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=============================================================================== TeamSpeak 3 - Client Changelog Copyright TeamSpeak Systems GmbH http://www.teamspeak.

com =============================================================================== + Added feature or noticeable improvement - Bug fix or something removed * Changed or Information ! Important - Take note! =============================================================================== === Client Release 3.0.1 12 Aug 2011 * On machines that have a center speaker (like surround 5.1 and surround 7.1) changed the output channels for 1 channel sound to front left+right speakers (was center speaker). This fixes issues for people who have no center speaker connected even though their sound card is configured for surround sound. - Fixed "Assertion channels==0". - Fixed UTF-8 usage in plugins API, stylesheets, package installer, soundpacks and updater. === Client Release 3.0.0 05 Aug 2011 ! Increased plugin API version to 13 + Multiple improvements to Voice Latency (= the time it takes before what you say is heard by others). Among these also a tweak to the Voice Activity Detection which makes VAD slightly less accurate but removes 20ms of latency. The old VAD behavior is still available as "Legacy Voice Activation Detection" in capture settings. + Added "connectbookmark=<bookmarkUuid>" commandline parameter. + Changed the custom nickname character limit (no whitespaces), minimum 1 and maximum 30 characters. + Added getServerVersion, isWhispering and isReceivingWhisper to plugin API. + Added getAvatar and onAvatarUpdated to plugin API. See test plugin for usage. + Added that Push-To-Talk delay also affects Push-To-Whisper and whisper reply. + Showing a notice if a bookmark has "unresolved" properties to remind about who is using the defaults temporarily. + The keyboard-search in servertree has been improved. Holding down SHIFT while typing a character to search backwards. Custom nickname has priority. + Many new commands added to clientquery interface * If a timeout occurs while enumerating direct input devices, a dialog shows which devices have been found so far. It might will help find the problem. * SPECIAL_3D_TEST and SPECIAL_SOUND_TEST are always attempted to play from default soundpack, even when "no sounds" is configured. - Fixed bug that could lead to corrupted sound being played back when the latency factor slider was set to values > 1. - Fixed when switching to playback profile with a slash in its name a new profile was created. - Fixed whisper list hotkeys, individual use of "on key down/release". - Fixed that servernames in subscriptions dialog will be updated. - Fixed downloads when target dir is not writable (e.g. CD, DVD etc). - Fixed HotKey Run Plugin commands with length above 1024 will be truncated. === Client Release 3.0.0-rc2 08 Jun 2011 + Added banner resize mode to virtualserver settings. + Channel context menu "unsubscribe from channel family" is available as soon as any subchannel is subscribed. + "Set Avatar" now is disabled without permission. + Added package installer for easy plugins/styles/soundpacks etc. one-click installations. * Plugin authors note: requestChannelSubscribe and requestChannelUnsubscribe now take an array of channelIDs as parameter instead of a single channelID.

* * * * * * * * -

Exchanged default soundpack with male and female soundpacks. Added soundpack page to setup wizard to select one of male or female. Select and scroll to own client after connecting. Fixed switching a fullscreen game to desktop when client is minimized and showing the "warn while muted", the "entering moderated channel", the "force push-to-talk" or the "maximum amount of clients reached" dialog. Client and server log windows now save and restore log level checkbox states. Added "Debug" checkbox to control debug output in client log window. Added "Delete" to channel permission to set i_channel_needed_delete_power. Plugin API: Added returnCode parameter to sendPluginCommand Support for international domain names readded. Removed validation of input text from connection connect and bookmark address field, so that every address can be used. Fixed possible crash in AppScanner plugin with Umlauts. Added a missing separator within an invitation. Moved rest of the sounds into soundpack for more customized handling. Fixed that poke dialog no longer opens when nickname was changed. Changed the Push-To-Talk tooltip lines which were displayed in wrong order. Fixed displaying port when connected via invitation. Fixed errordisplay when family subscriptions on channels fail. Fixed dropping images from filebrowser into channel description when connected on multiple servers. Fixed context menu to copy offlinemessage text. Limited the last mentioned URLs in systemtray context menu to 10. Fixed that image-descriptions near avatar are sometimes written over the edge Image in channel description was broken when overwritten with same name. Fixed that offline messages throws a warning when recipient wasn't found on the server. Don't save empty subscribed channels list when quickly disconnecting again from a server, loosing the subscribed channels. Fixed problem when binding hotkeys while joysticks were active that "pressed" a button constantly. Fixed that TeamSpeak does not start as a result of broken input device drivers. If detected TeamSpeak will at least start without usable hotkeys. Fixed ts3server:// links being overwritten by autoconnect bookmarks when a bookmark for the linked server already exists. Windows installer no longer allows installing the 64-bit client on 32-bit operating systems.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-rc1 10 May 2011 ! Updated CELT codec. Due to codec bitstream incompatibility you can only communicate with new clients in channels using the CELT codec. Old clients will either sound weird/corrupt, or (on newer servers) will not be heard. ! Increased plugin API version to 11 ! Style authors should adjust SERVER_PORT in their serverinfo.tpl, see the existing template within the default style. + Removed fmod sound system + Added a new default sound pack + Added new "easy permission" dialogue for easier configuration of permissions + Added text format toolbar and WYSIWYG edit mode to channel description tear-off editor. + Added TSDNS support, see documentation on the TSDNS server release, which is bundled with future TS server releases. Connecting to servers for the first time via hostname can be slower than before in some circumstances. + Added delay of one second to server-side client search in "All clients" dialog before search can be used again to avoid spamming the server. + Added horizontal scrollbars to channel group dialogs + Added dialog to manage server subscription modes to Options - Applications + Removed option "Show smilies", now every chat context menu sets globally. + Added hotkey "Stylesheet helper" which helps us and stylesheet authors to

+ + + + + + + + + + + * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

show the needed information from under cursor widget. Additionally it will set the given stylesheet e.g. background: blue; for highlight. Added "F1" keyboard shortcut to open permissions help window. To avoid confusion, a notice in the advanced permissions tree informs the the user when b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions is enabled. Added information dialog when voice activation detection changes to Push-to-talk or vice versa due to b_client_force_push_to_talk. Added button to chat options page to change chat default font. TTS (Text To Speech) on Windows now uses the correct playback device. TTS (Text To Speech) volume on Windows can now be adjusted via playback sound pack volume slider. Channel create/edit dialog now allows to set some channel specific permission Added option to virtual server dialog to disable weblist reporting In filetransfer view, a slot and speed limitation can be set directly. The minimum speed limit is at least 5 KiB. Fixed making a passworded channel to default channel. Note: If a channel was made to a default channel it cannot just be switched back. Make another channel default instead - see also tooltip. Showing information message when trying to delete the default channel. Updated to Qt 4.7.2 Playback options: Voice volume slider now requires a click to "Apply", so both sliders now behave identical. Overhauled ban dialogs. Overhauled webserver list layout. Print more detailed message when a channel/client/server icon wasn't found. Testing voice in the capture device option page will now use the default playback profile instead of the currently selected profile. Capture Mode and -Device can be changed during an active voice test. Hoster button now works with php scripts serving images, it is not longer required to directly link to image files. link to image files The file transfer bandwidth limit takes influence of the available slots. Each slot should have at least 5 KiB/s, 2 slots 10 KiB/s etc. Updated layout of channel settings dialog Capture- and Playback devices will be checked for validity and existence on device change or when the connection is initiated. "Start/Stop rotation" have been removed from 3D item context menu entries. The invitation dialog will be closed when client gets disconnected. Glance button no longer toggles global option, instead toggle the subscribe subscribe state for individual server tabs. State is saved and restored per server unique id over client restart. Removed option "Mute microphone when locking", now always active. Enabled text chat to ServerQuery clients. Inform user that a ServerQuery needs to register for private text messages to receive private chats. To reduce server load, when applying easy permissions send all permissions in one step. This makes marking UI elements red when the permissions could not be applied unfortunately impossible, so this feature was removed for now. Show only one permissions help window per permissions dialog, not one per tab Implemented more Lua functions, see testmodule/demo.lua. Lua plugin now registers for plugin commands so they can be used from Lua scripts. More/Less button state saved and restored for connect, bookmarks and virtual server edit dialogs. Plugin filename suffixes are removed for pluginCommand usage. Currently removed suffixes are: _win32, _win64, _linux_x86, _linux_amd64, _x86, _amd64, _32, _64, _mac, _i386, _ppc Added settings dialog to Lua plugin to allow enabling or disabling Lua script modules, replacing the old mechanism with the text file in the Lua plugin directory. "/lua run <function>" now supports running functions from modules using "/lua run <module>.<function>". Adjusted testmodule to the new beheaviour.

* Port fields removed from connect and bookmark dialogs. Instead the syntax <hostname>:<port> is used. * Overhauled permissions help widget * Display in client info frame if a channel group was inherited from an upper channel. * Clients contextmenu offers to set inherited channel groups if applicable on current subchannel. * Overhauled appscanner plugin settings * Overhauled contextmenus in permissions window * Adjusted eliding channel names in sort-after dropdown box in channel edit dialog * Overhauled context menus in filetransfer view * URL Catcher only writes new captured URLs on client quit * Added tooltip help texts when creating channel spacer * Allow drag&drop from clients list into client permission lineedit * Removed now unused callback onVoiceRecordDataEvent from plugin API * Serverconnectioninfo window remembers position * Fixed client lag when renaming contacts in huge contact list * Setup wizard overhauled - Fixed possible assertion on incoming chats. - Virtual server weblist checkbox disabled on missing permission on newer servers. - Fixed possible crash in G15 plugin when pressing the "Chan" button while disconnected. - Fixed VolumeControl plugin to close settings dialog when deactivating plugin via hotkey. - Fixed that an unchecked transfer speed limit means unlimited. - Fixed server tabs not switching playback/capture devices properly when only the mode was changed. - Fixed appscanner plugin handling client data when server was restarted. - Calling plugin functions requestFileList and requestPermissionOverview no longer open the FileBrowser or PermissionOverview dialogs within the client. Added returnCode parameter to onFileListEvent and onPermissionOverviewEvent, so plugins can also check if the callbacks were caused by an own request. - "Test Voice" stops as soon as the microphone will be activated - Fixed subscribe-all freezing the client for several seconds on big servers. - Playing notifications test sound now uses the TS3 default playback profile instead of the system default device and uses the wave file volume modifier. - Remember selected item in notifications tree when switching sound packs. - Fixed default settings for contacts manager being saved to wrong config file. - Fixed disconnect not stopping autoreconnect properly during IP lookup. - Fixed caught URLs "times mentioned" numeric sorting. - The whisper history context menu got a few more entries. - Fixed an offline message issue when a contact changed his nickname while typing an offline message. - Fixed using "one time privilege key" after improving security level when connecting to server. - Fixed that channel chat tab name could be wrong after reconnect. - Fixed several widget height issues on netbooks. - Limit amount of remembered client log messages to 500. - Fixed client log view losing text format when clicking the Clear button. - Don't open chat tab on double-click for ServerQuery clients. - Fixed showing Device-Changed-Notification when playback or capture mode has been reset to default during sound system convertion. - Automatically select top group after deleting a server- or channelgroup - Fixed hotkey when editing/renaming "switch to channel", reported by user in forum - Channel spacer weren't shown in "switch to channel" list. - Fixed bad apply/discard check on Options Download page, which always reported to have changed with an empty config file.

- To resolve issues with some webservers, no longer append ?suid=<server uid> to banner URLs. - Fixed reloading privilege key list after creating invitation. - Fixed virtualserver edit dialog having "Banner gfx URL" and "URL" fields in wrong order. - Double-click on Grant column in advanced permission tree will add the grant permission instead of the normal permission if permission was assigned yet. - Check matching client unique identifier when opening a contextmenu from chat. - Fixed playing connected sound after dialog about unfinished filetransfer was closed. - Removed showing "???" when download gets larger than listed. For example, when resuming an upload, while another one is downloading. - Fixed notifications test sounds not playing when playback device was set to "Automatically use best mode" and "Default" device. - Activating capture device of the server tab which previously owned the capture device when applying capture options, instead of activating the most-right server tab. - Disable chat tabs when autoreconnecting after server connection was lost. - Don't disable chat input field anymore when the chat partner is not connected to ensure offline messages can be sent and the chat text can be still accessed. - When a client with an active chat tab disconnects and another visible client with the same client unique ID is available, reassign the chat tab to the other client ID to continue the chat. - When continuing to chat with the same client UID after reconnecting to another server, reusing the existing chat tab. - Fixed that a filetransfer hangs in waiting status, when file is in use. - Return key to enter a channel will now ignore autorepeat, so the action triggers only once when the key is pressed down. - Fixed filetransfer context menu "open folder" on queue item. - Fixed showing "Transfer Completed" as tray message when cancelled. - Fixed an issue when download contains subfolders - Don't show the "ID not found" dialog when adding a client to a server- or channelgroup fails on insufficient permissions error. - Adjusted search behaviour for permissions to find both the permission name and description, independent of which of them is currently displayed. - Group sort ID now used in comboboxes in whisper and privilege key dialogs. - Fixed printMessage plugin function with channel target. - Couple of filetransfer fixes like: progress sorting, up-/download texts, filetransfer view show once... - Fixed that playback- and capture devices only were checked when connected - Fixed that context menu on user in channel groups appears twice - Default font family for chat was shown wrong. - Fixed displaying ":0" when connecting to IP. - Fixed possible crash when autoreconnecting on a server which was previously connected to using an IP. - Fixed password parameter when inviting a buddy - Fixed no more triggering close/reopen capture devices when just changing PreProcessorConfigValues like voice activation state, echo cancelling etc. - Fixed playing sound "file transfer complete" when canceling while using bandwidth limiter. - No custom contextmenu when clicking on Windows titlebar - Fixed language selection box in application options page - Fixed showing the creation date of files in file transfer overwrite dialog. - Added selection page for overlay and volumecontrol plugins to setup wizard, added check to open bookmarks/serverlist/Get own server webpage to last wizard page. - Ignore ts3file:// links in URLCatcher - If the currently used capture profile gets deleted, the default capture profile will be set on all connected servers using this profile.

- Fixed display of newly downloaded icons in icon viewer === Client Release 3.0.0-beta37 21 Dec 2010 ! Plugin API version increased to 9. Added possibility to use return codes with plugins to associate server errors with ts3 function calls from individual plugins. See the test plugin for implementation details. ! Soundpack creators take note, the ${clientType} variable now expands to "blocked_user" instead of "foe" for consistency reasons. ! The maximum amount of simultaneous tranfers is now 10 (5 upload/5 download). + Added function requestInfoUpdate to plugin API to allow plugins to request updating the info area of the specified item if this is the currently displayed item in the info area. + Added option "Enable Voice Activation Detection while using Push-To-Talk" + Added "Quota" tab to client connection info dialog to display monthly filetransfer quota statistics. + Added that clients can be added via unique-/database id and dropped from server tree or contacts into permissions -> channel groups -> clients. + Added "Whisper lists" button to whisper options as alternative way to open the whisper lists dialog. + Channel descriptions can now be formatted using the BB-Code [LIST] tag. Also supported is [LIST=x] where x is one of "1, i, I, a, A". + Add search field to servergroups permissions window. + Added "Skip" and "SkipAll" for filetransfers + Filebrowser shows current available dirs and files + Added "Delete client" to contextmenu in "All clients" dialog for deleting offline clients directlry from the clients database list. + Added dialog with a "Don't show again" checkbox when entering a moderated channel to inform the user how to request talk power. + Added links to add-ons webpage to multiple places in the client. + Hotkeys now have an own config named hotkeys.ini. Existing hotkeys will be extracted to the new config file at client startup and only accessed there. This makes it easier to share hotkey configurations. + All contacs have been extracted to own config named contacts.ini + Added a message popup when server update is available but server hasn't been updated for at least seven days. + Added information dialog when warn-when-muted sound is played for the first time telling the user what this sound means and give him a chance to disable the feature. * Changed hotkey to focus channel widget from Shift-Backspace to Alt-Return. * Permission overview contextmenu item is now dependant on either b_client_permissionoverview_own or b_client_permissionoverview_view for own client and b_client_permissionoverview_view for other clients. * Permission overview now shows grant permission in a new column of the corresponding permission instead of an own line. * The search field in the "All clients" dialog now searches directly on the server instead of the local results. So no need to hit "More" multiple times until all clients are received before searching anymore. * When uploading/downloading an existing file, the dialog shows filesize and file creationdate. * Permission filter text and state of the granted-only checkbox are now saved and restored per permission tab. * Changed behavior of clicking a ts3server:// link including "addbookmark". Now choose between "Do nothing", "Bookmark only" and "Bookmark and Connect". * New more detailed soundpack entries for server/channelgroup assigned actions. * Permissions tree now displays group icon and the show-group-name permission as icon and text instead of the raw permission value. * When kicked or banned from the server, only one or neither sound file will be played, depending on which notification is activated. * Behaviour of glance button changed: Now toggles between "Subscribe to all channels" and "Subscribe to current and previously subscribed channels"

* -

option. Current channel subscribe state is saved to disc and restored next client restart. If "Subscribe to all channels" is selected, newly created channels are automatically subscribed. The Hotkey "Bring Client to Front" will no longer minimize a full screen game Fixed chat logging when multiple servertabs are trying to log into the same logfile. When forcing to start a second client with "-nosingleinstance", the second instance will log chats to avoid having multiple clients write to the same file producing invalid HTML. Fixed dropping files to upload on filebrowsers tool buttons. Dropping there is not available from the outside like desktop, explorer etc. Inside the filebrowser, items can still be dropped to root or the according levels up. When adding a user twice to a server group, don't open the buddy-invite dialog occuring when a client is unknown on this server. Reload server/channelgroups when b_serverinstance_modify_templates or b_serverinstance_modify_querygroup have changed. Whisper lists in whisper dialog can now be changed using cursor keys. Fixed source file being deleted from view when drag&drop operation in filebrowser failed. Overhauled layout of offline messages dialogs, added Ctrl+N and Ctrl+R keyboard shortcuts for "New" and "Reply" actions. Fixed filetransfer playing error sound twice if file not found Fixed filetransfer request to overwrite/resume/abort files Fixed date/time format in filebrowser, urlcatcher, clientdebuglog and client log, which wasn't system dependent Remove write-only file property before deleting local avatar to avoid the "Failed to remove existing local avatar copy" error message. Fixed filetransfer progressbar display on windows when using classic theme Fixed playing filetransfer complete sound once per download Removed option "Only play sound when all of my transfers have been completed" Fixed assertion when editing a channel or channelclient permission and channels were created, moved or deleted. Fix the "warn when talking while muted" function: It should now only occure if you have only a mic mute set - and it works with Push-To-Talk now. Fixed sorting in filebrowser, alphabetic order wasn't always respected Fixed pasting files or folders containg "=" in name from filebrowser Fixed crash when transferring files simultaneous Fixed starting updater located in a directory with unicode characters Fixed resetting filebrowsers window state when refreshing directory Fixed filebrowser could throw "database empty result set" when transferring recursive and by that end up in a broken/invalid paths. Fixed format options were taken over to other tabs. Fixed an issue, when clicking invitation but starting TeamSpeak for the first time. Fixed "Server groups dialog" menuitem in client contextmenu being enabled on hotkey even if the client lacks i_group_member_add_power. Added Save/Discard/Abort dialog to bookmarks manager when closing the dialog while bookmarks are modified.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta36 08 Nov 2010 + Added Shift-Backspace keyboard shortcut to focus the channeltree for easier screenreader usage. Adjusted spoken accessible names in the mainwindow and further improved tab focus behaviour. + Activate, Deactivate and Toggle PTT hotkeys have been moved to category Microphone and renamed to "Local Mic Mute" which is now more meanigful - Fixed whisper reply hotkey which was mixed up when assigned via whisper list dialog. - Fixed missing window title of setup wizard on Linux - Restored previous chat line input focus behaviour if selecting clients or channels in the tree or a chat tab using the mouse. If using keyboard

navigation, the chat input is not focused to avoid interfering with accessibility support. Fixed possible crash when permission window was automatically closed on server shutdown but dialogs or contextmenus were still open. Fixed a bug where VAD cannot be used when Toggle PTT was manually added Fixed "Toggle Speaker Mute" und "Toggle Microphone Mute" in setup wizard Fixed hotkeys configured in setup wizard not being set properly Fixed assertion when adding Hotkey-/Capture- or Playback Profile hotkey Adjusted input validator of permissions tree Channel commander action can now be added to toolbar Sort ID now considered for server groups order in permissions overview. Fixed iconpath when IconPack entry is missing in the config file. Overhauled volumecontrol plugin.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta35 27 Oct 2010 * Automatically removing "mailto:" when copying an email address * Adjusted tab focus behaviour of client main window for easier keyboard navigation using a screenreader. + Added Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut to focus the chat input line. - Fixed appscanner no longer crashes the client when apps.ini is broken - Fixed bbCode autotagging issues when channel description or chat text contains bbCode-tag - Fixed avatar could be set on wrong tab ! beta34 skipped === Client Release 3.0.0-beta33 25 Oct 2010 (never released in stable branch) * Added a bookmarks label character limit + Because of a hotkey search includes bookmarks and channels, it was rather slow on big servers. The search pattern now must have at least 3 characters. + Added Hotkey converter extension to fix a possible crash which can be caused by invalid or old hotkeys. - Fixed requesting avatar with 2 connections and same identity - Fixed Push-To-Talk hotkey in "Test Voice" and also "Delay releasing PTT" - Fixed disabled sounds when optionspage was closed just with "Cancel" - Fixed some issues when adding a push-to-talk key manually via hotkey setup but still using vad - Server- and channelgroups can now be sorted by setting the new permission i_group_sort_id. If not set or set to zero, the group ID is considered for sorting. - Support for new permission i_group_show_name_in_tree: Set to 1 to display the group name before the client name inside the tree. Set to 2 to display group name behing client name. Set to 0 to ignore (same as not set). - Fixed expand/collapse indicator not showing when dragging folders in bookmarks manager. - Fixed possible crash when deactivating the G15 plugin. Updated Logitech SDK to version 3.06. Users running Logitech 2.x drivers should update their G15 drivers. - Fixed selecting first group when opening the permissions window === Client Release 3.0.0-beta32 12 Oct 2010 * Hotkey dialog got an overhaul and available hotkeys are more categorized * Changed that DEL key, when holding down in treeview is no longer autorepeated if deleting a channel or kicking a client * Respect our min/max size when creating or editing "Change Nickname" hotkey + Added that a whisper reply hotkey can be assigned in whisper list dialog - Fixed some loading issue, when image will be renamed in filebrowser but used in channel description - Fixed moving files from one filebrowser to another, when both are from same server and also same channel (means same file), then moving is prevented. - Fixed showing error message when banned uid was not found by the server

- Fixed push-to-talk hotkey where PTT could be activated though VAD is chosen - When switching chat tabs while writing a message, all used WYSIWYG textformat options will be translated to bbCode - Fixed a crash when hostmessage dialog was OK-clicked when server tab was already closed - Fixed deactivated buttons when filebrowser folder is empty - Fixed client icon file not found errors after deleting an icon from offline user which will occur when icon is no longer in cache. Requesting the icon is now blocked until client reconnects. - Fixed bbCode URLs in Hostmessage dialog again which was deactivated by work on poke dialog context menu - Fixed possible crash on exit when whisper history widget has been opened. - Handle "database empty result set" server message when opening the servers icon view dialog without any icons available. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta31 27 Sep 2010 * Handle server error when client version is too old for this server by telling the user why the connection failed and offer an automatic client update. * User context menu in poke dialog now opens by clicking mouse left or right * When opening a filebrowser dialog and its geometry is beyond desktop, it will be moved to the upper left corner to not get lost. + Added clientquery- sendtextmessage will open chattab when partner not in view + Added that complains can be removed with DEL- key and also forced when holding SHIFT- key (will suppress the confirmation dialog) - Fixed "database empty result" when entering empty directory - Fixed "database empty result" when client-/server group has no permission set - Fixed opening empty filebrowser - Fixed two clicks needed to deactivate glancebutton if subscribed to channel with clients inside - Fixed possible broken filetransfer stats at the end when overwriting files - Fixed that playback- and hotkey profile can't be activated on active tab via self menu when tab didn't get activated by mouse click - Fixed bbCode URLs in Hostmessage dialog, which were not clickable - Fixed showing an empty complain list when removing fails - Fixed a minor issue with 'drag & drop' in Bookmarks Manager - Fixed identities with "Umlauts" which weren't converted correctly - Fixed "Connection Info" menuitem in "Self" menu being deactivated when online and activated when offline. Fixed possible crash when closing client with connectioninfo dialogs open. - Reworked application shutdown mechanism to avoid corrupt configuration files === Client Release 3.0.0-beta30 21 Sep 2010 + Support sending and receiving unencrypted voice data. Added options to the create/edit channel dialog and to the virtual server edit dialog where this behavior can be configured. Only available on server beta29 and higher. + Support for ts3server:// on Mac OS X * Changed keyboard shortcut for webserverlist from Ctr+W to Ctrl+Alt+S, as Ctrl+W can collide with the standard window close shortcut. * Changed the behavior of user context menu in poke dialog * Permissions tree now includes permissions with grant power only when the "Show granted only" checkbox is enabled. - Fixed edit box for clientname could be larger than predefined - Fixed possible crash when server stops and permissions window is open. Permissions subdialogs (add/delete/copy group) are now non-modal. - Identities were trimmed on load - Renaming in treeview will no longer be interrupted when poke dialog or new message tab opens - Connect hotkey now only works if disconnected or previous connection has completed to avoid starting multiple connection attempts at the same time. - Adjusted path to clientquery docs on Mac OS X.

- Fixed logging capture- and playback device name. - Fixed plugin loading when pathname contains non-standard characters. - Revertes changed to application path detection in beta29, so starting the client from a webbrowser via ts3server:// link works again properly. - Rename also the existing "ConnectTo" hotkeys when bookmark was renamed - Fixed offline message cache which could return wrong messages - Fixed size of host message dialog if it is a short message - Removed check for i_ft_file_browse_power when opening the filebrowser window, as this check is inaccurate as the value for i_ft_needed_file_ browse_power is unknown to the client. - Fixed plugin dialog displaying wrong information for unloaded (wrong API version etc.) plugins. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta29 10 Sep 2010 - Fixed opening an empty banlist - Fixed not writing logs and accessing sounds or plugins when path contains an apostrophe - Fixed selecting channel and server group items in 3D setup with same id === Client Release 3.0.0-beta28 - 08 Sep 2010 ! The way certain text message characters are escaped was changed, servers below beta28 will not be able to correctly display some text messages ! Plugin API version increased to 8 + Added new plugin called ClientQuery which acts similar to the server query functionality, but can only be accessed via localhost (Port 25639). It is enabled by default and is useful to add TS3 related information into third party applications + Added getServerConnectInfo, getChannelConnectInfo, getChannelVariableAsUint64 and setChannelVariableAsUInt64 functions for plugins, see the test plugin as example how to use them. + Added ts3plugin_requestAutoload to plugins API to let plugins request to be automatically loaded on client start, unless the user has manually disabled the plugin. + Added "Copy Nickname to clipboard" context menu to "List All Clients" dialog + When editing ban entries of another users fail, a messagebox shows that a modified copy will be inserted instead + Rewrote the updater it now also has a banner as an appreciation to the companies that provide bandwidth and servers * Some minor offline message text-tweaks which makes it more email alike * Added an improvement to highlight a bookmark item, if nickname has an invalid length * More improvements of server groups priority in 3D setup when a client has multiple server groups (particularly add and delete) * Improved priority of server groups in 3D setup * Plugin dialog now displays all plugins which failed to load including an error message. - Fixed playing sound "error" when filetransfer fails instead of "complete" - Fixed collapsing permissions list when insufficient permission modify power - Renamed mute microphone keybind for clarity - Added hotkey "Activate Microphone (current tab)" - Fixed missing error sound when connection to server fails - Fixed that self menu could set hardware mute on wrong tab - Fixed possible crash when reconnecting to a server while permissions dialog is still open - Fixed wrong flickering tray icon after server shutdown - Fixed sound and description when connection to server failed - Fixed using master volume when restoring client volume - Fixed client names with special characters, which could end up in "????" in offline message context menu (left-click) - Fixed wrong icon after server shutdown

Fixed drop file on a file in same filebrowser caused an empty line Fixed deactivate Priority Speaker, which didn't work sometimes Fixed visibility of "Offline Message Dialog" when opened via context menu Fixed ban list buttons Plugins API: Fixed sendPluginCommand function. Added client-side check when loading nicknames from bookmarks or last used entry of connectdialog to prevent non-printable unicode characters. Overhauled chatline cursor backup to restore cursor position on tab change. Handle modal-quit message on servers with 0 max slots Fixed string issue in whisper dialog when groupname contained html Fixed that string "invalid" was out of bounds in capture sound setup dialog when combobox had an invalid capture device Fixed filebrowser Drag&Drop from channel to channel on a file, we assume current path instead of a denied symbol Fixed channelinfo template description field didn't use the hole width Fixed sending Offline Messages to a disconnected chatpartner via context menu could end up in "Premature end of document" Fixed some hotkeys did't respect different server tabs Text tweak for warn-when-muted Fixed parsing ts3server links with Unicode nicknames, channels etc. Fixed whisper dialog not displaying the correct server or channel group when reopening the dialog. Permission check for Create-Subchannel contextmenu adjusted. Added "ts3server://host:port" as alternative syntax to "ts3server://host?port=<port>". If both are given, "port=<port"> takes precedence. Fixed always-on-top feature being lost after minimize to tray. Fixed autoreconnect after standby to rejoin the previous channel. Replace outgoing &nbsp; with whitespace instead of incoming text. Fixed replacement using UTF-8 0xC2 0xA0 instead of ASCII 0xA0 Added workaround to avoid assertion when connecting to server. Removed log spam when checking channelcommander icon. Fixed UTF-8 conversion error at client start Fixed contextmenu operating on wrong table index when sorting the table Close bookmark contextmenu when selecting an action Plugin printMessage functions did not convert utf-8 strings properly Updated permission texts, translation fixes Reduced maximum lines to reload chat history to 1000. Mac: Fixed problem that lead to jpg and gif images not being displayed Fixed collapsing permissions list when insufficient permission modify power Fixed crash when using "mute output on all servers"

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta26 - 10 Aug 2010 - Fixed local unmute when client was muted by plugin. + Added "Copy permission name" contextmenu to permission overview. + Added tooltip information to each entry in the webserver list. * Changed default webserver list table, city and create channels columns are by default hidden, max clients and current clients joined into one column. + Added contextmenu to webserver list table to enable or disable table columns. - Tab close button never gets focus to avoid accidential closing of server tab. - Fixed client info HTML templates showing the application scanner line even if disabled. - Fixed grant permissions now being displayed properly in permissions tree. - Adjusted password and can-create-channels filter in webserver list window to make the behaviour more obvious. Hide full/empty servers filter and users filter no longer exclusive. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta25 - 06 Aug 2010 ! Updated plugin API version to 7 + Plugins can now add a line to the server/channel/client info frame by

+ + *

implementing ts3plugin_infoTitle, ts3plugin_infoData, ts3plugin_freeMemory. See the test plugin for details how to use this feature. This feature is optional, plugins can opt not to implement the new functions. Added new field PLUGIN_INFO_DATA to html templates to add the plugin info. Some contact-actions can now be added to customized toolbar: Add as Friend, Add as Blocked, Remove from Contacts Fixed possible crash on Linux when attempting to load a Qt style. Fixed right aligned and centered spacers could have a wrong position when the deleted channel had a huge name Fixed wrong servergroup positioning-priority in 3D setup Fixed that selected client in 3D setup points to a wrong server group Fixed crash when opening options dialog when Application/StatusDisplay config setting is missing. Offline messages handling for escaped separators and also accept NUM- ENTER Fixed another error message when creating an invitation Fixed deleting server group in 3D setup Tweaked offline messages again to add targets via autocompleter, combobox or just writing in. Suggesting new approach - open for discussion. (WIP) Easy permissions work-in-progress Server tree elide and icon position tweaks Server tree now shows a horizontal scroll bar if necessary Fixed opening the whisper list window which could lead to not being able to assign a hotkey Fixed filename in filebrowser cannot be seen Fixed renaming a file in filebrowser and using a huge filename Fixed empty filebrowser (detailed view) header now has a fixed size Fixed an error message when creating an invitation without having permission to open the privilege key list Added hotkey to request Channel Commander Overhauled offline messages + Removed the receiver list from the offline messages dialog and inserted a button to add receivers to new/reply message dialog - Fixed display of unread messages + Scroll through messages with the up/down arrow keys 3D Sound improvements - Fixed crash on deleting item when channel- and serverGroupID are the same - When entering channel, a still existing uid's properties were overwritten - Respecting clients which are whispering - Fixed testsound was only played when item was moved by mouse down on client icon, not on client name + All known entries for current channel can be shown via context menu (WIP) - Fixed apply button didn't always enable when it should

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta23 - 02 Aug 2010 - Fixed critical error when switching into a channel with a serverquery client immediately after connecting to the server. - Updated German translation, several typo fixes - Closing client with opened and changed 3D setup caused Discard/Cancel/Apply which blocks client from quitting. - Fixed wrong count of unread offline messages - Fixed typo when exporting identities - Fixed token generation for server groups when channel groups was previously selected. * Added required plugin API field to plugin dialog. * Updated server/channel/client info HTML templates - Fixed Windows not accepting banner URLs with a ":" within. - Fixed the 3D listener position could be set though 3D was disabled - Fixed whiper list hotkey rollback deleted too much - Fixed 3D setup apply button does not always enable on position change + Added a warning when exporting identities

* + + + + !

! !

+ -

Fixed closing 3D setup Discard/Cancel/Apply could be requested twice Inform Mac users about enabling assistive devices, but show only once. Fixed channel chat tab doesn't update channelname when channel was changed Added search paths "gfx" and "iconpath", usable by HTML templates and stylesheets. e.g. "gfx:countries/fr.png or "iconpath:16x16_about.png" Iconpath will by dynamically set to the current iconpack path. Save and restore last 3D dialog window position Do not show whisper history window while a fullscreen application is running. Enable and disable 3D sound didn't work properly Temporary 3D settings no longer get lost when clicking apply Discard/Cancel/Apply when 3D setup has changes and dialog close was requested All positions in 3D setup will be resetted when dialog is just closed Replaced end of chat history marker as QTextEdit has a problem displaying <hr> properly. Fixed channel and client chat not reloading properly when connecting to a different server on the same tab. Added country display for clients to the info area and optional in the tree. Displaying flags in the tree is disabled by default and can be toggled in the Designs options page. Fixed a bug where 3D ini was cleared completely instead of current server uid Positions in 3D setup will also be saved when 3D sound is not enabled Fixed enabling 3D caused some sort of lag Fixed avatar not reloading properly when connecting twice to the same server. Fixed channel description images not updating properly. Added context menu to delete an item at select client in 3D setup A couple of 3D setup bugfixes when positioning the items Added "Activate Microphone" to servertab contextmenu. Fixed options dialog not opening properly from the invalid playback/capture device warning dialog on login or from whisper history window. In 3D setup, the 3D positions of clients can be arranged for server- and channel groups or also for channel commanders Fixed filetransfer crash when download folder does not exist and the file will be transferred to $HomeDir but the file is already there. Support for dynamic loading of third-party Lua scripts. Scripts should be put into subdirectory of plugins/lua_plugin and must have a file init.lua. For details see the example testmodule. File custom.lua was moved to testmodule/demo.lua Plugin API version increased to 6, added getDirectories() helper function. Autosubscribe on login will not overwrite expand channel settings Updater now only shows the messagebox warning about still running client when starting manually. If starting automatically, silently wait until the client has quit. Fixed Delete-group shortcut using focus of complete permissions windows. Adjusted whisper reply to support multiple whisper reply keys via multiple hotkey profiles. Fixed whisper replies creating "ghost" profiles in hotkey setup dialog. Fixed that channel spacer can cause a client crash Fixed server and channel group menus adding empty menus at the end Connect dialog now accepts empty port fields, in this case the default port is used. (Un)subscribing channel family will include the parent channel on which the action was triggered. New mechanism to locate files from within qss files using the "url" command: Instead of "styles/<my_style>/<my_file>" use "styles:<my_style>/<my_file>". Check default.qss and bluesky.qss as example. This change is required so the images are found when starting the client using a non-standard working directory. Added "center selected" to setup 3D Added optional new channel commander icon displayed as client icon instead of replacement lamp. The behaviour can be changed in Options/Design.

+ + -

+ + + + + + + + + * * + + *

Removed client-side checks for b_virtualserver_servergroup_list and Reply to an offline message has been improved Fixed delete multiple offline messages Removed client-side checks for b_virtualserver_servergroup_list and b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list, those permissions were meant for ServerQuery usage. Menuitem for opening the channelgroups of client dialog now checks b_virtualserver_channelgroup_client_list instead. Offline messages new/reply window will save and restore its geometry Offline messages are sorted by date (default) Added options from MainWindow context menu to Option Dialog Added notice to chat and client log when own client description was changed. Fixed quotes in hotmessage dialog. Fixed unread offline messages count could be wrong Fixed offline messages reply window didn't open Added 'DEL' key to delete offline messages Offline messages can be marked as read/unread Added server name in title of offline messages window Fixed banlist adds nickname into ban after clicking reload Added "Find client in channel tree" to client contextmenu in text chat (only available if channel of client is subscribed) Fixed offline ban adds nickname Overhaul of the offline messages sorting abilities Added options from ServerStatusWidget to Option Dialog Fixed deleting all identities at once Whisper history widget updates entries when client changed its nickname Fixed offline message reply can get sender wrong Fixed receiving whisper not being properly block when sender was added or removed from contacts. Fixed microphone can't be activated on active tab when capture profile was edited Added options dialog to customizable toolbar Lua plugin: Removed some unused or non-useful callbacks from ts3events.lua Fixed problem when closing the last tab via "X" while "close all but this" isn't ready yet. The tabs were no longer able to play sounds. Fixed that G15-Plugin affect main-toolbar/taskbar icon Unmute clients when they come into view and were previously muted but meanwhile been deleted from contacts. Fixed that lua affect main-toolbar/taskbar icon Fixed closing client volume window which did not properly reset to the old volume. When hovering icons in server tree, the tooltips have to be displayed escaped Apply local muted state from contacts list when receiving a whisper Attempt to apply volume modifier from contacts list when receiving a whisper, however this can currently be only applied when the whispering client is visible Fixed that collected URLs search filter is case-insensitive Fixed collected URLs date sorting Fixed host button disappearing when another tabs disconnect/reconnect Fixed copy privilege key to clipboard which was limited to key column Fixed downloading subfolders via filebrowser where files ended in wrong path Added new default_vista.qss to fix the bookmark manager toolbar buttons hover for Windows XP Disabled toolbar client actions on ServerQuery clients Disable identity security spinbox while improve operation is in progress Fixed tab order for offline messages dialogs Fixed whisper to Groups will reset to default settings in the whisper list Added context menu "ban" in client database list viewer -localconfig and -homeconfig commandline parameters now only available on Windows.

+ + * + * + * * * + +

* * + + * *

Fixed Qt style other than default not loading properly on Linux. Properly select new group after adding new server/channel permission group Pass UTF-8 strings from and to plugin. Depending on the different webbrowsers, a ts3server link could have a "/" behind the host part after crop, which lead to "Unable to resolve ..." Fixed invitation link with a channelpass was not build correct The 'DEL' key can now be used to delete a whisper list Fixed that "Away on this server" depends on amount of servers Fixed permission confirm-delete-group-dialog group name Fixed another crash when removing a whisper list Whisper history window now longer automatically raises, interferred with fullscreen games. Fixed editing a hotkey could probably crash if action type is "none" When using an invitation, its url will be written to client log (scp request) Whisper dialog got a rework and does not longer contain tabs (WIP) Fixed a bug in whisper dialog, where comboboxes are not cleared when selecting another server We now use a slightly different approach to handle file browser drag and drop. If some users still can't drag and drop into file browser, a warning text will be added to clientlog New lines in welcome message from server are now respected by client Fixed some typos in whisper dialog Fixed showing a previously selected identity when identity changes while bookmark manager is still open Fixed drawing a spacer as subchannel where its name should be shown as text Fixed bad whitespace characters when passing chat messages to plugins Don't include template and serverquery groups in client server/channelgroup context menu Display filename if automatic (icons, images etc.) filetransfer failed Added serverlist to connections menu displaying a list of registered servers There was a typo at the special spacers. It has to be -.. instead of --. To have them all again: "---,...,-.-,___,-.." Removed Mac TTS assert which might fire when exiting the client Close permissions window when disconnecting from server Fixed banner reappearing from cache when a banner got deleted and previously an interval was defined. stop_talking.wav soundfile moved from soundpack to global sounds location Fixed duplicate clients in servergroup permissions window Collected URLs now also search for "Mentioned By" Added reload button in Privileges Key Manager Changing the nickname in the contacts manager now requires a Return or click on the apply button (the green arrow) to apply the changes, to avoid sorting the list with every typed character. The server/channel groups in "add privileges key" are now sorted Added context menu entry on server/channel groups to create a privilege key Added permission help window to permissions window to view information about the currently selected permission. Also allows searching over all permissions name, description and information. Right-click on the search result list to find the selected permission in the permissions tree. Prevent empty identity name in Identity Manager. Empty identity names would force bookmarks to use the default identity. An identity which is still connected to a server can no longer be removed Added right-click contextmenu to bookmarks. Behaviour on a bookmark menuitem is: Left click = connect, middle click = connect in new tab, right click = open contextmenu. If adding a client via permissions to servergroup fails, you will be asked to create an invitation. Show window close button in Mac setup wizard Rewrote ts3server:// parser to handle some special cases like '?', '\' or '&' in the link parameters. Note: If you have a '&' or '\' in a channel name,

* + + * -

it needs to be escaped as '\&' or '\\' or be converted in percent encoding like automatically done by the Invite Buddy dialog. Fixed a few more translation issues with hotkey setup Changed contacts manager sort order: Friends first, then blocked, last neutral. Within each type sort alphabetically. Added new notification settings for playing sounds while output muted Fixed switching sort clients above/below channels options while connected Fixed selection issue in contacts manager when editing nicknames, thanks to -{HGH}-GEN.Skylab for the report Automatically close permission tabs when reconnecting to a server and the required permissions are missing Bookmarks now realize change or deletion of identity Added individual (optional) phonetic nickname to contacts, overwriting existing clients phonetic nickname. Contacts manager UI overhaul Close clients list window when the associated servertab gets closed to avoid a possible crash. Fixed a case when client window won't show up Added invite buddy redirection Fixed autoreconnect to current channel instead of default channel if current channel was renamed in the meantime Fixed self-activating VAD when just switching through the options settings while whispering Prevent edit channel and create subchannel dialog to be opened for the same channel at the same time Changed the little whisper indicator from blue to red Bookmarks, which autoconnect on startup are now shown bold Fixed many fields which were wrong interpreted when containing html Previously html- escaped server/channel groups have to be displayed unescaped Added limitation for Away Preset Name

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta22 - 09 Jun 2010 - Server and channel groups in permission dialog are now sorted by group_id. - Fixed nickname and identityname in statusbar, if both are visible at the same time and both contain html-tags. - Nickname label in connection info will only show plain text - Fixed Delete shortcut in permission groups list - Removed ServerQuery group type when adding channel groups - Strip html-tags from server/channel group names - Fixed linux drag and drop in whisper dialog - Check invalid server password error on connect and offer user a dialog to enter a new password - Disable standard codec slider when all codec/quality/latency sliders are also disabled - Support for new channel description view power permissions - Offline messages do now reply more like e-mails - Fixed mirror selection of updater - Typo and text corrections, updated German translation - Fixed use of current identity name in statusbar. If an identiy was removed but still used inside a bookmark, the old instead of default name was shown. - Fixed channel edit trying to change codec or latency when those were reduced due to permissions. - Enabled dialog to ask for joining the servers default channel when maximum of "max family clients" is reached. - No longer playing away notification when joining a server as "away". - Client was able to send an offline message to server. - Fixed G15 plugin which did not detect connections properly. - It is no longer possible to paste newlines into server/channel groups. - The identity name now has the same length limitation as a nickanme. - Fix bug in filetransfer where after a failed transfer a 0 byte file would

remain on the receiver end - Mac: Fix issue that resulted in an outdated version of our updater being used - Linux: start scripts should now handle when they are executed from a different location than in the client installation path + When using globally away on a server tab, new clients will join and set their status also to away afterwards. + Added context menu to copy client uids to clipboard when listing all clients. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta21 - 01 Jun 2010 ! Due to changes in the voice packet layout you require a server >= beta23 to be able to communicate via voice ! Plugins API: Added isReceivedWhisper parameter to onTalkStatusChangeEvent, increased plugins api version to 5. ! New whisper list system. Old lists are no longer valid. Please setup whisper lists and hotkeys again. Whisper setup was moved from Options to own dialog (see Tools menu). Instead of saving into common config file whisper lists are now located in seperate file whisper.ini. Who is allowed to whisper to you can now be configured in the new Whisper options page. Either allow or deny all, or configure indiviual clients via contacts manager. + Added high latency / low bandwidth codec option. View the new latency factor slider to channel create/edit dialog. + Added new easy to use codec setup slider. Experts can still configure things individually + Added option to sort clients above or below channels due to popular demand. See "Design" options page for the setting. Default is the new behaviour. + Linux: Native Pulse Audio Support is available and will be used in "Use best" mode automatically when available. - Windows Vista and Windows 7 now default to WASAPI when "Use best" is selected (Previous default was direct sound) * The quick access list in whisper dialog now always stays visible. - Fixed some UTF8 display issues in hotkey setup. * Banner code overhaul, fixing a possible crash when connecting to multiple servers with activated banner. - Fixed possible crash in hotkey dialog - Prevent message loop when server restarts and client is outdated. - Fixed wrong status messages when halt filetransfer. - Fixed toggle "Push To Talk". * The searchfield does no longer contain a clear button. + Added singleinstance check to updater - Fixed wrong tree icon when connecting while talking - Fixed wrong tab icon initially after connection but before talking - When adding new serverquery scripts to the library, increment the name in the form of "New script", "New script_1", etc. + If we detect that a hotkey with the mode "activate" or "deactivate" is about to be added, we will provide the opposite key. * Show custom nicknames of contacts in chatlog when custom nicknames are set to use for this contact in the contacts manager. - Fixed Switch to Server hotkeys - No whisper with missing talk power + Added a log- warning when disconnect from a server with active filetransfer. - Fixed away button was toggled on the wrong tab. * Icons in server tree will no longer overlap the server-/channel-/ clientname. - Fixed chat history when containing a new line (broken formatoptions). + Added Invite buddy dialog to autocreate a ts3server or http link to your current TeamSpeak 3 server, see Tools menu * Added channel spacers: Use "[?Spacer#]Text" to add one. Where "?" can be an alignment (r = right, c = center, l = left). If "*" is used, all chars after the spacer-tag will be repeated until the whole line is filled. Change

* + * * *

+ * + * + + * * * + * -

"#" to get an unique channel name, the value doesn't matter. Example: [cSpacer0]a centered text, [rSpacer1]a right aligned text. Check also the five special spacer: "---,...,-.-,___,--.". Set permissions of secrets config file to 0x600 on Linux and Mac Added icon button to channel edit dialog Windows 7 Thai font displayed properly. Fixed hotkey setup in setup wizard. Permissions overview adjusted for server change: Skip flag now skips channel, channelgroup permissions. Added the amount of reserved slots in servers info frame Fixed a possible crash when disconnect while upload is in progress. Replaced "Serverinfo available in X seconds" in info frame with a simple "Refresh", which is inactive during the 5 seconds delay. Stylesheet authors need to adjust their serverinfo.tpl file: SERVER_UPDATE_AVAILABLE_IN_SECS -> SERVER_REFRESH_INACTIVE SERVER_UPDATE_AVAILABLE_NOW -> SERVER_REFRESH_ACTIVE Use default style serverinfo.tpl as example. Added ping and packetloss to serverconnection info When trying to delete unsubscribed channels with clients inside, give user option to force delete the channel. Fixed Always-on-top option so it works after client restart. You might need to enable it once again in the options dialog if you want to use the feature. Fixed rare crash when clicking in the chat history. Added reserved slots in virtual server edit. New mechanism to check if another instance of the client is already running. Fixed more hotkey translation issues Fixed disconnect hotkey translation issue In Privilege Key Manager, keys can also be copied as an invitation Fixed a few typos (thanks to SgTRWE). Showing the server group name inside message box when about to leave. Muted icon takes precedence over whisper icon Fixed channel/server group submenus not properly checking groups Fixed chat history buffer trimming Fixed the VAD Slider behaviour Added missing tooltip for an enabled master volume widget. Changed strings "Token" to "Privilege Key" Changed the toggle quick access icon in whisper list dialog. Fix filetransfer percentage, which could end up far above 100% Using a token will always show a MessageBox. Fixed filebrowser drag&drop files or folder with ] inside. Added whisper icon to display clients currently whispering (thanks to DarkCode for the icon) Awakening from sleep mode works alot better now but the user has to reactivate the capture profile manually. Ignore "database empty result set" when querying empty client permissions. G15 plugin: Fixed clients talking display disappearing from display. Updated apps.ini The changed icon appears red, when max clients is reached or is 0. English text corrections, thanks to ZeroTKA Updated TS3 logo image shown in about dialog. Fixed empty lines in trayicon tooltip. Added contextmenu to channelgroup clients dialog to remove displayed clients. Fixed switching hotkey profiles. Activating another hotkey profile is no problem at all. Deactivating any profile switches all hotkeys completely off and can only be reactivated via context menu! The assigned hotkey profile(s) will now be shown in whisper dialog. Changed the directory label in filebrowser so it no longer uses a HTML link. Stylesheet authors can now access the label via QLabel#directoryLabel Fixed "test voice" lamp. Fixed the away button, which didn't show pressed when going globally away,

using a preset. Fixed banlist invoker name wasn't shown when nickname contains an html-tag. Fixed Mac button text colors with Aqua style in bookmarks dialog. Fixed Mac text formatting in virtual server edit dialog. No contextmenu on server update available links Bluesky updates and fixes. Fixed possible assert in permissions widget when icon viewer is open. Hotkey message box "Overlapping hotkey detected..." was shown too often. Added minimum header width to some table and tree headers. Changed serverinfo update text: Update available -> Serverinfo available.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta20 - 13 Apr 2010 - Adjusted default TTS CLIENT_SWITCHED_FROM_CURRENT_CHANNEL_STAYS and CLIENT_SWITCHED_FROM_CURRENT_CHANNEL_DISAPPEARS, channelname is the new channel, not the old. * The connection info does no longer scale up an avatar if its size is smaller than 80 pixel. Avatars are only scaled down when necessary. - Stop the server info update timer when disconnecting. - Fixed percent encoded bookmark label from ts3server:// links. - Enabled chat contextmenu for serverquery clients again, apparently used by people regarding to forum. * Updated apps.ini * Translation updates and some minor text adjustments. - Fixed a case where an existing chat tab wasn't reused, when the disconnected chat partner rejoins a just subscribed channel. - Fixed host button icon URL in Edit Virtual Server disabled when no permission - Fixed using hotkeys when running as administrator - Fixed vanishing of "set server/channel groups" context menu, if an entry was added or deleted. + "Set server/channel group" context menu entries have been separated into "More..." sub menus every 15 entries. * Bluesky update for tree selection and hover + Don't play notification sounds when playback device is muted. Behaviour can be configured in the Notifications Options page, default enabled. + Some contact manager tweaks to have a nicer look with stylesheets. + Added contact manager tooltips which shows the complete row. + Changing a server group does now look like changing a channel group. To change multiple groups, use the dialog (the old way) at the top of the menu. - Fixed entering channel after renaming and applying with Return or Enter key. * Added "DEL" key to remove entries in identity manager. * Added a default channel chat message when chat was newly created. - Fixed a case where chattab names could end up empty. * Inserted checks to detect bad characters in filenames for upload. - Fixed checkbox in ban editing dialog, to use regular expressions or not. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta19 - 31 Mar 2010 - Updater fixes so updating Qt libraries works properly. Wait 2 seconds before autostarting update so the client can close first. Updater no longer closes when update is finished when it was started from the TS3 client. - Fixed scrollbar in server icon view. - Strip whitespaces from port when pasting ip:port into connect dialog. * Updated apps.ini === Client Release 3.0.0-beta18 - 30 Mar 2010 ! Qt version updated to 4.6.2. Stylesheets might need to be checked for compatibility issues. Translators should update to Linguist from Qt 4.6.2. Plugin authors using Qt need to recompile their plugins with Qt 4.6.2. + Support for Jaws screen reader. Feedback on this and accessibility support in general would be appreciated. * Use Return or Enter key as shortcut to switch into selected channel (should

be easier for people using screenreaders) + Added support to fetch images from ftp servers. It can be anonymous (if the server supports it) and login users as well. Use the ftp- syntax e.g. "ftp://your.server/image.png" or "ftp://gfx:gfy@your.server/image.png". Be aware that the login part of URLs might is visible if someone opens the virtual server edit dialog. * Added update countdown in server info on the right - Fixed message indicator when client rejoins chat - Fixed overwriting recursive uploads caused crash - Fixed possible crash when disconnecting from server with banner - Fixed to poke dialog which would in some situations not be properly updated. * Added delay to reload/older/newer buttons in serverlog to avoid blocking the server with log request spam. * Renamed User volume modifier dialog restore button - Fixed downloads from a link which always used the first matching tab. Could lead to a dead end when tab had no permission while the actual tab did. + Added new hotkey "Disconnect from all servers" * Added list of all clients on the current server, see Permissions menu. Clients can be dragged into the servergroups client list (even if offline). - Fixed filetransfer asking for password, when downloading from a link. * Print standard permission error message when failing file rename or delete * Added new edit field in virtual server dialog to set an URL for the hoster button icon. If unset, the default icon is used. * Changed "Edit Virtual Server" shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+S as the old shortcut interfered with entering the Euro sign. - Updater: Start runscript on Linux when update finished. Make Linux 64-bit binary executable after download. - Fixed crash when running the setup wizard while current servertab has no valid capture device. - Fixed appearance of expiration, when reason is missing in banlist. - Fixed possible crash when closing the client with multiple servertabs open. - Fixed that two different PTT activate on same hotkey profile - The hotkey combination warning message was cut off when html- tag was used. + Showing avarage transfer speed and runtime at the end of transfer. - Fixed filetransfer speed label flickering + Added new download option "Only play sound when all transfers are ready" + Ongoing filetransfers can be saved before quit and also resumed after reconnect to the server. A messagebox will appear to ask for decision. - Fix: Clients can now be dropped to servergroup from all server tabs with same unique identifier, but no longer from different servers as before. * Drag&drop clients to servergroups disabled for default groups or when client already exists. * Use Delete key to delete selected permission group or client (depending on which widget has focus). * Automatically select added permission groups for convinience. - Fixed linebreaks in server hostmessage - Fixed broken linebreaks in channel description + Fixed hotkey "Connect to Server (current tab)". Now it only blocks reconnects and no longer connects to other servers on current tab. + Filetransfer got many bugfixes and improvements. * Moved some hardcoded stylesheets out to default.qss. Added default_linux.qss - Fixed memleak caused by appscanner * Update visible clients in tree when group icons have changed instead of waiting until the tree updates on mouse movement. * Channel groups per client dialog can now display channel groups of offline clients. Added "Display Channel Groups of Client" to Permissions menu in addition of the existing client contextmenu (just opening on "empty" client instead of the selected one). * Print some more meaningful message after using a token. * Updated German translation.

- "Display Channel Groups" action in client contextmenu is disabled when b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list is missing. * Added hostname, IP and port fields to server connectioninfo dialog. * Added copy buttons to server and client connectioninfo, replacing the old somewhat hidden contextmenu. * Save and restore size of new channelgroup dialogs * Exported ts3Functions.startVoiceRecording and ts3Functions.stopVoiceRecording to plugins. Plugin API version increased to 4, bundled plugins upgraded. * Upload of remote icons is now queued, so it's possible to upload a whole directory of icons in one step. * Updated default TTS soundpack, adding ${servername} to more entries - Fixed that an offline ban is no longer bypassed by a simple rename * Added to plugin SDK: onCustomCaptureDeviceCloseEvent, onCustomPlaybackDeviceCloseEvent, onFMODChannelCreatedEvent * Adjust toolbar buttons on the fly when switching servers or current item. * Properly handle whitespaces in ts3server channel names, e.g.: ts3server:// Is A Channel With Spaces * Sort servergroups in contextmenu dialog in the same order as in the servergroups permissions widget (by ID). - No more "database empty result set" when listing channelgroups of client but the client is not a member of any channelgroup - Fixed server chat was being blocked by contacts list. - Fixed accidently broken expand/collapse subchannels in channel contextmenu. * Overhauled Setup Wizard texts. - Fixed Umlaut in clientinfo_de.tpl * Added link to video tutorials webpage in Help menu * Server icons dialog remembers and restores its size. - Restore custom server icon on chat tab when switching between servers. - Fixed client templates after deleting server groups. * Client checks new PERMISSION_b_client_modify_own_description to allow changing the own description only. - Fixed servergroup dialog items not (de)activating properly when changing a group or someone else changed your groups. * Added "All files" to identity export dialog, enforce .ini suffix for exported identities === Client Release 3.0.0-beta17 - 09 Mar 2010 * Automatically lay out icons in server icon viewer on resize + Added popup menu to icon button of virtual server dialog to remove the icon. * Close virtual server dialog when disconnecting. * Bluesky style updates for new UI elements. - Chat autoscroll fixes when using multiline chat input. - Fixed logfile management of chat logging. + Added overview to display all clients within a channelgroup for each channel, see new button and contextmenu in channelgroup permissions window. + Added overview to display all channelgroups of a client, see new contextmenu entry on client menu (permissions submenu). * Updated German translation. * Disable password field in channel edit dialog for default channel - Update other servertab icons if connection failed (banned, invalid password) - Disable servergroups client contextmenu if permission is not given (b_virtualserver_servergroup_list). - Fixed bug when unsubscribing a channel manually while glance is active. - Properly display '&' characters in tab names properly * Show a more detailed explanation when trying to remove priority speaker via contextmenu and the permission was not set as channel client permission. The contextmenu can only handle channel client priority speaker permission. * Disable permissions tree for client and channel-client permissions when no or an invalid client is selected. - DNS lookup failure won't stop autoreconnecting anymore.

+ Use recently implemented remote server icon for bookmarks. - Fixed reappearing toolbar when window reappears from tray and the toolbar was previously disabled. - Fixed invalid whisper targets with whisperlists. * Virtual server edit dialog now honors b_virtualserver_modify_icon_id (Icon) and b_virtualserver_modify_name (phonetic nickname). * Overhauled server groups edit dialog. - Client honors max chat size and won't send messages which exceed length to the server anymore. - Fixed possible crash when closing server groups dialog. * Replaced the red questionmark "no icon set" icon with a transparent pixmap. - When playing test sound in options->playback and switching to another section, the sound will stop. If changing mode or device during test sound, the "apply"-button will immediately play with the new mode/device. - Fixed possible crash when closing the client after using the test playback device button. - Context menus no longer affect the next current tree item when the item on which the menu was opened is deleted. - Fixed highlighting wrong server tab after moving it. - Changed that virtual server edit dialog shows an icon instead of icon_id. - The server groups dialog does now respond to changes on the server groups. * Hoster button now will only open ftp://, https:// or http:// URLs. When no scheme is given, like "", http:// is always suggested. + Added server phonetic nickname for TTS via ${servername} in settings.ini * Servergroup icons displayed in servergroup edit dialog. + Added icons for server, channels and clients. Server icon is set in the virtual server edit dialog. Channel and client icons are set by i_icon_id in channel/client permissions. * Updater now starts update automatically when called from client. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta16 - 24 Feb 2010 - Don't drag&drop a tree item on itself + Server groups will be updated on the fly * Minimum updates for Server info is now every 5 seconds. * Allow b_channel_join_ignore_password for server groups and global client permissions only, others make no sense. - Fixed possible endless loop when entering a password-protected channel with b_channel_join_ignore_password set on the channel. - Fixed edit-channel menuitem when calling from chat context menu. - Removed confirm close server tab option from Applications page - Fixed the missing context menus for channels in chatlog + New context menu to manage the server groups * For Windows Vista + Win7, also load <stylesheet>_vista.qss if it exists * Added option to setup delayed PTT and whisperlist release in capture setup page (by default enabled, 0.3 seconds delay) - Fixed possible crash when opening the customize toolbar window. - Fixed the Priority Speaker action state, reported by user in forum. + Client disconnects from all servers when entering System standby state. Reconnect on System resume can be disabled via options (Windows only). - Fixed crash when a client was assigned to a channel group but its icon wasn't in the local cache. - Fixed alternating row colors in default style when switching the skins. - Fixed that clients can use "<>" in their nicknames again. + Added hotkey "Switch to Server"-tab. If multiple server tabs are open, it will be tabbed forward through the servers. Without an opened tab, the hotkey does nothing. - Fixed respecting the port in URL for host banner and channel description images. * Hotkey "Connect to: Server (current tab)" will only be executed, when current tab is disconnected. So it does no longer reconnect.

- Fixed that the hoster button jumps left, when master volume is hidden. - Fixed bug enumerating the server groups in client info template. - The toolbar now is limited to the width of the main window. Otherwise it could get very large when customized with many actions and moved outside the main window. + Some new values have been added to the templates. + Server groups are also shown in client info. - Fixed 3D test sound, which shouldn't play without moving a client. This includes a fix for looping the sound when closing the dialog. + The channel description images can be resized via channel info template to a predefined maximum (see channelinfo.tpl). + The avatar can be resized via client info template (see clientinfo.tpl). - Fixed reloading hoster banners, when client has multiple connections to a server. - Fixed the away status when switching back to online again. - Fixed crash when opening the "Create Channel Dialog" via customized toolbar and not connected to a server. - Fixed "Mute/Unmute" client actions in customized toolbar which do no longer toggle each other. - Fixed "Request Talk power" and also "Cancel Request Talk Power" in customized toolbar. They are always enabled but now act as intended. - Fixed icon "cancel talk request" at own client in server tree. - Fixed crash when clicking "Expand/Collapse All" via customized toolbar and not connected to any server. - Fixed crash when trying to ban clients via chat context menu and another user was faster banning the same client. + Added dialog to clear local disk cache. See "Security" options page. - Another fix to middle-clicking client to open connection info. - Adjusted detection of email links. URLs with login names no longer take precedence over email, except in the form of e.g. "user@www" - Adding grant permissions to i_group_icon_id will not open the group icon dialog anymore. * Made the group icon window a QDialog so it opens centered on its parent. - Client makes use of i_group_max_icon_filesize before uploading the icon - i_client_max_avatar_filesize value of -1 means unlimited file size. - When adding bookmarks via menu or ts3server link, add the item as last instead of after current item (usually 2nd when the bookmarks window was closed, which was annoying) - Handle error if avatar couldn't get deleted on the server. - Fixed channel phonetic nickname not getting cleared when removing in the channel edit dialog. * Strip whitespaces from server label and address when adding to bookmarks * Added unique identifiers to bookmark folders - Reverted ServerQuery clear-highlight shortcut back to Escape, Backspace key did not work properly. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta15 - 08 Feb 2010 - Fixed bug when middle-clicking a client opened own connection info after using the Self - Connection Info menuitem once. - Added nickname in ban info when unique id is set. - Max ban time will always be inserted in ban dialog when available. + Support for remote server/channelgroup icons in addition to the current method. Added dialog to manage remote and view local icons (see server contextmenu). Server- and channelgroups permission tabs offers the same dialog to select icons when editing i_group_icon_id IDs < 1000 are considered to be local files from the current gfx directory: group_<id>.png. NOTE: This has changed, the old form of servergroup/changroup_<id>.png does no longer exist. Instead there is one filename form for all icons now. IDs >= 1000 are considered to be the IDs of remote icons.

* -

Updated German translation Fixed possible crash when clearing channel passwords The poke dialog does no longer get a higher priority than other dialogs. Fixed scrolling tree with PageUp/PageDown and ArrowUp/ArrowDown. Fixed that master volume slider works across multiple tabs when these tabs have the same activated playback profile. - Fixed a possible filetransfer crash when cancelling the overwrite question + Inserted a chat date marker to show the age of the log entries. - Fixed loosing the drop location marker when dragging a tree item outside of the tree widget. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta13 - 02 Feb 2010 * Added automatic scroll to tree when dragging items to the top or lower margin - Fixed context menu for a downloaded directory. - Fixed a download bug where the actual channel folder wasn't respected. - When adding integer permissions and grant permissions, first let the user input the value and then send it to the server to avoid sending double data. - Added button to options to reset all "Are you sure...?" confirmations. - Added confirmation when setting grant permission to zero. - Don't ask "You are still connected to..." when closing server tab if you actually are not connected + Added option "Always stay on top" in application settings (Windows only). - Fixed "Channel maxclient reached" pop up menu doesn't save answer - Refilter permissions tree when "show granted only" is enabled and a permission is removed. * No longer check for "config" directory in installation directory when deciding the configuration location * Added server address and port to last-seen information in contacts - "User requested talk power" sound only played if user is in own channel - Fixed wrong TTS channelname with connected sound + Added customizable toolbar buttons (most icons are still too small. They will be updated with a later release.) * Updated German translation - Automatically unmute users when they are removed from contacts list * Added Edit virtualserver menuitem to Self menu - Closing edit virtualserver dialog with Escape will also trigger the discard/ apply dialog - Fixed possible marking the edit virtual server dialog modified after opening - Fixed typo in hotkey setup, so "Status change - Deactivate" works again. * Individually handle permissions to view server/channel group tabs and display notification in the permission and client widget if they cannot be viewed. * Initialize only those permission tabs for which permission was granted to avoid invalid permission error spam. - Removed -enableallactions commandline option. - Fixed restoring server and channel groups on reconnect when keeping the permissions window open. - Fixed strange behaviour of toggle microphone hotkey in combination with autoactivate microphone when switching server tabs. * Reload chatlog when connecting to a new server in the same tab * Tweaked autoscrolling after reloading logs - Fixed creating hotkeys (no keys were accepted / gray box stayed always open) * Play talk-power-requested sound only if user has permission to grant it * Changed serverquery clear highlight button shortcut to Backspace, so Escape key is available for closing the window again. + Escape always closes hotkey dialog, even if hotkey input doesn't work. * Allow multiple whitespaces in channel description. + Added use of server-, channel- and client info templates. Look into the folder styles\default for premade templates, which can be modified for different styles and languages. + Added server address:port in server info.

- Fixed pasting a text into hotkey rename field. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta12 - 20 Jan 2010 ! Plugin API version changed to 3 ! Lua scripts moved to plugins/lua_plugin/ instead of scripts/ * Copyright label in About dialog can no longer be modified by translations. Instead translators can use the PLACEHOLDER label in the about dialog. If this feature is not wanted, keep "PLACEHOLDER" as text and the label will be hidden. * Added qParentWidget paramter to ts3plugin_configure function. Use this *only* when creating QWidgets or QDialogs as parent widget. Cast it to QDialog before using. For other UI libraries ignore this parameter and use the first window handle parameter instead. - Fixed pasting multilines in chatedit + Added dialog to join default channel, when favorite default channel is full. * Added new parameter to plugin function ts3Functions.printMessage * Added new plugin function ts3Functions.printMessageToCurrentTab - Removed plugin function ts3Functions.getCurrentChatServerConnectionHandlerID * Updated bundled apps.ini - Fixed pasting host:port in bookmarks address field (port of bookmark item was not updated properly) * Windows can now be closed with ESC in addition to existing Ctrl+W shortcut - Fixed a bug where setup wizard doesn't save the mic option correctly * Added input field to connect and bookmark dialog for one-time token. - Displayed elapsed time in improve identity dialog should no longer overflow. - Fixed a possible freeze when closing the improve identity dialog while an identity upgrade is in progress. - Text tweaks and German translation updates - Fixed some strings which didn't appear in the translation - Fixed toggling capture- and playback profiles - Hotkeys can be translated - Fixed possible crash when using "close-all-but-this" on tabs * Renamed "Password" to "Server password" in connect and bookmark dialogs to avoid confusion this might be a user password. * Reactivated hotkeys "Bring to front" and "Send to back" (Windows only). - Fixed possible crash on startup with Windows client - Fixed handling of b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions in permissions overview dialog - Fixed bug that denied you to create a channel when you did not have the permission b_channel_create_with_sortorder and somebody else created a channel while you were filling out the create-channel fields === Client Release 3.0.0-beta11 - 18 Jan 2010 ! A beta11 client is required to connect to beta13 servers * Handle "host:port" entries in connect and bookmark dialogs. Automatically jump into the port field when typing ":". * Added "Make current channel default" button to bookmarks manager * Added ability to drag&drop channels into default channel lineedit in bookmarks and connect dialog. - Autounsubscribe now takes effect when being moved or kicked out of a channel, not only when switching oneself. - Fixed opening filebrowser for a passworded channel, after password is entered correctly. - Added hotkey "Master Volume" to turn "up" and "down". - Deactivated hotkeys "Bring to front" and "Send to back". Because it didn't work as intended. * Use only one plugin API number instead of major/minor. Plugin authors, please check the now single ts3plugin_apiVersion() function in the plugin SDK. * Exported some missing clientlib_rare function to plugins - Reset use volume when removing user from contacts list

- Reactivated plugins in setup hotkeys * Warn user when server version mismatches client version === Client Release 3.0.0-beta10 - 10 Jan 2010 (never officially released) * Added new sound notifications when a user (not own client) requested talk power and when own client was granted or revoked talk power. + Added hotkeys "Bring to front" and "Send to back" - Filetransfer somtimes crashed on localhost server - Broken filetransfers in filetransfer manager can be restarted/resumed + Filetransfer downloads from other servers are deactivated for now * Added check if CPU supports SSE instruction set. If not, TeamSpeak will not start. This check can be disabled by passing "-nocpucheck" as commandline parameter. * Let user confirm when cancelling Identities dialog when there are changes. * Added warning when selecting MODALQUIT hostmessage mode in the virtualserver edit dialog - Removed assert thrown when opening options, reported by user on forum * More verbose output when .wav files failed to play (especially which file was not found). Should help soundpack authors. - Removed double quotes on channel creation - Fixed displaying images in channel info - Escape "]" in ts3file links when drag&dropping from filebrowser into chat * Updated bundled apps.ini * Removed some fields from info frame on the right - The chattab close button didn't appear when the tab was closed and a new message arrives on this tab. * Workaround for the occasionally broken horizontal line after reloaded chat * Bluesky minor fixes - Fixed crash in Lua plugin when using "/lua run" without function parameter. - Prevent chatlog from getting double entries * Added option to disable muting when locking screen. It is enabled by default. (Windows only feature) * Plugin can now decide if it wants the configure option called from a new thread or the Qt GUI thread. See the ts3plugin_offersConfigure() function in the plugin SDK for details. - ServerQuery window: If no login data was given in the "Manual" setting in the loginname/password input fields, skip login command instead of sending empty strings. - Token Manager now shows the creation time and also the description. - A token description can be entered, when adding a token. - Revert to default soundpack if the soundpack from config file does not exist - Fixed ASSERT thrown when uploading files with drag&drop on Mac OS X. - Fixed renaming client or channel. The rename box does no longer get smaller than the text if some changes occur in server tree. - Fixed capture URLs - Fixed use of bb- codes * G15 plugin now requests server variables once per minute instead once per second to reduce traffic. * Client no longer requests server variables on login but only on-demand to reduce traffic. - When in filebrowser list- mode are just directories, the header label "Size" was cut off when its not default (english) language - Removed double quotes when edited a channel. Inserted client clickable link in "renamed" message + Added hotkey "grant next talk power" - Talk Power can also be granted and cancelled by double clicking the request talk power icon * New ts3server:// parameters: - "token=<token>": Will send token to server on connection - "addbookmark=<Server label>": Requests to add the link to the users

* * * + * * * * * * * * * + ! * * * + -

bookmarks (with confirmation) with the specified server label instead of connecting to the server Added confirmation dialog when removing clients from servergroups Display group name in the group-delete confirmation dialog Disable bookmark autoconnect when starting the client via ts3server:// link Fixed splitting escaped channel path string Ensure connect-to hotkey is executed only once in current serverview Updated plugin.h sample code for C++ compilers Fixed possible crash when exiting the client while ServerQuery window is open Ensure ServerQuery "quit" is sent only once when closing the window The chat timestamp section will no longer be wrapped if someone sends a huge text without spaces. Stripped out more bb- code to avoid the appearance of urls or images Removed double escaping of meta data in clients info Clients can also be banned when they are just gone offline. Click clients name at disconnected message. Limit various client text input dialogs to server-defined max length. Trim whitespaces of client and channel nicknames Optimized banner animation code. Added workaround for image files with 0 ms animation delay to prevent them eating up all CPU cycles. Adjusted add-ban dialog taborder Fixed glance button not resetting properly when switching server tabs Typo fixes, updated German translation Fixed Escape key in Mac hotkey dialog, wasn't detected properly to abort the hotkey input Fixed hotkey input window sometimes not getting the focus on Mac Ensure at least the default hotkey profile is loaded when using voice test, else the PTT key might not be available for voice test. Fixed possible crash with hotkeys when closing server tabs Don't request channel description when subscribing channels with clients inside Don't spam "Error getting channel from channel names in Action-SwitchTo" to client protocol when not connected Show custom name from contacts manager even if recording. However, both custom and nickname are not shown, text would be too long. Windows TTS now only uses one channel instead of five simultaneous voices. Added sound warnings when users in your channel start/stop recording and when you switch into a channel where users are already recording. Show special warnings when deleting template server/channel groups. Improved chat autoscroll Chat does no longer scroll history when a multiline text was pasted and arrow up/down was pressed Some chat sections grayed out, where they shouldn't When opening a text chat, the tab gets immediatly active Fixed hotkey for start-/stop recording Added hotkeys to switch to next/previous channel but be aware, if you change too frequently, the server will take antispam measures! Various tweaks containing the chat - (history, bb- code, html, saving cursor positions) Plugin API increased to 2.0, all included plugins updated. Added more functions to Lua plugin Overhauled Token manager dialog Fixed missing template groups when reconnecting to server (force reload from cache when needed permissions arrived) Fixed grayed out channel chat and setting tabname when changing channel Fixed formatting of "/help" output in channel chats When automatically subscribing all channels on login, don't spam log with subscribe message for each channel, just print one line. Improved chat text selection Fixed that a ban entry gets deleted when its editing fails due to permission

* *

Fixed chat tab order of server and channel Fixed a crash when 3D Sound is still open and TS3 closes with STRG+Q Visibility of toolbar and statusbar is now stored in configuration file. Contacts window now stores and restores its geometry. The sector of clients will also take the largest possible size. - Fixed bug with request talk power that could lead to no talk power being requested even though the user issued the command - fix "Assertion "m_pChanClients" failed at client\clientlib\serverconnectionhandler.cpp:1196" bug === Client Release 3.0.0-beta9 - 31 Dec 2009 + In client context menu, grant and revoke talk power was separated - Whisper List can now be set up with identical names. The path will also be shown in the list to make clear, which channel is used. - Prevent showing of bb- or html- code in (meta data) info frame - Fixed a strange chat tab behavior - ServerQuery or other clients can no longer take over a chattab, when clientID of the recently gone chatpartner matches. - Fixed that users no longer can display local images in chat. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta8 - 29 Dec 2009 === - Ignoring "file://" which can start local executables. - Fixed a bug while whispering and reconnecting - Fixed bug that could lead to the client sending UDP packets with the network interface max capacity. Only systems with a instable system clock were affected. - Fixed small memleak - Fixed invalid detection of racing/flight device equipment - Sort clients also by is_talker status in tree view === Client Release 3.0.0-beta7 - 25 Dec 2009 === * In the virtualserver edit dialog, show a warning when selecting a permanent server or channel group as default, as this will remove all users from the group. - Fixed bug with empty serverquery tree items * Support PHP banner URLs like for example: - Fixed warn-while-muted setting not loading from config on application start - Disable autoreconnect on invalid password error to avoid ending in an infinite reconnect loop - ServerQuery can no longer take over a chattab, when clientID of the queryclien t matches the clientID of a recently gone chatpartner. (wip!) - Fixed bad mirrors.ini === Client Release 3.0.0-beta6 - 23 Dec 2009 === - Mac: Fixed path to 3d_test.wav * Client no longer ignores i_client_serverquery_view_power permission. * TokenManager: Add Token ComboBoxes now preselect the default groups * Updated German translation - Prevent enabling VAD/continuous transmission via options dialog when force-push-to-talk permission is set * Dont raise TS3 windows except filebrowser when dragging a file over any client window * VirtualServerEdit: Save and restore window geometry * Added error message when creating folder failed - Fixed possible crash in whisperlistmanager when deleting channels which were added to a whisperlist * Permissions filter now case insensitive - Fixed handling skip flag in permissions overview

* Display "Forced" in skip column of permissions overwhen when skip is enforced via b_client_skip_channelgroup_permission * Permissions filter now case insensitive - 3d Sound: TestUsers were no longer multiplied when toggling 3d sound - Channel edit event did not change the channel phonetic name - Updater: Added timeout for 5 seconds. Otherwise the updater hangs infinite if the update server cannot be reached. - Middle mouse button didn't work with bookmark submenus - Run disabled check on menus on server tab change - Fixed crash with invalid client links - Fixed all serverconnections being lost if you press a hotkey for Connect to Server - BookmarkManager: Fixed IDs and statistics of duplicated entries. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta5 - 22 Dec 2009 === * Added "Logs" tab to virtualserver edit dialog to configure server logging. * When update or blacklist server cannot be reached, print info instead of warning log. * Added confirmation dialog when removing grant permissions - Whisper List: Some tweaks when the last list was removed - "Activate microphone automatically" didn't work correctly with PTT - 3D Sound: Prevent multiple "Cannot disband..."- dialogs - Filetransfer: Downloading a link does no longer crash - Don't show the permission error message when closing ServerQuery window * Added "Join Channel of Client" and "Move Client to own Channel" to context menu opened on client in chat log. - Do not show "Failed to open permissions cache file for reading" message when cache file does not exist. * Fixed checks in virtualserver edit dialog bandwidth and quota fields. Range is now from -1 to 2^64 - 1. "-1" means maximum value for convinience. * Added debug output showing config path when it cannot be saved * Implemented channel phonetic name. See channel edit dialog to set it. * Added option to disable middle mouse button shortcuts in tree (See Applications options page) * Bluesky update: Fixed toolbar and toolbar close buttons in bluesky_linux. Fixed broken labels in channel 3D sound widget. * Added default_mac.qss and bluesky_mac.qss to overwrite special Mac app bundle paths to the styles directory. * Add win32/win64 to dump filename * Added missing apps.ini to installer * Added new setting to select between "Subscribe to all channels" and "Subscribe to current and previously subscribed channels". With the first, you will subscribe to all channels on login and stay subscribed when you switch channels. While you can unsubscribe channels manually, you will resubscribe to all channels on next login again. With the second, you will subscribe only to the current channel on login plus any channels subscribed in a previous connection to this server. Switching channels will unsubscribe you, unless it was a "remembered" subscription. * Now unused Autosubscribe all and Autounsubscribe checkboxes removed from Design options page - When connecting via ts3server:// link, use default identity, capture, playback and hotkey profiles * Nickname length increased to 30 characters * Limit phonetics nickname length to 30 characters * Phonetics nickname simplified. Instead of entering the format phonetic alphabet name, just enter the desired name itself, e.g. "Peter", "Ralf". * Typo fix German translation ("Konflicht"). * Changed German translation for "poke" to "anstupsen". * Removed detailed settings for warn-when-talking-while-muted, option by default on

* Check if notifications sound is enabled for warn-when-muted, automatically enable and warn user if sound script is missing * Added checks to warn-when-muted activation: Not away, not headset muted, not disconnected * Check for update only once per day - Fixed a possible crash that could occure when the capture device was closed (for example when changing devices in local test mode) === Client Release 3.0.0-beta2 - 20 Dec 2009 === - Fixed a problem where the client could not store some passwords correctly, the stored version was always trimmed to only a few characters - When entering hostnames/ips with trailing or leading spaces this could lead to the client not being able to connect. We now ignore trailing and leading white space. - Fixed a crash while destructing tts - Fixed a crash with hoster banner - Fixed a problem where the "Glance" button could cause a client assertion to fail (which terminated your client). - fixed possible crash with whisperlist * Renamed sound packs to better (more descriptive) names * Replaced the previous default sound pack with a less verbose version - Play stop talking wav, even in TTS profile - Bandwidth limit when edited in virtual server edit dialog now accepts bigger values - Fixed a crash that could occure on connect when connecting with a hostname instead of by IP - Mute headphones now also stops you from sending, since this what casual users expect. The functionality to mute only your headphones and still be able to transmit will return in a future build. === Client Release 3.0.0-beta1 - 19 Dec 2009 === * Initial beta release