Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Saskatoon February 2006


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Phenomenon of Quacks, Tsunami and Hurricanes
 Part

of greater scheme  Part of creation and evolutionary process  Occurred prior to Humans upon this earth and will continue to happen


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Benefits of Natural Phenomenon
 Explosions

on Sun are a source of energy. Life as we know it can not be sustained without Sun.  Explosions on earth release energy and may lead to minerals  Advancement in science due to study of phenomenon


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?
What of man-made disasters?
 Are

they a warning in the physical matters; reduction in ozone layer, droughts, forest fires  Is mad-cow disease or avian flue man made calamities  AIDS pandemic


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Can Natural Disasters be part of the Divine cycle of warning or punishment
 Yes!  But,

within specified conditions and due warnings


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Two main functions of a prophet
 Bearer

of glad tidings (Bashir)  A Warner (Nazeer)

Does presence of a prophet lead to disasters?
 Example

of Noah, Lot and Jonah

Example of a building on fire


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Can science alone save us from Natural Disasters?
 Earthquake

proof buildings  Better warning systems for Hurricanes  Disease control and advancements in medicine

First World vs. the Third World


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Holy Qur’an
 Increase

in frequency and intensity of calamities in the latter days  Prophesies of calamities including nuclear wars (e.g. chapters 99, 104)


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?


When the earth is shaken with her violent shaking, And the earth throws up her burdens, And man say On that day will she tell her news, s, 'What is the matter with her?' For, thy Lord will have commanded her. On that day will men issue forth in scattered groups that they may be shown the results of their works. Then whoso does an atom's weight of good will see it, And whoso does an atom's weight of evil will also see it, (chapter 99 2-9)


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Nuclear Holocaust

Woe to every backbiter, slanderer, Who amasses wealth and counts it over and over. He imagines that his wealth will make him immortal. Nay! he shall surely be cast into the "hotamah". And what should make thee know what the "hotamah" is? Allah's fire as preserved fuel, Which will leap suddenly on to the hearts. It is locked up in outstretched pillars to be used against them. (Chapter 104 verses


Natural Disasters or Divine Warning?

Holy Prophet Muhammad
 Detailed

(peace be upon him)

prophecies in Sayings of the Holy Prophet (Ahadith)  Nations exploiting smaller nations (famine, disease, control of resources and wars etc. etc.)


Future of Mankind

Promised Messiah of the Time Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (1835-1908)
 Claimed

to be Divinely guided  Made Prophecies based on the knowledge of the Holy Qur’an  Made Prophecies based on Revelation


Future of Mankind

Examples of Prophecies based on Revelation
 End

of Czar (1904)  Calamity to fall upon Korea (1904)  Plagues  Earthquakes of higher magnitude  World Wars  Nuclear Holocaust


Future of Mankind

Key Points about these Prophecies
 all

prophecies made with the claim of Divinely guided,  were widely announced, and  were made at the time when all prevailing wisdom pointed against such conclusion


Future of Mankind

Points to Ponder
 Prophecies

fulfilled  Prophecies by the Holy Prophet of Islam came true  Prophecies of the Messiah of the Age – we witnessed their fulfilment

of the scriptures have

Does it not stand to reason that prophecies about more future events will also come true?

Warning from the Divine Warner

"Remember, God has informed me of many earth-quakes. Rest assured, therefore, that as earth-quakes have shaken America and Europe, so will they shake Asia . Some of them will resemble the Day of Doom. So many people shall die that rivulets of blood shall flow. Even the birds and the beasts will not be immune against this death. Havoc shall sweep the surface of the earth which shall be the greatest since the birth of man. Habitations shall be demolished as if no one had ever lived in them. This will he accompanied by many other terrible calamities which the earth and the heavens will send forth, till their extraordinary nature will become evident to every reasonable man. All the literature of science and 16 philosophy shall fail to show their like.

Warning from the Divine Warner

Then mankind shall be sore distressed and wonder what is going to happen. Many shall escape and many shall perish. The days are near, in fact. I can see them close at hand, when the world shall witness a terrible sight: not only earthquakes but also many fearsome calamities shall overtake man, some from the skies and some from the earth. This will happen because mankind have stopped worshipping their true God and have become lost in the affairs of the world with all their heart and their effort and intent. If I had not come, these afflictions would perhaps have been delayed a little. But with my coming the secret purposes of an affronted God which were hidden so far, became manifest. Says God: 'We never punish 17 unless We send a Messenger.'

Warning from the Divine Warner

Those who repent shall find security and those who fear before calamity overtakes them shall be shown mercy. Do you think you will be immune from these calamities? Or can you save yourselves through artifice or design? Indeed not. That day all human schemes shall fail. Think not that earthquakes visited America and other continents but that your own country shall remain secure. Indeed, you may experience a greater hardship. O Europe, you are not safe and O Asia, you too, are not immune. And O dwellers of Islands, no false gods shall come to your rescue. I see cities fall and settlements laid waste. The One and the Only God kept silent for long. Heinous deeds were done before His eyes and He said nothing. But now He shall reveal His face in majesty and awe. Let him who has ears hear that the time is not far. I have done my best to bring all under the protection of God, but it was destined that 18 what was written should come to pass.

Warning from the Divine Warner

Truly do I say that the turn of this land, too is approaching fast. The times of Noah shall reappear before your eyes, and your own eyes will be witnesses to the calamity that overtook the cities of Lot. But God is slow in His wrath. Repent that you may be shown mercy! He who does not fear Him is dead, not alive." (Haqiqatul
Wahy, pp.256-57).

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