We not only have A. Our Part, 9 a spiritual arsenal B. Their Part, 10 in the Bible, but a II.

WHO THEY ARE spiritual ________ Security from Angels, 11 in the angels that watch over our lives as heirs of the kingdom of Christ.

Thesis: Protection from Evil, 9-10


Definition: Angels are an invisible army of beings who manage ______________ to the advantage of God’s kingdom and God’s subjects.

career ministry fellowship ...making a career of living for the Lord!

ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT 1. Angels are ______________ beings A. Angels were created initially for Christ’s ______________, Col 1:16; Rev 19:10 John 15:8 B. Angels were commissioned Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear subsequently to serve and much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples _____________, Rev 22:8-9; Ps 148:2 2. Angels are ____________ beings, Heb 1:14; Eph 6:12 3. Angels are ________________ beings, 1 Pet 1:12; Luke 15:10 THREE QUALITIES OF PERSONALITY • Intellect • Emotion • Will 4. Angels are ______________________ beings, Rev 5:11; Heb 12:22 5. Angels are ________________ beings of light, Den 10:5-6 6. Angels are reminders of divine ______________ Acts 12:7 7. Angels are __________________ beings

finding your fruitfulness
AN EXPERIENTIAL EXEGESIS OF ANGELS IN VOGUE 1. Our ______________ is fascinated by the idea of supportive supernatural forces operating in the world 2. The invisible spiritual realm the scriptures call “heavenly places” is impacted and affected by what the ____________ does on planet earth, Eph 3:10 3. Since what the saints do intrudes upon the spiritual realm, God has an interest in using spiritual ____________ to minister to the saints, Heb 1:14

Mystery of Angelic Involvement

Psalm 91:9-11
Message Eleven

A. They are assigned to ______________ God, Rev 4:8 B. They are created to execute God’s ________, Ps 103:20-21 C. They are sent to ________________ to the saints, Ps 34:7; Matt 18:10 8. Angels are ________________ beings, 2 Thes 1:7-8; 2 Kgs 19:35; Rev 7:1

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New Time! Career Class meets each Sunday at 11:00A.M. in the gym! Next Sunday! De-Privatizing Your Spiritual Gifts, 1 Peter 4:10-11

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psalm 91— angels
Point 1. God has _________________ agents who can address visible adversities. Point 2. God will not reveal anything to you about “you” that God cannot ______ for you if you let God work in you. Point 3. There is never a nanosecond of time you cannot make anywhere you go a __________________ to worship, because angels are already assisting.


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