Cheque Imaging Workflow
Cheque Image transfer through FileAct

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The following document shows the workflow of “Transmission of cheque images” using SWIFTNet FileAct protocol.

Cheque Imaging Workflow: Branch/Hub Archive Image Capture Image Quality Management Image Review/ Rescan Reports Batch Loging FileAct Transfer of Image & data Operations Centre Digital Dashboard Reconcileme nt & Balancing Reject Repair Amount Entry Image Character Recognition IRIS Receipts Payee Name Archive Reports Host Applicati on RBI/ Direct Exchange Exchang e Monitor .

For the transmission of cheque images. Secured Transmission It is based on FileAct transfer of cheque images through SWIFTNet secured network. Teller reviews images and optionally Re-Scans bad images Selected Items are Re-Scanned for a better Image. most financial institutions require the ability to exchange files in a secure. is used for the processing of cheque. or MICR. image capturing of Batch Ticket takes place. Following are the processes covered under the Cheque Imaging Workflow. Processes Image Capture After getting Log Batches/cheques from Branch. FileAct allows you to do precisely that. Image Quality Image quality is checked on various factors like. reliable and cost-effective manner. Availability of cheque images can occur same Day. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. The Front and Back Images are captured as per the guidelines stated by the Central Bank.       Partial Image Excessive Image Skew Image Too Light or Too Dark Image Contains Streaks and/or Bands Below Minimum Image Size Exceeds Maximum Image Size Image Review Image Review displays images of all items that have failed Image Quality check. There is a provision of Backup in case of Lost Cheques. It is a character recognition technology used primarily by the banking industry to makes up the routing number and account number at the bottom of a check. System validates MICR to make sure the image replaces the right item Archive & Reports Archive constitute of 5 day Storage. .

During the complete process. i. . Here only 10% of work is manual.e reading the mentioned amount in both in numeric and word format. Image Character Recognition Courtesy Amount Read (CAR) and Legal Amount Read (LAR).IRIS IRIS or Image recognition integrated systems is helpful in text recognition and document management of the Cheque images received. Key amounts – upwards of 2500 iph. there is a provision of fixing the rejected cheques as per sort pattern. IRIS rotates the cheque If the cheque was run front side backwards. Payee Name and Depositor Account Number. only 20% of manual job is done. MICR line Rejects only if. only 30% of manual work is required. Payee Name This process fixes only unreadable part of the cheque. Apart from that it also checks for the Payee Date. In this process. Hence there is an increase in efficiency. Amount Entry Amount entry is being done by the system on a very high speed. Reconcilement & Balancing If it is found that there is an Out Of Balance transaction.   The cheque was run upside down. Reject Repair If the images are rejected by the system. IRIS flips the cheque. reconcilement and Image Correction is carried out.

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