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Hearty Welcome
Howdy! Please... accept my heartfelt thanks for this unexpected visit from
you. I hope you'll find this little journey worthwhile and exciting. Although I
just joined FRIENDSTER today, I decided to just as quickly establish this
BLOG for posterity's sake. I'm really a newbie in web blogging but it's been
quite a while when I tinkered with autocad architectural programs. Hope the
next time you "drop by" you'll find some more stuff around and some more
info about me. Thanks again (YuTa^^)
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Just A Thought
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By Arthur L Angcla
July 4, 2007
Familia Mia
What's in a name? The million-dollar question that tormented query-eyed
brains of both modern and ancient histories. Question that keeps popping up
every so often that calls for some serious and not-so-serious considering,
INTERESTS bearing in mind that life without laugh and humor just doesn't do it. So I'm
begging my old self to give it a quick look and expound on IT a little bit; the
Drawings it, I mean, here, my chosen tagname, Architecthur.
Tennis and others +     +     +
FRIENDS So what's in the name? Hmmm...
Bayou +     +     +
From my initial research, the word Arch comes from an old French and late
Latin, but ultimately Greek, "arkhos," meaning, "to rule." Wow ha, to rule
man gyud! That's quite a heavy word. And interesting. The other meaning is
no less weighty either. It says, "to be be first." Now, that's something to
Grand really think about, hehehe.
+     +     +
If I have my way of putting things together my next proposition would be to
see what the word "tectum" mean. According to my old and beaten
Thesaurus the word has something to do with "roof" (early 20th century),
from another Latin word, Tagere, meaning, "to cover," which is the source
of the English terms, Detect and Protect. Hmmmm. What a combination that
is! To lead - be first - and to cover - protect!!!
Paring Bolanon +     +     +
If that's one way to look at Architecture, what's in for ARCHITECTHUR then?
Well, needless to say, the THUR nothing to do with the 5th day of the week
nor has it to do with THOR, the mythical superhero of the late 60's tv
animation. It's, of course, taken from my real name, Arthur (as in Arthur's
Theme? for word association purposes, beside it being one of my favorite
Project Christopher Cross hits). Hence, Architecthur, as I'm also an architect by
profession, hehehe.
Princess K +     +     +
In Webster and other dictionaries' notes, the word Architecture actually
means the art and science of designing and constructing buildings, or, a
Yukka Sang
building style or fashion, especially one that is typical of a period of history
or of a particular place.
RECENTLY UPDATED +     +     +
Suffice it to say, that's my take on "Architecthur" - my namesake - the man
xiaotian who came to rule and to protect. That suits me well, too. (".)
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A Mann feeling
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My little black book..
62 girls... Industrious Clock
What Cooks? To view the exact time today, un momento, please click the link below:
The Chronicles of Dante
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Syndicate this site (XML) In a very busy life the secret of getting things done is not so much to
know what to do, but rather to know what to leave undone. 11/11/2007
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Time is too short in which to do everything; time is too long in which

to leave good things unfinished. Meditation on the duties of the day
not only eliminates trivia, it aslo intensifies resoluteness in what is
basically one's call in life.
+     +     +
A reason is something we give before a conclusion is reached; an
excuse is something we give for not following out the conclusion.
Reasons generally are sincere; excuses generally are a rationalization
of conduct.

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Christian Art Songs

Christian Art Songs, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 - these are previously published
Christian Poems that were set to music, and recorded by my cousin, Fr. J.
Roel Lungay, in the mid 90s. To listen to the songs please click the station
link below:
Christian Art Songs Station
(Note: Songs should play automatically on your computer)
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Grand AMC Blog

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Grand AMC Blog
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