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and the commercialization of education using public funds Opportunity . (3) The PPP model for education proposed in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan talks about minimal government and social control over education and there was an emphasis about Industry privatization. (2) The Government has taken several measures to improve education at the elementary level in the country. people are willing to spend more on education once their basic needs of food and clothing are satisfied (2) An estimated US$40 bn market (3) Approximately 11% of school-age children not attending classes (4) Corporate initiatives have begun to tap this opportunity by exploring the propensity of the middle class to spend more on education the right of children to free and compulsory education (RTE) Act 2009 . roads. This shows that with an increase in per capita income. airports.Education Sector Propensity to spend on Private Education (1) Private-sector segment is nearly as big as the combined annual budget for power. ports and telecoms (based on the FY07-12 Five-Year Plan) (2) Private final consumption Government Expenditure on Education set to increase (1) The Government proposes to increase the education expenditure to 5% of Increasing market size (1) India has the 3rd largest GDP from the current levels of 3%. expenditure on education is on the rise. the major ones being the implementation of education system globally and has a network of more than 1 million schools and 18000 higher education institutions.

India’s GDP is set quadruple over the next ten years and India is likely to be a USD 4. some of which are Banking Sector. Life Insurance sector.Education Sector – Growth Potential  Driven by a nominal annual growth rate of 13%.9 times across several sectors Source: Edelweiss Research Report . Broking. Domestic Pharma and Healthcare. Education sector. Organized Retail sector  Education Sector expected to grow 5.7 times over and above the average growth rate of 4. Media and Entertainment.5 trillion (Trn) economy by the year 2020  Massive growth expected over several sectors. Asset Management. Premium Urban Housing.

But without proper education and training majority of these potential workers will not be employable .Education Sector CHALLENGES New players making entry and existing players getting aggressive OPPORTUNITIES  India’s education and training sector offers private institutions an estimated US$ 40 bn market.  Current private education market in India of ~US$ 40 billion is expected to grow to US$ 115 billion in the next 10 years  Global Workforce Requirement • 50% of population is below the age of 25 • Global shortfall of 56mn skilled workers by 2020. India will have 47 million excess at that time. with a potential 16% five-year CAGR.

Stationery and Multimedia . Tutoring $ 7 bn Test Prep. Stationery & Multimed a. Books. Tutoring $ 15 bn Source .4 bn US $80 billion FY 2014 Pre Schools. Books. $ 1.The Education Opportunity in India is estimated at US $40 billion India Education Overall Market estimated to grow at CAGR 16% US $40 billion FY 2009 Pre Schools.CLSA Research Report . $ 4 bn Higher Education $ 7 bn Vocational Training. $ 7 bn Vocational Training $ 4 bn K12 Schools $ 20 bn Higher Education $ 15 bn K12 Schools $ 39 bn Test Prep.

THE ESSEL PHILOSOPHY Offer the best to communities • Customers • Vendors • Employees • Shareholders Innovation • Organized Growth Customer Orientation • Customer Focus • Customer Satisfaction . entertainment. technology-enabled services. packaging.About US . infrastructure development and education The Group started business in 1976 and has since then metamorphosed into a conglomerate with worldwide operations and a workforce of nearly 8.000 dedicated employees.The Essel Group ESSEL GROUP India's most prominent business houses with a diverse portfolio of assets in media.

which is a rare event with the educational companies in the current scenario ZEE LEARN VALUES INTEGRITY Walk the talk OWNERSHIP LEADERSHIP Treat this as your company Leader in each segment.About US – Zee Learn Limited Education venture of ESSEL group. school innovations. 1 chain of pre-school in its portfolio Help individuals (children & youth) realize their unique potential through our school network. youth vocational institutes and online ventures We follow “what is right for the child” philosophy thus practicing our purpose  Listed in the stock market. Zee Learns purpose is to “IMPROVE THE HUMAN CAPITAL” through quality education and development  Leading education company with the fastest growing chain of K-12 schools and India’s No. TRUST Seek to understand CONTINUOUS LEARNING For continuous improvement .

Product Portfolio •Mount Litera Zee School School Network •Kidzee – preschool •Mount Litera World Pre school •Mount Litera World School School Innovation •Zee Learn Gakken Science Academy •School Management Service Youth Vocational Education •Zee Institute of Media Arts •Zee Institute of Creative Arts .

Pioneer as an organized and standardized preschool. Sound editing. Influencing over 150. 10 . offering diploma courses in Direction. Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA) is the nation's first fullfledged Classical and Digital Animation Training Academy that trains youth in classical 2D and modern 3D animation in 15 cities across the country.Product Portfolio India's No. 700 kidzee’s in more than 300 cities. 1 chain of preschools. Acting.000 children since its inception in 2003. Production and Cinematography. Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA) is a TV and Film training institute at Mumbai. Fastest growing school chain in India under the brand name Mount Litera Zee Schools Operates from class 1 to 12. Second largest chain of schools in the private unaided category with 65 schools in 48 cities.

The pedagogy is based on constructivism which lets each child build their own knowledge. state-ofthe-art infrastructure and personalized attention to each child. MLWP provides a global education to young children.Product Portfolio International Standard Pre-School With its Q-8 advantage. Introduce Japanese education in the field of science to schools in India Improve conceptual understanding Develop scientific temper amongst students by providing hands on experiment tools 11 .

Zee Learn .Talk of town 12 .

Talk of town.Zee Learn . from the CEO .

Zee Learn .Talk of town .

Hurix. Apollo tyres. Lionbridge  Top graduates hired from  IIMs. Nicholas Piramal.People at Zee Learn – Walk with the Leaders  Current employees include alumni of P&G. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. ESPN. IMT Nagpur. Educomp. Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies . Philips. Nestle. Cambrige. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. Max New York Life Insurance. IMT Ghaziabad. Loreal.

Baroda in January 2010 • Content. • Winner of Franchise Plus “Franchisor of the Year” award in 2010 . 2006. 2007 • Winner of Franchising World “Best Franchisor in Education” award in 2009. the infrastructure at Kidzee centers was found be safe. welcoming.Accolades Litera Octave Illume Validation • Independently validated by M S University. stimulating. methodology and assessment techniques of the program were found to be developmentally appropriate and child centered • Moreover. 2005. non-governmental and non-profit organization concerned with all aspects of early childhood education and care (ECEC • Zee Learn was honored by being chosen as the sole India Representative at OMEP World Congress in August 2010 Awards • Winner of Franchising World “Best Franchisor in Pre-school education” award in 2004. interesting and child friendly Collaboration with OMEP • OMEP is an international.

Business project .Understanding the company .Independent Business Profile .Role specific project assignment which is independent and high impact by nature -Business Head and Leadership Team are long term aspirations .Training on Business .Mini Projects .Management Trainee (1 year) .Impact the areas of branding and project management .Opportunity to craft future of start-up .Your role @ Zee Learn Boot Camp Managemen t Trainee (1 Year) Independent Business Profile Business Head Leadership Team -Boot Camp .

From doing the smallest of the clerical tasks to making the biggest of the decisions for my brands.2011 . IIM Kozhikode . Here. etc. the feeling of belongingness comes quick.” Rahul Bansal. and it has been a huge learning experience from start. I have across multi – functional teams and been exposed to aspects of Project Management. IMT Nagpur . it has been a great learning experience. I am working on four exciting projects and with its open culture. guidance is never too far away! “Zee Learn Limited offered me the chance to work on the entire spectrum of jobs possible as a marketer.2011 “It has been less than a year at Zee Learn. I got a chance to put my ideas forward. The opportunities that have come my way in such a short span of time is something that truly differentiates the company! And it continues to show such a promise in the future as well. New Initiatives. Here. This is an advantage one can get only companies the size of Zee Learn Limited.Alumni Delight about Life at Zee Learn Meghana Joshi. Today. With a very young team handling almost all aspects of business. and have always been encouraged to do so.

financial analysis.Alumni Delight about Life at Zee Learn Pratik Tibrewal.2011 “It is only this place where you get freedom to do what you want and be who you want to be. Within a span of six months I got a chance to work on various projects which involved business modeling. As charity begins from Home. There are also various events organized in the company for self improvement with the leaders of the company which helps to go beyond one’s capability. Within a small time I have learnt a lot at this place from application of MBA concepts to things that we do not learn in an MBA School. “The journey so far in the company has been challenging and exciting at the same time.” Amol Mahale. I joined as an MT and now within 6 months have become the Brand Manager of a leading product in the Education space of India. If you have the potential. Direct interaction with the Business Head helped me understand the significance of a flat organizational structure. it becomes easier to gel with everyone and hence the work environment becomes friendly as well as competitive at the same time. IMT Ghaziabad . Since it is a young organization (Average age of people in the organization is 29 yrs). SIMSREE . working on MIS and also a PPP project. If you have the desire to LEARN this is the place you will want to work with. your career will see a sharp growth and the potential inside you is the only criteria to decide who you are.2011 . ‘Improving Human Capital’ starts from within the company itself at Zee Learn.

Why Zee Learn?  Opportunity to make an impact on company success  Opportunity to work on challenging project  Opportunity to work with management graduates from top Business Schools  Visibility and recognition  Opportunity to make it to the leadership team  Global rotation program .

Looking forward having you with Zee Learn Limited .50 Lacs Gross Pay: Rs.a.50 Lacs p. 7. 9.a.Rs. Performance pay: Rs. 50. 1.000 p.50 Lacs p.a. Benefits: Rs.Compensation on Offer Our offer for the current batch: Cost To Company (CTC) .

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