State Representative, 10th District Position 1
What would you do to improve healthcare in a district that is getting older demographically?

Accessible, affordable healthcare needs to be easily available to citizens, employers and employees alike. We need to provide ways of improving availability of local doctors and healthcare clinics close to folks on the islands.

We must address primary barriers to healthcare, including skyrocketing insurance premiums and accessibility. I supported the reforms recommended by the governor’s task force — legislation that needs passage; and reforms that will help the demographic groups of uninsured. We have lived the consequences of multiple outages, and the debated issues are important. As we each consider our decision, my commitment as your state representative is to support the will of the voters regarding the creation of a PUD.

What’s your position in the debate over a Whidbey Island PUD?

Ownership of natural resources, especially water, should be closely studied. I support the ability of local citizens to create PUDs. A yes vote allows voters to move forward and address all issues that need consideration to make this happen.

What would you do to improve education in the district as enrollment, and therefore state funding, declines?

We must improve funding that reduces the fluctuations of student enrollment so that school districts can better plan and staff basic education. Standards must improve that allow teachers and students to succeed, while ensuring success for everyone after graduation.

Supporting a new model for education funding, implementing needed reforms, addressing unfunded mandates and the economic pressures squeezing families are key policy areas of focus for me as your legislator. We have a constitutional mandate to provide our children quality education. Continuing to expand government and the state budget at an unsustainable rate in the face of slowing revenue growth and an economic downturn. That is why I voted against the operations budget and advocated for prioritized and sustainable fiscal policies. We have a constitutional mandate to provide our children quality education. I don’t believe there is a conflict — what is sound policy for our districts’ families, communities, small businesses and farms is good policy statewide.

What was the worst mistake that state government has made over the past year?

The Legislature’s creation of unfunded mandates puts undue pressure on local governments. We must be careful not to ask citizens to use local taxes to make up gaps where the state cannot afford the ability to provide basic resources.

What is more important to you; a decision that best serves your district, or a decision that best serves the state of Washington?

The district is my first priority for consideration while working for the good of all in the state of Washington.


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