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Republic Acts cwc R.A.

6655 Establishing and providing for a free public secondary education and for other purposes R.A. 6728 Providing government assistance to students and teaches in private education and appropriating funds therefore R.A. 6809 Lowering the age of majority from twenty-one to eighteen years amending for the purpose executive order 209, and for other purposes R.A. 6972 Establishing a day care center in every barangay instituting therein a total development and protection of children program, appropriating funds therefore, and for other purposes R.A. 7277 Providing for the rehabilitation, self-development and self-reliance of disabled persons and their integration into the mainstream of society and for other purposes R.A. 7323 Help poor but deserving students pursue their education by encouraging their employment during summer and/or Christmas vacations. through incentives granted to employers, allowing them to pay only sixty per centum of their salaries or wages and the forty per centum through education vouchers to be paid by the government prohibiting and penalizing the filing of fraudulent or fictitious claims and for other purposes R.A. 7600 Providing incentives to all government and private health institutions with rooming in and breastfeeding practices and for other purposes R.A. 7610 Providing for stronger deterrence and special protection against child abuse, exploitation and discrimination, providing penalties for its violation, and for other purposes

R.A. 7624 Integrating drug prevention and control in the intermediate and secondary curricula as well as in the non-formal, informal and indigenous learning systems and for other purposes R.A. 7658 Prohibiting the employment of children below 15 years of age in public and private undertakings. Amending or the purpose section 12, article VIII of R.A. 7610 R.A. 7797 Lengthen the school calendar from two hundred (200) days to not more than two hundred twenty (220) class days R.A. 7798 Ameding section 25 of Batas Pambansa blg. 232, otherwise known as the "Education Act of 1982" R.A. 7846 Requiring compulsory immunization against hepatitis-B for infants and children below eight (8) years old, amending for the purpose R.A. 7880 Providing for the fair and equitable allocation of the Deparment of Education, Culture and Sports Budget for capital outlay R.A. 8043 Establishing the rules to govern inter-country adoption of Filipino children, and for other purposes R.A. 8044 Creating the National Youth Commission, establishing a national comprehensive and coordinated program on youth development, appropriating funds therefore, and for other purposes R.A. 8172 Promoting salt iodization nationwide and for related purposes R.A. 8296 Declaring every second Sunday of December as the National Children's Broadcasting Day R.A. 8353

Expanding the definition of the crime of rape reclassifying the same as a crime against persons, amending for the purpose act no. 3815, as amended, otherwise known as the revised penal code, and for other purposes R.A. 8369 Establishing family courts, granting them exclusive original jurisdiction over child and family cases, amending batas pambansa bilang 129, as amended, otherwise known as the judiciary reorganization act of 1980, appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes R.A. 8370 Children's Television Act of 1997 R.A. 8371 Recognize, protect and promote the rights of indigenous cultural communities/indigenous peoples, creating a national commission on indigenous peoples, establishing implementing mechanisms, appropriating funds therefore, and for other purposes R.A. 8425 Institutionalizing the Social Reform and Poverty alleviation program, creating for the purpose the national anti-poverty commission, defining its powers and functions and for other purposes R.A. 8504 Promulgating policies and prescribing measures for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines, instituting a nationwide HIV/AIDS information and educational program, establishing a comprehensive HIV/AIDS monitoring system, strengthening the Philippine National Aids Council, and for other purpose R.A. 8505 Providing assistance and protection for rape victims, establishing for the purpose a rape crisis center in every province and city, authorizing the appropriation of funds therefore, and for other purposes R.A. 8552 Establishing the rules and policies on the domestic adoption of Filipino children and for other purposes R.A. 8750 an act requiring the mandatory compliance by motorists of private and public vehicles to use seat belt devices, and requiring vehicle

manufacturers to install seat belt devices in all their manufactured vehicles R.A. 8972 an act providing for benefits and privileges to solo parents and their children, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes R.A. 8976 an act establishing the Philippine Food Fortification Program and for other purposes R.A. 8980 an act promulgating a comprehensivepolicy and a national system for early childhood care and developemnt (ECCD), providing funds therefor and for other purposes R.A. 9155 An act instituting a framework of governance for basic education, establishing authority and accountability, renaming the Department of Education, Culture and Sports as the Department of Education, and for other purposes

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