SYSTEM or MYSTEM Since the beginning of the time, human race has been vulnerable to get depraved.

Even the most incorrupt person can sometimes befall prey to the infections of the society such as carnal gratification, absolute power and many more included. We the human race has developed so much since we were hanging around the trees and eating raw food. We have achieved many a great advancement in our lives from the realms of technology to the realms of society building. Although if we really look deeply into the developments we realized that whatever we had achieved had nothing to say that we are really the leaders of all the species existing on this blue planet. Humans primarily forgot the basic axiom like keeping alive the human race in a symbiosis manner and not only this being the intellectuals human also gain the responsibility of the planet and its creature. May be because we are not doing it right or maybe we are not in the right path. We are currently following the path of science and although being an engineer and believing the fact that technocratic system can really change our live, I suggest that this is not enough to make change in the heart of people. Why is that Gandhi and Anna relinquishes all their basic necessities and work solely for others and why is there another person who is still into social services but as her career in national councils and someday into politics? That’s right the problem lies in the current system of making a new generation. The system creates scientists, doctors, engineers and CEOs in perspective of their career. Only few of them or I can say fewer of them thinks beyond the regime of their career and work for the others. Yes we have number of people voted for the post of intellectuals but only few of them are thinking about their career. And those who dares to against this corrupt regime of career and money becomes mahatma like what Gandhi showed us once and now Anna has done. In the scrutiny of real life one can see that a person who is the CEO of the company even greets the guard standing before his office politely and even asks about his family health. On the contrary a social activist doesn’t even know the name of the guard standing under the scorching sun. If god has created the world and if he comes and sees us then he would scorns at our achievements and might say “ earlier 30 peoples used to die in a monthly massacre, now 1 person dies each day “. So what is the point he meant there? Yes in the long run of civilizations we haven’t ever tried to change our system. A child goes to the school and he is bound to study science, business, and arts. A very few grew up learning the morality of human society. The time has come when we should realize that the very own system needs an acute change. We should have a syllabus rigidly pointing toward the ethics and morality of human society. Yes the Vedas and Upanishads gives the same virtue lessons. A child undergone such training and shall never tangle between the dilemma of right and wrong his life would not be vulnerable to the corruptions of our present society, and certainly he would evolve as a wise man one day who will be thinking beyond career and borders and will work for the human race and the mother earth.