Dear ..., Thanks for your mail. I´m afriad, we have problem with the delivery of tobacco leaf.

We do it not in time for next Monday. We have delay. Is this OK for you. Please give me reply until tomorrow. Best wishes, Jan

Dear…, I am new in BAT and I have a problem with my timing. I was absent last week, but I didn´t ring in to my superviser to tell him on time. Can I take the two days I was off as free time. It is possible? Thank you for your assistant. your sincerely, Svetlana

Dear…, we become a mail from you last week to say that we not pay our invoice. Can you help me? Why is that? We did paid invoice for two weeks. Can you check with your system and give me the informations? Many thank. Alexander

Dear…, The custom documentacion from Mehiko is not correct, can you give us a help? The informations are not completed and the Mehikans go not on the phone when we call them. Know you how we can contact them better. yours, Gustav

Dear…, Can you help me? I necessitate help with banderolls. Some are missed and we know not what happened with them. What is the normally strategie for this situation. Come you here to Boncourt and help we count them? Many thanks. Jean-Luc

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