Guide to the School Board Report Card

The Report Card adds another level of accountability to the Board of Education. It is not meant as a punitive tool, simply as a means of illustrating to the community in clear terms whether or not the school board is fulfilling its role as a body of representatives of the people of Buffalo, designed to set policy as it pertains to the Buffalo public schools. The intent of this report card is to define the roles and responsibilities of the board, and create standards by which to measure their adherence to them.
The School Board Report Card covers 6 categories that we observe and grade based on guiding questions: 1)Attendance/Preparation: Are all board members present and on time for the start of the meeting? Are board members prepared for the meeting: Have they reviewed relevant documents, and are they well versed in the topics of discussion? 2) Meeting Etiquette: Are all board members speaking into their microphones clearly; are board members referring to policies and other documents by numbers or acronyms which the audience cannot understand. Are there enough printed agendas to go around? Are board members participating at a professional level avoiding irrelevant comments? 3) Staying on Task/Participation: Is the board using time efficiently and following its planned agenda? Are all board members engaged and participating during the meeting, or are only a few controlling the meeting? 4) Parent/Community engagement: Are board members paying attention to and being respectful towards community members who come before the board with concerns? 5) Committee Reports: Are committees reporting information to share with all members and the public? 6) Superintendent Accountability: Did the board hold the Superintendent accountable for the performance of the district by requesting information, progress reports, and enforcing deadlines? *With each report card, we will include the agenda for that meeting and the voting records of those board members in attendance.

Guide to Grading Grading is scored on a 1-5 scale outlined categorically below. Grades are assigned by category and averaged for a final overall grade. Attendance/Preparation: 5 All 9 member are present, prepared, and on-time 4 7-8 3 5-6 2 3-4 1 1-2 Meeting Etiquette: 5 Professional 4 Often Professional 3 Some What Professional 2 Rarely Professional 1 Unprofessional Staying on Task and Participation: 5 Agenda followed 100-91% and all participated (9) 4 Agenda followed 90-81% and most participated (7-8) 3 Agenda followed 80-71% and some participated (5-6) 2 Agenda followed 70-61% and few participated (3-4) 1 Agenda followed 60%< and barely participated (1-2) Parent/Community Engagement: 5 High 4 Often 3 Some what 2 Low 1 None Committee Reports: 5 All Committees Reporting 4 Most Committees Reporting 3 Some Committees Reporting 2 Few Committees Reporting 1 No Committees Reporting Superintendent Accountability: 5 Continuously Accountable 4 Often Accountable 3 Sometimes Accountable 2 Rarely Accountable 1 Not Accountable

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