Emily Hsieh Brit lit What is Beowulf’s Personality? The poem “Beowulf was written by anonymous poet.

Beowulf is the main character in the poem. He is described as a young man of superior strength eager to prove himself and win renown. However, Beowulf is a courageous, proud, dignified, and altruistic leader. As the main character in the poem, Beowulf exhibits the heroic archetype physically and spiritually. For example, Beowulf’s divine personality drives him to defeat Grendel. As soon as he suits up for battle and enters the city of Heorot, he is ready to risk his own life for the good of others. Beowulf’s selflessness is very heroic because he willingly puts other people’s concerns before his. This personality clearly exhibits extraverted intuitive feeling judging (ENFJ) behavior. Personality has a great effect on a person. The poet introduces Beowulf as more of an extrovert. As an extraordinary person, Beowulf likes to show off his strength in an ostentatious way. In addition, Beowulf is very concerned with the world’s impression of him based on his action. For instance, on chapter 6, when Beowulf is introduced to Hrothgar, Beowulf boasts of his awesome strength and triumphs in war. Again on chapter 12, despite Beowulf did not stretch Grendel’ body on the floor, he hung Grendel’s arm to display how he was strong enough to kill the monster. As an ENFJ, Beowulf deals things according to how he feels about the situation. Beowulf is a man seeking adventure and glory by instinct or intuition. When one does a task through instinct rather than intellect, one did it without thinking about what dangers he is getting himself into. For example, on chapter 6, when Beowulf tries to defeat Grendel, the narrators says “He leaped into the lake, would not wait for anyone’s answer. It is a visceral decision. Beowulf is also very bold to take the sword that was hanging on the celling inside Grendel’s mother’s cave, which was very massive and heavy. Beowulf uses it to kill Grendel’s mother on chapter 22. The poet further proves that Beowulf tends to value personal considerations above logic. From reading the poem, we can see that Beowulf is a person with a definite purpose. Beowulf’s personality is reflected by his willingness to risk his life for his judgment, especially when he deals with the Dragon. Beowulf is “sad at heart, unsettled yet ready, sensing his death. His fate hovered near, unknowable but certain…” As an ENFJ he looks into his triumphant past to make his decision for his future actions. He speaks to his men of his many war experiences and muses on events of his life. On chapter 33, Beowulf says,” I have lived through many wars in my youth; now once again, old folk-defender, if the dark destroyer forth from his cave

come to fight me.” Beowulf boasts that he will pursue his last fight for the glory of winning; and he will use weapons this time. Furthermore, he asks his men at arms to stay behind and let him fight alone. He claims that he “cared for and stood by things in his keeping, never fomented quarrels, never swore to a lie” As he dies, he even demonstrates his goodness and benevolence. Personality is the physical, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual. Personality shapes the person and show others who they really are. As an ANFJ, Beowulf has excellent people skills. As a result, he understands and cares about people and has a special talent for bringing out best in others. Beowulf is courageous, brave, and confident. Beowulf bravely took on the task to slay Grendel. Furthermore, his bravery is connected to his personality; in addition, he is ready and proud to die in battle against such a monster.

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