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Initial Talking on Potato:

The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is an herbaceous annual that grows up to 100 cm (40 inches) tall and produces a tuber - also called potato - so rich in starch that it ranks as the world's fourth most important food crop, after maize, wheat and rice. The potato belongs to the Solanaceae - or "nightshade"- family of flowering plants, and shares the genus Solanum with at least 1,000 other species, including tomato and eggplant. S. tuberosum is divided into two, only slightly different, subspecies: andigena, which is adapted to short day conditions and is mainly grown in the Andes, and tuberosum, the potato now cultivated around the world, which is believed to be descended from a small introduction to Europe of andigena potatoes that later adapted to longer day lengths.

General info of potatoes storaging

Storage of potatoes is a complex process and it is important not only to properly grow potatoes, get a good crop, but properly preserve it. Long-term (several months) storage of potatoes for later use as a seed (seed potatoes) or for sale to final consumers (table potatoes) is an increasingly important aspect of the potatoproducers. At present time in Russia up to a third of the potato crop has time to rot in warehouses before it can be sold. Reduction of losses during storage can increase the quantity and quality potatoes sold in Russia and CIS.

General info on Packaging

Quality of package is very important when selling potatoes. From how well the potatoes are packed, depends largely on how quickly consumers will buy it. In addition, the package is a "face" of the goods. By packaging and / or marking the buyer can find out a specific variety of potato, or a specific manufacturer. It is therefore important not only to create and grow high quality potatoes, but also create their own recognizable package for him to help the buyer choose the best product.

General info of potato distribution

Traditionally there are several channels for potatoes realization: selling directly, or trade through intermediaries. Selling direct means any sale to the end user-an individual (including a trade on open markets), is traditionally made of about 50% of sales of marketable potatoes), or the sale to companies-potato processors. Trading through an intermediary means a sale of potatoes to retailers or marketing of potatoes through distributors, working with the network and single stores. Direct sales and sales through intermediaries have their pluses and minuses, which should be considered and corresponded to the strategy of the potato-producer.

General info of potato consumers Everyone knows the principle of "customer is always right." However, it should be remembered, that the final consumer of product is really the most important in the whole chain of production process (this is true also for potato market), because it is him who ultimately buys the goods produced in the industry. Among consumers of potatoes such buyers of raw potato could be determined - households and processing companies, buyers of products and starchy snacks (snacks), potato, semi consumers, producers and consumers of child nutrition programs, catering establishments and their customers. Each group of users has its own characteristics and requirements for

quality of consumer potatoes. It is therefore very important that these requirements have been known by all participants of potato industry, including breeders, producers of seed and table potatoes producers, processing enterprises, etc.