Grateful Dead

BRAND The Russian or German soldier in Poland is an aggressor for sure, while an American soldier in Vietnam is termed as patriot. It is great to have world peace ever after but at the lilliputian cost of hundreds of little wars. Harmony and understanding – who can be so dumb as to subscribe to such a nonsensei at the present time? The selfsame lower power people who did absolutely nothing to avert hundreds of aggressive wars as allegedly fought on your behalf want you to believe in some Age of Aquarius that is nowhere at sight at all. Besides, Pisces and Aquarius are merely averages, as nothing exceptional happens as concern the position of the Sun. They want you to listen to Grateful Dead, chew upon transits and worship centaurean healing castrates. No true mind, no Reiki – that’s for sure; except as brand. Yoga may become an USA brand as well but no brand can predict anything for sure. 9-11 was not predicted by a brand. At 9-11 time there were no Reiki experts, tarot tent or for entertainment only astrologers. Events are real. They are predictable by all. Anyone can predict in minutes. Anyone but your expert. Why can’t experts predict anything? Experts are schmoozers, not machers. They train themselves to think like the mob, as the mob would have it. Default mind can’t predict any event at all. Brands don’t do magick, true mind does.

Psa 91:11 For he shall give his angels charge concerning thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Your guardian angel is the eastern ascending star. There are sixteen (16) ascending constellations at east for the current epoch. Which one is your own guardian angel? Conosci il tuo unico angelo custode? Il sant’angelo custode del tuo oroscopo è uno dei sedici ascendenti nascenti a est per l’epoca presente. Qual è il tuo unico angelo custode già stella dell’est?

The Sun figures as one of the most acclaimed i objects in popular astrology ii . Do you know its position? As free horoscopes are mostly intended for entertainment only, they never reproduce any original natal sky at all. Thus, Sai Baba was born with Sun in Libra on November 23rd. How about you? The generally known 13 Sun-signs expanded are in fact 15, even 16. Is your natal Sun in Orion or Cetus? The lunar zodiac represents a complex grid. Leave the calculations to us as your natal Moon sign gets properly determined. Alixe iii has Moon rising in Cetus, Mercury in Sextans with Venus in Orion. Her Juno is in zodiacal Scutum while Pluto sits on the ascendant of the USA in Serpens Cauda. Is your child a genius as well? Your natal Moon can be anywhere from Auriga, Corvus or Sextans. Who knows? We do.

THE WALL They don’t want you to know yourself – or your horoscope. They never knew themselves or their own horoscopes – so how could they wish you Godspeed at all? It’s like the envious neighbor who never had another life apart from one as dedicating in trespassing upon other people’s happiness. That model is default mind. Even Tolkien marvelously depicts this mediocre ego. When the Academic Zodiac went online, Pluto entered Coma Berenices. Pink Floyd approached their mission. There were of course no astrologers at the time, much as there is none now.

NON OMNIA MORIAR Default mind wants you grateful to be dead - and even pay dearly for it! But did you ever really agree with its postulates?

a) If you are happy with just any natal Sun-sign, don’t bother. b) If you like to adapt to whatever personality they impose on you, go ahead. c) If you already got twin natal Sun-signs, don’t bother either, get a third one perhaps.

d) But if you are genuinely interested in your natal horoscope, know that there is one!
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Although inessential in most calculations- see Sunless Astrology. Non-determining for most purposes, the Sun is a malefic like any other – it can be said to encompass all negative ego energy. On the other hand, in most traditions it is the Moon that determines one’s original attitude, thus leading to true self. Shiva stands for lunar directions, of which some 500 are perused in popular astrology. ii It is generally assumed that there are 13 Sun-signs. While that is a correct assertion, the number of Sun-signs expands to 15, even 16. As concern the Moon, the matter is infinitively vaster as well as complex. Your natal Moon can be anywhere from Auriga, Corvus or Sextans. Who knows? We do. iii


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