Answers: Knowledge Domain 2 - Tester's Role

1. Which document contains both technical and non-technical instructions to users during setup? Your answer: installation and conversion plan CORRECT! 2. Which is true of Security and Internal Control-related specs? Your answer: all of the above CORRECT! 3. A short, preliminary document that states deficiencies in existing capabilities, new or changed requirements, or opportunities for increased economy or efficiency is known as a: Your answer: needs statement CORRECT! 4. The test analysis and security evaluation report should include all of these EXCEPT: Your answer: project signoff by all team members CORRECT! 5. The document that includes the physical characteristics for storage and design is... Your answer: specifications document CORRECT! 6. A Feasibility Study should include: Your answer: all of the above CORRECT! 7. _________ tests tend to uncover errors that occur during coding, while _______ tests teend to uncover errors that occur in implementing requirements or design specs. Your answer: structural, functional CORRECT! 8. In the ___________, specific types of sensitive data are identiied, and the degree and nature of the sensitivity is outlined. Your answer: data sensitivity/criticality description CORRECT! 9. The __________ identifies internal control and security vulnerabilities, the nature and magnitude of associated threats, potential forloss, and recommended safeguards. This should be a living document that is updated during each phase. Your answer: risk document CORRECT!

10. Which item(s) should be present in a VV&T plan? Your answer: All of the above CORRECT! 11. The functional/security specifications need to be approved... Your answer: prior to the start of coding CORRECT! 12. Which is NOT true of the User Manual? Your answer: these are all true CORRECT! 13. Which of these are examples of structural system testing techniques? Your answer: Stress testing, execution testing, recovery testing, operations testing, compliance testing, security testing CORRECT! 14. The Cost Benefit Analysis... Your answer: Both of these CORRECT! 15. The __________ is like a user manual but is more technical and geared toward Operations Personnel Your answer: Operations Manual CORRECT! 16. The document that contains the definition of what is to be produced - including operating environment and development plan, proposed methods and procedures is... Your answer: requirements document CORRECT! 17. identifying important quality factors involves... Your answer: all of the above CORRECT! 18. A System Decision Paper... Your answer: All of the above CORRECT! 19. The ideal software testing process involves testing artifacts produced during development, such as requirements documents and design specifications. Your answer: True CORRECT!

20. Determining how the system functions when subjected to large volumes is known as: Your answer: Stress testing CORRECT! 21. The document that includes all goals and activities for all phases, including resource estimates, methods for design, documentation, etc. through to installation and operation, is... Your answer: the project plan CORRECT!

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