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The “False Door” (Re-Per or Chapel Mouth) A simple image used as a symbolic door to the group egregore.

It facilitates dreaming, astral magick etc. Based on similar designs from Ancient Egypt, with additional ideas from sigil and colour theory of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Used by Khemetic Golden Dawn initiates & The Companions of Seth. For further information contact them direct via the web or This is painted in dense white matt emulsion onto deep black canvas. This particular size suits individual and group work. For esoteric reasons the measurements are given as old Imperial values with metric added for convenience. This monochrome version is suitable for low light conditions, such as a bedroom. A polychrome version is also available for normal daylight. This template is for those who prefer to make their own version although a readymade version can be supplied on request and in return for a small fee.

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