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This is my suggestion: The whole play is a flashback, from Marks POV.

In this play, the story unveils Marks past history, joining back with his long lost brother, Thomas, whom he misses so much. The story reveals how Mark departs (rather unwillingly) from his brother, physically. Although, the play also reveals how he reconcile with Thomass presence in John. Prologue The scene starts with a sound of rain pouring down, and Claire De Lune song by Debussy plays in the background. The song starts soft, and then to equal balance (vol) with the sound of rain. Curtain opens; stage still in the dark. Marks Opening Voice Over: (soft, innocent, slow-paced, sad tone) I want to tell you a story about a hero.. Not just an ordinary hero but a hero very dear to me Listen A sound of screeching tyre and a loud crash! Background song + sound fade out slowly. Lights fill the stage, exposing Mark & Thomas lying on the stage, close to each other. Position: Mark should be lying behind Thomas. Before Mark wakes up, the audiences should be getting only one figure. A symbol of them being close together, before parting at the end of the play. Mark wakes up, feels disorientated while holding his stomach, in pain. Mark: Wha.. what happened? [Disorientated, looking at bruises on his elbow, in pain, and the minute he lay eyes on Thomas, he quickly crawls beside him] Tom! Tom! Are you alright? [Mark touches Thomass shoulder & arm, but afraid to shake him, afraid that he might hurt Thomas] Tom? Tom? Thomas? [Touching Thomass head, raising it to rest on his lap, blood pouring down Thomass forehead, Mark places his hand onto the wound, trying to stop the bleeding] Thomas, dont worry, Im here dont worry, dont worry.. [Rocking his body back and forth, repeating dont worry] The sound of ambulance siren fills the air.

The light dims to dark. Act 1 Scene: Hospital Mark wakes up on a bed. He hears muffled sounds coming from outside. He gingerly gets up and stumbles to the door. Father: Doctor, are they alright? Are my sons alright? Doctor: Mark is fine, but Thomas is not. Father: Thomas? Why? Whats wrong with him? [Father is in a state of curiosity, worry and at the same time, afraid of what he is going to hear from the doctor] Doctor: Im sorry, but Thomas isnt going to pull through.[pause] [Father looks away, his eyes show that there are a lot of things going through his mind right now] Doctor: Your son has suffered a serious head injury due to the impact of the crash. Hes now in a deep coma. Im sorry. [The father falls to his knees and covers his face with his hands and mourns] [Doctor places his hand on the fathers shoulder to try and comfort him] [Father starts to cry] [Mark sneaks out of his room and into Thomas room. Mark strokes Thomas hair and gently caresses his face. He reaches for Thomas cold hand. A fat tear rolls down his face.] Mark: They say youre not gonna wake up. I dont believe that, Thomas. Youre a fighter. Come on brother! Fight it! Im going to be here with you.. [pause] Hey, remember that time when I fell off my bike? [Mark laughs in a hollow manner] You were so worried, you barely ate your dinner, afraid that I might die. [Mark smiles with tear flowing down his cheeks] You only smiled after mom said that I am going to be okay. [Mark continues stroking Thomas face] *Sigh* Mom, you went too soon. [Starts crying] [Mark runs out of the room, nearly colliding with John]

John: Mark? [Mark ignores John and flees. He runs past his dad, knocks the doctor down, and continues running. John trots after Mark. He finds Mark seated in the waiting lounge of the hospital] John: Hey, are you alright? ]Mark wipes his tears, sniffs, and looks down] Mark: Its nothing. John: Are you sure? If theres anything, you can tell me. You know, I am your best friend. Mark: It-its my brother. John: You mean Thomas? Mark: [nods] We met with an accident this morning. [pause] All I remember is waking up and seeing him just lying there, not moving. The doctor says hes not going to wake up [pause] but Thomas is gonna prove him wrong. I can feel it. [Silence fills the air for 4-5 seconds] Wait, what are you doing here? [Johns eyes turn shifty, as though hiding a secret.] John: Oh, just a routine checkup. Its my heart, you see. It isnt as strong as it used to be. [Mark turns to face John and gives him a watery smile to show him that he acknowledges it] John: Hey, its no problem. Im gonna be fine. Dont you worry. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless. Mark: Thanks. I guess I really needed to hear that. ACT 1 ENDS

Act 2 Scene: School Mark is walking down the hallway, looking moody. Suddenly, Marcus and his accomplices appear and surround him. Marcus: Well look what we have here. A lonely little boy. What say you boys we get us some money? Mark: I.. I dont have any money. Marcus: Oh really? Lets see then, shall we? [He starts patting Mark for his money.] Marcus: I see. Boys, he aint lying. Youd better have my money by tomorrow, or else. *grins savagely* Just to remind you, heres a little present. Rick, hand me that thing. [Rick looks like hes having second thoughts] Rick: Marcus, are you sure about this? Marcus: Just give it to me! [Marcus snatches the knife from Rick and nicks Marks cheek. Marcus accomplices hold Mark down while Marcus stoops down to eye level] Marcus: After all, Mark isnt gonna tell on us right? He merely fell down the stairs! Right, Mark? [Mark nods assent]

Scene: Home

Mark is eating his breakfast quietly in the kitchen. His dad walks in the room to grab a quick bite before leaving for work. Father: All set for school, Mark? [Mark nods his head and continues eating. His dad turns to look at him and spots the cut on his cheek.] Father: What happened to your face, son? Is everything alright? Mark: Oh its nothing dad. I just fell down in school. Father: *Shakes head* Okay. Just try to be more careful next time. Scene: School Mark is walking around the school, kicking a bottle cap along. Marcus and his friends appear and shove Mark onto a wall. Marcus: Hey short stuff. Wheres my money? [Mark remains silent.] Marcus: Whats the matter? Cat got your tongue? Do you want another scar? [Mark pulls a switchblade from his pocket and takes slow steps backwards, prepared to make a break for it, his face an unreadable mask. Marcus face turns sour. Anger was clearly visible all over his ugly mug.] Marcus: Whatcha gonna do with that, huh? Prick me? [Mark merely shakes his head and continues to take steps backwards, still gripping the blade tightly in his shaking hands.] Marcus: Give me the blade Mark! [Marcus steps menacingly towards Mark, but stops when he sees John approaching the scene] John: Whats this? [John steps in front of Mark, separating Mark and Marcus]

Marcus: Its none of your business! Step aside! Mark: He forces me to give up my money to him! John: Marcus! Im going to tell the principal! [John pushes Marcus, Marcus falls down] Run Mark, run! [John and Mark both turn and run. Suddenly, John starts clutching his heart and gasps. He collapses on the ground and Mark can only watch in horror as Marcus and his friends take turns to beat up John. In the end, they leave and John is left as a twitching heap on the ground. Mark approaches John and kneels next to him] Mark: John, are you okay? Weve got to get you to a hospital! [John just gurgles and falls unconscious] ACT 2 ENDS

Act 3 Scene: Hospital The doctor approaches Johns bed, reads his file.. Doctor:

All the stress youve been through has really put a heavy toll on your heart, son. Unless we find a donor, Im afraid you wont be around for much longer. John: Is there any hope for me at all, doctor? Doctor: Well, there is a possible match for you. I believe you know him? His name is Thomas. Thomas Adams. John: Oh dear. Its Marks brother. *softly* There doesnt seem to be any other choice. Doctor, Id like to speak with Thomas father. Doctor: Of course, son. Just wait just a minute. The doctor goes out and whispers softly into the fathers ear. He enters the room. Father: I was told you wanted to have a word with me, John. John: Yes, sir. Father: Is this about what I think it is? John: I need a heart, sir. And your son is the only one who can help me. Father: But what would you have me do? Just remove him from life support? John: Please sir, its the only chance for me. Day to day I feel myself slowly slipping away. The thought of death scares me all the time. Ive got so much to live for. I wanna be able to lead a normal life like everyone else. I wanna be able to run free without ever thinking of the consequences. All I want is just a single chance to live my life to the fullest. Please sir, you have to understand. Father: I understand your plight. But you have to understand, this is my son were talking about. *He buries his head in his hands for a few minutes but when he lifts up his head, his eyes shine with a new resolve* Now is not the time to be weak. I must be strong. *sighs* I will help you, John. I will help you get your life back. John nods slowly. Mark is sitting in the hospital lounge. His father enters and sits next to him. Father: How are you holding up, son? Mark just stares morosely at his father and his father puts his arm around him. Father: Look Mark, the writing is on the wall. Thomas is never gonna wake up anytime soon. Mark: Youre wrong, dad. *In a raised tone* How can you say that! Tears well up in Marks eyes Father: *In a frustrated tone* Son, your brothers in a coma. He was pronounced brain dead the moment he arrived here. I know we both would like to see nothing better than Thomas walking in here, but do you really think thats gonna happen? Mark: You dont understand, dad! Thomas is my life! He means everything to me! Father: *Raised voice* Hes my son too, Mark! But you have to understand, there are certain things in life that are beyond our control. This world isnt perfect. The father grabs marks shoulders. Father: *Stern and calm tone* Youve got to let go, son. Marks head moves towards his fathers chest as his father takes him into his arms. Both of them break down and cry. Part 2 Mark is seated across from Thomas bed. He looks lovingly at his brother and sighs. Mark: Thomas, can you hear me? Just give me a sign. Listen, even if you cant. Theres this guy named John. He has this uhh... condition with his heart. And the

doctors say he needs a new one real bad. (mark approaches Thomas and takes his hand) Look, Thomas. This is it. This is your chance to give someone something beautiful. Its your chance to work a miracle. Thomas, I dont mean it in that way. I dont wanna let you go. (Mark buries his face into Thomas hands)(His father and the doctor enter the room and stand behind him solemnly) A piece of you is always gonna be with me. Ill never forget. Ill never forget, Thomas. I promise. (A flat beep is heard as Thomas is removed of life support) Mark: Thomas, no! Dont leave me! (Mark tries to pump Thomass heart. The doctor and Marks father make no move to stop him.) Wake up, Thomas! Wake up! (Marks father puts his hand on his shoulder and gestures for them to leave. Mark stops. The only sound to be heard is the beeping sound. The doctor leaves the room, followed slowly by his father. Mark is the last to leave. Before he goes out the door, he turns to look at his brother for the last time.) Mark: I guess this is goodbye, Thomas. Epilogue Claire De Lune by Debussy song plays at the background. [+ rain sound effects] The funeral. The curtain opens with Mark, standing behind a rostrum, overlooking the audience. Its raining. A person holds an umbrella for Mark. Few people sit on chairs at the side of the stage. Everybody is wearing black + umbrellas. Mark: [solemn, sad] Listen Thomas was my hero he was always there for me when I needed him. He listened to me and taught me so many things, but most of all he was fun. He took me with him all the time. We cycle together, caught butterflies together and loved chasing the rainbow together. [teary smiles] You see, Thomas always have this passion of helping other people. Even on his death bed, he has helped a friend to have a longer life than his [pause] I don't want Thomas's passion to ever end. I want to help people just like he did. I have the best brother in the whole world and I will miss him every day. Lights off & the curtain closes.

The curtain opens again. Claire De Lune song plays. Thomas happily riding a bicycle, with Mark sitting at the back of the bicycle. Joyous laughter of both fills the air.

They exit the stage. A few seconds later, John walks into the stage. Mark enters from another end, into the stage. Mark: Come John, lets go [Extends his hand towards John] [John smiles, accepts Marks offer and both of them walks out of the stage] Claire De Lune song fade out. THE END

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