When George Washington crossed the Delaware, in the sleet and snow, his men driving against the

freezing wind, did he give up?, did he waiver in his resolve At the great battle of the Alamo, when there were only ten men left standing, and the hordes of Mexicans poured through, did they surrender, or did they fight to the last man At antiem when brother fought brother, when men gave their lives not in defense of their land, but in defense of their conscience, blood flowing through the fields of waving grass, did those men run in fear, did they forget what their country was founded upon? No they stood proud and resolute ready to give their lives for something greater than themselves. The USA. Land of the free home of the brave. In the vile rancid trenches of the western front did our men despair and lose hope? Did their courage falter as artillery strikes bombarded them incessantly with deafening booms? Did they question their faith in the lord above as toxic gas burned their eyes and lungs? I think not. These men knew what it was to be an American, to have faith in the lord, their country and their morals. When the bombs fell on pearl harbor, and the great force that was the axis power decided to test the resolve fo the American people, was their response to accept defeat at the hands of evil, or to rise up as one and fight for their very survival. As they stormed the beaches of Normandy, their comrades falling by their sides, the german guns unrelenting in their fury, did they relent? Or did they press on charging strait into the roaring machine guns and on into the heart of occupied Europe. On iwo jima, when the Japanese were dug deep in the ridges and hills of this volcanic speck of earth in the epic south pacific, and the brave men of the marines stormed up the beaches, their rifles calling out again and again in the heat of the midday sun, did their desire wane, their dedication waiver? Ask yourself. In the frigid cold of a Belgian December night, the german shells falling like the snow, did the brave men of easy company surrender to the german hordes, even though they were outnumbered, low on ammunition and chilled to the bone? Never In the snows of the Korean peninsula, an army platoon found themselves outmatched, outnumbered, and outgunned. Low on ammunition, the lieutenant told his men to fix bayonets, and the write letters to their loved ones. They were ordered to overtake a machine gun post high on a hill. They charged bravely into the roaring machine gun fire, and stormed the bunker. Their bayonets struck true, deep into the hearts of their enemies. This great success was the last bayonet charge of the united states armed forces. Back in nam when a brave soldiers company was utterly surrounded, there helicopter shot down Did he surrender to the brutal Vietcong? Did he leave his injured comrades to die while he fled? Absolutely not. He single handedly regrouped his company thwarted the enemy advances and only saved himself after lifting every one of his companions onto the medivac while under heavy enemy fire. Now we find ourselves in turbulent times. As we watched the great symbol of American progress the twin towers collapse, at the hands of truly evil men, our resolve as a nation was once again challenged. Will we allow these terrorist to challenge the great idea that is America, or will we take on the mindset of these great American heroes, and refuse to buckle under the weight of these threats. This is the time, that we as Americans can rise as one, and defeat the threats before us . You must decide. We need to have strength in our military. And we are losing that.

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