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Digital Media

2011-2012 Course Outline (216 hours)
Students learn to see visually through an exploration of the basic tools, techniques and aesthetics of digital photography, with an emphasis on the creative use of camera controls, digital imaging software, and an awareness of the critical issues in contemporary photography.
Key Competency: Students will communicate verbally and in writing on topics related to

photography with appropriate use of technical language. The Photography Course consists of approximately 216 hours of classroom instruction over a two year period. P01 Context
P011 P012 P013 P014 P021 P022 P023 P024 P031 P032 P033 P034 P035 Career Survey Photographer Profiles Business Trends & Practices Milestones in Photo History Artistic Intent Principles of Composition Photographic Styles Critique Camera Equipment Lenses & Focal Length Camera Care & Handling Iconography DSLR Operator Certification

P04 Creative Camera Controls

P041 P042 P043 P044 Exposure Triangle Reciprocity Capturing Motion Controlling Depth of Field

P08 Lighting
P081 P082 P083 P084 P085 P911 P912 P913 P914 P915 P916 P917 P918 P919 P910 P911 P912

P02 Visual Composition

P05 Color

Nature & Quality of Light Flash Lighting Techniques Three Point Studio Lighting Metering & Lighting Ratios Portrait Lighting Patterns Introduction to Photoshop Workspace & Tools Size, Resolution & Color Modes Cropping, Trimming & Re-sizing Layer Based Editing Techniques Selection & Masking Techniques Exposure Adjustment Color Adjustment Filters & Sharpening Retouching & Enhancing Photo Restoration & Repair Advanced Special Effects

P051 White Balance P052 Special Effects Filters P053 Color Calibration P061 P061 P062 P063 P071 P072 P073 P074 Image Size & Resolution Media Formats & Compression Image Defect Identification Professional Workflow

P91 Post-Production|Photoshop-1

P03 Camera & Lens

P06 Digital Imaging & Media

P07 Printing & Publishing

Legal Rights & Royalties Photo Sharing Photo Lab Services Mounting, Display & Exhibit

Hands-on Creative Projects

Portfolio Theme Projects:

ELA Academic Integration

o Communicate verbally and in writing on topics related to Photography with appropriate use of technical language. o Plan and produce a photojournalistic story combining text, images and music designed to elicit an emotional response from a target audience. (biography, documentary, childrens story, wedding or other major event) o Write and present a formal critique of a professional artists portfolio or student works, using technical vocabulary and the language of design and composition. o Write and present an article summary on a photography related topic siting professional trade related journal sources. Curriculum Resources: o LYNDA.COM Professional Training Videos o Documentary Films, Podcasts, Textbooks o Library of trade paperback books on a variety of photography related topics o Field Trips: George Eastman Museum, RIT Seneca Park Zoo

Technical Competencies
o Assemble a photography gallery or exhibit with a variety of student work to demonstrate knowledge of principles and technical skills meeting professional standards. o Design visual composition and stylistic treatments to meet client objectives utilizing the design process. o Effectively use industry standard techniques, equipment and software. o Use creative control of camera exposure, depth- of-field, selective focus, freezing and blurring of motion. o Design lighting styles appropriate for the subject and theme (portrait lighting patterns, 3-point lighting.) o Capture and manage image files using an established workflow process. o Use editing tools to enhance image quality and impact (cropping, exposure, color, retouching, special effects etc.) o Manage appropriate distribution of images (for print, mounting, and web publishing.

Photo Composite Illustration Everyday Alphabet Art Poster Focal Point (Simplicity & DOF) Rule of Thirds Silhoette Leading Lines & Patterns Point of View Vibrant Colors Sepia / Doutone Art Series Action Sports (freeze, blur, pan) Animals & Nature Macro Photography Faces & Emotion Night Photography Off Camera Flash Family or Senior Portrait Session Before & After (retouching & restoration) Photo Story (Photojournalism) Expermental Photography:

High Dynamic Range (HDR), Panorama & QVR Stereoscopic 3-D, Infrared Photography

PBL Team Projects:

How to.. Instructional Video Build a Working Camera Photo Shoot

(glamour, food or advertising product)