What are the various status reports you will generate for Developers and Senior management? Ans: For Developers we use 'Interim Test Results' and for management we give 'Summary Report' and project Status Report' .


Interim Test Results are like : a. Function Testing Status Report b. Expected Vs Actual Defects uncovered Time line c.Defects Uncovered vs Corrected Gap time line d.Average age of Uncovered defects by type Please let me know if I am wrong. According to the CBOK the correct ans to our confusion is :-> > FIVE dimensions of risk > > Technology integration > Size and complexity > System environment and stability > Criticality / mission impact > Reliability and integrity Effectiveness - Doing right things Efficiency - Doing the things right way Test efficiency - No of defects found / Total number of test cases Test effectiveness = No. of defects found through Test Cases / Total Defects ( Ad hoc Testing + Defect found through test Cases )



Hi All, I have few doubts. I will really appreciate if someone can correct me if I am wrong. 1. What type of change do you need before you can obtain a behavior change? a) b) c) d) Lifestyle Vocabulary Internal Management

DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS. 2. What is the present value of money of a $10,000 expenditure that you will spend one year from now if money is worth 14 percent? a) b) c) d) $2630 $8770 $1600 $8600

3. The ______________ is an application of process management and quality improvement concepts to software development and maintenance. a) b) c) d) Malcolm Baldridge ISO 9000 SEI/CMM QS14000

4. In the IT workbench, quality, and performance of the work are the responsibility of the QA department. * True * False

5. a) b) c) d)

Decision/branch coverage strategy: always satisfies statement coverage is used in black-box testing means that every branch direction is traversed at least once is the same as condition coverage


The National Quality Awards provide a basis for successful benchmarking ag! ainst other companies. * True * False

7. The more common benefits associated with a service-level agreement are: a) b) c) d) Establish two-way accountability Make complaining easy Provide the basis for an IS budget All of the above

4)What are the three types of interfaces? Ans: 1.Input domain testing 2.Equivalence partitioning 3.Syntax checking

5)What three rules should be followed for all reviews?

Ans: Three rules should be followed for all reviews: 1.The Product is reviewed,not producer. 2.Defects and issues are identified,not corrected. 3.All members of the reviewing team are responsible for the results of the review.

6)What is incremental testing? Ans: Testing the interfaces between the unit tested programs as well as between components.

1) It is difficult to create test scenarios for high-level risks. (True / False) Ans: True. 2) During software acceptance (acceptance testing), __________ testing technique is relied upon for more accurate results (than other testing techniques listed below). a) White Box b) Black Box c) Incremental d) Thread Ans: Black Box 3) At a minimum, the developer should always execute Unit Regression Testing when a change is made. (True / False) Ans: True. 4) Modules are added in descending hierarchical order in ________ type of incremental testing. a) bottom up b)topdown c)sanwitch Ans: TopDown 5) __________ must be developed to describe when and how testing will occur. a) Test case b)test strategy c) testplan d)Risk

Ans: TestPlan 6) A ‘bathtub’ curve can be applicable to _____ a) hardware b) software c) hardware and software None of the above


Ans: HardWare.

1. You are a tester for testing a large system. The system data
model is very large with many attributes and there are a lot of interdependencies within the fields. What steps would you use to test the system and also what are the effects of the steps you have taken on the test plan? OR You are the test manager for about to the system testing. The development team says that due to change in requirements, they will be able to deliver the system to you for testing 5 working days after the due date. You cannot change the resources (Work hours, days, test tools). What steps will you take to be able to finish the testing in time? Solution • Improve Supervision: More reviews of artifacts or program means Stage containment of the defects. • Creation of Base Line Data which is accurate and updated. • Strict Change Management: Correct versions are tested. • Phase wise / module wise approach for the testing. • More focus on Module and Integration testing. • Add more resources. • Work With Independent Test Team. • Automation for regression testing. • Rank the functionality as per risk and concentrate more on critical functionality testing • Effective Communication - Reporting of critical defects (Using defect tracking/management system) and resolution plan discussion with development team • Traceability matrix of changed requirement and Impact Analysis documents creation • Test cases updating as per Changed requirement • Exit criterion is achieved , release product 2. There is one application which runs on a single terminal. There is another application that works on multiple terminals. What are the

tests techniques you will use on the second application that you would not do on the first application? Solution • Concurrency Test • Update and Rollback • Response time and Server connectivity 3. Explain give examples of the following black box techniques. a. Boundary Value testing b. Equivalence testing c. Error Guessing Solution Boundary Value Analysis: If Valid Input is 100 Boundary + 1 = 101 Boundary Value = 100 Boundary – 1= 99 Equivalence Partitioning: If Valid Input is in the Range of 10 and 15 Invalid Below the Partition = 8 Valid In the Partition = 12 Outside of the Partition = 18 Error Guessing: Its testers experience to test the functionality creating such a data which may cause failure. Eg – Feb 29, 2001 4. What are the product standards for? a. Test Plan b. Test Script Solution: Test Plan: • Scope • Objective • Assumptions • Risks • Roles and Responsibilities • Test Environment • Tools • Schedule • Test Design • Test data Management • Communication Test Script: • Sequence • Source : Data Entry Operator • Script Event : Enter Invalid Input • Evaluation Criterion : Error Message Should be Displayed • Comments : Help regarding valid Input 6. Your company is about to roll out an E-Commerce application. It is not possible to test the application on all types of browsers on all platforms and operating systems. What steps would you take in the testing environment to reduce the business risks and commercial risks?

Solution • Scoring of browsers and OS, High ranked Browsers and OS do Brower compatibility test for them • State that it does not support to other OS and browsers, if risk is involved. • Commercial Risk : Ensure competitive look and feel , Easy Navigation • Business Risk : Ensure Transaction Correctness ,Security (data), transactions, roll back procedure etc • Proper Authorization in Place • Response time (performance) 7. Your organization believes that acceptance testing is a good quality process for any IT organization. Your customer would like to do acceptance testing, but does not know how to do it. He requests you to create an acceptance test plan. Build a sample acceptance test plan and state 2 well defined acceptance criterions Solution - Project description - Scope - User roles and responsibilities - Acceptance criteria - Test cases to be executed Acceptance Criterion --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No Acceptance req Critical Result Remark Yes No Accept Reject --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Login time - should not be Yes Yes Accept more than 6 sec 2. Concurrent users (min 40 Users) Yes Reject Only 30 works --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. Mention 4 reasons why we should test software. Solution • To find defects • To ensure that it meets user requirements • To ensure that it is fit for use • To reduce cost of quality by delivering defect free product • To achieve customer satisfaction



• Continuously improving test process • Reduce risk of software failure • To determine the state of software. 1. What are the different names of Exploratory Testing? 2. Where does Exploratory Testing come in to existence in testing lifecycle [whether it comes under Unit testing, Integration testing System testing, etc]? 3. Where does this exploratory testing comes in V-Model? 4. Whether Exploratory testing comes under Black box or White box testing? 5. How to measure Exploratory Testing?\ You are given two scenarios to test. Scenario 1 has only one terminal for entry and processing whereas scenario 2 has several terminals where the data input can be made. Assuming that the processing work is the same, what would be the specific tests in Scenario 2 that you would do, which you would not carry on Scenario 1? (V. IMP question) Specific Tests could be ... 1. Load Testing as scenario2 is multi user 2. Network Testing 3. Network Traffic 4. Network Speed 5. Recovery Testing (Recovery Time for Network) what else ....

CMMI is CMM Integration -


Integrates systems engineering and software engineering disciplines into one process improvement framework

TEST POLICY CSTE GROUP LTD Testing Definition: Determination of the validity of the computer solution to a business problem . Testing System: Development and execution of a test plan in accordance with departmental procedures and user requirements. Measurement of Testing Cost of undetected defects. Testing Standards

One defects per 250 executable program statements.

1) what is your company testing methodologies following.
Test Methodology consists of the following steps/procedures:--

• •

Planning - Documenting test requirements and strategies, defining procedures, providing testers with step-by-step instructions Executing - Carrying out test procedures, including proofreading for grammar, spelling, consistent word usage and text layout, monitoring performance, validating links, ensuring usability across various platforms and browsers

Evaluating - Reporting test results and suggested actions for unexpected test results to development staff and to client’s best wishes

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