Wicked Thoughts.. Maria glanced out the window while she washed the dinner dishes.

She smiled secretively to herself when she saw the rugged handsomeness of her husband as he bailed hay. She watched his glimmering chest in the sun. Again, she smiled, as a wicked thought sprung into her head. She grabbed a hand-towel and dried her hands. She watched as Justin ran his large hand through his sweat-soaked black hair. He picked up his Stetson and placed it onto his head after slapping it against his rock-hard, jean-clad thigh. Maria's grin grew as that one wicked thought grew in her mind. She walked fluidly toward the screen door, then out it. She went to the barn and entered it through the back door. She spotted the ladder leading into the hayloft and her eyes twinkled as she climbed it. When she reached the top she inhaled the smell of fresh hay. A bale sat in the corner and she went to it cutting the twine that held it together. She spread the hay around the floor of the loft trying to keep as quiet as she could. An old blanket hung from a wooden stud in the wall. She took it and spread it in the middle of the hay-strewn floor. Maria stood back to survey her handiwork. The patchwork blanket looked romantic up against the yellow-gold colored straw. She looked down at the old worn jeans and blue denim top that she had tied in the middle and frowned. She quickly came up with a solution and undid the metal buttons of her jeans and shimmied out of them leaving her standing in her waist tied shirt and silky baby blue panties. Again she frowned and shook her head. She took the shirt off then glanced down yet again. The baby blue of her bra and panties made her tanned skin look even darker. She reached up and released her silky chestnut hair from the ponytail she had hastily scraped it in earlier that morning. Her hair swung down to her waist where it brushed her blue clad bottom. When she was happy with the effects of her labor she walked over to the blanket and sat on it, reclining back so her large breasts were pushed out to her advantage. "Justin!" she called out in increasing excitement, "Justin, come here! It's important!" She heard him jump off the back of his pick-up truck and walk with a sort of slowness to the ladder she had earlier climbed. When his hat was visible she pushed her breasts out further and smiled what she hoped was a provocative smile. His eyes appeared over the side of the ledge and they clashed with hers. His deep chocolate eyes darkened in passion almost becoming black before her eyes. He stepped over the side and walked over to stand above her. "What are you doing, Ria?" he asked in a strangled, husky voice. She looked into his eyes and swung her hair. "I wanted to get some...fresh air," she declared in a smoky voice, "Want to join me?" He dropped to his knees beside her then dropped his head and his mouth connected with

hers in a long sweet kiss. His mouth savored the taste of her; his tongue swept the inside of her mouth touching every crevice. Softly she moaned her hand knocking the hat off of his head, her fingers running through his hair. He drew back breaking the lingering kiss. She licked her lips tasting him. She drew herself up to her knees and kissed him again but she soon broke the kiss...her warm mouth kissed down his cheek, his neck. Her teeth nipped at his collarbone then moved down to his flat male nipples. She licked at them lightly. He moaned and his hand traveled up the naked warm skin of her back until he found the clasp of her bra. He skillfully undid the clasp and then he smoothed the silken bit of temptation down her smooth velvety smooth arms. He threw it to the side. Maria's mouth traveled lower till she reached his navel. She lightly ran her tongue around the circle it presented. His hands went to her head and clenched in the long stands of her hair. Her hair pooled in his lap as she fumbled with his belt buckle then moaning if frustration when he pulled her hands away. Justin pushed her back against the blanket and looked down at her large pink nipped breasts and groaned. "No, sweetheart. This is your time. My time will come later." He brought his mouth to her breast licking around her nipple, kissing the mounded flesh. When he could tell that she was becoming frustrated with this play and wanting more, he smiled gently and brought the tip into his scalding hot mouth. His hand went to the other breast and gently squeezed, molding his hand to the soft mound. He suckled her breast, using his tongue, teeth, and lips to give her as much pleasure as he could. She arched her back pushing her breast deeper into his moist mouth. He pulled up and brought his mouth to her other breast. After several minutes of this play that had Maria moaning in pleasure as a white-hot pleasure stole through her body and pooled into her groin, he sat up. He picked up one long wellshaped leg and slowly began to kiss and lick his way up. "P-Please...I can’t take anymore!" she begged as he kissed her moist hot feminine place through her silk blue panties. He ran his hands up her toned thighs until he reached the sides of her panties. He pulled them slowly down her thighs and calves, pausing to bend down and kiss the downy hair covering her femaleness. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up until they were eye level, leaving her panties knotted at her ankles. She kissed him with all the passion that was welled up in her small petite frame. She drew back long enough to whisper in abandon, "Please now! I need you inside me now!" He looked deeply into her yellow-like cat eyes. They glowed with an inner fire and while looking into the he realized that he had to have her and he had to have her now! He reached down and undid his pants, pulling then down along with his boxer's. His hard maleness sprang free. He reached down and pulled her panties completely off, dropping them on top of his pants. He knelt down between her spread thighs and put his hands on her bottom bringing her to rest on his lap. Maria's legs wrapped around his slim hips. Justin's hand slid up her back bringing her to a sitting position. They were eye level when he slowly yet with determination entered her. When he was finally resting in her velvety

wetness he let out a groan and pulled slowly out, almost completely then pushed back in coming deeper. She pulled back with him then they surged back together, groaning in unison. Perspiration ran down their temples beaded between her breasts and above his lip. Faster and faster they rode each other and the passion that roared to life between them. All at once, together, they stiffened, and cried out as the passion peaked and the fire works exploded between them. Limp they fell back. Gasping for breath they whispered loving words to each other. Justin raised his head and grinned down at Maria. "I love you," he said and kissed her deeply as the passion flared between them again.

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