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from Gods Word

Rev. Jeanne McIntosh 2011

Adam and Eve were afraid and hid from God after they had eaten from the tree of GOOD AND EVIL Genesis 3:8-10

Cain was afraid after he had hurt his brother because of the punishment that God sent upon him. Genesis 4:13-15

Noah was not afraid to build a boat even when the people laughed at him. He obey God. Genesis 6

Abram was not afraid to leave his home and go to a land that God had called him. Genesis 12

Lot was afraid of what the people would think about him in the wicked city where he lived. God destroyed the city because of their sin. Genesis 18

Rev. Jeanne McIntosh 2011

Abraham was not afraid to give God his only son. He trusted that God would supply for his need. Genesis 22

Rebekah was not afraid to leave her family and go to a new place to marry Isaac. Genesis 18

Jacob was afraid for his life because he had taken his brothers blessing. He brother was angry. Genesis 24

Jacob was not afraid to wrestle with an angel until he blessed him. Genesis 32

Joseph was not afraid to trust God when his brothers sold him into slavery. Genesis 37

Miriam was not afraid of the Kings command and hid her brother in a basket in the river. Exodus 2

Rev. Jeanne McIntosh 2011

Moses was afraid when he saw the burning bush. God had called him to be a leader to the people. Exodus 3

Moses was not afraid to face King Pharaoh and ask him to let the people go to worship God. Exodus 7

The Israelites were afraid when crossing the Red Sea because the Egyptians were coming after them to take them back as slaves. Exodus 14

Rahab was not afraid to hide the spies in her home to protect them from the enemy. Joshua 2

Joshua and the people were not afraid to march around the walls of Jericho as God had commanded them. Joshua 6

Deborah, a Prophet of Israel, was not afraid to go to war against the enemy. She knew God would be with her. Judges 4

Sampson was not afraid of the Philistines. He killed 300 foxes at the same time. Judges 15

Ruth was not afraid to leave her home and go to a new place far away with her mother-in-law. Ruth 1

Hannah was not afraid to give her child back to God if he would give her a baby. I Samuel 1

Saul was not afraid to accept the Kingdom, yet he disobeyed God. God rejected him as king. I Samuel 15

David was not afraid to face the Giant. I Samuel 17

Saul was afraid of David because God was with him. I Samuel 18

Abigail was not afraid to intercede for her husband, Nabal who had treated King David unkindly. I Samuel 25

Elijah was not afraid to obey God and go to live at the home of the Widow of Zarephath. I Kings 17

Elijah was afraid after he had killed the prophets of Baal and went into hiding. I Kings 19

Elisha was not afraid of some boys who made fun of him. I Kings 2

Naaman was not afraid to dip in the dirty waters of the Jordan River to be cleansed of his leprosy seven times. II Kings 5

Nehemiah is not afraid to rebuild the walls against all opposition to his efforts. Book of Nehemiah

Esther bravely approaches the King in behalf of the lives of her people. Esther 5

Rev. Jeanne McIntosh 2011

The three Hebrew men were not afraid to stand rather than bow to Nebuchadnezzars Gold Statue Daniel 3

Daniel was not afraid to pray to God even if it meant facing the lions den. Daniel 6

Jonah was afraid to obey God and was swallowed by a great fish. Jonah 1

Joseph was not afraid to take Mary as his wife even though she was with child. Matthew 1

The wise men were not afraid to go home a different route being warned by God not to return to King Herod. Matthew 2

A young boy was not afraid to offer his lunch for Jesus to feed the people. Matthew 14

Peter was afraid walking on the water when he took his eyes of Jesus. Matthew 14

The Good Samaritan was not afraid to show kindness to a stranger. Luke 10

Zacchaeus was not afraid of what people thought when he climbed a tree to see Jesus. Luke 19

Rev. Jeanne McIntosh 2011