In the light of the increasing success on the market and the many new products introduced for 2007, Big Archery has decided to add to its 2007 Bows Guide the line of Mathews bows. In the following pages you will find 5 different models of this prestigious US brand. On speaking about our new product introduction, we would like to point to your attention a new brand: Mission Archery, a new line of products created by Mathews to fill the gap in the middle price point. The three models that you will find represented in the catalog offer an outstanding price-quality ratio. The new items are numerous and among them many come from leading suppliers such as HOYT who confirms itself even more as the leader in this category.


By flipping the pages of this catalog you will be guided in a tour to discover all the best products that the compound market has to offer.

axle/axle length bow weight Speed brace height colors and color codes

37” 1/2 1.980 g IBO 306 FPS 7” Red rD,

2007 is the year of the World Championships in Germany, a competition that will assign most of the Olympic cards. With the importance of this event (second only to the Olympic Games) which will attract very competitive archers from around the world, all brands are preparing and tuning their best tools. The “hottest” news is certainly the new carbon riser from W&W and the new Inno Power limbs. From a look standpoint and intriguing it is awaited to prove its performances on the field. Hoyt, on its side, is introducing a new riser, evolution of the Helix: the Nexus. It is lighter and with a very nice design, the Nexus will certainly be a strong competitor we will see on all competition fields in the eternal battle to the last arrow. On the limbs side next to all the established and new product from the leading brands, EXE is expanding its offers with the introduction of a new limb on the upper end, the Master. The Master is a limb with a carbon and foam construction that will be able to guide the archer up to the highest level of performance.

To better guide you in the choice of the compound bow that better suits your needs, next to each bow you will find a series of symbols that identify the ideal use for each bow. UNIVERSAL TARGET USE Target bow suitable for all competitions: Fita, Field or Indoor. TARGET SHOOTING Bow especially indicated for F.I.T.A. shooting, excellent smoothness and precision INDOOR USE Bow particulary designed for Indoor shooting. Best precision. FIELD USE The speed of these bows makes them ideal for field archery. D USE Designed for high performance arrow speed while maintaining accuracy. HUNTER USE With dimensions, colors and poundages primarily for hunting. RELEASE AID The reduced axle/axle lengths of these bows reccomend the use of a release aid. SHORTER DRAW Bows suitable for shorter draw length archers (below 27”).

The Bows Guide presents, for each recurve bow, a table sheet that identifies the most important features of the bow.

riser length tiller/allignment grip bow weight colors and color codes

25/23 T/A Plastic 1.236 g Red rD,




To always be a leading company amongst the US producers, is definitely something not everybody can accomplish, especially in a very competitive market such as the compound. Once you know that, it is then possible to understand the value of a supplier such as Hoyt, who, year after year, is able

to introduce new and competitive products. Incredibly, after all those years, Hoyt is capable to renew its line of products in such an extensive way. More than half of the bows that you will see in the following pages are new and able to offer a unique emotion to all those who, like us, recognize a sure value in a brand.

37” 1/2 1.980 g IBO 306 FPS 7” Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Code 554917

40” 2.070 g IBO 295 FPS 8 3/4” Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Code 554898

CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

27 25.5” -> 28” 60# 28 26.5” -> 29” 60# 29 27.5” -> 30” 60#

28 29 30 31

26” -> 28.5” 60# 27” -> 29.5” 60# 28” -> 30.5” 60# 29” -> 31.5” 60#

REST QT 3000 The QT 3000 rest is designed especially for the Tec riser. The micro adjustments are easy and immediate to set, the structure with the triple cushion optimizes the hold and guarantees a soft exit of the arrow.

SHOOT-THRU TECHNOLOGY The unique Shoot-Thru design actually increases lateral stiffness, resulting in a more consistent reaction of the bow as the arrow is released. The Shoot-Thru riser has been engineered for optimized balance, making the bow easier for aiming than traditional open-shelf bows.



StealthShOt StrIng DaMpenIng DeVIce Most of the 2007 Hoyt bows are equipped with the new StealthShot String Suppression System. Hoyt’s new, innovative SteatlhShot String Suppression System may well be the most effective noise and vibration dampening device ever engineered into a bow. As the bow is shot and the string reaches brace height, the StealthShot momentarily captures and

suppresses the string nearly eliminating all movements and oscillation after the shot. Tests have demonstrated that bows equipped with the Hoyt new StealthShot reduce string oscillation and movements by over 70% and create a much cleaner release of the arrow from the string. 

38” 2.010 g IBO 300 FPS 7 1/2” Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Some models of the 2007 Hoyt line can be equipped, on special request, with the new Vector and C2 cams. In order to check the availability of the various models with the new cams, please contact your authorized dealer. Code 554131

rIzer ShOx In the 2007 bows one or two RizerShox are used and thanks to the optimized placement of the same in the riser they are able to effectively reduce any excess noise and vibration.

CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%


26 27 28 29 30

24.5” -> 27” 60# 25.5” -> 28” 60# 26.5” -> 29” 60# 27.5” -> 30” 60# 28.5” -> 31” 60#

hOyt tec cable guarD bar Hoyt Tec bows are provided with a fixed carbon cable guard bar. The adjustable cable guard bars are available as accessories.

Code 554367

28 26.5” -> 29” 70# 29 27.5” -> 30” 70#

Interchangeable grIp Hoyt offers a new line of interchangeable grips in wood, that give you the possibility to improve the shooting feel thanks to the possibility of customizing your bow.

let Off MODuleS The let off of all Hoyt compound bows provided with cam &1/2 is 65% for Target bows and 75% for Hunting bows. The let off can be varied using the optional modules. 

If you are an archer who travels a lot or if you are just interested in the best materials the market can offer, the Pro Line HD is certainly what you need. The HD line was created after several years of research and improvement thanks to the cooperation with the best archers all over the world.

This allowed to create a line of cases intended for intensive use, almost extreme. All cases are made of Cordura which guarantees maximum abrasion and scratch protection. To discover all the features of this new product line check the web site: 

38 1/2” 2.040 g IBO 300 FPS 8 1/4” Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Code 554128 32”


1.815 g IBO 309 FPS 7” Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Code 555717

CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

27 28 29 30 31

25” -> 27.5” 50# 26” -> 28.5” 60# 27” -> 29.5” 60# 28” -> 30.5” 60# 29” -> 31.5” 60#

25 23” -> 25.5” 40# 27 25” -> 27.5” 50#

hOyt cap All Hoyt bows come with a wonderful cap as a gift.

bOOSter Booster produces the Intrepid line of releases, available both with aluminum as well as with composite body, covering two different price points.



The Fuse sights feature Shock Rod Technology for the ultimate control of noise and vibration. For 2007, each sight features 2nd and 3rd axis leveling capability which greatly improves accuracy while shooting from a tree-stand or a steep mountainside.

Each sight is designed with a unique, new dovetail adjusting system that is extremely precise and easy to use. New advanced Metal Optic Pins ensure unmatched pin durability while providing maximum fiber brightness.

36” 2.040 g IBO 315 FPS 7 1/2” Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Code 554121 33”


1.980 g IBO 316 FPS 7” Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Code 554259


VECTOR CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

VECTOR CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

Code 554260

28” -> 30” 70#

27 25.5” -> 28” 60# 28 26.5” -> 29” 60# 29 27.5” -> 30” 60#

available only on request

Code 554246

27” -> 29” 70#


Booster proposes a line of sights that for quality, deepness and competitiveness is second to none. It is a line of products which starts with the Ozone, for archers looking for the best performance, and

ends with the Optima, which price point offers a very good price-quality ratio. Boost your performance, shoot a Booster product.

33” 1.980 g IBO 300 FPS 6” 33”


2.040 g IBO 316 FPS 7” Royal Fusion fS, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In, Green Fusion fD. Code 551595

Camo cM

Code 554455


VECTOR CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

ZEPHYR CAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

27” -> 29” 70#

26” -> 29” 60# bOOSter ScOpe large Booster, among its offer of scopes has a model with a large diameter (40 mm) with a Leica drilled lens equipped with 3 aiming fibers. Available with +50 and +75 lenses.

Code 554454

available only by special order.



prOMO lIne
To stick out of the competition field and underline you belong to an elite of shooters capable of dominating the competition. Choose one of the various Team Hoyt items and be part of a winning team, the Hoyt team.

Code 538053

Code 538440

Code 53A430

Code 53A426

Code 53A418

33” 1.960 g Code 53A236 IBO 302 FPS 7 1/2” Code 53A414

Camo cM Code 53A434 CAM&1/2 Let Off 65% Code 53A438 Code 53A439

Code 551593

29 27.5” -> 30” 60/70#

Code 53A441

Code 53A440

Code 53A442 

Mathews is today a leading manufacturer in the compound arena. The 2007 line of products includes numerous models that are really attractive and that will be able to capture the interest of the most discriminated archers. In the target line the Conquest Apex 7 is the evolution of a family of bows

that has dominated the competition fields around the world and the Prestige that shares the same type of grip but is more compact. In the hunting line the Drenalin is a bow with incredible and unique features.

APEX  CAM Let Off 65%


27” -> 30” 60#

26” 50# 27” -> 29” 60#

38” 2.220 g IBO 320 FPS 7” Black bK, Red rD, Gold gD, Blue bl. Code 552659

35 1/2”” 2.040 g IBO 316 FPS 6” Black bK, Red rD, Gold gD, Blue bl. Code 553127

MatheWS hat All Mathews bows are supplied with a free cap. The cap differs depending on the various bow models.

MatheWS reSt This dedicated rest is convertible from its standard configuration to a drop away rest. The protection guard is equipped with a harmonic damper.



33” 1.750 g IBO 320 FPS 7”

31 3/8” 1.315 g IBO 278 FPS 6 1/2”

Camo cM

Red rD, Blue bl.

Code 554881

Code 554164

LH versions available only on request.



27” -> 30” 60/70#

23” -> 26” 30/40/50#

a. The Drenalin is characterized by a very wide sight window that allows a perfect view of the target and a unique slim limbs design. b. Besides the usual Harmonic dampener on the riser the Drenalin uses a unique limb pocket that allows a very precise limb positioning. Detachable quiver, equipped with vibration dampeners. The arrow grippers are adjustable, so they can fit shafts of every diameter. a. b.

Code 554149

23” -> 26” 30/40/50#


DrenalIn DetaIlS

Mathews has created a new brand that is intended to cover the middle price point. Mission Archery bows offers features usually common only to high end bows at an intermediate

price. The riser is, for all models, made out of a piece of machined aluminum and the same is more or less machined based on the different models.

33” 1.650 g IBO 310 FPS 7”

33” 1.740 gr IBO 310 FPS 7”

Camo cM

Camo cM

Code 555083

Code 555062



25” -> 30” 50/60/70#

25” -> 30” 50/60/70#

zebra StrIngS A precision blend of Vectran and HMPE. Two bundles of strands are rotated clockwise and counter clockwise to create the best balanced bowstring on the market that will make your peep sight rotate as you draw your bow.

aurOra bOWpacK This practical medium-sized backpack, besides a practical transportation system for compound bows, includes several pockets and compartments. This backpack is also equipped with a rain cover system.



prOMO lIne
The time dedicated to shooting is sometimes limited but you can express your belonging to the sport of archery and your dedication to your favorite brand all day long thanks to the various lines of promotional items. Mathews offers a complete line of promotional apparel that will identify you as a member of the Mathews “family”.

33” 1.750 g Code 53A753 IBO 310 FPS 7” Code 53A754

Code 53A752

Camo cM Code 53A755 Code 555042


25” -> 30” 50/60/70# T-Shirt + Cap Code 53A756 ____ _____
size color

nap thunderblock Solid Easy and effective, the vibration dampener Nap Thunderblok is available in the Solid version (see pict.) suitable for both compound and recurve bows, and in the Split and Ultra versions for compound bows with split limbs.


The 2007 AR Velocity is the most revolutionary bow design to hit the archery market. With years of engineering and product development from top to bottom, this bow will change the way the world thinks about compound bows. Its compact geometry is like no other with huge benefits

to the archer. The Velocity delivers blistering arrow speed, phenomenal accuracy and is incredibly light in weight. The AR 35 is fast, ultra smooth and virtually vibration free. The AR 35 is the standard by which other bows are measured.

34” 1.790 g IBO 320 FPS 6 1/2”

35 1/2” 1.810 g IBO 314 FPS 7 1/4”

Camo cM

Camo cM

Code 553181

Code 553117


RAM&1/2 Let Off 65%

28” -> 29” 60/70#

26” -> 30” 70#

ar cap Together with every AR bow you will receive a free cap.

nap 1000 With a combination of a rubber system and powder filling the NAP 1000 stabilizers are very effective. Available in Camo color in both 6 and 8 inches.



It is our pleasure, after some absence, to reintroduce in our catalog a high end bow from PSE. The Mojo 3D is a very interesting bow that is accurate and forgiving. The features that are most remarkable in this bow are: the new Hyperlite

pockets that assure a perfect alignment of the limbs, the Hybrid cams with their module system and the B.E.S.T. grip that allows to have virtually no torque to the bow.

38 1/2” 1.720 g IBO 308 FPS 6 13/16” Orange Or, Gray gy, Blue bl. Code 551606

35 1/2” 1.720 g IBO 298 FPS 7 3/4”

Blue bl.

Code 551736

NRG HYBRID CAM Let Off 65% hOrnet reSt Rest with an optimal pricequality ratio. Reversible right and left handed. 26” -> 30” 50/60#


Code 551744 26” -> 31” 60#

26” -> 31” 60#


Browning is a well known and respected name among bow hunters and for this year they have developed a line of products where the technical features are perfectly blended with a nice design and aggressive lines. One of the most practical features in the Browning line is the possibility to change the draw length without the need of a bow press.

For 2007 beside the Rage and Discovery bows that have been good sellers in the past season there are two new bows that will certainly capture a lot of attention. On one hand there is the Myst that is a very compact bow and on the other hand the Micro Midas 4 that with its 10 inches of draw length adjustment is going to be the ideal bow for youngsters.

32” 2.000 g IBO 309 FPS 7 3/4”

35 1/2” 1.770 g IBO 292 FPS 8 1/4”

Camo cM

Camo cM

Code 554063

Code 558711

HC HYBRID CAM Let Off 75% bOlt On QuIVerS Fuse offers a wide range of quivers that are extremely light and durable. All quivers are adjustable in length and equipped with the unique Shock Rod system to dampen noise and vibrations.

HYPERMAX 10 Let Off 65%

21” -> 31” 55/65# Code 558716

27” -> 30” 60/70#



30 1/2” 1.630 g IBO 254 FPS 6 1/4”

30 1/2” 1.180 g 6 1/2” Red rD Blue bl Code 551611

Camo cM

Code 554093

HYPERMAX 10 Let Off 70%


18” -> 27” 40#

14” -> 30” 20#

aurOra baSIc caSe Extremely compact and lightweight the new Aurora Basic case offers a very good protection for the compound bows. Available both in Realtree as well as in target color.

DraW length MODuleS Thanks to the optional draw length modules the Discovery bow can be converted in a standard compound bow with a draw length adjustable from 18 to 28 inches.

Discovery is the real universal compound bow. Thanks to its cam without let off and without fixed draw length it can be used with a draw length between 14” and 30” by maintaining the same poundage.


ax / ax ultraelIte xt2000 prOelIte xt3000 38 ultra 38 prO aVenger VectrIx xl VectrIx Vulcan tryKOn pOWertec 37” 1/2 40” 38” 38” 1/2 32” 36” 33” 33” 33” 33”

gr. 1980 2070 2010 2040 1815 2040 1980 1980 2040 1960

let-Off DraW range brace heIght 65% 65% 25.5-30” 26-31.5” 7” 8 3/4” 7 1/2” 8 1/4” 7” 7 1/2” 7” 6” 7” 7 1/2”

SpeeD 306 FPS 295 FPS 300 FPS 300 FPS 309 FPS 315 FPS 316 FPS 300 FPS 316 FPS 302 FPS


65% (80%) 25.5-31.5” 65% 65% 25-31.5” 23-27.5”

65% (80%) 25.5-30.5” 65% (80%) 25-30” 65% (80%) 26.5-29” 65% 80% 26-29” 25-30.5”

ax / ax apex7 preStIge DrenalIn IgnItIOn 38” 35 1/2” 33” 31 3/8”

gr. 2220 2040 1750 1315

let-Off DraW range brace heIght 65% 65% 80% 65% 27-30” 26-29” 27-30” 24-26” 7” 6” 7” 6 1/2”

SpeeD 320 FPS 316 FPS 320 FPS 278 FPS


ax / ax x5 x4 x3 33” 33” 33”

gr. 1650 1740 1750

let-Off DraW range brace heIght 75% 75% 75% 27-30” 27-30” 25-30” 7” 7” 7”

SpeeD 310 FPS 310 FPS 310 FPS


ax / ax VelOcIty ar 35 34” 35 1/2”

gr. 1790 1810

let-Off DraW range brace heIght 80% 75% 27-30” 26-30” 6 1/2” 7 1/4”

SpeeD 320 FPS 314 FPS


ax / ax MOJO 3D nOVa 38 1/2” 35 1/2”

gr. 1720 1720

let-Off DraW range brace heIght 80%-65% 26-30” 75% 26-31” 6 13/16” 7 3/4”

SpeeD 308 FPS 298 FPS


ax / ax MySt rage MIcrO MIDaS 4 DIScOVery 32” 35 1/2” 30 1/2” 32”

gr. 2000 1770 1630 1180

let-Off DraW range brace heIght 75% 70% 70% 27-30” 21-31” 18-27” 14-30” 7 3/4” 8 1/4” 6 1/4 “ 6 1/2”

SpeeD 309 FPS 292 FPS 254 FPS


* When both target and hunter versions are listed, the figures in brackets refer to the hunter version.





25/23 T/A Plastic 1.292/1.236 g Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Code 554133 ____ ___
color R/L

25 T/A Plastic 1.351 g Riptide rI, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Inferno In. Code 551588 ____ ___
color R/L

All new generation Hoyt handles are equipped with the aluminum weight adjusting screws. If you are interested you can special order the stainless steel screws that will add more weight to the riser.

To customize your Hoyt handle two different wood grips are available. The Ergo grip has the same profile as the one that is supplied with the riser whereas the Ortho has a higher profile.




code 559250

lg/MD/Sh - #

25 T Plastic 1.130 g

New technically advanced limb produced with carbon fibre and syntactic material for an optimal blend of speed and stability.
• Sizes: Long Medium Short lg MD Sh 32# -> 44# 32# -> 44# 32# -> 42#

Hoyt has been the first producer to introduce the use of Syntactic Foam in its line of limbs to achieve perfect stability in every shooting condition. Hoyt’s continuous effort to improve its line of products has lead to the introduction of two top of the line limbs: G3 and M1 that are second to none in smoothness, stability and precision.

Yellow yl, Red rD, Blue bl, Black bK. Code 551589 ____ ___
color R/L


code 559582

lg/MD/Sh - #

The high performance Syntactic Foam and carbon design of the new M1 promotes stability and durability while remaining extremely consistent in all types of weather conditions.
• Sizes: Long Medium Short lg MD Sh 26# -> 44# 26# -> 44# 26# -> 44#

rISer anD lIMbS cOVerS Every riser and limb from Hoyt is supplied with it’s dedicated cover.

cIty pacK A new concept that has revolutionized the way the archers carry their equipment. A lot of space with a minimum weight.


25 T/A Plastic 1.190 g White Wh, Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Gray gy. Code 554864 ____ ___
color R/L


code 554684
• Sizes: Long Medium Short

lg/MD/Sh - #

lg MD Sh

28# -> 42# 28# -> 44# 28# -> 42#

The INNO Carbon riser is designed with two carbon posts. This innovative structure increases shooting stability as carbon reduces more shock and vibration. This means not only reducing the vibration of the bow but it absorbs the shock effectively at the moment of the shooting and makes the limbs movement extremely stable and gives better arrow grouping.

INNO Power limbs adds Kevlar to foam at regular intervals in order to maximize both material’s advantages. Kevlar hybrid foam is the new core that has both merits of wood and foam added fibers on the foam. This new material reduces limbs twisting and increases limb endurance as well as keeping all of the advantages of superb tolerance. Combining the INNO riser and limbs you obtain a bow that minimizes vibration, optimizes speed and stability and gives you a feeling that you never experienced before with any other bow.



25 T/A Wood 1.240 g Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Gray gy. Code 551069 ____ ___
color R/L

25/23 T/A Wood 1.100/1.050 g Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Gray gy. Code 551655 ____ ___
color R/L

V-bar The CX V-Bar is made with Win&Win unique rolling technology which has fiven the V-Bar great vibration dampening characteristics and reduced the weight significantly over aluminum V-Bar.

plunger The WK-400 Cushion Plunger pressure button has a smooth action and has a special long wearing coating on its tip. There is a window on the barrel of the plunger to make micro tuning a breeze.

After the positive results last season the Win&Win backpack is now available for sale. With a multitude of pockets, a very good lumbar support and a very stylish design, this backpack can follow you to your competition field as well as in many other occasions.



code 553242

lg/MD/Sh - #

Carbon Foam limbs that assures a maximum stability and precision. Suited to the most discriminated archer are characterized, like every other EXE product, by an optimal price-quality ratio.
• Sizes: Long Medium Short lg MD Sh 24# -> 42# 24# -> 42# 24# -> 42#


code 558738

lg/MD/Sh - #

An optimal choice for all new competitors. Quality and durable limbs. Standard equipped with a set of protection sleeves.
• Sizes: Long Medium Short lg MD Sh 28# -> 40# 28# -> 40# 28# -> 40#


code 552858

lg/MD/Sh - #

To start, to progress, to win. EXE College is all this and much more. If you are looking for reliability, durability and competitiveness, College would be your ideal choice.
• Sizes: Long Medium Short lg MD Sh 20# -> 36# 20# -> 36# 20# -> 36#


code 551436

lg/MD/Sh - #

The best choice for beginners. An excellent price for a limb which will be able to meet all your needs
• Sizes: Long Medium Short lg MD Sh 18# -> 32# 18# -> 32# 18# -> 32#

EXE offers a wide and complete line of stabilizers to suit various needs and price points. The three line of products offered are characterized by the use of different material but they share most of their construction features.

pin adapter

Completing it’s line of stabilizers EXE offer a line of accessories such as V-Bar, vibration dampener, Pin Adapters and many other that can be used both with EXE stabilizers as well as with many other products on the market.

V-bar pin



25 T/A Wood 1.195 g Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Silver Sl. Code 559398 ____ ___
color R/L

23 T Wood 1.100 g Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Silver Sl. Code 559361 ____ ___
color R/L

cIty pacK JunIOr The Junior version of the City Pack has been developed with the idea of creating the most compact transportation system for one recurve bow. Available in 4 standard colors and 2 Flower colors. The Double Deck cover inside the pack can be removed allowing the City Pack to be used in other outdoor activities.

tabS exe The wide range of EXE tabs is designed to suit every possible need. Among the various models the Master has imposed itself on the market thanks to it’s quality and reliability. Available both in Cordovan as well as in leather in many different anodized colors.


23 T/P Plastic 1.100 g Black bK, Red rD, Light Blue az, Silver Sl, Green gr, Charcoal lS. Code 557979 ____ ___
color R/L

25 T/P Plastic 1.150 g Black bK, Red rD, Blue bl, Green gr. Code 554783 ____ ___
color R/L



1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 WIN & WIN Riser Winact EXE Limbs College Carbon BOOSTER sight Ovation Extreme EXE Master stabilizer 29” EXE Master side rod 10” EXE Master extender 4” EXE V-BAR extension aluminum 45x0° EXE Master button black EXE magnetic rest universal WIN & WIN Clicker EXE string Master D75 AURORA Proline case Junior

1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 KAP Riser Winstar EXE Limbs College EXE sight Master EXE Competitor stabilizer 29” EXE Competitor side rod 10” EXE V-BAR alluminium 45x0° EXE button Competitor EXE magnetic rest Universal WIN & WIN Clicker EXE string Competitor Fast Flight AURORA case Techno Junior Wheels

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 KAP Riser Evolution/T-Rex EXE Limbs First EXE sight Competitor EXE Evolution stabilizer 28” EXE button Evolution EXE rest Super Magnetic Clicker EXE string Competitor Fast Flight AURORA arrow tube basic AURORA Dynamic City Pack Junior


Never before the offer of school bows has been so wide and technically advanced. Next to the classic and trustable wooden bow a multitude of plastic riser are now available. For the beginner that looks for a bow, we are now able to

offer a wide variety of products with good features, good grip, vibrant colors, interchangeable limb system. A bow that will be able to offer an enjoyable experience in archery.

Composite riser repre-sents an alternative to the common wooden bows. Surprise can be used with its own limbs or with other wooden limbs (Fun Line). code 551138

prO Style lIMbS

code 559413

lg/MD/Sh - #

Syntactic foam limbs fitting both Surprise and other basic risers.
• Sizes: 68” 66” 64” 20# -> 32# 18# -> 32# 16# -> 30#

Composite riser, with interchangeable grip can be equipped with plunger, stabilizer and sight. code 551652

rOlan lIMbS

code 551174

lg/MD/Sh - #

Colorful riser, captivating design and a comfortable grip. It is an excellent equipment which can be used with plunger, stabilizer and sight. code 551155 ____ ___
color R/L

Plastic limbs with a revolutionary design introduced to guarantee a high standard of performance. They fit all plastics basic risers.
• Sizes: 68” 66” 64” 20# -> 32# 18# -> 32# 16# -> 30#

rOlan JunIOr lIMbS

Reduced version of the Rolan riser, suitable for 54” bows. code 555144 ____ ___
color R/L

code 555130 # Classic wooden limbs, with particular attention to the detail. They fit all basic risers.
• Sizes: 54” 12/15/17/20#



Big Archery Junior is the ideal bow for young generations to approach the sport of archery. The light bow is available in a wide assortment of poundages to satisfy every need.

Big Archery is the most versatile bow, available in a wide variety of length and poundages. It satisfies the needs of both young archers and adults.

Riser Limbs

code 553237


Long lg - Short SM,

code 555539 ____ ______________

Riser Limbs

code 551763 code 551764

lg/SM - r/l SM/MD/lg - #

A light and practical bow with a particular attention to the detail. It is suitable for younger archers. Riser Limbs 48 48 code 559497 code 559493
r/l 14/18

lIMbS Short Medium long

rISer Short Long 62” 64” 66” 68” 70”

The length of the bow can be obtained by properly combining the limbs to the riser following the chart shown above.


Short long

12 -> 36” 18 -> 36”

Medium 18 -> 38”

The short and medium limbs develop two pounds more if assembled to the short riser. Bear in mind this feature when ordering (example: to order a 62”18# order a short riser and a short limb 16#).

aurOra bugS lIne Designed for people who enjoy life, this is a nice and amusing line. The new range of Bugs Line products includes a series of quivers, bow cases and riser & limbs sleeves.



Magnus Petersson



In 2006, archers from around the world competed in four World Cup Tournaments, vying for one of the coveted spots in the World Cup Finals. Remarkably, after months of grueling qualifying events, the top four compound shooters in both men and women all shot Hoyt Cam & 1/2 bows, with Reo Wilde shooting a perfect 120 to capture first place. That proven performance is what makes the Cam & 1/2 the heart of Hoyt’s all-new 38 Series bows. Designed for ultimate accuracy, the 38 Pro and 38 Ultra are custom fit for specific shooting preferences, whether it’s the more forgiving brace height of the 38 Pro or the speed and accuracy of the 38 Ultra. To find the bow that’s right for you, see your Hoyt dealer today or visit



(From L to R) Peter Elzinga (2nd), (From L to R) Sofia Goncharova (1st), Reo Wilde (1st), Jorge Jimenez Anna Kazantseva (2nd), Jahna Davis (3rd). Not pictured: Dave Cousins (4th). (3rd). Not pictured Jamie Vannatta (4th).

*Based on Men’s Open Pro FITA, NFAA, NAA, ASA & IBO tournament circuits.

STEALTHSHOT™ Hoyt’s innovative StealthShot (patent pending) enhances accuracy by delivering a much cleaner release of the arrow from the string. It also decreases after-shot vibration and arm slap producing a more accurate shot.

CAM & 1/2 PERFORMANCE SYSTEM™ Since it’s introduction in 2003, the Cam & 1/2 System has dominated national and international tournaments with its extremely smooth draw and unparalleled accuracy. Available in 65% or 75% let-off featuring Hoyt’s draw length adjustment system.



Brace Height


Feet Per Second

Axle-to-Axle Brace Height

38½” 8¼”

Feet Per Second



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