to it that I had exaggerated experiences with the Chinese military. My hatred and anger consume my energy. If, to any height, I to come that I am to hold back it, will have to leave and you he will have to follow alone. I looked at for it, without wanting to think about this possibility. - One remembers - he continued it -, of whom I said concerning keeping in the distance and believing that always we will be guided for there of the perigos. It made a break, while it bound the jeep and it advanced through the snow blown for the wind. - the certainty Can have - it said finally - that its faith in briefing will be dispatches by post to the test. 124 - 125 6. The PASS

After travelling for north during forty minutes, Yin capsized for a slot of camiões very consumed and followed in direcção to one high mountainous string the thirty or forty quilómetros of pitch. The snow was each more intense time. First weak, later each more intense time, a low grumble grew above of the singing of the engine and the wind. Yin and I looked at one for the other, when the sounds if had become finally reconhecíveis. - Helicopters - Yin cried out, taking off the jeep of the slot and taking it for an aperture in the rocks. The jeep baloiçou loucamente. - I wise person. They have way to fly with this time. - What you want to say with this, that you wise people? To the measure that the sound grew over us, she seemed to hear me two aircraft. One of them pairava directamente over us. - That is guilt mine - Yin cried out, above of the racket. - You have to leave! Already! - what!? - I cried out. - You are maluco? For where he is that I have-of going? It cried out me it the ear. - if he does not forget if keeping alert. He is to hear me? He continues to advance for north, Dormar! He has to arrive at the Kunlun mountains! In a skillful movement he opened my gate and he pushed me for it are. 127 I filled with earth of foot, later cambaleei until falling on a snow bank. I sat down and I tried to see the jeep, but it already was to move away itself and the snow that fell covered me it vision. A wave of pure panic fulled me. At this moment a movement to my right called me it attention. Through the snow it saw the figure of a high man, to one ten meters of pitch, dress with pants of black skin of yak and a vest and hat of goat skin. He was quiet, looking at intensely for me, but it had the face partially covered by a woollen handkerchief. I recognized those eyes. Of onde?Após plus some seconds it looked at for the helicopter, that was to make plus a pass, and moved away itself quickly. Without acknowledgment, three or four terrible explosions had burst in the direcção followed for the

jeep, having made to jump the rocks and the snow to my rollback and fulling the air of a suffocating tobacco. I arose and cambaleei for far, while several other explosions echoed in redor. The wind was now full full of a toxic gas species. My head started to walk to the rollbacks. I heard music before being full conscientious. He was a Chinese classic composer who I already knew. Despertei of a skip and apercebi me that it was in one room decorated to the Chinese style. I sat down in the decorated bed and moved away sheets from silk. It had dressed only one túnica of hospital and had been washed. The room had at least twenty for twenty meters and each coated wall the wood had a different mural. A Chinese woman was to observe me through an aperture in the gate. The gate confided and official empertigado of full the Chinese army, farda, entered. A chill covered me. It was the same official that I already had seen some times. My heart beat with force. I tried to magnify my energy, but the vision of the officer abated me full. - Good day - the man said. - How he feels yourself? - Having in account that I was gaseado - I answered -, I feel myself sufficiently well. It smiled. 128 • he does not have any lasting effect. I guarantee to it. Where I am? - It is in There. The doctors already turn it and you are well. But I have to make some questions to it. Because it was to travel with Yin Doloe and for where they went? - We wanted to visit some of the old monasteries. - Reason? I decided not to say more to it nothing. - Because I am a tourist. I have a visa. Because I was attacked? The American Embassy knows that I am withheld? It smiled and looked at of threatening form for my eyes. - I am Chang colonel. Nobody knows that you are e here, will have violated our laws, nobody

can help it. Mr. Doloe is a criminal, member of illegal a religious organization that is to perpetrate a fraud in Tibet. Mine worse distrusts seemed to be to become reality. - I do not know nothing about of this - I said. - He liked to telephone to somebody. - Because he is that Mr. Doloe and the others walk to the seek of Shambhala? - I do not know of that it is that it is to speak. It gave a pacing in my direcção - Who is Wilson James? - He is a friend mine - I answered. • It is in Tibet? - I Think that yes, but not it vi. Chang looked at for me with an indignation touch and, without saying more nothing, it turned over and it left. That is bad, I thought, very bad. It was you give to leave the bed when the nurse returned with a dozen of soldiers, one of which pushed something similar to an enormous lung of iron, that it was bigger and only it was risen on high and wide legs, pparently to be able to be pushed for top of that he was lying. Before I could say any thing, the soldiers had held me and slid the machine on my body. The nurse bound it, producing a soft moan and a strong light directamente in my face. 129 Exactly with the closed eyes, it saw the light to advance of the right for the left on my head, as scanner of a fotocopiadora. Thus that the machine stopped, the soldiers had moved away the device and had left the division. The nurse delayed itself plus a moment, observing me. - What she was to that? - I mumbled. - Only one encefalograma - it with a cautious English said, while she took the hand to a closet and removed there of my clothes. They had been clean and folded carefully. - So that it was? - I insisted. - to verify everything, to guarantee that it is well. At this moment the gate confided again and Chang colonel returned. He caught in a together chair to the wall and put it close to my bed. Perhaps - he was better I to explain to that with that we are to deal here - it said, when sitting down in the chair. He seemed tired. - many religious seitas in

Tibet Exist and many of its followers look for to pass to the world the printing to be a religious people oppressed by the Chinese. E I admit that ours initial politics of years 50, and during the Cultural Revolution, had been hard. But these politics had moved in the years most recent. We are to try to be so tolerant how much possible, having in account that the official politics of the Chinese government is the ateísmo. - These seitas must remember that Tibet also moved. Many Chinese live here now, they had always lived here, and many of them are not Buddhist. We have of living all together. It does not have way Tibet to come back it to the domain of the Lamas. - It understands what I am to say? The world moved. Exactly that we wanted to give to Tibet its freedom, this would not be just stops with the Chinese. It waited that I said any thing. I thought to collate it with the governmental politics to import Chinese citizens for Tibet, as form to dilute the culture tibetana. Instead of this, it said: - I think that they only want to have the freedom to follow its religion without interference. - We allow a part of this, but they are always to move what they make. When we think to know who orders, the situation gets excited. I think that we are to arrive at a good relationship with the Buddhist official hierarchy, but later she has the Tibetan expatriated ones in India, and this another group the one that belongs Mr. Doloe, that one that follows a críptico verbal knowledge and that it is to provoke all this colloquy on Shambhala. He is disturbing for the people. She has very work important to make in Tibet. The people are very poor. The quality of life must be improved. It looked at for me and it smiled. - Because it is that this legend of Shambhala is taken so the serious one? It seems almost pueril, a ideia of children. - the Tibetans believe that one another reality exists, more spiritual, for there of visible the physical worlds and that Shambhala, even so belongs to the Land, is in this kingdom spiritual. He did not obtain to believe that he was to risk a debate of ideias with it. - But as they can think that one such place exists? - he continued

-, Inspeccionámos each centimeter of Tibet, from air and with satellites, and we did not see nothing. I was quiet. - He knows where supposedly is this place? - it insisted. - He is therefore that here he is? - It would adore to know where it is - I answered. - Or until knowing what it is, but distrust not to know. Also I do not want to have problems with the Chinese authorities. It listened to me intently and therefore I continued. - In the reality, everything this terrifies me and I preferred to go me even so. - Oh, we do not only want that partilhe connosco what he knows - it said. - one such place is existed, if it is an occult culture, we want to know this information. Partilhe connosco its knowledge and leaves to help us it. Perhaps let us can arrive at a commitment. I looked at for it during a moment and said: - It would like to contactar the American Embassy, if it could be. It tried to hide its impatience, but I obtained to see it in its eyes. He looked at for me plus a moment, later he walked until the a he carries and he turned themselves. 130 - 131 • This is not necessary - it said. - He is free to leave. Minutes later he walked for the streets of There, closing my blusão well. Now he was not to snow, but he was very cold. Before, he had been forced to dress me in front of the nurse and later escorted for it are of the house. While it continued to walk, inspeccionei the content of my pockets. Surprising, it was everything there: a penknife, my almond wallet, a small package. It felt me estonteado and tired. It would be because of the anxiety? I asked me exactly. The effect of the gas? The altitude? I tried to move away the sensation. There it was a modern city, with many Chinese and Tibetans for the streets and vehicles for all the part. Its well treated buildings and store were vacant baffling, having in account péssimas roads and conditions that we had supported to arrive here. Looking at in redor,

it after did not see nobody that seemed capable to say English e to me, some blocks, I started to feel me still more estonteado. I had to seat me in the side of the road, an old cement tablet. The fear grew, almost if transforming into panic. What to make now? What the Yin happens? Because he is that the Chinese colonel leaves me to leave thus? He did not make sensible. With this ideia, an full picture of Yin appeared in my mind and I felt an admonition. He was to leave my energy to go down. The fear was to dominate me and I forget myself to make any thing to this respect. I breathed deep and I tried to magnify my energy. Some minutes later I started to feel me better and my eyes had settled on a great building, to some blocks of pitch. It had in the sidewall a poster in Chinese who I did not obtain to read but, when concentrating me in the form of the building, I had the clear sensation that it would be a pension or small hotel. I felt livened up me. Perhaps perhaps it had there a telephone, until other tourists to who I I could myself be grasped. I rose myself and I walked in this direcção, having the care to underneath keep the streets to my rollback of eye. Minutes later it was to some gates of the pension Shing Shui, but I felt me hesitante and I looked at cautiously in redor. Nobody seemed to be to follow me. When it was almost to the gate, I heard a racket. Any thing had fallen in the snow. I looked at to my rollback. It was in the way of the street, directamente in front of a narrow, alone alley not to be for some men who walked noutras direcções, the four meters of me. I heard the racket again. He was next. When I looked at for my feet, vi a small rock to leave the alley to fly and to dive in the snow. I gave a pacing in front and I tried to observe for the overcast aperture. I gave plus some pacings, trying to customize the eyes to the shade. - I Am - I said a voice. It knew immediately that it was Yin. I ran for the alley, finding leaned it to a brick wall. - How wise people where I was? - I asked. - Not wise person - it was the reply of it. - It was only to guess. Wall slid below and sat down and I noticed that the blusão of it was burnt in

the coasts. When it moved the arm, vi a spot of blood in the shoulder. • you are wounded! - I said. - What he transfers himself? - he is not so bad as he seems. They had released a bomb of impacte and I fell on rocks when I was shot of the jeep. I obtained to drag me for far before them filling with earth. I saw them to take it it for a camião that followed in this direcção. I calculated that, if it obtained to escape, it would follow for the biggest pension. What it happened to it? I said the Yin concerning my wakening in the Chinese house, of the interrogation with Chang colonel and of my release. - Because you pushed me for it are of the jeep? - I asked. - Already it said to it Yin talked back. - I do not obtain to control my distrustful expectations. My hatred to the Chinese is too much great. They obtain to follow me. - a break Made. - Because it is that they had freed it? • I do not know - retorqui. Yin moved a little and made to esgar of pain. - Probably because the Chang feels that also it obtains it to follow. 132 - 133 Abanei the head. This would be real? - It could not know as this functions, obviously - it continued Yin -, but when we wait the coming of the soldiers, our expectations suggest to the ego of it the form of if approaching to us. Probably it thinks that he has a special power. He launched me a hard look. - He has to learn with my problem. He has to dominate its thoughts. Yin looked at for me plus a moment and later, holding the arm, it lead me for the alley, passing for a narrow aperture between two buildings and arriving at the one that seemed to be an abandoned building. - We have to take you it a doctor • I said. - Not! - Yin with emphasis said. - It hears me. I am well. He has people here that they can help me. But I cannot go I obtain to the ruins of the old monastery; he will have to go alone. I turned myself, with the fear to grow inside of me. - me it does not seem that it obtains to make this. Yin seemed alarmed. - It has to control its

fear, to come back to the distanciamento. Its aid is necessary, to find Shambhala. It has to continue. It tried to sit down, making to esgar when it was come close to me. - it does not understand that the Tibetan people already suffered very? But they wait the day where Shambhala will be disclosed to the entire world. Franziu the forehead when it fixed my eyes. - It thinks in how many people in they had helped them to arrive until here. Many of them had risked everything. Some can have been imprisoned, until fusilladed. I raised the hand and I showed it to it; it was to tremble. - It looks at for me. Badly I obtain to move me. The look of Yin trespassou me. - it it does not seem that its father was frightened, when opened path for is of the landing motor boat and ran for beaches of France, in the Second World War I? Such as the others? But it to fer it! E if had not made it? If all they had not made it? The war could have been lost. The freedom for all would have been lost. We, in Tibet, lose our freedom, but what he is to happen now he exceeds Tibet. It exceeds us it the two. It is what it must happen so that the sacrifices of many generations are honored. To understand Shambhala, to learn to use the fields of conjunct at this moment of history, is the next pacing in the evolution to the humanity. It is the great task of our generation. If to fail, we will leave to be badly all the ones that in had preceded them. Yin made one careta of pain, later deviated the look. In its eyes they were to form tears. - I would go, if I could - he added -, but at this moment I find that you it is our only hypothesis. We hear the singing of great camiões and saw two carriers of troops to pass. • I do not know for where to go - I said. - the old monastery is not far - Yin retorquiu. - It can arrive back in one day of trip. I can arrange somebody to take it. - What it is presumption I to make there? You said before I would be rank to the test. What you wanted to say with this? - to pass for the gate, it will have to allow the full stream of the divine energy through itself and to prepare its field of the form that learned. One remembers that this field if extends from

itself and has a effect on what happens. More important, it has controlled the pictures of its fear and is remained distanciado. Still it is suspicious certain results. It does not want to lose the life. It is clearly that I do not want to lose the life - said I, almost to the shouts. - I have much why to live. - Yes, I know - it answered delicately. - But these thoughts are dangerous. It must abandon all the ideias of failure. I do not obtain to make this, but I think that you he will obtain. It has to have the certainty, with all its faith, that will be saved, that he will be successful. He made a break, to see if I understood. - Plus some thing? - I asked. - Yes - it said. everything more to fail itself, continues to affirm that Shambhala will help it. It looks them... It stopped, but I wise person what it I wanted to say. 134 - 135 In the following morning, it was in the cabin of old carrinha of tracção to the four wheels, entalado between a shepherd and its son of four years. Yin wise person exactamente what to make. Despite pains, we esgueirámos ourselves for some blocks until an old house of bricks of adobe, where in they had given to a hot meal and a place to them to pass the night. It was waked up until afternoon, to speak with some men. I could only assume that the men were members of the private group of Yin, but did not make any question. We arose ourselves early and minutes later carrinha agriculturist appeared and I entered. We now followed for a bite covered of snow, going up each time more the mountains. Carrinha followed e by jumps, when making a curve, arrived at a high point of where if it sighted the place where Yin and I in we had fired them. I asked for to the conductor to soften, in order that I could look at. Horrified, vi that all the area back in low was full of military vehicles and soldiers. - one minute Waits - I to the conductor said. - Yin can need aid. We have to stop. The old one abanou the head. - To have to follow! To have to follow! It and the

son had spoken nervously in Tibetan, looking at 0ccasionally for me, as they knew something that I not wise person. It sped up carrinha, crossed a pass and started to go down mountains. I felt a twinge of fear in the stomach. I was divided concerning that to make. E if Yin had escaped and needed me? On the other hand, it found that wise person what Yin would have wanted. It would have insisted I to continue. I tried to keep my high energy, but a part of me was interrogated if all this colloquy of gates and Shambhala would finish for if disclosing only one myth. Same E that was truth, because he would be authorized I to enter and not another person, as Jampa or the Rigden Mud? Nothing it made sensible. I moved away these ideias with one to shrink of shoulders and tried to keep the raised energy, looking at for the peaks covered of snow. I observed the several intently cidadezinhas that we crossed, including Dormar. 136 Finally, after eating a cold soup lunch and dry tomatoe, adormeci during much time. When I woke up, already the afternoon went advanced and great snowflakes again fell, in briefing covering the road with a renewed layer of white. Continuing the trip, the land was still more mountainous and I apercebia me of air to be more rarefied. At a distance, it was come close plus a great mountainous mountain range. It must be the mountain range of Kunlun, I thought, that one that Yin related. A part of me continued not to believe that everything this was to happen. But one another wise person who yes, and that now I was alone, facing the monolithic presence of the Chinese, with all its soldiers and atheistic skepticism. Behind us, I heard the soft moan of a helicopter. My heart started to beat with force, but I remained myself alert. The shepherd seemed to ignore the threat and continued to lead more during thirty minutes, later he smiled and he pointed with respect to top. Through the snow that fell obtained to see the contours dark of a great structure of rock, in the

top of a mountain of one of the first rises. Some walls of the left side had fallen. Behind the monastery enormous spirals of rock covered of snow were risen. The monastery had three or four floors of height, despite the roof having have very apodrecido, and, during a moment, I intently looked to signs of people or movement. Not vi nothing. It seemed to be full abandoned has much time. In the base of the mountain, one hundred and cinquenta meters below of the monastery, carrinha stopped and the man pointed with respect to the structure in ruins. I hesitated, looking at for the snow that fell. It made a gesture again, hurrying me with its excited expression. I grasped in the knapsack that Yin had prepared me, in the behind part of carrinha. I started to go up the hillside. The temperature was slightly lower, but I waited, with the tent and the bag-bed, not to die of cold. But, and the soldiers? I observed carrinha to move away itself and listened intently, not hearing any sound for there of the wind. I looked at in redor, I discovered rock stairs mount above and started to go up. After sixty meters I stopped and I looked at for south. Daqui did not obtain to see nothing, not to be quilómetros of white mountains. 137 When approaching me of the monastery, I obtained to see that this was not really on a mount, but was risen together to a great precipice that if extended behind of the mountain of it. The path took until the a aperture that in times is a great gate and, carefully, entered. Great rocks of diverse shades were spread by the soil covered of dust and I was in front of a long corridor that if all extended the size of the structure. I followed for the corridor, passing for some divisions that if opened of both the sides. Finally I arrived at a bigger room that had a pass for the back part of the monastery. In the reality, half of the back wall had singing and more rocks, some so great as tables, were spread in the soil are there. For I sing it of the eye, vi a movement close to the fallen wall. I froze. What it

would be to that? Cautiously, I advanced until the a aperture and I looked at for it are in all the direcções. Of the gate to the wall of naked rock of the mountain they were one thirty meters. It did not seem to be nobody there. While it continued to look at, vi another vacant movement, also for I sing it of the eye. Of this time he was more moved away, close to the base from the hillside. A chill covered me. What it was to transfer itself? What he would be I to see? I thought about grasping in my knapsack and running mount below, but I decided not to make it. Definitively it was scared, but my energy was remained strong. I concentrated the best one that I could, in the way of the snow that fell, and followed for the cliff where it seems to see the movement to me. When I arrived there, I did not obtain to find nothing. The walls of the cliff were covered of vertical cracks, including one very great one that of beginning seemed a narrow grotto. Looking at more than close vi that it had only some centimeters of deep, too much pressed for somebody to hide itself and full to snow. I looked at in redor, looking for footprints, and even so the snow had thirty or forty centimeters of height, only vi mine. The snow fell now with much more force, therefore I returned to the monastery and I discovered one I sing of the room that still had a platform of rock in the small farm, to protect me of the snow and the wind. I felt a hunger twinge and I gnawed some carrots, while the gas took off the small stove and heated the frozen vegetable soup that Yin had placed in my knapsack. 138 While it boiled, I thought on what she had happened. He remained only one hour before dusk and I did not make ideia of the ratio to be here in top. Inspeccionei my knapsack and I did not find any species of lantern. Because it is that Yin had not joined one? The gas of the stove would not aguentaria the entire night; it had to find some firewood or excrementos of yak. The mind already was to nail

left, thought to me. What it could happen if had to pass the entire night here in the high one, in the absolute blackout? E if these old walls started to yield to the wind? Thus that I formulated this ideia, I heard a sound of destruction in the other extremity of the monastery. I left for the corridor and, when I observed, vi an enormous rock to fall down on the soil. - Jesus - I in high voice said. - I have to leave daqui. I deleted the stove, I collected the remaining portion of the equipment and ran for the backs for the way of the snow that blew. Apercebi me immediately that it would have to find shelter, therefore I ran for the hillside of the mountain, waiting not to have seen some crack or enough great platform to assemble my encampment. When I arrived at the cliff, I looked to em.vão an aperture. None of the cracks was enough deep. The wind uivava. The given height a great snow mount fell from above of rocks and filled with earth to my feet. I looked at for the tons of accumulated snow, that bordejava mountains over me. E if had an avalanche here? In the eye of my mind, it obtained to see the snow to roll mountain below. One more time, thus that I had this thought, I heard a sound of estremecimento above of me and for the right. I grasped in my equipment and I ran for the monastery, in exacto moment where a powerful roar fulled air and the snow went down for the hillside, the one hundred and cinquenta meters of me. I ran more fast than I could and I fell on the snow the half path of the monastery, frightened. Because this to happen was everything? With this thought, It appeared in my mind a memory of Yin. was to say: “In these levels of energy, the effect of our expectations is immediate. You it will be rank to the test.” I sat down. It is clearly! The test was this. I was not to control the pictures of my fear. There I ran for the old monastery and agachei me inside. 139

The temperature was to fall and I quickly wise person who I

had to risk to be there inside. I put my things and I passed some minutes to imagine the firm rocks in its places. A cold chill covered me. Now, I thought, what I have to make is to deal with the cold. I imagined myself seated together to a hot fogueira. Fuel. It had to find some fuel. I left to inspeccionar the remaining portion of the monastery. It had only fond the half one of the running one when I stopped abruptly. It felt I smell it of tobacco, the wooden tobacco to arder. E now? Slowly I followed for the corridor, observing all the divisions for where it passed, without finding nothing. When only it remained a division, I observed for the gate. To I sing it was a fogueira to arder and a stack of firewood. I entered and I looked at in rollback. He was not nobody there. This room had another pass for the exterior and more roof for top. It seemed much more hot. But who made the fogueira? I walked until the a exterior aperture and looked at for the snow. It continued not to see any footprint. It went to come back me in direcção to the gate when, the penumbra, vi a high figure of foot to the input. I tried to concentrate my vision directamente in, but it only obtained to see it with the peripheral vision. Apercebi me that he was the same man who I had seen in the snow when Yin it pushed me for it are of the jeep. I one more time tried to concentrate me in it directamente and it disappeared. I was full arrepiado. It did not obtain to believe the one that was to happen. Cautiously, I passed for the input and I observed for the corridor in both the direcções, without seeing nothing. I thought again about running away from the monastery and going down the mountain, but wise person who the temperature continued to go down quickly and if probably made this would die frozen. My only option was to go to search my things and to be close to this fogueira. Therefore I collected my equipment and I returned, nervously looking at for all the cantos. When I sat down, a wind gust reached the fogueira and spread ash for the side all. I was to observe the flames during a moment, being seen to recoup them its force. A fogueira had imagined

and later this it had been disclosed. But to believe that my field could be so strong was too much. It only had an explanation. I was to be helped. He figures that I had seen I was one dakini. Although to be a fantastic ideia he left me calmer; I put more firewood in the fire, finished my soup and later April my bag-bed. Some minutes later I lay down and adormeci deeply. When I woke up I looked at in redor, scared. The fire had been extinguished and the first light of dawn was to appear there is. The snow fell so strong as in the previous night. Any thing had despertado me. What!? I heard the monotonous humming of helicopters to become stronger, following in my direcção. I set of foot in a skip and collected my things. Seconds later the helicopters were directamente over me, magnifying the wind that blew in circles. Without acknowledgment, half of the monastery started to fall down and to fall for inside, creating a duststorm that hid everything. Apalpei the path until the a aperture of the backs and I ran for the exterior, abandoning my equipment. The storm continued to blow snow in the horizontal line, being allowed to see only some meters to my front, but I me wise person who, if continued to run in this direcção, briefing would arrive at the hillside of the mountain that she had seen in the eve. I advanced with difficulty until obtaining to see the wall rocky. It was directamente to my front, about fifteen meters, but I wise person who, with the light of the morning, it did not have to be so visible. It was as if the mountain was envolta in a soft color, slightly amber, especially close to one them cracks that I had seen before. I looked at plus a moment, knowing what to that it wanted to say, and later I started to run in the direcção of the light, while plus a part of the monastery it fell behind me. When I arrived at the wall of the cliff, the helicopters seemed to be directamente over me. What it remained of the old monastery fell down full behind me, estremecendo the ground and dislocating the snow in the crack next to me, disclosing an aperture narrow. After all it was

a grotto! Cambaleei for the pass, in the way of the total blackout, apalpando the path. I found the back wall and later an aperture that less had of one meter and way. 140 - 141 One inclined for the right and I crawled for it, apercebendo me of a very small ray of light more to the front, at a distance. I continued with difficulty. At data moment I stumbled at a great rock and I fell of head in the soil of dust and rocks, flaying the elbow and the arm, but the diffuse sound of the helicopters made to continue me to advance. I moved away pain with a gesture and continued in the direcção of the light. After having advanced some sets of ten of meters still she obtained to see the very small aperture, but it did not seem next. I almost continued during one hour, tacteando the path in direcção to the small light to my front. Finally the light seemed to come close e, when arriving the three meters of it, subitamente was reached by a hotter air blow and by the fragrance that I feel before, in the monastery. At a distance, algures, I heard a strong and melodioso shout human, that echoed for my body, unchaining interior heat and euphoria. Would be this the calling that the Rigden Mud mentions? The calling of Shambhala. I passed over the last rock and I threaded the head in the aperture. To my front it was an incredible landscape. It was to see a great valley and a limpid blue sky agricultural. For there of the valley, enormous mountainous peaks covered of snow were risen. They were all incrivelmente beautiful, under the strong light of the sun. The temperature was low but pleasant and for all the side green plants grew. To my front the hill went down delicately in direcção to the valley back in low. When I left for the aperture and I started to go down the hill, I felt dominated me by the energy of this place and started to have difficulty in seeing well. Lights and colors turned to my rollback and felt me to fall of knees. Uncontrolled, I started to rebolar hillside

below. I rolled and I rolled, almost as he was half asleep, losing all the notion of the time. 142 7. INPUT IN SHAMBHALA I felt somebody to touch me, hands human beings who had involved me and they had carried me to another place. I started to feel me safe, even though euphoric. After some time, I felt that fragrance again candy, only that now it was omnipresente, fulling my conscience. - It tries to open the eyes - a feminine voice said. While I tried to focar my vision, I obtained to discern the figure from a great woman, perhaps with two meters. It was to push a chávena in the direcção of my face. - She takes - it said. - this Drinks. April the mouth and I drank a hot and flavorful soup, made with tomatoe, onion and a species of brócolos candies. While it drank, apercebi me that my gustativa perception was extended. It obtained to distinguish with accuracy all the flavors. I drank most of the chávena and moments later my head were clearer and I obtained to see everything what he existed in redor. He was in a house, or in that he seemed to be a house. The temperature was amena and I was lying on one divã of fabric blue esverdeado. The soil age of chestnut flagstone of smooth rock and had numerous plants in ceramics vases for close. But over me it was the blue sky and the hanging branches of some trees of great transport. Ahabitação seemed not to have tecto or exterior walls. Already it must be to feel itself better now. But it has to breathe. The woman said to an English fluente. 143 I looked at for it, bewitched. It had appearance of Asian,

dressed with a Tibetan suit of cerimónia, colored and embroidering, with simple slippers and of soft aspect. To judge for the depth of the look and the wisdom of the voice, it would have about forty years, but its body and its movements gave the much more young aspect to it of somebody. E even so its body had perfect ratios and a magnificent form, all the strokes were bonanza great. - She has to breathe - it repeated. - I know that you know as to make this, or she would not be here. Finally I understood what it wanted to say; I started to breathe the beauty with that it encircled me and visualized the energy to enter in me. - Where I am? - I asked. - That is Shambhala? It made an approval smile and I did not obtain to believe the beauty of its face. He was slightly luminous. - a part - he answered. - To that the one that we call rings Shambhala. More for north they are the sacred temples. It continued and it said me that Ani was called; I presented myself while it looked at for me. - She counts to me as she came here to have - it asked for. Of confused form, I counted to it history to it all, starting with one brief description of my colloquy with Natalie and Wil, the Revelations and my trip to Tibet, including the meeting with Yin and the Rigden Mud and the legends, and finally the form as I found the gate. I mentioned until my perceptions of the light, pparently work of dakini. - It knows because it is here? - it asked. I looked at it for a moment. - Everything what I know is that the Wil asked for to me to come and that it was important to find Shambhala. They had said me that here he had knowledge that was necessary. It waved and deviated the look, thoughtful. - How she is that she speaks so well English? - I asked, feeling me again weak. It smiled. - Here we say many languages. - Saw a man called Wilson James? Not - it said. - But the gate can give to access to noutros rings points. Perhaps it is here, algures. It had advanced until the plants in vases and was to pull one of them for more close to me. - I find

that it has to rest a little. It tries to absorb some energy of these

plants. It prepares its field of intention for the energy of them to enter in itself and later it sleeps. I closed the eyes, following the instructions of it, and moments later adormeci. Some time later a whispered racket despertou me. The woman was again to my front. One sat down in the side of divã. - That racket was that one? - I asked. • Lode of the exterior. - Through the glass? - it is not glass well. It is an energy field that seems glass, but that it cannot be left. Still it was not invented in the exterior cultures. - How it is created? He is electrónico? - Partially, but we have to participate mentally to activate it. I looked at for the landscape in the exterior of the house. It had other houses spread for soft hills and prados, until the deep o of the flat valley. Some had transparent exterior walls, as the house of Ani. Others seemed done wooden, in a Tibetan style of drawing to invulgar. They were all discrete nestled in the landscape. - and those houses, with a different architecture? - I asked. - They are all servants for a field of forces - it said. Already we do not use wood or metals. Simply we create what we want through our fields. I was fascinated. - and the internal construction, water and electricidade? - We have water, but it condenses itself directamente from the water vapor in air, our fields makes to function everything more than that we need. I looked at again for the exterior, skeptic. - It speaks to me of this place. How many people live here? Thousand. Shambhala is a very great place. 144 - 145 Interested party, I turned the legs for it are of divã and I put the feet in the soil, but I felt one strong giddiness. My vision was muddy. It arose itself, she extended the hand she stops backwards of divã and she delivered more soup to me. - this Drinks and breathes again the plants - it said. I obeyed and to the few I felt my energy to come back. While it absorbed more air, everything was still more shining and more beautiful of the one than before, including Ani. The face of it had been more luminous, shining from inside, exactamente with the same aspect that I it turns in Wil, noutras occasions. - My

God - I said, looking at in redor. - He is sufficiently more easy to magnify the energy here of that in the exterior cultures - he commented it - because all people gives to energy to all the others and prepares a field for an upper cultural level. He said the expression - upper cultural level - as if he had one more meaning raised. I did not obtain to deviate the eyes with that he encircled me. All the forms, of the plants in the vases close to me to the colors them flagstone it soil, passing for the luxuriantes green trees are there, seemed to shine from the inward. - Everything this seems incredible - I mumbled. - I feel myself as if it was in a film of scientific fiction. It looked at for me with a serious expression. Much scientific fiction is predictive. What it is to see is simply the progress. We are human as you and we are to evolve in the same way that vocês, in the exterior cultures, they will finish for evolving, if not to sabotage the vocês same. In this moment, a youngster with ones catorze years entered in the room to run, waved delicately for me and said: - Pema called another time. It turned itself toward it. Yes, I heard. You go to search our coats and one for our guest? It did not obtain to take off the eyes of the youngster. Its attitude seemed of somebody much more old of that it and its appearance were me familiar. It remembered somebody to me, but it did not obtain to remember who. - Can come connosco? - Ani said, interrupting my fixed look. - It can be important to see this. - Where we go? - I asked. the house of a neighbor. To only verify the things. It thinks to have conceived a son has some days and wants that I see it. - You she is doctor? - We do not have true doctors, because already we do not have the illnesses that you they are familiar. We learn to keep our energy above of this level. I help same the people to monitorizarem it itself, to extend its energy and to keep it of this form. - Because he is that he says that it is important I to see this? - Because you he calhou to be here at this moment. - He looked at for me as if I was cloudy. - Certainly he understands the process of the sincronicidade.

The youngster came back and me was presented. Tashi Was called. It delivered to me to a blue-clearly coat, that seemed almost equal to a vulgar blusão, excepto in the sewings. In the reality it did not have any sewing. It was as if the fabric parts simply were matched by contact. E surprising, although to have the touch of the cotton, it did not weigh almost nothing. - How they make this? - I asked. - They are fields of forces - Ani said, while it and Tashi crossed the wall with a whisper. I tried seguiz them, but I beat in that seemed a solid acrylic part. The youngster, is there, laughed. With another whispered movement, Ani came back to enter, also smiling. - I must have to it said what to make - it said. - She forgives. She has to visualize the field of forces to confide for itself. She is enough to have this intention. I launched a skeptical look to it. - He is enough to see it to confide it in its mind and later crossing it. I made as it said and later I advanced. He exactly obtained to see the field to confide. It seemed a space distortion, something of fellow creature to the heat rays that if they see in the auto-road to the sun. With a whisper, I passed to the exterior. Ani followed me. Abanei the head. Where it was? 146 - 147 Following Tashi, we cover a full path of curves that gradually went down the hillside of the hill. To the look it stops backwards, vi that the house of Ani was almost full occult for the trees and later one another thing attention called me it. Close to the house it was a black square shaped unit, of metallic aspect, the size of a great luggage. - What it is to that? - I asked the Ani. - It is our unit of energy - it answered. - She helps us to heat it and to cool the house and establishes the fields of forces. I was total confused. - What it wants to say with helping? It walked to my front, while we continued for the hillside. She softened and she left me to walk its side. - the together unit of energy to the house does not create nothing alone.

Everything what makes is to extend the conjunct field that you already know, until an upper level, so that let us can then reveal directamente to that that we need. I looked at for it with an interrogative expression. - Because it is that this seems so fantastic? - Ani asked, smiling. - I already said to It: it is only progress. - I do not know - I answered. - During all this time to try to arrive the Shambhala, I assume that never I thought very about as it would be to be here. I assume that I thought that only one group of great lamas in meditation would be, algures. This is a technological culture. He is fantastic... - it is not the technology that matters. It is the mode as we used the technology stops in helping them to magnify our mental powers that are important. - What it wants to say? Everything this is not so strange as it seems it. We limited to understand it the lições of history. If to intently look at for history human being, will see that the technology was always a mere

precursor for what it would finish for being made only with the mind human being. - It thinks about this. To the long one of history, the people had created the technology to magnify its capacity to act and if to feel comfortable in the world. Of beginning they were only pots to keep to the food and tools to dig, later sophisticated houses and buildings more. To create these objectos, we excavated ore and minerals and we transformed them into that that we had imagined in our minds. We wanted to travel of more efficient form, therefore we invented the wheel and later vehicles of some types. We wanted to fly, therefore we invented airplanes that in had helped them to make it. We wanted to more quickly communicate, the great pitches, always that in it agreed them, and therefore we invented cables and telegraphs, telephones, radios without wires and televisions, stop in allowing to see them what it transferred local noutros. It looked at for me with interrogating air. - It is to see the standard? We, human beings, invented the technology because we wanted to arrive the diverse places and to become related with more people and we knew, in our heart, who we would obtain to make it. The technology was always only one

springboard for what we can make alone, what we know to be ours for right. The true paper of the technology was always to help us to construct the faith to it to be able to make all these things for we ourselves, with our interior power. Thus, in the primórdios of the history of Shambhala, we started to create technology conscientiously to serve the development of the mind human being. We understand the true potential of our fields of conjunct and started to reformulate our technology simply to amplify our fields. Here in rings, still we use the amplification devices, but we are very close to being able disconnect them and to use only the conjunct fields to reveal everything what we need or we want to make. The ones that they inhabit in the temples already make this. It wanted Fazer-Lhe more questions but, when skirting a curve, vi a great ribeiro that went down the hill to our right. The water sound to fall echoed more to the front. - What it is this sound? - I asked. - a waterfall Has beyond - it said. Feels the necessity to see it? Not wise person well what it wanted to say. 148 - 149 • She wants to say, intuitivamente? - I inquired. - It is clearly that I want to say intuitivamente - answered it, smiling. - We live for the intuition. Tashi had stopped and was to look at stops backwards. Ani was turned toward it. - Because you do not go to say to the Pema that we already go? It smiled and ran to our front. We go up the rocky hillside to our right, approaching us of the ribeiro, and open path among dense and smaller trees, until we arrived at the side of the water. The ribeiro had about seven meters and way of width and fluía with force. Through the branches to our left way the water to pass for top of a crest. Ani made me sign to follow. We walked to the long one of the ribeiro and go down some socalcos of rock, until we were directamente under the cataract. Daqui we obtained to more below see the fall of fifteen meters until a great lake. A movement called

me it attention and advanced for the side of the rock, to look at for low. For my surprise, through the together fog and salpicos to the lake it saw two people to walk in direcção one of the other, both encircled by a soft, white light with a pink tonality. Although the light was not very strong, she was incrivelmente dense, especially in redor of the shoulders and ancas. I strengtove myself for distinguishing the contours from the two people and, when I made it, apercebi me that they were naked. - Then it was this that wanted me to show? - Ani, amused asked. I did not obtain to take off the eyes of that he was to happen. Wise person who was to see the fields of energy of a man and a woman. When they had come close one of the other, the fields were fundiram until they had been enleados. Finally, very to devagar, vi another light to form itself in the intermédia section of the woman. After some minutes they had broken up themselves and the woman acariciou the stomach. The small light was stronger and the two had come back to hug themselves and had seemed to talk, but I did not hear nothing not to be the waterfall. Without acknowledgment, the two people had simply disappeared. I understood that they had been to make love and was embarrassed. - Who was those people? - I asked. - I did not recognize them - Ani answered. - But they are algures of this region. - It seemed me that they had conceived a son - said I. - Age this the intention of them? It started to laugh. - This is not the exterior culture. It is clearly that they intended to conceive. In these levels of energy and intuition, to bring a soul to the Land is a process very deliberated. - How it is that they had disappeared in that way? - They had travelled for here projectando itself mentally through a trip field. The amplification device allows us to make this. We discover that the same electromagnetic field that sends the television pictures can be used to bind the space of a remote place to the space where in we find them. When we make this, we can simply look at for a scene that we desire it, or always walk truily for the other

place, using our field of amplified conjunct. The theoreticians of helical systems of the exterior cultures already are to work in similar theories, that they are not only total cliente of that they go to find. I limited myself to look at it for it, trying to absorb the new information. - You seem confused full - it said. I confirmed with one I wave, obtaining to form a smile. - It comes, I go to show this to it in house of the Pema. When we arrived, the house was very similar to the one of Ani, excepto that she had been constructed inside of the hillside of a hill and had you furnish different. I noticed identical a black box in the exterior and us we entered through a field of forces, such as before. We were received by Tashi and another woman, who if presented as Pema. Pema was higher and leaner of the one than Ani. The hair was black as it breu and length. It used only one long white dress and was to smile, but apercebi me that any thing was not well. It asked for to say the alone ones with Ani and the two had left for another division, leaving me seated with Tashi in a room to be. It was you give to ask what it was transferred when I felt electricidade in air behind me. 150 - 151 Vi the waving distortion to confide, such as that I it capsizes in the field of forces in redor of the house of Ani, only that of this time it appeared in the way of the room. I blinked the eyes, trying to understand what it was to happen. While it tried to see better, vi a field with small plants through the distortion, as it was a window. To my surprise, a man passed for the aperture for the room. Tashi was arisen and presented us. The name of the man was Dorjee. It waved delicately for me and it asked where it was Pema. Tashi pointed with respect to the room. - What it happened? - I asked the Tashi. It looked at for me with a smile. - the husband of the Pema arrived of its fifth. He does not have some people who can make this in the exterior cultures? I briefly said of rumors and myths to it concerning ioguis that obtained to projectar themselves for distant places. - But

I never had seen personally something thus - I added, trying to recoup the composure. - How it is that they make this, exactamente? - We visualize the place for where we want to go and the amplifying one helps to us directamente to create it a window for this place to our front. It also creates an aperture in the other direcção. It was thus that we obtain to see where it was before crossing. - and the amplifier is the black box is there? - Exacto. - and all vocês obtains to make this? - Yes, and our destination is to make it without the amplifier. It stopped, it looked at for me and later it asked: it does not want to speak to me concerning the culture of where came, of the exterior world? Before I could answer, we hear a voice in the room to declare: - another time Happened. Tashi and I looked at one for the other. Some minutes later Ani Pema lead and the husband for is of the room and them they had sat down in the room to be, to our side. • as much certainty Had to be pregnant - Pema said. - It obtained to see the energy and sentiz it momentarily, but later, in few minutes, it disappeared. It must be the transistion. Tashi was to look at intensely for it, total fascinated. - What it it seems that happened? • I asked. - Intuímos - Ani said -, that it is a species of parallel pregnancy and that the child was for another small farm. Dorjee and Pema had looked at one for the other during a long moment. - We will try again - Dorjee said. - This very rare happens two times in the same family. - We have to go walking - Ani said, rising itself and hugging the couple. Tashi and I follow it of forces across the field. I was still confused. Of a certain perspective this culture seemed vulgar; of other, total fantastic. I tried to from there absorb everything, while Ani in lead them until a pretty rocky platform that, to a dozen of meters, gave for the enormous verdejante valley back in low. - How it can have a so great tempering environment in Tibet? exclamei. Ani smiled. - the temperature is burst with our fields and is invisible for that they have little energy. Although the legends say that this goes to start to change when the transistion if to approach. I was frightened. - It knows legends? - I asked. Ani waved.

• It is clearly. Shambhala is the original detainer of legends, as well as of many prophecies to the long one of history. We help to take information spiritual to the exterior cultures. Also we know that it would be only one question of time until starting to find us. - I personally? - I asked. - Not, any person of the exterior cultures. We knew that, to the measure that they started to generically magnify your level of energy and conscience, they would start to take Shambhala the serious one and that some would obtain to come until here It is this what they say legends. At the moment of the alteration, or transistion, of Shambhala, will arrive people of the exterior cultures. 152 - 153 E not only the 0ccasional believers of the East, who in had always found them periodically, but also people of the Ocidente, who will be helped to arrive here. - It said that the legends foresee a transistion. What it is this? - the legends say that, to the measure that the exterior cultures to start to understand the pacings that lead to the extension of the field of conjunct of the humanity - the mode of if binding to the divine energy and leaving it to flow with love, the mode to prepare the field to provoke the sincronicidade process and to raise other, the mode of anchoring this field fort with the distanciamento - then everything more that we make here in Shambhala will be known. - It is to speak of the remaining portion of the Fourth Extension? It lay down to me to a look sage. - Yes. She is this, after all of accounts, that you lode to see. - She can say me what she is? It abanou the head. - She has to give a pacing of each time. First she has to understand for where the humanity goes. Not intellectually, but with its eyes and feelings. Shambhala is the model for this future. I waved while it looked at for it. - It is in the height of the world to know to that of that the human beings are capable, where direcção the evolution in takes them. Soon that understanding full, it will be capable to expand still more its field

and to be still more strong. Abanou the head and added: - But it understands that I do not have all the information concerning the Fourth Extension. I will be capable to guide it it the long one of the next pacings, but it has more things that are only known by who live in the temples. - What they are the temples? - I asked. - They are the heart of Shambhala. The místico place that you imagined. It is there that if it carries through the true work of Shambhala. - Where they are? It pointed with respect to the other side of the valley, a strange circular group of mountains the north, at a distance. Beyond, for there of those peaks - it said. While let us stow to speak, Tashi was remained quiet, listening to each word. Ani looked at for it and combed the hair to it stops backwards with the hand. - my intuition said me that, for this height, Tashi already would have been called to the temples... but it seems to be more interested in the life in its world. Despertei with a abanão, transpirando. It is to dream of a stroll for the temples, together with Tashi and another person, you give to understand the Fourth Extension. We were in a labyrinth of rock structures, the majority of them arenaceous bronze color, but at a distance a temple was seen that seemed to have a bluish color. A person with imponent Tibetan suits was in the exterior. In the dream I started to run away from the Chinese officer who had seen some times before. It pursued me among the temples, that were to be destroyed. I hated it for what it he was to make. I sat down and I tried to concentrate me, almost without obtaining to remember the return for house of Ani. I was now in one of the rooms and age of morning. Tashi was seated in front of the bed, in a great chair, looking at fixed for me. I breathed deep and I tried to calm me. - What it is transferred? - it asked. - Only one bad dream - I answered. - It goes to speak to me of the exterior cultures? - pods simply not to go until there, through a window or pass, or either what it will be that vocês they call to it? It abanou the head. - Not, this is not possible, same in the temples. My grandmother intuiu that

this could be fact, but nobody still obtained it because of the differences in the levels of energy between the two places. The inhabitants of the temples obtain to see what she transfers herself in the exterior cultures, but are everything. - your mother seems to know very concerning the exterior world. - We receive information from the inhabitants of the temples. They return many times, especially when they feel that somebody is ready to join they. 154 - 155 • Almost all people inhales here to obtain a place in the temples. It is the greater of the honors and a chance to influence the exterior cultures. While it spoke, its voice and level of maturity remembered somebody to me with thirty years. Much even so it was great, was baffling to look at for its face of catorze years. - and you? - I asked - Also you want to go for the temples? It smiled and looked at in the direcção of the other room, as if he did not want that the mother heard it. - Not, I am always to think about going to the exterior cultures, of some form. It wants to speak to me about of them? During half hour I counted everything to it what I obtained concerning the current one been of the world: the form as most of the population lived, the diets of the majority, the fight to all institute the democracy in the planet, the corruptora influence of the money on the government, the ambient problems. Instead of being alarmed or person without illusions, it it absorbed everything with enthusiasm. In this Ani moment it entered in the room, it felt that it was to elapse an important colloquy and stopped. None of us said nothing and I fell on the cushion. It looked at me from above the low one. - We have to make to enter more energy in itself - she observed. • She comes with me. I dressed me and I joined it it in the zone to be, later I followed it for the exterior and the backs of the house. There the trees were very great, moved away about ten meters ones from the others. Between them relva had one rough, similar the salute, and

dozens of other plants that seemed enormous asparagi. It urged me to move it my body and I tried to make the exercises that Yin shows to me. - Now he feels yourself here. - it said when I finished. - and she magnifies its energy again. When it sat down to my side, started to inspire and to concentrate me in the beauty to my rollback, being visualized the energy to penetrate in me, coming of the deep one of me. Such as before, the colors and forms had started to be distinguished easily. 156

I looked at for Ani and vi in the face of it an expression of deeper wisdom. - Thus she is better - it said. - Still she was not all here yesterday, when we visited the Pema. One remembers of that she happened? - Clearly - retorqui. - Most. - Remembers that she happened when it thought that she had conceived? - Yes. - At a moment she seemed to be there and at the following moment she had disappeared. What it she seems that happened? - I inquired. - Nobody knows to the certainty. These disappearances occur have time sufficiently. In the reality they had started with me, has catorze years. In this height, I had the certainty that she was pregnant of gémeos, a youngster and one rapariga, and later, in one instant, one of them I disappeared. The Tashi was born, but I always felt that the sister of it was alive, algures. - Since then, some couples had had the same experience here. They had the certainty to have conceived and later, suddenly, they were apercebiam of that they had the empty wombs. All they had had other children, but they had never forgotten what it happened. This fenómeno has occurred with regularity in all Shambhala, in last catorze years. It made one briefing pauses and later it said: - any thing Has to see with the transistion, perhaps even with its presence here. I deviated the look. - I do not know. - it does not have any intuition? I thought during one minute and later I remembered the

dream. Falar-Lhe of it went, but it did not obtain to decide what it meant and therefore I did not make it. - No true intuition - it said. • Only many questions. It waved with the head, to the wait. - How functions the economy here? What she is that the people make with its time? 157 • We evolve until a point where already we do not use money Ani explained - and already we do not manufacturamos or we construct things as in the exterior cultures. She has sets of ten of thousand of years, we came of cultures that made the things that they needed, such as vocês they make. But, such as I said to it, gradually we understand that the true destination of the technology was to be used to develop our mental capacities and spirituals. I touched in the soft sleeve of my blusão. - She wants to say that everything what vocês they have is an energy field bred? - Exactamente. - What it is that keeps it unbroken? - After servant, these fields last while the energy will not be disturbed by some type of negatividade. - and the food? We can create food in the same way, but we discover that it is better to cultivate the food for the individuals, in a natural process. The alimentary plants answer to our energy and return it. It is clearly that already we do not need to eat very to keep our vibration. The majority of that they are in the temples already does not eat nothing. • and the energy? How they feed the amplifiers? - the energy exists freely. It has much time, we discover a device that used processes the one that could call fusing. It created energy virtually exempts for our culture, what in it freed them of the estragos to the environment and in allowed them to automatize our production of good in series. Gradually, all our time concentrated in our passages spirituals, in the perception of the sincronicidade, the discovery of new truths concerning our existence and of the propagation of this information to the others. While it spoke, I recognized that it was to describe a

human future that I approach for the first time in the Nineth and Tenth Revelations. - To the measure that in we developed them, here in Shambhala - it continued - we started to understand that the objectivo of the humanity in this planet was to evolve for a culture spiritual in all its aspects. E later we understand that we inside had of us an upper power, stops in helping them to reach what it had of being made. We learn the extensions of the conjunct and used them to develop our technology still more, such as already I explained, to magnify this creative power. In this point we live simply in the nature and the only technology that remains is these units that in help them to mentally create everything to that that we need. - All this evolution happened here? - I asked. - Not, nothing of this - it said. Shambhala dislocated many times. The affirmation shocked me, for some ratio, and made more questions to it. - Oh, yes - it clarified. - our legends are very old and have many sources. All the Hindu myths of the Atlantis and legends concerning Meru have origin in old civilizations that had really existed in the past, when the proper evolution of Shambhala started. To develop our technology was the pacing most difficult because, to full place the technology to the job of the development individual spiritual, all people must advance for a point where the understanding spiritual is more important of the one than the money or the control. This delay some time, because the people who are imprisoned to the fear - and that they think that they need to personally manipulate the course of the evolution human being with its egos - many times desire to use the technological advances of minus forms, to control the others. In many previous civilizations, some controllers had tried to subverter the use of the amplification machines, being tried to use them to watch and to control the thoughts of the other people. Many times these attempts had finished in war and massive destruction and the humanity had to start everything of new. the exterior cultures face this problem at this moment. People who

want to control all people, with systems of monitoring, Chips exist incorporated and sounding leads of the cerebral waves. E the artefactos of these old cultures of that you speak? Because it is that almost nothing it was found? - the continental drift and the ice soterraram most e, for moreover, when a culture progresses until the o point where the corporeal properties are created mentally, 158 - 159 if any thing to badly run and a negatividade wave to make the energy to decay, everything simply disappears. I breathed deep and I shrank the shoulders. What it said made the direction all but, at the same time, was absolutely baffling. A thing was to speculate on concerning civilizations human beings who had evolved in direcção to a future spiritual. Another thing well different age to be dived in a culture that already had reached it. Ani was come close. - One remembers that what we made he is part of the natural course of the evolution human being. We are to your front, but for terms made what we made, the path can be more easy for vocês in the exterior cultures. It stopped and I smile. - its energy seems very better now it said. - I find that never I felt me so alert. It waved. - Such as I already said, is the level of energy kept for the inhabitants of Shambhala. He is contagious. It has as much people here that she knows as to absorb energy and to projectar it for the others that this creates a multiplying effect, in which all people receives energy from conjunct of the others and again sends it for all the others. It is to see as it grows? All the installations and expectations of the people of a culture flow together and make an only great field of cultural conjunct. - the general level reached by a culture is determined almost exclusively by the conscience that its members have, in first place, of the existence of its fields of conjunct in general e, in according to place, for the form as they expand them of conscientious form. When the extensions will be finally ece of fishes in practical,

the energy level will magnify radix. If all people in the exterior cultures knew to absorb energy and to make it to flow for it are of itself, making of the extensions of conjunct a priority, would obtain to reach the level that we have here in Shambhala with this easiness! Estalou the fingers to underline its words and later added: - It is in that we are to work, in the temples. We use our extensions of conjunct to help to magnify the conscience of the exterior cultures. We make this has thousand of years. I thought about its words and later I asked: - everything Counts to me what it knows concerning the Fourth Extension. It was quiet plus a moment, looking at for me with very serious air. - You know that she has to give a pacing of each time aid respondeu.Recebeu but, to obtain to arrive here, it had to know the three first extensions and part of Fourth. She has to stop now and to understand the functioning perfectly exacto of the extensions. When an extension is full, our energy arrives more far and becomes stronger. This happens because, when we send energy to provoke the experience of the sincronicidade and to liven up the others, and when we anchor this energy with distanciamento and faith, we are to promote the flat the holy ghost; the more to obtain to act and to think about harmony with the the holy ghost, stronger is the our energy. It has an internal mechanism of security, as without a doubt you perceive. God does not go to magnify its energy, not to be that you he is in tunning with the universal intention. He touched me in the shoulder. Therefore what he has to make now he is to clarificar the route that the humanity must follow, the necessary evolution of the culture human being. He is in the hour of this to happen. He is therefore that you and others they are finally to see and to understand Shambhala. It is the next pacing to the Fourth Extension. He has to truily understand the future that waits the humanity. Already he understood the form as we dominated the technology and we placed it to the job of our evolution interior spiritual. To live this expands its energy still more, because it can now place this expectation in its field of

conjunct. It is important to understand as this functions. Already it knows as to send a field to its front, while it walks for the world, and knows as to prepare it to exactly magnify the energy and the stream of sincronicidade in itself and the others. It will go to expand its field plus a pacing when if not to limit to visualize its field to raise the people to its rollback until the its upper intuitions, but when making with the certainty of the destination of the upper intuitions of all people, 160 - 161 its and of them: in the direcção of a culture ideal spiritual, as that one that it sees here in Shambhala. Always that making, it will be to help them to find it its paper in this evolution. I waved with the head, yearning for for more information. she does not go too much fast - it admonished me. - Still she did not see everything concerning our mode of life here. We not only dominated the technology, but also we reorganized our world to entirely concentrate in the evolution spiritual... in the mysteries of the existence... in the proper vital process. 162 8. The VITAL PROCESS I followed for the path of the left in the crossing behind the house of Ani and Tashi and went up among the rocks and trees more than during one quilómetro. Ani had finished abruptly our colloquy, saying that it had to prepare some things of that would speak to me later, and I decided to give to a stroll the alone ones. While it looked at for the green foliage my head was fulled of questions. Ani had said that I needed to see as Shambhala was the model for a culture guided for the proper vital process. What it would want this to say? While it thought about this question, I noticed a man to walk for the path in

my direcção. He was older, seemed to have about cinquenta years, walking with a fast pacing. When it arrived next to me, its eyes had been delayed in mine during a moment and later it continued. For I sing it of the eye, I saw it to turn a time and look toward me. I walked a little, irritated more for not having motionless and started a colloquy. I turned myself and I followed in the direcção that the man follows, waiting to obtain to apanhar it. It exactly went to make a curve more to the front and to disappear of sight. When proper I arrived at this curve, it I had disappeared full. I was person without illusions but I returned the house of Ani without thinking more about the subject. It greeted me it the gate, with pants of ganga and one t-shirt. - She goes to need this - she declared. 163 • He leaves to guess me - I said. - the field Used to create these things. It waved. - She is to start to understand us. I sat down in a chair and I looked at for it. It did not feel that it perceived them minimamente. - the father of the Tashi arrived - it said. - Where she is? - I asked. - With the Tashi. - a sign with the head in the direcção of the room Made. - Of where it is that it came? - It was some time in the temples. Sobressaltei me. - It finished to enter? Yes, immediately before you coming back. - I find that I passed for it in the path. Ani made a break and later it said: - I find that it is here stops in preparing them. - For what!? - For the transistion. It thinks that the moment is come close where Shambhala will be dislocated. He went to make more questions but apercebi to it me that it had deviated the look and that seemed deeply embrenhada in its thoughts. - He said that he saw the father of the Tashi in the path? he asked. I confirmed with one I wave. - Then the message that it brings also must be important for itself. We have to have much conscience of the process, here. It looked at for me, expectant. - You he related the process vital - I said. - He can say me exactamente

what this represents in Shambhala? It waved. - We go to see the picture general of the evolution of a society, when it starts to magnify its level of conjunct energy. The first thing that happens is that the technology creators go to start to make it each more efficient and automatized time, for that the robots produces each time more corporeal properties of the society. This already is to happen in all the industries of the exterior cultures and is a positive development, not obstante to be especially dangerous. It can too much place to be able in the hands of one few individuals or companies, unless it is decentralized. Also she provokes unemployment and many people have to customize its form of income. - What she mediates these problems, however, it is the fact of, because the material production is automatized, the economy in its all to start to dislocate for a economy of information and job - supplying the certain information at the certain moment to the others - what she demands that all become more intuitivos, alert and concentrated in the perception of the sincronicidade as life form. To the measure that the knowledge spiritual magnifies and the people they gain conscience of the creative power that can reach with its fields of conjunct, the technology evolves plus a pacing. She will be in this height that the amplifiers of the mental waves will be discovered, individuals to be able them to mentally create everything to that that they need. When this to happen, the culture will be free to full concentrate in the questions spirituals, or that the one that we call the vital process properly said. In Shambhala we are now in this point and the remaining portion of the culture human being is destined to follow us. All our society is educated for the reality most including of the spirit. At some moment all the cultures will have to understand that we are beings spirituals and that our proper bodies are only atoms with a specific vibration, a vibration that can be magnified to the measure that magnifies our plugging and power of conjunct. Here in Shambhala we understand this fact, in the same way that we understand that we came of a plan purely spiritual to carry through some thing. We came

in a mission to bring the entire world to the full conscience spiritual, generation after generation, and to make it of how much possible so conscientious form. It is therefore that we participate full in this vital process, since its start - before the proper birth, in the reality. It looked at for me to see if I understood and later he continued. 164 - 165 a intuitiva relation between the mother and the father and the child before its birth always Has. - That type of relation? - I asked. It smiled. - All people knows here that the souls start to contactar with the parents before the conception. They give to know

its presence, especially to the mother. He is party to suit to decide if the future parents are really the adjusted ones. I looked at for it, surprised. - This already happens in the exterior cultures - Ani explained. - But the people now only start to speak about of this and to develop its perception. She asks to any group of mothers and sees what they say. This exactly type of intuition is also involved in the marriage process, if to think well. When the human beings learn to look conscientiously to an friend the main criterion are the passion, but it is not the only factor. Also we receive intuitions concerning as it will be the life with a person in particular. We evaluate - let us have total conscience of this or not - the style of life with this individual will imagine an advance in relation to the style and attitudes with that we grow. It is to see where I I want to arrive? To choose the certain friend is important, of the point of view of the evolution. To the measure that evolves spiritual, the human beings are destined to join itself of conscientious form, to prepare a home, or a domestic attitude, that represents a form of truer life when compared with the previous generation. Intuitivamente, we know that we must construct a life that magnifies the wisdom that we found in the world when we arrived. He is to see the process? Later, when the intuitions concerning a child appear who wants to be born in us, always appear

questions: because she is that this child would want to be born in our family? What it would want this child to be when grew? How could this child extend and widen the knowledge that found in us? - a moment Waits - I said. - we do not have of being careful when we assume that we know as will be our children? E if we will be been deceptive and to try to incase our children in a perch that does not serve to them? My mother thought that I would be a village priest and this was not truth well. - Yes, she is clearly, this are only intuitions; the reality will be only next to that that we think. It will never be exactamente equal. Centuries had been transferred to match marriages and to force children to follow professions chosen for the parents. But it does not see? This was a wrong use of a real intuition. We can learn with the errors of them. We do not receive an full knowledge concerning our children, nor we must exert an absolute control. But we receive intuitions, generic pictures concerning that to make with its lives even so he bets that its mother did not deceive itself very concerning itself. I laugh. It had ratio, obviously. - Therefore she is to see where this in takes them. We know that, while the mother and the father intuem the use that the son will make of the wisdom that will find together of them, and later it will extend, the soul for being born makes the same thing, in a vision daily pay-life of that it wants to reach. To follow she comes the conception process. She looked at for me during a moment. - One remembers the couple that we saw to the fall dágua together? - Yes. - What she thinks about of this? - She very seemed everything calculated. - It is truth, was. When a couple decides to try to conceive the coming of a soul in relation to which has an intuition, the physical act is a species of fusing of the energy fields that, of very real form, open of orgásmica form a gate for the paradise and allow the input of the soul. I thought about the one that had seen in the fall dágua. The energy of the couple was fundiu and a new energy started to grow. - In the materialistic conception of science in the exterior cultures - she continued it -

the sexual union was reduced to simple biology, only one physical act. But we know the energy here spiritual of that it is really to transfer itself. The two only fundiram its fields of energy in one and the child was the product of this fusing. - One more time, science prefers to think about the conception as a random combination of genes and without a doubt thus it seems, when studied superficially in an assay tube. In the reality, however, the genes of the mother and the father are matched to form a child whose features if synchronize with the destination of the three people. 166 - 167 It is to see? The child has a foreseen destination, that it or it visualizes in a vision daily pay-life, and the genes are matched of necessary form to give to the child the necessary trends and talentos to the accomplishment of this vision. The scientists of the exterior cultures will finish for discovering a form to confirm this process. He is therefore that the physical recombination of genes for scientists and doctors is so dangerous. To help to fight the illness is a thing, but to recombine to magnify intelligence or the talent or only for preference is something that comes of the ego and can be disastrous. This practical was responsible for the destruction of some old civilizations. - What I want to say - concluded it - it is that here in Shambhala we take the process of the paternity very the serious one. In its ideal form, the intuition of the parents and the children functions in set to give to the child the best red tape to carry through its intention in the life. What it was to say made to think again me about the disappearances of embryos who had occurred in Shambhala. - What it seems to be to happen to It to the embryos who had disappeared here? - I asked. It shrank the shoulders, looking at for the closed gate of the room of Tashi. - I do not know, perhaps but let us discover this with the aid of the father of the Tashi. Another question occurred me, therefore I asked: - I do not understand who goes for the temples and who is in rings. It laughed. - I assume that

he is sufficiently confused. Our culture divides in that they teach and those that are called for the temples. Many of that they are in the temples, however, come and go with frequency, to keep its relations, especially will have children. The situation can move in any height, in accordance with the intuitions. Those that works in the temples can come back to teach and those that have been to teach can go for the temples. It is everything very fluid and conducted by the sincronicidade. He made a brief break and I waved to it so that it continued. 168 • to follow, in the vital process, he is to help a child to awake it. One remembers that each one of us forgets, until a certain degree, the ratio of its coming, what it is presumption to make with our life, therefore the child must know the circumstances historical that had encircled the event that was its birth. What he matters is to give to the child a context for its life, so that it knows what she happened before its inbound and where it goes itself to incase. This includes the history personal of the family, withdrawing some generations. We keep these registers in a similar writing to a video cassette, only that they are kept electronicamente. The Tashi, for example, can see seven generations of relatives its to speak to it of its lives, which had been its dreams, which the ones that if had carried through or not e, in the end of its lives, what they would have made of different form. Everything that is information immensely important a young to know concerning its relatives. It helps new to trace the route of its proper lives, learning with the errors and magnifying the wisdom of that they had preceded it. The Tashi learned much thing with many of its ancestor, even so its preferred relative continues to be the grandmother. I was frightened. - To record the relatives is a great ideia. I ask me exactly because in we do not give them to the work to make this, there of where I come. - they are not

given to this work because they continue to postpone to say on the death until the o last minute and later, many times, are late excessively. E the life in the exterior cultures continues guided too much for the material, does not stop the proper vital process. This will be more easy to the measure that the time passes and the exterior cultures start to support its vibration and to learn the extensions of the conjunct. At this moment still they reduce the life to the vulgar one, to the mundane, when in the reality it is a constant process, mysterious and informative. It looked at for me as if it had one any meaning deeper occult in its last phrase. - You yourselves it has to exceed this trend and to remain themselves intent in the process of that it is to happen to it. The Shambhala at the moment arrived where it is to suffer a transistion. 169 • the father of the Tashi is here for speaking concerning its future and of the situation in the temples. But the Tashi is not felt stimulated intuitivamente to go to the temples. Instead of this, it is interested in going for its world. E you appear exactamente in the way of this. He has of meaning any thing. As if to underline what Ani finishes to say, we hear a weak roar to far, that it disappeared quickly. It seemed confused. - I never heard nothing thus before. I was covered by a chill. - I think that he can be a helicopter - I said. One more time I thought about counting my dream to it but, before she could make it, it preset to speak. - We have of in hurry-said them. - It has to know who we we are, the culture who we created. We were to speak concerning the importance of the young to understand the succession of the generations that had preceded them. This history is a thing that all people in exterior rings knows well early - when they despertam for its proper felt espiritualidade and of that they had come to make here. It raised a finger. - All people knows here well that the human world evolves through the succession of

the generations. A generation establishes a life form and faces certain challenges, the following generation appears and extends this vision of the world. Unhappyly, in the exterior cultures this evolution is only to start to be taken the serious one. More frequent, what he happens is the parents to want that the children are as they, who have the same vision concerning everything. This desire is natural, of certain form, because all we want that our children strengthen the choices that we made. But many times the process becomes antagónico. The parents criticize the interests of the children and the children criticize the obsolete modes of the parents. Until a certain degree this is party to suit: the children look at for the life of its parents and think, taste of the biggest part of its lives, but I would have fact certain things in different way. All the children pressentem what he is incomplete in the mode of life of its parents. After all of accounts, the system is this: we choose our parents in part to despertarmos for what in the lack, for what he must be added to the human agreement, and start this process feeling us unsatisfied with what we find in our lives with them. Still thus, everything this does not have of being antagónico. When we know the process vital, we can participate in it of conscientious form. The parents can remain themselves open to the critical ones of its children and support its dreams. He is clearly that to make this he takes the parents to widen its mode to think and to evolve together with the children, what can be difficult. Already he had heard to speak of this. It was to make a great effort to clearly become the process of the evolution for me. I made plus some questions and it she passed more ten minutes to give details to me concerning the life in exterior rings of Shambhala. She explained me that for the children, thus that they acquire the understanding of history and the family, the following pacing is to learn to widen its field of creative conjunct, such as I made. Later they treat to discover a form to make

its culture to progress, teaching in exterior rings or using its field of conjunct in the temples. - Everything this will also finish for being the style of life in the exterior cultures - it added. - Some will be dedicated to teach the children to it, others will enter in the many institutions of the culture human being and will help to make to advance them in direcção to the ideal spiritual. It went to ask for more details about of that if it made in the temples when the gate of the room of Tashi if opened. Tashi left, followed for its father. the father wants to speak obtains - Tashi said, looking at for me. The man oldest made a fast vénia, Tashi presented us and later we sat down the two to the table. The father of Tashi was dress with the traditional pants of goat skin and vest of a Tibetan shepherd, only that its clothes were immaculately clean and had a color slightly bronzed. It was low entroncado e; he looked at for me with gentile eyes and an expression of youthful enthusiasm. - He knows that Shambhala is you give to suffer a transistion? - he asked. I looked at for Ani and later again for it. - Only what they say some of legends. 170 - 171 • the legends say - the man answered oldest - that in data moment of the evolution of Shambhala and of the exterior cultures will occur a great displacement. This displacement alone can happen when the level of conscience of the exterior cultures will have fond of a particular point. But when this to happen, Shambhala will be moved. To move itself for where? - I asked - It knows? It smiled. - Nobody knows exactamente. The affirmation of it fulled me with an anxiety wave, for some ratio, and a fast giddiness. For a moment I had difficulty in focar my vision. - It still is not thus so strong - Ani said. The father of Tashi looked at for me - I am because of my intuition, according to which here is important that the Tashi if joins we in the temples during this transistion. The legends say that it will be a period of great chances, but also of serious perigos. During some time, what we have made here in the temples will be disturbed. Also we will not be able to help. It looked at for its son.

• This will exactamente happen when the situation in the exterior cultures if to become critical. Many times, during the occult history of the humanity, the human beings had developed the espiritualidade until this point and later they had been lost in the path and they had come back to fall in the ignorance. They had started to use badly its technology, disturbing the natural course of the evolution. For example, in this exacto moment in the exterior cultures, some people is to catch in the natural process of foods and to distort it, manipulating geneticamente seeds so that they have not-natural features. That is made mainly to patent these seeds and to control them in the market. The same thing happens in the pharmaceutical industries, where a herbal remedy known, available for all, geneticamente is modified to be able to be vendido. In the rigorous system of energy of the body, these manipulations can have terrible consequências for the health. The same it is truth for foods citizens the maser, the chlorine and other additives in the water supply, already not to mention of the calls synthetic drugs. At the same time, the technology of the ways of information arrived at a point where it can have a dramatical influence. If to react only to the necessities of the companies and corrupt politicians can create realities for the artificial human beings who are distorted and. To the measure that the companies if establish, to control each time more technology and to use more advertising to create false necessities, this problem goes growing. More urgent it is the situation of the governmental power and monitoring, exactly in the democratic countries. Citing the necessity to fight the dealers of drug or the terrorists, the government violates each time more the privacy of the vulgar man. The transactions in money already are restricted and the InterNet total is watched. The next pacing will be to force the pass to a society without money, burst for a central authority. This growth in direcção to a central governmental authority, without spirit, in a virtual world of high technology divorced the natural processes, where

the food, the water and the routines of the life had been banalizadas and distorted, leads to the disaster. When the health is subvertida for plus a food cycle each worse time, new illnesses and more drugs, the Armagedão is the result. This happened already some times in daily pay-history. It can happen again, only that of this time in a very bigger scale. It smiled for Ani. - But it does not have thus of being. Of fact, we are to a small pacing to jump the barrier in our consciences. If we obtained to full enter in the ideia to be beings spirituals in a world spiritual, then the food, the health, the technology, the press and the government would assume its correctos roles in the evolution and the perfectioning of this world. But so that this happens she is necessary that the extensions of the conjunct full are understood in the exterior cultures. They must understand what we make in the temples. The transistion of Shambhala is part of this process, but the chance has of being used to advantage. It looked at deeply for Tashi. - So that this happens, your generation must be merged with the two last ones, in an integrated field of conjunct one that includes a final unit in all the religions. 172 - 173 Tashi seemed confused and the father came close itself to it. In the whole world, the generation born in the first decades of century twenty, that one the one that our friend occidental person would call the generation the Second World War I, used the courage and the technology to save the democracy and the freedom of the threat of the dictators who wanted to form an empire. They had been successful, using the power of the technology, and had continued to expand this technology for a economy to the world-wide scale. Later the following generation - the one that the Americans call baby boomers - it arrived at the Land and its intuitions had said to it that the prompt for the materialism, only for the technology, was not more correcta. Pollution, exaggerated had exaggerated enterprise influence in the

government, exaggerated monitoring for information organizations. This critical one was the normal form of a new generation if to expand and to make to advance intuitivamente us. They had grown with a materialism conquered with difficulty or, in some countries, with the desire of the material, and had started to react, to give voice to the ideia to have more to wait of the life. It had an intention spiritual for detrás of history human being, who could be understood with more detail. It was this that was for backwards of that it happened in the Sixties and seventy in the Ocidente: the reject of a system of statute based on the material, the scanning of other religions, the popularity of the philosophy, the explosion of the thought of the Movement of the Human Potential. Everything this was the result of a series of revelations, that they had shown that it had more in the life of that what our materialistic vision knew. It looked at for me with one to blink of eyes, as everything concerning my experiences with the Revelations was known. - the intuitions of baby boomers had been very important - it continued - because they had started to place the technology and the material abundance in its perspective correcta and to understand the deep intuition that in says them that the technology is to be developed in this planet to support a culture that if it can concentrate not only in the survival, but also in the development spiritual. It made one briefing pauses. - and now, since the end of the Seventies and in the Eighties, a new generation arrived to take the culture still more human being far. 174 It looked at for Tashi. - You and the people of your age they are the final members of this generation. You are to see the emphasis that had come to bring to the world? While reflectia Tashi on the question, proper I thought about. The children and children of baby boomers had been characterized as reacting to the idealismo and ambivalence of the parents in relation to technology, becoming more

practical fact e, developing the love for the technology for there of any thing seen before. All people looked at for me, as my thoughts had heard. Tashi was to wave in agreement. - We feel that the technology has an intention spiritual - it said. - Now - he continued the Tibetan oldest, looking at for all we - they see as the three generations flow in set? The generation of the Second World War I fought against the tyranny and proved that the democracy could not only blossom in the modern world, but also to become enlarged itself tremendously and to bind the world-wide economies. Later, in the way of the abundance, baby boomers had arrived and said that this expansion had problems, that we were to poluir the natural world and to lose the contact with the nature and a reality spiritual that exists for backwards of the whims of history. E now arrived the following generation, to concentrate themselves again in the economy, to reformulate the technology in order to be able conscientiously to support our mental capacity and spiritual, in the way that this happened here in Shambhala - instead of allowing that the technology falls only in the hands of that they would go it to use to restrict the freedom and to control the others. - But this new generation does not have full conscience of that it is to make - I said. - Not, not full - it retorquiu. - But its conscience and vision become enlarged it each day that passes. We have to prepare a conjunct field that raises them in this direcção. It has of being a strong Campo Grande and. The new generation has to help to us to unify it the religions. - That is very important, because they will always exist controlling, ready to manipulate this generation and to take them to create it minus uses it technology or to use to advantage themselves of its alienation. 175 There seated, we again hear the low humming of helicopters, still distant. - the transistion is to start - the father of Tashi said, looking at for it. - We have many preparativeses to make. It only wanted that you knew that the generation that you represent must

help to make to advance us. You, personally, have a paper in the expansion for the exterior cultures of that Shambhala has made. But you pods to only decide what you must make. The young deviated the look. The father was until together of it and encircled it with the arm during a moment. Later he hugged Ani and he left the house. Tashi followed it with the eyes, seeing to pass it for the gate, and later it came back alone toward the room. I followed Ani for the exterior, until a zone of rest in the garden, full of questions. - For where he was the father of the Tashi? - I asked. - It is to prepare itself for the transistion - it answered, looking at for me. - This can not be easy. We can be all dislocated during some time. Many will come of the temples stop in helping them. Abanei the head. - What it it seems that goes to happen? - Nobody knows - it talked back. - the legends are not detailed. Everything what we know is that will have a transistion. The uncertainty again started to diminish my level of energy and therefore I sat down in one of the next banks. Ani followed me and sat down it my side. - But I know what you must make - it said. - She must continue to follow the remaining portion of the Fourth Extension. Everything more will deal with itself exactly. I waved, without great certainty. - He concentrates myself in that he learned here. He saw which he will have to be the evolution of the technology and now started to see as our culture if he guides for the vital process, the miracle of the birth and the conscientious evolution. It knows that the prompt is this that creates the biggest inspiration and the biggest amusement. The materialistic life of the exterior cultures is not compared with it. We are creatures spirituals and our lives must turn around the mysteries of the family, the talent and the seek of the individual mission. One more time, you now know the aspect and the sensation of one such culture. The legends say that the safe knowledge concerning the possible evolution of the cultures widens the field of conjunct of the people and gives more power to them. Now, when it is

leagued interior and it seen its field to flow to its front, actuando to provoke the sincronicidade and raising the others to the process of the sincronicidade, it can make it with bigger expectation, because it knows com.segurança where this process in takes them, if in them to keep fidiciary offices it and prevent the hatred and the fear. It had ratio. The extensions were to incase themselves. - But I still not vi everything - I protested. It looked at me in the deep one of my eyes. • Not, she has to continue to understand the remaining portion of the Fourth Extension. She has more. Its field of conjunct can still more be powerful. At this moment we hear the helicopters again and the sound of them fulled me of hatred. They seemed to be next. How it would be this possible one? How could they know where Shambhala were? • Cursed they are - I said, what he produced an expression horrified in the face of Ani. - You have much anger - it said. - Well, she is difficult not to be angry when we see what the Chinese army is to make. - This anger is a standard inside of itself. I have the certainty that already they had informed it concerning its effect. I thought about everything what Yin tries me to explain. - Yes, already. But I am always to make asneira. He obtained to see that it was worried. - She will have to dominate this problem - it said. - But if she does not absorb too much I obtain exactly. This creates a minus conjunct that keeps it in the same place. On the other hand, it cannot simply ignore its anger. It has to keep the problem in mind, to remember it it exactly itself, to remain themselves conscientious, and at the same time to prepare its field of conjunct to win the old standard and to get rid themselves of it. I wise person who this age to walk in the rope bamba and that she would demand a conscientious effort of my part. 176 - 177

What I must make now? - I asked. - What it seems it? - I have to go to the temples? - Is this its intuition? I thought again about my dream and finally Falei-Lhe of it. It opened the eyes very. - She

dreamed that she went to the temples with the Tashi? - she asked. Yes - I talked back. - Well - said it, with seriousness - she does not find that she had to count this to it? I was until the o room of Tashi and touched in the wall. - Between - it said, and an aperture appeared. Tashi was extended in top of the bed. One sat down immediately and it made me sign for a chair to the front of it. I sat down. During a moment it was quiet, with the weight of the world on its shoulders. Finally he said: - I continue without knowing what to make. - Where you are to think? - I asked. - I do not know, I am confused. I only think about going to the exterior cultures. My mother says that I have to find my proper path. Who gives to me that my grandmother was here. - Where she is your grandmother? - He is algures in the temples. We looked at one for the other during much time and later it it added: - to little it was obtained to understand the dream that I had. I straightened myself in the chair. - That dream? - I am with a group of people. I do not see the faces to them, but I know that one of them is my sister. - a break Made. - Also it obtained to see a place with water. Of some form, it had obtained to arrive at the exterior cultures. - I also had a dream - I said. - You were with me. We were in one of the temples... was blue... and we found there plus somebody. The vestige of a smile crossed the face of Tashi. - What it is to say? - it asked. - What is presumption I to go obtains to the temples and not to the exterior cultures? - Not - I said. - he was not this that I wanted to say. You said me that all people thinks to be impossible to arrive at the exterior cultures from the temples. But, and if it will not be? The face of it was illuminated. - It wants to say, to go to the temples and to try to arrive at the exterior cultures from there? I limited myself to look at it for it. - He must be this - it said, arising itself. - Perhaps I have been called, after

all. 178 - 179 9. The ENERGY Of the EVIL Thus that we leave the room, the distant singing of the helicopters grew. Ani entered in house and took off three heavy knapsacks of a box of storage. It delivered them we to it, together with two blusões. I noticed that these seemed to have been done of the form established in the memorandum of understanding, with fabric sewn. She went to interrogate it about of them, but it quickly directed us for is of the habitation and lead us for the path to our left. While we walked, Ani was come close to Tashi and I heard to count it to it to it to it its decision to go to the temples. Ribombar of the helicopters came close each time more and the blue sky had been very hidden. The given height I asked to it for where we went. - For grottos - it said. - Vocês goes to need time to be prepared. We go down a pedregoso path, that crossed the steep source of a cliff and went down for plateaus of the other side. Here, Ani made us sign for inside of a small crack, where in we nestled them, to listening. The helicopters pairaram during a moment in a circle pressed over cliffs and later they had exactamente followed our passage, until being directamente over us. Ani seemed horrified. - What it is transferred? • I cried out. 181 Without answering, it left the crack and made us sign to follow. We run about quilómetro and half, for plateaus and in one another mountainous zone, later we stopped and we waited. Such as before, the helicopters had turned behind us until being directamente

for top. A frozen air gust reached us, almost knocking down me. At the same time, the clothes had disappeared of our bodies, with exception of weighed the coats. - I calculated that this could happen - said Ani, taking off more clothes of the knapsacks. I still had my boots sidewalk, but of Tashi and Ani they had disappeared. It Deu-Lhe a pair of fund boots and also paved ones. When we finished, we go up the hillside, trepando among the rocks until arriving at a flatter area. It was to start one heavy nevão and the temperature was to fall. The helicopters had momentarily seemed disoriented. I looked at for the valley that is green. The snow had covered almost everything and the plants already seemed to be to die because of the cold. - It is the effect of the energy of the soldiers - Ani said. - It is to destroy our field ambient. Looking at in the direcção of the sound of the helicopters, I felt a new wave of anger. They had inclined immediately and had followed in our direcção. - We go - Ani cried out. I arrived myself for more close to the fogueira, feeling the matinal cold. We had walked plus one hour and passed the night in a small grotto. Although some layers of hot interior clothes, still felt me frozen. Tashi was nestled my side and Ani was to observe for the aperture, for the world frozen there is. The snow fell has hours. - everything Disappeared - Ani said. - it does not have nothing not to be ice there. I advanced until the a aperture and I looked at for the exterior. What it had been a forest valley with hundreds of habitations, it now did not pass of snow and irregular mountains. Here and there the remaining portions inclined of trees were seen, but nor an only spot of color. All the houses had simply disappeared and the river that crossed the center of the valley was frozen. - the temperature must have fallen one sixty degrees - Ani added. - What it happened? - I asked. - When the Chinese in had found them, the force of its thoughts and expectations of frígido time opposed the field that we had prepared to keep the amenas temperatures. Normally the force of the fields of the people in the temples would have been enough strong to keep the long-distance Chinese, but they knew that

she was in the height of the transistion. - what!? They had left the Chinese to enter of intention? - Age the only possibility. If you and the others that in had found them they had been able to enter, did not have way to keep the soldiers far. You it is not enough strong to keep the thoughts it are of its head. E the Chinese had followed it until here. - He wants to say that it is guilt mine? - I said. - It is all good. He is part of the dispersion. This did not console me. I came back stops next to the fogueira and Ani followed me. Tashi had prepared a stew of vegetal dry. - She has to understand - it said that the people of Shambhala will be well. Everything this was foreseen. All the people that were here is well. Enough people had come back of the temples to take them through the space windows until a safe place. Our legends had prepared them well. It pointed with respect to the valley. - She has to concentrate itself in that she is to make. You and Tashi they have to arrive at the temples without being captured for the soldiers. The remaining portion of that Shambhala was to make for the humanity has of being known. It stopped, at the moment where both we hear the weak estremecimento of a distant helicopter. The sound was more ténue e, finally, disappeared. - and it has of being much more cautious - it said. - I thought that you wise person as to far keep the minus pictures of its mind, especially discredit or hatred thoughts. Wise person who it had ratio, but still felt me concerning the functioning of everything this confused. It lay down an intense look to me. 182 - 183 • More early or later, she will have to deal with its standard of anger. She went to make a question when, for the aperture of the grotto, we saw some sets of ten of people to go down a hillside frozen to our right. Ani was arisen and looked at for Tashi. - we do not have more time - it declared. - I have to go. I have to help these people to find an output. Your father will be with me. - pods not to come connosco? - Tashi asked, coming close itself to it. The tears in its

eyes were visible. Ani looked at for it and later for it are of the frozen crack, for the other people. - I cannot - it said, hugging it with force. - my place is here, helping during the transistion. But you are not worried. Have-of finding you, you are where you will be. It walked until the entered a of the grotto and was turned to look at toward us. - Vocês will be well - it said. - But they have care. They will not obtain to keep the energy in high will have been dominated for the hatred. They cannot have enemies. It stopped, it looked at for me and later it said a thing that I already had heard many times in this trip. - and one remembers - it with a smile instructed - that you are to be helped. Tashi looked at over the shoulder and smiled for me, while we advanced penosamente on the deep snow. He was to be more cold and I fought to keep my levels of energy. To arrive at the mountain range where if they raised the temples, we had to scale the mountain range where we were now, to cross the frozen valley and to almost go up another mountain in the vertical line. We had gone down half quilómetro without difficulty more than, but now we seemed to be to the side of a rocky precipice. Underneath of us it was a fall of almost fifteen meters. Tashi was turned and looked at for me. - We have to slide for here below. It does not have another form. - This is too much dangerous - I protested. - It can have rocks of the snow underneath. If to start to slide without control, we can be wounded. My energy was in free fall. Tashi smiled nervously. - It is all good it said. - it does not have problem in having fear. But it keeps its visualization of a positive outcome. In the reality, the fear will make dakini to be come close. - Wait one minute - I said. - nobody Never related this. What you want to say? - it was never helped of mysterious, inexplicable form? - the Yin said me that Shambhala was to help me. - Yes? - I do not understand the relation. I have been to try to perceive what it determines when dakini in helps them. - the inhabitants of the temples Only know this. I only know that the fear

always makes with that these guardiões if approach, if to obtain to keep some faith Is the hatred that moves away them. Tashi pushed me for is of the platform and started to slide descontroladamente on the untied snow. My foot beat in a rock, made to twirl me and I started to slide upside-down. Wise person who, if reached another rock with the head, could die. But, despite the fear, I obtained to keep the vision of a landing in security. With this ideia, I started to aperceber me of a sensation that fulled me of peace and welfare. The terror diminished. Moments later I arrived at deep of the inclination and rebolei until stopping. Tashi shocked with my coasts. I was a lying moment, of closed eyes. April them to devagar, remembering other dangerous situations of my life where an inexplicable peace had flooded me. Tashi was to hoist itself for is of the snow bank and smiles for it. - What it was? - it asked. - He was somebody there. Tashi was risen, shaken the snow of the clothes and started to walk. It is to see what it happens when keeps positive? Any temporary force that comes of the anger not if can compare with this mystery. I waved, waiting to obtain to remember this. 184 - 185 During two hours we advanced for deep of the valley, crossing the frozen river and facing the gradual ascent for the base of steep mountains. The snow started to fall with more force. Subitamente Tashi stopped. - any thing Was moved beyond - it said. I strengtove myself for seeing better. - What he was? - She seemed a person. He comes. We advanced for the hillside of the mountain. The peak seemed to be six quilómetros above of us. - algures Has to have a pass - Tashi said. we cannot pass for the top. To our front we hear the snow sound and rocks to derogate. Tashi and I looked at one for the other and skirted to devagar a series of great rochedos. When passing for the last one, we saw a man to leave the way of the snow. He seemed exausto. Envolto in a bloody tie had one of the knees. I did not believe my eyes. It

was Wil. - It is all good - I said I stop Tashi. - I know this and I tracked down homem.Levantei-me over the rocks. Wil heard us and jumped for the side, prepared to run away for a narrow path, despite the leg. • I Am. - Gritei-Lhe. Wil rose a moment, later fell again on the snow. It had dress a thick white blusão and impermeable pants. - Already it was time - it said, smiling. - He was to your wait has much time. Tashi ran for it and looked at for the leg of Wil. I presented them. More fast than I obtained, I explained the Wil everything what it had happened me: the meeting with Yin, the escape to the Chinese, the extensions, the pass for the gate and finally the inbound to rings of Shambhala. - Not wise person as to find you - I added, pointing with respect to the valley. - It is everything ruined. It is the effect of the Chinese. - I know - I said Wil. - proper I already crossed myself with them. Wil counted its experiences to us. Such as I, it had expanded its field of conjunct the best one that he could and obtained to enter in Shambhala. Part of rings was noutra, where it continued to be instructed concerning legends for another family. - It is very difficult to arrive at the temples - Wil said. - Especially now, with the coming of the Chinese soldiers. We have of in certifing them that we are not to formulate conjuncts minus. - I find that I am not to leave very well in this area - I talked back. It looked at me with seriousness, worried. - But he was therefore that you were with the Yin. It did not show to you what he can happen? - He seems me that now I obtain to prevent the fear pictures, in general. It is my anger against the Chinese soldiers that continues to escape me. Wil seemed alarmed still more and was gives to say any thing when we hear the sound of helicopters to come close it far. We started to scale the mountain, zigzagging among the rocks and banks of deep snow. Everything seemed fragile and unstable. We go up more during twenty minutes without speaking. The wind was to magnify and the snow wounded

us the face. Wil stopped and fell on one of the knees. - They hear it said. - What it is this? - the helicopter Is another time - I said, fighting with my irritation. While we listened, the helicopter cut clouds over us and flied in our direcção. Coxeando slightly, Wil advanced for the frozen hillside, but I stopped one instant, hearing plus any thing above of the singing of the helicopter. It seemed a convoy of merchandises. - Well-taken care of! - Wil to my front cried out. - It is an avalanche. I tried to run for far, but it was too much late. The raw force of the snow that fell reached me in the face and knocked down me hillside below. I fell and I slid, times full covered by the weight of the avalanche that ribombava, other times to the surface of the snow mass in movement. After an apparent eternity, I felt me to stop it. I was soterrado, incapable to move me, with the body twisted under the snow. I tried to inhale, but it did not have air. Wise person who went to die. But somebody grasped my strained right arm and started to exhume me. It felt others to dig to my rollback and, finally, my head was free. 186 - 187

I breathed anxious, taking off the snow of my eyes, waiting to see Wil. In time of it, vi a dozen of Chinese soldiers, one of which continued to hold my arm. Behind of them vi, to walk in my direcção, Chang colonel. Without speaking, it made sign to other soldiers to take me to a helicopter that pairava. Rope stairs fell, some soldiers had gone up agilmente and later they had shot a harness, that was placed to the rollback of my body. The colonel gave the order and I was pulled for edge, while it and the welded remainders went up. Minutes later we flied for far. I was to look at for a window of the size of a guard, in a warm nine tent for nine meters. To all, it obtained to count to at least seven portable atrelados great tents and the three, smallest ones, of an easily air transportable size. A generator the gasoline moaned in one sings of the complex and in an

area to the left some helicopters were put. The snow had stopped to fall, but it had accumulated thirty or thirty and five centimeters on the ground. I tried to see better for the right. Evaluating the disposal of the mountain range there behind, I concluded that he had been sent for the center of the valley. A wind nocturno uivava, agitating the exterior sewings of the tent. When I arrived, I was fed, forced to take one duche tepid and received one camouflaged Chinese one and thermal interior clothes to dress. At least it was finally hot. I turned myself and I looked at for the armed Chinese guard that was seated to the input. The eyes of it had followed all my movements with a cold expression that froze me the soul. Tired, I walked up to one of the two beds of campaign to I sing it and I sat down. I tried to evaluate my situation but it did not obtain to think. It was stuned, petrified, so scared, in the reality, that wise person not to be very alert. It did not obtain to understand because it felt me so incapacitated. It was the panic more intense than it never feels. I tried to breathe deep and to accumulate energy, but I at least did not obtain to start. The hung naked light bulbs in the tecto one of the tent fulled the space with a light baça and tremeluzente and threatening shades. It did not obtain to find any beauty in that it encircled me. The gate of the tent confided and the soldier set in direction. Chang colonel entered and undressed the thick blusão, waving for the guard. Later he concentrated himself in me. I deviated the look. - We have of speaking - it said, pulling an unfoldable chair and sitting down it a meter of me. - Necessary of responses to my questions. Already. - He looked at cold for me during a moment. Because he is here? I decided to answer more sincerely possible. - I am here to study tibetanas legends. Already it said this to it. - It is here to the seek of Shambhala. I was quiet. - It is this? - it asked. - He is here in this valley? The fear made my stomach to give a rollback. What it would make if I I refused to answer? - it does not know? - I asked. It smiled slightly. - I assume that you and the

remaining portion of its illegal seita they think that that is Shambhala. - He seemed confused, as another thing had been remembered. • We sighted other people here. But they had obtained escaparnos in the snow. Where they are? For where they had been? - I do not know - I answered. - Not even I know where we are. It came close itself. - Also we found vestiges of plants, alive recently. How it is this possible one? How they could have grown here? I limited myself to look at it for it. It smiled cold. - How much he knows really concerning legends of Shambhala? - A little - I mumbled. - I know sufficiently. He believes this? Until this moment I had access to all the old writings and must say that they are deliciously interesting, as mythology. It thinks about this: an ideal community, constituted of much more advanced clarified human beings, mentally, of that any another culture of this planet. 188 - 189 • and also I know the remaining portion: this ideia of that these individuals of Shambhala have a species of being able private for the good, that if mixture with the remaining portion of the humanity and pushes it in this direcção. Fascinating material, does not seem it? Old legends that until could be appreciated, already now... if were not so corruptoras and dangerous for the people of Tibet. It it does not seem that, if some thing thus was real, us already would have discovered? God, spirit, an infantile dream is everything. Mythology sees tibetana concerning dakini, the ideia of that exists angélicas creatures who can interact connosco, to help us. - In that it is that you believe? - I asked, trying to become the situation diffusest. It pointed with respect to the head. - I believe the power of the mind. It is therefore that it had to say connosco, to help us. Very we are interested in the ideia of the psychic power, the reach vastest of the cerebral waves and its effect on the long-distance electrónica and people. But it does not confuse this with espiritualismo. To be able them of the mind they are a natural

fenómeno that can be investigated and be discovered of scientific form. It finished the phrase with an irritated gesture of the hand, sending a sensation each deeper time of fear to my stomach. I wise person who this man was extremely dangerous and absolutely impious. It was to look at for me, but any thing in the wall of the tent behind of it called me it attention, directamente in front of the gate where the guard was of foot. The area had subitamente been clearer. The light bulb in the tecto one blinked slightly and ignored my perception, taking it for a frightening in the generator. The colonel arose itself and gave some pacings in my direcção, seeming more angry. - He finds that I taste to take a walk for this desert? I do not obtain to perceive as somebody can survive here. But in we do not go them even so. We go to widen this field until terms troops enough to cover this area full the foot. Who wants that it is here, will be discovered and treated with the maximum hardness. It forced a half smile. - But our friends equally will be rewarded. He understands? At this moment another wave of fear covered me, but this different age. Was fear mixed a great disdain. I started to disdain the dimension of the badness in this man. I looked at stops backwards of it, for the area that me seems clearer, but this was now flat and full of shades. The light had disappeared and I felt me total alone. - Because they make this? - I asked - the Tibetan people has right to its religious beliefs. They are to try to destroy its culture. How they can make this? - my anger Felt to make me stronger. The confrontation only seemed to give more energy to it. - Oh, you has opinions - it with a afectado smile said. - It is a penalty that is so naive. You find that what we make he is to invulgar. Its proper government also is to develop methods to control it. Chips that can be inserted in the body of the troops and the incautos rowdies. - and it is not everything Now it was almost to cry out. - We know now that, when the people think, a specific standard of cerebral waves radiates of them. All the

governments are to work in machines that can identify these cerebral waves, especially the anti-government feelings of anger or. The affirmation of it arrepiou me. It was to speak of the same wrong use of the amplification of the cerebral waves against which Ani informs to me, that one that had ruined as many old civilizations. - It knows because your pseudo-democratic governments make this? - he continued it - Because they have much more fear of the people of the one that we. Our citizens know that the paper of the government is to govern. They know that certain freedoms must be limited. Your people thinks that personal prompt can exist. Well, if this age truth in the past, in a highly technological world, where one sets inside of a luggage can destroy a city, already does not function. With this type of freedom, the human beings will not survive. The prompt, the values of the society, must burst and be direccionada for the well vastest one. It is therefore that this legend of Shambhala is so dangerous. It is based on the absolute auto-prompt. 190 - 191 While it spoke, he seemed to hear me the gate to confide behind me, but I did not turn over. Total it was concentrated in the attitude of this man. Here it was the worse one of the modern tyranny to be express e, the more it it spoke, more my disdain it magnified. - What you do not see - said I - it is that the human beings can find a motivation interior to create the good in the world. It laughed itself cinicamente. - he does not say me that he believes this! He swims in history suggests that the people are another thing, not to be egoistic and greedy. - its espiritualidade was had, would see the good. - my voice also was to go up with the anger. - Not - it with abruptness said, almost crying out. - the espiritualidade is the problem. While it will have religion, it cannot have unit between the people. It does not understand? Each religious institution is as a inflexible locking in the path of the progress. Each one combat the others. The

Christians spend its time and money to try to convert all people its doctrine of judgments. The Jews want to continue isolated in an election dream. The Muslen think that it is all fellowship, collective power and sacred hatred. E we, in the east, are the worse ones. We disdain the real world in favor of a fictitious interior life, that nobody understands. With all this Metaphysical chaos, nobody can be concentrated in the progress, the resolution of the problems of the poor persons, in the education of all the tibetanas children. - But if it does not worry - it continued. - We go to certify us that the problem is decided. E you helped us. Since that James Wilson visited it in America, observed all its movements and of the dutch group. I wise person who you I would come, that she had to be involved. I must have similar surprised. - Oh, yes, we know everything on itself. We act with much more freedom in America of that you think. NSA(1) the InterNet can monitorizar. It finds that we cannot? You and this seita never will escape me. How it finds that we obtain seguiz it with this time? With the power of the mind. My mind. It occurred me where you he would be. • 1. National Security Agency - Agency of National Security of the United States. (N. of the T.) 192 Exactly after in losing them in this desert, I wise person. She felt its presence. The principle was its Yin friend who I obtained to follow. Now she is you. E is not everything. Already not even necessary to use my instincts to locate it. I have an analysis of its cerebral waves. - the gate with the head Indicated. - Inside of minutes ours technician will have assembled our new equipment of monitoring. Later we will be capable to locate any person that let us analyze. The principle I did not obtain to perceive what it was to relate, but later I remembered my experience in the Chinese house in There, after having been gaseado. The soldiers had placed me under a

machine. A new wave of fear covered me, but immediately it changedded itself into a still more deep hatred. - You he is wild! - I cried out. • Exacto. For you, I am maluco. But I am the future. - He was now to hang threatening to my front, with the red face, almost to blow up of anger. - That so dull innocence. You go to count everything to me. He perceived? Everything! Wise person who it would not have given to this information if some time to me intended to free me, but at that moment she did not import me. It was to speak with a monster and an overwhelming hatred was to full me. It was you give to verbalizar my anger again when a voice in the other side of the division exclamou. it does not make this! This only weakens it! The colonel turned itself and looked at and I followed its look. Together to the gate it was another guard and its side, leaned against a small table, was Yin. The guard pushed it for the soil. I jumped and I ran for Yin, while the colonel said any thing in Chinese to the guards and later he left hasty. Yin had nódoas black and blows in the face. - Yin, you are well? - I asked, supporting it up to one of the beds. - I am - it said, pulling me for together of it. - They had appeared soon after you having left. - the eyes of it were full of enthusiasm. - It says me what he happened. It found Shambhala? I looked at for it and I took the fingers to my lips. 193 • They had probably joined them to see what we say - I murmured. - Pods to bet that they have this place under listening. We did not have to speak. - We will have to risk - Yin said. - It comes stops next to the heater. He is barulhento. It counts to me what it happened. During the half following hour I counted everything to it concerning the world that finds in Shambhala and later, with has more led of the whispers, I mentioned the temples. The eyes of it had confided very. - Then still it did not complete the Fourth Extension? I murmured: - He is in the temples. I spoke to it concerning Tashi and Wil and of that Ani in says them concerning learning what the people

in the temples made. - and that more it said? - Yin asked. - It said that we must not have enemies - I answered. Yin smiled painful during a moment and later it said: - But you are to make this with the colonel exactamente. He was to use its anger and disdain to feel fort. These are the errors that I committed. It has luck of it not to have it immediately dead. I fell stops backwards, knowing that my emotions were uncontrolled. - if it does not remember when its minus expectations had moved away the dutch couple from carrinha and you it lost an important sincronicidade? In this in case that it were to have an expectation of fear of that they would perhaps go to harm it. They had felt this expectation of its part; probably they had started to feel that, in case that stopped, they would make any thing of badly and therefore had left. - Yes, I remember. - Always that we assume or we wait any minus thing it continued Yin - concerning another human being, we are to formulate a conjunct that goes to act to create this reality in this person. One remembers that our minds are on. Our thoughts and expectations go to influence the others to think that we in the same

way. It is this that has been to make with the colonel. It has waited that it is bad. - Wait one minute. I was only to see it as it is. 194 • the serious one? What has left of it? The ego or the soul, raised I more? Yin had ratio. I had learned everything this with the Tenth Revelation, but he was not to act it in accordance with. - When he was to run away from it - I said - it obtained to follow me. It said that he obtained to make this with the mind and the intuition. He was to think about it? - Yin asked - To the wait that it followed it? - It had to be. - one does not remember? It was this that happened with me, before. E now you are to make the same thing. This expectation was to create in the mind of the Chang the ideia of where you it was. It was a thought of the ego, but it occurred to it because you it waited - it praid, in the reality - that it found it. - it does

not see? - Yin continued. - We said on this as many times. Our field of conjunct constantly works on the world, sending our expectations and, in the case of one another person, the effect is almost instantaneous. Happily, as I already said before, one such minus conjunct is not so strong as a positive conjunct, because immediately it separates it of its energies of upper I, but continues to have a effect. The occult process for detrás of its Golden Rule is this. I looked at for a moment for it, without understanding. I delayed one minute to remember to me the one to it that it mentioned itself: to I appeal it Biblical to make to the others what we would like that in them was made we. It did not obtain to see well the plugging very and I asked for to it that it explained me. - Pparently - he continued it • the rule had to be followed because it creates a good society. Certain? While ethical position. But of fact it has a true ratio spiritual, of karma, that it goes for beyond the notion of this being a good ideia. It is important to personally obey this rule because it in afecta. It made a dramatical break and later it added: - the fullest expression of this rule would have to be: it makes to the others what you would like that they made you, because the form as you treat them or you think about them is exactamente the form as they go you to treat. The conjunct that you send with your feeling or share tends to unchain exactamente in them what wait. I waved. This ideia started to enter in me. 195 • In the case of the colonel, when you conclude that it is bad, its energy of conjunct enters in the energy of it and strengthens its trends. E thus it starts to act of the form as you he waited: of furious, impious form. Because it is not on to deeper a divine energy, the energy of the ego of it is weak and malleable. It assumes the role that if waits in it. He thinks about the mode as the things generally function in the culture human being. This effect is everywhere. One

remembers that the human beings partilham attitudes and states of spirit. It is everything very contagious. When we look at for the others and we make judgments, thinking that they are fat people or lean or failed or ugly or badly dresses, about the reality we send our energy to these people and them many times start to have bad thoughts about of same them. We are involved in that the one that we only can call the energy the evil Is the contágio of the minus conjunct. - But what it is presumption we to make? - I protested. - we do not have to see the things as they are? - It is clearly that we have to see the things as they are, but after this we must immediately change our expectations of that she is for what she could be. In the case of the colonel, it must have understood that even so it acts of malignant form, off of any espiritualidade, upper I of it is capable to see the light in one instant. The expectation is this that interests to hold back, because then it is really to send its field of conjunct in this direcção, to magnify the energy and conscience of it. It must always come back to this mental position, does not matter what it will have seen. It made another dramatical break, smiling, what me he seemed strange due to our situation and to its hurt and cut face. - They had beaten to you? - I asked. - he is not nothing that I have not desired • it said, underlining one more time its position. - Is to see the importance of everything this? - Yin asked. - it cannot go more far in the extensions while not to understand this. The anger will be always a temptation. It knows well. It makes our egos to believe that we are to be stronger. It has of being smarter of the one than this. It cannot arrive at the levels strongest of the creative energy until obtaining to prevent all the types of minus conjuncts. Already sufficient exists badly, without that we let us magnify it unconsciously. This is the great truth for detrás of the Tibetan code of compassion. I moved away to the look, knowing that everything what Yin was to say age truth. It had fallen again in this standard of anger. Because it was always to make the same? Yin fixed my eyes. Here it is the corollary of this ideia. When correcting a

countyer-productive standard in we ourselves - in this in case that, anger and conviction - is imperious that let us not create a minus conjunct concerning our possibilities. It is to see what I want to say? If to make defeatist commentaries as I do not obtain to surpass this problem or I I will be always thus, then we are to pray stops in thus keeping them. We have to formulate a vision in as we will find an energy higher and we will surpass our standards. We have of in raising them with our proper energy of conjunct. It leaned itself against the bed. - the lesson Was this that proper I had to learn. I never obtained to understand the compassionate attitude of the Rigden Mud stops with the Chinese government. They were to destroy our country and I wanted defeated them. He had never been enough close to a soldier looking at them in the eyes, to see them as people apanhadas for a tirânico system. - But when vi for there of the egos of them, of its socialization, I finally obtained to learn not to magnify the energy of the evil with my minus ideias. I finally obtained to exactly form a higher vision with them and me. Perhaps because I learned this, I also obtain to form a higher vision of that you also have-of learning it. Cordei with the first racket in the field. Somebody was to beat with barrels or great cans. I arose myself in a skip, I dressed me and I looked at in the direcção of the gate. The guards had been substituted for two other soldiers, whom they had looked at for me sleepy. I was until the a window and I looked at for it are. The day was dark and hidden and the wind it uivava. 196 - 197 He had movement in one of the tents; one of the gates was to confide. He was the colonel, who walked in the direcção of our tent. I withdrew until the a bed of campaign of Yin and it one turned over, fighting to awake. It had the swelled face and it blinked the eyes to

obtain to see me. - the colonel comes there - I said. - I will help in that he will be able - it said. - But you he must have a field of different conjunct stops with it Is its only hypothesis. The gate of the tent confided of rompante and the soldiers had set in direction. The colonel entered and made sign to wait to them in the exterior. He looked at a time for Yin, before advancing for me. I was to breathe deep and to try to magnify the my most possible field. I visualized the energy to overflow of me and concentrated myself in seeing it not as torturador, but only as a distrustful soul. - I want to know where they are these temples - it with a threatening voice said low and, taking off the coat. - the only form to obtain to see them is to magnify its energy sufficiently - I answered, saying the first thing that occurred me. It seemed to have been apanhado unprepared. - Of that he is that you are to speak? - You he said me that he believes being able them of the mind. E if one of these powers will be the capacity to magnify its level of energy? - That energy? - You it said that the cerebral waves were real and that they could be manipulated by a machine. E if they could be manipulated internally by our intention and be strengthened, magnifying our level of energy? - How it is this possible one? - it said. - This never was demonstrated by science. I did not obtain to believe, it I seemed to be to open its mind. I concentrated myself in the expression in the face of it, that it seemed to be to evaluate honest what I was to say. - But it is exactly possible - I continued. - the cerebral waves, or perhaps different waves that have more reach, can be magnified until the o point where they influence what it happens. 198 It raised the head. - He is to say me that he knows as to use the cerebral waves to make definitive things to happen? While it spoke, vi again a brightness for detrás of it, together to the wall of the tent. - Yes - I continued. - But only those things that take

our lives in the direcção that is presumption they to follow. De.outra.forma, the energy finishes for yielding. - Presumption they to follow? - it asked, blinking an eye. The area of the tent behind of it continued to seem more luminous and I did not obtain to leave of looking at for there. It turned itself and also looked at in this direcção. - For where he is to look at? - he asked. - He says me what he means presumption they to follow. I consider myself I exempt. I can take my life in the direcção that I to want. - Yes, clearly. This is truth. But it has a direcção that it best seems to be, more inhaled, and that in gives more satisfaction to them of that the others, it does not have? I did not obtain to believe the force of the brightness of it behind, but he did not dare me to look at directamente for there. - I do not know of that he is that you are to speak - it said. It seemed confused, but I continued intent in the part of its expression that was to listen to me. - We are free - I said. - But also we belong to a design, that comes of a higher part of we ourselves and to which in we can bind them. Our true I it is very bigger of the one than we think. It limited itself to look at it. Algures, in the deep one of its conscience, it seemed to be to understand. We were interrupted when the guards are there had beaten in the gate. When they had made it, apercebi me that the wind if had transformed into a weather. We heard things to be shot and turns in all the field. A guard had opened the gate and was to cry out with force in Chinese. The colonel ran for it. When making it, we saw tents to fly all for the side. It turned over and looked at for Yin and me; at this moment a tremendous gust of wind reached the side 199 left of our tent, pulling out it it its foundations and tearing it, covering the colonel and the guards with the canvas, shooting them it the soil. Yin and I was reached by the wind and the snow that blew for the open hole. - Yin - I cried out. - dakini. Yin

tried to set of foot. - This is its hypothesis! - it said. - He runs away! - He comes - I said, grasping it for the arm. - We can go together. It moved away to me. - I cannot. I would only go to delay it. - We obtain - I insisted. It cried out over the howl of the wind I already made what I had to make. Now you must make the same. Still we do not know the remaining portion of the Fourth Extension. I waved and I hugged it quickly, later I grasped in heavy the coat of the colonel and ran for the hole of the tent, for the storm. 200 10. TO RECOGNIZE the LIGHT I ran for north during one thirty meters and stopped to look at for the field. Still it heard the racket of shouts and debris to be shot for all the installation. To my front it was a solid white mantle and it went to drag me in the direcção of mountains when I heard the colonel to cry out. - Have-of finding you - it, furious cried out, above of the singing of the wind. - you do not go to escape. I continued to walk, more fast than I could in the deep snow. I delayed fifteen minutes to advance one hundred meters. Happily the wind continued to blow and I furious wise person who from there to some time the Chinese could only put the helicopters in air. I heard a weak sound. The principle I thought that it was the wind, but gradually was stronger. Agachei me. Somebody was to call me for the name. Finally vi somebody to advance through the snow blown for the wind. It was Wil. I hugged it. - My God, I am happy for seeing you. How it is that you found me? - Vi where direcção heli flied - it said - and I continued to walk until seeing the field. The night stows all here. If it did not have with me my stove of field, would have died frozen. It was to try to arrange way to take off you of there. But the nevão decided

this problem. It walks, we have to try to arrive again at the temples. I hesitated. - What he transfers himself? - Wil asked. 201 the Yin is there - I answered. - it is wounded. Wil thought during a moment, while we looked at for the field. - They go to organize a group of fetching - it said. - we cannot come back. We will

have to try to help it later. If not to sairmos daqui and to find the temples before the colonel, everything will be lost. - What it happened to the Tashi? - I asked. - We were separate when the avalanche started - Wil answered - but, later, I saw it it to go up the alone mountain. We walked more than during two hours and strangely, then that we leave the area in redor of the Chinese encampment, the wind started to lessen, even so still was to snow heavily. During walked ours, I counted to the Wil everything what Yin had said in the tent and what had happened with the colonel. Finally we arrived at the area of the mountain where the avalanche occurs. We passed for it and we follow for west, going up the hillside. Without speaking more, Wil followed more to the front during two hours. Finally it stopped and one sat down to rest behind a great snow bank. We looked at one for the other during a long moment, both breathing with difficulty. Wil smiled and asked: - You understand now what the Yin you was to say? I was quiet. Although to have seen everything to uncurl itself with the colonel, it continued to be difficult to believe. - I was to form minus conjuncts - he said finally. - It was therefore that the colonel obtained to follow me. - we cannot continue until both let us obtain to prevent this • Wil said. - our energy must be remained high of consistent form, before being able to progress the remaining portion of the Fourth Extension. We have to have very well-taken care of not to visualize the badness of that they have fear. We have of looking at for them of realistic form and taking precautions, but if in withholding them in its behavior or keeping pictures of them you give to magoarem them,

this sends energy to the paranoia of them and can exactly give ideia it to them to make what we wait. It is therefore that it is so important not to leave our minds to visualize the things bad that could happen us. It is a conjunct that creates this event exactamente. Abanei the head, knowing that it was still to resist this ideia. If it was truth, this seemed to place one heavy pack in each one of us, to demand that we watched each one of our thoughts. I related to my concern the Wil. It almost laughed. - It is clearly that we have to watch our thoughts. We have to make it, in any way, not to lose an important intuition. For moreover, it is enough to come back to the alert conscience and to visualize always the conscience of all the people to magnify. The legends are very clear. To keep the widening most powerful of our energy of conjunct, we cannot never use it minus. We cannot continue while not to obtain to prevent this problem full. How many legends you heard to describe? - I asked. In reply to my question, Wil started to speak concerning its experiences during this adventure, with detail of that it had not been possible before. - When I was your house - it started - he was perplexo because my energy had fallen in relation to its state when we were to explore the Tenth Revelation. Later I started to think about Tibet and gave with me in the monastery of the Rigden Mud, where I knew the Yin and I heard to speak of the dreams. I did not understand everything, but proper I had had similar dreams. Wise person who, of some form, you were involved and had something to make here. He was then that I started to study legends in detail and to learn the extensions of the conjunct. He was prepared to find me with you in Katmandu, but vi the Chinese to follow me and I asked for to the Yin to go in my place. I had to believe that we would finish for in finding them. Wil made a break, took off interior a nightgown white and started to place a new tie in the knee. I looked at for the infinite extension of white mountains behind us. The clouds had been moved away for a few seconds and the matinal sun

created a darker, shady effect of illuminated mountainous tops and valleys. The sight fulled me of admiration and, of a strange form, I started to feel me in house here, as if a part of me finally understood this country. When I came back to look at toward Wil, it was to observe me fixed. 202 - 203 • Perhaps - Wil said - we had to see everything what the legends say concerning the conjunct field. We have to understand now of that mode everything this if relates. I waved. - Everything starts • he continued it - when in we apercebemos them of that our energy of conjunct is real, that flows from us and afecta the world. Thus that we will have this perception, we can understand that this field, this effect that we have on the world, can be expanded, but have to start with the First Extension. We have first to improve the quality of the energy that we absorb physically. Heavy and treated foods mecanicamente generate acid solids in our molecular structures, lowering our vibration and finishing for provoking illnesses. The foods livings creature have an alkaline effect and magnify our vibration. The more pure it is our vibration, in such a way more easy is inside to league the energies to it subtis of us. The legends say that we will learn to breathe of consistent form in this upper level of energy, using our increased perception of the beauty as measured. How much bigger it is our level of energy, more beauty we see. We can learn to visualize this level upper of energy to flow from us for the world, being used equally the emotional state of love as measured for this occurrence. Thus we are on interior, such as we learn in Peru. Only that now we learn that, when visualizing the energy as field that if extends from us for where wants that we go, can keep us always stronger. The Second Extension starts when we prepare this field of widened conjunct to magnify the stream of the sincronicidade in our lives. We make this keeping us in a conscientious alert state of and

expectation in relation to the next intuition or coincidence that will make our lives to advance. This expectation takes our energy still more far and becomes it stronger, because now we are to line up our intentions with the ideal process of growth and evolution structuralized in the proper universe. The Third Extension involves another expectation: that our field of conjunct if extends and magnifies the level of energy of the others, raising them it its proper plugging with the the holy ghost inside of them and the intuition of its upper I. This, is clearly, magnifies the probability of them in giving intuitivas information to them that can still more magnify our level of sincronicidade. It is the interpersonal ethics that we learn in Peru, only that now we know as to use the conjunct field to become it stronger. The Fourth Extension starts when we learn the importance to anchor and to keep the stream of our energy, despite the situations of fear or anger. We always make this keeping a particular position of distanciamento in relation to the events that appear, exactly while we wait that the process if uncurls. We must look one meaning always positive and to always wait, always, that the process in saves them, does not matter what it is to happen. One such mental position helps to us to keep it the concentration in the stream and hinders us of in withholding them in minus pictures of that it could happen if we failed. In general, if to feel a picture minus to appear in our mind we must evaluate if it is a intuitivo acknowledgment e, if thus it will be, we must act in conformity, but we must always come back to the expectation of a raised sincronicidade more than in it will guide them for far of this problem. This anchors our field, our stream of energy, with a powerful expectation the one that always we called faith. In short, the first part of the Fourth Extension treats to keep our strong energy in any height. When we will have dominated this, we can advance and expand our energy still more. The following pacing in the Fourth Extension starts when we wait full that the human world can progress in direcção to the ideal express

in the Tenth Revelation and shaped by Shambhala. To take our energy more far and with more force in this way demands a genuine belief. It is therefore that to understand Shambhala it is so important. To know that Shambhala already made it magnifies our expectation of that the remaining portion of the humanity also can make it. We can see immediately as the human beings obtain to dominate our technology and to use it it the job of our development spiritual and later starting to concentrate themselves in the proper vital process, the true ratio to be in this planet: to create a terrestrial culture 204 - 205 that it has conscience of our paper in the evolution spiritual and to teach this agreement to our children. It stopped and looked at for me during a moment. - Now he comes the part most difficult - it said. - to expand still more, we have to make more of the one than simply to remain themselves positive of general form and to prevent pictures of minus events. We have also to keep outside of our heads all the minus thoughts in relation to the others. Such as you finish to see, if our fear some time if transforms into anger and us we fall in the error to think the worse one of the others, appears a minus conjunct that creates in them the behavior exactamente who we wait. It is therefore that the professors who generally wait great things of its pupils obtain them, while that, if they wait the negative, also they obtain it. The majority of the people believes that he is bad to say something minus concerning the others, but that it does not have problem in thinking it. We know now that it has problem; the thoughts are important. While Wil said this, I thought about the recent vacant of shoot outs in the schools of the United States and related what it occurs me. - the small ones everywhere - it said - they are more powerful of the one than some time had been and until the 0ccasional groups and pressures that had always happened in the schools already they cannot be ignored by the professors. When certain small they are

rejected, enjoyed and used as bodes expiatórios is afectados by this minus conjunct more of the one than some time happened. Now, for times they react of explosive form. E this is not to happen only with the small ones; it is to happen in all the culture human being. The understanding of the effect of the fields of conjunct in will only allow them to understand what it is to happen. We are all to be gradually more powerful e, if not to take total conscience of our expectations, we can inadvertently cause great damages to the others. Wil stopped of speaking and hooped sobrancelha. - This takes us it the point where we are now, as believes. I agreed to one I wave, apercebendo me of how much it had felt the lack of it. - the legends say for where go to break daqui? - I asked. - For the subject that more has interested me - it answered. - the legends say that we cannot widen more our fields until recognizing dakini full. I quickly counted to it to mine many illuminated experiences with the strange figures and zones since that it arrives at Tibet. - Already you had had these experiences before Tibet - Wil declared. It had ratio. He had moments, when we looked the Tenth Revelation, where he seemed to be helped by strange flashes of light. - It is truth - I said. - When let us stow together in the Appalachians. - and in Peru also - it added. I tried to remember, but me nothing did not occur. - You counted to me of that time that you were in a crossing and not wise people for where to go it said. - and a road seemed more illuminated, more luminous, and you chose this direcção. - Yes - I said, remembering the occurrence clearly. - You find that dakini was one? Wil was of foot, to place the knapsack to the coasts. - Yes - it declared. - They are the luminosities that see and that they guide our pacings. I was perplexo: This meant that always that we saw one objecto luminous or a passage that more clearly seemed and more attractive, or a book that in jumped them to the sight and in them called the attention was these beings in share. - That more says legends concerning dakini? - I asked. - That they are the same in all the cultures, all the religions,

independently that to call to them. I launched an interrogating look to it. - We can call angels to them - it continued Wil - but he does not matter if we call them dakini or angels, are always the same beings... and act in the same way. It had another question to make, but Wil went to go up hastily the hillside more, preventing the weighed snow areas. I followed it, with dozens of questions to be a refugee me it the head. It did not want to leave to die the colloquy. The given Wil height looked at stops backwards, for me. 206 - 207 • the legends say that these beings help the human beings since the beginning of the times and that the religions are related in the mística literature of all. according to legends, each one of us will start to percepcionar them more easily. If really to recognize them, dakini will be given to know it more easily. The form as it underlined the word to recognize made to think me that this had one meaning special. - But as we make this? - I asked, trepando to a rock that if detached of the path. Wil stopped to my front, left me to apanhar it and later it said: - according to legends, we must really recognize that they are here. This is very difficult for our modern minds. A thing is to think that dakini or angels is a fascinating substance. Another full different thing is to wait that they are perceivable in our lives. - What you find that we must make? - To observe all intently the variations of the luminosity. - Therefore, if to keep our high energy in and recognizing them - said I - we will be able to start to see more luminosities of these? - Exactamente - it said. the difficult part is to be trained to look the subtis changes in the light to our rollback. But if making, we will be able to detect it better. I thought about the one that it was to say and understood, as much how much me it seemed, but still had a question. - and the cases • I asked - where dakini or angels intervine directamente in our lives, when we do not wait them or recognize? This already happened

me. I dealt with saying the Wil concerning the high figure that had sighted when Yin pushed me of the jeep, the north of There, and that it had appeared again when the fogueira appeared in the monastery in ruins, before entering in Shambhala. Wil waved with the head. - It seems that your angel of the guard if disclosed. The legends say that all we have one. My quilómetros mind ran the one hundred and cinquenta for the moment. The reality of these beings never is so evident. 208 But what it makes to help them them in certain heights - I inquired • and not in others? Wil hooped sobrancelha. - This - it said -, it is the secret that we came to try to discover. We were to arrive at the

top of the mountain. Behind us, the sun started to breach dense clouds and the temperature seemed to be to go up. - They had said me - Wil said, stopping a little before the top of a mountain of the mountain -, that the temples are of the other side of this saw. It stopped and it looked at for me. - This can be the part most difficult. The words of it had seemed me threatening. - Reason? - I asked. - What you want to say? - We have to join all the extensions and to keep our how much possible so strong energy. The legends say that only we will obtain to see the temples if to obtain to keep our enough high energy. Exactamente at this moment, we hear helicopters at a distance algures. • and you do not forget yourself that that you learned - Wil said. to start itself to think about the badness of the Chinese army, if to feel anger or disdain, you must immediately dislocate your attention for the soul that can emerge inside of each soldier. It visualizes your energy to flow and to enter in the fields of them, raising them it a plugging with the interior light, in order to obtain to discover its higher intuitions. To make another thing is to send a conjunct that gives more energy to them to be bad. I waved and I lowered the eyes. It was determined to keep this positive field. - Now it goes

moreover, it recognizes dakini and it waits the luminosities. I looked at for the peak to my front, Wil waved and followed ahead. When we arrived at the top, we did not see nothing in the other side not to be a series of peaks and valleys covered of snow. Inspeccionámos carefully the landscape. 209 • Beyond - Wil cried out, pointing with respect to our left. I strengtove myself to see. Any thing in the limit of the peak seemed to shine slightly. When I tried to concentrate me directamente in, only vi that the area seemed luminous. But when I looked at for it for I sing it of the eye, vi that proper air was to shine. - We go - Wil said. It pulled me the arm while we advanced for the deep snow and we went up in direcção to the point that we had sighted. When in we approached them, the area seemed to be still more shining. For of it it was a series of enormous rocky pináculos there that, at a distance, seemed lined up ones to the side of the others. Looking at better, however, we saw that one of them was retreating in relation to the others, leaving a narrow pass that bent more for the left and went down the hillside of the mountain. When we arrived at the pass, we discover that in the reality they were rock steps, cravados in the rocks, that marked the descending path. The steps also seemed luminous and were clean of snow. - dakini is to show the path to us - Wil said, continuing to pull me. We passed agachados for the aperture and we follow the passage for low. Of both the sides, a wall of smooth rock rose it six or seven meters and blinded most of the light. During more than one hour we follow the steps, I descend continuously until finally the cliffs if had widened over our heads. Some meters more to the front the soil was right and the steps had finished. We were of front for a smooth precipice that involved the rocky wall to the left. • Beyond - Wil said, pointing. Two hundred meters to our front seemed to be an old monastery, total in ruins, as thousand of years was had.

While we walked in its direcção, the temperature went up still more and a fine fog was risen of the rocks. To the front of the monastery, the precipice was changedded into a wide platform that penetrated in the hillside of the mountain. When we arrived at the ruins, we passed cautiously for walls the collapsed and great rocks until arriving at the other side. 210 There, we stopped abruptly. The rocky surface that we stepped on had been changedded into a soil of smooth rocks, of slightly yellowish color, distributed of regular form under our feet. I looked at for Wil, that was to look at ahead. To our front it was an unbroken temple, with fifteen meters of height and the double of width. It was of a ferruginoso chestnut, with cinereous stacks to the long one of the points of union of the walls of overlapping rocks. In the front they were two gigantic gates, with five or six meters of height. Any thing was moved in the fog close to the temple. I looked at for Wil and it it waved, making me sign to follow it. We came close ourselves up to twenty meters of the structure. - That movement was that one? I asked the Wil. It made me sign with the head in the direcção of the area to our front. To less than three meters any was a form. I tried to concentrate me in the e, finally, I obtained to discern the minimum contours from a figure human being. - She must be one of the believers who inhabit in the temples - Wil said - the person has a higher vibration of the one than we. She is therefore that we only see it as an indistinct form. While we looked at, the figure advanced for the gate of the temple and disappeared. Wil followed to the front. The gate seemed to be made of a species of rock but, when Wil pulled it for the knob sculptured in the rock, it slid as if it did not have weight. There inside it was a great circular room, that went down in a series of steps in direcção to a similar central area to one palco. While it studied the structure, I sighted another figure the half path

of palco, only that this person was well visible. It turned itself, in order to be able to see its face. It was Tashi. Wil was already to move itself in the direcção of it. Before arriving next to Tashi, a space window confided over the center of the room. The picture was slowly more focada, picking-up our attention and being so shining that we left to see Tashi. It was a picture of the Land, seen of the space. The scene was dislocated in fast succession for a city, algures in the Europe, later for an area metropolitan in the United States and, finally, for Asia. 211 In each in case that we saw people to walk for full streets of movement, as well as others in offices or different workstations. When the scene if dislocated again for different cities in different areas of the planet, saw that these individuals, while they worked and they interacted, were slowly to magnify its levels of energy. We started to see and to hear involved individuals in displacement of a type of occupation for another one, following its intuitions and being more inspired and creative to the measure that made it, inventing new faster technologies and more efficient jobs. At the same time, we also started to see pictures of people who still had fear, resisted the change and tried to assume the control. To follow we concentrated ourselves in a research installation, in the inward of a room of conferences. A group of men and women involved in one was heated quarrel. While we observed and we listened, it was clearly the content of the colloquy. Most of the people was in favor of new a coalition one enters biggest the company of communications and computers and an international group of jobs of information. The representatives of the jobs of information argued that the fight against the terrorism needed to have access to all the telefónicas strings, including communications for the InterNet, and private devices of identification in all the computers, so that the authorities could enter and watch

the filing-cabinets of all people. But this was not everything. They wanted more systems of monitoring. Some people were until speculating that, if the problem of the informáticos viruses persisted, the InterNet could full come to be dominated, together with the on commercial computers in the whole world. The access would be burst for a special number of identification, that would be necessary for any electrónica transaction. A person suggested that new systems of identification could have of being implemented for this objectivo, as sounding leads of the Iris or the palm of the hand, or perhaps any thing based on the proper standards of the cerebral waves. Two other people, a man and a woman, had started to argue with vehemence against these measures. One related to the book of the Apocalypse and the sign of the crossbow. While we continued to see and to hear, apercebi me that it obtained to see through the window of the room of conferences. A carriage passed for a together road to the building. There behind cactis and quilómetros of desert saw themselves. I looked at for Wil. • This quarrel is to happen at this moment - it said. - Algures in the gift. It seems the southwest of the United States. Directamente for detrás of the table where the group was congregated apercebi me of another thing. The space to the rollback of them was to be bigger. Not, it was to be more luminous. - dakini! - I said I stop Wil. We continued to observe the colloquy, that started to move. The two people who were to argue against the extreme monitoring seemed to be to receive more attention from the group. The proponents seemed to be to reconsider. Without acknowledgment, our attention was deviated from the picture to our front for an acute vibration that seemed to abanar the soil and the walls of the temple. We run for another gate to the deep one of the building, trying to see through the dust. We heard rocks to derogate and to fall there it are. When we were the ten meters of the gate, this confided and a figure passed quickly through it. - It must have been the Tashi - Wil said, rTendo for the gate and opening it. When passing for the aperture to run, another boom fulled

air behind us. The old ruin that we had seen before was to fall down, in a implosão of rocks and dust. Behind of it, algures, heard the roar of helicopters. - the colonel seems to be again to follow us - I said. - But I am to only keep positive pictures in my mind, then as he is that it makes this? Wil lay down an interrogating look to me and remembered the comment of Chang colonel concerning the technology that they now had, the one that never would obtain to escape. It had an analysis of my brain. I counted the Wil quickly what it had happened and later said: - Perhaps direcção was better I to follow noutra, to lead the soldiers for far of the temples. - Not - Wil said. - You have to be here. You go to be necessary. We will have of in keeping them to the front of them until finding the Tashi. 212 - 213 We follow a path of rock that passed for other temples and apercebi me of my imprisoned eyes to a gate to our left. Wil was turned, noticing this. - Because you were to look at for that gate? it inquired. - I do not know - I answered. - It called me it attention. It lay down an incredulous look to me. - Yes, therefore it said quickly. - We go to verify. We run for inside and we discover another circular room, this very bigger, perhaps with some sets of ten of meters of diameter. Another space window pairava over the center. When we entered, vi Tashi to our right, some meters of pitch, and I made sign the Wil. - I am to see it - Wil said, following among the half-blackness in the direcção of the youngster. Tashi was turned and seen us, later smiled alliviated, before if concentrating again in the visible scene through the window. Of this time we saw one room full of things of young: photographs, balls, some games, stacks of clothes. In one I sing was a bed insults and a pizza box forgotten on the tip of a table. In the other tip of the table, an adolescent with one fifteen years was to work in any thing, a species of full wire

device. It dressed shimstocks, without shirt, and the face seemed angry and definitive. While we looked at, the scene in the window was dislocated for another room, where another adolescent, dress with pants of ganga and a nightgown, were seated in a bed to look at for the telephone. It was arisen, it given some rollbacks to the room and later one sat down again. I had the printing that it was to fight with a decision. Finally, it caught in the telephone and it marked a number. In this height ajanela was widened, in order to be able to see the two scenes. The youngster without shirt took care of the telephone. The youngster with the nightgown seemed to ask for something to it and the other youngster was still more angry. Finally the youngster of naked trunk beat with the telephone, sat down and preset to work to the table. The other adolescent arose itself, dressed a coat and left to run. Minutes later the youngster seated to the table he heard to beat to the gate, he arose themselves, he was until the a he carries of the room and he opened it. It was the young with who is to speak to the telephone. He tried to close the gate, but the youngster pushed it and entered, continuing to say with gestures petitioners, pointing with respect to the device in top of the table. The other adolescent pushed it, took off a weapon of a drawer and pointed it it the visitor. This youngster withdrew, but he continued to request. The young with the weapon blew up of anger and pushed its victim with force against the wall, leaning the pipe of the weapon to the head of it. At this moment, in an area behind of them, we started to detect a change. This zone was to be more luminous. I looked at for Tashi, that answered to my look during one instant and later if it concentrated again in the scene. Both we knew that we were one more time to testify the share of dakini. While we looked at, one of the youngsters continued to request and the other to hold it with force against the wall. But, gradually, the youngster of the weapon started to descontrair. Finally he lowered the weapon and he was to sit down in the side of the bed. The other young sat down in front in a chair

of it. Now we obtained to hear the details of the colloquy. It was clearly that the youngster of the weapon wanted to be acceptance for the others in the school, but does not obtain. Many of its colleagues were distinguished in extracurricular activities, expanding its talentos, and it it did not have confidence to follow them. They had enjoyed with it, calling to it failed, and it one was felt zé-nobody, gives to disappear. The situation fulled it of anger and a false sensation of force, that made it to decide to counterattack. The device where it was to work age a production bomb caretaker. Such as before, we underneath feel a hard jolt of our feet and all the building trembled. We run for the gate and we had finished to arrive there when half of the temple fell down behind us. Tashi made us sign to follow it; we run some hundreds of meters and we stopped together to a wall. - They had obtained to see the people in the temple - asked it -, those that had sent energy of conjunct to the youngsters? Both we confessed that we did not obtain. - They were hundreds there inside • it said - to work in the problem of the youthful anger. - What he is that they were to make, exactamente? - I asked. 214 - 215 Tashi advanced in my direcção. - They were to magnify its energy of conjunct, being visualized the youngsters of that scene to be high to an upper vibration, to obtain to exceed the fear and the anger and to leave its upper intuitions to decide the problem. The energy of them helped one of the youngsters to find the best and more convincing ideias. In the case of the other young, the additional energy of conjunct raised it it an identity above and for there social I that the colleagues had rejected. Already it did not feel that it needed the approval of them to be somebody. This alliviated its anger. • and it was also this that they were to make in the other temple? - I asked - to help to face those that wanted to control everything? Wil looked at for me. - the people in the temple were to send a conjunct field to help to magnify the level of energy of all the gifts, that

the effect had to alliviate to the fear of that they demanded more monitoring and helped those that resisted to them to find the courage to speak, exactly in the inward of those organizations. Tashi waved with the head. - We have to see this. These are some of the main situations that must be loosers, if want that the evolution spiritual continues, if want to exceed this critical point in history. - and dakini? - I asked. - What they were they to make? - They were also to help to magnify the energy level - Tashi talked back. - Therefore - I insisted. - But still we do not know what it makes them to enter in share. The people of the temples were to make plus any thing that we still do not know. At this moment another strong sound fulled air, when to another half of the temple behind us it ruiu. Tashi jumped involuntariamente and later it ran for the path. - They come - it said. - We have to find my grandmother. 216 11. The SHAMBHALA SECRET During hours, we vagueámos among the temples, looking for the grandmother of Tashi, running it stops in keeping them to the front of the Chinese soldiers and observing the work of the inhabitants of the temples. In each temple we found people to observe a pparently critical situation in the exterior cultures. A temple was concentrate noutros problems related with the youthful alienation: - the proliferation of induced violent experiences for films and war games for computer, that create the illusion of the violent acts to be able to be taken the cable through the anger and later extinguished of some form, without being definitive, a false reality that was in âmago of the shoot outs in the schools. In these cases, we observed the creators of these games to receive energy that had the effect, such as

before, of raising them to an upper intuitiva perspective, with which they could rethink the effect of its creations on the children. At the same time, some parents equally were raised the states of upper energy, where they could investigate its palpites concerning that its children made and obtain more time to shape a different reality. A temple was concentrated in the current debate in the field of the medicine concerning alternative, preventive attitudes, attitudes that they showed to be beneficial in the combat to the illness and the increase of the longevity. The guardiões of the medicine - the medical organizations of some countries, the responsible ones for known clinical of inquiry, the governmental justinian codes of the health that atribuíam great subsidies, 217 the company pharmaceutical - they functioned according to a paradigm of century XVIII, fighting against the symptoms of the illnesses without thinking very about the prevention. Its targets were some defective microbes, genes and uncontrolled cancerígenas cells and most thought that such problems were the inevitable result of the aging. According to this point of view, the enormous majority of the subsidies was attributed to the great installations of research that looked miraculous solutions: fármacos that could be patented and be vendidos to kill the microbes, to destroy the malignant cells or of some form to reprogramar the genes. Almost no money was destined to the research to discover forms to strengthen the imunitário system and to prevent such illnesses. Noutra scene that we observed, a conference involving representative of some medical fields, some scientists argued that all the field of the medicine had to change its point of view, if wanted to decide the enigma of the illness human being, including the arterial injuries in the cardiac illnesses, the cancerígenos tumors and the degenerative illnesses as the artrite, lúpus and the multiple sclerosis. These scientists argued - such as Hanh already had made

• that the true cause of the illnesses of all the types was the pollution of the basic environment of the body with the foods that we eat and other toxins, dislocating the body of a healthful, vibrant and alkaline state youthful, for a monotonous and acid state, without energy; this created a climate where the microbes could blossom and start to decompose the body of systematic form. All the problems, said they, were the result of this slow splitting of our cells for the microbes, but these in do not attack them without cause. They are the foods that we consume that in they premake use them to these problems. Other people in the room had difficulty in accepting these discoveries. Any thing had to be wrong, thought. How could the illness human being be so simple? They were involved with industries of the health that saw the consumers to spend dispendiosas biliões of dollar in complex drugs and surgeries. Responsible for the health the gifts in the room they had to believe that everything this necessary age. Some dedicated the proposal to it, have almost accepted in many countries, to be placed Chips in the people to registar information on health and drugs, an element of control and identification that the jobs of information also wanted. They were dedicated to this program. Its positions of being able depended on it. Its proper gain-bread was in risk. For moreover, they personally adored the foods that ate. How they could recommend to the people who changed its diets of forms that they did not imagine themselves to make? Not, they could not accept this. Still thus, the doctors of the new research continued to defend its position, knowing that the moment was the ideal for a paradigm change. They see as the wet forests were to be arrasadas and destroyed to create cattle for the occidental countries, argued, a problem that each time more people recognized. Another thing that helped them was the fact of baby boomers of all the countries to start to arrive at the age where the illnesses attack and to have already seen the system medical to fail in the case of its parents. They were to the seek of new alternatives. Slowly, we saw the conflict to start to be more

moderate in the conference the one that we were to attend. Those that defended alternative boardings were to be listened to. Noutro temple, we the same testified type of debate in the legal profession. A group of lawyers urged the profession to start to watch itself. During years, reputed lawyers had been passively to see colleagues its to manufacture processes, to instruct witnesses to occult the truth, to invent imaginary defenses and to hipnotizarem the juízes. Now he had a movement to go up the requirement level. Certain lawyers supported that they had to assume a higher vision of that they made, that they had to understand the true paper of the lawyers: to reduce the conflicts, not to promote them. Of similar form, diverse temples of that we saw were to observe corruption situations politics in some countries. We saw scenes of elect politicians in Washington to debate to the closed gate the hypothesis to support the reform of the campaign finances. 218 - 219 In question, very especially, it was the possibility of the political parties to receive amounts limitless, donated for interests special, and to spend this money in televising campaigns that distorted the truth in the mode that more agreed to them. This dependence of the great companies for these deep ones obviously compelled the politicians of the parties the certain favors. E all people the wise person. These politicians resisted the arguments of the reformadores, that defended that the democracy alone would arrive at its ideal when it was based not on announcements distorted in the TV but in public debates - where the citizens could more readily judge the attitude, the face expression and the truth and thus use its intuition to choose the best candidate. To the measure that we advanced for the temples, it was clearly that all they equally were concentrated in a particular area of the life human being. We saw many world-wide leaders distrustful, including of the Chinese government,

to be helped to join the global community and to implement económicas and social reforms. E, in all the cases, the area behind the involved people was more luminous and later most distrustful, those that acted to control or to manipulate, to assure profit or to be able personal, they gradually started to diminish the rigidity of its positions. Continuing to run among the labyrinth of temples, in fetching of the grandmother of Tashi, the same questions always occurred me. What it was to happen here, exactamente? Which age the relation between dakini, or angels, and the extensions of the conjunct that became here? What they knew the inhabitants of the temples that we did not know? The given height we were of front for quilómetros of temples (literally), until where the sight reached. The paths followed in all the direcções. There behind still we heard the helicopters. While there we were another great temple, one hundred and cinquenta meters behind us, ruiu full. - What it happens inside to the people of those temples? - I asked the Tashi. 220 It looked at fixed for the dust column that if raised of rubbles. - if he does not worry, they are well. They can follow for another place without being seen. The problem is that its paper of energy sending is to be disturbed. It looked at for us the two. - they will not be able themselves to be helped in these situations, who will be able? Wil advanced for Tashi. - We have to decide for where to go. Already we do not have much time. - my grandmother is algures here it said. - my father said me that it is in one of the temples trunks. I looked at for the labyrinth of rock structures. - it does not have a physical center, at least that I obtain to see. - it was not this that my father wanted to say - Tashi said. - It wanted to say that the Grandmother is in a temple concentrated in the questions trunks, ends, of the evolution human being. Tashi was to inspeccionar the long-distance temples, while it spoke. - You obtain to see the people

better daqui of the one than we - I said to it. - Pods to speak with them and to ask to them for where to go? - Already I tried to speak with them - it answered. - But my energy is not enough strong. Possibly it would be capable, if it obtained to be here during some time. Badly Tashi finished its phrase, another temple ruiu, of this time much more close. - We have of in keeping them to the front of the energy of the soldiers - Wil said. - They wait one minute - Tashi said. - It seemed to see me any thing. It was to look at in the direcção of the labyrinth of temples. I also inspeccionei the landscape, without seeing nothing of different. When I looked at for Wil, it shrank the shoulders. - Where? - I asked the Tashi. It was already to go down a path to the right, making us sign to follow it. 221 After walking hasty during twenty minutes, we stopped in front of a temple whose architecture was very similar to the one of the others, excepto that this bigger age and its dark chestnut rock had a slightly bluer tonality. Tashi was immovable, looking at directamente for the enormous gate of rock. - What it is, Tashi? - Wil asked. Behind us another boom heard, when plus a temple it fell down. Tashi looked at for me. - the temple in its dream, that one where you said that we found a thing, he was not blue? I looked at again for the temple. - Yes - I answered - Age. Wil advanced for the gate and looked at for us. Tashi waved with the head and Wil made the enormous gate of rock to turn on the hinges. The temple was full of people. Such as before, I way only the minimum contours of many bodies. All in movement seemed to be, joining themselves in redor of us, and felt dived me in a distinct sensation of joy. They were moved of a form that gave the printing to me to be to turn itself toward the center of the temple. I also turned over in this direcção and vi a space window to confide. We started to see some scenes of the Average East, followed of pictures of the Vatican, later Asia, everything pparently

indicating a dialogue each bigger time between the main instituted religions. We observed pictures that showed to the development of a tolerance each bigger time. In the Christianity, as much in the tradition catholic as in the protestant, started to understand itself that the true experience of conversion in the inward of the Christianity and the really devoted and illuminated experiences of the eastern religions, judaism and islamismo - the proper experience - was exactamente the same one. Each religion only detached different aspects of this mística interacção with God. The eastern religions detached the effect on the proper conscience, the experience of the slightness, a feeling of union with the universe, the release of the desires of the ego and a certain distanciamento. 222 The islamismo detached the feeling of unit that folloied the allotment of this experience with the others and the inherent power to the share in group. The judaism detached the importance of a tradition based on this plugging, of the experience of if feeling chosen and each living person to be responsible for making to advance the evolution of the espiritualidade human being. The Christianity detached the ideia of the spirit if to reveal not only in the human beings as an increase of the conscience of being part of God, but also as one upper I - I eat if in them we became a version magnified of who we are, fuller, capable, with a prompt and interior wisdom that in took them to act, as if the personality human being of God, the Christ, was now to see through our eyes. In the scene to our front, we saw the effect of this new tolerance and unit. Each time more underlined it importance of the proper experience of plugging, not them differences. It seemed to exist an increasing availability to decide ethnic conflicts and religious, a bigger communication between the religious leaders and a new understanding of the power that the conjunct could have, if all widened its fields in the religious unit. While it observed, I understood total what the Mud Rigden and Ani had said concerning the unification of the religion, that this would be a

sign of that the secrets of Shambhala were to become known. In this point the scene through the window to our front moved. We saw a group of people gladly to say and to celebrate the birth of a child. All people laughs and passed bebé of a person for another one. The people seemed to be different ones of the others, representing some nationalities. While she looked at, I had the clear sensation that they also represented different religious formations. Looking at more intently, I obtained to see the parents of bebé. They seemed me familiar. Wise person that was not they, but the face strokes of the parents very were seemed the ones of Pema and its husband. I made an effort to see better, having the sensation that we were now to see any thing with immense importance. What it would be? The scene moved again and showed a tropical region to us, seemed with the Asian Southeast or perhaps China. 223 Such as before, the scene moved for inside of a house where a group of people, diverse appearances, passed one just-been born of arm in arm and greeted the parents. - they do not see what in them they are to show? - Tashi said. - It is for there that the conceived children go who had disappeared. They had been dislocated for different families in the whole world. It must have been a mediation process. From some form, the children had received the upper genetic energy of Shambhala before continuing. Wil lowered the eyes, thinking, and later it came back to look at toward us. - the displacement Is this - it said. - Age of that the legends spoke. Shambhala does not go to dislocate itself for a place; its energy is to dislocate itself all for many different places for the globe. - what!? - I asked. Tashi looked at for me. - You know the legend that that says the warriors of Shambhala will go to leave the east, to defeat them to be able of the blackout and to create an ideal society. This is not to happen with

horses and swords. It is to happen with the effect of our widened fields, to the measure that the wisdom of Shambhala advances for the world. If all the people of all the religions, that believe a plugging with the the holy ghost deeply, to prevent the minus conjuncts and to work in set, will be able to use the extensions of the conjunct to assume the role of Shambhala. - But we do not know everything what they are to make - I said. - we do not know the remaining portion of the secret! Thus that I said this, the scene in the space window moved again. Now we saw a great extension of mountains covered of snow and a group of Chinese military helicopters to advance for us. We saw more temples to start to ruir when they had come close themselves, assuming the appearance of old ruins and later disappearing full in the dust. The scene moved for the exterior of the building where we were, and later for the inward. We saw it inside we ourselves of foot of the building and in all the rollback not them esbatidos contours of people, but its clear picture. Many had the formal suit of monges Tibetan, but many others were dressed of different form. 224 Some had appeared with the clothes of the eastern religions, others used the traditional suit of the hasídicos Jews, and others still dressed the clothes and used the crucifixos of the Christianity. Others as much were dressed as mullahs Islamic. Curiously, one of them remembered a person to me who lived close to my house in the valley and my eyes had been delayed in. I started to dream of my house. In the eye of my mind, it obtained to see everything very clearly: the seen mountains of my window of the front, later the same sight from the source. I thought about the taste of the water of there. I imagined myself to incline it me to drink. One more time we hear the roar of the helicopters, very next to us, and the sound of one of the other temples to fall down. Tashi had been moved away for our right. In the scene through the space window, we saw what it was to make.

Tashi was of front for one of monges Tibetan. - Who is that one? - I asked the Wil. - It must be the grandmother of it - Wil answered. They were clearly to speak with one another one, but I did not obtain to understand the words. Finally they had been hugged and Tashi ran for us. It was still to observe Tashi through the window, but when it arrived close to me the scene disappeared. The window still was there, but the pictures were confused, as a television syntonized in a channel that did not exist. Tashi was esfuziante. - they do not see? it said. - This is the temple where they have been to observe it and to the Wil since that vocês they had started to try to arrive the Shambhala. They had been these people who had used its fields of conjunct to help you. Without them, none of us would be here. I looked at in redor and apercebi me that already it did not obtain to see the contours of nobody to our rollback. - For where they had been they? I cried out. - They had had to leave - Tashi answered, now to look at for the empty window that pairava in the center of the room. - Now we are for our account. At this moment an enormous shock echoed for the temple and some rocks had fallen on the ground are there. 225 They are the soldiers - Tashi cried out. - They are here. - She was to look at in the direcção of the sound of the helicopters it are there. Without acknowledgment, the space window was clear and

obtains to see the Chinese to leave the helicopters in the exterior. Chang colonel walked until the a front of the temple, giving instructions to the troops. We obtained to see its face clearly. - We have of raising with our fields - Wil said. Tashi waved in agreement and quickly it guided us through the extensions. We visualized our fields of energy to flow from us, for inside of the fields of Chinese soldiers, especially Chang, raising them it a new conscience of its upper intuitions. While I observed its face, it he seemed to make a break and look for top, as the energy was felt highest. I intently

looked to any expression of its upper and noticed what it seemed a fast alteration in its eyes, perhaps until a almost-smile. He seemed to be to look at for its soldiers. - They concentrate themselves in the face of it - I said. - In the face of it. When we made it, it seemed to stop again. One of the soldiers, pparently its aid, advanced until it and started to make questions to it. During a moment or two, Chang ignored the officer new. But, slowly, the subordinate picked-up its attention, pointing with respect to the temple where we were. Chang seemed to recoup the concentration and an angry expression came back to its face. It made sign to all the soldiers to follow it, while it advanced in our direcção. - he is not to result - I said. Wil looked at for me. - dakini is not here. - We have to leave - Tashi cried out. - How? - Wil asked. Tashi was turned stops in facing them. • We have to pass for the window. My grandmother said me that we could leave for the window for the exterior cultures. But if we only had aid of this place, to magnify the energy in the other side. - What it is that it wanted to say with aid? - I asked. - Who in would go them to help? Tashi abanou the head. - I do not know. - Well, we have that to try - Wil cried out -, Fast! Tashi seemed confused. - How it is that vocês they passed for the windows in exterior rings? - I asked. - We had the amplifiers there - it answered. - I do not know if I obtain to make it without them. I touched in the shoulder of Tashi. - Ani said that all people in rings was gives to obtain to disclose itself without the technology. It thinks. How it is that vocês they made this? Tashi continued to shrink the shoulders. - I do not know, the serious one. He was more or less automatic. - a break Made. - I assume that we waited that this happened, and this it happened instantaneamente. - this Makes, Tashi - Wil said, indicating the window with the head. - this Makes already. It obtained to see that Tashi was to concentrate itself total, and later it it looked at for me. - I have to know for where I want to go, to be able to visualize it. For where it is presumption to go? - Wait one minute - I said. -

and the dream that you had? You were not to see water? Tashi thought for a moment and later it said: - Age in a together place to a water course. A well, perhaps, or an one... - source? - I cried out. - a source with a walled lake made of rock? It looked at for me during a moment. - I find that yes. I looked at for Wil. - I know where it is Is a source in the hillside north of the valley where I live. It is for there that we have to go. At this moment the temple abanou violently one more time. Pictures of the temple to ruir or explosions to kill had fulled them my mind and I moved away them, imagining instead of this that we would obtain to escape. 226 - 227 I started to feel me as my father, apanhado in a battle that he had not asked for but that, because of that was in game, was incapable to prevent. Only that now it was a mental battle. - It concentrates you - exclamei. - What it is that we make? - First we have to visualize for where we go - Tashi answered. - the small farm Describes us. I counted to them to all the details hastily: the path in the mountain, the trees, the form as the water ran, the color of the foliage at this time of the year. Later we tried to help Tashi to concentrate itself in the picture. While we looked at, the window was dislocated for this exactly local. We obtained to see the source clearly. - It is this! - I cried out. Wil was turned toward Tashi. and now? Your grandmother said that we went to need aid. Through the window we sighted a person and all in we concentrated them in the distorted picture. I strengtove myself for seeing who age, noticing that this person seemed young, in the reality more or less of the age of Tashi. Finally the picture was clearer and I recognized who age. It is the Natalie, the son of my neighbor - I cried out, remembering my first intuition about of it. The scene was this. Tashi smiled wide. • She is my sister! At that moment another enormous piece of the temple fell to the soil is there. - It is to help us - Wil cried out, pushing us it all for the window. - We go! With a vacuum sound, Tashi

was shrunk through the pass, followed for Wil. When I came close myself to the window, the back wall of the temple I fell and there, of the other side, he was Chang colonel. I turned over and I looked at for it and later I advanced for the window. The face of it continued definitive, when it pulled out a radio of short waves of the belt. - I know for where vocês they go! - it cried out, while the remaining portion of the temple started to ruir. - I know! 228 When I passed for the window, my foot filled with earth in familiar floor and I felt hot air in the face. He was in house. To the look in redor, I noticed that Tashi and Natalie were together, looking at for eyes one of the other, speaking quickly. Its faces were felicíssimos, as they had been finished to discover something. Wil was close to them. Behind of them he was the father of Natalie, Bill, and several other neighbors of the community, including the Brannigan priest, Sri I must and Julie Carmichael, protestant shepherd. All they slightly seemed confused. Bill even walked next to me. - I do not know of where you came, but thanks to God who you are here. I pointed with respect to the clergymen. - What she is that this people all are to make here? - the Natalie Pediu-Lhes for capsizes. It was to speak of legends and it showed to us as to create conjunct fields, this type of things. Pparently these ideias had appeared to it suddenly. It said that she obtained to see what you she was to happen and we apercebemos ourselves of somebody to watch your house. I looked at for the top of a mountain of the hill and went to say any thing when Bill interrupted me. - the Natalie also said plus a strange thing. It said that she had a brother. Who is that small with who it is to speak? - I explain later - I said. - Who has been to watch my house? Bill did not answer. It was to observe Wil and the others to walk until us. At this moment we hear vehicles to be come close, in the hill over us. One carrinha blue stopped together to the house. Two men had left, turn them and

followed for a platform thirty meters above of us. - They are Chinese agents - Wil said. - the Chang must have informed them. We have to create a field. I was to the wait that the clergymen asked what this age but, instead of this, they had agreed to one waves. Natalie started to guide us through the extensions, with Tashi its side. 229 • They start with the energy of the creator - it said. - They leave it to enter in your body and to full you. They leave it to flow for your head and your eyes. They leave it to flow for the world in a field of constant conjunct, until seeing only beauty and feeling only love. With a state of alert greater, they wait that this field if dislocates and magnifies the fields spirituals of the men over us, raising them it its intuitions. In the high one of the hill, the men had looked at them with threatening air and had started to go down the path in our direcção. Tashi looked at for Natalie and waved. - Now Natalie started - we can give to be able to the angels. I looked at for Wil. - what!? - First - Natalie continued -, we have to guarantee that our fields full are prepared to enter in the fields of those men. They see this to happen. They are not enemy, are distrustful people, souls. E later we must recognize full the angels and visualize them, of form very deliberated, to enter in the men. Later, with all your expectation, visualizes them to amplify it our fields of conjunct. They give to the angels all the power to take energy to raised I more of those men, for there of whom we can make alone, raising them it a conscience that is incapable to make the evil. I was to more look at for the two men in the hill, looking for the illuminated area than he would indicate the presence of dakini, fighting to concentrate but without seeing me nothing. - it is not to result - Wil said I it. - It looks at! - it exclamou. - Up there, to the right. When I looked at, I started to detect a light that if approached, later I noticed that the light encircled a person who went to walk in the direcção of the two men. The man encircled for the light had farda of an assistant of

xerife. - Who is that policy? - I asked the Bill. - It seems me familiar. - Wait - Wil said. - she is not a person. I looked at and vi again the assistant to start to speak with the two men. The light encircled them and they had finally come back toward its vehicle. Although the assistant had been in the same place, the light was extended for they and encircled carrinha. They had left quickly. - the extension functioned - Wil said. I was not at least the ouviz it. My eyes were concentrated in the assistant, who if had come back toward us. He was high and it had black hair. Where it is that I it already had seen? The reply it occurred me when it turned itself and if he moved away. He was the same man who I had seen in the swimming pool in Katmandu, that one that first had said me of the inquiry concerning the conjunct, that one that I had sighted in several other occasions, that one to who Wil calls my angel the guard. - They always become to pass for human beings, when necessary - Tashi said, walking until me with Natalie. - We completed the last extension - Tashi added. Finally we know the secret of Shambhala. Now we can start to act as they had made the inhabitants of Shambhala. They had looked at for the world, had discovered essential situations that they were to happen and they had intervened not only with the force of its field of conjunct, but also with the force of the angélicos kingdoms. The paper of the angels is this, to amplify. - I do not understand - I said. - Because he did not result when we tried it withhold the Chang, then before passing for the window? - I did not know the last pacing Tashi said. - it did not perceive what the inhabitants of the temples made until being able to speak with the Natalie. We tried to raise the Chang, something that was necessary, but did not know as to give to the angélicas forces the power to enter in our energy and to intervine. We have to start for recognizing the angels, but later, in this level of energy, we have of giving the power to them to act. We have to make this of very intentional form. We have to ask for to them

for capsize. Tashi stopped and looked at thoughtful for the horizon, with a smile to draw itself in its face. - What it is, Tashi? - I asked. - It is the Ani and the remaining portion of Shambhala - it said. - They are to league we to it. I can sentiz them. She asked for the attention of all. 230 - 231 • It has plus a thing that we can make. We can give to the angels the general power to protect this valley. We folloied Natalie to the long one of the process to prepare a special field to flow in all the direcções, over the top of pejados mounts of trees, covering the valley, and to give to the angels the power of in protecting them. • They visualize an angel located in each mount - ela.Shambhala said always was protected. We also can be protected. We continued to concentrate itself in mountains during some minutes, later the two young had started another intense colloquy between itself, while we listened. They spoke concerning the other children who had passed for Shambhala, the necessity of them to despertarem, where he wants that they were. They had said them that the children who come now are more powerful of the one than some time had been. They are bigger, stronger, more intelligent of an full new form. They are more involved in extracurricular activities of that some time had been. They sing, they dance, they practise a great variety of sports, make music, they write. They more early develop its talentos of the one than any another generation made it. - only one problem Has. The force of its expectations is very bigger, but they had still not learned to full watch the effect of its thoughts. They can learn as the conjunct fields function. We can help them. We observed the clergymen to start to walk in the direcção of the house of Bill, together with Natalie and Tashi, still deeply embrenhados in its colloquy. A skepticism moment covered me. Exactly after everything what it had seen, still it doubted that the human beings could really give to be able to the

angels. - You exactly find that we can invoke the angels stops in helping and helping them the others? - I asked the Wil -, Will have we one such power? - he is not thus so easy - it said. - In the reality, a person with minus intentions is impossible to try. Nothing of this it functions if we will not be full on interior to the energy of the creator and not to send our energy of very conscientious form to our front, to touch the others. If a minimum of ego will be involved or will be present any anger, all the energy yields and the angels cannot answer. You see what I am to say? We are the agents of God in this planet. We can affirm and defend the vision of divine will e, if in genuinamente lining up them with this positive future, we will have sufficient conjunct energy to take the angels to act. I waved, knowing that it had ratio. - You are to see what everything is this? - he asked. - All this information, is the Tenth first Revelation. The knowledge of the conjunct fields takes the culture of the humanity more far a pacing. When we understand Tenth - that the human intention in this planet was to create a culture ideal spiritual through the adhesion to the vision - still in lacked any thing to them. We did not know exactamente as to adhere it. We did not know the details concerning the energy use to give to our faith and expectation. - Now we know. The reality of Shambhala, the secret of the conjunct fields, gave this to us. Now we can adhere to the vision of a world spiritual and act through our creative powers to become it reality. The culture human being cannot progress more while conscientiously not to use this power to the job of the evolution spiritual. We have to make as the inhabitants of the temples made: metodicamente to prepare our fields of conjunct for all those essential situations that they will be able to make the difference. The true paper of the social communication, especially of the television, is to indicate us these problematic areas. We have of in them aperceber of all the quarrels, all the scientific debates, all the fights that somebody constraint between

the darknesses and the light, and to treat to use our fields. It looked at in redor. - We can make this in small communities, churches, circles of friends in the whole world. But, and if the power of all the religions if matched in only, gigantic field of conjunct? At this moment the field is broken up, even though annulled for the minus conjunct and the hatred. Good people allow that its thoughts magnify the evil, thinking that this does not matter. 232 - 233 • But, and if this moved? E if we prepared a field, greater of that any another one that the world already saw, that covered the planet all, to raise these insidiosas forces that want to center the power and to control all people? E if all the groups reformadores, of all the professions and occupations, knew as to make this? E if the conscience of the field if spread thus so far? Wil made a break moment. - and if all we really believed the angélicos kingdoms - it continued -, and we knew that our capacity of giving to be able to them is a nascença right? It does not have situation that we could not afectar immediately. The new milénio could very be different of that it is now. We would be truily the warriors of Shambhala, being successful the battle for the future. It stopped of speaking and looked at for me with a very serious expression. - It is the true challenge of this generation. If we will not be successful, all the sacrifices of the previous generations will have been em.vão. We can not exceed the ambient damages that are to happen... or the insidiosos acts of the controllers. - most important - Wil continued - it is to start to construct a network of conscientious thought. To match the warriors... All the people whom they know must league all to it the people in its lives that could want to know. I was quiet. What Wil was to say made to think me about Yin and all the submitted others to the Chinese tyranny. What it would have happened to it? I would not have obtained without the aid of it. The Wil said what it was to think. Still we can find it - Wil said. - It remembers to you that the

television is only the precursor of the perfectioning of the eye of the mind. It tries to discover a picture of the small farm where it is. I waved and I tried to leave my blank mind, thinking only about Yin. In time of it, appeared the face of Chang colonel and I withdrew. The Wil said what it had happened. - It remembers to you of the look of it - Wil said - when it seemed to be to awake it and it finds this expression in the picture. I discovered this expression in the eye of my mind, later subitamente the picture was dislocated for Yin in a cell of the arrest, surrounded for guards. - Vi the Yin - I said, expanding my energy of conjunct and giving to be able to the upper kingdoms, until the scene was more luminous in redor of it. Later I visualized the light to spread for all the ones that kept it prisoner. • an angel next to the Yin Sees - Wil -... and next to the colonel said. I waved, thinking about the Tibetan code of compassion. Wil hooped sobrancelha and smiled while it again concentrated me in the pictures. Yin would be in security. Tibet would finish for being free. Of this time it did not have any doubt.

Colecção Milénio Workmanships Published In This Colecção The Prophecy Celestina - James Redfield the Tenth Revelation James Redfield the Celestina Prophecy, one Experimental Guide - James Redfield and Carol Adrienne Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse the Vision Celestina - James Redfield the Prophetess - Barbara Wood Enfrentar the milénio - Albert Clayton Gaulden the Fifth Evangelho - Bernard-Marie the Secret of Shambhala - James Redfield Conhecer God - Deepak Chopra Visões of the Future - Arthur C. Clark Manuscript of the Sepulcro Saint - Jacques Neirynek Sacred Soil - Barbara Wood

Date of the Digitalização Fan, December of 2002

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