The Man and His Music

Regarded as one of Bohol's most prolific songwriters and tunesmiths in recent memory, TQ Solis, Jr. of Loay, Bohol, has made his mark in the field of music that has become so overly competitive and steep with the advent of a cultural renaisance taking place at all levels in the Philippines, from the late 70s up to the present. Having participated in quite a number of songwriting competitions, like the long-standing Metro Cebu Popular Music Festival - and every so often creating music at will for different occasions - TQ's musicality or name as a songwriter had already secured itself in the consciousness of many fellow musicians and music lovers all over the province and beyond. His popularly penned-songs, Gugma, Hain Ka?, Damgo Man Lang, Bohol, One Heart, One Mind, etc. will forever be etched in the consciousness of those who follow and admired his music, as well as by those whose minds he helped formed as a young music teacher early in his career. As an early proponent of Jazz and the classical genre, TQ's music proved to have developed into unique blend of the many popular-styles and oido (self-created) musical progressions that only he and a few informal followers of same musical style - but which many local band musicians have enthusiastically learned to adapt into their own musical styles - have quietly championed. Meet the music and the man, the quiet but trendsetting, TQdelSol! - (Fro 2/7/07) --------------

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Also here: TQdelSol Music Ayaw katawa, Q. That's the best I could do (for now). Mas lami man god ang site nga naay semi-intro ba. If you want something else, we'll do... ipada lang. Note: Instant thought ra ning write up, after we talked on the phone tonight, but with a lot of truth to it... that you may not now about. I remember, way back in 1976, after my high school graduation, Dr. Brydz (Brydon Lungay - kuyaw nimong disciple and admirer) teaching Meo Mascarinas and Jimmy Cempron (now in Austria) the brokenchord stuff that you started in the seminary, while our UB-related frat, the Puppies., were having a get together at the Sayson's residence near the new Capitol Building. That was when Meo and Jimmy were just starting out, and they in turn taught many band members of Deltas the stuff which had become popular among Tagbilaran musicians (Cesar Plazo, Pepot Besas, even Pedring, etc) in the 80s. Whether you knew that or not, and whether we're still conscious of it or not, but those little events of the past have bonded lots of people together over lapads of Tanduay or galons of tuba over time, and established friendship that up to now is quite strong, respectable and second-to-none! I felt lucky to have been at the right place and the right time to witness all those... and, unbelievably, those people I mentioned haven't forgotten it. Uniquely Bol-anon!

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