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(J.. Reed Exhibitions"
Organlsars Gateway T: of In-cosmetics House, 2010 Richmond, Surrey, TW91DN, UK 28 The Quadrant, 7976


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in-cosmetics is lIle registered trade mark of Reed ExIlibitions Limited. This magazlna Showtlma Managing Is daslgned Sarvlces and produced Ltd on bahalf of Raad Exhibitions


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Paris provided a IMlly backdrop and Dr Alain Khaiat was a deserving winner of the in-cosmetics Achievement Award, presented Ufetime

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yet. 7,807 people from the global personal care industry passed through the doors during the three days, an increase of 26% on the previous record set in 2007, making this edition the best-attended the exhibition's in history, The overall show size also 10,000 m2, hosting 575 worldwide.


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F: +44 (0)1462

E: anqulrles@silowtlmamadla.oom W: www.showtlmamadla.oom Environmental All publicalions forests, 100% Is from statement-Sustainable produced

Anniversary Party, in-cosmetics

chic and styish destination of Milan, Itaiy (29th - 31st March 2011) and the beautITul brand new Rho venue, I look forward to welcoming March next year. Kind regards, you to Milan in

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The Innovation Zone buzzed with new products and visitors explored the Fashion I Beauty connection throughout slowdown on the dynamic in-focus feature, The innovation the upbeat mood recovery from the Seminar theatres lively business meetings and product

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Lucy Gillam Exhibition Director Lucy,gillam@reedexpo,co,uk

of 2009, The Innovation

Trends theatre were packed, with

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Breaking all records
in-cosmetics record-breaking defied economic show crisis to deliver a


Key Show Statistics Coming Back for More Success Stories

Educational Programme Review
The action-packed unmissable programme provided an opportunity to brush up on the latest knowledge

scientific and marketing

10 Marketing Trends Presentations 14 in-focus fashion 20 Innovation Zone 22 Workshops & Seminars Lifetime Achievement Award 22 And the winner is Dr. Khaiat Product News
Hundreds formulations of new ingredients, were showcased technologies, at the show and

24 Exhibitor Launches Market Place 36 Web Connects 38 Essential Contacts in-cosmetics Asia
Bigger and better, in-cosmetics returns to Bangkok Asia

40 Key Show Highlights

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com. EB BAYCUSAN" POLYURETHANES FOR COSMETICS .the pioneering polyurethane polymer as a film former and sensory additive for your cosmetic products. With Baycusan"'. Curious? Then visit us at www.bayercosmetics. skin and sun care products as well as hairstyling with Baycusan'"offer perfect performance. Dazzling appearance.ffi Bayer MaterialScience GIVE YOUR FORMULATION STAR APPEAL! Experience a multi-talent with fascinating radiance: Baycusan'" . a more pleasant feel and optimal hold: Color cosmetics.comorcontactusatcosmetics@bayermaterialsclence. the secret of beauty now lies in the mix. Fora seductive look and breathtaking styllng. Easy-to-formulate Baycusan'" offers tailor-made properties for your specific application.

org. the industry standard providing independent verification of the number of visitors Breaking all records WATCH Show Video Ii] .uk) ABC Certification.KehdShow Statistics 7.265m2 [+28% on 2007] 88% Visitors Satisfied Stand Space *Audited by ABC (www.abc.401 Exhibitors Satisfied Exhibitors [+10% on 2007] 575 10.807* [+27% on 2007] Unique Visitor 97% Total Visitor Attendance [includes re-visits] 13.

in-cosmetics opportunity is the best place to meet plus the WITh both existing and new suppliers a lot in three days. Of course. various economic and financial crises. I believe there has been a steady increase in the quality and quantity of exhibitors presenting their products and the organisation just gets better and better each year.don't have I'm really glad that in-cosmetics years and the show has really evolved since then. that haven't participated as large as in-cosmetics. the big players will and long-standing in exhibITions is the mix. in-cosmetics three-day too. which in my kind of job. is all about efficiency. source: 2010 visitor survey .is the ability it affords in a relatively me to meet with multiple suppliers One of the main reasons I attend in-cosmetics for the rich vein of innovation that I know I will find there.and ultimately the main reason why I go . which makes visiting the show so much more enjoyable. For me. and I have provide me So alwaye be at shows like this.of suppliers present. it is possible and that I already have. But what I find most useful is the large number of smaller first-time exhibitors present every year from all over the world. They seem to be much more serious and set on doing business than before. been great for that. The Innovation Zone encapsulates cutting-edge understanding everything that the show is about: product creativity.Coming Back for More! 86% of the 2010 visitors* believe that in-cosmetics is a mustattend event So much so. that many religiously have attended the show for several consecutive years. to a show like in-cosmetics short space of time. each year. My main and it focus when I attend is sBsing the suppliers. and certainly makes albeit exhausting trip! to build on the but my main for a much more pleasurable relationships As you would expect with an event every year there is a raft of before. Thirdly. I meet a number of customers network with old friends. down on their latest developments. Wardel Chemicals I have attended urnnao [UK] for the last nine Despite Group Manager R&D I have been visiting in-cosmetics every in-cosmetics years ago and it has certainly evolved a great deal since then. AG [Germany] for the last six Tony Westwood. Of course.or budget . that could add a point of difference No other channel would enable us in such a short period of to say. The educational has really developed programme is another area that informative to get to grips over the years. How do they think the show evolved over time? What makes them return? To understand this. .. so that this is becoming global event. it's how they could bsnettt the industry. Chemical Supply Technologist. There's nothing better than spending three days scouring the show floor for innovations is and finding exactly what you want at the end of it. new companies Being able to see all of our key suppliers in one place is extremely convenient. Unilever [UK] I have been visiting in-cosmetics since it started 20 Andreas Beiersdorf Clausen. and over that period have been interested in how the show has developed. opportunity my own vision of the market and what's to the show in one supplier I would say it provides the only to meet the global cosmetic If I had to summarise to catch up with friends. updating come. Presentations years. sentence. I can in the most efficient tool in the marketing WITh an opportunity to meet a number of potential new suppliers. is invaluable. which isn't surprising given how much the industry has developed has a~ays competes everyone over the years.and quantity . visiting in-cosmetics economical exercise. business trip. to split their time . which is great for visitors like me. is a hugely In just three days. so I devote a lot of time It's the one chance I have to find out about the lesser known developments to making new contacts For me. new suppliers. Market Manager. I would say in-cosmetics delivers an extremely efficient means of meeting all of the key suppliers from the global personal care ingredients to see so many companies see more existing and potential suppliers industry in show than I ever could do in any other just three days. especially those with new and exciting developments to the business. its great to catch-up with existing contacts. You can't ask for more than that. we spoke to the following visitors Eunice Blackmore. The main difference that I have noticed is regarding the quality . bar one. Shows like in-cosmetics to meet all of my supplier base in one go. I use the event as an opportunity interesting to see new companies.suppliers and visitors alike . are at the show so it's a great the number of non-European suppliers a truly with the very latest trends and developments But for me one of the best features at the show is the Innovation Zone. time in one place. no longer with another show in Europe so that . In short. At the same time I can educate myseW on the very latest trends and regulations. if I had to sum up the event in one sentence. You can learn base in three days. objective . They say that participating an hour taking in all the developments And this is absolutely key to my role. I agree. There are three main reasons behind my decision to attend in-cosmetics main companies opportunity Secondly. all the Firstly. It's good too to S88 in the Seminar Theatre are extremely and offer visitors a huge opportunity sweeping the industry.and I can be assured that nearly everyone is there. I can spend at least and to catch-up with them and get the lowit is a great opportunity to meet with increasing too. I meet up with existing suppliers.

With innovation come new opportunities to formulate novel products. we can be a partner to our customers in a way that is productive and rewarding for both supplier and manufacturer.•• In addition to our exhibitions and presentations. vitality (Gapauxein"j and protection (Protectagen"j. skin care and sun care that may be possible with novel new ingredients from ISP. they found ISP innovations. sophisticated Given that ingredients.. What is the best thing about the show for you? At the end of the day. the ISP Personal Care team can take the time to learn more about the needs of customers in a somewhat informal environment. that is to say. But it wasn't just the organisers who were busy putting on an exhibition that everyone would remember for years to come For the exhibitors. in-cosmetics is the kind of venue where attendees will take the time to learn about the details of novel ingredients. ISP has a vested interest in answering all I manufacturer relationships. . to be established are benefits nsed in-vivo or inneed 111111. We achieved our essential objective at in-cosmetics. Senior Vice President. to provide concepts for moving new innovations into the marketplace. the celebration provided a great opportunity to really go to town on their own promotion.I'to ingredients without telling the story behind our products. we asked attendees to take a fresh look at the unique functionality Acrylates bring to personal care formulations. Behind these new ingredient launches are strong research programmes and leading edge science. what the next product trend may be. such as Chronogen"" tetrapeptide. WITh distinct pods. broad spectrum UV protection (Escalol OS)and broad spectrum preservation (Optiphen" MIT Ultra). it would new be remiss if we developed of these questions face-to-face with the world's leading producers of personal care products. it is the little stories customers tell at their leisure that make all the difference in the world. vitro. Virtually everywhere attendees looked. Understanding the culture of our customers and responding to customers' supplier needs in terms they understand is critical to the long-term success of introduced a number of new ingredients for hair and skin care products and we presented scenarios where these novel ingredients will be beneficial in targeted formulations. It is also interesting to discover what new ingredients may exist to engender entirely new categories of products. in-cosmetics is an ideal venue from which to show and tell the trade press how R&D and science lead to new and better options for the industry. in-cosmetics is an ideal venue to mset with customers and prospects and to begin a conversation about the vast potential of novel ingredients in finished formulations. All this information takes time to communicate. . And the ingredients within the context of fully to be considered I validated formulated products. ISP to find out how the show went for them Why did you decide to exhibit at in-cosmetics? As a supplier of many ingredients to the personal care industry. in-cosmetics is structured in such a way that we can show innovations on the trade show floor and also participate in seminars. New biofunctional ingredients were made available at the ISP Hair Care Innovation Pod.. a novel biofunctional designed to address the epigenetic expression of clock genes. At ISP's Skin Gare Innovation Pod. we showed how our offerings provide marketers the means to meet What did you present at the show? At in-cosmetics 2010. in-cosmetics caught up with James Mish. At ISP's Acrylates Innovation Pod. ISP offers some fairly and ingredient packages. new ideas were unfolded with our Captivates" microcapsules and microbeads. we showed ground-breaking products with potential for sustained proteasome efficacy of skin (Prolixir S200).. That's why we elected to exhibit at various points on the show floor from what are known as innovation pods.Success Storhd Internationa I Specialthd Products in-cosmetics celebrated its 20th anniversary this year with a show-stopping event at the Paris Porte de Versailles. At in-cosmetics. what is possible. What were you hoping to achieve by exhibiting at in-cosmetics? One of the most interesting aspects about in-cosmetics is that it is global. Before new ingredients commercialised. we addressed specific innovations in hair care. At this year's show. What activities did you undertake at the event? ~ Leading . Often. such as this year's innovation seminar. Now more than ever. We How did the show help you achieve these objectives? We strongly believe product manufacturers that adopt innovative ingredients will form the foundation they need to produce and sell market leading products. Whether manufacturers target the prestige or mass markets. improved skin cell water channeling (Osrnollna"). we held a press conference at in-cosmetics 2010. The ISP Personal Care team is more than happy to hear these stories during in-cosmetics and learn how we can serve our customers better in the future and ensure our goals and objectives are essentially in line with the needs of the personal care industry. we elected to answer these questions in terms of innovation by showing and telling attendees how ISP serves the industry through innovation. _ innovations can 'change the game' in virtually any product category.. improved skin barrier function (Stratixyl'). Sponsorship of the in-cosmetics Innovation Zone and the carpet tiles further reinforced our message that ISP innovation is everywhere. where industry professionals from all over the world converge in one place to find out what's new. Three novel products for consumer hair care address options in the areas of strength (Dynagen'"). new anti-aging strategies were presented along with new ingredients. With strong ties. we beli9V9 in-cosmetics is all about building strong relationships with customers who may one day become our customers. we said ISP Personal Care is 'changing the game' with innovations that form the foundation of market leading products. a great deal of research goes into the development of new ingredients. at ISP's Encapsulation Pod.Innovation VOI. And. At the in-cosmetics Innovation Zone. and one company did just that.

com www.sederma.fr Sed erma GmbH Tel-t49 21 57817318 Fax -t49 21 57817361 email sederma@sederma.• • TM Sed erma SAS Tel +33134841010 Fax +33134841130 email sederma@sederma.com/europe/pc Innovation you can build on™ .croda.de Croda Europe Ltd Tel-t441 405860551 Fax +441405860205 email pc-europe@croda.fr www.

h!!I1E~ than 340 visitors and is hoping to convert a good number of leads into actual business. make promotional appealing. presenting was in as a result"...' ~:. awarensss Beata Hurst.!-r:''2I'·'T-!.:-t. But the company's to pre-show promotion.. I' ~~.~~:i~~'~. "It's quite simple.~f orrIJIo . 11M.11'"-1. not least because in the first four months alone. Marketing Biochemistry & Sales Manager at Mibelle "Pre-show promotion to the marketing in-cosmetics commented: of our new products amongst and R&D decision-making who attend the show from all over the world... of activities all the more but it is essential to identify.. but three brand new products onto the market.I ... By exhibiting at the show we can see vast number of prospects cosmetics in just under 36 hours. met with more IB!II!II!!!i~ 1l1I~11e~t.. delivering one simple outcome when the show doors open: prospects to the stand."'.:. . Knowing the 20t 0 instalment would provide the platform to launch one of the biggest projects the company's importance history. set and from the outset..Success Stor~ Mibelle Biochemistr~ 2010 was always going to be a busy year for Mibelle Biochemistry.. In addition. maximise their presence sits. the quality of visitors from the major worldwide cosmetic manufacturers was impressive and we certainly hope to establish some interesting and potentially lucrative partnerships However. ... As enables us to meet the 'world' ~.. "One of our main objectives for in-cosmetics this year was to raise experts there isn't anything more that we could ~-To... the website's elected to have a skyscraper team.000+ banners homepage articles in a number of pre-show industry profsssionais.and the extend the reach of their communications.'ff<'~. .'!:t".'~~. but this was compounded the ingredients themselvss. then there certainly was come 20t O. The personal care ingredients out there.t. .... Oelentigo'" and MAXnolia N A challenge organisation's scheduled by any reasonably standards. company e-newsletters which were issued to the database At the same time. the team at Mibelle Biochemistry decided this was the year to invest in a wideranging exhibitor support programme. ..~ :_~ oSt contracts just two months after the event....'' . I .and achieved running on the in-cosmetics product directory. And there really isn't anything quite like a launch at in terms of the return you get and the campaign wasn't just limited invaluable exposure. and recognising the of communicating this comprehensively really saw the value of taking a box in as Beata Hurst explained: the Innovation Zone to display its unique "Being involved in the Innovation Zone was a for us. l'Orilo. In L. PhytoCellTec Alp Rose.~ ask for. As ever. developing sense that we marketed in-cosmetics. -. And that's why we selected 20t 0 as the major launch platform for our new products this year.at this year's event. the company decided to launch not one. During the three months leading up to the event.. All the relevant people are in the same place. confident had see the new products... to serving the specific needs of the in-cosmetics to be the most effective with a broad European. Mibelle Biochemistry commissioned sponsored of 20. even further by the fact that the company the launches to take place at in-cosmetics.. of course.."\'kr:uJ:i"'_<t ~w.<. in-cosmetics in three days. Biochemistry ingredients. In fact.. . of the exhibiting industry and these ... The team also on the vision and commitment as course. _~. the reserved for the Mibelle If there wasn't already enough planning going on around the show.~""" l"I.._~. this is ina most efficient way. there have already been some interesting discussions personal care industry when it comes to actives.. We pride ourselves on designing the most creative actives for the cosmetic needed an outlet to showcase Innovation Zone was just right. In cosmetics e-newslerrer group r~:-'a\ '~ spades . the company onsite promotional selected In order to online and ahead of the show and enan integrated package that would further that they are at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation. at the same time and they come directly to us.ll: •.10 •• " .. Mibelle Biochemistry is stage its annual distributor meeting. .j~:~~~t[:t::£~~~." Succsss at shows like in-cosmetics is dependent is essential for us to have as visible a presence there as possible. We invested a great deal in so it made them to their full potential. Hurst concluded: exhibitors. There was.~'" 1'. ".rn-". well as another banner displayed in the website's strictly follow a strategy to maximise your impact ~------------_j_------. :. no-brainer doors. as we wanted drive as many people as possible to our stand to . P< . and considers platform to communicate indeed global. as in-cosmetics 56m2 stand on the show floor as well as a private meeting room that the company duration of the show.... attend. committed used the event as a forum to meet with existing to talk about mutual projects as well as however..:'W'.. for Mibelle Biochemistry customers Ultimate~. added Hurst the show wasn't solely about products and establishing new contacts this year.. t.. Having exciting news to share does. audience. really is the forum that all the big.. so it medium and more niche manufacturers was everything to us this year.. WITh the industry.. And that is certainly the result Mibelle Biochemistry hoping for .. companiss have to demonstrate industry is one of the most progressive and to succeed.01 r l .~.. Preparations for the show started back in April Munich was closing its in 2009. ~JoIwII'·ih . During the three-day the company period.


trends presentations programme. such as deodorants seen a lot of innovation have which has the anything with a logo attached such as Ning or Pluck. Barbalova asked if China could save the world. the annual are a major draw for increasingly popular many visitors and becoming with brand decision-makers. "There's no need to go to digital walled gardens any more. star performer in 2008. However. Kline to Ibbotson. Japan is one of the slowest of the major markets to recover. maintained who claimed in her presentation label lines are also becoming amongst Primark. They include hand sanitizers. Ibbotson used the US as a case study for the five major recessions since 1970. with many now conducting a three tier pricing more prevalent strategy e. By category. In terms of distribution. beauty companies and how they have yet to grasp for Real Beauty he found traditional and old fashioned. who said look out for coupons to save mindset. You Tube Blogger etc. home shopping lV and vertically integrated specialty "We are seeing a global behaviour with people actively you on everything. Industry Manager. "The Chinese economy will overtake the US in 2017. He gave examples its importance. Chinese consumers level of consumer she have the highest fast-growing BRICs has been affected by the as it is very dependent market. In her presentation. Slideshare. they shop to live. when it was affected by fewer consumers taking holidays abroad. or places and spaces that the people you want to speak to frequent. "It has huge potential but is not ready to replace the US consumer." predicted Ibbotson. Skincare is strong." she said. Impact of Recessions Anna Ibbotson. Linkedln. Cheap private "As far as L'Oreal is concerned. The State of the Global Beauty Industry: Entering a New Chapter Irina Barbalova. Kline's theory is that the fortunes of the C&T markets are linked to an increase in women in the labour roroe. up until recently fast-growing. Having a content hub is key. Swine Flu outbreak. since last year." maintained. which is dubbed by many as the next BRIC. Consumers to the are more thrifty. Olay and Boots No 7. stores are all booming. products. "There's no point having a Facebook/Twitter strategy. Founder. Looking to the future. to counter the effects of the recession. Understanding Social Media and its Impact on Latin America. but not so in 2009. Euromonitor The recession Barbalova. community. Eastern Europe. disappointment. including TK Maxx." he explained. India and Indonesia which account growth in 2010. Dove's campaign in the past year. representing a new opportunity." she explained. has proved to be reasonably recession-proof and currently accounts for 28% of the global $300bn C&T market with growth of 5. have translated Marketing Trends Reviewed by Imogen Matthews.g. Industry have had a significant impact on the lei • :>- !II personal care markets. Overall. Brazil is now the third largest market globally. Twitter. He gave it 2 social he said and was unable to seeking out natural products. hair colourants and anti-agers are all d~ing where it accounts recession. Irina that the International may be over." So not all good. Flickr. You Tube. This means having conversations CIT. Haircare." such in content and Social media favours the small companies. where content from various networking sites can be monitored e. with blogs that hadn't been updated out of 10." Stacy maintains that Dell is one of that understands social media work. has proved to be a major The fastest growth has come from savings which is holding back growth. one of the original on the commodity a number of retailers." affirmed Ibbotson. especially in China." he said." predicted Barbalova. Budget beauty is no longer considered taboo. the Middle East and Indonesia. recession for 28% of Russia.6% between 2004-09.in-cosmetics innovation celebrated 20 years of and in the cosmetics toiletries industry with its biggest ever trends presentations of the presentations." "Manufacturers that consumers Your Beauty Business Richard Stacy. "Skincare was the on~ category to show any growth during recession. "Space isn't the world of information. Aldi and Superdrug. Kline data shows that skincare. "But they're not doing content well and there is no central space to talk to people. can provide the stimulus for giving examples of money and try to make things last. It's the world of connection and action. The only beauty brand to cut it is Lush {8 out of 1O}. change in consumer online sales. that uses Twitter to answer people's questions.g. Stacy Consulting Richard Stacy dispelled a number of myths about social media by stating that it is not about Facebook. IT is better to support already built. demonstrated formulations marketing latest cosmetic how advances and ingredients products. Twitter. for 40% of total C&T turnover. media hasn't happened. consultant to in-cosmetics Year after year. bottom has been reached. where fragrance consumer is a driving force. "They no longer live to shop. Skin lightening products are extremely popular. are faced with a change in the explained Barbalova. which new into the Innovation was at the heart of many in technology. greener and spend Euromonitor regard suncare as the more time at home and online. "Social media is about listening and coalescing conversations that are going to inform and retail channels which have launched in response she maintained. I believe they may represent the next growth plalform for the personal care industry. Facebook." revealed Barbalova. communities consumers have . Highlights include China. "The markets need growth in women joining the workforce "Innovation recovery". the basic categories performed better." give it a score. Recessions makinq] ""' on the CaT Market Manager. according although there have been high spots along the way. while fragrance was the most affected. as Dell who focus on conversation. WITh regard to community. categories c: 'iii to <II Cl 8 <II o and tools coming how to make of many large performed well over the past two years. and home skincare gadgets which mirror devices used in the professional sector. Stacy talked about "old fashioned digITal marketing" as the places we drove audiences to and then try to hold them there. Instead you need to understand the few companies the principles down the road. for example. "Two thirds of men in China also want pale skin.

Transforming products are another trend direction." she said. Allemand described how fashion and beauty have "shared stakes" in two areas: seduction and dreams and innovation and surprise. Jean Paul Gaultier's iconic sailor strips. The critical success factors for nutricosmetics will be educating consumers. Also materials and textures share similarities with a trend for nudes and second skin-style products." The current status as of April 2010 is that there are 21 Fairtrade registered brands in the UK. Frost & Sullivan Nutricosmetics is a tiny market in comparison to cosmetics and toiletries. she noted there were hardly any companies producing natural ingredients. Senior Marketing Project Manager. Sustainability is an area which cuts across both industries. Fairtrade labelling covers 21 national labelling initiatives and three producer networks which is said to benefit 8 million people. Biodiversity is also on the agenda as companies look to reintroduce plants in cosmetics to avoid extinction. Canada and France. "Regional legislation is impacting on the global markets. such as biopolymers. "Each had his own personal Signature. Common Stakes Nutricosmetics Dr. including caratonoids and vitamins. "Consumers don't want to talk about the recession and are enjoying playing with products and textures." she affirmed. A first in cosmetics. Cosmetics. such as Fair Trade. Consumers Fanny Fagot-Coste. certain criteria must be met. Isabelle Bluche explained that consumers have a great deal of trust in the Fairtrade concept. Consumers are still sceptical and do not believe that companies can really be sustainable and do not want to pay more for sustainable products. Coming through strongly in both is a trend for electric blue. Walmart has stated that it will be advertising the sustainability of all beauty products from 2015." sxplained Maryelle Allemand. they want time saving product benefrts to fit in WIThtheir buey lifestyles. Cariin International Fashion designers have been influencing the beauty industry since Paul Poi ret in the 191 Os/20s. such as massage gels that become a warm oil on application and then rinsed off. NGO's. However. worth $2.Lush's Future Cleaning Up? Research Consultant. as there are so many labels. This links to Mintel's Mood Beauty and Beauty Food trends." she said. Surfactants should be derived from Fairtrade material where feasible. Natural packaging. beauty companies are looking to the environmental impact of cosmetics and not just make organic claims. This year. "The recession has made us all smarter shoppers. including wooden caps. For example. with a number of new entrants coming especially from China. "Sustainability does not offer a new way for differentiation. and we are expecting an 8% growth to 2015 to reach $5. "Fashion trends are driving innovation in beauty. There is a will for harmonization but coordination between the responsible authorities and bodies is slow.Cosmetic Sparks: Kindling Innovation Hinako Sugioka. Senior Manager Non-Food New Category Development.62bn. CSR & Sustainability Beauty Industry Organic Monitor Sustalnabflty and CSR have become big buzz words and should not be separated from business strategy. such as Mac Viva Glam lipsticks/glosses to help HIVIAids victims and Kiehl's support of the Rainforest Alliance." concluded Allemand. "More producers are supporting trade initiatives and more are approaching Max Havelaar to get into the Fairtrade system." said Fagot-Coste." she said. Lush Fresh When Sarah Mccartney last presented at in-cosmetics in 2003. "However the use of CSR reports can be a feel-good PR tool and are an opportunity to showcase a company's uniqueness. Juicy Tubes lip glosses and Phenomen'Eyes mascara. they are downsizing but still expect functional benefrts from their cosmetic products." he affirmed. "An ageing population with health concerns and concerns about their quality of life is an important market driver. such as when the packaging comes into contact WIThthe product. "There is high consumer recognition of the Fairtrade mark at more than 70% in the UK and 50% in France. Fagot-Coste gave examples of brands that support charities through proceeds on product sales. it may take some considerable time for international harmonization of the FLO policy. The potential for cosmetic products to use the Fairtrade mark is high. Mintel research shows that 10% of women stopped going to spas last year. Hinako Sugioka highlighted key emerging trends WIThexamples from Mintel's global new products database (gnpd).1 bn versus $250bn worldwide." Fashion and Beauty Industries: and Crossed Fates Maryelle Allemand. Specialty Group. Allemand gave a retrospective of key fashion designers starting from the 1970s. with 72% believing that independent certification is the best way to verify ethical claims. Examples she gave included Coco Chanel's use of tweed. Cosmetics and personal care products that offer anti-ageing properties are expected to continue sxhibiting healthy growth. These are very popular in Japan. Mintel Mintel has noted that consumers' reaction to the recession has been to enjoy more beauty time. but should be seen as a must-have. If a brand is to seek Fairtrade certification. "We are in the business of saving the planet and happen to be ." she said. is claimed by Anne Semonin Eye Express Radiance Ice Cube. there has been pressure for the beauty industry to "clean up". Denmark. Max Havelaar France [FLO] Fairtrade is a global network where people work together in combating poverty by providing producers with secure and sustainable livelihoods. which allow consumers to mix products themselves. which is designed to be put into the freezer and applied to the eyes when wrapped in gauze. "These days. Developing Fairtrade Cosmetics: A Look at the and and Growth Opportunities in the EU and US Dokos. In 2008. she noticed just how many more natural and organic materials were being presented. as an Activist Organisation Sarah McCartney. maintained Fanny Fagot-Coste. establishing scientific credibility. "There are still problems to overcome. who cited the Trend Book as one of the most important tools in starting any new collection. Sustainable packaging is another growing issue as companies look to reduce. the need to maintain a favourable sensory profile and ensuring reliable supply. "Nutricosmetics {and cosmeceuticals} is growing faster than nutraceuticals and cosmetics. Senior Consultant." stated Sugioks. assertive women started to be used in advertising. Companies are using green chemistry and making concentrates leg Lush solid shampoo}. Multi-functional beauty products are growing in response to the increase in working women and who are looking for time-saving devices and products. Alternatives to petroleum based resins are being investigated. The 1990s were the minimalist years when cult products YSl Touche Eclat and Chanel Rouge Nair nail polish were born. according to Frost & Sullivan.9bn sales. coming from the media. Companies are also considering fair and beneficial business practices. Dokos identified key growth in nutricosmetics. "Lush never uses extract of lemon. when we saw the success of mineral make-up. all ingredients that can be Fairtrade must be Fairtrade and brands must consider substitution of ingredients such as fats and oils. DIY formulations are also catching on. reuse and recycle. market forces such as climate change. This leaves 81 % who didn't previous~ use them. refillable jars and bamboo." he pointed out. Ingredients & Ethics . Recently. WIThbold maks-up {Dior's strong colours} and statement perfume {Poison}. Elsa Schiaparelli's Shocking Pink and Giorgio Armani's Greige. Initiatives: How is the Basics of Fairtrade Labelling & Certification Isabelle Bluche. such as the Pola Aglaira Warm Up Massage Gel. the rise of ethical consumerism. described as the "liberating years" when sexy. US. are being introduced to lessen the impact on the environment. Consumers are looking for unique textures and high technology in home spa treatments." stated Leonidas Oakes. and supply chain legislation. but takes a whole lemon and squashes it up. Fairtrade products accounted for €2. Leonidas Chemicals Ingredients Markets: Challenges can be engaged through multiple channels and social media. who sees the North American markst as offering the greatest potential. The 1980s were the expressive years. in order to treat suppliers more fairly. while 6% cut down on their usage. Industry Analyst. Communicating CSR at point of sale has its challenges. The Noughties were described as the ambivalence years.

"We first need a at global level". The Union for Ethical BioTrade {UEBT] is a relatively new organisation set up to promote biodiversity and cosmetics is one covers.quite good at cosmetics. broccoli. of biodiversity Garden: What's there is still a long way to go." "The first and then he said. L'Oreal has a hug influence on the market. chickpeas IN-FOCUS Creative Jacques introduced and adzuki beans. including carrots." pointed out Rik Kutsch Lojenga. Anne Abriat. especial~ given the growing trend for natural and organic cosmetics and toiletries. which includes The Body Shop and Kiehl's. on how biodiversity "The idea of launching a line is to create designs for the face. yet They both deliver true Our job is to tell more about there is no connection. described for the 2010 as a decisive in Europe policies. plant-based Part of this trend is the emergence alternatives to parabens." he said." maintained Gauthier. The future for Lush involves doing much of the same and being more creative to reduce packaging and preservatives." Lewis has also seen evidence of fertilizer as an ingredient in cosmetics. She described important. like a dress. ROUND TABLE . . ago and has been evaluating the impact of all raw is to protect and preserve biodiversity." said Johan Lundin (International Marketing Director Make-up). what we can do to link the fashion and beauty world." she explained. tomatoes. vegetables "In accmon to anti-oxidant benefits. of in-focus as being a a stories. "The earth is literal~ bursting with beauty actives." The Lush business has a Marcos Vaz explained began developing how ten years ago. Odile Gauthier. ingredients to watch are root vegetables. He regards certification of biodiversity as very important. in-focus the concept as its stance against palm oil from areas where world heritage rainforests are still being cut down. "This doesn't mean that they know what it means. and protein-rich lentils. The Beyond Natural created. "If we global agreement." explained Lewis. cucumbers. UEBT has conducted of the areas it had heard consumer research which showed that 26% of consumers about biodiversity when interviewed last year. of harvest and fermented pointing out that certification gives consumers peace of mind about the products Eduardo Escobedo 2010 is supposed the European they purchase. This Inspiring the is minimalist. Mintel Beauty Innovation. that The Body Shop is working creative and innovative platform to associate beautiful story with ingredient/science that many cosmetic sensorial experience. "Companies products Lewis believes that antiin beauty launches. the "in-cosmetics industry". travelling by train. and commonly used in cosmetics. Another involved the support of climaterush. campaigns. a technology that mills ingredients finely to get different sensorial and visual effects and can be layered. of and extend it to private sector players. issue 20 years "Our main biodiversity and Carole Peille said that L'Oreal had already identified biodiversity as an important materials used in cosmetic approach products. which looks at the heart of the vegetable garden concept. Mintellnternational Floral extracts. stating that it involves getting recognition of the close links between economic development. yam and potato. and makes everything and does not have a separate CSR department. (UNCTAD) said that October it into its policies. director of biodiversity French government. There is even a new range called Vegetable Garden. Rot and What's Group Not year's in-focus theme was fashion. who highlighted pea extract. Touch is an she explained. Looking forward. "It's surprising brands have a fashion label. Lush packaging unpackaged. challenges framework use of more unusual "garden" oriented ingredients in products on its global new products database. The L'Oreal group." she affirmed.Going Cosmetic Industry an important issue on the The panel discussed the 2010. green and are proving to have suppleness "Weavers all around the world create essential element of qualify and the difference Giorgio Armani is one of the few companies work across fashion and cosmetics international make-up new products. The designer works closely with artists and the international for the shows. for the fashion are all Nica Lewis.:Oreal talked about how the emotions need to be year for EU and world policy on biodiversity. biodiversity certification. Each product has a sticker with the date it was made and We think organic that's normal. "Ethical runs through the whole organisation. Head Consultant. brussel sprout extract and dill extract in new products. he pointed out that it is easier to measure ingredients which are organic than to measure those from biodiversity. farming should be something affirmed. Fragrance & Sensory Director at L." Fashion to be agreed on as the date that ROUND TABLE: Process in Beauty Project Manager." in mind. is to strengthen that action elasticizing benefits. fruits and 9V9n superfruits are all Mintel has noted the Nica Pascaline Wilhelm is the fashion director of Premiere Vision. countries and asking he warned." she a picture of the person who made it. the byincluding actives. but that there is a need to clarify the issue. rising to 60% in 2010. who said there is still confusion. which cover products which are focused on results. Giorgio Armani has invented Micro-Fil"". Organic: How Biodiversity is Transforming the Biodiversity has become international agenda. Natura using biodiversity. However. so we must make sure our supply chain is sustainable. how when a fabric is essential oils from the Amazon launch a range of natural perfumes. "We think of that as an excuse." how the industry can participate Peille mentioned in with 30 marginalised managed validation Beauty communities Lush is known for its outspoken Sebag. touch and handle aspects with these three elements between two products. other green vegetables and herbs. fashion world when doing make-up to to the beauty industry WIThin the of the year of biodiversity when creating objective was to share ideas on biodiversity and to give news from the participants is being addressed. with 70% of Union incorporates "There are opposing views between we need different checkpoints. describing Armani's unique philosophy as "from textiles to cosmetics". Lewis presented a buffet of new "garden" ingredients which are "in season". the visual. such its products products oxidants will still feature strong~ goal should be to promote to aim for organic/natural are also looking at compost." she said. The target of halting the erosion of biodiversity account in the formulation of government no later than 2010 has led to it being taken into "What is now needed.co.uk trying to stop air travel expansion. It is looking at new and wants to Lush organised parties at mainline train stations to reward people in discussions. across the world. Other pulses such as very low carbon footprint. efficacy and safety and less on certification. sources 40% of its materials from natural ecology. One of Mintel's key cosmetic trends in 2010 is for Nu Naturals.

chunky eye and lip liners and pocket size products but to create their own masculine line. products." she Future-Touch forecast this trend four too "witchy" at the foresaw.g. such as organic cosmetics. "Ingredients that create emotion are the most valuable thing you can use. UK and Japan in the lead. maps and books resulting in billions of Google queries per day worldwide. "The key is not to copy women's. Van den Berg sees the emergence for men. India is the one to watch. lips and nails." Lundin agreed. being relevant and using one's own voice. saying that Giorgio Armani puts great store by touch when working on a new creative." grow as more women opt for these procedures. Cosmetics. Trend Forecaster DOWNLOADg Presentations usage behaviour of 40-55 year old women and their women in this age group are Future-Touch looks at trends from the international world of fashion and translates them into future . "It's about getting the right colour and texture to reflect the emotion. suggested that it could even be used to predict cosmetics which are positioning themselves real alternative to aesthetic medicine. such as in leisure centres. and new anti-ageing medicines which take a more holistic and scientific approach looking deeply for the causes of ageing {e. The two main anti-ageing aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing alternatives are: soft medicines. Future-Touch Trend Forecasting: Colours.trends for cosmetics. She described how Indian traditions could be updated.A Marketing the Behaviour of Consumers Leader Google. Gianni Pulll. such as the bindi between the eyes and the red henna line which marks the hair parting. "The recession is the best thing that's happened to Mama Mia and we now do things our way. How to Launch a Successful Entrepreneurial Aesthetic medicine is moving towards a more natural look. "Touch is one of the main important elements to life. pigments and products. along with having integrity." Selling in different ways is one of her seven golden rules. effects to watch out for include golden colours for eyes.The 7 Golden Sian Sutherland. popular in fashion. she stressed the importance of being where women go. Extremely light fibre textures are available for skincare. showed the response rate by demographic group." Leroy also looked at trends in Asiatic medicines." she explained." she explained. men's make-up Cosmetic forecast and a vision of Indian cosmetics. "You have to be nimble and you have to be constantly moving. Cosmetics Cosmetic Antoinette Owner. van den Berg. "The future will be a mixture of Indian cosmetic trends and Western influences. Leroy predicts that organic actives will be the future for aesthetic medicines. but men of glow effects." stated Leroy. but is coming in as a new area in such as black nail polish. Lady Gaga}. "It is not a copy of Western cosmetic forecasting. or at home with friends sharing a bottle of wine." he gave the example of YSL Parisienne's commercial country and consumers' future trends. From Slow Anti-ageing Marie-Alix In his presentation. BEING Marie-Alix Leroy's presentation attitudes towards anti-ageing cosmetics. with injectables with small molecules that produce less irritation. include years ago but it was considered time." she maintained. including cosmetic effects for 2011. including acupuncture to slim down the face. or even how it can be used. which will we need a very clear positioning. Gianni Pulli brought the world of the internet to life by showing how much more information is available than just words. Industry are as a Luxury & Health. raw materials. videos." incorporated into creative work. He a large scale. Soft medicines run in parallel to traditional skincare WIThthe US. Other trends Future-Touch the use of eyeshadows outside the classical "'Ie area {e. as far as van den Berg is concerned. at mid-market prices. Rules of Giving Women Partner." Van den Berg discussed three trends for the future. Tool to Understand Better FMCG. medical. "Consumers try them when they've had no success with other anti-ageing remedies. nutritional]. Berg. Mama Mia France What They Really. The Internet . Discussing the advantages and challenges of being a small brand.g. For example. Leroy talked about the trend for products for pre/during/post aesthetic interventions. and levels of attention. A new free tool called Google Insight for Search has launched to help people make sense of the increasing amount of information available online. explained. pearly pastels. Next year. Brands can evaluate their popularity online over time and by country as well as evaluate the strength of a trend. people can view images. such as the "smokey eye" look in make-up. cosmetics. hormonal. Describing the tool as "a focus group on featuring Kate Moss. because it is such a big country with stressed van den its own culture and traditions. Our goal is to develop products that delver the right product for the future. Really Want Founding Mama Mio launched four years ago with a range of "proper" bodycare products." she said. two tone formulations and monochrome Men's make-up are more informed these days and more receptive to trends." she predicted. They like them because they are 100% natural and non-aggressive and can be used long-term. "Many of these new technologies more than a source of inspiration for traditional Brand . a new lipstick. Nowadays. "There is huge competition facial care and she pointed out. such as developing looking for alternatives to traditional anti-ageing skincare as they seek better efficiency and more results. "Fashion trends do not give information about make-up. is still a very new market. Products Insight into Future and Effects & to Fast De-ageing Therapies focused on the procedures and Leroy. almost like a second skin. Sian Sutherland is forecasting turnover of in $10m and is looking at launching a range of facial skincare products. Pulli described how it can be used to identify new emerging trends in cosmetics by country. Examples include make-up as a "face lift" by using product to improve face shapes and soft~ reshape a face. Antoinette van den Berg "Black is no longer so talked about how fashion and cosmetic forecasting is not always synchronized.

An intrinsic iridescence is countered by the super-shine of the surface. The texture creates reflections that capture the light. in-focus fashion set the scene for some unique encounters between the fashion and 20tt . hugging every curve of the silhouette. .1-.. gives a seamlessly soft and naturally smooth touch. Initially.SP In.':. almost thirty different formulae on the designed to structural two technologies associating a colorona. between the material and ITS appearance. reveeling playful transparent by the work of fresh hues. colour changing from silver to gold. is not on~ a surface on its structure and the with the weft. Inspiration from the changing iridescence of a golden scarab. Europe texture. From this point on. A fluid .:.lame whose slinky hand and plunging fall make for an intriguing second-skin feel. . Gives structure to the formula.Fine and elegant.. the neck and shoulders a sculpting smoothness Formulation and protection. It plays on the irresistible changing looks of a pearly moire fabric. A fairly matte aspect and brown hue with amber overtones emphasized the iridescence of subtle old-gold sheen. This appears to be in-line with the catwalk trends for "insects" and "metamorphosis" . Based on their 3 cosmetic concepts for in-focus. as well as components. jiiill. This exercise provided in-focus with an experimental insight into formulation. once again in line with the strong couture "insect" trend. Similarly. we have been given the opportunity of platform. WID<f golden glints enrich the ensemble with a novel dimension of depth. consultant to inocosmetics formula's texture depends phases are arranged. The result was an enveloping. Shimmering moire aspects create a chameleon spirit to the Metamorphosis Mask. the way a cream or a gel is constructed will add a new dimension to the creating a link between its product message.an attempt to describe 30 cosmetic formulae in the language of fashion! Trend 1 Natural Extravaganza "Hypnotic Blue" eyeoshadow enhancing . can be transparent. Formulation pearlescent technology insight: between the ali-embracing materiality of textiles and the gentle fusion of beauty care with the epidermis. companies developed emollients on how its various palette of eye shadows. identified by carlin International. The touch is similar to the caressing sensation of a body-skimming aquatic-synthetic viscose jersey. this theme appears as an invitation to play with colours. characterised Symrise created 3 fine by a material presence texture. and offers forms.A beautifully tanned pearly leather. Thirty sensorial experiments of active cosmetics and new. make us view cosmetic materials in a new light.. fabric's feel also depends way the warp interweaves Cosmetics protective day care with the look and An intriguing moire taffeta .comparable Eye" eye shadow gold lame texture has a fine grain .'''''1' .. reflection is not simply decorative. The extremely fine grains. pigments' mineral qualities In total. For those who did not get the opportunity to see them at the exhibition or rediscover them in another context. on-so supple and light. activity and its sensorial presence. Formulation combination of insight: Xirona· Moonlight Sparks: a by can clothe our skin. Pigments give a precious and instantly apparent glint to textures that are constantly in order to changing and flashing with iridescence fabulous transformations. changing hues like a dragonfly in the sun . . At have all made a major impression on the creations presented at the 20tO edition.In partnership with: . mineral aspects with an evanescent powders touch and WITh a silk touch. discovering Aborigine Amber for a deep brown shade. that gave them a true fabric-like you can feell Taking this extreme Dow Gorning presented Reutlingen University and launched a collection of dresses made from silicones similar to those used in cosmetics with variations on the theme of fluidity.. The cosmetic product flowing material that . .oo CCD __ Media Partner: In Paris last April. moisturizes and protects the skin.. the matte veil is slight~ iridescent I when applied to the skin. moulding perfectly.almost aquatic . but can also be seen as architecture.. double reflections pigment. but to genuinely think of cosmetic formulae being used to create a garmentlike quality. t 5 laboratories shaped the trends for summer drawing their inspiration from a selection of fashion designers. crystalline or evanescent. moire has an elastic quality.enhanced with a hypnotic alliance perfect for a dreamy .. this presence is what it's all about... was illustrated Symrise. This approach developed fragrances fragrance approach.. the incosmetics review magazine brings you experiment yet another . Formmemory creams. Every one of these formulae highlights the relationship between the look and feel. creating taffeta instantly adorns the skin with a fleeting light The product the face. Based on trends haute couture in-focus fashion Reviewed by Jacques Sebag..Chameleon: coioronas sparkling effect and colour travel e.a coloured harmony that draws on both natural and fantastic visions .. Velvet Polychrome eye shadow . Colours shifting between green and gold.. ultra-soft to a super-suede fabric. perfect fIT for modern-day Beetle Collection A and Strand A smoothing feel of a nymphetsl Gattefosse "Paradise Bird" Glossy Gel by Sinerga WITh purple glints The right to changel Sheathing the body in a difficult Mask areas and explores vibrant expression these borderland 0 Gapture the magic of a beetle carapace luster or chameleon camouflage! Nature becomes the inspirational source of bold colours and patterns for hypnotic products and changing beauty electric blue suggests to a new level with its exaggerated tone-on-tone unexpectedly "Gold'n first glance. create an effect of surprise as a precursor to But this sparkling At the crossroads --. vegetal wax butter. feel and colours were used to create a unique formulae and supremely sensorial textures. creating a the work of coloronas Precious Gold: pigment comes from a multilayer that creates a shade similar to real gold. looking at how cosmetics substance. the beauty industry.notably present in the last collection of the genius Alexander McQU99n . by exploring the relationship between texture and It is not just a question of borrowing silk or cashmere from the world of textiles to create an association with fashion. . insight: Hydracire" S: new generation base which catches the light. This is why such as Sinerga or Croda have textures relying not on the use of but on the product's the emulsifiers. the emerge and to the presence of true bio-active protection.A dragonfly realITy by taking it natural tint.like a very fine pique or crepe fabric. The prelude to everlasting youth. functional fabrics. by Merck Chimie. Developing meant formulation from a fashion perspective.This golden coppery.. this is similar to an insect's shell or scales. In fact.. a colour to define: glazed chestnut A and silver gleam . Its reflection confronted with a velvety. elastomer textures.g. transformation Each one is a of Metamorphosis by Symrise Fairy veil! Symrise have designed two anti-ageing peeloff masks which change colour when dry on the skin. and one is touch . Magic tan.... Shimmer . blue and poorly violet simultaneously airy and aquatic.

similar to contrasting tints: teal blue and green. "Gloss Photonic" Creations Couleurs and "Eye Shadow Color" orange and gold . dense turquoise and purple.similar to a fine. uses a combination of Crodesta F11 0 and Versaflex V175 to create a unique. Formulation insight: A refreshing moisturiser. by Crada. The cream has the delicate feel of silk flowing on your skin.. Formulation insight: Hitecream.. A moire of "wildcat" pink. The light and matte texture of this vaile contrasts with the richness of the dye and its reflective qualities. Formulation insight: The unique airy feel is obtained with the Creaspheres Sll WL3. by Crada. apple pearly iridescence is projected onto the surface creating a special effect.Sensuous Veils and subtle sensuality. . An exercise in the coexistence and supernatural shades .A gummy texture whose "Eye Shadow Color" . disturbing the apparent calm and smoothness of the texture.intermingled to form a I"ing.. pale pink milky texture similar to a coating WITha subdued shine. This fine coating is very light to the touch.summer soiree . Colours with an incredible smoothness . Facial Moisturizer and Sederma A tender.the art of enveloping the skin with smoothness Delicate Facial Moisturizer and Sederma Emotion is movement. brushing over these colours as if caressing the finest silk . A fteshy beige sateen with very light coppery iridescence creates the feel of a silk crepe whilst its green. like sequins . coloured spheres of silica. very light purple and almond green. based on naturally derived ingredients. purple. turquoise and sky blues. Cradaram by like the kiss of a butterfly. With light variations come delightful and unexpected reflections: an "oil slick" with chameleon motion. all with an irreSistibly soft touch.candy-cotton aspects taking their full dimension when worn in Flesh tones and cream silks . moving. Cradaram surface is seamlessly smooth and shiny. The colour changes when in contact with the skin "Gloss Photonic" . faded violet and blue-grey". Little red grains look as though they have been glued to the fibres as they scatter across the surface. Formulation insight: The colours of the Creastar pearlescent the skin. very light yoghurt texture with a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. creating a totally unprecedented effect for a powder as the fingertips glide across it with tingling softness. impressionist pattern. fuchsia. a unique and versatile emulsifier system forming a liquid crystal network and interweaving a wide variety of components.A silk fabric that appears to be woven and delicately laid upon the skin. but has body and shape like a supercomfortable mercerized knit. like a coating on a fabric Trend 2 . homogenous made of intensely coloured fibres.Colours pigments change when in contact with super-fine chamois cloth.

This delicate softness is nevertheless cellular energizing shield. cushiony texture by Croda. which enhance the delivery of actives and give this cream its robust. veil-like enveloping sensation. Crodarom projection of discreet "polar white" spangles. sheen similar to a light silk foulard twill. oxygenated texture diametrically opposed to the A cream made from three different layers echoes the superposition of fine and sensuous veils: a liquid crystal cream. cashmere. or perhaps in the middle of the lips on the lip gloss Liquid platinum for a surprising 3D effect. a light and veWety emulsion and a fresh and silky texture. These voiles all share a subtle pear~ quality and a patina touch similar to a silk pongee. Surprising mineral materials and silver hues into fluid and ultra-soft caress. Innocence on the upper part of the cheekibones.Liquid steel for the lips! a balanced formula and understated: sensation of smoothness a refreshing touch. over the Pure Luster to intensify its sheen. for tone-on-tone very sophisticated or waxed in metallic of a shimmer veering towards surface The Evan'scent cream drapes the body in An understated. Body Mousse by SACI CFPA A soft and melting mousse formulated an emulsifierl A mousse texture like a super-light piece of cotton fluff! When applied to the skin a matte white colour in its agglomerated transparent form becomes into a fine Bouncing Cream by Symrise like a veil and transforms without laws of gravity! unexpected silicone fluid Formulation insight: A silky. obtained WITha remarkably supple and suave contexture. A very glamorous second-skin with a soft metallic sheen. Formulation coverage insight: Timiron Uquid Silver: Metallic on a silver heart. Formulation insight: Timiron~ Ice Crystal: sparkling particles with silver reflections. Cyber Sensuality "Snow Cream" by Merck Chimie. Formulation insight: Emulium Delta: emulsifier with a velvet touch that allows the creation of ultra stable high quality emulsions. "Pure Innocence Luster" eye-shadow stick This shadow with a frosted pearl effect leaves a white metallic veil on the eyelid.as compact as a cloud".grains remain invisible to the eye. a flesh tone and a coppery praline tone. smoothed architectural Formulation quality with the Ober-feminine insight: Timiron" polished. ITis light and comfortable like . imparted by a fine projection of silvertone spangles on the sample's whITe-to-light grey base colour. Ice crystal touch .. you have to apply this Ice crystal loose powder in small amounts.The softness of mercerized fabrics is interpreted by matte white . at first glance. Future Through its innovative liquid reassuring softness. A material that emerges as the futuristic alliance of an "elastomer" with a precious metallic aspect . this matter literally drapes the skin in sensuality and nonchalance. Similar to a light silk twill with metallic threads.. Formulation insight: Grodafos GES is a novel emulsifier that uses liquid crystal technology to create oleosomes. The viscose touch is simultaneously soft and firm. The uniform and absolute~ flawless weave of a beautrrulluxurious fabric WITh soothing. these are the qualities that guarantee a very feminine product. elastomer silicones. Its exterior is closer to the density and uniformity an impressive of duchess satin. The unique comfort of the fine. light but not dense . The texture is light and round in consistency". where the material is leff longer in the dye-bath each time: a golden sand tone.in a "Millefeuille" Cream by Sinerga technical fabric vein . cooling a sensation similar to a bamboo viscose base promises refreshment for the skin on hot summer daye. smooth sensation Boost . glorified by coppery iridescent overtones. second-skin Formulation achieved with the use of Emulsiphos". silky caresses both the senses and the skin.. Just enough to suggest the sensual caress of the fabric skimming over the skin".In order to leave subtle sparkles that catch the light. A perfect alliance of the matter's elegance and atmospheric chill of the colour and texture" Liquid silver: silver An coupled with metallic effect. A textile that is finely-coated white. dense and matte . fresh and yet cozy to wearl Formulation insight: Nulastic Surfa 0 99-9 is a new generation of high performance pre-dispersed a little white cloud: Body Gel by Sinerga The body appears enveloped in an extensible veil. Gattefosse Europe crystal technology. insight: A peach touch. This clear sheer aspect allows us to see its constellation of air bubbles creating a "cosmic" touch. Formulation insight: The association of SymMollient· Sand Frescolat· Plus brings a unique fresh feel to the texture. subtly underline the silhouette's curves with its soft pearly sheen as it captures the light. soft lining of a garment worn directly on the body coupled with a lingerie spirit. A cold hue of silver WIThmetallic aspect and grain-free presents impeccable smoothness and shine.with a metallic purple cast. or a slight~ opaque cat or bodysuit. This pastel orange cotton base is.SynthetiC matter . not unlike the consistency of a of chic.. "Liquid Platinum" Contemporary gloss .thanks to its anthracite grey color. with subtle silver reflects in matching tones. A monochrome composed of voile bases in varying shades of beige. Its smooth. silver. High technology and seducing metal dissolving into Its fleshy-tender with golden iridescence. comparable by Symrise pink hue is finely laced delicate to a satin fabric. Formulation insight: Arlacel LG has been used as the sole emulsifier to achieve this exceptionally and light molaturlser. The cosmetic skimming equivalent of slipping into a sensual bodyrobe . associating high resilience and thanks to the denseness of the structure. matte weave. Its matte and patina effect is reminiscent leather. skin play. Peaches and cream by Dow Corning but The "Bouncing Cream" follows in the steps of new textile evolutions. The texture is surprising with a bouncy touch like fully inflated neoprene. solid textures leaves a deliciously unexpected powder finish. with an elaborate and and colour: extremely refined. reminiscent of tights. created by OptaSense GSO Facial Moisturizer texture that is smooth and slippery. "Peaches and cream" is a plush cream that when taken into hand. An airy. When this cream is worn. layer of cotton muslin on the body. in a sober.A soft and cool summer and clear gel structure.with tiny Trend 3 . with a very soft. airy. it is reminiscent appearance of wearing highquality brushed fleece next to the skin. Three colour intensities. it produces hydrosomes that offer feather light application properties and enhanced Evan'scent femininity". Duo Treatment and Sed erma Facial Toning Serum . giving a fine light coating. silver lame WIThoutthe "bling"! A slight patina. Cream and Strand Cosmetics . .Seductive transforming pure emotion.

Easy and safe handling included. Fax+41447624602. Italy Fiera Milano Hall 1 KOLB Kolb Distribution Ltd.O. 2011 Milan.A trend has blossomed into a lifestyle Feel the Green Kolb's ingreendients stand for • Emulsifiers validated by EcoCert • Skin-friendly formulations • Environmental respect Kolb's functional ingreendients are mild to the skin and help nurture its natural.ch www. Maienbrunnenstrasse 1 . cosinfo@kolb. You will find ideas for personal care products within our broad range of guide formulations. Switzerland Phone +41447624646.ch . In-Cosmetics 2011 March 29-31. Giving natural well-being a face.kolb. CH-8908 Hedingen . P.Box 64 . healthy condition.

whose durably. Like a puff-jackst despite its compact. Supple and pleasant to wear. . insight: Gemseal bring its remarkable Meteor contains by Arch Personal soft and light feel to the formula. dressing for the body". materializing Feet richness with its constellation density. like some sort repairing fabric. this "Jewel" is to the body what membrane protective and embellishing pearlized old-gold Paco Rabanne's reflections. invitation to home cocooning! the transparency matter with the plush thickness of neoprene.Protective WATCH in-focus Video Ii] by UVB Light. with new-generation the body. because protective aspect. it is directly inspired by Gore-Texm fabric membrane. "Skin Jewel" by Stearinerie and Farling By creating a film directly on the skin. Like a nylon weave. . Add to that layering of that I savvy play with transparency and studied metallic nugget displays strength and its lightness is as surprising luminosity". is to Gore-Tex. Its shape-memory original shape .Formulation insight: Hitecream allows a natural The original and highly sensual gel emulsion. head in the cosmos . high temperatures. which improves the garment performances. is warmed as it is appealing I The cold elegance of metallic tints by shimmering into a mineral and futuristic vision of glam'rockl on the ground. or chemical treatments to make fabrics but this material goes much further than means it snaps back to its it always . micellar network wraps the iridescent pearls even at An innovative UFO material whose silicone appearance temperature is enveloping and soothing.not to mention the extreme comfort! .Three layers in one: the principle Represented by three of a bonded textile product. At first glance. Formulation insight: The formulation the matter diffuses its active ingredients when in contact with of the solid crystal clear gel is made possible thanks to Nomcort CG (Xanthan Gum and Ceratonia Siliqua Gum). Cream prerequisite for the contexture to keep its promises". totally devoid of any grain and like PVC varnished. each having its own function using several layers of material similar to laminates. a new anti-ageing activated Care Products various colours and you obtain a combination offers the body shelter . this of silver spangles and PET GEL . Formulation BioLumen. Creation transparent "Gore-Tex' of self- of an incredibly sleek and High density is a with its padded I shiny surface.. different colours. Affix stable structure preserves the material's luminous. When handled. a contemporary metal plaque/jewellery new and improved with smoothness "Meteor Cream" " I~O '- '~Ei by ArchlLabosphere/Total the brim with pear~ white . A veritable version of dresses and comfort! Dubois.a rare embellishment that. Its cool procures a delightful sensation: an A texture combining PVC In line and shine of a varnished cosmeto-textiles.whatever the movement. This product and protsctve with its micro-porous properties "Meteor" is a mineral-based its characteristic charcoal-grey cream .. adopts its initial texture.There are extreme~ tight weaving techniques wrinkle-free.evident in both enjoys the same breathable "3-D Serum" and context.. its lightness comes as a surprise.


Manufacturing. Technologies. Rhodia. Many. including ear~ creams (with animal placenta).com/guide 20/20 Vision In honour of the 20th anniversary cosmetics. mascara. Thor Personal Development the Care. Cremer GmbH. turn to pages 24-33 or download Innovation Guide at www. Expanscience. used it "as a • VS450'" [X-Rite MSditerranee] • Organic Innovations • Satiagel'"VPC Actigum"VSX 512 Carrageenan Gare. Provital Group. at Boots Contract first. Burgundy. Post-show such as Estelle Guenette. Innospec. sessions was presented demonstrated protected solutions. the first celebrity hair care ranges and the evolution of mascara wands. PERA RADIANT Vice President at Peptron commented: our new products at the Innovation GmbH. download the Innovation good starting point to decide which suppliers to see As a result many participating exhibitors were as Keedon Park. Mibelle Inc. included: Unit for Waxes Technologies] [Cremer Gare] & raw materials launched by exhibitors at the show or wIThin the last 6 months. home hair It showed of innovation in ingredients. Inc. Southern Technologies.in-cosmetics. Croda. TOYOBO CO. and concepts (antilipstick. 20 [Cargill Europe BVBA] Sri. View the video at 1- . archives and created a virtual tour of key beauty innovations since the 1970s. PolymerExpert. RES PHARMA Sensient Cosmetic Silab. ISP. Air Products. Lipotec. Dr. Symrise. Biochemistry.Sponsored by: Innovation Zone Review The Innovation Zone proved once again to be a across the cosmetics industry keen to discover ingredients launched by exhibitors and the most beauty products on the market. examples packaging anti-wrinkle colorants and fine fragrance). companies Aquea Scientific. SEPPIC. tips and advice on how to use the ingredients in the benefits of innovative colour- Other demonstrations Exhibitor launches over 60 new ingredients and Participating SE. Setalg. • Silver Vine Extract BG3Q11 [Jan Dekker International] • Andean QD Ultra [PERA GmbH] • Hybridur • SiIGare" Silicone WSI [Clariant] • Aquea HCMC [Aquea Scientific] For more details. BASF Gargill Europe BVBA." Formulation survey shows Technologist that over 70% of visitors visited the feature. Zone and in the first two days alone we had more than 300 people to our stand". The short video looked at five subcategories ageing skincare. Here is a re-cap hub for those the latest innovative of the highlights Performance Pigments. Ltd. Jan Dekker International. Sun Chemical Guide at wwvv. Peptron very satisfied with the experience showcased Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. Mintel searched of inits beauty Cross Botanicals. Zhejiang Coloray Technology For more details on some of the ingredients on display. X-Rite. Laboratoires Prod'Hyg. Innovabio. • Gravimetric [Chemspeed Dispensing This area displayed ACTOM AB. "We Lachemi Chemorgs NanoUnion.com/quide Live ingredients demonstrations allowed visitors to pick up One of the best attended by Rhodia [see below] who 10 live demonstrations their own formulations. RAHN AG.CIT Sari. Univar Europe. Chemspeed Creations Couleurs .ln-cosrnetlca.Straetmans IRB Istituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche Laboratoires Laboratoires (P) Ltd. SRL. Serobioloqiques.

This theme linked with the Gatineau's launches. Examples Moisturizing cucumber. Food Tasting had the opportunity to try the latest snacks claims. Cream mix-it-yourself products. Mintel Beauty Innovation offered twicedaily interactive tasting and testing sessions. hybrid cross-category pigments ingredient Beauty vlsttors was a favourite of visitors for its microencapsulated (from in-cosmetics exhibitor Koreanbased Biogenics) and the fact that ITlisted supplier Silab on the front of the flacon. light and motion to ease application. Products Therapy's new oxygenating perfluorodecalin. beauty drinks focused This display focused trend. trend for vegetable It also tracked merge "free from" positioning acid. included Vegetable Sorbet with w/carrot broccoli. changing textures. these launches ergonomic Products packaging and speed. As an aspect of Mintel's Techno Beauty packaging quick results and shapes as well as use of sound. the other mega trend in Nu Natural trend it charted extracts in how brands and To make innovation come alive and inspire future creativity. This session focused "Transformers". Dsrmathsrm UHT sterilisation From an ingredient perspective explored the use of nanotechnology and medicalgrade actives. DOWNLOADg Innovation Zone Guide carnosine .This theme studied Teamed with Mintel's the emerging skincare selected by Mintel's global spotters. were grouped into harmoniously (peptides. ceramidss. Corn in Asian on claims to have range that uses and drinks WITh beauty enhancing extract (with carotene) is emerging launches while Western antioxidants in tea and chocolate. Cosmetic Sparks on an emerging trend: Beauty beauty products with formats and Oriks BB Cream It featured beauty: the world of nature and sco-cosmetics. included Lancaster skincare line with retinol Skin or pharmaceuticalit Instant Beauty on convenience highlighted the first certified organic skincare methods. cabbage Garden's seed oil. included HD ready makeup from Pola in a pump dispensing and American patches. Body etc) for a new vision of natural. and tomato and hyaluronic and Age Benefit Integral Regenerating extract. thyme. Laboratories contains artichoke acid and claims to be free from paraben silicone. sustainability claims with synthetic actives hyaluronic collagen. ceramides. as well as Sculptinex Lifting Firming Face Treatment tube with a flat roll-on applicator Crew's hair regrowth treatment Le Metier de Beauts's based tinted anti-ageing Precision Ultra Correction multiple peptides. (Japan) and Urban Decay. and the brand's patented serum and Chanel's Lift Total Eye Lift with (a healthcare active) elemi PFA.

pleased to be able to recognise pass on the commendation it was whittled down to four finalists. commented: deserving of their nominations. He has worked Dr. Dr. Khaiat. and Johnson it was Dr. Khaiat's life long dedication to the cosmetic industry for a range of key product & Johnson. Dr. including Revlon. I am delighted working together. he has been credited the Asian. Johann Wiechers were all in the running but that saw him come out top. markets and is considered to be a key educator Dr. the most important in my career. Khaiat has always dedicated and emphasising safety within the cosmetics accomplishments and lasting impact on the field of industry and was the .800 people cast their vote before deserving a public vote. Daniel Mass and Dr. Dr. Khaiat beat three other finalists to take home the prestigious award at a glittering ceremony at this year's show cosmetic science." "While all of the finalists are extremely we'd like to to Dr. all of whom then battled it out in we had to the awards and the number of votes cast. The in-cosmetics professional significant Lifetime Achievement individual whose have made a Award honours an outstanding significantly to the cosmetic for several large all technical activities outside where he was companies throughout his career.Dr. his time to of the importance Dr. where he cc-ordinated responsible developments educating the USA." has inspired others within the science for over 40 years and even post-retirement continues to contribute industry. for bringing together cosmetic in and European Indeed. Khaiat. said about receiving his award: "I am really overwhelmed that it is recognition to receive this award. A~hough part for me is and for everything that I have done of our time spent it is great to win. American the field. It goes to show just how valued each finalist is within their field and how their hard work and dedication industry. say a huge congratulations the cosmetics He has long been a leading figure within industry and we're this and he deserves. Karl Lintner. Khaiat has been involved in the field of founding member of several ASEAN associations. More than 1. Alain Khaiat scoops Lifetime Achievement award In a fiercely fought competition. Yves Rocher Cosmetics. Group Exhibition Director. that my colleagues peers have such fond memories Richard Hesk.

L'.:.lOPMENT ALTERNATIVE ~ CLAIM SUPPORT TO ArlliMAL EXPERIMENTATION ..- L_ l_ SKIN-CARE & COSMETICS DEVe. D V~ Nt&.advanced in vitro cell technologies .

Consumers are looking for all round sun Exceptional Geotech International • Midnightblack lD formulations. The new range is made out of a 12 micron thick film which enhances the feeling on glitter flakes.UNIPROMA unveiled its new 360 degree Sun Care Solution range at in-cosmetics 2010. A new range of mica based pearlescent in two different 20 . Malibu Gold. INTERPOLYMER can INTERPOLYMER Corporation. A new golden pearlescent Sparkling C ultra thin glitter A new range of ultra thin cosmetic the skin compared • Metalloy" Sparkling distribution product reflection lipsticks Sparkling to the standard Shining Silver pigment. Uniproma complicated protection. Sand. VC antioxidants. Green and Pink A new course aluminum The new Metalloya The Shining Silver has a particle size of 10 . . now available: • Geoshine" Geopearl· of 20 . The range is Each effect is in 3 different Sparkling effects: Green to Red. consolidating to sun care. adhesion cosmetics. Category Manager. 006 HEX. mascara's • Geopear1 available available • Geopearl lll 11l and eye liners Colour Travel range pigments which offers real colour travel. Lemon Gold 20 . paraben free. and flexibility. that are organic or inorganic. Colours available: Red Gold. PC 5775 is specifically engineered to deliver enhanced hydrophobic character for longer lasting formulations. the company the two series B.150 micron approved polyester glitter in particle sizes of 002 HEX and Aztec Gold. particle sizes: Regular 10 . to nail polishes. Blue. PC 5775 a water resistant film former for decorative Its film forming properties superior water-resistance. Violet to Orange and Red to Gold. launched which the at in-cosmetics including sunscreens UVA effective. commented: in Paris. carbon black dispersion.100 micron. and pressed powders gives a brilliant sparkling INTERPOLYMER introduced SYNTRAN. SYNTRAN. or UVB SUNSAFE series UV filters and the U-MAP/U-SAP successfully UNIPROMA also demonstrated a range of skin care ingredients. provide quick-set. In response to this.150 micron A new range of interference distribution Green. effective and antioxidants.150 micron. launched a range of new products waterbased dispersion The dispersion is easy to mix into formulations such as MBD 231 is a new. Red. Being part of We have seen a fantastic new product SYNTRAN. PC 5775 which has a record number of enquiries". INTERPOLYMER France supplies the cosmetics industry with water-based specialty polymers in EMEA regions and Asia.60 micron and Sparkling pearlescent pigments with a particle size pigment is also range The colours available are: Gold. Mrs Laetitia Marlier. a recently constructed factory in China reinforces the global supply chain and confirms the company's commitment to the future of the cosmetics industry. reported that sun care today is more and diversified than just one or two skin lightening or anti-ageing According to Uniproma sales. over 20 are related sunscreens. Blue and Violet. of the At the core of the range is a consolidation series stabilised company 2008 and 2009. generated "We were very satisfied with the show interest in our customer's very specific needs. carbon black loading of 20 per cent.V. Celebrating its 1Oth anniversary this year. per cent of inquiries on the antioxidants developed including: The water based dispersion has a a new idea.

5 per cent for skin and body care. is more than operating in particular products in the Home & Personal Care market. or such as mascaras performance sustainability Ecocert. as an innovative system well Oeratrorn" "Biogade"BW suited for many applications the creation of oil-in-waterand Osratrcrn" "Biogade"EH emulsions and providing new possibilities from a variety of oils.based on anionic. Natural Product Whole Foods formulations) Without compromising concentrate performance. performance from their doctor for lash growth products. Through its stabilising activity during the formation of biological membranes.g. more sustainable renewable We are committed at Significantly growing our sustainable Home & Personal and processes. consumers extend or thicken or lash tips. Lecithin contributes epidermis. G." commented projects and investments greenhouse are dedicated Care. formaldehyde. in gels.2 per cent for hair care. when using SymPeptide· 226EL once daily. eco-systems. care cosmetics. It can be incorporated and conditioners. so this formulation sun protective preparations. the active ingredient's SymPeptide· 226EL has been developed through a collaborative partnership with Therapeutic Peptides Incorporated in the USA.enable formulators products. Peptides composed associated are small proteins. to leverage claims in multiple cleansing The launch of Rhodapex" ESB-70 NAT. clearly optimised surface structure. Meric. we believe that sustainability it is also a key driver for innovation. surfactants Rhodia's solutions . In a recent study. a unique petrochemical-free illustrates Rhodia's commitment to provide formulators "At Rhodia. human health. can now even get a prescription Symrise's new cosmetic eyelashes ingredient in as little as "In this market. Vice President. TROMM launched their formulation to prepare a stable emulsion from different vegetable and synthetic oils. SymPeptide· 226EL noticeably strengthens. face. Meric. Several studies show that SymPeptide" 226EL helps provide luscious eyslashes WITh visible results in 2-4 weeks at the recommended use level. amphoteric and natural polymers and conditioning . body and hair care. . non-irritant ingredients. appearance to support the lamellar lipid matrix of the AQUARIGH· (eco) visibly improves the of dry skin.2. beautiful eyelashes. emulsions.Ecocert certified At in-cosmetics 2010. added to offering sustainable without compromising and sensorial benefits for consumer. perfect eyslashes are a must-have in the beauty sector. in emulsions performs in the cosmetic The composition of the products membrane increases improves the retention excellent affinity for skin. However. A new and innovative combination of the oil-in-water of naturally derived co-emulsifiers materials should be understood for with enables the formulator to prepare emulsions type without synthetic in an easy way. Full and plentiful eyelashes have always been considered to be a gift you're born with. The market offers products that can temporarily eyelashes. shampoos factor. which are of amino acids. e. SLES surfactant approved by solutions. This partnership ensures Symrise the exclusive for a wide range of marketing of SymPeptide" 226EL along with other novel peptides cosmetic applications.2 per cent AQUARIGH· (eco) (ex-vivo study) AQUARIGH· (eco) also has a repair-effect which is Sustainable solutions Rhodia introduced several criteria: • Vegetable and renewable carbon content EDTA. skin care products system offers the possibility of creating the whole range of cosmetic a high part of sunscreens. lengthens two weeks. Sebastien to designing such as with sustainable in a sustainable and a range of products for designing eco-friendly hair and skin care formulations. manner every day. night creams and baby . parabens. The substantivity of this skin-like of skin moisture and resistance to water and wear. sulphate. The efficacy of AQUARIGH· (eco) has been proven in several studies: • Deep-acting • Enhancement and long-lasting improvement of skin hydration (in-vivo study) in damaged hair and the hair of skin moistutisation already at a use Improvement of hair surface level of 1 per cent AQUARIGH· (eco) (in-vivo study) • Hair-Repair-Effsct: structure by up to 43 per cent at a use level of 0. a major part of our innovation products resources. RAHN promoted its new eeacert certified moisturiser AQUARIGH· (eco) moisture and care for skin and hair. Oerafrorn" "Biogade" products containing grades are made with naturally derived. These include a number of sustainability solutions answering the challenges aspects. where we aim sales in the coming years. Rhodia Novecare." New emulsifh:jing susterr TH. Association and • Biodegradability and impact on the environment • Exclusion of ingredients ifree of dioxane. 0. of today and the future. Today. and when applied to hair. and thickens gas emissions and water management. and preservatives) • Compliance with eco-Iabels (ingredients suitable for Ecocert. Recommended use level: 1 . The extract from black oats (Avena strigosa) contains water-retaining substances such as polysaccharides and amino acids supporting the skin's own natural moisturising AQUARIGH· (eco) is suitable for any kind of moisturisingskin. an improvement in length and fullness was substantiated up to 48 per cent in just two weeks. their large potential industry has mainly been with anti-ageing. for eyes. The Group has evaluated the sustainability profile of its Personal Gare product ranges using Ehde catching beoutu Symrise has launched a new cosmetic ingredient for perfect.

called PhotoGrammetrix. known The intelligent. Inc is now offering its clients a type of scientific photography A unique design mimics natural regeneration at AMA provides a series of scientifically taken digital photographs to its natural regeneration. high resolution carefully controlled Thanks As endogenous substances. Sonia Pires. new. they playa ksy role in natural wound as RonaCare® Cyclopeptide-5 smooth signal transmission is a tailor-made between active ingredient for anti-ageing processes chronologically clinical study. The new Merck product cosmetics. laminin. and all results are to includes a trained observer to biophysical highly selective peptide biologically mimics the natural regeneration the cells and their environment. Thanks to its tailor-made is the world's first cyclic peptide for design. matched. i.e. lighting etc are the course of the study. by instrumentall measurements. The of use and the skin All of the photographic throughout of lines and wrinkles is reduced after a short amount significantly suppler. the growth of its by providing them with sustainable businesses solutions and ensure the safe stewardship U+stainability builds on Univar's existing pioneering integrates these into the broader Univar sustainability the whole value chain from suppliers to customers. displays high stability and high selectivity for its biological target site. The active ingredient functions thereby stimulating Its cyclic molecular structure ensures optimum stability and efficacy in the skin. collagen and fibulin. degradation For example. the active ingredient stimulates structure. and covering impact and carbon footprint. colour standards. the voluntary chemical SHE and sustainability action and goals. At the same crucial endogenous proteins such as by scientific studies. which creates a stable cell User studies confirm skin smoothing activity after only a few applications. the active ingredient evaluate and score the subjects. the revolutionary of mature skin and stimulating peptide is capable of rsactlvatlnq the decelerated repair processes AMA Laboratories. Univar's recently appointed next step as sustainability chemical distribution business. SHE programmes programme." explains "U·stainability is the internal site management system based around stringent SHE procedures Director of SHE and Sustainability in EMEA. demonstrate documentation products. Europe. The system developed continuous.Proprietar~ New generation of peptides photograph~ Merck KGaA has developed RonaCare" Cyclopeptide-5. kept constant PhctcGrammetrix supported Merck claims that RonaGare® Cyclopeptide-5 the cosmetics industry. liks a precise ksy that activates appearance becomes certain skin cell receptors. For example. by enzymes time. peptides have proved their value in nature as reliable messenger healing. protein building blocks. proprietary. A sustainable future Univar launched programme company's U+stainability. Responsible pioneering care'. and indeed were leading proponents of. in U·. an innovation for anti-ageing products. elastic and firmer. white balance. during the course of an actual The study is designed efficacy as well as provide and claim support for the clients' variables. the Middle East and Africa. to reduce the that pledges the company's environmental commitment U+stainability will encompass and health of its employees supplier and customer a series of initiatives designed support of products. such as the widely recognised "We have long been involved with. ensure the safety and neighbours. Studies RonaCare confirm ll AMA is using PhotoGrammetrix products convincing age-defying efficacy evaluate a wide range of cosmetic used to Cyclopeptide-5 caused reduces the effects of natural skin ageing as proven the peptide protects the skin against such as collagenase and elastase. to its cyclic design." is one of the industry's most important issues and a key differentiator for the . of the skin and ensures a cell renewal. a far-reaching and comprehensive to sustainability.

lipotec.eu .9 94 99 . Lipotec is committed pioneer in successfully offering solutions to attenuate expression lines through an innovative range of combinable molecular actives that.99 40· Fax (++49) 92 77 .com Isnlj" SIGMUND LINDNER SIGMUND LINDNER GmbH· Oberwarmensteinacher Str. E-Mail: sili@sigmund-lindner. www.Lipotec. 38 .com . D-95485 Warmensteinach Phone (++49) 92 77 . safely target the muscle contractlon. Thank you for making In-Cosmetics exhibition a success! Lipotec www. by independent mechanisms.sili. the genuine alliance against expression wrinkles On the forefront of anti-aging technology.

its software solutions for cosmetic affairs.com for more information. growth and oxidative SabiLize Beta is a similar composition colour free cosmetics.New paraffin oils Sasol Olefins & Surfactants and PARAFOL" colourless t4-97 presented its new products PARAFOL" t 2-97 at in-cosmetics. preservatives patent-pending comprising fractions cosmetic to the requirements of combines of cosmetic cornposltions is by microbial attack and oxidative as two Recent trends in the industry in cosmetics. more than 7. paraffin oils which are spreadability t2-97 and with high purity and linearity.000 raw materials are now available online on annual subscription materials database . Also. and thyme to inhibits useful in of reveal a focus on natural compounds At in-cosmetics Due to their excellent stability. 2010.sasol. will be available in summer 2010: R&D according and regulatory carbon dioxide extracts produce microbial to the cosmetic raw a composition lemon grass. Sabinsa launched multifunctional composltlons degradation supercritical clove. garcinia. regulatory files w/w in colour cosmetics that at 0. by their excellent They are t 00 percent vegetable-derived and odourless These paraffin oils are characterised and volatility.5 per cent effectively deterioration. carefully fractionated SabiLize Alpha of cinnamon. coconut new features and functions datasheets • MDSD printing for raw materials and finished products • Importation • Customizable of raw materials' between two Coptis Lab system bases printings of Cosmetic Ooptis" Ingredients. PARAFOL"t4-97 properties are versatile non-polar NaturallhJ preserved The shelf stability jeopardized processes. PARAFOL" emollients for any products in silicone-free with a natural personal care formulation and petrochemical-free feel. Cosmetics ReD software solutions Coptis is always upgrading formulation In Coptls" laboratories Lab software. essential oils and fatty acid that inhibit microbial formulations. Contact and due to their similar aesthetic personal care formulations they can be used as substitute infc@de.

Ruhr Germany Phone: +49 (0) 208/3069-0 E-Mail: chemicals@harke. AstaTROL ClDHP INCI: Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract NeusilinCID INCI: Magnesium Aluminiometasilicate ACH INCI: Aluminiumchlorohydrat Rheology Modifier HARKE PersonalCare BU of HARKE Chemicals GmbH Xantener StraBe 1 45479 Muelheim a.com www. Box 4306 • Salem OR 97302 • USA fax: +15035878717 .com/personalcare HARKE PersonalCare rJ jI1. d..(lA~tJw6tJAIH All ingredients preregistered Cold Pressed.o. Virgin Triglyceride Cp tel: +1 5033636402 p.harke. {or a natural sense of 6eaufJ Thank yoU for your visit at in_cosmeticS 2010\ Our innovative raw materials and actives support you in meeting the high requirements of your demanding consumers with regard to the choice of personal care products...

a division of Gremer Oleo GmbH & Go. (liquid and dry). such as mouthcare.Forward-looking cosmetic concepts Technature presented its innovative. Produced saponaria by PERA GmbH. Andean QD Ultra is the spray dried powder version of the liquid Andean Q Ultra. _. The Shaker Maske" are powder maske.. KG. wet wipes. the cocktail shaker instantaneously creates a mask with an outstanding texture of incredible softness and lightness. . ingredients is constantly With our unique organic product The nesd for organic cosmetic for sustainability. KG. They carry and transport oil-soluble substances. While shaking the 'water and powder cocktail'. Technature proposes as standard products: Smoussy" strawberry. patent protected Shaker Masks which are now available with Peel-off marketing services through the transformation that takes place during the process: the quirky method leads to a treatment both professional and sensorial due to the richness of touches and colours on which the aesthetic ian can play. The fatty acids are manufactured from high quality organic coconut oil. :f r " ~ I rhassoul. excellent emulsifying. the products and foaming properties. for a wide range of cosmetic applications. Due to the high content of saponins making them suitable dispersing. sun care and shampoos. show solubilising where only its branches get guaranteeing cleansing. Patrick Knuppel.. It deals with treatments' bases to be A few creation ideas that customised according to the brands identity or the market trends. =: A product demonstration in the Innovations Zone highlighted the benefits of Andean QD Ultra. baby care.. with its associated company PrignITzer ingredients and organic raw Ghemie. and grown in plantations sustainability. Exclusive organic products Gremer Gare.up to now . presented ITSOrganic MGT (Medium Ghain Triglycerides) Oil in the Innovation Zone.. commented: "Our companies' Ce. is the first global provider of certified organic MGT oil. growing and this very much ties in with the people's awareness range we are prepared to exceed all expectations". Organic MGT Oils are excellent emollients which spread evenly on and penetrate readi~ into the skin WIThoutleaving a greasy film. the 100 percent pure natural extract of the Chilean soap bark tree Quillaja Molina. in the Quillaja extracts emollient. Cristally gold and Peel-off argan S ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ E .. main~ caprylic and capric acid as well as organic glycerine. Gremer Oleo Business focus on natural cosmetics materials has thus been refiected to the full extent.not been available. We are very glad to have become the producer and provider for a resource that has . Gremer Gare. . creams and lotions.. Organic MGT Oil is of vegetable origin and consists of a mixture of organic vegetable fatty acids. Creamy cherry. a dMsion of Gremer Oleo GmbH & Unit Manager. The Quillaja tree is rich in saponins pruned and processed.

Inc. is a clinical to the evaluation and cosmetic testing of finished ingredients f SONIAM s / • .. AMA laboratory Laboratories devoted products cosmetic OlflJjflnlc(lad}Actives OlflJjfllflJic'Extlfflcts Major Markets • • • • Sunscreens Personal Care Wrinkle Treatments Skin Moisturizers Major Products • RIPT I Safety Testing • SPFTesting • Claim Substantiation No PARABEN. .fr Site: www.rl'*' /1 AMA LABORATORIES. No PHENOXYETHANOL! Not Tested on Animals Bressol 23260 Flayat (France) Tel: 00 33 5556787 77 Fax: 00 33 555678624 Email: laboratoiresoniam@yahoo.soniamJr . INC.

carrageenan. Guarana free and non-irradiation and is an ideal natural such as BHA White Hibiscus Liposome and Aloe Herbasec nswest encapsulation ingredient Vera Liposome Herbasec. Emulsense"". EssenRose"" of organic Rosmarinus EssenRose' to synthetic is derived from the leaves officinalis and is processed Program and EU GMOis also allergen-free. Hydresia SF2 can be used Croda launched unprecedented sunscreen as opposed Desert Solaveil SpeXtra'". improving from an Ecocert certified from red seaweed solution to of unique alkamides. a new range of broad spectrum of UV protection. sources. Herbarom Herbarom products. is the first cationic material that is entirely 100% renewable and oompliant from COSMOS. showcased significant part of the water phrase of any cosmetic AQUACELL wheat culm water. Hydrasia juice and is ideal for substituting BIO tOO PrG or organic for which conform to EU guidelines using a single active ingredient cocktails Company of UV filters. prepare both natural and traditional to complex Jojoba Highly alcohol tolerant. The beads. A light cream properties. at reducing wrinkles and improving that bridges the gap between alternative sourcing and high performance. soaps. Laboratoire Laboratoire AQUACELL launched Raspberry two new organic PrH is the organic pulp. Whale Desert Whale Jojoba Company Jojoba Illuminate'·. Cognis Cognis introduced alternative compatibility its new emollient. It's a organic raspberry of the water a and odour stable skin care system. extract that arises from the separation of raspberries' formulation. thaw and variable temperature a rotation of actives is provided of the UV filters can be achieved the same ones for every application. powder with an inert odour. the including an innovative PEGIEO-free cationic rheology control additive for hair and skin care formulations. reform when powder included Herbasec. (safflower oil and Tocopherol) is a lipophilic Maxim. natural jojoba oil and act not only as an exfoliant. Croda skin which often results in a boosting effect. of jojoba soap and in a paste-like is targeted at both the emulsifier that is ideal for skin hydration. which can often scratch or irritate the skin. sunscreen shampoos sunscreen associated BASF SE BASF launched Tinosorb" aqua. unsapcnifiables Plant -derived from renewable a medium viscosity and for specfic phytochemicals. Illuminate'· SF2 can be used in 62% alcohol-based The tendency for the oleosome hand sanitisers. is Aquaa's and active shower-onCreations Creations powders Wash On" sunscreen far fragrances Liposome Herbasec. compounds suitable for both skin care applications The new product content. The Sequential Skin Gare" system ensures instead of supplying Tlnosorb'' S. which exhibit high levels of skin moisturisation. an ingredient which is completely free from gluten and is ideal for formulations fragile or reactive skin was also launched. In accelerated provide a smooth skin feel from non-allergenic shelf-life studies. an all-natural emulsification. through freeze. essential oils. a novel emulsification femnentation and is sensory system for natural skin care. for UVA protection. an improved cosmetics. Hydresia combination a new all natural primary Jojoba form. Straetmans ingredients solubiliser presented a range of innovative natural and including symbio solv" XC. . a natural. extracted is a naturally sourced synthetiC polymers. smoother and younger leaving the skin softer. Liposome in the Herbasec White Tea relatively low spreading is dissolved to the National Organic water. minimal processing and yields almost no waste. Dr. a natural to liquid silicones that has good skin and an excellent sensorial profile. has proven to be pH. body polishers or scrubs. The Emulsense"" line includes Emulsenae" HC. Eco-Oil purpose Argentina introduced Ecobeads. looking. Zarrthalene". which provide superior oxidative stability and excellent emolliency are ideal for a range of shower gels. Cargill Cargill launched Satiagel'" VPC512 carrageenan. a that new hair care development polymer solution.. yields transparent natural cosmetics. Fiberstar Inc. straetmans Dr. actives day in day out can saturate the skin cells over time. presence of 'electrical' Zanthelene" extract from Zanthoxylum sensation formulations with an eco-friendly is an archetypal inducer of tingling or a type that is caused by the Indena has tested agents and as anti-wrinkle of gluconic acid and sodium benzoate. and stabilised with emulsifier to emulsions over multifunctional proprietary cold process emulsifying system. Inc. Therefore. The portfolio of that are ideally suited for "freea number of Eco-Oil Argentina product its brand new multiwhich are made out of WITh the latest standards the NPA. a range of standardised. according standards. Inolex Inolex launched Emulsense'· ITSbreakthrough in natural ingredients and green chemistry. is a combination the product jojoba alcohol and is presented Ecocert certified. Creation Sequential Couleurs I CIT colours to create a new sense of colour and depth for all application multiphase meaning Sari also presented Skin Gare". a primary cationic agent for natural hair care. Botaneco Botaneco introduced Hydresia SF2. either as a primary or secondary a wide pH range (3. leave-on and rinse off categories. a new UV Mer for high performance known from broadthe water phase of sun and skin care formulations. Currently Aquaa Scientific Corporation Aquea Scientific The paraben-free ingredients. structure to collapse delayed and extended SF2 is preserved upon drying allows for a release of the oleocontents to the skin. Offering excellent cost in use Imulsi-Fi products lrnulsl-Fl is created using vibrant FDA certtled areas. Inc. Emulsense" made from on~ non-GMO chemistry using and the oil from brassica plants. many of the product's are lost. and Emulsenae" SC.5-9. lmulsl-Fl is derived from oranges and has the INCI name Citrus Sinensis. The gentle botanical to polyethylene emollient forms part of the company's natural ingredients from" products. Couleurs / CIT Sari showcased that offer innovatMl ingredient that exhibits outstanding stabilisation non-GMO Aurantium and thickening trocromes. resources Fenchem Fenchem Biotek Biotek launched an organic rosemary and antimicrobial extract aimed at natural personal care formulations that has excellent antioxidant properties. It is PEG-free With Satiagel'" VPC5 t 2 gel is easily applied. and feel of the hair whilst solutions with most perfumes there is no need for neutralisation and suitable for certified The innovative manageability holding the curl. The use of Tlnosorb" aqua allows a of UV fitters in the water and a more homogenous on the oil phase. to produce high SPF cellular water from fresh raspberry transparent and slightly aromatic titanium dioxide dispersions that offer an The range enables fomnulators products. Inc. and the in range are range. conditioners Cognis also launched beads are a suitable alternative beads or nutshell exfoliants. introduced Imulsi-Fi. Based on safflower Oleosomes technology. a natural This ingredient when applied direct~ to the skin have found them to be successful skin elasticity. alternative and BHT.AAK AAK expanded its shea butter range WITh LipeX' shea butter ester that's and colour has a high shea butter Shea WM. ability. products. Cosmetochem Cosmetochem Herbasec liposomal-based standardised Liposomes launched botanical a novel Liposome extracts in powder form. Green Tea Liposome Herbasec. new polymers.0). It is produced only by-product being water. NaTrue and non-petrochemical. I CIT Sari their new pearlescent Fiberstar The first fully functional can be added to soaps and the advantages Couleurs to deliver all the benefits of conventional while still maintaining with cleansing products. but also as an emollient. a Using the same benefits with all natural functionality. even in humid conditions. Indena Indena launched a new application of Zanthalene@ which bungeanum as a novel 'instant lifting' agent. viscosity ranges up to 54"C.three-colour-in-one The powder colours for 20t tit 2. It offers the photo-stable spectrum balanced distribution UV filter technology incorporation Corporation exhibited Aquea SPFx.

'00% pure. translucency This active ingredient inhibits in the horny layer. vitamin C and Zinc-PCA of age such as effectOiely fights against Melanin and Lipofuscin. Rhodia Novecare presented its plant-based Jaguar C500 for healthy looking hair. Using a specific pulsed light on a patch. Innospec Innospec surfactants presented its lselux" isethionate ester which are now available as easy-to- positive effect on enamel remineralisation. sensorial experience.Jaguar C500 delivers the key benefits of guar such as enhanced foam. giving ITattributes that are captured in Photokinetix transdermal technology has been completely re-designed and is now fully available for cosmetic use. only 1 % Silver Vine Extract BG30 nearly inhibits' 00% protein carbonylation into the horny layer. Before pressing. as well as anti-inflammatory Mibelle Biochemistry PRINCIPIUM SA to help active ingredients Born out of pharmaceutical As part of the Innovation Zone. The extract. Mibelle Biochemistry showcased PhytoCeliTec" Alp Rose. a flower that grows on hillsides up to 3. The oil is acid and is high in vitamin E and sterol. As a result. In addition to providing a better emulsifying promotes cosmetic transdermal products penetration certified Aloe Can UP 200. which is designed to eliminate age spots and illuminate the skin. The oil. which is derived from naturally grown cacti fruit in the Moroccan desert. and is suitable for sensitive or delicate skin. Jan Dekker International Jan Dekker International launched not one. which due to its has emulsifying and foaming The company also launched natural composition. ILLUMISCIN" is water-soluble and can easily be incorporated into cosmetic gels and emulsions. They included Stratixyl". Olivoil Hydrolyzed Oat Protein combines the unique lipidic chains of olive oil promote cellular a wide range of with the characteristics of hydrolyzed oat proteins to stimulate collagen synthesis. 18% Linoleic acid and approximately 0. A balanced composition pigments of Oleuropein. fruit wine in East Asia. The latest active from the company is based on the stem cells of the Alpine Rose. ANDEAN Q ULTRA is a saponine concentrated stabilisation Panama properties. Glycerol have existed on new products at the show. all the while enabling to provide a unique. which conforms to the Ecocert standards. Omyacare Omya launched its new Omyacare product range. Iselu~ produces dense longlasting foam which after cleansing silky smooth after-feel. a star active cosmetic ingredient with new clinically proven properties. applications. NAT HAZELNUT T OIL contains around 70% Oleic acid. Regeron South Korea based Regeron launched novel cosmetic combinational ingredients targeting stem cells of specific skin types. PolymerExpert PolyrnerExpert launched ExpertSun. Benefits of the new product include rapid and reversible colour which provides intense colour effects and a diverse selection PRINCIPIUM S. a functional botanical that helps skin build its natural barrier and improve stratum corneum moisture and biomechanical properties. They can be used at high loadings while keeping the quality of cosmetic and are also widely used as cleaning toothpastes. making it ideal for skin nourishment Ecocert certified and is extracted KitoZyme KitoZyme presented KiOsmetine-CG". Initially used as a protein carbonylation is a major concern loss is related to multiple causes and responsible for the appearance formulations spots. high-purITY biopolymer that leverages the benefITSof two molecules. . free from serum or any animal sources. The rose has to adapt to temperatures well below zero and extreme winter dryness. While less concentrated versions of Glyceryl Monolaurate up new application opportunities the market now for several years. the first as calcium carbonate drying and cold pressing fruit seeds. two two PhytoCeliTec" Alp Rose. a new antiwrinkle product that has exceptional properties to help fight the ageing process. which is obtained by hyperfrequences. turnover and protect and moisturise the skin. formulate aqueous solutions. vegetal derived emulsifier. It can help improve the condition of the skin and protect it from environmental such as UV and humidity changes.INOVAG INOVAG showcased Prickly Pear Oil. miller plant. Rhodia Novecare the fruits of a variety of hazelnut trees specific to the South Western area of France. which is grown in its native habitat of Guatemala KALiCHEM KALiCHEM launched a new non-ethoxylated. miniature cosmetic active ingredient like a little guided helix. while being propriety protein ingredients. power. The ingredient improves the skin's barrier by improving epidermal regeneration. the fruits are slight~ dry-toasted to create the unique praline-like fragrance of the oil. Derived from the seeds of guar beans . International Speciality Products (ISP) rinses away for a a new organic certified active based on organic grapefruit seeds. Leading the way within the Innovation Zone was sponsor International Speciality Products (ISP).5% unsaponflable matter. is obtained by cold pressing of In addition to Regeron's the unique formulations growth factors. gels and The new ingredient can be used in a whole host of including antibacterial toothpastes. but is a powerful developed new skin Translucency Enhancer. Omyacare are natural calcium carbonates. PROO'HYG In association Laboratoires PROD'HYG launched ANDEAN ULTRA. low concentration derivatives. light drives the selected it to. as well as Escalol" S. Mosselman Specialists in oleochemicals.A. wood. to give it high oxidative stability. stopping it exactly where you expected RAHN RAHN introduced factors its new active ingredient ILLUMISCIN". WITh no less than five new products. plant extracts and vitamins and minerals.200m.3)-glucan to achieve maximum results in terms of skin protection and care. face powders and foundations. with PERA International. chITinand beta(' . which thanks to their natural whiteness. cost effectiveness formulators conditioning and increased deposifion of actives such as silicone. Also fair trade and organic was the company's Mono Laurate 90%. GML 90% opens for the molecule. contains more than 70% linoleic and repair. is able to provide sebo-regulating properties. Skin for women. The novel combination ingredients can support healthy revitalisation and strengthening completely of specific cells. consist of synthetic protein amino acids. saccharides. provide brightness and opacity to eye shadows. An ultra-purified. KiOsmetine-CG" is a patented. peptides.a natural and renewable source . Jaguar C500 is the latest conditioning guar polymer which is ideal for formulating volumising shampoo and leave-in conditioners. NATUROCHIM NATUROCHIM launched the NAT HAZELNUT T OIL. The product can be used to formulate skin-care emulsions and natural finished cosmetics ensuring a consistent GML 90% provides antibacterial properties and of certain actives. dried powder manufactured from the aloe barbadensis year-round supply. Mosselman launched a new fully biobased antimicrobial emulsifier. Q formulations materials in can have a by separating. Silver Vine Extract BG30 in partnership with Maruzen Pharmaceuticals. The oil spreads easi~ on the skin without leaving a greasy feel and is ideal for nourishing and moisturising. a 'true ingredient from nature' developed together with Florida Food Products. the products make skin appearance launched considerably brighter. a broad spectrum UV filter oftering protection from both UVA and UVB light. The toasted hazelnut oil. organic certified surfactant and a truly technological innovation in the organic and natural cosmetic world. a new water dispersable photochromic system developed from novel polymeric naphtopyrane change. As a primary or secondary surfactant. has capturad the energy of lights become more efficient. of colours.

radicals that have been activated by various means (pollution. enables protection against serious intra. and act at the heart of the epidermis in their active form.l.and extracellular damage by preventing the oxidation of the proteins and essential fatty acids that support the youth of our skin. their effect decreases over time following the oxidation of OH groups. OPC are capable of capturing nearly 50 times as many free radicals as vitamin E. The polyphenols are powerful natural antioxidants. vascular protection. Indeed. In this stabilised form. atc. and plants in general. They have been attributed with numerous biological properties with a potential action on the prevention of ageing: anti-free radical activities. sunlight. Anti-oxidant activity The OPC are recognised and referenced by the scientific community as a powerful antioxidant system in the plant kingdom. their incredible ability to capture oxygenated free radicals. anti-mutagenic. This phenomenon can be visualised by the change in colour over time. anti-microbial. cereals. They are very widespread in the plant kingdom: vegetables. Berkem have patented a method of stabilisation. Berkem patents Patent n' a 698 595 (Europe) Patent n' 2 156 216 (Canada) Patent n'5808 119 (USA) 2 164 863 (Canada) 584406 (USA) 2 723 943 (France) 2 706478 (France) The action of ope in the skin 1. They are then released into the skin via the action of cutaneous esterases. PhytovectorO technology: protection Polyphenols and bioavailability Natural polyphenols are highly reactive. which are determinant for the antioxidant activity.Berkemyol" are stabilised polyphenols: specifically OPC IOligomeric Procyanidolic Compounds) that are activated on application to the skin. which involves masking via esterification. The polyphenols are stabilised (protecting of the reactive -OH groups) and become bioavailable. . fruits. anti-inflammatory. actives developed enable to have an optimal content in active: over 95% polyphenols.

• Anti-elastase action The elastic fibres. Berkemyol" improve dermal irrigation. By reinforcing the dermal blood capillaries in this way. They protect the cells by inhibiting the AGE receptor.2.berkem. capillary tone. an essential element for collagen maturation. are essential to the elasticity of the skin. and help to improve the radiance of the complexion. which help to improve the density of collagen fibres and their stability. Polyphenols can act via a filter effect (absorption of the radiation in UVB) or anti-free radical (capture and/or inhibition of the initiation or propagation of free radicals). gallic acid. It plays a role in the metabolism of connective tissues by transforming proline into hydroxyproline. helping to improve the cutaneous microcirculation. ~ Root of potentilla tormentilla @GrapeSeed @ @ (j) Maritime pine bark Green tea leaves Cocoa beans Contact Berkem us for more information Marais Ouest 24680 Gardonne Tel +33 (0)5 53 63 81 00 www. and exchanges with the epidermis. thus ensuring good hydration of the skin. destroyed by elastase. 5. Efficacy tests • The anti-lipoperoxidant effect of the berkemyol was tested by measuring the formation of Malondialdehyde (MDA) in the skin. which is essential for collagen synthesis. The tests showed that the antioxidant efficacy is significantly more effective than Vitamin E against oxidative stress. 4. protection of glycosaminoglycans (GAG) OPC have strong affinities with these macromolecules. • By the expression of PECAM-1. Results of efficacy tests available on request Our range of products 6. the building blocks of connective tissue. Anti-glycation activity Numerous studies have demonstrated the inhibitory properties of polyphenols on glycation (reduction or suppression of AGES "Advanced Glycation End products"): polyphenols (catechin. we observed a marked increase in the number and quality of blood vessels in the papillary dermis and in the superior reticular dermis. • Anti-hyaluronidase action By inhibiting the degradation of hyaluronic acid. Strengthening capillary resistance By increasing capillary resistance. Stabilisation and stimulation of col/agen synthesis OPC promote the formation of collagen aggregates (fibrillogenesis). thus promoting their cohesion and improving functionality. etc.com • After 8 days of treatment. OPC are cofactors of vitamin C. Synergy with UV filters for photoprotection The use of polyphenols is a good means of combating the damage inflicted by the sun. the product showed significant actions at the level of the components of the papillary dermis. which are rich in proline. Furthermore.) significantly reduce the formation of AGEs. They also act by protecting them against enzyme degradation. in response to UVB treatment on viable skin explants. epicatechin. • Anti-collagenase action OPC decrease the collagenase-induced proteolysis of collagen. Polyphenols protect vitamin C from degradation and thus potentiate its use. Protection of collagen and elastin. 3. o Stimulation of collagen III and collagen I synthesis o Stimulation of Glycosaminoglycans synthesis o Stimulation of collagen IV synthesis berkem~ . OPC help to improve the nutrition of the epidermis and exchanges between the papillary dermis and the epidermis. OPC help to maintain it in its more active polymerised form (maintenance of turgidity).

mibellebicchemistry. ~ Mibelle AG Biochemistry WVWI/..com/asensa Indena S. www.Web Connects The following companies welcome you to visit their website for up-to-date information about their business.dr-straetmans...-=.. www.' ~'...~I:':'i ~~- . ..III.com ....com ~... ~• .. .dishman-nstherlands. Black Ltd www.".... '~I_.A.com Dishman Netherlands B.africashea.:~~ ..com West Africa Trade Hub WVWI/...kolb.coptis..IJ_..'.~~:..p... lihindena G' "!:J..... Straetmans Chemische Produkte www."-....com Coptis www..!!..a...... Honeywell International.com S.amalabs.~IOj.indena. products and services - - - ...evonik. " ..:-'''-'''"'''' •. ..com Kolb Distribution Ltd www. - Dr. l:.-·· Inc.~I.:'~.....:. .. €:.gattefosse..' ·~~.... '.ch ~~~y..:::.:~~. I.. www.'j . ._j_.... ·. .::'~:. .\. . ..:r. __ --- .honeywell.....~I~ ' .. I 'P\"~IIIIIII~IINo GmbH Evonik www. . _I."" .k''''' . . 1 I'-=r..7 ...•• . AMA Laboratories... Inc..~"" ..ccm .. ~~""'..com/personal-care Gattefosse SAS WW\N.de . 'IL' ~ I~ I ~ t ....'. www.sblack.:....... • IIUI'l'"".V.:.. al.

Nap & Kosher .nd. Material Specifications ~ Oils packaged and MSDS from 1kg to 930 IBC and ® ® ® @) Deodortsed Refined 0115 Oils NEWI Fully Refined Organic 0115 0115 @) Organic Seed Oils @)FruitOils ® Essential Oils @) Blends Butters Ii!) In-house unique Refining Deodorlslng process ~ Organic Omega 3 Oils ® @) Coconut @) Massage Oils @) Packaging I Formulations I Bottling I Filling t: 01827 830871 e: sales@statfold-oils. Neutraceutical and Food Industries.uk .100% ~ Expert advice on sustainability and sourcing new products ~ All products are supported by Certificates of Analysis. ~ Statfold are registered Organic with UK Sell Association.Statfold SEED OIL LTD ~ • high concentration of blcactlve components • new st. rd for premium quallty corn position free of • • • Butllentlc p rese rvanves solvent free natural Statfold Seed Oil are specialists in Lipid Technology serving the Personal Care.co. Nutrition.

Dishman Cholesterol Netherlands key cosmetic conditioners.com W: l'/WW. Kuku Hill.com Cremer Gare produces necessary W: W\Wi. 60460 PRECY-SUR-OISE.therlands. Through of sustainable technologies for more and television networks with lnstrurnantal/ and FDA registered photography of well-controlled. Ve.com vegetable raw materials by vertical processing. They are rheology modifiers that yield a sparkling cisar water-free cosmetic make-up tailor-made gel and impart film forming & water resistant propertiss to your and sun care fonmulations. to many of the products and stability that Honeywell you manufacture. T: +31 318545754 E: info@dishman-n. NJ USA 07962 T: +1 973 455 4425 F: +1 973 455 5120 E: asensa@honeywell.africashea. Mornstown. Suffolk IP32 6NL T: +44 (0) 1284 702500 E: giles. from the plant through the logistics to Cremer Care . New City.ied support statistically Industry.lf>~ We offer the purity standard facilITies are the highest ISO 9001 : quality. Cosmetic proprietary cert. valid studies. KG Dishman Ni.V. Eng.com processing and supply of organically in the growing. NF is used for cremes. gloss.Pl 07 Rout. are volume.France T: 33 (0)3 44 27 66 93 F: 33 (0)3 44 27 60 55 E:contact@aiglon. range of vaselines that meet the highest existing the French Pharmacopoeia Transgels are other sxciting products we Global Shea AMA Laboratories. Inc.BERACA Oleo GmbH & Co. Social 1 Usin.com and delivers sustainable.com Global Shea represents the shea industry. Osu.com W: www. Natural shea butter protects and nurtures skin applications. international supply and world-wide Crarner Gare is unique in its approach 8V8ntual manufacturing. Sao PaulolSP. supply also provides You can be the reassurance Earthoil Plantations North. prevsnnon oily hair. clients novel methodologies players in sourcing certified organic and natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest and other Brazilian biomes.com Earthoil specialises certfied and ethical~ an expansive manufacturers of Treatt pic.dishman-n. solutions and efficient deliveries. A84 2a. 0-20095 Hamburg T:+49(0)40132011319 E: welcome@Cremer-gruppe. _ unlike any other all-natural ingredient for cosmetics. 1'1<i.bovill@. system Inc founded in 1984. approach that 216 Congers Road.aiglon-france.nendaal. N.amalabs. Jubil" House 2nd Floor 4th St. W. Our production our customers We guarantee 2008 and GMP certified. sensory characteristics. for manufacturing intSfJration of farming. B.rn Way. Luiz carlos Berrini. consistent Honeywell .com AMA Laboratories. 52. Cremer Gare .com Aiglon is specialised vaselines for cosmetic broadest in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical Codex.nands.com in the and a BERAGA is an authentic Brazilian company with international Gare dMsion. our Health & Personal we are leading we call Photogrammetrix. da Boran. has extensive experience for biophysical measurements We provide claim substantiation of photography.uwew'g.com products are Dusoran which is used for treatment) and skin care.cremer-care. traded essential and pressed companies. whilst in skincare they are moisture control.com/asensa Honeywell enhance confident AsensaPersonal Gare products of a global offer you the opportunity Honeywell of ingredients.com W: www.Y.10956. Netherlands F: +31 318529374 W: www.eu W: www. W: 1'/WW"arthoil. Netherlands B. 1297. Ghana T: 233 21 773 393 F: 233 21 782 231 E: sheateam@Watradehub.Essential Contacts Africa Shea Alglon S. BERACA Av. owned subsidiary high quality. Accra.beraca. Bury St Edmunds. seed oils.from cosmetic can provide you with the best service along with products every time.honeywell. offering in rnaior corporations fWlA is ISO combined has been investing in the development than 50 years.S. 04571-010 T: +55 11 2643-5000 E: hpC@beraca. high-quality natural cosmetics hair care (colourants. of ~~~ from West Africa to the world. 3901 BE. Cj.A division of Cremer Glockengiesserwall 3.arthoil. offer. Brazil. USA T: +1 845 634 4330 F: +1 845 634 5565 E: sales@amalabs.st Africa Irade Hub.th.com W: www.A. bringing shea butter and sheanuts Sieg. with scientific &. soothing. Earthoil offers The company is a wholly product range to a wide range to flavour and fragrance of industries . whilst in haircare The key benefrts for Dusoran convenience.Inspired by nature. Cremer~a~'l' Inspired by Limited nature~ dishman Honeywell Asensa· Personal Care 101 Columbia Rd.

.in-cosmetics® · . 29-31 March 2011 THE LEADING GLOBAL BUSINESS PLATFORM FOR PERSONAL CARE INGREDIENTS • Formulating new beoun. Milan.


In these distinct environments. As a consequence. it ensures improved skin condition.based on alpine rose stem cellshas captured these characteristics . they must adapt to extreme conditions such as the cold.mibellebiochemistry.R IN STEM CELL A.innovating for your success mibellebiochemistry PIONEE. PhytoCeliTec™ Alp Rose . I ··SWISS OUALITY PRODUCT www.CTIVES PhytoCellTec™ Alp Rose Charges skin stem cell resistance Alpine roses are typical Swiss flowers which grow at altitudes of up to 3200 m.com . UV and dryness. • Increases skin stem cell vitality • Boosts epidermal regeneration • Improves skin barrier function PhytoCeliTec™ Alp Rose has been carefully developed to protect skin stem cells against environmental stress factors and to improve their functions.