This song started as a poem written for my birthday by Bobbie Henry. But my knack of putting melodies into almost every poem I see and read just got the best of me, intent on putting the best melody I know at my disposal for this once-in-a-lifetime blessing of being given a tribute-like write up while I'm still alive, hahaha! At least, that was the thought of the moment. But sometime in 1994, Barbara Henry, wrote another beautiful letter-article, "Thank You, Father" - that was published in the Archdiocesan Newspaper, the Clarion Herald - that I'm forever be grateful about. I can only thank God for using me - so unworthy that I am - to touch people's lives in ways beyond my imagining. Praise be His name! And thanks, Bobbie, for the affirmation of God's priesthood! * * *

Words by Barbara Henry | Music by J. Roel Lungay Performed by Rebecca Freeman Piano by Catherine Styron Guitars by Steve Thomas Who Is Fro? Words by Barbra Henry | Music by J. Roel Lungay 1 A father and a brother, a good friend to us all He knows just when to be there To catch us when we fall. His heart is big and broken It catches all our grief. But when he lets us get it all out It surely is a relief.

Chorus: Who is Fro? Who is Fro? Who is Fro? A father and a brother And a friend. 2 His heart is filled with patience, His heart is full of love. We know that he was sent here From heaven up above (char!). We prayed so hard before he came, We trusted and we waited. We knew that God our Father Would send to us his best. (Repeat Chorus) (Ad lib) 3 God did promise to care for all of us And send us His very own. We know that he was hand-picked To gently lead us home. And so we thank our God for him With love and gratitude Coz we believe our Father knows best If only we accept. (Repeat Chorus) Coda: A father and a brother and a friend! A father and a brother and a friend! Copyright © 1993 Fro’s Music

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